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Cassandra The Cyborg

by SparkyMira

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© Copyright 2017 - SparkyMira - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; accident; bodyswap; f2android; college; FF; mansion; maidbots; machine/f; controlled; process; dress; latex; maid; program; friends; cons/reluct; X

Cassandra The Cyborg SparkyMira Solo-F; accident; bodyswap; f2android; college; FF; mansion; maidbots; machine/f; controlled; process; dress; latex; maid; program; friends; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1

My first day of community college had just wrapped up and I was tired. The classes were long and made me want to curl up into a ball in my nice comfy bed. 

My name is Cassandra Marks and I am a freshman student at the local Community College in my hometown. I am 5’5 and pretty attractive if I do say myself. My breasts are a nice C-cup and my butt is nice and plump.

I have curves to finish my nice body and my head is topped by long brown tresses. I am currently wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a red tank top and black boots.

Another fact about me, I am one of the few functioning Cyborgs in the world who has been converted. Meaning at one point in time I was a human who was then placed inside of a mechanical body.

Around a year ago I was in a very bad car accident. The doctors who evaluated my body gave me no chance of living if I remained in my normal body. So my father, a scientist who works for a large robot/cyborg manufacturing company decided to use an experimental surgery to digitize my brain and implant the data into a robot version of my body.

Thankfully the procedure was a great success and I seamlessly integrated into my new mechanical interface. It took a few months to get used to my new lease on life but soon I was back in school and moved on. 

Most of the kids at school did not know that I had changed but the few who did would tease or belittle me for it. So I resolved that at my new school I would refrain from telling anyone.

I was currently sitting at the bus stop waiting for the hourly pick up that dropped me back at my house. I was ready to just relax before shutting down for the night.

I waited for about 15 minutes until a girl a little taller than me with long blonde hair and wearing a red dress approached me with a smile gracing her lips. She looked a bit nervous but came over and stood in front of me anyways. 

“Uh… hi, my name is Allison Henson. We are in the same Biology class.” She said holding out her hand for me to shake. 

I smiled back and shook her hand firmly. “Yeah I saw you in there. My name is Cassandra Marks but you can just call me Cassie, all of my friends do. So what did you need?”

She again looked sheepish and motioned to a rather large limousine sitting in the parking lot. “Well when they said my name in class you were the only one who did not come over and try to befriend me because of my family and their status, so I was going to ask if you would like to come back to my home for tea so we can perhaps become friends?”

After her long winded sentence I just stared at her. It seems this made her think I was angry so she began stuttering and tried to excuse herself, but I grabbed her shoulder and started dragging her along over to her car.

“I would love to. Most of my friends went to one of the state schools so I need to make new ones! Let’s go have some fun.” I said as we stepped into the back seat and the driver began the drive.

It wasn’t a particularly long drive, about 15 minutes in length, and it was filled with idle chit chat as I came to know Allison better. She was the oldest child of three and her father was the biggest business man in our city. 

Her family was very well off, as I soon found out when we arrived at the gate to a large mansion, and she was very alone due to that. We talked about what we could do after tea and before long we were stepping through the large wooden doors.

The entry way was filled with pieces of art and other fancy things that were strewn about everywhere. What caught my eye was the woman that was wearing a skin tight maid outfit and bending over, it was very indecent.

She appeared to have heard us and approached us with a smile. Allison elbowed me lightly as she saw me staring.

“This is one of the many robotic maids we have around the house that clean and do all of our chores. This is Veronica, the head bot in charge of the other bots around, all of the bots wear a special outfit that is sprayed onto them by our custom maintenance machines in the basement.”

I stare at the bot as she stops in front of us and scans Allison. “Hello mistress Allison, I am glad to see you are home and unharmed. Was your day at school pleasant?” She asked while taking her bag and placing it to the side.

“It was great Veronica. I even brought my friend Cassie home to hang out for a while.” She said motioning to me. 

Once she mentioned me the maid scanned me and her eyes flashed a quick red before she approached me and grabbed my shoulder. She looked me in the eye and spoke. 

“Unidentified model recognized. Pleases state your designation and manufacturing company.” She said as her eyes glowed and I felt my control slip a bit.

“Model designation Cassandra Marks. Manufacturer is Front Side Electronics.” I said in a much blander tone of my normal voice. 

