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Fembot Train

by Robowomanbot

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Grabbing my ticket, I stepped into the station to await my train. Around me a dozen or so people were milling about in the lounge. I could just hear the whistle of a train as I sat down in one of the comfortable seats and picked up a magazine. In it was an article written only a few weeks prior, and the one that had gotten me to buy a ticket almost immediately. The public train system in the country had been struggling for a long time. People were not taking it as much as they used too, and the government had not been increasing the subsidies for the program, meaning that they could not do much needed repairs.

That was where Fembot Inc. stepped in. In exchange for a significant monetry payment, the train system was required to attach a special train car to each carriage on all routes. Each car would be customized with four rooms upstairs, and two downstairs. Each was set up as a kind of mobile store, where a customer could book a ticket, get their suit custom fitted on the train and engage in some “diagnostic” training. It was a program that had been more successful than anyone had thought possible, and it singlehandedly was paving the way for the future success of the railroad. Already markets were reporting huge investment into passenger rail. 

From the moment I had read the article I knew I had to do it. I booked a spot on the Central City to Gotham route, and had sent them a preliminary set of measurements. Today was the day of my fembotic rebirth, and I was so looking forward to it. I gazed longingly at the fembots milling about by the desk. Each person would be assigned one fembot employee, who would stick with them on the journey. Each was standing, their supple bodies covered in nothing but the smooth metal of their exteriors. Some might call them naked, but it didn’t matter to anyone, since by this point fembot suits had become acceptable fashion.

As the regular passengers boarded the train, I lined up with the others. Each was taken by hand by their fembot guide, and soon my hand was grasped in hers as we made our way into the train. She lead me up the stairs and down the hallway, passing one other room. Coming to our door, she pressed her hand up against the door as it slid open with a hiss. She gestured me inside as she left to go finish up loading the train, and I took some time to admire the room. Alongside the opposite wall was a window, the lights of downtown glistening in the distance. There was an examination table of sorts, except that it was padded and arms dangled above it. Beside that contained a screen and a closet of some sort. On the other wall sat a couch, a stand of some sort, and a mirror. It all looked very modern, and I sat down on the couch my fembot returned, closing the door behind her.

“Greetings, and Welcome to the fembot express! My name is Miabot, and I’ll be your personal guide during today’s activities. What is your designation?”

“Zoe Danvers, paralegal.”

“Greeting Zoe, during today’s journey I will be assisting you in the fitting and first functions of your suit, please strip down so I can begin assembling you.”

Taking my clothing off, slowly and carefully, I laid it all on the couch and stood there bare naked in front of her. I felt somewhat awkward in front of her, yet at the same time exhilarated. She asked if she could perform some measurements, and opening my legs wide I agreed.

She double checked every part of my body, from my legs to my torso, even going to far as to double check the roundness of my boobs. The feeling of her cold metal hands on my body exhilarated me, and as I looked into her green eyes I got the sense that she was enjoying it as well. Then she brought out a dlldo, claiming to need to double check something. Giving her permission, I braced myself as she “measured” my insides. By this point I was near the height of pleasure, so much so that I on grabbed her waist as she measured me. I felt her cool metal exterior on my hands, with a slight shake from her.

“Sorry, I…”

She looked me in the eyes and put a finger to my lips, “Don’t be” as she came in to kiss me. We fell onto the couch as her body embraced mine, her metal exterior unlike anything I had felt before. We grabbed at each other as our lips connected. I was in love with this woman, so much in love. It was a passionate affair, and as she pulled away a few hours later I sat there panting.

“You know, you're different.” She said.

“How?” I asked in between breaths

She leaned close, “Most people I get just want to transform and be left alone. You wanted to be with me from the moment you saw me. And also,” She said as she removed her faceplate, “Most people don’t get that experience or this one.” She pulled in for another kiss as we kissed once more.

“By the end of this I hope you’ll give me your number.” She and I said at the same time. Looking at each other, we laughed as we wrote down our numbers so that afterwards we could continue this. She reattached her faceplate and stood there for a moment before saying, “Now that we’ve gotten to know one another, would you like to transform?”

“O yes” I said.

She imputed my measurements into the computer and with a hiss the closet doors opened. In front of me sat a blueish fembot suit, with high heels and pink eyes. It was powered down for the moment, but I knew that I was looking at my new perfect body. 

“Alright, enough gazing. Time to get this show on the road.”

She helped me onto the table and, with one last peck on the lips, engaged the arms. They came down over me and grasped at my legs, arms, and chest, with another one supporting the back of my head. As the train continued to rumble I was lifted above the table as it moved downwards, leaving me unmoving in the air. I felt her grab my leg off of the arm and lock a boot into it. The heel forced my foot into a near vertical situation, as the heel must have been at least 5 or 6 inches. The rest of the boot clamped on as the ecstasy of metal began to surround me. She did the same for the other leg before beginning to work her way of up leg. I felt like my leg was stiff and she explained that, until the suit had power, I would not have movement. She then attached the knee joints and the thigh pieces, covering my entire legs in the smooth metallic material.

She then announced that she was attaching the hygienic devices, and I prepared myself as I felt them enter into me on both ends, followed be the covering. It made me feel so tight and good down there, and I loved the feeling of metal on metal. The chest supporter was removed, followed by her installing my corset, explain that she would adjust the tightness once the power came on. I felt her push into place my back, which while flat against the body contained the batteries, life support, extra spinal cord, and computer for the suit. Then, she carefully lowered my breastplate into place, sliding my breasts into their compartments. It felt so magical, having them surrounded by metal.

She then slid my metal gloves over my hands, and worked carefully to encase my arms in their metal housings, followed quickly by the shoulder coverings. Afterwards she put on my neck corset and stepped away, to grab the final components. At this point my whole body was surrounded by the tight metal of my suit, and I so wanted to touch every part but my arms were locked into place.

I felt her grab my hair and tie it up, before encasing it in a helmet. As of now my entire head was covered in the curved headpiece of my Fembot head, and the only thing left was my faceplate. Standing over my helpless body, she lowered it over my face, ensuring that the rod entered my mouth properly. I opened wide as it came down and locked into place, removing the last bit of my human form. 

I could feel my body being lowered onto the table as I attempted to move around inside, feeling nothing but just metal on skin. I could also feel the jolts from Miabot attaching wires to different parts of my body, and clamping my body down for the turn on process. I was ready, and suddenly everything began to turn on at once (except for my vision). It was a rush unlike anything I had ever felt before. Everything was turned on, and I was feeling pleasure unlike that of anything. Had I not been clamped down, I would have fallen off the table. I rode the waves of pleasure for the next few hours, my rhythm in sync with that of the train.

Finally, everything calmed down, and I began to get motor control, as well as sight. Within my view I saw my battery percentage flash before leaving my view. Soon Mia came into view and, after unclamping me, helped me onto my feet. We were stopped at a station, giving me a chance to stand on solid ground.

“How you feel?” She asked me.

“Perfect” I said

She helped me move around and taught me some of the functions of the suit before laying down on the couch. I laid down on top of her and engaged her. My suit began to perform, and for the rest of the ride with engaged in Fembot bliss. I loved being a Fembot, and I was so happy that I also found a girlfriend on this journey.


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