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Metal Maid

by Robotunit8

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(The inspiration for this story comes from 2 sources, the first being Sue-Chan's many Metal Maid type images and transformation, the second being a more ‘extreme' design in a picture by someone called Chasti-Permalock which was sent to me a couple of years ago, or maybe even more, which has intrigued me with story potential ever since. The fact that said maid is so enclosed that chastity is a permanent state for her makes it impossible to use it literally for this story, so I've made it a slightly less chaste outfit, making it a sexually ‘usable' outfit. )

She stood in the middle of the lab, the perfect image of femininity dressed in a trim maid's outfit, looking stunning. Trouble was, that by this stage of proceedings it wasn't the young lab assistant Stephanie that should be wearing it, but the ‘Metal Maid' who was due to be displayed for the first time at the ‘Grand Design Exhibition' starting the next day. But unfortunately during the last 2 days before the big event, the complex AI of the Metal Maid had started to malfunction badly, and she currently stood motionless in the corner of the room.

They had managed to coax Stephanie into the sexy looking outfit because she was more or less the same shape and height as the Metal Maid, and they needed to make sure it would fit just in case they finally solved the problem. Stephanie had simply been used as a human test dummy to check that when the Maid moved and flexed that the outfit wouldn't be ‘too' revealing when she moved about. They were happy with that side of business, but not so happy with trying to get the Maid to function properly! For some reason the command functions they gave her just didn't seem to match up to her actions.

Metal Maid was at the cutting edge of modern day AI technologies, a controllable, programmable unit perfect to surprise visitors and dinner guests with her presence. About 5ft 6 tall, with a figure (and curves) to die for, she could either come with a standard human type face with all the standard facial features, or a clever ‘de-luxe' version that simply screamed ‘machine' at you if that was your desire. This model had no facial features at all beyond 2 tiny red lenses which sent a visual image of the outside world to the AI system, and the maid would react to this perfectly. Beyond that she had a perfect little O of a mouth for those rare occasions when she needed to speak. Paul had joked to Andy that the perfect little mouth could be used for another purpose, but not when any of the girls were about! Caps on the nipples covered up the receptors for signals which simply opened and shut with a gentle touch. The only other openings were seamless panels in the vaginal and anal areas for check ups, and charging sessions.

But at the moment she wasn't functioning at all! And tomorrow was supposedly her big day!

As Stephanie went off to change back into her everyday clothing, Paul turned to Andy and said, “You know of course, there is one way round this problem to get us through tomorrow.”

“There is?” asked Andy racking his brains for what it could possibly be, “I suspect we could crack the problem in about 24 hours, but its getting that far without being laughed at. So come on Einstein, how do we avoid disaster tomorrow?”

Paul grinned, “Well all the gadgetry and AI units that make ‘her' function are basically inlaid into the shell of the unit, so there is plenty of room for someone to slip inside the Metal Maid. I know the system uses the nano-links to connect front to back of the unit, but while its deactivated those functions cant operate. And even if the AI system was functioning, the nano-links are on a seperate control panel anyway because of the safety factor, we wouldn't want those linking up while a person was inside, because I'm not yet convinced they would retract through a human body. Lets face it, we designed it with the prospect of a person being inside it, so all we need is...”

“...Someone to go inside her and act as the Metal Maid would do! Great idea in practice, but at 5ft 6 tall you need to find someone pretty short in stature to do that. And someone who doesn't suffer from claustrophobia too, remember this is one of the models with the ‘vidi-screen' system not proper eye openings.” Andy replied.

“I know, I know, and we have to find her by noon tomorrow, and she has to know how to act like a maid. Alright its a silly idea, but its the best I can come up with.” Paul said, now suitably deflated.

Andy started searching the HR records for anyone suitable, and to his surprise 1 person fitted their needs... their lab assistant Stephanie. Not only was she the perfect height for the ‘Maid', but apparantly one of her jobs as a teenager had been as a waitress in a hotel. No details were given as to whether she was claustrophobic or not, but she knew all about the project. Just one snag, she was very shy, and this would involve performing in front of thousands of people, so would she do it, even to save the project? He could only ask her.

