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How I became a Maid-bot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: FM+/f; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; discovery; FF; lesbian; embaressed; reprogram; sexbot; tease; used; mast; oral; sex; anal; cons/nc; X

How I became a Maid-bot 2: Sex-bot Gromet FM+/f; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; discovery; FF; lesbian; embaressed; reprogram; sexbot; tease; used; mast; oral; sex; anal; cons/nc; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Sex-bot

The next morning I awoke refreshed with what seemed to me to be the best sleep ever, my body felt more alive than it ever had and I really felt good and looked forward to my day as a maid-bot. I had spent the night still dressed  in my maid uniform, I straightened myself out as I disconnected from the machine, something seemed in my mind to be missing but I couldn’t yet place what it was.

I walked to the kitchen as usual and began preparing breakfast for Jean and her guests, my duties seemed to include this feature as I scanned my memory for what I should be doing this early, I hadn’t been commanded by anyone to do this but to me it seemed like a natural thing to do first thing.

Breakfast was on and the coffee was ready, so I went about the apartment to wake everybody up, leaving a cup of coffee with each person and reminding them that breakfast would be ready soon. The boys all shared my guest room whilst Valerie & Jean shared the master bedroom and my old bed. They were all surprised by my actions, I was pleased that I could serve them, I was very happy when they all responded to me as their maid-bot.

Jean asked me, “How are you this morning?”

“I feel fine Mistress, this maid-bot is performing within normal parameters and is waiting to serve by your command”. I said, laughing on the inside I said this, ‘wow how cool is this’ I thought.

I served breakfast and then went about my cleaning chores following the prompts from the main computer that seem to be controlling my body; I relaxed and let the system take over. I seemed to more efficient under this control, less energy required to perform tasks. And less time taken to do them, I was having a wonderful time without a care in the world as I continued with my duties.

After breakfast they sat me down and performed several tests again, more programming with the computer and more instructions were downloaded and the results of my first day uploaded for them to study.

Jean was a bit concerned, she liked me as her maid but also wanted to look after my welfare; she took Valerie aside and asked, “Has Tracy used the toilet yet, has she been allowed to shower? What are the program guidelines for waste disposal and when is she going to eat, I haven’t seen her eat yet.”

“She won’t need to eat as much, though she will require some food & water during the day, we have set times for her feeding, which is about an hour from now,” Valerie replied, “You’re right to be concerned with your maid-bot, she is part human after all!”

“Part human!” Jean exclaimed.

“Yes well, she’s now part of the computer system that controls her, she is adapted to work as a maid-bot following commands and programming.” Valerie replied. “So her neural side is the part that is not human at the moment. That’s under our control”

“It’s not permanent is it?” Jean asked.

“No, only while she’s wearing the collar, though we could make it permanent if you wish!” Valerie winked. “Think on it”

They were interrupted by my walking into the kitchen to wash dishes, “Excuse me madams, I need to wash the breakfast things.” I said, my mind happy to see Jean again, I wanted to speak properly to tell her how much I was enjoying this and to thank her for proposing me as their test subject, but I was unable to communicate with her due to the maid-bot protocols overriding me.

At lunchtime I prepared food for them all and served it on the table, I then went to my recharging pod and inserted a tube into my mouth, as I stood there the flow of liquid food entered into my mouth and down to my stomach without the need for me to swallow. ‘How great was this’, I thought, ‘eating without effort’. And luckily I couldn’t taste the liquid food either.

My program then had me reach for another tube, this time I lifted up my skirt and proceeded to attach it between my legs, I then let go with a flow of urine which was sucked away by the pod and stored. All this time I was under observation as I performed this, Charles & Vincent recording this in their logs and checking their programming. This all felt natural to me that whilst I was discharging waste they were there watching me, but I felt in my head deep embarrassment that they were looking at me, I think I even blushed.

Charles picked up on this and said to Vincent that we should leave her alone to carry out this function in future. As they were leaving they bumped into Jean who had also been watching, “Enjoy the show boys?” she asked.

“It’s not what you think,” said Vincent, “we have to check that she is functioning normally.”

“Well why not put a camera up so you spare the girl some blushes,” she said noticing how I’d blushed at being watched.

“Yes we will,” said Charles, “but that was an unexpected reaction, that we have to analyse.”

They both sped off down to hallway and were back on their computers checking data.

“Sorry about that Tracy,” said Jean, “boys! What do you do with them…”

I laughed inside thinking about how they didn’t even realise that a girl needs some privacy when she needs it. I was growing more fond of Jean with her showing concern about my treatment.

“I’ll have a chat with Valerie about getting your waste etc done as the same time as you’re recharging” Jean said, “seems only logical to me that they both occur at the same time.” Always the practical one, and great at assuming control, which seemed to come naturally to her. Maybe that's why I had taken the subservient position in the household.

