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How I Ended my Days as a PleasureBot

by Gromet

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Hi all, I'm Sue-anne, and I'd like to tell you my story and how I ended up as a PleasureBot, with my days now filled servicing particular clients. It all started, I suppose, with a former boyfriend who introduced me to his world of Master/submissive relationships; at first, I had never thought of myself as a docile person, but with his guidance and training, I found that I liked being submissive to him, the whole thing felt natural to me, and I eventually came to the conclusion that I had always been like this in some way but denied myself at the thought of someone being in control of me and my body. But that relationship didn't work out in the end due to other factors, and I moved on.

A couple of partners later, I met Ralph. He was at a party thrown by one of the people in my circle of like-minded friends; I had found a group online who were submissive but without a Master and we got together occasionally to talk, hang out and generally have a good time, some had been in very bad relationships, and we worked as a support group to help them whenever we could. Though I still felt the need to find someone who would take care of me and see to my submissive side, I was in no rush to step back into that world, even though I sometimes felt a desire to be controlled, maybe bound and kept as someone's slave. But a girl can dream.

Anyway, back to my story, Ralph was introduced to me by one of my friends; she had known him for some time, so I trusted her judgment and accepted a date to go out for a meal with him. I know I sound like a giddy schoolgirl, but after being single and dateless for a while, it's a nice feeling to have someone want you and to ask you out. He was very charming, he did all the right things, and I found myself falling for this man. He had told me about some of his background and that he ran some tech-based companies, so he had his own place, which I eventually ended back at.

The house wasn't huge, but it had more room than my humble apartment, it was well laid out, but the most surprising thing was the place was maintained by one of those maidbots I had heard about, I had seen adverts for them but had not seen one in the flesh, so to speak, until now. It was hard to tell that she wasn't human; she looked every part like on except for the skin tone, a slight even silvery sheen of her flesh, if that is what you call the outer covering of her body, And of course she was dressed in a sexy maids outfit, I have worn similar to parties and in the bedroom, I found that I liked wearing them and felt more subservient when dressed in them.

So, after a few months of dating, he asked me to move into his place; I leased out my apartment and sold most of my stuff, which was junk compared to the stuff he had, and started out my new life in his home. At first, everything was strange and wonderful at the same time, but he eventually seemed to spend more time at work or away on business, and I was left back at home with just the maidbot for company. 

There was one thing about this particular maidbot that I should let you in on, that was it doubled as a sexbot; I know shocking, but after getting over my initial reaction, I felt a certain intrigue, he had used the maidbot for sex in the past and told me that the android was programmed to pleasure both males & females, and he hinted that maybe I could take advantage of this. Initially, the idea repulsed me; although I have had female partners before, the idea of a machine making love to me didn't shift my gears. But then he said that it was no different from me using a sextoy to pleasure myself and that I should think of it as a larger version of a sextoy. He did mention that he would love to watch the two of us in bed together. I had just found part of his kinky side, it seemed.

It was one night while he was away on business; I had just crawled into the soft sheets of the comfy bed, drifting off slowly while using my hands to pleasure myself when the maidbot crept into the bedroom and, disrobing her outfit, climbed into bed with me, after getting over the shock of the maidbot joining me in the bed, I for some reason laid there and then I felt her hand where mine had recently been, and the maidbot carried on where I left off. It wasn't long before the maidbot moved down the bed, and her tongue was engaged in a deep discussion with my little nub of pleasure, the waves of sexual energy surging throughout my body at what this maidbot was doing down there.

I had never felt such intense pleasure in my entire life up to this point, and I felt myself floating on a sea of bliss as the maidbot continued to pleasure me, her hands now squeezing my breasts just the way I liked, then running down over my tummy giving me delightful goosebumps each time. I had told Ralph that this was what I liked during sex, and I found out afterward that he had programmed the maidbot to pleasure me this way; in fact, he had sent the android in that night to give me a night to remember, and it certainly was.