Just at that moment Stephanie walked back into the room dressed in her normal everyday clothes, ready to go home as she'd been told she could do. Andy took all the courage of his convictions and asked her,

“ Err, Stephanie, how would you feel about becoming the Metal Maid for a day tomorrow? The unit has sufficient space for you to slip inside through the back panel, and as long as the AI systems are all actually switched off you would be perfectly safe. And without those switched on the nano-linking system can't possibly work. Alright you'd be a bit confined, but it would only be for a few hours, and I'm sure we can hide a drinks bottle in there somewhere for you. I've checked, I know you've been a waitress before so you would know what to do, and this basic demonstration is hardly going to test your skills. So will you do it?”

She smiled nervously, “Well I'd err... love to help the project but... ” desperately trying to think of a way of getting out of being confined in that metal chamber for several hours, and then it dawned on her, " How am I going to see where I'm going, part of the AI system is sensor awareness to stop her bumping into things, and as a human I don't have that!”

Andy smiled gently back, knowing she was trying to find a way out of this without looking to be letting down the project, "I'll spend a couple of hours tonight resiting the vidi screen so that you can see through that, there are no problems with that, and as you were the one that ran the initial tests using it you know how to read the images.”

She groaned inwardly, she'd forgotten that in her desire to get out of being sealed in. It wasn't that she didn't want to help, she did, the project was currently paying her wages, it was just that she really didn't like the idea of pretending to be Metal Maid in front of several hundred people at the various displays. She was shy, and that idea didn't appeal at all. Acting as the Maid wouldn't be the problem, she wouldn't be doing any more than handing out drinks and nibbles which she had done before, it was the large number of people she would be doing it in front of. She didn't want to do it, but without her help the project might be written off, and she didn't want that to happen. She just hoped she could remember to act like a robot though.

After a few moments hesitation, and plucking up all her courage she said, “Alright I'll do it tomorrow then, but please fix her soon, I don't want to have to pretend to be a Metal Maid all weekend, especially as Saturday and Sunday that would mean more than 12 hours confinement inside ‘her'.”

Paul sighed with relief, just hoping Stephanie could pull it off. Before he could say anything Andy beat him to it, “Thanks Stephanie, I promise I'll work on it this evening, as well as repositioning the vidi-screen for you. We're pretty sure that 24 hours more will solve all the problems. So if you come here about 10 tomorrow morning we will slip you inside, and arrange the transfer to the exhibition site. This is a very special offer Stephanie, I'm sure a bonus will be slipped in your wage packet for this if it works out.”

She left, wondering what she had let herself in for!

Andy and Paul worked on for a couple of hours resiting the screen so Stephanie would be able to see the ‘outside world' through it the next day, as well as carrying on trying to sort out the bugs in the system. Then finally Paul had to go, Andy saying he'd work on a little longer as they seemed close to curing it. And finally he did! He wrote Paul a quick note saying that everything was now running fine, he would leave the AI activated, and there was now no need for Stephanie to be sealed inside the next day as it would operate itself. Unfortunately the note blew onto the floor, and the cleaner swept it away with the rest of the rubbish.

* * *

She woke up the next morning, trying not to think about what she was going to have to do that day. Chronically shy, the thought of ‘performing' to hundreds of people as a Metal Maid Robot was not her first choice of roles. But if doing this would keep the project going... She guessed it was going to be pretty warm (if not hotter) inside that metal casing, even more so with all the lights that would be on in the hall, but the idea of being barely clothed or nude surrounded by all that wiring and gadgetry didn't terribly appeal, apart from which she would need help to get inside, and she didn't like the idea of being just dressed in bra and panties, or even heaven forbid, naked in front of Paul. But being that lightly dressed would at least help to keep herself comfortable temperature wise. She knew one thing though, she was glad the nano-link system wasn't being connected up, the thoughts of the Metal Maid linking to her body just made her shudder at the thought. That system wasn't designed to work with a human in it, but she knew it would if activated. It was designed to make the Maid ‘flow' in her movements as all the systems joined together, but the thought of a human body in the way of it made her shudder. Still, she had been told it wasn't on, and that was good enough for her, she guessed.