A green light indicated that I was now ready and I set off to perform my duties as instructed, during the day I received several orders, some verbally and others via the computer for things the boys wanted. It seemed to me that their project was turning a fully grown woman into their personal plaything, I wondered to myself how long it would be before requests of a more ‘personal nature’ would be made of me and would I just perform them as commanded.

Several days went by, the boys came and went, each time bringing more stuff for me to clean, mostly their laundry. Jean and Valerie seemed to be spending more time together, sometimes going out just like we used to, I began to feel sad that I was not included. But each time I felt that way the main computer rearranged my thoughts so that I complied with the program. The sadness just went away and I returned to my maid duties.

My days seem to merge into one, wake up feeling refreshed, make breakfast and wake everybody with coffee, and then whilst they are eating make the beds, take the washing to the laundry, wash the dishes and clear away. Clean the apartment from top to bottom, even though it didn’t need cleaning, the program stated that I had to perform these tasks as directed, each time I tried to vary the main computer intervened and corrected my mind and actions.

Each night I returned to my pod, I seemed to be more reliant of the recharge as time went on and less on the liquid food that was fed to me from the pod. My wastes also decreased in amount, each morning one of the boys was assigned to check the levels and record the changes. I now plugged myself in without a second thought; it just seemed to me to be the natural thing to do, to plug in my collar and the plugs down below, now inserted into me to stop any spillage.

After another week went by I started on my normal routine, make breakfast, wake everybody up and then I walked into Jean’s room, she was laying there with Valerie between her legs, her head moving slightly as she was apparently pleasuring her. I should have been shocked and embarrassed, and I was in my mind but it didn’t show on the outside. I continued to walk in as nothing had happened and placed two coffees on the night stand next to the bed. 

Jean was mortified that I had found out, she screamed at me “Get out!” as she buried her head in a pillow to hide from me.

“Yes madam,” was all I could reply, still shocked at what I had seen in the bedroom.

Valerie meanwhile just looked up from her position, “Thank you maid-bot, now return to other duties.”

She then turned to Jean with a big smile on her face, “Busted!” she laughed.

“That’s not funny Val,” Jean said, “her walking in on us like that; she’s still my friend after all, how embarrassing for her and for me.”

“But you seemed to be enjoying it babe”, Valerie said, “and she’s just a maid-bot after all, her mind probably didn’t register what we were doing.”

“I think you’re wrong, I think she knew what she saw but couldn’t say anything.”

Later that morning Jean tried to explain to me what I’d seen in the bedroom, I didn’t mind her sleeping with Valerie, after all we weren’t in a relationship, it was more of a shock finding them in that position, but I couldn’t no matter how much I tried overcome my program to tell her so.

Jean walked away clearly distressed at what had happened and unhappy that she couldn’t communicate with me to express her feelings and gauge mine. Something that two normal females are quite capable of doing, but not a maid-bot and her owner.

As I recharged that night I felt certain things change in my mind, I was to expect to see Jean & Valerie in their relationship and assume that this was normal, I now had two owners as both Jean & Valerie were now classed under the new program as my owners. Also my morning routine was changed in that I knocked before entering any room.

Next weekend Jean & Valerie were going to be away and I would be left in the boys charge, ‘oh great!’ I thought, ‘three nerds to look after’. Jean seemed to be happier these days; I think that her relationship with Valerie was improving. Valerie on the other hand seemed to be getting more demanding, ordering me to do this and that, sometimes to perform the same tasks that I had already done. But every time the word ‘bitch’ *buzzt* popped into my head the main computer ‘corrected’ me and my thinking, I was not it seemed allowed to have negative thoughts.

The weekend came and the girls left, the boys took over mostly playing with their computers and programs, they played with me putting several suggestions into my mind, one was for me to wear the sexy French Maid outfit, then the other seemed to be a lot of bending over whilst keeping my legs straight, revealing the frilly knickers that came with the outfit. Normally I would have been shocked and humiliated but every time a negative thought ran through my head it was over ridden.

I was just their plaything this weekend and the girls were not there to protect me, not that I think Valerie would have done much to stop them. Charles left at some point to go back to the lab to run some experiments, leaving me alone with Vincent & Steve. Charles I had considered to be the gentleman of the group, mainly because he was English, and I perceived all Englishmen to be gentlemen, not that I had any experience with this.

Steve was a bit of a letch, he loved the way I looked and I believe it was him that co-ordinated the bending program, just to see my knickers I had thought. Vincent on the other hand seemed to be a bit creepy, he would look at me, not as a person but as an object for him to use in whatever way he wanted. I would soon find out just how creepy when Steve said that he had a date tonight so he wouldn’t be able to continue to babysit their project and Charles called from the lab saying that he wouldn’t be back until morning.

