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Bluetooth Connected

by SparkyMira

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Storycodes: Solo-F; salesmanager; store; robots; backroom; crate; fantasy; roleplay; F/f; discovery; earpiece; mindcontrol; programmed; maidbot; controlled; pods; storage; objectify; cons/nc; X

Bluetooth Connected SparkyMira Solo-F; salesmanager; store; robots; backroom; crate; fantasy; roleplay; F/f; discovery; earpiece; mindcontrol; programmed; maidbot; controlled; pods; storage; objectify; cons/nc; X
Woman to Robot TF

“Ugh… this is so boring…” a curvy woman in who appeared to be in her mid-twenties said as she casually spun around in a chair behind a standard help desk in a small retail store. 

That woman was Agnes Monroe, a 24-year-old college grad who worked at the popular robotics retail store, Bots-or-Bust. She is currently the only human worker on staff other than the store owner, and as the manager she oversaw making sure the bots who ran the store were properly functioning. 

The 24-year old was very pleasing to the eyes of her male, and some female store-goers. Her long-sleeved, blue work shirt had the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, the collar popped up and the top button undone to show a little more of her double D-Cup cleavage. The tight, black miniskirt hugged her shapely ass tightly and with every movement just made it even more noticeable, along with her other shapely curves. On her dainty feet were a pair of tall and black heel-pumps. Her hair was long enough to reach past her shoulders and was a lovely honey-blonde color. She had a light blue eyeshadow on and some plain looking lip-gloss to accentuate the fullness of her lips. 

The only thing out of the ordinary about her outfit was the rather large Bluetooth earpiece that occupied her left ear. It extended the length of her ear and had an antenna that was somewhat visible as it poked through the top of her hair. 

This device allowed her the standard, day-to-day uses of any old earpiece, but more importantly it gave her access to the store’s mainframe and therefore was how she controlled the other “workers”.

“Workers” isn’t really the right term to describe how Bots-or-Bust functions. Each store only had two or three human workers, an owner and then a manager for each shift, and the rest were made up of robots that the human workers programmed to replace the standard tech-support or desk manager. 

Agnes was one of the lucky few who passed the exam needed to work in the large companies fold and the pay was worth every second spent studying the material. She was sitting pretty in both the figurative and literal sense. 

Pausing in her spinning she decided to have a little fun, so she stood up and made her way over to the far corner of the store where a robot with very similar proportions to herself was standing next to a set of advanced tablets.

Each of the bots that served in the main store were dressed in the exact same outfit as the human workers, including the earpiece which is how they receive their commands and software upgrades. 

“Report unit, what has happened today?” she commands the bot who turns to regard her with a smile. 

“Of course Manager Agnes. Today has seen two full retail versions of the SX-004 model unit be sold and an entire shipment of the new Latex Bot Suit be sold out. Thus, this unit has deemed today a success,” the redheaded hottie bot said in a chipper tone.

She smiled and nodded. “I agree unit. Now we have a new model ready to be used in store sales so I need you to unbox her in exactly one hour ok?” She asks as she turns to leave.

“Command acknowledged Manager Agnes. This unit will set up the new store unit in exactly 60 minutes.” She said before going back to her staring. 

She giggled a little at the redheaded bot. She always made her laugh with her super machine stereotypical speaking pattern. Most of the bots were a little more standard but she was left that way by the other manager on purpose for fun. 

She reached her destination soon enough, the back area where all of the spare bots and other things were stored was just as big as the actual store. There were several pods for the store’s bots to be stored and charged in during off hours, while there were portable versions for sales and a bunch of shipping crates laying around, some opened and some still sealed. 

The reason she was here was because one of her fetishes was pretending she was a newly delivered bot to be used in the store front just like any other normal model. With these empty crates, she could lay in the packing peanuts and pretend she was still in sleep mode, while also getting a nice nap occasionally. 

She slowly climbed into one of the empty boxes in the back of the room and nestled herself underneath the large amounts of foam peanuts and just relaxed. 

‘Model 001 Agnes entering sleep mode…’ she thinks to herself as she drift off to sleep in the secrecy of the crate, not to be found until the floor unit came to get the newest unit out of one of the closed boxes in the front section and woke her up in the process. 

Or so she thought...

Without Agnes’ knowledge, the owner had hired another manager who was coming in to get a feel of the store during her afternoon shift. The new girl was slightly younger and much less voluptuous in the curve department. With short black hair and glasses in place she walked around the store front in the standard uniform making sure everything was working properly. 

