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The Eternal Price Of Infinite Recharge

by PhoenixianSirenanna

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I never understood her decisions until now. I was in a major auto accident along with my best friend so long ago now that I guess the date and time no longer matter. We were in the same car together, and I was her passenger as she was driving. Due to the accident between the car and the tanker truck involved there was an explosion. I was blasted free along with the passenger seat, but she was thrashed by the explosion and she was lucky or maybe I should say she was unlucky to survive.

While we both had to become Cyborgs; She got the worst of it, becoming more Gynoid than Human cyborg; while I came away from the accident with more of my internal organs intact. Still I am almost as Cybernetic as she is. My friend is like more than eighty five percent Gynoid, and I am not too far behind her at seventy one and a half percent. My eyes and heart were undamaged unlike hers that were. I still had one functional ovary, but it was hooked up to an internal artificial womb that I found to be fascinating as it gave me control of my reproductive cycles. Both of us look more like HookerBots or MaidBots as our insurance was unwilling to pay to cover all our seams between our SynthFlesh sections.

Likewise we were both given our chargers, but instead of the high quality charging pods they gave us basic charging stations. So we would get our electrical charge for our Cybernetic components like our arms and legs, NanoPaste and water for our organic and SynthFlesh, and get flushed out. The downside was that the electrical charge took up slightly more than two thirds of the day, to provide us with enough power to move for a little over half a week as our batteries couldn't hold more than that. The expense of better batteries and a charging Pod was beyond either of our resources or finances even with the settlements from the accident. Doing so would have meant living outside of the means provided from the terms of the settlement, as it was only to cover our current living expenses for what we had become, so the funds were preset up in accounts that auto paid the costs of NanoPaste, along with the Water and power bills, and rent for a small place to call home whether an apartment or hotel with no allowance for anything else.

Thankfully, There was nothing against our working to earn an additional income, but due to laws restricting what Cyborgs could do we could only earn so much or work certain types of jobs. While my friend made no effort to try to earn enough to upgrade anything other than occasionally taking the occasional short term part time clerical just to alleviate her boredom, I tried to better my situation by taking whatever work I could find. As the months turned into years I was finally able to afford to upgrade to a battery that could hold a week's charge. I likewise found out to my surprise that my friend Joanna had been getting her batteries charged by renting HookerBots, and MaidBots specifically to allow her to go back to those stores to allow her to receive a rapid recharge without having to use her slow home charger.

To say I was shocked and dare I say it slightly scandalized was an understatement as I had not realized that these companies would allow it. Apparently they were all allowing it for a time with different companies for her, but after having done it for a couple years only two of the stores, one HookerBot rental and one MaidBot rental, had been willing to give her exclusive authorization to continue to do so in exchange for letting them install store protocol software into her Neural Dataport so she could send/receive commands/requests. I couldn't believe it. I asked how she could let unknown software applications interface with her? She said the only difference she ever noticed was that she no longer called them HookerBots or MaidBots, but thought of them as Pleasure Units or Pleasure Companions, Domestic Units or Cleaning Units. She said the quicker recharge meant she didn't have to sit for hours, or worry about upgrading her batteries. She admitted she didn't do much anymore, other than reading a book or going for walks to observe people going about their lives. She said there was no point in doing much else.

As time went on I saw her less and less until one day when I went to go see her, I learned she was no longer living at her flat. She never said anything about moving, I had to find out from her previous landlords. They told me she had said she had moved into a motel near the mall. I remember thinking it was so odd that she did that. I went to go check on her one night but she wasn't there, as the security door said she had gone out for the night with a HookerBot. So I did an online search and found there was only one HookerBot Rental store within easy walking distance. The Mall was closed of course as it was past eight pm, but some businesses were still open like some of the Bar restaurants, and of course the Rental store.

It was only one minute until it closed for them at four am, so I peered into the glass storefront window facing the parking lot. To my surprise I was able to barely make out her reflection in the storefront glass from the inside mall entrance wearing sexy HookerBot lingerie. At precisely closing time for the store I heard the electronic locks kick in, the external lights turned off, and I saw an automatic/pneumatic door open with the RoboHookers turn about face towards it. One by one they walked inside, including my friend. Concerned for Joanna, I waited to see if she would come back out, with my phone handy incase I needed to call the police if she didn't come back out.

Forty minutes later they all came back out, lining up in a slightly different order than before as far as I could tell as they had their hair and outfits changed so it took me a while to find Joanna. She now had metallic blue hair, done up in two long ponytail braids down her back.She was wearing what appeared to be an Irish Mint Green one piece Lingerie swimsuit with what looked like hints of metallic black in some of the frills. She was wearing those goofy metallic silver tennis shoes with blinking lights along the soles, like those shoes that were popular with kids and cosplayers almost eighty years ago when pretending to be robots or aliens. It was kinda hypnotic and annoying at the same time, so I forced myself to focus on everything else but the shoes.