From then on, I had no such fear of using the maidbot this way. Soon the maidbot became a regular feature when we where having sex; sometimes, he would sit and watch, sometimes directing what we were doing in the bed. In my own submissive way, I found that going down on the maidbot was enjoyable too, especially if we were in a position to provide mutual pleasure to each other, which Ralph enjoyed the most, of course, and I enjoyed him watching, knowing that this was turning him on. Added into this mix were more sex toys and an introduction to the use of strap-on toys, wow did my world change, and we started having threesomes with me in the middle mostly, and that opened me up to wanting more.

I found that I was getting more and more submissive to Ralph; it seemed a natural progression in our relationship, he was a powerful businessman, successful in what he did, and I was the meek girlfriend waiting at home for his return, dressing to please him when he returned. I had by this time lost my job; I'd actually given it away at his insistence, and I complied with his request; he had wanted me to spend more time with him and get to explore our new found relationship. I again liked being in the more submissive role, this seemed to be my more natural state, and I felt an inner peace with being in this deferential position.

Spending more time in the home, I had less contact with the outside world, even people I knew hadn't heard from me in a while, but to me, the world outside of the house had little relevance now, I was happy and contented in my little bubble, being his sexy slave girl, I was happier now than ever before, but there always seemed to be sometime missing. The times when he was away were the worst, a part of me wasn't there, it felt like, and the novelty of not doing anything soon wore off. 

The next time he was at home, he suggested that he might have a solution for me, which would fit into my submissive side, for he now treated me more like his little sub, which we both loved. His idea was for me to try out being a maid around the house, dressing up like the maid. I would have things to do and get my mind busy with tasks that I would be required to do. I did look at him strangely at his suggestion, at which he pointed out that it was voluntary and just a solution that he thought would alleviate my being bored when he was away. 

I asked him how me being dressed as a maid would be any different to me just doing some housework, or was this one of his kinky ideas to see me dressed up as a sexy maid. To which he replied that while he would love to see me dressed as a maid, his thoughts were more along the lines of being another maidbot around the house; he told me that I would then carry out the same tasks as the other maidbot.

And exactly how would that happen? What would make me carry out these tasks? I asked him. Well, you would be controlled by the same system that controls the maidbot. I have heard of people trying this out in their homes and thought it bizarre; why would anyone want to be a robot? He said that other women had tried out the system and found that they were no longer bored, that their physical and mental health was better and that they were exercising more when under the maidbot control system.

The thought of being his robot slave crossed my mind at this point; truth be told, I wouldn't strenuously object to being under his control, but to also submit to a computer, could I do this? Did I really want to become another servant of his, a domestic appliance around the house, available for his pleasure whenever his desires wanted me. Sure, I loved the idea of being his to do with as he wished, bound and gagged preferably, but did I want to give my entire being over to a robotic overlord?

Well, guess what, it didn't take long to break down any resistance that I may have had, though I did stipulate one condition, that he be the one to collar his new robotic slave, which he readily agreed to, too readily I thought but dismissed this as him being an over-excited male with a willing female slave girl, and the thought of me being his slave girl setting off my own desires to please him and give myself to him.

The day before he was due to leave for a week-long trip was the day that I would become his new maidbot slave, we had been having some incredible sex, and I had even been bound to the bed on more than one occasion and serviced pleasurably by both him and the maidbot, much to my delight. So now was the time to place me under the system's control; I still didn't think that it would work on me. I walked into his study naked as the day I was born; if I was to become his slave, then that was how I would give myself to him. I would be his body and soul from this point on. I also had, upon his suggestion, tied my hands together with rope in front, I was to be his slave, and it felt right to be bound when presenting to my Master.

He was surprised, but a smile formed on his face as he saw me enter the room, looking up and down at my naked body, a look of desire as he watched my every step towards him. I walked around his desk to where he was seated and then dropped down onto my knees and placed myself in my submissive pose, which I had learned from my previous Master/slave relationship. His eyes never leaving my body, watching my every move, he was delighted when I placed myself before him as his future slave, or should that be maidbot.

