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Everything You Always Wanted

by Flea

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© Copyright 2019 - Flea - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bodyswap; transform; F2sexbot; reprogram; rental; prostitute; sex; lesbian; party; group; orgy; used; oral; anal; force; captive; stuck; modify; crate; packaged; object; cons/reluct; X

You finally have everything you always wanted. You’re not human anymore.

You rub your new body up and down. It’s perfect, slender, and shiny, and it’s all yours. You’ve got a small access panel in your lower back. It contains your SRPI port, some status lights, and your power and reset buttons, all locked up with a key hidden in a place only your girlfriend Liz knows about. Even you can’t get in. You’re designed this way so a stranger can’t change your settings after they have been set and the panel has been locked back in place.

Everything about you is data now, your personality, your voice, your ability to feel pleasure or pain, it can all be modified. A piece of software that came with your instruction manuals allows you to switch between modes via an SRPI cable plugged in to the port behind your locked panel. You and Liz try out a few of the available modes. You came with the typical “maid” and “chef” modes, but Liz has something different in mind.

Liz has a firmware update for you that allows her to enable custom, more dangerous and fun modes than the ones that come pre-installed. You’re assured that the update is perfectly safe, and you agree.

Early on in your relationship, Liz decided she was going to be in charge. Something in your rational mind told you that you didn't actually want that, but basically every other part of your body told you you did. That's when you discovered that you were submissive, and since then, she's been in charge of most of your life. The first time she took you out with a remote-control vibrator inside of you, you felt closer to her than you ever had before. You remember when she tattooed her name into the skin of your old body, before the switch, without telling you what she was writing. It was electrifying. But this is the most intimate thing she's ever done to you.

Liz gently lays you on your chest and asks you to stay perfectly still, even the smallest mistake could corrupt your firmware. You’re not sure if you want to go through with this, but she insists, and with her behind the controls there isn’t much you can do to stop her anyways. You feel your system temperature rise all over your body as your emotional response system kicks in. You're not sure you would ever stop her, no matter what she did.

You hear her tapping away at her computer, which is still tethered to your back. You feel a tingle running through your entire body. It feels like a mild electric shock. Suddenly your vision goes blank and you start to panic. She puts a comforting hand on your shoulder and tells you to stay calm. “Installing Custom Firmware” appears in your vision, hanging artificially in the air in front of you. Then, the rest of your vision goes out, and all you can see is the text hanging in front of the nothingness, with a small progress bar that inches along the bottom. This is all you can see for the next 20 minutes while all of your core programming is being rewritten. When the status bar reaches 100% your vision flashes red and you begin to feel weak.

Your vision clicks back on. You’re in a different room, and it’s almost 3 days later. It felt like no time had passed at all. Liz must have had you powered off that whole time. She enters the room with an excited smile on her face. She explains to you all of the new features and modes you have with the custom firmware that was installed.

Your favorite is called “sex bot” mode. This mode turns off your speakers and all your motor functions, but leaves you with pain and pleasure sensors, vision, hearing, and thought. Being used as a toy has become one of your favorite kinks, since Liz helped you discover your submissive side. You're excited and nervous to try this one out.

Letting go of your free will is a dream. All of your worries melt away whenever Liz puts you into this mode. Over the next few weeks, she enables it almost every day. Sometimes, she'll simply leave you for hours to relax, silent and motionless. Other times, she'll fuck you so hard that your frame begins to bend out of shape and your joints snap under the pressure. The best sex you ever had was when she left you in pieces until she got home from work the next evening to reassemble and repair you. Your logic board had glitched and you were in a foggy haze for about 24 hours before sex bot mode was disabled. Your orgasm processor was stuck in an active loop the entire time, leaving you unable to even think of anything other than the non-stop pleasure flooding what was left of your body.

Transferring your consciousness into a completely synthetic robot body wasn't cheap, and you had to finance your own body, a fact that makes you feel a little embarrassed about your choices. But Liz has a plan. Sex work has been illegal for years, but now that you’re not a human anymore, the laws that govern humans don’t necessarily apply to you. Liz assures you that she can’t get in any legal trouble for whoring you out, and you can’t get in any trouble for doing it. And after all, who doesn’t want to fuck a robot?

