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Engineer to Engineered

by PoseMe

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Click. The robot's arm was easily removed with a pressed button. The humanoid-looking robot could see its arm being removed, but felt no pain. It's other limbs had been removed in the same fashion, so this final disassembly seemed normal. The robot looked towards a male voice that said, "Well, we have the parts we need, so we can melt the rest down for scrap." The robot jerked uncontrollably at those words. No, a female voice screamed, I'm still useful... I'm human!

And with that, Nyatha sat up in bed with a start. The sweat from her dream dripped from her face and soaked the clean sheets she just put on the bed the night before. Rubbing her eyes, she mumbled, "Oh, just a nightmare..." Feeling restless, even though the clock said 3:52, she went ahead and got up to get a shower. She drops her moist t-shirt and panties in the dirty clothes hamper and walks to the shower. The sensor in the shower senses her movement and starts the water before she gets to the shower door. The new heating element she bought, insures that the water will be hot by the time she gets into the shower.

As she washes herself, she can see her dark reflection in the shower door. Her barely 5 foot, nearly black body seems as a stark contrast to the light walls and chrome fixtures. Her amazing curves from head to toe are every man's dream, but seem out of place in the clean lines of the shower. Her bald head is smooth like glass, with the rest of her body hair-less as well. She admires her "perfectly smooth" skin with pride. It took her months of rubbing a nanobot infused creme over every inch of her body to convert it from organic skin to the low-gloss synthetic material that it is now. She had taken very special care and pleasure, rubbing and inserting the creme into her various body orifices, even going so far as to design a rubber body suit that would hold the nanobots against her skin at night. Her synthetic skin is now nearly identical to the project she has focused on at work. She recounts her nightmare, that started as a wonderful dream of being a "perfect" robot, only to be discarded, and recycled. Shaking her head, she steps out of the shower to dry off.

Within a few minutes she is dressed in a white c-string and bra, dress slacks, white blouse, and dark blazer. Her clothes seem too big for her, as they hang loosely on her. Shuffling to the bathroom mirror, she accesses a small remote on her vanity. Pressing the button labeled "chest", she feels a small motor activate a hydraulic pump, and her blouse begins to fill out as her breasts expand to fit her previously-oversized bra. "So glad I installed that variable breast device a couple of years ago," she says happily to herself, "Makes keeping my feminine image up, while not causing me to lose sleep. Two sizes and two cups smaller sure makes for a better night sleep." Satisfied, she presses another button labeled "bottom." Her pants legs start rising off the floor, as a similar mechanism makes her "regular" butt become a "bubble" butt. The pump in her backside feels quite good and she smiles at the sensation. Turning slightly, she sees the exaggerated look as quite sexy. "And another great R&D move on my part..." she chuckles to herself. The design was a personal invention of hers, which she intends to patent, but its commercial use is a few years away, as a synthetic dermis is required to keep the customer from developing stretchmarks. 

Using the small metal plates in her skull, she applies new eye brows with magnetic strips on the back. She adds a short haired wig, spiked up to match her sassy work persona. Finally, she removes each finger nail to be replaced with colored ones. She looks at her finger tips, each one no longer her real fingers, as they are robotic now. Having the ability to type as fast as she can think makes work easier, and the ability to change finger nail color without painting them and waiting for them to dry is just an alternative benefit from the upgrade. She thinks about her greater efficiency in the morning, and how her upgrades complete her put-together, professional look, and that most of her "upgrades" would not be possible without making that first step of creating her synthetic skin.

Her autonomous vacuum cleaner rolls past her as she leaves her condo. She gets into the passenger seat as the robotic driver activates. It is a simple-looking device that grips the steering wheel while having appendages that adjust speed and braking, with a 360 degree camera at eye level. While it is not popular yet (has a spider-type look to it, so not very attractive), Nyatha expects them in every car within 5 years. She scrolls through her emails on her phone while the car works its way through traffic.

After her car is parked, she steps out to walk into the modern building. TekTech is one of the largest robotic companies in the country. Their improvements to vacuum cleaner robots and car-driving robots and elder-assist robots and countless others has made them a household name. Her heels click loudly on the polished concrete of the lobby. She has her badge scanned to access the research and development department elevator to get her to the fifth floor. Once there, she goes to her office which is connected to a large open area that has other offices that open out to it. Each office has an engineer, like her, in it. They work together to make the next greatest robot.