Asking me if I was ready nearly broke the spell, but I nodded my head in consent, and he picked up the control collar and placed it around my neck. The coolness of the collar sending shivers down my spine, I could feel my inner sexual being starting to rise, and a certain feeling of swelling of arousal started in my most intimate of places. This was where I had always wanted to be, and the day had finally arrived with my Master collaring me as his slave. Adjusting the fit of the large collar before feeding the two ends closed, he fastened it around my neck, and the closure of the clasp sent strangely delightful feelings through my entire body.

I was now collared by him, my Master, I was now his slavegirl in body and soul. I remained in my submissive position while he continued to adjust the collar to get it to the right place on my neck. Unknown to me was that the collar contained a nanites patch that, when activated, would make a direct connection to my central nervous system; this enabled the computer system to connect directly with my body and take control of me. I was about to become part bio-mechanical and again, unknown to me, a permanent fixture to my body.

After ensuring the correct fit, he then, without another word, activated the collar. I felt heat build-up at the back of my neck; this was the nanites activating and burrowing into my flesh, making their connections and altering my body to become controllable by the system. He securely held the rope, holding my bound hands together as the machines went to work, it felt like tiny ants scurrying around under my skin, and I wanted to rip the collar off, but he held me tightly as they did their work. After the bots had done their job and the irritation stopped, all I was left with now was the feeling of the large collar around my neck, which to me felt beautiful; I had longed for this day to happen, I didn't know at the time that the collar was now permanent, though I would not have objected to wearing it forever as long as I was his.

I felt owned by him and felt a delightful shiver run throughout my body at the thought. He then let go of my hands; now that the bots had done their job, there was no need; he had control of me from this point on, whether I would do whatever he wanted by the computer system or just his presence, without question. It was then he indicated that he was about to turn on the collar and that I would maybe feel a bit dizzy.

Pressing some keys on his computer the collar came to life, the little light on the front indicating that it was working, soon the connection with the system was made, and I felt a flood of information enter my brain, my vision blurred as the information on how to be a maidbot was implanted into my memory, I did start to feel dizzy but felt a reassuring hand on my shoulder from my Master as the constant flow of instructions was downloaded. I couldn't think at that point; there was just too much for me to absorb; I may have even blacked out at some point; luckily, I was on my knees, and Master made sure that I didn't fall.

Once the system had finished downloading, it connected to the collar and my mind. It felt like someone else was in the room talking to me; a more mechanical robotic voice entered my head and told me that I was now a maidbot owned by my Master. I already knew that my Master owned me, I had given myself willingly to him, but the voice told me that I was now his property as well and that he could do anything that he wished to me. It seemed that I had gone down the rabbit hole and maybe got more than I bargained for, but that it appeared was too late to back out, and I guessed with what thoughts I had at the time that as his slavegirl, I was his property anyway, and a delightful feeling of contentment ran through me.

I felt my Master untying the ropes that had bound my wrists, even though I was naked; this made me feel even more exposed in front of him, the last vestige of any free act now gone along with the rope. The system then instructed me to stand, which my body responded to without any thought on my part. It seems that I would be a traveler in my own body but still be able to think, feel and experience whatever would be happening to me. My Master then gave me my first instruction and getting back down on my knees, I began to unfasten the robe that he was wearing and found his erect member waiting eagerly for my attention. 

Swallowing down the last of his ejaculate, I sat there waiting for further instruction; soon the system directed me to tasks elsewhere in the house. My still naked body responded, and I found myself reluctantly leaving my Master's study to clean the bedrooms upstairs. I spent the next few hours vacuuming, dusting, and polishing until everything was to the specifications of the system. I didn't realize that there was an art to cleaning and that there were so many ways to do it. Every so often, I felt my Master's presence as he checked up on how I was doing, his eyes taking in my naked body as I bent and moved during my tasks.

