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The Maid-bot in Me

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; Fbot/f; D/s; machine/f; roleplay; maid; maid-bots; uniform; collar; device; mind-control; program; transform; F2maidbot; computer; controlled; sex-bot; mistress; chastise; doppelganger; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

The Maid-bot in Me 2: Mistress Jackie Gromet Solo-F; M/f; Fbot/f; D/s; machine/f; roleplay; maid; maid-bots; uniform; collar; device; mind-control; program; transform; F2maidbot; computer; controlled; sex-bot; mistress; chastise; doppelganger; sex; denial; climax; cons; X
story continued from part one

Part 2: Mistress Jackie

Several weeks passed by in a blur for Jackie, once she was back to being controlled as a maid-bot she didn’t seem to notice the time as much, her mind now clearer and more focused, got on with the tasks at hand as commanded. She spent her evenings being recharged in the pod and her days cleaning, washing and doing other domestic duties. Because of her longer sessions she was no longer bringing herself off afterwards as she used to, her sexual energies reserved for the weekends when her husband was home, much to his delight as she seemed much more responsive to his demands.

Jackie had also become more submissive to her husband, though he didn’t notice this even when during one sexual encounter Jackie was lost in one of her fantasies and whispered, “Take me master, and use me for your pleasure.” She felt him become more forceful when she spoke like this, he more turned on and was soon climaxing inside her, her own orgasm denied this time. But her submissive side loved the fact that he had cum and she had not, she felt all warm and pleasant inside, satisfied to have pleased her man.

With her submissive side coming out more, Jackie began to feel that something was missing from her playing as a maid-bot, sure being under the control of the system was good, but she felt that she needed something else or someone to take charge of her. Her husband was still unaware of her desires and her playtime as a maid-bot; he had noticed the change in Jackie but didn’t have any idea what had changed her or question what was causing it.

So instead of changing back into a maid-bot as soon as her husband left on Monday as usual, she contacted the consultant she had previously spoken with at Maid-bots, Inc. They had assigned the same consultant to her to maintain continuity when Jackie required something else from the company.

“Hello Jackie, how can I be of service to you today?” she asked.

“Hi Susanne,” said Jackie, “I was wondering if you could help me?”

“Sure what seems to be the problem? Is the system functioning okay?” Susanne asked.

“Oh yes, no problem there, it’s just that I feel like something is missing, don’t get me wrong I love the system controlling me, but there is a spark missing.” Jackie said.

“A spark missing?” Susanne asked, “What sort of spark?”

“Well something to control me, order me around…” Jackie said, “Make me feel less human, treat me as a servant, other than the maid-bot control system.”

“You need someone to control you then, am I right?” Susanne asked.

“Mmm! Yes I think so.” Jackie replied, biting her lip at the mere suggestion of someone ordering her around, her own arousal heightening at the thought. “Do you think I’m weird?”

“No, it’s not uncommon for people who want to experience being a maid-bot to want, or even desire this. Have you asked your partner?” Susanne asked.

“OH no, he doesn’t know about any of this, I don’t think that he would understand.” Jackie replied.

“So you need someone else to control you then? Mmm, well we do have a solution to your question.” Susanne said, “But you may not like it.”

“What is it?” Jackie asked, now intrigued.

“We have a range of Sex-bots that have a dominant program that we could use to make your desires possible, it will cost more that the maid-bot program, but I think that this will work for you.”

“Sex-bots! I’ve seen them, all dressed up going between clients, I’m not sure if that would work?” Jackie said, “And how do I hide it when my husband is here at the weekends?”

“Easy, we set up the system for you to switch places; she’ll be the maid-bot at the weekends and your owner during the week.” Susanne said.

Jackie’s stomach had butterflies when she heard the word ‘owner’, her sex started to react and she could feel the little tingles of pleasure emanate from her crotch. “So my husband would be none the wiser, she’ll be me during the week and then I’ll be the maid-bot under her control, then we switch.”

“That’s right, we can program her to be you or a version of you but meaner, more domineering so that she commands you, thereby giving you that missing spark you require.” Susanne replied.

“Could she be made to look like me? Or a version of me, like near twin sisters or such?” Jackie asked, she thought having a sex-bot looking like her to control her would add a twist.

“Yes, she can made to look like whatever you want to, it depends on what you want, but we’d need you to come in for a scan so we can get the dimensions right. That’s if you want her to look the same as you.”

“That sounds exactly what I require, when can I come in?” Jackie asked.

“Today, if you’re free.” Susanne said, pleased to help Jackie and also make another sale for the company.