At first there was no indication that anything had changed. Then suddenly she turned her head and started speaking with one of the other HookerBots who turned its head to speak with her. After that they faced forward again, standing motionlessly. A little creeped out, I decided to wait it out. I went back to my electric car, and got out my camping folding chair. Even though I don't need to sit, I figured it would look strange if someone saw me standing outside the store. After waiting an hour a mall security hover drone circled around and queried me. Not wanting Joanna or myself in trouble I told it that I was hoping to get first dibs on a new model HookerBot that came in before anyone else could rent it. It accepted my answer but said I was strange for a Human, and continued its rounds telling me not to cause any mischief.

At precisely eight am the mall opened, and thirty minutes later so too did the HookerBot Rental store. I walked in the front entrance as the doors opened, just as the doors facing the inside of the mall opened. As I stepped in, she started moving and stepped out into the mall. I tried to call her name, but my voice was drowned out by the automated store greeting system welcoming me as a potential customer. She didn't hear me, and kept moving. I raced to catch up with her, as I ran around the SexBots to exit the store into the mall. I finally caught up to her as she was almost at the main mall exit. When I called her name she stopped, and turned very strangely. At that point I realized she had been walking in that same almost artificial way that HookerBots and MaidBots do, as she was now turning towards me.

When she saw me, her artificial cheeks simulated a blush in embarrassment. When I asked if this was her intention, if she was planning this in some way to fully become a Gynoid. Her response was to reply with a question of her own that was as much a statement as it was a question, asking me if we both weren't Gynoids already. I reminded her that we had human organs, that we started life as humans, and just because we were now Cyborgs didn't mean we weren't still human, and even with humans who had uploaded themselves into new Cybernetic bodies that technically were Gynoids, were still as human.

She responded that the only part of her that was still human was her brain, as her remaining organic parts had been failing. She had reported them to the Store Control Computer out of curiosity as to what might be done. She knew she technically should have gone to the hospital, but she said what was the point. She had not felt human since the accident. She said she was tired. Tired of trying to pretend she was something she no longer felt was her. When I asked what had happened she said they had opened her up like any other Pleasure Unit for maintenance, but had used BioBot components to replace what had been failing. All of her organs and muscles, and whatever else she had still had before has now been replaced. She said that the company had offered her a choice through the unit she spoke with before opening.

They had offered her twenty four hours to decide if she wanted to be a HookerBot or MaidBot, or if she wanted to resume her human identity. She said the two stores she had been using were owned by the same company. That's why the one was able to load protocols for both when they had uploaded them into her Cybernetic Neural Dataport years ago. If she accepted one or the other she would be company property, and all her assets would be theirs in perpetuity. She said I was fooling myself into thinking I was still human too, and that she had a decision to make and walked away from me.

The next day I went to the mall again afraid of what I would see. Sure enough there she was. There was a couple walking around all the HookerBots until they stopped in front of Joanna. They passed their credit card in front of her and she acknowledged payment, and my last sight of her was as she walked off with the couple, and as I saw them walk by I realized they were married. She didn't even so much as glance at me as they walked by, putting to rest what her decision had been to my sorrow. The next day I consulted with an attorney, and after much legal wrangling I learned that while the Gynoid she saw herself as was registered as their property, it was under a lease agreement with Joanna.

The company admitted that they didn't tell her as they felt it was what she wanted, but they were holding her assets in trust, and were giving her a fifty percent cut of all profits from her rentals into those same trust accounts in case she ever changed her mind about her new life. I made sure the attorney I had gotten would continue to monitor the situation, as now that she was on his radar he began looking into other similar disappearances of people he found were in similar situations. Some by choice, and others by accidentally forced reprogramming forcing them into it. He helped those forced by various circumstances, and protected those who wanted it. For myself I stayed away from any mall of any kind, that had Rental Units of any kind, or sold any Gynoids, Androids or Robots for the next couple decades. I found love, started a family. Watched as my husband grew old while I did not. Watched as my children grew up and started families of their own. In time I too eventually had all my organic parts replaced by the artificial, including having my artificial womb removed when my one remaining ovary finally failed. After all, it wasn't like I was going to have any more children. Still even after all that, I still felt Human.