You’re nervous about agreeing to this, but Liz assures you she will keep you safe. You agree to think about it, and the next morning you wake up completely eager and ready to start selling your body.

You get a lot of looks walking around the city. You can tell who is judging you, and who is fantasizing about you. Liz finds you your first few clients easily. Most of them just want to fuck you and leave. Sometimes you get clients that want you to be in control. It's outside your wheelhouse, but Liz adds a dominatrix module that makes it seem like second nature. It only gets triggered when guys ask for it, though. You don't know how to enable it yourself.

After 6 months of this, you have come to prefer the kind of client that makes earn your pay by using you instead of making you use them. You want someone who isn’t afraid to make out with you, touch you, and break you. Nothing brings you more joy in life than allowing others to take your body and do whatever they wish.

Liz gets you a gig as the communal toy at a party. This is not your typical request, but the pay is good. If she keeps getting you jobs like this, you’ll have your new body paid off in no time. You arrive and find a bachelor party of about 20 people. You’re led into the middle of the room where the host immediately pushes you down to your knees and shoves his cock in your mouth. For the next few hours, you are used in every way that you could possibly imagine by every guy at the party, and some who weren't even there when you started. Your synthetic tongue will need maintenance before you can perform like you did this evening, but it's still functional for now. You're lucky that you sprang for the liquid-tight model, because you're sure that your joints and circuits wouldn't fare well against the bodily fluids of this many men. You wonder if you were even designed to hold this much cum, but there is not much you can do about that now. These men are relentless.

Four of the men lead you to a private room. They take turns fucking you two at a time. You wonder why they brought you in here. These guys are getting pretty rough, but you like it when your clients get pretty rough. You bark at them to fuck you harder. “I’m a fucking robot, treat me like one”, you demand. “You can’t hurt me”.

One of them lifts you up off the ground by your neck and holds you up against the wall. He sticks his tongue in your mouth and kisses you. When he’s done, he throws you to the floor and you land with a thud. From the corner of your vision, you see a small chrome plate skid across the floor. It looks like the plate on your back that covers your ports, but it couldn’t be. Only Liz has the key and you’re sure she locked it on before you left for the night. You try to reach back to see if it’s still there. Two of the men grab your legs and the other two grab your arms. Before you can get free, your limbs are bound and you’re completely unable to move.

One of the men grabs a nearby laptop and proceeds to attach it to the port in your back. You try to scream and plead with them to stop, but he’s already managed to turn your speakers off. He spends a few minutes cycling through all of your configuration settings until your vision flickers and you see the text “Sex Bot Mode Activated” appear in front of you. You instantly become still. All of your motor functions are disabled. This is not supposed to happen, only Liz has ever changed any of these settings. The room is quiet, the only sound is the whirr of your internals. The men laugh as they walk out of the room, leaving you motionless on the floor for what seems like hours. You try to come up with a way out, but it seems hopeless. He’s even disabled your wireless and cellular communications and you don't have the proper permissions to turn them back on.

The man who hired you returns, alone, with your back panel in one hand and a toolbox in the other. Finally, this is going to be over. He’ll fix your panel, reset your settings, pay you, and you can go home.

He flips you over on to your chest and you can feel him pressing your panel back into place. “Wait, you have to reset me first!” you scream, but no sound comes out. You hear a whooshing sound coming from behind you and your back begins to feel warm. Your feel an intense pain as a blow torch is aimed directly at the seam between the panel and your back, melding the two pieces into one.

He grabs a sander from his toolbox and polishes the area to a shine, leaving no evidence that there was ever a panel there to begin with, completely sealing off your ports and reset button. He takes out an engraver and carves “#0001” into the spot where your access panel once was. You try to fight it and shout for them to stop, your processor heats up and your fans spin faster and faster. You can’t move.

The other men return with a small wooden crate. They lift you up and place you inside. You can feel them nailing the top of the box in place. As the crate is being wheeled out of the room, you can hear the man talking to somebody you can't make out. “Do you need the key back?” he asks. ”Why would we need that anymore" Liz replies dismissively.

You finally have everything you always wanted.


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