Jackie spent the rest of the morning at Maid-bots, Inc. getting her body scanned and going over the requested programming required for the sex-bot to control her. They also showed her how to set the range of dominancy that she wanted, she initially chose the sex-bot to be set at 70%, as she wanted to be dominated by the sex-bot but still have some connection with her. Once all of the requirements were gathered from Jackie they began the process of making the sex-bot.

The next day the technician arrived along with a female assistant; Jackie showed them in and then had them sit on the couch. The assistant looked familiar and it wasn’t until Jackie got a closer look that she realised that it was the sex-bot she’d ordered. She did indeed look like Jackie’s twin, just the way she wanted, with just some minor variations and of course hair colour, her twins hair was black, but that was just a wig that could be changed.

“So here’s your new sex-bot.” The technician said, “What do you think?”

“I’m amazed, I didn’t realise that it was her, sorry the sex-bot, that was quick.” Jackie said. “She looks just like me.”

“Yes, we try to match the customers requirements to the letter.” The technician stated, “I hope that she meets with your expectations.”

“I’m sure she will.” Jackie happily said, looking forward to being under her control.

“So you’ve seen the programming back at the factory, you’re happy and confident with the controls?” he asked.

“Yes, I did all that.” Jackie replied eager to get on with it.

“So I assume that you’re eager to start then.” He asked, knowing she would be, he could see the excitement in her eyes.

“Yes please.” Jackie said meekly. She was already dressed in her maid uniform as usual during the week, though she hadn’t been under the control of the system she had been cleaning and doing chores around the house, something that seemed normal to her now.

“All I need to do then is activate the program, now that it’s uploaded into the house system and she’ll become you, your owner and you her maid-bot.”

Jackie melted inside when she heard the word again, ‘owner’ it sounded so good to her. Her body began to feel the initial stages of her biological responses to sexual thoughts and desires.

“Please could I get you to set the system to control me and her, like you have in the past?” Jackie asked.

“No problem, how long do you want?” he asked, again used to his customers requesting this of him.

“Until Friday lunchtime.” she asked.

“That’s a long time for the first time, are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ve been wanting this for so long, please switch me on and turn me into her maid-bot, I want to be controlled by her – my owner.” Jackie submissively said.

“Okay, Friday lunchtime it is.” The technician said as he pressed the keyboard to start the programs running.

Jackie felt her body come under the control of the system, her body rigid and awaiting commands. The sex-bot, now Jackie started, she looked around at her surroundings and then at the maid-bot in front of her. “What are you standing there for, get to work you useless machine, before I have you sold as scrap.” She scolded.

Jackie melted inside, she was loving being commanded by her new owner, she felt more alive inside than she had ever been, her submissive side now taking full command of her mind as she obeyed her new mistress and started to clean the house. ‘Oh this is just what I wanted.’ She thought.

Meanwhile the sex-bot version of Jackie turned to the technician and said, “Thank you for coming over here to fix my maid-bot, she has been acting strange lately.”

“No problem, all part of the service.” He said, knowing that this was part of the programming and cover story that made the sex-bot Jackie and Jackie, the maid-bot. “If you need anything else please give us a call at Maid-bots, Inc.”

“I will and again thank you, my maid will show you out.”


Jackie spent the rest of the week as the maid-bot being ordered and belittled by her owner, or Mistress as she now liked to be called. The new Jackie was mean to the old Jackie, always down casting her performance, Jackie-bot couldn’t seem to do anything right, she was loving being chastised by her new Mistress, this was what she’d been missing.

Her nights were spent in the charging pod, whilst the new Jackie recharged in her bed, a portable power pack recharging her systems as she lay on the bed looking like she was asleep. Jackie-bot felt even more submissive knowing the fact that she was upstairs in her place, in her bed whilst she was down here with the other maid-bots recharging overnight, now just another machine.

Her days were a constant barrage of commands from her Mistress, she was kept busy and was loving every second of it, she seemed that she couldn’t do enough for her Mistress, she loved and desired nothing more than being owned by the new Jackie. The new Jackie even answered the telephone as her now, speaking with friends and her husband as if she were her, the programming using her memories to enable the sex-bot to pose as her.

Even one of her friends popped over for coffee and a chat, one of the other maid-bots answering the door. Jackie-bot then served them both coffee on the patio, her friend eyeing her as she served them, Jackie felt very submissive in front of her, she also felt humiliated but loved the feelings that she was experiencing. This was her friend who had suggested to her about trying the Stacy Maid-bot program, so knew that Jackie had bought the system.

