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Maid to Serve

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Maid-bot TF

My name is Mari Chambers, a 21 year old college grad who is in bad need of some cash. I am 5’5 and my body is fairly impressive, with C-Cup breasts, nice curves and a plump butt I have been complemented quite a bit. 

I had been searching online for weeks trying to find a job that paid well, but the only openings I found were in fast food or retail. That is until today.

When I got up this morning I once again began my search, this time however I was intrigued by one offer.

A business man in San Francisco was looking to pay someone for the use of their android as long as they could act as a maid for the family. As soon as I saw the android part I deflated but I kept reading anyways.

When I saw the pay for the job my jaw dropped and I knew I had to have the position, but I didn’t have an android nor could I afford to buy even the older models. How was I going to swing this?

I began researching the models of androids and how they worked, the prices were way outside my price range but I did discover something that was a little crazy. During my research I stumbled into a forum that featured many stories of women, like myself, being turned into robots or androids. 

I spent the entire rest of that day reading these stories and piecing together an idea that should have been considered impossible. The more I read the more I began placing myself into these scenarios and then the end result would be me making bank working for that business man in San Fran. 

I didn’t sleep at all the next day as I came to my conclusion and began enacting my plan. First I picked up my phone and dialed the number on the ad. It rang a few times before a click and a deep masculine voice answered.

“Hello, George Fournier speaking.” He said. He was the owner of a famous factory that made all different kind of steel products that were shipped all over the world. He was a multi-millionaire and I was looking forward to this.

“Hello Mr. Fournier my name is Mari Chambers and I am calling about the android rental job.” I said as calm but chipper as possible.

“OH! That is great Mari! Did you fill out all of the forms already? I would love to get his deal done ASAP!” the business guru sounded very happy now and it was contagious as I smiled widely in response.

“I did indeed sir. All I need is for you to send the shipping information and I can complete the deal” I said fingering my mouse over the send button with all of the documents in an email.

“Great! I will read over your information and then send you the form for shipping the bot, everything else will be taken care of! Thanks again!” he said before hanging up the phone.

I kept grinning as I hit the send button and then leaned back, waiting for the form that I needed to fill out for shipping the just created android, myself, from Oregon to California. I heard the jingle and opened up the email to view the form.

I was a little surprised to see the form was from the leading manufacturer of androids in the United States. I clicked the link and it brought me to a page that had around 20 boxes that needed to be filled out.

The first few were just basic information like address and the like but I had to start researching the later information. The 8th question was about the type of android being sent in and I already prepared the answer, although it was embarrassing referring to myself in the way I was having to.

I filled out the card saying that I was a newer model sex bot that was reprogrammed to not only do things in that category but also help with all household needs. I filled out the remaining basic information until I got to the last few boxes.

They were in order asking if I wanted the bot to be reprogrammed, dressed, cleaned or redesigned. The dressed and cleaned options were greyed out with checks in the saying off to the side that it was mandatory for bots going out to other jobs so I just huffed and left the other two blank.

The final box was what time I wanted my bot to be picked up, I promptly selected midnight tonight so no one would be asking questions. After I filled it out the form was submitted and it told me what to do in order to have a proper pick up.

It was very direct, please place designated android outside of the address free from any clothing or accessories and in sleep mode. Our professional delivery trucks will come by and take it to the nearest factory to be prepared.

All of this sounded scary and yet I was getting excited the more I thought about it, so I set about cleaning my home and throwing away all of my perishable items before watching movies into the late evening.

As 12 approaches I grinned madly as I stripped myself and walked outside, I had a key outside of my home and I had let my family and friends know I was going out of town for who knows how long to sight see for a while with no contact available.

It was 11:45 as I stood rigid on my front porch waiting for a truck to come by and pick up this lonely android. At what I assumed was a little past twelve a large truck backed into my drive way and slide open the back door allowing me to see a bigger man step out. I hastily shut my eyes and activated “sleep” mode. 

My plan must have worked as the big guy just lifted me up and carried me into the back of the truck. No words were exchanged as he laid me down inside of something soft before the light I could see through my eyelids was gone. 

I opened them quickly and felt around slowly. I was in some kind of crate filled with packing peanuts, next to me I could feel the realistic skin of another pair of androids on either side of me. I must have fallen asleep in the confines of the crate at some point.

When I next awoke I was standing on a conveyor belt surrounded by other androids, all female and naked. A scrawny man in a lab coat was admiring all of us while turning each on and asking a series of standard questions that I had practiced over and over.

A few moments later he pressed a finger into my belly button and I opened my eyes. “Android designation Mari Chambers online and fully functional. Awaiting Commands” I said as robotically as I could manage while staring straight ahead of me.

“Ah good we didn’t want any complications with the rental unit.” The man mumbled as he looked over my body before typing away on a little tablet.

“Okay Mari-bot please state your primary purpose and last usage data” he asked in a bored voice.

“This unit’s primary purpose is currently completing daily household tasks with a secondary programming of pleasure to my owner. Last usage was to clean out my owner’s food storage for any perishables.”

