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by Scott Harper

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; naked; android; sextoy; tease; voy; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Fuck-bot Scott Harper Solo-F; F/m; naked; android; sextoy; tease; voy; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Kara stretched out on the floral-patterned comforter that covered her large bed, enjoying the feeling of the cool material, not yet lent warmth from her flushed, naked body. She spread her long, slender legs and lightly trailed the tips of her long fingernails over her perfectly smooth, hairless snatch. Only a few feet away, sat her favorite sex toy. It was the latest in home-use androids - a fully functional robot that appeared completely human and was programmed for but one, single task. The machine existed to have sex with its owner. And that oh, so very lucky owner was Kara. She licked her lips in anticipation as she eyed her newest fuck-toy.

The manufacturer called the machine Stud Lee Mann, though Kara had informed hers that its name was Dick. After all, that part of it was really the sole reason she'd bought it. Everything else was there simply to drive the bit of its anatomy she'd named it for. And, damn, did Dick ever live up to its name! It's cock was nine solid inches of fat, erect synthetic that felt just like warm, human flesh. And, rather than just fuck until she told it to stop, Dick actually had orgasms.

Kara was still amazed by that fact, though she's seen and felt nearly two dozen of them in the not quite four days since she'd bought her Stud Lee Mann Sexual Partner. The android actually drew moisture from the surrounding air and mixed it with a fine white power made from dehydrated proteins to make its own faux cum. All that Kara had to do was reload the thing with protein powder once every 2,000 orgasms. The motion of the machine's hips while it fucked mixed the powder and the moisture. Kara had sampled the goo that spurted from Dick's member upon climax several times. It was always warm and tasted just like the sweetest cum she'd ever feasted upon.

But it wasn't just Dick's dick that was so impressive, Kara thought as she dipped a finger into her dripping cooze and stared at her mechanical lover. If all men were built like him, she decided, the world would be a far, far better place. For insatiably horny women such as herself, anyway. Dick was 6' 3" tall, with broad shoulders, washboard abs, a firm, tone ass, muscular legs, and was completely devoid of all body hair. The model Kara had purchased had sandy blond hair and vibrant green eyes, with full, luscious lips. It emitted the scent of a certain cologne that drove Kara positively wild each time she breathed it.

"Dick?" Kara said softly.

The android gazed at her with its extraordinarily life-like eyes. "Yes, Mistress?" It's voice was soft, yet deep and warm.

"In a few minutes, I'm going to have you to fuck me again."

"Anything for you, my love."

Kara smiled. She loved her new toy! "But you know I like the second time around better, because you go slower then. And it takes you longer to mix up a batch of your white love offering for me."

"Yes, my love. I know."

Kara spread her legs wider and slid her fingers into her hot, wet pussy, feeling her satiny juice lubricate the way. She knew that the machine would not feel anything one way or the other for the display. Yet she liked to put on the show for it. It made her feel sexy, which made her even hornier. "Before you fuck me, I want you to masturbate to orgasm. Okay? Take your time, go slowly. I'm going to just lie here and enjoy the show. After you squirt your cum for me, I want you to come over here and sit beside me so I can lick you clean. After that, you're going to take your good, sweet time fucking me until I'm screaming. Then you're going to keep fucking me until I pass out from the sheer intensity of the pleasure you're giving me."

"Anything for you, sweetest."

Kara lightly plucked at her hard nipples and said, "Masturbate for me, Dick."

The android wrapped the fingers of one large hand around its enormous shaft and began to stroke it lightly, up and down, from root to swollen, purple-tinged tip.

"Rub your nipples for me," Kara commanded.

Dick's free hand went to it perfectly sculpted chest, toying with first one tight nipple, then the other, rubbing and pinching.

Kara felt her juices running from her twat, forming a very large wet patch on the comforter. She plunged her fingers deeper into her swollen sex, listening to the squelching sounds the action made. She inhaled, smelling the twinned fragrances of her musk and Dick's cologne scent. She gasped as electricity jolted through her naked body, causing her to shudder and shriek. When her self-induced orgasm finally ended, Kara was left breathless, panting, her bare flesh flushed and feeling as though she were on fire.

"Damn! That was so fucking good!" she moaned, still diddling her iron-hard clit as she watched Dick stroke its mammoth cock. That mammoth cock that she so desperately wanted to feel sliding into her soaked cooze just then...


Still stroking both nipples and milking its colossal namesake, it looked at her. "Yes, gorgeous?"

Kara smiled and pinched her hard, exquisitely sensitive nipples as she teased her equally hard, sensitive clit. "I need you to fuck me. Right now. But I still want to watch you cum. Cum quickly for me, please."

"Of course, my dearest love. Anything your heart desires."

Dick stopped moving its hand on its cock and began moving its hips, fucking the stationary tube made by its fingers. Its other hand kept up the non-stop rhythm on its perfect nipples.

Kara watched, as always, in awe of how physically perfect her new toy was. Fuck, but he was hot! And completely devoted to but one thing - her sexual gratification. It was the one and only single thing that he existed for. He was there to make her feel good. How perfect was that? As she watched and thought about her good fortune, Kara kept stroking her dripping cooze and hard nipples, her hips wiggling as she held off dipping her fingers back into herself. The next thing that slid into her hot, wet love tunnel was going to be Dick's super-sized cock. Her breath grew quicker again and she knew she'd cum again before Dick did.

Again, jolts of electricity shot through Kara's body, making her convulse and shudder and scream and writhe. She squeezed her eyes closed, savoring the sheer mind-numbing pleasure her own touch brought to her.

"Mistress, if you still desire to watch my orgasm, I am very close."

Kara forced her eyes open, staring lustfully at Dick as her body still shuddered with orgasmic bliss.

Dick's lean hips were thrusting its cock faster and faster in its stationary hand. Its handsome face contorted, its eyes squeezing shut. Its perfect lips opened slightly and it groaned. Three more thrusts of its hips and thick, white goo squirted from the slit in the tip of its purple-headed shaft. The faux cum splattered onto its chest and into the path of its other hand, which was still massaging its nipples. The cum was swept up and smeared across Dick's flawless chest. A second shot burst free, decorating its flat, well-muscled stomach. The third, then fourth wads didn't have enough power to do more than roll down its cock, getting swept up in the bucking motion of its hips to lube its palm. A few moments later, it stopped, then opened its eyes, gazing at Kara.

She smiled and crooked a finger.

Dick rose, its false cum dripping from its still erect cock, running down its too-hot body as it moved to sit beside her. "My love, do you still desire to clean me before I worship your body?"

Still stroking herself, Kara answered by opening her mouth and lowering it over Dick's sweet-covered shaft, licking and sucking at the warm, gooey love offering that ran down its beefy length. Just the thought of soon having that glorious fuck-stick pumping in her pussy was very nearly enough to send her over the edge for the third time. She smiled around her mouthful of android cock, thinking of how lucky she was to have been able to purchase such a divine toy.

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