Left alone not with creepy Vincent as I thought of him *buzz – thought not allowed*, my mind again taken over by the computer. I smiled outwardly but groaned inside, again getting the error message. ‘Bugger’ I thought *buzz – thought not allowed* Better get back to some normal maid duties before I fry my brain with impure thoughts *buzz –thougt…* Okay, Okay and went back into the kitchen to clean the already cleaned surfaces.

Whilst absent-mindedly doing some mundane chores I received a message to return to my charging station, ‘wow’ I thought ‘this is earlier than normal’. But complied with the request, not that I had much choice, as the computer took over my body and walked it back to the charging pod. Once there I plugged myself in to the ports for charging and discharging as I now called them, just a little robot humor, and settled back into the pod.

Once connected I felt a new stream of programming code enter into my brain, this was like an instruction manual and as it unfolded in my mind I began to realise that these were instructions on how to perform felatio; handjobs and other sexual positions, I was being reprogrammed into a sexbot, my demeanour was also changed to that of a sultry woman, I desired sex and wanted to please men. This shocked me, but any negative thought was again quickly overridden.

The reprogramming was completed and I was summoned into the main living area, I still wore my sexy French Maids outfit, and somehow had picked up a feather duster on the way. Upon arrival I found Vincent sitting on the lounge, wearing a dressing gown and nothing else it seemed.

“Ah there you are maid, where have you been?”

“I waz looking fur see feather duster Monsieur!” I said in a strange French accent.

“And you found it, that’s good come over here I have something for you to polish!” he said.

“Que Monsiuer, what is yur request?” I slurred like a sexy kitten, groaning on the inside.

Vincent opened his robe and there before my eyes was his manhood, he was indeed naked under that gown. I felt shock *buzzt*, then revulsion *buzzt*, what the f *buzzt* this time the computer beat me to the word. I could only obey the commands and my body walked itself over to where he was sitting, bending my knees I knelt in front of him, a big smile across my face, inside I was dreading what he was making me do.

Each time I tried to resist the computer took over my body; it also started to give me small electrical shocks via the collar, in the end I had to give in, comply and follow my masters instructions.

“Does my Master need ze maid to polish down there?” I said pointing the feather duster at his erect member.

“Yes maid-bot, your master needs some attention.” Vincent replied.

I ran the feather duster over the top of his penis, hoping in my mind that this would be enough to bring him off *buzzt*, bugg… *buzzt* ‘Stop thinking negative thoughts’, I said to myself, ‘there’s nothing you can do to stop this, go along for the ride and just let the computer control my body’.

From then on I just followed my program and my master’s wishes, bringing him off first with my hand and then my mouth. I found like the feeding tube I didn’t have to swallow, my throat seemed to just open up which allowed him to penetrate further, to his delight. He had just cum inside my throat when Steve returned, his date had apparently stood him up, maybe she found him sleazy too *buzzt*my thoughts again interrupted by a shock in my collar…

“What’s going on here,” asked Steve to Vincent, seeing the maid on her knees in front of a naked Vincent.

I thought, ‘what do you think was happening here *buzzt*, he’s just used me *buzzt* as his personal sultry, sexbot,’ apparently it was okay to think sexbot. My thoughts running through my mind as I continued to kneel there with Vincent’s now rapidly shrinking member in my hand.

“Well I just had to try her out…” Vincent stated matter of factly. “She works perfectly, the programming and conditioning is working really well, christ she’s even talking in a French accent!”

“You’d better not let Jean find out that you’ve been using her like that!” Steve warned.

“Sure, but wouldn’t you like to try her?” Creepy Vincent said.

“Well as the program’s running, why not, but not a word to the girls…”

With that I was used by both of them, several times, I didn’t think that nerds had that kind of stamina, maybe they’d taken something beforehand. They used all holes available for their pleasure, testing each one for tightness and commenting to each other about how good I felt.

‘Well duh!’ I know how good I felt, I’d been told by several boyfriends in the past. I thought without getting zapped again by the collar.

They treated me just like an object, their clinical plaything; it was very off putting for me with their running commentary. I couldn't get into enjoying this myself, I just continued on in my sulty French sexbot kitten mode as they used me.

When they had their fill of the fun I was again sent to the recharging station, but this time I was to be completely naked as the cleaning program that was recently added would clean all evidence of their fun with the maid-bot.

Whilst in there and plugged into the mainframe as I now referred to it, I felt my programming shift, all details of this night were erased and the maid-bot program re-established. They didn’t count on my actual memory to retain what had happened but I did recall some of the events, just fragments but they were stored deep down away from prying computers.

Well my theory had proven to be correct, it had taken some time but they had finally used me as their sextoy, an object for them to play with, just as I had thought a while back. Nerds!

The girls returned from their party weekend, enjoying themselves and having a great time. They asked the boys if anything happened over the weekend but they just said that the maid-bot performed all tasks within program parameters, which in a way I did but not as the girls would have imagined.

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story continues in part three


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