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My Turn as the Maidbot

by Gromet

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Part One

Two friends, Judy & Anja, share an apartment in the city after graduating from their rural college and finding jobs away from home, they were both born and raised in a farming area and had never been to the city before now. The apartment they share is in one of the city’s more dense areas, the block itself is well over 40 stories high, and the apartments are basic and small, but this was the only apartment they could afford on their combined wage, both being junior in the company they work for.

On one of their days off, they decide to attend a Home Improvement Expo that was being held close by. Inside they viewed the variety of different home time-saving devices, from food processors that prepare the entire meal, down to remote devices that cleaned the home. That’s when they discovered the display from Maidbots, Inc. The stall was decked out with various shiny maidbots, with different features and abilities, they knew that with their combined salaries, that with expenses taken out like rent etc., that they could never afford one of these maidbots.

But next to that stall was a similar one with maidbots welcoming guests to enter, the difference was that these maidbots were human, the females were wearing a collar device for controlling them. Judy insisted that they had a proper look and dragged Anja by the hand into the booth, where they were welcomed first by the maidbots and then one of the female sales-bots that were working in the booth. Judy seemed to be excited looking at the display and the maidbots that were on show, but Anja was not as interested, but she tagged along to please her friend.

The sales-bot explained that the maidbots were, in fact, human females who enjoyed it and liked to spend time as willing maidbots under the control of the same computer control system that enabled the real maidbots to function. The sales-bot then showed Judy how the collar once fitted gave control over the bodily functions and motor control of the person over to the command system. Judy’s eyes lit up when she heard this; this was the type of thing that could solve their problems by keeping the apartment clean and have a good time doing it.

Judy spoke, “So this collar, once fitted to the wearer controls them?”

“Yes,” replied the sales-bot, “once fitted the wearer is controlled as a maidbot until a pre-set timer releases them or another person overrides the system to regain control.”

“Cool, we could take turns and keep the apartment clean.” She said to Anja, who now took more interest in what was happening.

“Yes, maybe…”Anja replied, doubtfully, not sure that she liked the idea.

The sales-bot continued, thinking that Anja was worried about the money side of things, “It comes at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical maidbot, as we are not supplying the robot itself, merely the control collar, it is more cost effective and the wearer finds it enjoyable, whilst cleaning and carrying out normal maidbot tasks.”

“Can we try it out?” asked Judy.

“Sure no problem.” Said the sales-bot, “please follow me and we can sort out the demonstration model for you to try.”

Both Judy and a reluctant Anja follow the sales-bot to the rear of the booth, here there were several collars attached to charging cables. There were a couple missing, presumably out on someone being tested around the expo. The sales-bot turned to them both and said, “Okay, who’s first or would you both like to try at the same time?”

“I’d like to see how it functions on the person wearing it, so maybe just one of should try it,” Judy said in reply and turned to look at Anja, expecting her to be the one trying the collar.

“Madam, it seems that you are the one to try on the collar.” Said the sales-bot.

“What… I… erm… Judy, why me?” Anja asked her friend Judy.

“Well someone has to see how the thing works, and I can look after you as we wander around the hall,” Judy replied trying to placate her friend.

Frustrated at being orchestrated into this by Judy, she said, “Okay, but just for a short time.”

“Fine,” said Judy, trying to hide her triumph over her friend.

“Please allow me to fit this collar.” Said the sales-bot to Anja, “If you could move your hair out of the way, it needs to make good contact with your skin for the command system to function.”

Anja, still scowling at Judy for doing this to her, something she always seemed to fall for when the two of them are together. She moved her hair and let the sales-bot fit the collar around her neck, the sales-bot adjusted the fit and closed the collar around her neck. The collar felt cool to the touch, and Anja found that it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way, but she did feel the first few pangs of sexual arousal at being collared, something deep down inside her felt arousal when being fitted with the collar, her hidden submissive side beginning to emerge.

“There, the collar is now fitted and adjusted, and you may let your hair back down now.” The sales-bot said, breaking the spell that seemed to come over Anja.
“I don’t feel any different?” Anja said, whilst trying to hide her sexually flushed skin; she hoped that no one noticed it.

“The system is not engaged with the collar as yet,” the sales-bot replied, but it was sensing Anja’s heightened arousal via its in-built sensors which aid it in its sales technique. The sales-bot had seen this many, many times and found it to be one of the main reasons that willing females turned themselves into maidbots, their sexual stimulation rising every time they wore the collar and fell under the control of the system. 

“Turning you on now.” The sales-bot. 

‘In more ways than one,’ Thought Anja, who now felt her arousal building again as she lost control of her body. She felt her body become relaxed and she stood there fixed to the spot, she couldn’t move even as she tried but failed. 

“Please relax yourself and let the system take over.” The sales-bot told her. 

Anja felt the flow of information start into her brain, her body unable to move, she had to just stand there, whilst the system gave her the programming required for her to function as a maidbot and serve her mistress. Who it now appeared would be her friend and flatmate Judy, according to the new information that she was receiving at this moment. The flow of new information came in flooding Anja’s brain with the different ways that she could clean, wash things and make beds, how to cook meals and serve them to her mistress. The process ended after about twenty minutes, and Anja remained fixed to the spot.

