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Creating a Fantasy Girl

by Robotunit8

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Storycodes: F/f; FM/f+; captive; bond; machine; transform; F2doll; mind-control; bodymod; polymer; dollybots; costumes; demonstration; program; objectify; sex; oral; anal; sold; themepark; shows; cons/nc; X

Creating a Fantasy Girl Robotunit8 F/f; FM/f+; captive; bond; machine; transform; F2doll; mind-control; bodymod; polymer; dollybots; costumes; demonstration; program; objectify; sex; oral; anal; sold; themepark; shows; cons/nc; X
Woman to Dollybot TF
(This story idea originates from some roleplay I was doing with ’lustycatgirl2003’ on Yahoo chat, she gave me the original premise and idea, and I have developed the rest, but just wanted to say thanks to her for planting the idea in my ‘circuits’.)

The telephone rang in the office and Stephanie’s boss picked it up and answered it,“ Certainly Mrs Duval, I will send Stephanie across to collect the fax you wish to be sent straightaway. ”

He put down the phone and turning to Stephanie, said to her,“ Stephanie, I want you to go over to Mrs Duval’s office in Research and Development and collect a fax she needs sent urgently. ”

“Yes Sir,“ said Stephanie keenly,“ I’m on my way. ”

Stephanie got up from her desk, and virtually trotted out of the office on her way to do as she had been asked, at present she was only the office junior, 19 and very keen to impress her boss. She had been office junior for about 18 months or so, and now a vacancy for Invoice and Payments clerk had become available and she wanted to get that promotion. She had in fact been doing the job for the last few weeks since the last clerk had left, and was enjoying the work greatly. At the same time she was still the office junior and had to run all the little errands that were considered part of her job. She had neatly bobbed brown hair, blue eyes, a nice looking but not beautiful girl, her almost flat chest not helping her to attract the boys, much to her disappointment.

She was an inquisitive young lady, and was secretly delighted to get the opportunity to go over to the R&D department as they were working on a new secret project and Stephanie was intrigued to find out more about it. The last week or so invoices had been appearing from some new suppliers for clothing, and boots, and Stephanie was intrigued to find out why, normally the things R&D developed were new technology to help around the house or workplace, and she couldn't see why these needed clothing and boots.

She reached the entrance to the R&D laboratory, pressed the intercom and in her soft voice said,“ I’ve come to collect a fax from Mrs Duval." She heard a click and she entered the doorway, and in a few moments she was greeted by a young man who smiled at her and directed her to Mrs Duval’s office, she smiled back at him and then after knocking walked quickly into Mrs Duval’s office.

“Stephanie Bell ma’am, the office junior, you have a fax you want sent urgently. ”

“Yes Stephanie, thank you, I would like this sent straightaway, I didn't want it to have to wait for the internal post to collect it.“ Mrs Duval replied.

“Thats fine, Mrs Duval. . . .“ Stephanie said.

“Call me Linda.“ Mrs Duval said sweetly to her,

“ . . . Thats fine Linda, I was quite intrigued to see what goes on in R&D anyway, I’m only the office junior at present and my aim is to progress upwards through the company. I’m currently acting as Invoice clerk, but in time I’d love to work somewhere important like here. ”

Linda Duval eyed Stephanie up, she was pretty but not beautiful, very flat chested, but she had potential, thinking to herself, ‘Well we have to start the deluxe line somewhere, and she would be an interesting guinea pig to develop.’ then smiling at Stephanie said to her,“ Well Stephanie, we have a vacancy here in R&D for an assistant so perhaps there is an opportunity for you to work here, especially as at the moment we are very busy here with our new line. I will be working late tonight, if you are free why don't you come over after work, you can help me with it and if you like what you see I can put you forward for the position available. ”

“That would be wonderful,“ beamed Stephanie,“ I would only have spent the evening alone so that will be wonderful. Linda, can I be nosey and ask a question?”

“Yes, though if its top secret you will understand if I can't answer you.“ Linda replied.

“Of course.“ said Stephanie,“ Its just that in the last few days I have been getting invoices for clothes, boots and other outfits but I thought we only made technological items, are we going into the fashion industry?”

