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An Alien Fembot Suit

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; store; purchase; fembot; suit; machine; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; sealed; program; sexbot; mindcontrol; pod; pleasure; cons; X

It was a lovely day as I walked downtown. It was the kind of day that made you want to spend it all in the crisp clean air and do a bit of shopping. I had just received a bonus as a result of my promotion at work and I was anxious to spend it. I was walking towards the retail storefront of the famed Fembot Inc. By this point they had become legendary for their Fembot suits, and their fortunes seemed to be growing day by day. In fact, it was the investment I had made in Fembot Inc. that saw our investment bank’s fortune fly sky high and landed me in the CEO’s chair, the first woman to do so.

I figured that it was time I put my money where my mouth was and got myself hooked into a suit of my own, like my girlfriend Emma had some time ago. As I walked towards the gleaming storefront, I kept passing numerous Fembots. Their sleek, perfect bodies made my mouth water, however I was on the hunt for something special. I walked into the store and was immediately greeted by a Fembot wearing a latex work outfit. Her embossed identification number identified her as Jessbot, and her voice was so lovely and robotic.

“Greetings! Welcome to the Fembot Inc. showroom, the place to find your dream suit, how may I help you?”

Grinning slightly in excitement, I explained that I was looking for a Fembot suit, something unique.

“Scanning, product found, please follow me.”

She turned and moved towards a room in the back, her metal heels clicking on the tile as I followed. She lead me into a room where before me sat a conveyer belt. She moved towards a tablet and hit a few keys. Suddenly a Fembot suit moved into the room. While it looked robotic, it was clearly something else. Rather than looking like a human being turned into a Fembot, the helmet made it look alien, with no nose, deep red eyes and two horns. I was getting turned on just looking at it as Jessbot began her spiel.

“This is the Robotized edition of the traditional Fembot suit, serving as a form for those that want a little something different. The purple color is accented by black around various parts of the body. The mouth is textured as a way of providing pleasure to the user and the person the user is with.”

She continued on as I took a closer look. It was a truly perfect body, and the alien nature made it feel so much more. I decided that I would get one of the traditional suits as well as this one, so that I could have one for work and one for me time. 

“Alright Jessbot, I’ll get one of these and one of the traditional working suits.”

Jessbot lit up, “Excellent Miss, right this way.”

I followed her to the counter where I paid for both and arranged shipping to my apartment. I was told a delivery date of a week and then left, off to prepare my apartment for the arrival of my new body.

One Week Later

I had just finished a call with my girlfriend Emma when I heard the doorbell ring. She was excited about my purchase and was planning to bring her suit over the next day so we would use them together. I went up and welcomed in the two fembots and directed them to the bedroom I had converted into a special Fembot room. They went to work and soon enough I let them out again. Excitement building, I entered the room to find my special Fembot bed, various different pieces of furniture devoted to cleaning and pleasuring the Fembot, and the large changing chamber that would transform me into the Fembot of my dreams. Approaching the chamber, the doors opened up and the arms inside beckoned me to enter. Taking a deep breath, I slipped off my shoes and gave myself up to the arms, who proceeded to take my inside the chamber. The doors closed and as the arms began to undress me, a voice inside asked which suit I wished to wear.

I said, “Robotized Edition Please.”

I heard an acknowledgement of my choice and soon the process began. I felt my body lift up as two thigh high boots were attached onto my naked body. They felt tight around my lower legs and feet, encasing them in the raw metallic beauty. I was already shaking in anticipation as the machine held me tighter. The knee joints came on easily, as well as some wires attaching themselves to the knee joints, adding the first amount of power to the suit. The upper leg components came on next, ensuring a tight fit around my legs. As the suit progressed upwards, I could feel magnets taking over the duty of holding me in place. I was slowly becoming a robotic woman, and my joy was growing by the minute. 

Next up came the exciting part. I knew from the brochure that a piece would be inserted deep inside me, and on the outside an artificial vagina would be produced. Also the butt would be much larger than my own, giving me the figure of a supermodel. I braced myself as the machine smoothly attached the two pieces, feeling pleasure rising and my breath become heavier. Soon the corset piece came on, pulling tight against my body. I gasped at how tight it was, but also calm in that I knew I was safe. 

Now I felt my arms being encapsulated. Piece by piece my arms become covers in the beautiful purple metal of my new body. The gloves took time to put on but by the end I feel like I was in pure heaven. I felt, rather than saw, it attach my back piece. This contained an extra spinal cord to handle the suit, as well as batteries and much of the computer of the suit. Yet it still looked flat against my back. I also felt more wires attach into my back and begin to program the suit. Then it pressed the front piece without the boob plates against me. I feel it placing sensors on my nipples, a nice touch that would add extra sensations. Finally, my breasts were cupped into their appropriate covers. With a click I felt them attach, and make them look just that much bigger to be perfect. By this point I couldn’t move anything except for my head, which would soon change.

The neck corset came on pretty easily, and I was forced to stare straight ahead as I was nearing completion. Most of my head soon became covered in a black armored component, the purpose of to protect the user. Suddenly I saw my new face appear before me. It was mechanical and beautiful on the inside. The probe went deep, and my mouth would stay open while it was in there. I opened wide as it entered me and the faceplate was brought into position. I felt somewhat uncomfortable with it there but this was overridden by how good it felt. I wanted this here. I could hear various mechanical things but couldn’t see. Suddenly I heard the words, “Fembot Jane, Activate”

The doors opened and everything activated for the first time. I had never felt so much pleasure all at once. I felt everything vibrating in a way that pushed every sense to the extreme. I enjoyed every moment and was a bit sad when it powered down. Soon in my HUD I was given a choice of how much control I wanted to give the suit. I could also set the time I wanted the suit to control me, and I could also activate some pre programs such as maid, or one of the multiple forms of sexbot. I activated the self-pleasure sexbot, low user control for 5 hours. I acknowledged my choice and felt my mind go blank.

I, or rather my programmed self said, “Sexbot Janebot in Self Pleasure mode, set for five hours.”

I was only vaguely aware of what was happening, as my mind was now that of a sexbot. I moved over to one of the main pieces I had purchased, and one that was built for this suit. It was a pod much like that an alien might land in, with a comfortable reclined seat much like that of an upper class airplane seat. It was shrouded in a black metal with a side door, which allowed one to be fully encased in the pod. I stepped into the pod and reached up to pull the door down. I felt myself get comfortable as I set the pod to its maximum settings.

Suddenly wires attached themselves to various parts and my arms, legs and neck became attached to the machine. Pieces entered my lower region to further increase the pleasure. My boobs were given a special attachment to amplify the pleasure while an additional mask was placed on my face, with an attachment that fully activated the textured interior. My programming set the pleasure to high as I rode the pleasure for many hours, feeling happier than I ever had before and excited to have my Emmabot over the next day.


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