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The Experiment

by Circuitbreaker

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© Copyright 2008 - Circuitbreaker - Used by permission - also appears dollstories

Storycodes: Other/f; M/f; message; virus; nanobots; transform; F2sexbot; pvc; catsuit; program; command; oral; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X


The nights were beginning to draw in and the weather was getting wetter. The rain hit the window of Emma's window as she sat at her pc. She was using her instant messenger to speak to her boyfriend Jay when all of a sudden an error message appeared on the screen. The message told her to insert her finger into the USB port and click ok. She thought this seemed strange so just clicked ok to clear the message. The message re-appeared telling her to insert fingers and click ok. She again dismissed the message and it again re-appeared. So this time she thought she'd try it just to get rid of this unwanted message. She placed her index finger into the port and reached over and used her left hand to click ok.

The message disappeared for a second and a download window opened. Emma suddenly felt a sharp pain in her finger as electrical signals pulsed through her finger. The download window then started to show the status of the download. Emma was on the floor not in control of what was happening and was powerless to pull her finger away from the port. The download eventually reached 100% and the pulses stopped, Emma pulled her finger back straight away and examined it closely. It seemed ok. She had felt the surges throughout her body and thought she'd at least see some kind of electrical burn. The messages on screen had disappeared and just showed her online conversation with Jay.

She got back to her chair and asked Jay to come over as she didn't feel she should be alone. He replied that he'd be over in an hour or so. With that the conversation window closed. She sat back in her chair pondering on what just happened and who had sent her the messages asking her to put her finger into her pc. She felt a numb area on her stomach which she began to rub through her top. It started to feel hard and the feeling was slowly starting to spread. She pulled up her top and noticed a shiny patch of chrome around her belly button and starting to spread outwards. She tried to look closer when she had an email alert. She clicked her email icon and the mail seemed to be from a mystery sender and was simply entitled 'it has begun'. Curious about the title, she opened the mail and read the message that was sent.

Dear Emma,

Congratulations! You Have just been infected with a computer virus. Do not be alarmed, this will not affect your computer. This virus is only designed to affect human DNA and turn any human into a pleasure bot. You were specially selected to trial this process on behalf of Nanotech Industries and will feedback information to us on the final process of your transformation. Side effects include high arousal but we have discovered that this acts as a catalyst for the transformation process and will speed up any transformation by 30%.

Unfortunately, this process is irreversible but indeed a pleasurable one and you will reap the benefits of eternal pleasure and service once the transformation is complete. However at this stage we are uncertain as to how contagious this virus can be.

Meanwhile, we thank you for downloading our virus and we hope you have an enjoyable time. One of our research team will visit you within the next few weeks to assess the results.

James Chalmers

Nantech Research Director


Emma sat back and couldn't believe what she had just read. She looked back at her stomach and couldn't believe how much of her was now metal. She tapped it lightly and it sounded real enough. All she had to do now was to wait for Jay to turn up. She got up and went to her bedroom and stripped in front of her full length mirror. To her horror, the metal was in more places on her body. Her knees were now intricately jointed and perfectly flawless chrome. Her arms had also started the transformation. It seemed to stop just below her neck though. There were no patches anywhere above her neck.

She needed a way to hide this all from Jay, so her instant thought was to reach for her new PVC catsuit. She had bought it for their first anniversary but now it would hide her shiny skin with something as shiny. She zipped up the front as more of her torso was lost to the virus. She then noticed her hands were also going through the same process. Each digit becoming mechanical and metal. She put on her pvc opera gloves to cover them too. She could've used any item of clothing to cover herself but this seemed the only thing she should go for. She put on some boots and was now completely covered.

She then felt she had to shave her hair off her head, something she never thought she would do. She went into the bathroom and reached for her scissors and started to cut away her long dark hair, she cut it as short as she could but wasn't short enough. She reached for her leg razor and began to remove the rest of the remaining hair she had. She soon finished and looked in the mirror. She ran her gloved hand over her now hairless head and then closed her eyes as though she was getting some kind of pleasure from this.

She then heard the doorbell ring so she started to walk to the door. She opened it and found Jay on the doorstep with a look of shock as the pvc goddess stood in front of him. She realised his shock and hurried him inside. He walked in and couldn't help but just stare at her as he did. She closed the door behind him.

"So is this an early anniversary present? You look amazing." Jay said as he just gazed at her.

"Well it is and it isn't. There was an important reason to ask you over here but now it doesn't seem that urgent. I just want you to take me upstairs and treat me like your own personal sex robot."

She couldn't believe she just said that. But doing so gave her a thrill and felt so right for some reason. She was right, the fact she was turning into a machine didn't seem too urgent any more. She just wanted him to order her about. It just seemed natural. She pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom and stopped before him with her arms by her sides looking straight ahead.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm awaiting your orders master," she replied in a sultry manor.

Jay couldn't believe his luck. The situation for him seemed odd but he was incrediblely turned on by the whole thing. The outfit, the role play, everything just seemed too good to be true. Emma was still silently shocked at what she was doing, she hadn't thought twice about what she was saying but it seemed to just naturally flow from her mouth.

Jay walked in front of her and admired his beautiful girlfriend. "Robot. I command you to kneel before me and take the whole of my cock in your mouth."

Jay knew Emma wasn't usually one for giving head so didn't expect what was coming next.