Linda laughed and smiled at her,“ No Stephanie, well at least not directly. What we are manufacturing is a new line of dolls for use as promotional figures for shops, film premieres and the like. The outfits and other things are to dress the dolls before we package them up and send them off, we are successfully making more realistic dolls than anyone else. In fact production is so successful that we are starting a new production unit and that is why I would like your help tonight. You will learn a lot more about the whole concept then.”

“Oh that will be wonderful, to see the latest production line will be marvellous.” beamed Stephanie.

“That you will Stephanie,“ said Linda,“ I will show you how the process works tonight.“ then added under her breath,“ though not in the way you imagine. ”

After work finished that day Stephanie headed for R&D instead of home, pressing the intercom and Linda Duval let her in.

“Hi there Stephanie, I’m so glad for your help, now let me explain what we will be doing tonight. We are opening a new production line of the reality dolls as we call them, and I have to get it ready for operation. What we have to do is to set up the production unit on the table and then check it’s operating properly by testing all the fittings on it, and having you here to help me will save me lots of time, as I won't have to keep positioning dolls to test them at each stage, I can use you to test it and of course you can move without my assistance. ” Linda said.

“Only glad I can help,“ said Stephanie, “it will be quite interesting to be the living woman who tests out a bed for dolls. I presume I will be safe with all the processes?”

“Of course Stephanie,“ Linda smiled, “all I will do is restrain you as we do the dolls while working on them while I check all the fittings and development processes are working OK. ”

“Development processes?“ Stephanie asked nervously.

Linda smiled tenderly at her, “Nothing to worry about, all I mean is that all the tubes we fit into the dolls to fill them with the very secret fluid are all correctly placed in position that's all, you will be perfectly safe.”

“Thats OK then,“ giggled Stephanie, “I was only worried I might end up as a rubber doll!”

Linda laughed, “You wouldn't be a rubber doll anyway Stephanie, our dolls are made of a very special material, but they are pre-moulded units, all we do is the little personal touches, then shape them to the figure desired with the special fluid then dress them to order. ”

“Oh OK,“ bubbled Stephanie, “mind I always fancied being a super heroine and I know you have been ordering those outfits, so if you want to test the dressing machine!“ she added giggling.

“Well we could always do that Stephanie, if I removed the needles from the fluid tubes, I could run a complete test if you would like that, but you would need to be naked and I don't know if. . . . . . . . . “ Linda said.

“Oh yes please.“ interrupted Stephanie, “I don't mind being naked for you, after all there's no one else going to see me, is there?”

“. . . . . . you clearly don't mind!“ laughed Linda, “I will turn off the security cameras and no one but me will see you naked. When we have set up the unit, you can go and undress in my office and I will run the full test process on you. ”

“Lovely.“ beamed Stephanie contentedly, “And if I impress, you will get me a job here?”

“Yes Stephanie, that will be arranged.“ smiled Linda.

Linda and Stephanie collected the ‘dollification’ unit as Linda jokingly called it and set it up on the table, Stephanie straining herself to impress Linda as much as she could, she was surprised how many restraints there were for an immobile doll but Linda explained to her that they couldn't risk the doll moving at all while being filled with fluid, or as she put it the breasts, waist and hips might not be quite in the right place, and Stephanie innocently accepted this reasoning. Finally after an hour or so Linda was happy that everything was fitted OK and that it was time to test the unit. She sent Stephanie to her office to undress, and in the meanwhile Linda readied herself for her ‘special experiment’ and made sure the security cameras were switched off.

After a few minutes Stephanie walked back just slightly nervously totally naked, her nipples hardening in the cooled air in the R&D lab. Linda just simply smiled as she returned with that sweet innocent look on her face.

“Now Stephanie,“ she said, “I want you to climb into the unit and make yourself comfortable, then I will seal you into the unit with the restraints. When you are comfortable I will lower the facemask over your face and the machine will take readings to the millimetre of your body shape and form. This is done with all the dolls just to make sure they have been manufactured correctly, and if necessary adjust the positions of the fluid tubes to ensure the fluid goes into the right places. Normally at this stage the facemask would be sealed onto the doll using that helmet but I am using a test one with you that won't seal to your skin. After that I will run a full programme on you, you will feel fine needles pierce you in several places, but there is no fluid in the bank as you can see, ” showing Stephanie the ‘empty’ fluid bank (in fact the fluid was transparent, it was in fact very full!), “then at the end of the programme the machine will dress you in this Wonder Woman outfit I have selected, place the boots on you and then switch off and I will release you, take some pictures of you dressed like that then I will let you change and go home, how's that? And then tomorrow. . . ”

“Yes, yes.“ said Stephanie excitedly.

