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Group Fembot Fun

by Robowomanbot

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My Name is Echo, and I am a Fembot fetishist.

I successfully parked my car in the lot and began walking down main street. It was a pretty night, crowds of people out enjoying the nightlife, many of them decked out in Fembot gear. It was amazing at how popular and widespread the suits had become, and as an owner of one of them I was one of many happy clients. Tonight was a special night as well. One of the new services Fembot Inc. had begun offering was group Fembot sessions, of which any number of people could rent out the specialty Fembot suite and enjoy a night of pure Fembot bliss. All six of us, all owners of suits, had arranged to rent use of the space for tonight’s activities. It would be a night of kinky and sensual pleasure, and as I rode the elevator up to the lobby I was shaking in anticipation.

The doors opened onto an area with a front desk, where a lovely Fembot secretary was waiting for me. She greeted me in that sexy robotic voice, and let me know that the others had yet to arrive but that I was free to check out the space while I waited. Passing through the door, I entered the suite of rooms that was to be our play area for tonight. It opened onto a central living space, with a few couches and various pieces of kinky furniture laid out around. It was clear that this was a space meant for pleasure, and quick charging spaces were laid out around. A set of four doors lined the back wall. The first one was clearly for storage, and contained space for the more human wear as well as countless items of latex and other fetish clothing. Running my hand along one the cat suits, I had to resist the urge to put it on immediately, and wait until I had been robotized. The next room contained one large bed for all of us to pile onto, and the room next to it had a number of beds cordoned off as well as a few Fembot hookup chambers for self or dual pleasure. However, it was the last room that shined though all of them.

Unlike the others it was circular, and around the center table were six capsules. I quickly realized that this was the transformation room, and that within those capsules the transformation would occur. They were crisp and white, and quite large considering that each held a robosuit ready for a user as well as space for the user themselves. All of them were closed in anticipation for everyone to show up. 

Knowing that I’d have to wait anyway, I returned to the couch and waited for the others to show up, shaking in anticipation. I didn’t have to wait long as soon Sarah and her trans girlfriend Bree showed up and joined me. They were both dressed up, and had clearly be out on a night on the town prior to this. We hugged and chatted for a bit as eventually Amy showed up, followed shortly by Anna and Kaylee. All of us had met via connections at the university, and soon found out about our mutual love of fembots. This night would be the first one in which we were all together outside of one of our houses in our suits, though we had done prior Fembot gatherings in our various homes. 

Since we had all arrived our secretary directed us to undress and store our clothing. You could feel the excitement in the room as bras and clothing flew around as we all desperately got changed. Soon we all returned the room stark naked, ready to begin the process.

“Excellent bots, please follow me to your respective pods” She said, leading us to the transformation room. Above each pod one of our names had appeared, and we all moved towards our respective pods. I brushed past Bree and could feel her shaking with excitement. Upon arriving at our pods our host pressed a button on the wall and with a hiss, all of the pods opened up. In each was a comfortable seat and was molded to fit the body of the individual. With some help we each successfully laid down into our pods. I could only see up but I could hear the others giggling in excitement as they got comfortable in their pods. I soon heard out host call out “all clear” and suddenly all of the pods clicked closed. It was still somewhat light inside due to a few LEDS scattered around but otherwise it felt like I was in a different word. I didn’t have long to enjoy it though as the process of fembotization soon began. 

My seat was taken away and I was held in place by a number of arms, gripping me in cool unfeeling metal. The boots came on first, coming in tight around my feet. I could feel the coolness of the metal holding me in place as I shook with excitement. After they were firmly attached I felt wires plug into the bottoms of the heels, beginning to charge the suit. The knee joints and upper leg components surrounded my legs and held them tight. I began moaning from the pleasure of it on my body, and I knew the exciting part was coming up next.

I stiffened up as my cod piece was attached to me. I knew that the long, phallic object would penetrate me but still function as a robotic vagina, allowing for double the pleasure. Meanwhile my butt was made to look larger and rounder. I braced myself against my restraints as the machine penetrated me. It was so cold but at the same time I felt like I could taste the metal inside of me. It was a feeling I never got over, and just putting on the suit made me feel even more powerful. There was something in becoming robotic that made me feel both more feminine and also so much stronger. These thoughts soon left my head as I felt the corset being attached. Fitting somewhat loose at first, it had been made to my measurements. Now that my body was mostly covered in that black, metallic surface, I felt the restraints on my arm release and hold me up by my body. My arms came next, feeling the tightness of the metal surround my arms and my fingers covered in the flexible metal. Wiggling my fingers, I could feel the sensation of metal in all of its glory. 

Next my back, containing an extra spinal cord and battery, was maneuvered into place at the same time my hands were locked to the sides of the container. I lifted my had as my boob plate was moved into position, the machine carefully ensuring my boobs fit into their respective containers. The suit also would make my B cup boobs turn into a pair of D cup beauties. I felt a click and my body shook as it locked into position. As my shoulders were covered and my neck corset fitted into place, I could feel the machine wiring me up. A charger was placed and penetrated me, boosting the power of the suit. I was plugged in, ready to finish and be the machine I knew I was.

The headpiece came in two parts. A back component that would cover up the back of the head as well as containing an extra brain, and a front faceplate. My eyes would simply be green, and I prepared my mouth to accept the mouth rod. The back piece clicked into place, and I could hear the programming boot up. Next the machine covered my eyes with a visor, and I began to read the binary code, beginning the process of Fembot programming. My mouth was opened and accepted the rod, sucking it as the faceplate clicked into place. 

Suddenly all of the air was expelled from the suit and it grew tight around me. At the same time every vibration went off, allowing me to be more accepting of my programming. I eagerly read every word and every zero. “I am a sexbot, I am a Fembot, I live to be programmed.”

During all of this my body was experiencing greater and greater orgasms. I was enjoying every minute of it and by the time it was over I had been programmed to exist only as a Fembot for the reminder of the night. As the wires came off and the top opened, I lifted myself up and stepped out of my cocoon. At the same time, I saw my companions step out as well, having been successfully programmed as well. I moved over to Amybot, and before I had the chance she grabbed me and kissed me tight. The feelings of metal on metal were intense, and we soon moved to the room with the large bed. I was buckled into place, and bound along with Amybot. Consent was given and together the other four bots and us all engaged in a massive sexual orgy. The night was young but tonight all six Fembot would be taking on the full abilities of our suits.


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