Eventually, it must have been too much excitement for him, and soon I felt him standing behind me as I bent over straightening out some freshly laid bedsheets. Upon his command, my body ceased moving, and I remained bent over the bed, my rear perfectly aligned for his use, which he did. I felt his hard member slip between the soft petals of my sex; I didn't know that I was so turned on at this point by what was happening to me that I was primed and ready for him to slide in easily and enter me much to my delight. He took me from behind and rammed himself as deep as he could; I just stayed in my position as ordered and found that I couldn't move any part of my body as he continued to plunder my depths; it was as if I was bound to the bed and took great pleasure that he was using me this way.

There were several times that day that I found myself held in some position with my Master taking advantage of me, sometimes I would be able to reach my own climax, but others I was left unable to finish, which don't get me wrong, I also liked, just to be used by him for his pleasure was sometimes enough for me, and leaving before I was done gave my submissive side that little jolt, something that is hard to describe, but enjoyable all the same. He even had the other maidbot take advantage of me bent over the dining table while he watched, the strap-on easily plundering my inner depths.

Overnight I was so tired that I collapsed into bed; I think that he used me sometime during the night, it was hard to tell if I was dreaming or not, but I found that I needed to shower myself clean in the morning. The system had awakened me early from my slumber. Though tired, my body responded to the commands, and I felt again like a traveler in my own body as the system instructed me to shower and then get myself dressed in my new uniform. My first task was to prepare breakfast for my Master, and while doing this, my own dietary needs were taken care of, a liquid paste of nutrients I had found in the cupboard, I wondered when that had gotten there as I hadn't seen it before today.

Walking in unison with the other maidbot, we entered my Master's bedroom and presented his breakfast. He looked up at me; the first time he had seen me in my new maid's outfit, he smiled and thanked both of us maidbots and bade us continue with our tasks. I had been dismissed by my Master; while it did feel good to be commanded by, it was also disappointing that he hadn't taken advantage of me dressed as I was. But I had no time to contemplate my thoughts as I was directed back to the kitchen to clean.

Eventually, my Master walked into the kitchen where I was actively cleaning; the other maidbot was directly behind him carrying the breakfast tray; he stood there watching me work, I was unable to communicate with him. All I wanted to say was good morning, Master, but the system denied me what I wanted to say and commanded me to speak when only spoken to, and a slight shock was applied to my collar as I again tried to say something. Checking that everything was working out with the new maidbot, he left me to carry on cleaning, unaware or uncaring that his new maidbot wished to communicate with him.

Later I was summoned by him to his study, and he told me that he would be going away for the next week or so, something we had already discussed, and that he would be leaving me under the control of the system and for me to enjoy my time as his new maidbot. I was hoping that he would order me to service him orally at this point, but I was to be denied that pleasure as he dismissed me like I was nothing more than his domestic servant, which in reality I now was and had willingly given myself to him to become.

The following two weeks were a blur of activity; the house was cleaned from top to bottom and then cleaned again, the system being a hard master and controlling this new maidbot, never allowing a moment's rest except my designated sleeping hours and feeding times, I won't say mealtimes, as the nutrient paste was all I ate now, that along with water to keep me hydrated. One day during the first week, a couple of technicians arrived at the house and installed a new pod for me to sleep and recharge in at night; they placed this in the same small room in which the other maidbot spent her time recharging.

From that point on, I didn't sleep in a bed, my charging pod was where I was directed to every night, except when Master returned, and he required the services of his two maidbots in his own bed, even then once we were finished with I was to discreetly remove myself from his bed and return to my pod where I would then spend the rest of the night until required again by the system or my Master. The daily routine soon became normal for me, and I began to forget the time that I wasn't a maidbot; it seemed to me that I had always been this way, owned by my Master, this was part of the conditioning the machine applied every time I was being recharged.

The weeks became months, then one day my programming began to change, this was after Master had brought home a new girlfriend, one that I was expected to serve as a maidbot, I doubted that she even knew that I had once been like her, my appearance had been changed during routine services, the cleaning had changed the way my skin looked, and I now resembled the other maidbot in the house, it would be difficult to tell us apart. The new girlfriend seemed very similar to how I used to be; she deferred to my Master the same way I did and seemed to enjoy being treated like his little slavegirl. It all seemed very familiar, though to my new way of thinking, she was just someone else in the house to look after.