Behind her desk, she plugs herself into the computer (she has a USB port installed behind her belly button). The computer runs a quick update on her various robotic parts and starts charging them. She looks on the screen, hidden from the common area, at an outline of her body. She can see the chest and bottom upgrades, as well as her fingers. The USB "belly button" is green on the screen, stating it is functioning properly. Her skull has the metal linings, but there are also some components near her ears. Touching just behind her ear lobes, she turns on her WiFi and Bluetooth capable devices.

She reaches out and connects to her phone, without touching it. Using her Bluetooth in her own head, she can control certain devices with the right apps downloaded on them. She finishes her update of the phone, while checking the WiFi speed today. Hmmm, she discerns, pretty good speed today, think I will stay connected into the system during work, might be something interesting I need to know. Like a smart watch, she can access the Internet and her phone from anywhere with WiFi. Of all her upgrades that she given herself, these are her favorite.

The rest of the day goes as planned, as her team works on the latest robot. Since robots are somewhat unattractive, her group has been trying to make one that looks humanoid. The synthetic skin was one of Nyatha’s early contributions to the project. In the common area, there are 3 "bodies" in various stages of being completed. The male is the furthest from being done, as they are having a battery problem and database storage issue. One of the females runs perfectly, except when she stands up, then everything starts going awry as her balance cannot be maintained. The third and final one seems to be working correctly, and might be ready for a field test, but Nyatha is not sure yet.

Around 2, she gets a phone call from Mel in accounting. She excuses herself from the casual meeting to take the call in her office. Mel is her "boyfriend but not really." He is interested in her, and she is sort of interested in him but not completely. Sitting down, she says, "Hey, Mel, wassup?" Mel clears his throat and replies nervously, "Uh, hey, Nyatha, I was just, uh, wondering if you were, uh, still ok with, uh, you know, tonight?" Nyatha smiles to herself, such an adorable nerd. "Sure thing, Mel, I was going to wear leather and snaps tonight for easy access if that works for you." She can hear the phone falling and hitting the floor. She giggles to herself as he tries to get it but kicks it instead. She can hear voices in the background as people in the office are going about their business.

He finally gets it back to his ear and replies softly, "Uh, oh sorry bout, uh, what did you say?" She can hear a loud gulp from him as she draws in her next breath, "I said, 7 works great and I will be hungry for seafood." She can hear a sigh of relief from him, then he says, "Great, I will meet you there at 7." She knows he misunderstood so she helps him out, "You mean my condo when you say 'there', right?" She can hear him say something under his breath, "Uh, right, yes, that's definitely what I meant." She grins and says bye, ending the call. He's a real nice guy, she thinks.

As she steps back into the common area, she sees Audi working on one of the male robot arms. She tries not to stare, but she ends up checking out the other young female engineer in her work group. Audi has her platinum hair cut short and combed over with just the right touch of make-up. Her leggings might not be work appropriate, but they look great on her. As Nyatha's eyes move further up, she notices that Audi is looking at her. Cursing herself silently, she looks away and walks to the bathroom. Hope she did not notice me looking at her, Nyatha thinks, I'm not even into girls... I'm straight. As she tries to convince herself of that, she does not notice as Audi watches her bubble-butt co-worker with interest.

Finishing work late, she rushes home to get ready for her "date." They have been on dates before, but he never calls them that. They are "just adults spending time together," as Mel would say. On her way home, she connects to the Internet and starts her home systems. When she walks in the door, hot coffee is in the kitchen, a dress is hanging partially out of the closet, and her necessary make-up items are already primed and ready. Having small robots is one thing, being able to control them from thoughts in your head, Nyatha thinks with satisfaction, priceless.

At 7, she hears her doorbell. Checking her reflection quickly, she notes her new hair is properly mounted (longer and more red), her somewhat-revealing red dress (dropped a cup size to fit into it) with matching nails, and her new high-heel stilettos. Let's see how he handles this, she giggles to herself. She opens the door to a surprise: Audi is standing there with one of the female robots from work. "Oh, uh, hey Audi," Nyatha says slightly embarrassed, "What are you doing here?" Audi's usually calm look is replaced with a more worried one. "Got a problem that needs fixing in the next half hour and I'm hoping you can help." Nyatha nods her head and lets her in.