Arriving at work a couple of hours later she swiped her card to enter the lab, and there ‘She' was, stood motionless with Paul stood beside her waiting, just checking over 1 or 2 things. She noticed he had the back entry panel open already awaiting her arrival. He cast a relieved smile when he saw her arrive, “Thanks for doing this Stephanie, I don't know how we can all thank you enough, I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. Oh, and the MD has been contacted, and he tells me there will be a large bonus in your wages next month for doing this if things go OK. The vidi-screen is all set up for you to view through it, but I will check you're happy with it before I seal you in. There is a large fluid bottle in there with a straw attached, so just place that in your mouth, suck when necessary and everything should be fine.”

Stephanie smiled uncertainly, she wasn't going to back out now, that wasn't in her nature, but that didn't mean she liked the thought of being sealed in that metal shell, “Can I just ask a few questions before I get in?” she asked.

Paul, hoping this wasn't going to be her get out clause nodded, “How hot is it going to get in there being confined for so many hours, I was wondering how much clothing I should wear. Also do I have an escape button in case of emergencies. And err... how do I put this, the most important thing, how do I go to the toilet, as I remember she doesn't have a hole down there for that, being a robot she doesn't need to, and how do I let you know I want to go anyway?”

Paul breathed a sigh of relief, these weren't hard to answer.

“It will get hot in there Stephanie, so as little clothing as you feel comfortable in would be best, or indeed nude if you were really being brave. Sorry, there is no escape button built in, but we will check on you between each display session. The toilet matter was easily solved, we simply changed over the vaginal panel on the unit so you will be able to go quite easily. The suit as you know is very flexible so we will give you ‘toilet breaks' between each display if you need it. Mind as you will probably sweat away a lot of fluid you should need it less often than normal.”

Stephanie blushed bright red at the thought of entering the Metal Maid nude, more because of Paul seeing her naked body than anything else though. She'd deliberately put on a very thin bra and pantie set, and she now decided just to wear those. She knew it meant that most of her body would be touched by the wiring and circuitry, but as it wasn't switched on it shouldn't matter, and she guessed she would probably feel it through the flimsy underwear anyway. The escape button wasn't a problem, as long as she was being checked on which she was promised she would be.

Paul looked at his watch knowing time was moving on, " So are you ready?” he asked her.

She nodded, “I'll get ready.” and slipped off her outer layings of clothing until she was stood there just in her undies. Paul looked at her and wondered why she hid her body so much, she had a nice shapely but petite figure for a girl of her height, certainly nothing to hide. And though she'd never believe him, quite pretty too. She slipped her clothes in a bag and handed it to him. Inspiring herself to a moment of bravery she said, “Lets get on with it then, seal me in the Metal Maid.", and with Paul's help she clambered in.

It was quite a tight fit, but apart from squeezing her head into the Maid's head it wasn't too bad. Yes, she could feel all the circuitry against her head, especially when she pushed her head upwards into the cap of the Maid, but once she had checked that she could see through the vidi-screen, and that the fluid tube was easy to slip into her mouth she seemed content, and Paul sealed the back of the unit up. She felt herself being placed in a transfer box, and the almost invisible nasal openings allowed her to breathe quite easily. She wasn't going to be in there for long, but even so Paul made a few air hole openings in the box for her. She took a couple of sips of fluid, and just waited patiently. A few minutes later she felt the box picked up, taken to a van and then she endured the journey to the centre. Endured was the word, as it was only meant to be a machine there wasn't a great deal of padding in the box, and she got bumped around a fair bit. And the men who carried her out at the other end certainly weren't gentle in handling her.