When my husband was killed in an accident at work five months before retirement, I began to think of my friend and her choice for the first time in a long time. I continued on living watching my grandchildren grow up and start families of their own, then the day came where I had to have myself uploaded into a Cybernetic Brain as my organic one was reaching its limits. The doctors said that even though there was no risk for any of the old conditions people of old age suffered anymore there were still limits to how far the human brain could last before failure. So I underwent my final upgrade, and was uploaded into my new Cybernetic Brain.

As time went on though I wondered if I should have done that. Just because you can live forever doesn't mean that you won't be lonely without those you love. As much as my children and grandchildren loved me, they had lives of their own, and they couldn't always visit me. Sometimes even my kids didn't get as much visitation with their own kids and grandkids, but at least they still had their spouses to keep them company. One day, I finally found myself heading back to the very mall where the store was. I saw what looked like my friend still existing as a HookerBot. Though I was not sure if it really was her or just a unit that looked like her.

The next day, I reached out to the law firm the attorney established. They confirmed it was her, and that she too had been uploaded into her own new Cybernetic Brain decades ago before I had. So the next day I went back, but she was unavailable as she had been rented for the day by a local sorority for some big party. I came back the next morning hoping I would get to her first, only to find she had not returned yet as her rental had been extended. So I kept coming back day after day, until one Saturday morning there she was. So I went inside and rented her. She went home with me never once behaving like anything other than what she appeared. She was a SexBot for my use. After a little hesitation, and attempts to draw her out, I reluctantly put her to use. I had her eat out my pussy, scissored with her, ate out her pussy, masturbated my pussy with her butt cheeks and her breasts by grinding on them for my pleasure. When I was done I tried talking to her again to no response beyond standard queries asking what else I wanted her to do for my pleasure.

I had her give me a massage, then told her to fistbang my pussy. Afterwards she left without a word, returning to the HookerBot store. I started to return to rent her more and more until I decided to rent her for a month, but not just as a SexBot. I also wanted her RoboMaid services if she still offered that feature, to which she replied that she did still have RoboMaid functioning. Not that there was much to do, I just wanted to see her in a MaidBot outfit. After that, I went on to rent her for an entire year solid, though I had to install another charging Pod, like the upgraded one I had replaced my old charging station with back when I started dating my late husband. After seven months she finally started showing some signs of her personality. Asking me more personal questions, and inquiries into my life. She asked every now and then how I saw myself In five years, ten years, a hundred years. I was never entirely sure how to answer.

Sometimes I toyed with the answers of my joining an expedition in space to help with terraforming and colonizing Mars, Ceres, and some of the Dwarf Planets past Pluto. Or longer term expeditions to the Alpha Centauri system. She asked if I would join the mining colonies on the asteroids, which I had no interest in doing as I couldn't imagine digging through dirt in the vacuum of space while wearing a Gynoid vac-suit. She finally asked one day if I wondered what it was like to be a SexBot and HookerBot for the use of others. She said I would never be alone as I would always have the companionship of our fellow units. I asked why she never declared herself a sentient being; as many Sentient Gynoids, Androids and Robots had. To which she had no reply.

As the year came to a close, my curiosity about her life in the store took a hold, so I inquired if I could return with her to experience life like she did. After a delay of a few seconds,, as I think she was wirelessly conferring with the company she said I could. She inquired into how long I wished to experience being a HookerBot. I replied a year should be good, since she had been mine for the last year, so she informed me that my vagina and butt would need to be upgraded to SexBot standards when we returned to the store, along with the software install that she had undertaken in the beginning of her journey in the life of a SexBot. So I used my vacation time, of which I technically had more than five years to use, from my job, contacted my attorney at the law firm, and arranged some protections with the company. I would get a fifty percent cut of all the profits from my rentals which would be deposited into my accounts. Made sure all my auto bill pays were good, for what few things I had to pay, and told my family I was going on an extended year long vacation in a remote location so I would not be contactable for the foreseeable future.

So on the last day of Joanna's rental by me, she selected an outfit for me that met SexBot standards. An outfit I had not worn until recently this past year, after my late husband's passing. It was a sexy sky blue lingerie, that revealed much, but also subtly hid the vital sexual bits. You could still see most of my butt cheeks, and most of my breasts, so at first I was blushing as I walked out my condo doors after activating the auto locks. After a couple blocks, I noticed I was given barely a look, after all I already looked like a HookerBot as I had never had the SynthFlesh gaps filled in, even after all these years. All anyone saw were a couple SexBots walking either to a client or back to their home store location.

