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A Fembot Experience

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; prepare; suit; metal; encase; corset; transform; F2fembot; arousal; Machine/f; control; mast; pod; encase; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

After a long day processing applications, I said goodbye to my coworkers and headed out into town. Having just received a bonus, I was anxious to spend it on something nice. Friends of mine from the university had raved to me all about these suits created by a company called Fembot Inc, and after a demonstration, I was eager to insert myself into one of my own.

Catching a bus into town, I couldn’t help but notice how a number of patrons on the bus were in fact wearing them under their clothing. Eventually, the bus reached my stop and I hopped off, thanking the bus driver as I proceeded into town. Much like the apple store, the Fembot Inc shop couldn’t be missed. A great glass front showed off a number of sleek suits, from the traditional designs to the downright fetishistic. Grabbing the handle, I walked inside, and immediately noticed a smell of metal in the air. It was intoxicating, but before I could fully enjoy it a fembot came up to me. She wore a tight fitting cat suit over her body, and her designation was printed across the front. 

“Greetings, what can we do for you?”

Taking a moment to gaze upon her supermodel like body, I said, “Friends of mine have encouraged me to look at these suits, and I’d like to buy one if possible?”

“Excellent, right this way. By the way, my designation is Ryabot”

“Crystal, pleasure to meet you”

Ryabot proceeded to take me through a range of suits, and soon enough I had settled on two. One for every day, and the other for more personal pursuits. Additionally, I purchased some equipment to enhance the experience, and soon enough I had been rung out, with a promise of delivery in a week. 

One week later

I was in the middle of doing dishes when I heard the door ring. Wiping my hands off, I opened the door to find two fembot standing there with boxes. I directed them into my bedroom and finished up doing the dishes. I had just put the last one away when they gave me a wave and headed out. Quickly, but carefully, I proceeded to my bedroom, taking off my clothing as I went so that by the time I reached my bedroom door I was completely nude.

Opening the door, I was delighted to find one of the suits set up in a stand in the corner, and my pleasure pod next to the dresser. On the bed lay the deconstructed personal suit, and I quickly read the manual, taking note of assigning a friend to be my overridder, in case of a software glitch. It also noted a system known as the Constant Consent Program (or the CCP for short). Every 24 hours it would ask the user if they wished to continue. A no or no answer would shut down the suit and demagnetize the components, allowing easy exit. Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to become more than human. 

Sitting on my bed, I first put on the heeled boots. I felt them clasp onto me, and I wanted to dance in the heels. They also fit me perfectly, although I knew that they would get tighter soon. Continuing up my legs, I felt the cool metal exterior surround my supple body, shaping it into a perfect form. The inside was plush, to ensure comfort as well as increasing sensations. Standing up, I continued to attach the various joints and other components, quickly becoming a chrome plated fembot. 

The butt piece was significant, and contained a special tube for both pleasure and waste extraction. Sliding it into place, I felt the cool metal deep inside of me warm up gradually. Then I held up my front vaginal component. It had an opening that would allow for attachments, but also contained a quite large pleasure rod. Gasping as I pressed it into me, I wished that it would hurry up and start already, but I knew that that would come soon. I heard a click as my new private region was completed.

Layering the corset around me, I could feel the coolness of the metal shaping my waist to model like proportions. I gasped slightly from the pressure, but I also knew how wicked nice my waist looked now. Next, I carefully applied my back portion, which added an extra spinal cord so as to take some of the weight off of my body. Feeling how my nipples had turned rock hard from the sensations the suit provided, I caressed them as I slipped on the upper body component onto my body, and then slotted my tits into their respective containers, feeling them warm up almost instantly. Taking a moment, I caressed my new chrome tits, feeling how nice the metal felt against my hands. 

I soon turned to the arms, and quickly had them covered in chrome. Being careful not to mess up the placement, I slotted my hands into my gloves, losing my sense of feeling but retaining my dexterity. I could feel the metal around my hands but nothing more. By this point my body was singing under the pressure of the suit, and all I wanted to do was to pleasure myself, but I had to force myself to keep going.