He nodded his head and typed some more before he looked up at me. “You are designated for basic cleaning, dressing and then will be shipped to your temporary work place. Please cooperate with the factories’ programs or we will be forced to reset you to factory standards, understood?”

“Affirmative, new objective recognized sir.” I was scared about possibly being re-programmed or in that case being discovered but he seemed to buy my acting as the belt carried me forward into what I assumed to be the processing machine. 

Soon I was sprayed on all sides by warm water, courtesy of some high-powered hoses. I was actually pretty nice despite how hard I was being sprayed. Next a pair of large brushes came down and began rubbing all over my body, covering it in soapy bubbles.

It burned my eyes a lot and it took a lot of control not to moan as the brushes reached my breasts, ass and vagina. I did however keep a straight face and soon the warm water from the hoses returned and washed away all of the suds from my body.

I expected that to be the end of it but four large pads came out and were rotating as they made contact to my body. I felt something warm and wet on the pads that was being rubbed onto my skin and soon they pulled away and I was out in the open of a large factory that had androids being made everywhere. 

It was pretty cool but what eventually caught my eye was the reflection of myself I could see on one of the stainless steel machines. There in a line of mechanical women I could hardly recognize myself.

It turns out the stuff on those pads was wax that polished every nook and cranny of my body. I was shining as much as the other androids behind me. Although I did not get to look as long as I would have liked to before I was moved into another machine.

I knew I was going to be dressed in a standard outfit for androids but when a blur of arms slid me into a black almost catsuit with pink highlights I was confused. It hugged my body perfectly and made me look very sexy so I wasn’t going to complain.

A pink and grey metalish skirt was slid onto my waist followed by similar boots and armbands locking into place too. Something was lowered over my head and placed into position before I was moved back out into the factory for the final phase. 

The machine pulled me forward and a large crate was opened up in front of the line. It had a large Styrofoam cutout of my body on the inside and I was gently placed into it. The odd gaps were filled with packing peanuts.

I figured I was about to be enclosed for shipping until I saw a girl I did not recognize approach me. 

“Mari-bot please initiate sleep mode sub routine until you reach you designated work zone.” She said simply.

I saw no reason to not keep the act up at this point. “Acknowledged, sleep mode activating.” I said before closing my eyes and actually falling asleep once the crate was sealed.

The ride to San Fran was rather bumpy but I managed to get a lot of sleep. Once we arrived I assumed my “sleep mode” position and waited.

I did not have to wait long as my crate was soon filled with light and I felt someone pushing on my bellybutton. “Mari-bot now online. How may I assist my owner?” I say in my practiced robot voice.

A woman no older than 35 stood before me in a red tanktop and white skirt. She ran a hand over my face and down my body.

“Wow babe they were right about these things looking real. Without the outfit I might think she was an actual person.” The woman stated to a tall man with a big beard.

“I told you so honey. Now thanks to our friend Mari we have a maid for a the weekend while we are gone!” he said lifting up some luggage as he exited the room.

The woman turned to me and listed off multiple chores I was to be in charge of and then handed something to a boy who was probably around 16 years old. 

“Now Jeff be good while we are gone. You are in charge ok?” she gave him a hug and a kiss before she too left and the two of us were standing alone.

Once the door was closed and we heard the car leave he turned to me and started appraising me. After a quick circle to inspect my body he grabbed my left breast and squeezed it.

I remained still but inside moaned at the touch that was intensified by the latex outfit I was wearing. He smiled as he lifted his other hand and began doing the same to my other breast. 

He seemed to have a good time kneading my chest until he grinned a sly smile. “Hey robot. Go do your chores, once you are finished come find me and report.” He said looking at me expectantly. 

“Understood. Maid protocol initiated.” I hummed and began tidying up the house. He left the room.

Around three hours later I was finished with all of the chores and was walking around the large home trying to find Jeff. I did eventually find him sitting in his room playing a video game.

“The chores have all been completed. Any further orders are being awaited.” I said standing in the doorway to his room.

He just looked at me before scooting over on his small couch. “Join me in sitting down Maid. I would also like a name to call you, do you have one?” he asked.

“My designation is Mari.” I said unmoving.

He patted the open seat. “Come and sit Mari.”

I obliged him and sat down stiffly next to him. He immediately threw his arm around me and held me close.

“What other programs can you run Mari?” he asked as he continued to play his game while holding me.

“I am designated to run programs involving housework and care.” I said not liking how he had been treating me since my arrival. 

He smiled and paused his game. “Can you care for me Mari?” he asked in a tone that was way too sensual for me right now.

“My programming does have care features for human needs. I can cook if that is what you are requesting.” I say hoping that this will end his idea.

He rolled his eyes and pulled out a laptop from behind him and a usb plug from his pocket. He lightly poked my bellybutton so I had to act like I was in sleep mode.

“Hopefully I can still download files on this stupid model. Maybe I could make the maid my own personal slut-bot!” he cried happily as I felt him mess with what I assumed was my headband.