“I will inform Personnel that our vacancy for an assistant has been filled and make arrangements with Finance for you to be transferred to work here. ”

“Oh thank you so much.“ said Stephanie.

“Oh my pleasure!“ said Linda wickedly. “So if you would like to climb in we can get started on the test run. ”

“Of course,“ said Stephanie, adding with a giggle, “I wish I had bigger breasts then I would look a little more like Wonder Woman!", and then climbed up and lowered herself carefully into the unit. Within a few moments she had made herself comfortable and Linda started strapping her down, Stephanie was amazed at the number of restraints used for a lifeless doll, she couldn't move an inch when Linda had finished! She was relaxing waiting for Linda to lower the facemask over her when she saw Linda towering over her with a syringe filled with a purple fluid in it.

“What's that for?“ squealed Stephanie in panic.

“Oh quiet girl,“ said Linda, “you are just so innocent, I’m not doing a test run for a new table, I’m about to create the first in a new line of deluxe living dollybots as sexual fantasy figures for men, and you are just about to become that dollybot! This fluid will turn your internal organs into an internal layer for the body adaptions I will be making to you and for the fluid I will be pumping into your body to reshape you.”

“Body adaptions?“ Stephanie asked nervously.

“Yes,“ said Linda, “you can’t be Wonder Woman without a big cleavage so I need to be able to expand your breasts considerably, from your little A or B cups up to DD or E! I also need to do much work on your mind so that when you are switched on in fantasy dollybot mode you really believe you are Wonder Woman, albeit a Superheroine with a very high sex drive for men!”

“Well I always wanted bigger breasts,“ sighed Stephanie mournfully, “but I never wanted to be a mindless dollybot!”

Linda injected the fluid into Stephanie’s arm, lowered the facemask on her face and placed a helmet over the top, all Stephanie could hear was ‘Submit and Obey’, ’A dollybot is a beautiful thing to be’, ’Free your mind to the control of your Mistress’ and ‘You will become Wonder Woman’, and flashing lights in front of her eyes, it didn't seem to matter if she closed her eyes they still burned into her mind. All the while the programming was wiping away all Stephanie’s thoughts, and replacing them with total obedience codes for her Mistresses commands, all the details she needed to ‘live’ as Wonder Woman, and a massive tenfold increase in her sexual desire.

Her actual intelligence was wiped out completely, a dollybot had no need to think for itself, it would simply obey every command it was given, either verbally or through its programming with no need to think for itself, Stephanie ceased to exist after an hour or so of this treatment, and dollybot Stephanie began her new life as a highly sexually charged Wonder Woman lookalike, the facemask melded into her skin, so that she even looked like Wonder Woman.

At this stage Linda released the fluid from the tanks and steadily, almost with every breath Stephanie’s breasts began to expand rapidly, within minutes her tiny A cup breasts, barely noticeable had become massive E cup breasts, round, firm and pert. Her body began to take on a more flexible rubbery look as the polymers turned her flesh into the special material that dollybots would be made out of. Finally after several hours the work was completed and the restraints on the dollybot were released, a hoist lowered and lifted the motionless dollybot out of the unit and placed her on a plate and a tube lowered over her. Arms appeared and dressed the dollybot in her Wonder Woman outfit, then lifted her up and placed thigh boots on her legs. To anyone walking in they would think Wonder Woman was stood in the laboratory.

Linda Duval simply smiled and said to herself, “Operation dollybot is a complete success. Now to ensure no one knows how successful it has been till the right day. ”

A few hours later, just around 2am, 2 people left the R&D department to go home for a few hours sleep.

(3 weeks later)

Stephanie woke up this morning feeling terribly excited. Not only was it the day she started her new job as Research assistant to Mrs Duval, but it was the day of the promotion event to announce the new company line in fashion dolls, made of a special new material that would make them so much better as display models than the old solid models that their rivals were making. These dolls would be far more flexible and realistic looking, with real looking faces, not the blank faces that these dolls normally would have. Six of the younger girls from the company had been selected to wear examples of the far tighter and sexier outfits that these new dolls would be capable of wearing, and Stephanie was amongst them.