Attaching the neck piece, I could feel the pressure in such a way that it was comfortable, but also tight. Using my new hands, I applied the back of my head into place, ensuring that the headphones went deep into my ears. Pushing my hair up, I covered it in one piece, leaving me bald but completely chrome. All that was left now was for me to add my faceplate. As I lifted it up, I examined it closely. It was a piece of art in of itself. The eyes would show as a yellow color, concealing the person inside. The mouth was programmed to follow the movements of the person inside, creating no lag. Inside it was very high tech. Two little camera screens were placed in front of the eyes, connected to two tiny cameras hidden within the outer eyes. Despite their size, they were capable of much higher resolution than human eyes could ever dream of. I lined it up and carefully pressed it into place, plunging myself into darkness. Remembering what the manual had said, I got myself situated on the ground before activating the suit. 

I soon heard various bits of noise as my new body tested itself. I also felt my joints move, as it test them to make sure it was all functional. I soon felt the sensors begin to activate, starting slow, but quickly ramping up. Still in darkness, I reached down and caressed my pussy as I was driven into higher and higher orgasms. I could feel my fembot pussy become so wet as I moaned. Additionally, the suit became tighter as all of the air was expelled and it tightened in places like the corset. 

The suit took its sweet time activating, but eventually it slowed down and activated my sight. I heard a voice explain to me the different features, and the methods used to activate different programs. It asked for my designation, to which I replied “Crystalbot”, feeling my new mouth move. In my viewfinder, I could see icons for battery life, altitude, and time. As I carefully stood up and walked towards the mirror, I could feel the carpet, as if I had nothing at all on. My new nude was the suit, and it felt amazing. Looking at myself in the mirror, I almost cried at how beautiful I looked. I was the picture of perfection, the ideal fembot. Running my hand up my leg, I got pleasure from feeling the metal run smooth across metal. 

I soon found my way to my bed and opened wide, sticking my fingers deep in my vagina as a way of self-pleasuring. The suit amplified the sensations, and I moaned deep, feeling myself achieve harder and harder orgasms. At last I stood up and, as an experiment, ordered the suit to put on a crotch less latex cat suit. Suddenly I lost all abilities to move and the suit, with me in it, did as it was told. It was extremely pleasurable to have given away all control, knowing that I could get it back if an emergency arose. My body slid into the cat suit like butter, and soon enough I had covered everything but my face, and private regions in the slick black texture of latex. Once it was completed, it returned control to me as it reactivated user control. 

Now for the moment I had been waiting for all day. I walked over to the pod, opened the hatch, and slid myself into position. The pod interior was lit up but was otherwise black. Hitting a button, I closed the hatch, leaving me encapsulated within the pod. I then went through the instructions, feeling it get tight around my suit. I then activated the pod for 12 hours, while also giving up control for that amount of time. Suddenly additional pieces covered my legs, torso, and arms, leaving me attached as a part of the pod. I jolted slightly as my butt had another piece inserted, and a large dildo was inserted deep into my vagina, before being covered up again.

Next, it completed covered my face and neck, leaving me blind and completely unable to move. It also attached an additional dildo with tube into my mouth, after clearing a safe word with me first. I was now blind and could only respond to pleasure, and had no control over the suit. I just had to enjoy every wave of pleasure as it came, each one pushing harder and harder. I was a part of the machine, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

12 hours later, when it finally released me and I got out of the pod, I was so exhausted but also so pleasured. I drank a quick bottle of water before falling into bed in my suit, carefully laying back and inserting my charging cables into place. My last order to the suit was “Crystalbot enter sleepmode till fully charged and rested”. Upon this order, my suit shut down all non-essential functions and the cameras, allowing me to dose off fully. It had been a wonderful day, and I couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.


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