The reprogramming started not long after, this was gradual, and over the next few days, I found myself thinking less as a maidbot and more of myself as a PleasureBot, one used exclusively for sex and to please whoever wanted me at the time. I didn't realize the changes until I stopped dressing as a maidbot and wore more exotic clothes, ones that revealed more than they covered, though I didn't feel any embarrassment when wearing them like I would have before my changes. My entire program was now devoted to sexual acts and pleasing clients, the cleaning side of things now deleted.

The next day I found myself being moved, the system that once controlled me was changed, and the new one implemented a new set of instructions and protocols for me to follow. I was dropped off by the transport at a new location, the first time I had been out of the house in a long while. People were walking by as I alighted the vehicle, each one looking at me and the way I was dressed, some with delight while others were disgusted, primarily other women. I was directed to walk to an unmarked door and enter; the inside was dark, especially after coming in from the bright sunlight, something else I hadn't seen in a while. I should have been nervous, but I had no control of my body now and had to accept my new fate.

The new system took command of me, and more instructions were downloaded into my mind, each more vivid and perverted than the last, and I wondered how and when I would be required to use these new-found skills. I would soon find out, it seems, and I resigned myself to the fact that my Master had sent me here, for whatever reason, and that I was to continue to follow his commands, which made me feel better inside. This would be my new life until my Master required me again.

After the system had completed the downloading of information, I was directed to a cleaning machine, where I disrobed the current clothing and stepped naked into the cubicle, the door closing behind me trapping me inside, not that I could move or try to escape if I wanted, the system had total control of me now, I was just a passenger in my own body. Jets of cleaning fluid hit me all over, the warm fluids seeking out every part of my naked form, raising my arms as directed and spreading my legs; a probe rose out of the machine and quickly entered me, the coldness of the appliance shocking me, this was soon followed by one in the rear. It seems that the machine cleans every part of me, inside and out, even my mouth was soon invaded by another probe. 

The machine paused for a few seconds as the cleaning agent continued its job, then clean jets of water covered me from head to toe, and everywhere in between, flushing the cleaner down the drain, along with my hair, every last one of them was now gone, I was bald from head to toes and felt more naked than ever before. This indignity was followed by dryers covering every inch of my body, the last vestiges of water and my hair has now gone down the drain. 

Commanded by the system now to exit the capsule, I followed the instructions and moved over to another machine, this one grabbed my head in a vice-like grip as I stood there; I quickly closed my eyes when I saw several needles and brushes close in on my face. It wasn't until after the machine had finished did I get to see that a permanent make-up had been applied to my face, it changed the way I looked, and it made me feel and appear less human. The bald head was completing the look. 

While I was distracted looking at my new face, another machine came from behind and I felt some heat applied to my left bottom cheek and again above my left breast, there was a sharp pain and stinging sensation, and when the machines retracted, I noticed that I now sported a barcode above my breast, along with the words indelibly printed "Property of PleasureCorp", with what I can now safely assume is my serial number.

A coldness quickly covered my bald head, followed by what looked like a purple wig, the hairline dropping down to just reach my shoulders, a fringe forming just above my newly minted eyebrows, they being lasered on to resemble a high arch look. I was then directed to a dressing station where clothing was delivered by a chute, the open-top box revealing the clothing that was provided for me to wear. A short little top that barely covered my breasts, some really tight shorts that revealed what they contained, riding up into my crotch and splitting my assets in two, and a pair of high heels, which normally I would have found hard to wear but under the guidance of the system it felt like I was born wearing them.

Now once dressed, I was directed to another room; this one had display cases where other PleasureBots stood waiting for their next client. I walked up to the empty case and entered, turning myself around to face outwards, ready for prospective clients to view. My body stopped moving, and I stood there, my mind awash with all the new information, my skin still tender and sore from the cleaning and make-up, my rear letting me know that it didn't like the barcoding being applied.