"Yes master." she simply said as she knelt down before him and undid his trousers with her gloved fingers. She pulled them down past his knees with his underwear soon following and knelt staring at his rock hard cock. She wrapped her hands around the base and started to rub as she opened her mouth and started to tease the end with her tongue. She applied light touches to start with but then moved the whole lot into her mouth. She had reached half way down and her mouth was full and she just stared at Jay the entire time who was willing her to take it all.

She positioned herself so that she could swallow him whole, she moved closer to Jay who by now was in heaven. Here was his girlfriend head to toe in pvc and about to swallow his cock. She moved again to position herself for the final bit of length. Her hands reached round to Jay's ass where she grabbed and just pulled herself in. The entirety of his 10 inch cock was now lodged down her throat. All he could do was twitch as he didn't want to choke her. Then he felt a powerful vibration deep in her throat. Not from her humming but a mechanical vibration deep in her throat. This caused him to go into over load as he started bolting against her face. He held her head tight into him as she shot hot cum down her throat. The vibration still driving him overboard as he continued to pump inside her. Emma throughout this all kept her eyes on Jay. It was almost as if she wasn't in control but in some kind of trance. Jay had finally finished and pulled Emma away off his cock.

She knelt back and simply placed her hands in her lap. "Was that sufficient master?" asked Emma.

All Jay could do was nod.

"Bringing you pleasure gives pleasure to this unit. I am programmed to give and receive multiple forms of pleasure. Would master like me to enter him while I continue to give oral?"

Jay just shook his head and told her to get up.

She did so and asked, "Would master like to see what this unit really looks like?"

Confusingly Jay said yes as he had already seen his girlfriend naked many times.

She stood in front of him and unzipped her catsuit to reveal a perfect chrome torso. She stripped off her gloves and her hands now were perfect mechanical digits. The rest of the suit came off and Jay was looking like he'd seen something incredible. She was now stood before him neck to toe in shiny chrome awaiting his command and standing to attention.

He put his hands on her shoulders and asked, "Em, why are you dressed like this? Don't get me wrong, you look absolutely amazing in it but you didn't need to go to all this trouble. I love you as you are."

She just stared blankly past him looking as though she was focusing on a certain point of the opposite wall. Jay looked closely at the seam where the metal met the skin of her neck. It almost looked as though the metal was slowly moving up her neck. He pulled at her to wake her and to try and get some sense out of her, she snapped out of her trance like state and then went in for a full on kiss. Jay couldn't help himself; he was high on passion again and stripped the rest of his clothes off. In between kisses asking why her skin was metal. His hands running over her back as the both fell to the bed.

Jay noticing now that the metal was below her chin. She seemed not to notice so he asked her again what was happening.

"I have a computer virus," she said, "in about 5 minutes I'll be a robot, but I want to be your robot. I want you to program me with anything you want of me. Make me your fuck bot please." she begged as the metal was now moving up the back of her head.

Jay moved on top of her as if entered her metal pussy, she let out a huge cry of pleasure.

"God yes! Now we shall be together forever as shiny robots. Programmed for pleasure for the rest of eternity!" she screamed with every thrust of Jay's cock.

"What do you mean baby?" Jay asked.

"You're now infected. You will be like me in a couple of hours. But I want you to make me your Pl...... ease........ I love.......... you.!" Her words were sounding more laboured as the metal moved up her face and started to meet with the metal from the back of her head.

Her eyes started to turn into shiny balls of silver and she started to orgasm. "please....... master........ must....... cum and........ be a ........ ro..... bot. Yes prog.ram me. Please. Cum.ming now. Must… cum… in….. me. Please. This….. is cum.ming! Yes…yes.! Ahh!" She screamed and suddenly stopped frozen. Her face in the middle of intense pleasure. Covered in shiny chrome forever.

Jay bolted hard against her pussy and continued to use her body as he felt himself get closer to cumming. The vision of his girlfriend frozen ready to be programmed really turned him on. But no matter how hard he pumped her body, he couldn't reach the climax. He got faster and started to hear metal on metal clangs. He looked down and saw his metal cock pounding his girlfriend’s metal pussy. Then suddenly out of nowhere he felt immense pleasure as he suddenly came hard into his girlfriend’s metal body. And he kept cumming and cumming for at least 4 minutes, in that time the metal had grown out to his stomach. He looked at Emma's metal body, still and ready to be programmed.

He called her name to see if she would respond but there was no reaction to noise so he leant down to her face and touched it with his. She was nothing but cold hard metal against his skin and for some reason this again turned him on. Her unresponsive form just lay there as Jay's cock twitched inside her metal pussy. He started to pump her again slowly and was finding it hard to control himself. All the time looking at his robotic girlfriend lying there, what used to be loving flesh and bone now nothing more than metal, circuitry and wiring. And for some reason he loved it. His pumping got faster and harder. The loud sounds of metal on metal got faster and louder. The faster he got the faster the metal took over his body. Within minutes his body was metal from the neck down.

Things seemed clearer now. He wasn't fucking his girlfriend, he was programming her. As the metal crept over his face and started to convert his mind he just bolted in one huge climax into his robotic girlfriend. The huge bolt of programming made her body convulse as streams of data flowed from him into her. This lasted for 30 minutes and the pleasure for both of them was off the scale. Their new robotic minds ready to carry out their programmed functions. Jay pulled himself away from what was emma and stood next to the bed where her body lay. "Prog.ram.ming com.plete". Was all that could be heard from both units in a synchronised monotone voice.

Both units made for pleasure and ready to continue programming each other until the arrival of the research assistant from Nantech.

But will he/she turn up? You decide!

This is my first ever attempt at writing a story so if you enjoyed it, let me know at [email protected]



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