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Fembot Lovers

by Robowomanbot

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“Hey Babe what’s up?” I say as I walked inside of my house. On the couch I could see my beautiful girlfriend Kaylee on her computer furiously typing. Her body was encased in a black, latex catsuit that hugged every inch. It was clear she had put it on right after work as was her habit, and she looked up at me and smiled. 

“Hey Anna, remember you said you were looking for a way to make our lives a bit more technological?”

I shook my head yes, remembering how we had spoken about our mutual love of Fembot and how much fun it would be to become one.

“Well I was on the internet and I found this company.” She turned her screen so I could see the page. On the very nicely designed page the words Fembot Inc. were clearly visible, as well as an image of a very beautiful Fembot. She explained that this company made suits that an individual could wear comfortable, and have the abilities of a Fembot. My heart starting to beat faster as I thought about it. Becoming a sleek Fembot would be the ultimate dream maker, and I could see that my girlfriend was eager about it as well. 

She said, “I think we should order them as an early gift for both of us, what do you think?”

I shook my head vigorously, “Yes of course!”

We worked through the forms, getting ourselves measured and adding on various add-ons, including box machines that would apply the suit to our bodies. After completing the payment, we cleared out a space in our spare bedroom and waited anxiously for the bots to be delivered.

About a week later we were sitting on our couch watching tv when the doorbell rang. I went up to it and standing before me where two Fembot delivery folks. I signed the electronic form and they gestured me to sit down while they set up the bedroom. After indicating where it was supposed to go I went and sat down with my girlfriend, grabbing her hand as we both shook with excitement. After what seemed like forever but was only about 15 minutes, the Fembots waved goodbye and left, leaving us to our own devices.

Together we ran to the room and were amazed at what was there. Alongside the bed were two stands, specially built to handle us in our suits. Inside the closet was an assortment of different clothing and Fembot specialty items, made specifically for the suits. Finally, at the front of the room stood two, human sized boxes. They were technological marvels, sleek in their metal construction. On each lay a handprint, which we were supposed to touch when we wanted to be transformed. I grabbed Kaylee and asked, “Are you ready Kaylee bot?”

She smiled and yes, “O yes my Annabot, may our transformations go smoothly”

We stripped down and stepped up to our boxes, fully nude and ready to begin the process. I placed my hand on the handprint and the door opened, with many mechanical hands welcoming me into the chamber. I gave one last smile to my girlfriend before allowing myself to be taken into the box. The door closed, symbolizing the start of my transformation. I felt the cool metal arms lift me up, and hold me in place to begin the process. I was so ready for this, more ready than I had been for anything.

First the machine placed me into a set of ankle boots. Despite having my head anchored, I knew that they were made of chrome metal with a plush inside, made to expand and encase the wearer once the process had finished. My feet felt so good inside of them, and I honestly wondered if I would ever have to take them off. Next came the lower legs and the knee joints. They were locked in place until I became charged up. As the upper legs became attached I groaned, it felt so very nice. Next up came the lower sections. The arms lifted the two pieces in front of my eyes, showing me what was to come.

The butt piece was shaped to be larger than my own and significantly nicer. It would also emphasize my hips more, helping to form a much nicer hourglass shape. The front had a large piece that would penetrate me. The information had mentioned how the outside would still allow further penetration, while also leaving something inside of me to increase the sensations. I braced myself in my restraints as I felt it enter. It was cold at first but quickly warmed up. I was looking forward to how it would feel later once power had entered the suit.

Next came the corset, which would create a thin waist worthy of a model. It fit snug against me, comfortable but not as tight as I wanted it. I knew that would come later, so I just kept enjoying the sensations. My special spinal cord and back were attached, allowing my body to handle anything that I might want to do while keeping my totally safe. As my boob pieces came on I felt them slot into place and with a click, my torso was chrome and beautiful.

As this was happening my arms were covered in various pieces and my hands slotted into a glove. I could feel the metal covering my fingers, making me feel so robotic. I just wanted to feel my new body but I was still restrained by the machine. It attached my shoulder coverings and then my neck corset. It asked if I wanted to stop here, however I wanted the full experience and told the machine to continue.

It then covered the back of my hand and around my head, leaving only my face exposed. I could feel the slight pressure of it all around my head, and it felt so wonderful. I was then given some new headphones, which would increase my hearing tenfold. I was then shown my new face. It was grey and metallic like the rest of it, but made so that my mouth could move like normal. I adopted a neutral face as I felt it come into contact with my own, hearing the click as it finished the process.

I heard the machine say Fembot Activate and everything went off. Had I not been held by the machine I would have fallen to the floor. I was shaking as pleasure rose like I had never experienced before. I could now see myself as a Fembot. The machine added some new programming on the various functions of the suit. I learned eagerly, excited about all of the possibilities. It then released me and opened the door. As I walked out I saw my fellow Fembot waiting for me. She was wearing her chrome suit as well, and beckoned me over to the bed where she was lying. I climbed onto it and kissed her, our metal lips igniting so much passion.

She asked me, “Are you ready to use our suits Fembot Anna?”

I stood up and closed the door, then climbed back into bed to begin trying out the suits.


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