“Hope it doesn't set any of the mechanisms off!” she thought to herself, “Even though the AI alone would only be a help if it worked properly, but don't want those nano-links trying me out for size!” Not knowing that of course the AI was already activated, and was by now beginning to recognise a human ‘induction loop potential' within the unit, and preparing to start its work. It had initiated 45 minutes earlier when she had climbed in, but that was the delay mechanism in case internal servicing was being carried out, but when no movement was shown at the end of that time, it began the work of linking the AI into the human body inside it.

All of a sudden Stephanie recognised the tell tale signs that the AI was linking into her, a gentle tingling feeling throughout her body which grew stronger by the minute as the circuitry began to activate and attach itself to her body. She cried out for help, but of course no one heard her. Not that she was too worried, she knew that the guys knew she was inside the Maid, and when they came to release her, deactivation would take place and she would be fine, and she even knew what the sensation would be like as she had been the ‘guinea pig' for this more than once before. It would all be fine as long as... as long as the Nano-link didn't start! One last cry for help in the moments before she knew the neural AI locked in still brought no shining knight to rescue her.

And then for now at least, too late! She felt the throbbing grow in her head as the circuitry embedded in the skull cap began to send overriding signals directly to her brain, and her thoughts of worry were eased away by the programming transforming her into a highly competent, highly industrious maid who couldn't be fazed by anything. it simply melded any relevant thoughts she may have had into the Maid's AI programming, and simply switched off all other parts of her mind overriding them with necessary commands and duties for the day. In essence she became part of the Metal Maid, though any ‘deemed' necessary personality traits would be her own. Thankfully Andy had ensured the day's duties were loaded into the AI of the Maid the night before when he was happy with it, so her work would be seamless.

So when 45 minutes or so later Andy released the Metal Maid from its container he didn't notice anything wrong, lets face it why should he, he didn't even realise Stephanie was in there! And Paul who did know was deep in conversation with potential buyers. Andy was surprised he hadn't seen Stephanie in the hall now she didn't need to be inside the Maid, but just put it down to her chronic shyness making her less than keen to ‘meet and greet' that way. Andy even thought about using the nano-link to make the Maid work even more smoothly, but as he hadn't tested that out since fixing the AI he wasn't taking any chances. Stephanie would have been pleased at this, but by this time she wasn't even truly aware of Andy's presence. The Maid knew he was there, but didn't consider this as relevant information for Stephanie to ‘need to know'. He powered the Maid up, switched on her motion units and led her to back stage and waited his turn. After a few minutes Paul joined him back stage, and asked him,

“Did you check she's OK, after all she's been in there nearly 2 hours already? Didn't like having to seal her in before the Maid arrived here, but thought it was wiser that way.”

Andy looked at him in a mix of surprise and concern, "Didn't you see the note, I fixed the AI finally last night and left it activated so... oh well its too late now, would take her 45 minutes to recover her thoughts, and we don't have 2! Probably better just to let her function that way now. Oh my god, I nearly activated the nano-links assuming it was just the Maid, doesn't bear thinking about!”

“Glad you didn't!” said Paul, “At least this way an hour after the end of the ‘big event' she will be back to normal, but if you'd activated that........!”

“I'm sure we would have got her out eventually, but she wouldn't have been happy!” said Andy.

“Glad you're so sure that it is reversible through a human, I'm still to be convinced on that one. No way would I want to try it out on someone as yet.” said Paul in reply.

At that moment they were called forward, and they placed 2 trays in the Maid's hands which she carried confidently on stage to gasps of amazement from the audience, even wiggling her metal rear for extra effect. Paul and Andy laughed to themselves, they certainly knew that wasn't Stephanie's influence! As they explained all the technical details of the design ‘Metal Maid' sashayed along the first rows of the audience offering them drinks from her trays. It just seemed some of the men couldn't resist the temptation to press the metal caps that were the Maid's ‘nipples', or to give her large breasts a big squeeze. Of course even with the limited awareness permitted to her by the AI, Stephanie never felt a thing. Finally, with all the drinks handed out to the gasping audience the Metal Maid walked calmly back on stage and gave a big curtsey to the audience. The applause was deafening.