“I see that one of your maid-bots looks similar to you.” She said to the new Jackie sitting next to her, pointing out the maid-bot Jackie standing there.

“Yes I found it amusing to have a servant around the house looking like me.” She replied.

“One would even think that you traded places on the odd occasion.” She laughed.

“Well I would never stoop that low; she is a mere servant android after all.” Jackie laughed. “But I suppose there are those out there who would love nothing better than becoming nothing more than a domestic unit.”

Jackie-bot felt herself becoming flushed inside, her sex now getting wetter than usual; she was constantly turned on since falling under the command of her new mistress, but could do nothing to release the sexual urges she was experiencing. And in any case her mistress would not allow that sort of thing for her anyway. She was tightly controlled by her new owner, something Jackie eagerly enjoyed.

“Yes I suppose there are people like that!” she said winking at Jackie-bot knowingly.

“Okay maid, go about your business, I’m sure that there is some spot that you’ve missed in cleaning this morning.” Mistress Jackie commanded dismissing the Jackie-bot. “Sometimes these bots need a good firm hand.” She said as she returned to her guest.

Jackie-bot walked off as commanded and returned to her duties, her friend watching her as she walked away, knowing that she was enjoying herself and not wanting to spoil the scene for her. But she would have to speak with the real Jackie later to find out more, she thought.

She continued the rest of the week as a maid-bot, sleeping in her recharging pod at night and returning to her duties during the day. Her Mistress treating her as she deserves, and likes; ordering her around, making her redo chores that she’d spent hours doing beforehand. Punishing her for misdemeanours that were minor; something that the old Jackie would not have even bothered with before.

Friday lunchtime arrives and Jackie-bot feels her own body control returning to her, she felt disappointment that the session was ending, she had enjoyed every minute even though she never seemed to satisfy her Mistress. The sex-bot that had been her owner now returned to her charging pod, stripping herself out of Jackie’s clothing and plugging herself in to the pod. Jackie walked in behind her, almost in automatic maid mode, once there she began to remove her maid uniform and was about to step into her own pod when she realised that she was now longer under control and no longer a maid-bot.

Jackie’s husband arrived home later that day, he found Jackie cooking in the kitchen and the house spotless. He was impressed at the improvements that had happened around the house, and even more in Jackie’s desire to please him in the bedroom. She wanted nothing more than to please him it seemed and carried out his requests without question. She now was becoming more submissive in the bedroom as well.


Once he again left on Monday morning, she dashed into the maid’s room, stripped off her clothing and dressed herself as a maid. She again placed the collar around her neck and immediately the system took charge of her body, she was now a maid-bot again. At the same time the system switched the sex-bot, who during the weekend had been just another maid-bot, with a change of hair colour, now became Mistress Jackie again. She dressed herself in Jackie’s clothing and began to berate the maid for her poor performance in bed with the Master, the state of the house and anything else she could find to put jackie-bot in her place.

Jackie was happy that she was nothing more than a maid-bot again and loved the fact that Mistress was treating her like she was; she was just another servant in the household and was there to perform the various functions that her Mistress required. She felt her submissive self rise inside her at being commanded by her owner, she wanted nothing more than to serve her.

This continued during the week, several guests called by for lunch or coffee with Jackie, she had her maid-bot Jackie serve them all, some commenting about the similarity others just ignoring the servant, she nothing more than a maid-bot and treating her that way. They just treated the new Jackie like the old version, chatting away about this and that, all the time not suspecting that she was really a sex-bot in Jackie’s place and that Jackie was actually the maid-bot.

Tradesmen came and went, fixing things in the house that needed repair, something that the old Jackie never really got around too. All again ignoring the maid-bot Jackie, as she answered the door or served them refreshments at her Mistress’s command. Eyeing her up in her uniform, her bottom wiggling as she walked in front of them, their eyes watching her movements but ignoring her once she had introduced them to her Mistress. Jackie loved the way they looked and treated her as just another maid-bot.

Her friend even returned one morning hoping to speak with the real Jackie, but only to find her still as a maid-bot answering the door. She even tried to talk to her but all Jackie-bot could do was to answer her as a maid-bot would, her programming overriding her ability to communicate with her friend. ‘She must be really enjoying this’, she thought, and left her alone to go have coffee with her replacement.

The house seemed to be running much more efficiently under the new Jackie than the old one, the house was better kept and maintained, the household budget was under control and her former social calendar now filled with friends and acquaintances, either visiting the house of Jackie going out to see them elsewhere, leaving Jackie-bot alone in the house under the control of the system.

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story continues in part 3: Discovery


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