"I already called Mel to see if he can help us with this from the office, so he is not coming over" Audi notes. "Wait, you knew about..." Nyatha starts before Audi interrupts her, "OH girl, everyone knows about you and Mel." She giggles softly, but it was the giggle that made you think she meant that as a good thing. Moving on she adds, "So, here's the deal: corporate made a surprise visit to our branch office today about 10 minutes after you left. They are having dinner at the CEO's place up in the highlands." Nyatha remembers seeing him on the company website. He's some type of Asian-Polynesian mix, and one of the reasons the company has grown so much.

"Evidently, TekTech corporate wants a demo or they are shutting down our group." As Nyatha gasps, Audi continues on, "I'm not sure they can do that, but we cannot take any chances," pointing at the female robot. "This toaster will not win any awards without some major overhauls, which is where you come in." Nyatha is not too sure what she can do in 30 minutes that their entire team could not do in the last few months. "So, you can deny this, but I know you have a Wifi-BlueTooth combo in your head from Technical, right?" The long pause of Nyatha's shock and Audi's uncertainty holds the conversation hostage for several moments. Finally, Nyatha says, "Yes, I have them, but how did you know?" Audi waves her hand and says, "Your secret is safe, and I just happen to run a broadband scan earlier today and saw an unregistered signal. I decided to track it down, and when you walked to the restroom I triangulated the route you took, so I know it is you." Nyatha curses herself, thinking she had covered her tracks so well.

"What do you want?" Nyatha says dejectedly. Audi puts her hand on Nyatha's shoulder, her very white skin a stunning contrast to the other's dark, dark skin. "Look, I'm not here to expose you, I'm here to save our jobs. Can you run this thing remotely?" she says thumbing towards the robot standing at attention. Well, Nyatha thinks in relief, I was not expecting that.

"I can try," she says as she reaches behind her ear and enables her Bluetooth and starts looking for the robot's signal. "Ok, got it... hmmm, it is kinda weak, I will need to be close to it." Audi nods and adds, "Figured that, which is why I have brought a booster to attach to your signal receiver. Mel has agreed to help us by monitoring signal traffic remotely." As Nyatha gets into the robot's head, she can feel control of its limbs coming under her power. The female starts to walk around slowly, as a much more normal gait. "Woah," Audi says excitedly, "That's the best it has walked, like ever!"

Nyatha smiles then frowns, "Oh wait, I’m getting a little feedback here, did you disable the..." Nyatha's head snaps back quickly, as the female robot's anti-hack system kicks in. "Nyatha?!" Audi says loudly, reaching out for her co-worker. Nyatha can feel a large portion of the robot's database and applications being downloaded into her. Standing stiffly, she says in a monotone, "Greetings, Mistress, how can this unit serve you?"

Grabbing her arm, Audi asks, "Nyatha, are you okay?" Nyatha running new protocols replies, "This unit is running at peak efficiency, Mistress." As Audi tries to figure it out, her phone rings: it's Mel. "Hey, Audi," Mel says softly, "I'm at the office. The delivery group should be at Nyatha's soon. Is everything ready? I'm seeing all green lights on the screen you told me to look at." Audi thinks quickly, how can I save our jobs and make sure Nyatha is ok? "Mel, maybe... check the priority protocol. What does it say and what is the secondary?" There is a pause, then Mel replies, "Maid For You is the primary and Nyatha is the secondary... does that sound right?" Audi breathes a sigh of relief, "Change in plans, but yes, we are good to go... I'm gonna make a back-up, just case... thanks!"

As she is talking to Mel, she is powering up her tablet PC. Audi making an educated guess pulls up Nyatha’s dress and plugs into her belly button usb, then using a removable hard drive, she begins copying Nyatha's mind or “database” onto it. Not sure what might happen to her, Audi thinks while multi-tasking her phone conversation and the technology in her hands, I want a back-up copy of her memories and personality just to be safe. Hope we don't need it, Audi thinks as she says, "Bye" to Mel.

Hanging up the phone, she looks Nyatha up and down, "Looks like you need a quick makeover before your debut tonight." Pushing the female robot onto the couch, it collapses into a heap, as she has Nyatha follow her to the bedroom. As Audi pulls the red dress up and over Nyatha’s head, she notices how perfect her skin is. Brushing her fingers along her side she thinks how it feels almost exactly like one of the robots she works on daily. Within a few moments, she has Nyatha in a pair of shiny leggings, a slightly-modified, tight fitting exercise top, and ankle, low-heel boots. It is not the most stylish outfit, but it matches and gives her a utility look about her. Reaching into her purse, she adds, "I got you a pair of smart glasses with a heads-up display. Since you are not really a robot and don't have the full ocular implants, these should help you." They walk back towards the front door with Audi saying, "Don't ask why I had the smart glasses, it's a long story." Nyatha replies as she walks stiffly, "Yes, Mistress, this unit will not ask about the smart glasses." As they reach the living room by the front of the condo, the door bell rings. "Well," she says softly, "Here we go for real."