What happened next could never quite be explained. The Metal Maid set the 2 trays down on the table as planned, she was then meant to take a step back and again curtsey to the audience. But instead she curtseyed before taking the step back, and gently bumped against the table, bringing mild amusement to the audience. However she then took her step back and everything seemed fine, so the guys didn't worry.

But inside the suit...

The bump against the table caused an almost unnoticeable spark of electricity to arc across the front of the suit. The trouble was that spark activated the nano-links! The transformation was almost immediate and highly dramatic. Stephanie's mouth was opened by the AI programming and a metal tube entered her throat full of the nano-particles. It grew rapidly in length, sliding easily down her throat before splitting at her chest, one tube entering each breast and linking to the capped nipples in the metal. The other tube slipped further down her body finally splitting as one tube entered her vagina before appearing out of her slit and sealing to the vaginal entry to the suit. The final tube came out of her rear, and again sealed to the suit. Suddenly Stephanie's awareness levels were raised just as the tubes began to tease and stimulate all her erogenous zones, she started to moan loudly though no one could hear her through the suit. She could feel herself building to one massive great orgasm, she tried to hold back in case the Maid ‘twitched' but the whole effect was too much. With a loud squeal of delight the orgasm rocked her whole body, and she shuddered within the suit. The moment her sticky juices touched the metal they welded her to the suit, 2 gushes of milk from her nipples having the same effect. But because the AI in the Maid allowed for it, to the audience nothing happened.

At this moment the AI and Stephanie's mind literally melded into one unit, the AI turning her into the perfect maid while absorbing Stephanie's mind so that she was aware of everything happening while not being in control of it. The thing that surprised her was that the ‘nice tingling' didn't go away, it continued to arouse her gently, without ever quite allowing her to reach release again.

For the next 15 minutes or so the Maid stood there placidly as Paul and Andy took dozens of orders.

Finally she was whisked off stage and Andy turned to talk to her, “We've turned the AI off now Stephanie, you should be fine in 45 minutes or so. But thanks you were... well both of you were amazing.”

Paul could hear muffled panic noises coming from within the suit, so he checked her over, a few moments later he turned to Andy with a grim look on his face, “It must have been that bump against the table that done it, but somehow... somehow she's activated the nano-link. Currently she's sealed within the suit with Nano tubes connected up through her breasts, slit and rear, and I mean sealed, it must have been set on full linkage setting. She's err... quite literally stuck in there. And judging by the moans its still stimulating her at present.”

Andy looked concerned, “Well that at least I can solve straightaway.", and plugging in a console control he switched off the stimulation settings, “But getting her out is another matter!”

When Stephanie heard this she began to panic, “Please... PLEASE... get me out of here as soon as possible!” she begged, “Apart from anything else all this stimulation has got me SO aroused, I need something to bring me to orgasm, and quick!”

Paul laughed, “Well if thats what you want?" and she nodded desperately, “Never thought I'd make love to a robot!” he said laughing, but dropping his trousers the erection seemed to suggest the idea did appeal to him. Stephanie would have suggested a vibrator would have done the job just as well, but guessed somehow one might not be available! However when she saw Paul's large and firm erection something within her mind said how nice it would be to be fucked by that. Whether it was the AI still working on her brain, the nano-linkage reacting to the sight of that cock sexually, or just her aroused horniness she didn't know, but she wanted that inside her and soon! Thankfully Paul didn't let her down.