Upon inspection of the stores database however she did find that there was a distinct lack of a bot designated for routine cleaning and decided to remedy that.  

Walking into the back room, the new girl saw a pair of boxes in the back with the lids on, one of which was loose. Deciding to be a little lazy she slid the top off of the opened box and looked inside. Laying prone inside of the box was a very sexy bot in sleep mode. It was dressed in the standard uniform and appeared perfect and ready to use. 

“Ok Brooke, just activate the damn bot and get it synced to the system…” she said as she touched her earpiece and directed her commands to the one in the bot’s ear. 

“Unable to access Bluetooth Headset selected, model is designated to store manager Agnes Monroe.” The voice from her earpiece said as it failed to connect. 

Brooke once more looked over the bot and rolled her eyes. “You’re stupid connector. There is no way this thing is my senior manager.” She laughs before reaching down and pressing her hand firmly into one of the breasts on the bot’s chest. “Those things are wayyyyy too fake and she would have woken up when I did it.” Little did she know the only physical change after the light grope was a small smile on the “robot’s” face. 

Reaching into the box again and she gripped the connector on the other woman’s ear. Gently taking it off she tossed it onto the table where various loose parts were lying around before picking up another one. 

“Hopefully this one works better…” she says, replacing the older one with a brand new one. 

After making sure it was connected properly she activated the connectors and linked them. 

“Connections successful. Powering on Unit 001.” The synthetic voice said as the robot in the box had its eyes shoot wide open. 

*Agnes View 3rd Person*

The last thing she remembered before going to sleep was making sure an hour would pass and she would be woken up. But here she was staring at the ceiling and being completely unable to move. 

“Stand up bot. We have work to do.” A foreign voice she had never heard before says as her body surprisingly complies with the command and soon she is standing rigid and staring at someone in the same outfit as she is but clearly human. 

“No pleasantries needed but it seems you are running on the standard operating system. I am uploading this store’s data into your memory so that you can better serve the customers.” The black-haired woman said before my head began pounding as images and phrases began dumping themselves into my brain forcefully. 

It felt like her head was going to explode until finally all of the downloading seemed to be finished and she now had memories and information on everything involving the robotics of what she was now supposed to be, the store and tons of other things. 

The woman nods to herself as the download completes and motions for her to follow as she leads the way to the show floor. 

The move to the main room was quick and efficient, as expected of a pair of robots and their manager. The redheaded bot Agnes had put in charge while she was playing around went back to her station while Brooke began typing away at the newly activated “bot’s” programing code. 

“And there we go! One maid and sales protocol update for the beautiful bimbo and my store is perfect!” the newbie said as she hit enter and a light green glow emanated from Agnes’ eyes. 

Her body began moving a very systematic fashion as it started rearranging the merchandise into rows and moving products that had been left at the counter into their proper places. 

It took around 30 minutes, but the entire store was organized and cleaned by the newly formatted machine. After her basic protocol, had been fulfilled she took a position near the televisions in the back portion of the store and activated her saleswoman subprotocol. 

Meanwhile inside of the smiling new bot, Agnes was screaming and trying to find a way out of her atomized body and return to being a normal human. 

The day passed by and Agnes was feeling exhausted after standing in the same stiff position with no break for several hours, however nothing could be done as on the outside she seemed to be fine. 

“Ok girls. Time to pack up and get you all into sleep mode,” Brooke said with a smile as she packed her belongings into her purse.

She hit a few buttons on the executive earpiece and all the machines in the store barring the robots shutdown. The bots stood at attention and started to walk into the room Agnes had been dreading all day ever since her sudden transformation from employee to product. The charging room. 

Once through the door Brooke hit a button and five pods unlocked and pushed themselves open. One for each of the salesbots working out front, including Agnes, to her chagrin. 

The pods were a simple layout with padded interiors that once the designated model of robot was placed within its’ confines would plug into the interface, run updates, cleaning and charging protocols in order to have the bot ready for work the next day. 

Without even an ounce of struggling all five of the robots entered their designated pods and upon doing so, Brooke hit the opposite button that sealed them back up, turned off the lights and left the store for her home without so much as a second glance. She never realized the new fate she had placed her senior employee on the path towards. 

As for Agnes, once she was within the pod she screamed in her mind. She was once again being mentally assaulted by information that made her feel like an object and her brain constantly felt ready to burst. She could barely plan her escape and eventually succeeded in falling asleep despite the pain. 

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