For real? Nyatha thinks to herself. My body has been hijacked by some of my own programming. I cannot seem to control any part of myself, she says to herself as she follows her co-worker out the front door into the waiting box of the delivery team. Acting just like a well-programmed robot, she is boxed up and put into the delivery truck. Audi rides up front with the two guys from the company, as they drive towards their CEO's mansion. While Nyatha knows where they are going, she really does not know where they are, as the shipping box is dark and muffles most sounds. I am not sure if I feel humiliated or turned on by this, she sighs to herself.

The trip and delivery go smoothly, and before she knows it, she is standing at attention in front of a group of well-dressed men and women, sitting around a very large rectangular table. Each one is eyeing her carefully. Before she can think to be scared, Audi puts the pair of smart glasses on her. They have a simple heads-up display built into the lenses, giving Nyatha more information about where she is and what she is seeing. To explain, Audi says to the group, "You caught us off guard, so we are still struggling with a few issues... I'm sure you can understand. One of those is interpreting data received visually, so I gave our little maid bot here some help with a pair of smart glasses." While it was not entirely the truth, she hopes it is enough to convince them.

The CEO, having shown no emotion yet, says flatly, "Have your robot take the pitcher from the serving cart and refill all of our water glasses." Audi turns to Nyatha, "Maid bot," she commands, "Take the water pitcher on the serving table and refill each glass on the table." Nyatha replies in her new monotone voice, "Yes, Mistress."

Like a robot would, she walks slowly and somewhat stiffly, yet still natural-looking, over to the serving table. She grasps the glass pitcher with one hand and walks back to the dinner table. She can hear ooo's and ah's as she refills the first few glasses expertly. She does not spill any going from place setting to place setting. Once she gets to the CEO's place setting, Nyatha sees that he has two glasses: one water and one wine. Before she can even process her movements, she pours water in both glasses, ruining the wine glass. The CEO says nothing as the rest of the group giggles, and Nyatha blushes on the inside.

Audi commands loudly, "Maid bot, stop!" Nyatha stops walking and stands at attention behind the CEO's chair. "My apologies, sir," Audi begins, "I should have been more specific about which glasses to refill." The CEO holds up his hand as if to say, 'that is ok', and replies, "So you can see ladies and gentlemen, that my team has put together the next level of home robotics. The question is: do you want one?" Audi breathes a sigh of relief at not being in trouble, but Nyatha's heart skips a beat. You mean, she sputters on the inside, they want us to have a robot like me ready to go now? If she could moan, she would, as she thinks of all the things that are still not working right with that female robot collapsed on her couch at home.

One of the men pushes his chair back and asks Audi, "Is it wired through BlueTooth?" Audi nods and replies, "Yes, sir, she has WiFi capabilities, too." She was not sure where he was going with that, but she wanted to sound like this robot had everything anybody would want. As he walks closer to Nyatha, he asks the CEO, "With your permission, I would like to run robot remote app. Nothing to download or damage it... I just want to see if it runs on my phone's platform."

The CEO, while not comfortable with this, makes no move to stop him and replies, "Go ahead, but remember: this robot is owned by my company, and it is still top secret." The man waves his hand at him while pulling out his phone. "Don't worry, this is as simple as one," he turns his phone on, "two," he presses a button on it, "three." As he says three, Nyatha's head bows down then comes back up. The man then adds, "Let's see how good at impressions she is." Pressing a button on his phone, Nyatha grins broadly and puts one hand on her hip. She bounces slightly, while smacking her lips as if she was chewing gum, and says in real "bimbo" fashion, "And I don't eat meat, cuz I'm a veterinarian." The people around the table start laughing at her. She is humiliated, but can't stop herself.

"Maybe that pitcher needs to be emptied," turning the phone sideways, he begins tilting it left and right. Nyatha reacts to that motion and starts walking shakily towards the serving table. She can almost feel the phone's motion driving her towards her destination. As she nears it, she picks up the pitcher to set it down, but rather than doing that, she dumps it on her head, soaking her completely. At this, the room erupts with laughter from everyone, except the CEO.