He opened the vaginal slit on the suit, and slid his cock inside the metal casing, and the complex nano controlled vagina eagerly sucked it in. Both of them found the effect amazing, Paul enjoying the strong, pleasant sensation as his cock was eagerly played with by her enhanced vaginal muscles, she enjoying the incredible stimulation which was being enhanced by the nano system within her. Within minutes both were ready to burst forth, and for Stephanie at least it almost seemed like there were bells ringing in her head as the whole event took place. Then Paul let out a loud moan of pleasure as he shot a heavy load of cum into her, and Stephanie squealed in delight as the most powerful orgasm racked her whole body. It took her several minutes to recover with her eyes closed in delight at what had happened, but still the bells were ringing in her ears...

She opened her eyes, and to her shock and delight she was laying in her bed with the alarm clock bell ringing merrily. She leaned across and switched it off. So had they managed to release her, or was it all... just a dream! Looking at the date on her calendar she realised it was the latter and let out a sigh of relief. She blushed however when she ran her fingers down her thighs to find them absolutely sodden with her juices.

“Guess for some reason the thought of that happening to me was quite a turn on!” she giggled, " Might have been the thought of Paul making love to me, but I doubt it. He's a nice guy, but didn't think I fancied him like that!”

Mind, she guessed she knew the reason for the strange dream. The day before the AI system in the Metal Maid that her team had developed had crashed completely, and despite many hours work they'd failed to make it function again. And today was the day that she was being introduced to the world! They didn't want to cancel if they could help it but... how could they avoid it? In fact it had been Stephanie herself who had mentioned that it was possible for someone of her height and size to slip inside the Metal Maid, and with her previous job while in college as a waitress, she had the necessary skills to pass herself off as the maid. All she needed was for the screen to be adjusted so she could see the outside world while inside her. As they all said, as long as the AI was switched off she was perfectly safe, and without the AI switched on the nano-link system couldnt possibly work. And they were sure the screen image could be made functional without the AI being switched on. Paul and Andy had given her a big hug, told her they would work on it during the evening, and if necessary would take her up on her wonderful offer. After that dream she hoped they had solved the problem!

She showered fully, had breakfast, then set off to work to see what the news was. Paul and Andy were already there, and she knew the answer as to whether the maid was functional just by their faces, clearly she wasn't.

Andy smiled at her when he saw her nervous face, “Stephanie, are you still prepared to carry out that generous offer you made yesterday, we worked until late yesterday evening, and again this morning, but haven't been able to fix the problem. It will only be for a few hours, you will be perfectly safe in there with the AI not functioning, and we'll even slip a drinks bottle inside for you. I hope you will, you are our only hope with this.”

Stephanie smiled back, and having plucked up her courage said, “Yes, I'll still do it. Just promise me one thing?”

“Certainly. What's that?” replied Andy.

“Check the AI is actually switched off, and not just non functional. I know the AI alone can't do me any great harm, but I just don't want to take any chances.” she replied.

Andy laughed, “Believe me Stephanie, in its current state its not likely to work anyway! And yes its off, but we will prove it to you before you get in.”

Paul moved across to check and gasped, “For some reason the AI had got left in the on position, good job Stephanie got us to check or she might not have known too much about her performance if for any reason it had come to life. And if the AI had then gone wrong, she wouldn't have been able to act her way out of trouble. And it doesn't bear thinking about that it might have then activated the nano-linkage! Just glad you got us to check Stephanie, what ever inspired you to do so?”

Stephanie just smiled sweetly, “Oh, no idea. Just a thought that came to me in bed last night.”

* * *

She pulled off the display with ease, acting perfectly the role of robot maid, and even at this stage guaranteeing many sales. 2 days later the team solved the AI problem, and the world never knew of the problems there had been.

The prototype model was never sold, indeed she was used to test out new programmes and styles before being released to the public. Guess who served the drinks at the company christmas party! And guess who was inside her at the time! The new AI system developed by then allowed Stephanie to be controlled by the AI linking into her mind, but with her being aware of everything that was going on around her. For some reason she enjoyed every minute of it. Though she declined to ever test out the nano-linkage even when they made it safely human retractable, no idea why!


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