She and her friend Rachel had been selected to wear two outfits from the Superheroine range, she would be Wonder Woman for the day, and Rachel would be Supergirl. The other girls would be wearing items from the PVC and ‘Fun clothes’ ranges as further examples of the tighter outfits these dolls would be able to be modelled in. Stephanie saw her Wonder Woman outfit hung up in her wardrobe and smiled, she was being collected by a car and taken to the promotional site straightaway so Mrs Duval had told her to put the outfit on at home before leaving, and just to slip a coat over the top of it.

Stephanie looked happily at her new figure while showering herself in preparation for the big day, on that night when she helped Mrs Duval set up the new table and unit she had mentioned that she had always wanted a more buxom figure, and Linda Duval had told her of a special top secret serum she could inject her with that would give her just that. Stephanie had expected a little growth, but the effect had been remarkable, instead of her previously barely noticeable breasts, she now sported 2 marvellous E cup breasts, very full and round, Mrs Duval had even been generous enough to buy her a complete set of new bras, as of course none of Stephanie’s now fitted her, which she thought very sweet. Not surprisingly she had become very popular with the boys, a fact that amused her greatly, as they had shown no interest in her before then!

She had some breakfast, then dressed in her Wonder Woman outfit, showing off her very full cleavage perfectly. She slipped a coat on over the top, and a few minutes later the car arrived for her. It picked Rachel up as well, dressed in her Supergirl outfit, and they laughed happily together throughout the lengthy car journey, saying things like, “If there is an emergency, I wonder if people will think we are the real superheroines!", to each other.

The promotion was going well, the six girls explaining to all the visiting men about the new dolls, and how flexible they were, and quite difficult to tell from the real thing, giggling and pointing out that they were the real thing, as they could talk and the dolls couldn't of course! After a couple of hours or so all the visitors were asked to take their seats, and Mrs Duval would show them the new line in dolls, the 6 girls taking their seats at the back as Linda had requested them to.

Mrs Duval walked on the stage to applause and explained to everyone how there were to be 2 lines of dolls, the basic models, and a deluxe version called dollybots who would not only be display models, but would be virtually human like, being able to move and talk to command, but no thought capacity of their own. The basic dolls were brought out and everyone was impressed at how much better they were than display models had been up to now.

Then Mrs Duval heard one voice say, “I don't see how these dollybots can be like humans, I know I could tell the difference!”

Mrs Duval simply smiled and replied, “If these dollybots are set into their human mode they are virtually indistinguishable from humans, their complex thought units would pass any test, and certainly fool any human. ”

There was laughing from the audience at this, and Mrs Duval continued, “In fact there are dollybots amongst you today, and I am sure none of you have worked out who or where they are, so give me a few minutes to adjust their settings and I will prove it. ”

Stephanie, Rachel and the other girls said to themselves,“ If thats the case why weren't we given at least one for promotion purposes, it might have made our job easier. ”

Mrs Duval returned with some control boxes and announced to the audience, “Gentlemen I offer you our 6 dollybot models, they will be yours to test shortly. ” and pressed some buttons on the boxes, the 6 girls at the back immediately stopped giggling, and slowly and steadily rose to their feet in unison, then speaking as one said,

“Dollybot units 1-6 are now operational Mistress, what is your command?” and the whole audience gasped in amazement, the 6 young ladies they had been speaking to were machines, not humans, but they had been so real!

“Dollybot units approach the stage, and stand in front of me.“ Linda said.

“Yes Mistress, we obey.“ they again replied in unison, and walked steadily to the front of the stage, their now polymer based bodies rustling softly as they did so. The men could see these girls were not flesh and blood as they had assumed, but machines, and they were stunned.

Linda spoke again, “Gentlemen, these dollybots have today been dressed in ‘Fantasy’ outfits for your benefit and pleasure, their sex drive levels have been set to maximum and they will take a lot of satisfying sexually today. Equally they will give you all the sexual satisfaction you may need or desire. These dollybots will follow every command, they have no mind of their own, only their programmed data. Test them out as you wish. ”

For the next few hours Stephanie, Rachel and the other girls became voracious sex machines, sucking cock, and having cocks plunged up their pussies and rears like there was no tomorrow, even servicing 3 men at the same time on occasions. Stephanie and Rachel were especially popular, it was clearly a lot of mens fantasies to make love to a superheroine!