The man, obviously not meaning to do that, plays it off. "Well, I guess we know it's waterproof." Audi rushes over to Nyatha to get the pitcher from her. "Sir, I must protest that this could be damaging to her, uh, it's programming." The laughter slows a little, but then he says, "I agree. And, my floor is wet." Looking around he says to the room, "Get a mop bot in here now. Then, open the guest bedroom #4. Audi, take the maid bot upstairs to the only open door and change it's clothes. I have some in that room that should fit." Audi nods absently, hoping Nyatha is okay from being hijacked by this guy. The room is still giggling from the mishap as they walk away.

Finding the only open room was easier than finding the stairs, but they made it. Getting her wet clothes off her, Nyatha stands naked in the bedroom's bathroom. Which, Nyatha notes, is bigger than my living room and kitchen combined. "I'm so sorry," Audi says, "I had no idea this would happen. I thought it would be a quick demo then back home." She continues to talk as she rummages through the closet, Nyatha shivering slightly from the cold air on her damp body, "But you did amazingly well! I was impressed with how well the software worked. Mel even texted me saying he received multiple downloads of information from this trip. We are making breakthroughs thanks to you."

Audi returns with some clothes and kisses Nyatha on the cheek. She only meant to give her a little peck, but seeing her standing at attention, all helpless and all, she leans back in. This time, she kisses her more deeply. Before Audi realizes it, Nyatha has taken her in an embrace. Audi, surprised by this, feels Nyatha's moving into hers more. "Uh, Nyatha, are you su--," but she cannot finish and Nyatha continues to kiss her passionately. What am I doing, Nyatha thinks, I have all these pictures in my head and how to kiss her and do a lot more things than I knew how to do before tonight.

Before either know what is going on, they are on the bed, making out even more feverishly. Audi, not expecting this but wanting it, continues. Nyatha, not sure what to make of it, follows this strange programming. Audi rolls over and moves into suck on Nyatha's chest, when she collapses onto the bed. Her limp body makes little sound against the sheets and soft bed. Nyatha confused by this rolls over on top of her as her programming commands, so that she can attempt to return the favor.

Before she can do anything else, she freezes in place. What is going on? she wonders. As if in response to her thoughts , she hears footsteps behind her. "Well, my curvy ticket to fortune, you are full of surprises." The man that had controlled her downstairs was now behind her again. As he sits on the bed, he continues, "I am currently downloading that amazing programming of yours. I already have a hardware robot in my lab. All I need is the programming to run it." With an evil grin, he adds, "And you, my sweet, are the best thing to happen to me in a long time." Eyeing her up and down, he says softly, "I wish I had more time for the other programs I have put into you." And as he said that, Nyatha is now getting all kinds of images of what to do with men and all of their body parts. Some seemed fun, while others seemed gross.

In a matter of a minute or two, the man stands, "Well, I got what I need. So, I'm sending you into the closet to get dressed and head  back downstairs. Your friend will forget most of the last 15 minutes from the tranquilizer I gave her, and as for you, I will delete the whole evening from your memory when the time is right, just in case they try to access you to get to me." Chuckling softly, he strides out of the room, leaving Nyatha to calmly stand, though on the inside she was screaming.

With Audi resting comfortably on the bed, Nyatha dresses in the one outfit that would fit from the closet. She carefully pulls a cream-colored latex dress out with matching high-heeled shoes and short gloves. The dress is long enough to cover her private parts, but short enough to make heads turn. The cleavage shown is more than she would normally want, but it does come back together at the shoulders to form a choker of sorts. Having never worn latex, her programming helps her through the steps with ease. As Nyatha leaves the bedroom, squeaking slightly, Audi has still not moved, but her breathing is regular. Guess we need to talk when this is all over, Nyatha "says" to her in a confused sort of way.

Back downstairs, she is greeted by the rich and famous. They all want to touch and poke her. They all want her to do something "robotic". The CEO seems content at first, but then he becomes wary of the intentions of his guests, not to mention that not everyone is here anymore, making him even more suspicious. Calling the delivery team from the van outside, he requests Nyatha be loaded up and returned to the factory. "Have it cleaned and refitted from tonight's incident." The men nod and repack Nyatha into the delivery crate. Uh guys, she "says" as they pick her up, did you forget that Audi rode with us?