When he tapped a few buttons on his keyboard my mind was flooded with information. I was very confused as I now knew how to pleasure a man in almost every position and with nearly every part of my body. 

Pictures and images were sent to my brain and all of them in some way involved sex. I was disgusted but couldn’t do anything without being found out.

After what seemed like forever past I was again allowed to “activate”.  

“Mari-bot now online and fully functional. Awaiting commands.” I said but nearly lost it when I saw Jeff in front of me completely naked.

“Mari please pleasure me.” He said in a commanding voice and no matter how much I tried I could not ignore the command as I took his member deep into my throat and began moving my head to please him.

I cannot begin to fathom how he made me actually do this for him but it happened. And it was not the end of it. 

It became evident over the weekend that my job as a maid was secondary to pleasing my youngest owner. I would clean the house and then report to him in order to either give him a hand job or blowjob. 

Thankfully my clothes hid my nether regions from him and he seemed to accept that I was just a standard maid built for cleaning and not pleasure. This saved me from being effectively raped.

Thankfully on my last day working there he had to be back at school so I only had to give him a blow job in the morning before he left and then I was free. I cleaned the house for the last time before standing near the entryway at attention waiting for Mr and Mrs Fournier to return.

I wasn’t waiting long as the door opened and in came the wealthy couple laughing and holding each other in their arms. They placed their luggage down and then noticed me standing there.

Mr. Fournier whispered something into his wife’s ear before she nodded and walked off. 

“Follow me Mari-bot” he said and I complied, following him into the kitchen. He stopped and grabbed a beer from the fridge and then turned back to me.

I stood there still and watched as he took a long drink before staring me down. “You can drop the act Ms. Chambers. I have known since we left that you were not an android, though the coat of wax and your excellent acting almost fooled me.” 

My stiff body sagged at his words and I gave him a flat but good natured smile. “What gave me away?” I asked now taking this opportunity to relax my stiff muscles. 

He gave me a smile and took another sip. “Other than your robot name being the same as your “owner’s” name, you just graduated and did not have a job. That means no money to own or upkeep a newer model android.”

I nodded as his explanation hit the points I expected them to. It wasn’t shocking but I suppose now I could tell him about his son using me for his own needs.

“Now I know exactly what you want to speak about but let me cut you off now. I know exactly what my son used you for and I am sorry to say but he was completely justified in doing it. You were technically his property for the duration of him using you to… pleasure himself. In that regard I have a proposition for you.”

I was stunned at his words but just kept my mouth shut and listened to him. He held a piece of paper up and continued.

“Here I am holding a license to own an android and you my dear are still in need of a job. My offer is as such. You will move here to San Francisco and I will buy you a home near here. You will work for me here as our permanent maid. While you are here you will continue to be perceived as an android and obey our commands. With that you will receive your home and normal pay per week as we discussed earlier. I will attempt to talk my son out of using you in those ways again. Do we have a deal?” 

My only response was to nod and shake his hand to which he led me to another room in the house that I had yet to enter. It was full of machines that all had unknown purposes.

“This is where our old maid-bot was housed. Each of these machines are integral to the upkeep of an android and as such you will be using these daily.” He said walking to the first one, a large box that opened up to reveal hoses and things similar to the ones at the factory.

“This is where you will arrive and be cleaned and waxed before moving on to the dressing machine. It will dress you in an outfit of your choosing or perhaps a random choice by one of my family members.” He said pointing to the second large box.

He placed a hand on a smaller body shaped machine. “This is where you can load programs into any given android and seeing how you were uplinked a file containing every sex position and pleasure method this side of Asia, I think I can safely say it works on humans too.”

I nodded dumbly as stepped up next to the last machine in the room. A large pod like device with a clear glass front.

“Lastly, this is the recharging pod. As the name suggests it is where an android is plugged into rest after a full day’s work. Depending on your work schedule and how frequent you are here I might suggest just “plugging” yourself in here and sleeping in it. I have heard it is very comfortable and it will also help with you disguise.”

We left the enclosed room and entered what I assumed was their master bedroom. Sitting on the bed was Mrs. Fournier and she was smiling at us.

“Mari here has agreed to our terms darling. We are now the proud part time owners of a Mari-Bot android. Mari this is my wife Veronica, you will be assisting her most of the time.”

Veronica stood and embraced me in a hug. “Oh we are going to have so much fun Mari. I can dress you in all kinds of things and even get your opinions on clothes! Oh I forgot to mention I am a fashion designer so that is what assistance I will need from you!” she said very quickly and happily.

Mr. Fournier reentered the room with the phone snapping shut. “The movers are getting all of your things prepared as we speak for the trip to your new condo. Jeff will be home soon so I recommend you go and put yourself into the charging pod unless you want to see him right now.”

“Of course Mr. Fournier, thank you for the opportunity. Both of you!” I told them before walking myself back into the android room.

As I stepped into the pod and set the release timer for five hours I was thinking on what my life had become.

One thing is for sure though… I had one of the weirdest jobs ever.


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