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The CEO of Fembot Inc

by Robowomanbot

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“Ava, can you bring me the latest sales reports?” I call out to my assistant.

“Yes ma’am. One moment” Comes the reply.

Satisfied that my assistant of many years would do as I asked, I sat back in my chair and overlooked the view. Just above my office on the rooftop sat at large sign with the letters spelling Fembot Inc. As CEO, it was my mission to ensure that we remained on the cutting edge of technology. Operating as a titan of this new tech, we strove on a day to day basis to create products that people would want and would end up enjoying.

While the vast majority of our profits came from industrial exosuits, built to increase safety in many workplaces, from mining, to aviation, and even fishing, my personal favorite part of the company was the civilian suits. These were the ones that people wore at home. Our revolutionary transgender Fembot suit was a major source of pride and good PR for the company, and it was that idea that put me on the track to become CEO.

As I stood up and walked in front of the mirror, I admired the Fembot suit that I was wearing. Reaching only up to the neck, the white metal suit was accentuated by a black blazer. We called it the Fembot suit for the modern woman. Not only was it becoming very popular, but the entire executive branch had decided to wear them on a daily basis. It was cool and comfortable, and I enjoyed waking up each morning and putting it on instead of some uncomfortable, normal person outfit.

As I sat back down at my desk, my assistant came in. Her Fembot suit was of a dark red color, and she chose to wear everything but the faceplate. She found it useful to be hooked into the phone system, taking calls with the simplest of measures. 

“Here are the sales reports Mrs. Madison, also don’t forget we have a board meeting in about 15 minutes” She said as she handed me a tablet. 

“Thank you Ava, I’ll see you soon then”

After perusing the sales reports, which showed a noticeable jump in the civilian market, I walked out of the office and, with Ava behind me, entered the board room. I looked out over the sea of women wearing different suit configurations. Unintentionally all of the senior staff of Fembot Inc. were women, and all worth their positions. I sat down as our CFO, a transwoman named Ella who was also the first test subject for the trans suit, presented on how our market share was continuing to grow, and how the company was in good shape for the future as long as we kept making strides to do better. After an another two hours, the meeting adjourned, hands were shaken, and I returned to my office. 

After a few more hours of planning our designs and working out problems, I grabbed my bag, said goodnight to Ava, and made my way to my car. I stepped into my car and imputed the destination, allowing the self-driving feature to take over. This was one of the products about to be released onto the open market, as we found the control systems for the suits could actually be reworked into a way of converting any car into a self-driving one. I arrived home, set the lock of the car, and made my way inside.

The moment I walked in my nose was hit by the aroma of something delicious, and I soon saw the reason. A few months back I had been in a coffee shop when a young lady by the name of Emily accidentally bumped into me. Before she had a chance to apologize our eyes met and sometime later we began to date. Even though it had been a short period of time, she had moved in with me and we had become a serious couple. She had one of the most fascinating jobs, as she was a Professional Dominatrix, and our dinner conversations were always lively. I saw her at the stove, wearing nothing but her black Fembot suit without the head piece. I came up behind her and kissed her ear softly.

“Smells good, what is it?”

She turned to smile at me, passion emanating from her eyes, “Pasta Carbonara, it is ready to eat so go sit down” she said. 

I sat down and she soon joined me. We talked about love and work while enjoying her marvelous dish. After we cleaned up I swear her up in my arms and said, “You look more lovely every time I see you.”

“Likewise” She said as she pulled into me for a kiss. After, we then each went to go change into our sleeping suits. A newer product, this suit was made to give the user the perfect amount of sleep while also being useful in bed. I went into the room where I kept my suits and closed the door. First I stepped up to the machine and allowed it to take my white suit off, preparing it to be cleaned overnight. 

After the machine began to assemble my sleeping body. First the boots came on, flat heeled but adjustable. Next came the leg joints and the thigh pieces. The torso came in two pieces, a front and a back, encapsulating the user in it’s safe calming pressure. The two pieces attached with a click, and the pressure was already relaxing me. Next came the arms, which carefully snapped into place as they went along. The gloves came on, comfortable yet still sensual. The neck piece attached along with the rest of the head, leaving my whole body covered in silver chrome. As it attached the faceplate, I could feel the snap as it made contact. Air was expelled and I proceeded to our bedroom.

I walked in and found my girlfriend waiting for me. Her cool blue eyes always looked amazing, and we kissed each other with great passion before settling ourselves into bed.

“Hey Madison” She said to me


“I love you, I’m so glad I bumped into you.”

I ran my hands down her face “Me too, never apart”

She smiled “Fembots forever”

I then set a command to the suit to wake me up at 6:30am, and then fell fast asleep, looking forward to more innovations and excitement as CEO of Fembot Inc.


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