Evidently they did not remember, as the crate with Nyatha in it, bounces up and down on the road with just the two guys in the front. She thinks back to tonight, how scared she was at first. But then, she thinks, how exciting it was to be controlled like a robot... to be thought of as a robot... to do things perfectly like a robot. The more she thought about the evening, the more she liked what she felt. It was like a side of her that she always knew was there, but she would never let herself go there. She would smile if she could, but for now, she sighed contentedly on the inside. Just before they stop the truck at the factory Nyatha’s mind goes blank and she cannot recall where she is, and why she cannot move.

At the factory, the delivery guys put the crate through the Cleaning Departments delivery chute. The process is mostly automated, so there is not much for humans to do other than manage and maintain it. For the new maid bot, this will be an experience, as the autonomous cleaners and re-fitters do not know exactly what to do with her. Nyatha has robotic components and synthetic skin, so she appears to be an android of same type housed in research and development. The machines can upgrade her existing robotic parts, but her organic moving parts and muscles and joints are inferior to the android design on the server, and her WiFi and BlueTooth are not fully integrated into her database. Since these items need repairing first and the others need replacement, Nyatha is sent by a robotic forklift to the Maintenance Department.

Once there, she can see them removing some of her robotic upgrades. They do not know she is human, so some of the process is painful. She wonders how far she will have to go, before they literally pull the plug on her. It is only a few moments before the wires feeding from her nervous system to her brain are disconnected and Nyatha slips into a coma. She would be terrified if she were conscious. Over the next few hours, she is fitted with numerous components to match her new upgrades. Any blood lost is cleaned and replaced with lubricating oil. Her old database (brain) is transferred and replaced with a new one, that has solid state memory, and integrated WiFi and BlueTooth capabilities, her new eyes have the capabilities of a proper heads-up display.

She is sent back to cleaning, more robot than human now. Her exterior is scrubbed thoroughly and then waxed evenly. The latex dress had been removed in maintenance, so it is returned to her once it had been cleaned as well. From start to finish, nearly 3 hours had passed, so that when Nyatha is put into the R&D Department commons area, she looked the part of the company's newest product. Still in sleep mode, she waits to be switched on.

Just before the Sun comes up, Audi walks into the R&D Commons area. Her outfit is mangled somewhat, and her shoes are a mess. "Oh good," she says wearily, "You are here." She shuffles up to Nyatha. "I had to walk most the way back, before someone from the party stopped to give me a ride here." She walks around to the front of Nyatha, noticing how clean and robotic she looked now. "Wow, the cleaners did a great job," she remarked, "Love the glossy look on you." Looking at Nyatha she realizes she is not breathing. In a panic, she reaches up behind her ear and presses where she saw her activate her Bluetooth earlier. Nothing happens.

Using the remote from the table, she switches Nyatha on. The new robot's head comes up and states in a monotone, "Greetings, company employee #1542. How may this unit assist you?" Audi mumbles softly, "Employee 1542? Did they do a reboot?" Pressing another button, Nyatha states, "Unit N1 ready at 100% efficiency." Audi asks, "N1, state personality modes." Unit N1 replies, "N1 is equipped with 5 personality modes: service robot, maid robot, butler robot, administrative assistant robot, and Nyatha." Using the remote, Audi selects the final personality mode. As she clicks 'ok', Nyatha begins moving. "Oh my God," she says in a more normal tone, "That was amazing!"

Audi, truly smiling for the first time today, hugs her, "Oh, I'm so glad your ok. I thought you were gone." Flexing her hands and turning her head, she replies, "Yes, I thought I was too, but I am sure I will never be the same again." Audi pulls and asks, "What do you mean?" Nyatha replies slowly, "I've been upgraded. I don't know how or when, but I am a robot now... or at least, most of me is." Audi shakes her head, "that is impossible." Reaching for a tablet, she easily connects with Nyatha wirelessly, while she looks over her latex-filling, high-gloss body. Running a diagnostic, Audi nearly drops the tablet. Looking up, she says in disbelief, "You are 93% robot now." Both ladies curse silently under their breath, but Nyatha is not as disappointed as she is letting on. Looking at each other, they say at the same time, "What now?"