After the exchange I could move again and looked to Allison who had wide eyes. “Look Allison it is not what i…” I started to say before the maid clamped her hand over my mouth.

“Your father had a specialty bot ordered to be your personal maid since you just started college. This bot fits those specifications to the exact measurements. Would you like me to process her?” Veronica asks.

I look to Allison and shake my head but she just smiles. “Yeah I didn’t know Daddy was doing that for me. Sure get her ready and put her in my room.” She says before walking away.

I panic and look to the maid as she easily lifts me up and walks us over to a large chute in the wall labeled maintenance. With no warning I am dropped into the opening and slide down until I am gripped by what I assume are arms and pulled into a large machine.

The machine wasn’t very comfortable as I felt my body stripped of clothing and left standing in a dimly lit opening. I tried finding my way out but instead was blinded as a green light shined into my face and scanned me. 

I couldn’t see anything and I felt something cold touch me on my stomach. And start to spread out over the remainder of my body. As that was happening I felt something penetrate my USB port and felt huge files start dumping themselves into my database.

Files about how to act as a maid, proper cleaning for everything I could ever need to clean and even how to listen to commands were loaded into my memory. I felt an area that my father had left blank, the owner option, filled with all of the basic information of my new friend Allison.

The cold feeling that had been enveloping my body had stopped by the time the information dump had ended and I was pushed out of the machine into the open. A large mirror in front of me allowed myself to take in the changes the machine did.

Nothing about my head or face had changed but from my neck down I was wearing the same skin tight/body suit maid outfit. It was the standard black and white, hugging my curves perfectly and even making me seem more mechanical somehow.

I was liking what I saw until Veronica walked in and I froze. She looked me over and nodded. “Perfect model as per usual. Now clean the western hall way and report to Mistress Allison’s room for duty.” She said pointedly and I nodded. 

I felt compelled to move so I chose not to fight it and walked out of the basement and up towards the direction I saw Allison leave earlier. Along the way I picked up a feather duster and began tidying up the various vases and tables along the walls. Before too long I was finished and headed to the very back of the wing to what I assumed was Allison’s large bedroom I was originally supposed to hang out in before this fiasco happened. 

I came to a large door with stickers and things all over it that assured me I was in the right place. I opened the door and stepped inside to see Allison in the same clothes as when I left her. 

She looks up and squeals before pulling me into a big hug and looking me over. “Look at you Cassie! I never knew my new maid bot would be a friend from school or this cute!”

I look at her with a mixture of shock and disgust but at the same time I feel my new protocol telling me to accept the compliment. I decide to ignore the stupid program and tell her the truth. 

“Look Allison, I am in reality a human that has been placed in a robotic body due to an accident that happened a few years ago. I AM NOT YOUR NEW MAID!” I finish sternly as I stare at her.

It appears that I got through to her when another person enters the room. A rather tall, older man with grating hair looked between the two of us and then coughed.

We gave him our full attention as he looked us over. “I see that when Veronica informed me of the new addition that she installed I was confused, seeing as how the new bot is arriving tomorrow, I think that little explanation plays into what the full explanation needed.”

He walked over to me and handed me a card. “Miss Marks, Veronica has informed me of your situation as she has looked through most of your data after the dump and as of now you are officially hired as the newest house hand for my family. Seeing as you and Allison are friends that will also include a nice pay raise so your new programing will remain within our group and a room in this wing in which you can stay in if you wish.”

I looked back and forth between the two other people in the room but grinned. I had been looking for a job and despite the odd circumstance in which I had just been offered this one, I was not about to turn it down. 

“Umm thank you very much Mr. Henson. What does this job entail?” I ask as Allison squeals and starts dancing some type of victory dance.

He smiles back. “Of course you will be doing the same duties as the other Maid-bots that we have commissioned in the house and besides myself and Allison you must act and be treated as such when you are on duty. You may pick your own hours throughout the week as long as you log in 30 per week. It will also be mandatory for you to be processed into your current attire before each shift you take. I hope you enjoy your time here Cassandra.”

With his piece said he turned and left. Immediately after he left I was glomped by Allison as she talked about all of the cool things we could do now that I was working and living here part time. 

The only thought that came to my mind however was that this was going to be an interesting new chapter in my already crazy life.

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