I don't know how long I stood there, time seemed to stand still, but I'm sure that it wasn't too long and I found myself being directed by the system to exit the display. An address was then downloaded into my mind, along with directions on how to get there. Leaving the building through the same door I entered earlier. I found an automated vehicle waiting for me; driving had been banned many years ago, only machines could be trusted to pilot vehicles in this day and age. The vehicle took off as soon as I was seated, and I would soon be with my very first client.

The information the system had given me told me about the client's sexual needs, what their desires were and what they wanted when I arrived. The vehicle door closing behind me, bringing back to reality, I was here to service a client for the company. I really was nothing more now than a PleasureBot, a tiny shiver of delight ran down my spine at the thought, I was now the ultimate sex slave, only here to give pleasure and not service my own needs. 

Others soon followed the first client, all of the faces though a blur after a while, but soon remembered by me the next time that my services were required by them. I was very popular it seemed, and didn't get to spend much time back in the display booths, only time to come back for a quick clean, change of appearance, and then back out to the next client. Though there were a couple of times, I was taken offline, once from injuries sustained from a particularly sadistic client and another for servicing and repair, where some upgrades to my body were done.

Those upgrades were to increase my breast size, remove parts of my reproductive system, and my limbs were replaced with robotic ones; this enables me to be more resilient when servicing more 'energetic' clients. It seems that I was popular with the more bdsm oriented community; hence the need to make me more robust, hanging in bondage for many hours with little relief had damaged my nervous system to the point where I no longer could move, hence the much needed cyber replacements. 

Now back in the display booths, I looked across at the PleasureBot in front of me; her face looked familiar to me, was she one of my female clients? No she wouldn't be here now would she I reasoned; then it dawned on me, this was the girlfriend that my Master had replaced me with, it seemed that she was now another PleasureBot like me. I wondered how many other women that my Master had converted over the years. It wasn't until the day that the store's owner made a visit that everything fell into place; here was my former Master, now owner, standing in the store looking at the PleasureBots before him.

Many of them were once women like me who fell into his world, only to be used and converted to service his client's needs, and this was one of the tech businesses that he hadn't mentioned that he owned. Others had been sold directly to clients overseas, never returning and being used by many until no longer required, their fate unknown to me. He delighted in letting me know that I had been one of his most profitable acquisitions and that I was highly sought after by those into the darker parts of sexual desires. 

I would soon be moving to another establishment of his, he told me that he had branched out after finding that clients wanted more discreet services like I had been offering, and he had established a place where they could safely explore those perverse desires safe in the knowledge that they okay to do whatever they wanted to the PleasureBots, without judgment or restraint. I would be one of the first models shipped there after some more modifications. The rest of my body was too weak and feeble for his plans, but those parts would soon be replaced. Though illegal, there was nothing I could do to stop him; I was his property now.

But not all plans work out the way you thought they would; after a crackdown on illegal prostitution by a new government, even more puritanical than the last, PleasureBot salons were raided and shutdown, the androids moved to a holding facility for disposal, thinking that we were all just machines, we were moved into a vehicle and taken away. It was only once one of the PleasureBots started to convulse when on their way to termination did they realize that we were indeed human females, programmed and controlled.

After many discussions, it was decided that a new facility be set up for the more 'elite' parts of the community, the human-based PleasureBot's were taken there and used by visitors for their own desires, many politicians, whose same demands to shut down the parlors came to make use of the PleasureBots held at the facility, including me, we had been at some point been deprogrammed of the system's control, but most, like me, had desired to stay on as a PleasureBot, it was the only way of life we now knew. 

I still attracted the more 'demanding' client, often bound in a variety of ways, suspended for days on end, whipped, beaten and abused, but my new robotic body could take the punishment, and it also had an auto-repair facility that came in handy. The only natural part of me left was my brain and a few vital parts for functioning as a sexbot. I was happy to be of some use, in my own submissive way I had found my role in life; this was what I had desired to become, a sex slave used by others for their pleasure. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.


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