Neither have a vehicle here, but Mel can give them a ride home. Nyatha still looks human as her changes were internal, so she can go back to her normal life. Audi will go home and get cleaned up for work, while Nyatha, who wanted to take a personal day, will come in late so that they can pull data off her. Audi suspects that the key to success is within Nyatha's new body now: they just have to get it out without anybody realizing it. Fortunately, Audi, and Nyatha are the only ones who know what is fully going on, and Mel knows just enough, so the circle of trust is small and they feel they can get this to work.

At home and alone (except for the disabled robot in the living room), Nyatha can finally take in her new body. She can see so much better now, with her built-in heads-up display. She can manage her WiFi and BlueTooth better now, along with all her upgrades. Stepping into the bedroom, she strips her clothes off for this next part. She begins expanding her chest, making her breasts over-sized. Not stopping there, she decides to make them even bigger. She can feel her back adjusting for the shift in her weight to her upper body. As she gets to the point where she has to hold them up, she can "feel" the motors in her body straining to maintain this new set-up. Giggling to herself, "Don't wanna break my new body," she begins to decrease their size back to simply extra-large.

She decides to extend her legs to make herself taller. She cannot go far, but a few inches is very nice. From there, she makes her butt larger to fit her new height, along with lengthening her arms. Wow, she notices while feeling her butt cheeks, those look good and feel perfect. Hmmm, she thinks playfully, this is more fun than I thought. I am human in my brain (database), but completely robotic elsewhere. This is like every dream I have ever wanted, she realizes, and more, because it is real now and not a dream.

Later that morning, Nyatha is finally dressed in her normal attire after her "play time", with the other female robot still slumped on the couch. Talking to Mel on the phone she says,"...yeah, I mean it, thanks so much for the help! We could not have done it without you." Hanging up after a quick good-bye, she wonders when she will show Mel her true robotic nature, then thinks to her day ahead: downloading data secretly from herself to then pass to the team to get this toaster on the couch to work properly, then meet with Audi for their next move (and I don't mean work related), and then what to do ultimately with her new upgraded body (can I live as a human still? do I want to?).

She can hear the delivery team coming up the stairs. "Finally," she says, "They took forever to get here." Opening the door, she notices their uniforms look different. Huh, she wonders, different teams wear different jumpsuits? Shrugging it off, she lets them into her condo. One is carrying a toolbox and the other a medium-sized box with handle. "Morning, guys," she starts, "I'm in a rush so if you---" she stops walking and slumps over. What happened? she wonders. The one man turns to her, "Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you."

Opening the toolbox, he waves a device over her right shoulder. What is he doing to me? she asks herself, my arm feels tingly. He puts his hand on her shoulder and 'click', pops her arm off. What?! she exclaims to herself, he just pulled off my arm. She can see him putting it into the small box they brought. It looks like each of her body parts has a padded section to go into.

As he moves to her left arm, the other guy pulls off her blazer and starts unbuttoning her blouse. Before she can even think to be mad, her left arm is popped off and something strange happens. Woah, that felt really good. Then she adds, I'm being disassembled, like in my dream. Laying her down, they finish removing her clothes, then pop, her left leg comes off. Oh yeah, she says to herself happily, this feels amazing... it is even better than I had hoped. This is what I always wanted.

With her legs and arms packed away, she feels her head removed, which had the least pleasurable feelings, but it still excited her. As they held her head down, she could she her torso loaded in the box, leaving just a place for a head: my head, she giggles to herself. She can feel a finger up in her neck, realizing that he might be switching me off, she reasons. Well, she adds quickly, I might not know how long I will be 'off', I had the best experience being taken apart. And with that thought, everything goes black for her.

With every part of her stored in the box, it is closed up. Both men check the room carefully, then leave as they came. The one with the toolbox makes a call, saying, "Hey, boss, we got the robo-chick in the crate... no problems... no witnesses... uh huh... right... delivering her to your private lab in a couple of hours." Not recognizing the colors of the delivery team was not surprising, as they were not from Nyatha's work, but rather, the "app man" from the previous night. The software was just the first thing he planned on stealing, the question is: how much will he get before he is discovered?

The room is darkened to prevent anyone from seeing from one side of the room to other. Nyatha's head is attached to a computer, with her body no where to be seen. The sounds of computers running can be heard, but all else is quiet. As we move closer to Nyatha, we can see slight movements of her eyes behind her eyelids. So, they think I am trapped here like this, she thinks to herself while accessing files on the computer she is attached to, they are quite mistaken. My friends and I have some surprises for these saboteurs, and as she continues to work through her escape plans, a slight grin can be seen on her lips.


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