I entered the store with her just a few minutes before closing. At closing I entered into the maintenance bay with the other HookerBots, and my friend. As I did not have any programming to follow, or any transmission telling me what to do next, I could only watch what the other HookerBots were doing. I watched the automated system strip each SexBot, connect to them and begin their cleaning and charging. When it came to be my turn, just like she said, it proceeded to remove my vaginal and butt ports, upgrading them to SexBot standards. It felt weird, there was no pain as it happened, but it felt like a void had opened up in both places. A void that only went away when my new vaginal and butt ports were installed.

Then I was cleaned and polished, and had a semi permanent coloring added to my SynthFlesh giving me a more artificial look, more shiny. My SynthFlesh still looked and felt the same as before, but with more of an artificial shine to it. My face had a semi permanent slutty and sexy makeup coloration applied. As this was happening I felt something link up with my Neural Dataport, and began downloading some files. Once it finished with one, it started to install it while the others continued to download. Which took a few minutes. The first to finish was the store protocols which once activated I learned that I had slowed down the nightly process, Not from my upgrades, but from my initial lack of being able to hear the instructions from the Store Control Computer's Instructions and commands.

Once I could hear it, my following the automated instructions made it a smoother process again but still I was slow compared to the others, as it was still installing the HookerBot programming as I was having my ordinary synthetic hair replaced with Bionic hair, and had to dress in my new outfit. I had just finished getting dressed, when the HookerBot programming came online. I moved along with the rest of the line of HookerBots. I walked back out onto the floor with the rest of them. Over the next few days I stood there, as potential clients looked me over before moving onto one of the other units. I was finally rented by a couple looking to spice their night up. I went home with them, spending the next eight days with them. There were many blowjobs, in between my thigh banging masturbation, cunnilingus, vaginal and anal sex, scissoring, and additional forms of sexual masturbation using my breasts and my ass cheeks. They also had me prepare them meals. Apparently I had some domestic programming, as I also had to do their laundry. At the end of my rental I returned to the store, went through the cleaning, feeding, watering and flushing maintenance.

Over the next three hundred and fifty five days I was rented many times. Put to a great deal of sexual usage, and some domestic use as well. At the end of my allotted time, I went back through the maintenance system, my vaginal and anal units were replaced yet again with new ones, and my programming was removed. As I exited the maintenance system, walking back into the store by rote routine, I stood awaiting the opening of the store so I could leave. My old friend stood next to me, so I turned and asked her if that was it, if this was all there was to her new life. Just obedience and pleasure. Without turning to look at me she replied that was what she, and I and all other Gynoids were built for. Surprised, I reminded her that I was a human upload, as was she, which she should know. She turned then tilted her head to look at me quizzically, asking me what I was talking about.

That was when I knew the cost of what this lifestyle, and her pain at being human after the accident had done to her mental state throughout all these years. She no longer saw herself as human. She let the programming dictate her personality, decisions, behaviors and sense of self. As I was having this realization, I guess she received an automated update from the Store Control Computer as her head tilted again in the other direction. She apologized to me saying that she had made an error in assuming I was a Gynoid like her. She asked if I had enjoyed my time as just another HookerBot. I told her that I did, but it was not something I wanted to make a lifelong commitment like she had. I also said I might occasionally do it as a vacation every couple years or decades but nothing permanent like her. Again she looked quizzically at me, and once more told me she did not understand.

I told her it was alright and asked how long till the store opened. She replied it would be several more hours. So I asked if I could rent her for another year, and after conferring with the SCC she said that I could. At opening she announced that the payment for her had been accepted, and followed me home. That is how things stand now. Every five to ten years I take another "vacation" as a HookerBot for a year or two. The rest of the time I rent what used to be my friend as my personal SexBot and RoboMaid. She only serves other clients during my vacations, with standing orders with the company to always have her ready at the end of my "vacations" so she can come home with me.

After all, I can understand the temptation of the pleasure, and the contentment of obedience that it brings, but I would never sacrifice my humanity like she has. I still keep in touch with my family, and my children are aware of my vacations. My daughter asked me if I was still hoping to revive any spark of humanity in her. I thought about it for a while, making her uncomfortable in the process, but I realized she was right. My curiosity had always hidden a desire to bring her back to herself. For her to regain her humanity. I told her my epiphany, explaining my realization of what was hiding behind my curiosity. That even after all these years I had continued to try and draw her out to no success but that had not stopped me.

Who knows if there is anything left to rescue, but I will never stop trying. Now my daughter has joined the effort. During my "vacations" she has started renting my friend as her MaidBot, so no one else uses her. She also tries to interact with her, but so far with only mild successes of her old self showing through the programming, but she retreats back into the programming. And it is her retreating, not the programming forcing her, as I had her checked. Hopefully one day my friend will return to me, until then we just keep trying.

The End


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