When all the men were satisfied they collapsed back into their chairs exhausted but happy. The dollybots simply returned to their seats and sat motionless. When all this had happened Linda Duval spoke to her audience.

“Well Gentlemen, judging by the happy grins on your faces, you have been satisfied by the sexually charged dollybots, I am so glad. I trust you are very impressed with them! Now to prices, the standard flexi doll retails at £100, the standard deluxe dollybot retails at £3,000, and these very special prototypes retail at a minimum of £8,000 but as you have seen they are worth every penny. All the dollybots will come with a full choice of any outfit within our range of clothing. Bids for the prototypes should be addressed to me personally, all other items may be purchased through the company. And now just to prove I haven't switched models on you, I will return these prototypes to the human mode you first met them in. ”

She pressed a series of buttons, and the 6 girls returned to the giggly human girls they were before the transformation took place, and everyone gasped again. Linda turned to them and said,

“Thanks girls, I suggest you go and get something to eat and drink now, you have all done a marvellous job. ”

At this the girls all got up and left the room.

“Any questions before I go?“ asked Linda.

“The dollybots need food and drink, why if they are machines?“ asked one man.

“Dollybots process small amounts of human food and drink as their fuel, rather than being electrically charged in any way, it helps to create the human illusion.“ she replied, “It would be a lower running cost than electrical charging to their owners. Also being polymer based rather than circuitry for flexibility, electricity would not be entirely suitable. If that is all gentlemen,“ the audience nodded, “then I will leave you now, thank you for attending this promotion for our new doll and dollybot lines, Nova technology is grateful for your attendance here today".

(And so to close)

Not surprisingly dollybots became very popular with buyers despite the high price involved and sales of these units were truly overwhelming. Nova technologies got round the problem of finding ‘bodyforms’ for these dollybots by various means, young girls living rough would disappear from the streets, some innocent but non important workers would mysteriously cease working at Nova technologies, and of course young orphan girls, and new arrivals in town would also be removed from the sight of the townspeople. Many single girls discovered life as a dollybot whether they wished to or not, though there were stories of some who actually volunteered for the process. Also the websites offering young and pretty East European women as brides proved very popular with Nova technologies, male staff writing letters and paying their airfares, only for the girls not to be seen again, at least only as dollybots!

You may be wondering about our 6 prototypes, as to what happened to them, well a rich business man had the idea of creating ‘Superheroine world’ and he purchased all 6 of them for £50,000 to ‘work’ there. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman (she became a goody), Lara Croft and Spidergirl are main attractions there, and all 6 of our girls live these lives on a daily basis, truly believing they are the fictional character they portray. Children, and indeed adults love the experience, being greeted by friendly Superheroines and being treated to shows of their special skills with the aide of computerised assistance for flying scenes, magical powers and the like, human ‘villains’ being captured by them on a very regular basis.

Every so often their sex drive programme is ‘raised’ to a suitable level and the businessman sells sex with a superheroine to rich clients for a ‘large’ fee! Other times he enjoys the company of a superheroine himself. He also lets the girls satisfy each other, the former ‘Stephanie’ and ‘Rachel’ happily enjoying lesbian relationships along with the other girls. They are all ‘content’ in their new lives, not that they now remember their old ones!

Linda Duval, became a multi-billionaire in time and retired many years later taking the secret of dollybot creation with her, the line mysteriously ceasing with her departure!


(Firstly I do apologise for using Catwoman as a heroine and not a villain, but I’m afraid I couldn't think of a sixth female superheroine that we in the UK know about! Also Spidergirl is a bit of a cheat I know, but call it authors artistic license! I hope you enjoy it, traditional lack of much sex I know, but guess my readers are used to that by now! I amazed myself by even concocting a happy ending of sorts, also keeping up my record, giggle! I tried to do something different with the dollybot process, hope you liked it. As usual comments criticisms or otherwise to my usual address please. Again my request for real time robot/dollybot roleplay or anything similar would love to be fulfilled, will cost an airfare beyond UK, but it may be considered worth it for a full time ‘robot’ in your life, who knows!)

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