“There all done. The maidbot is now ready for your commands.” The sales-bot said to Judy.

“Great, what do I say?” she asked.

“Anything that you want her to do, she will follow your commands, you are currently installed in her memory as her mistress, she will do anything that you ask.” The sales-bot replied, “May I suggest that you command her to follow you around the expo.”

“Okay maidbot, follow your mistress around the expo,” Judy said to Anja, who now as a maidbot had to follow her command and go back around to see the stalls that Judy was interested in, but didn’t do anything other than bore Anja, but she was now ordered to follow, and that is what she had to do.

“Have fun with your new maidbot.” the sales-bot said as the two girls walked out, Judy in front and the newly minted maidbot Anja behind.

They spent the next couple of hours trying out and buying things that Judy wanted; she made Anja carry the bags; after all, she was now just her servant after all. Anja found that she still had full function of her mind, and at first, she cursed her friend for getting into this, her feet had hurt going around the first time, but surprisingly they no longer did. She felt her posture improve too, her walking became easier, and she started to enjoy herself, she felt contentment in being of service to her mistress, something that she hadn’t expected.

A worn out Judy followed by the new invigorated maidbot Anja returned to the Maidbots, Inc. stall, the sales-bot welcomed them back and could sense that Anja had, as it had expected, enjoyed her time as a maidbot. “How did it go?” the sales-bot asked Judy.

“Fine, she followed me around without her usual complaining; she even carried my bags when instructed to do so, again without whining,” Judy replied.

“Well let’s see how your friend enjoyed herself,” the sales-bot said and started to disconnect Anja from the control system via a computer terminal. 

Anja felt the system release her; she initially felt disappointed as she was enjoying herself, then she felt her muscles start to ache from carrying around the many bags she had been commanded to carry for Judy, and then the rush as her own body re-took control of itself. She felt a little dizzy and was steadied by the sales-bot, a mini orgasm overwhelming her as she came out from the systems control, the sales-bot accustomed to this happening to other females who try the system the first time.

“How do you feel?” the sales-bot asked Anja.

“A little dizzy, I’m sore but I’m fine.” She replied, her cheeks flush as well as her chest, the mini climax was unexpected but delightful.

“And how was your time as a maidbot?” it asked.

“Okay, there was the flood of information and the loss of control of my body, I felt rooted to the spot and couldn’t move, even as I tried. But it wasn’t painful or anything.” Anja said, while trying to hide the fact that she had just had an orgasm in public.

“Did you enjoy your time as a maidbot?” the sales-bot asked, knowing that a sale depended on the answer and that yes indeed Anja HAD enjoyed herself.

“Overall yes I did, even though I couldn’t control myself and had to do as she commanded,” looking at Judy, “It felt good, my body was in no pain, and I felt energized.”

“Good, I’m pleased that you have enjoyed the maidbot experience, most do, and it is something that they seek out again.” The sales-bot said and then turned to Judy. “So will you be purchasing this maidbot today?”

“Wait, I’m not a maidbot for sale!” Anja exclaimed, knowing that something was said between the two of them without her knowing it. She’d fallen for another one of Judy’s tricks, something she’d done ever since they met back in college. “And surely it’s your turn now?”

“Well it would be if I hadn’t spent so much time going around the expo, but they have just announced that the hall is closing soon, and so we don’t have the time.” Judy smiled. “So I will have to try it back at home.”

“Okay…” Anja said doubtfully, but knowing she’d been had again.

Turning to the sales-bot, Judy said, “Yes please, I’d like to buy this maidbot and take her home with me.” And handed over her credit card to buy the maidbot system.

Once processed and the sale completed, the sale-bot asked, “Will you need the maidbot activated before you leave?”

“What, there’s no way I’m walking out in public like this!” Anja protested.

“Well someone has to carry the bags.” Judy said, “And besides no one will recognize you, we don’t know anyone here. Plus you’ll be wearing this.” And brought out the maidbot uniform the other maidbots on the stand were wearing. “We can’t have a maidbot without the clothes.”

“Why can’t you be the maidbot?” Anja protested again, knowing this was her last argument.

“Because we don’t have time to program me, you are already done, isn’t that right?” Judy said to the sales-bot.

“Yes, sorry madam but the hall is now closed, and they won’t allow any extensions for the time needed to program your mistress.” The sales-bot said, then turned and activated the control panel to turn Anja back to a maidbot.

“You will need this portable control pack to move her back to your apartment.” The sales-bot said to Judy, as they both watched the control system take command of Anja.

“Strip maid and put his on.” Judy said to the new maidbot as she handed her the maid’s outfit.

Once done they both left the hall, Judy in front with her new maidbot Anja behind dutifully carrying the bags. As Judy had said, nobody bothered to take that much notice of the mistress and her maidbot as they walked back to their home. Anja once again had felt the first signs of arousal when she felt the system take control of her, her body again didn’t feel the pain, and she felt a slight bliss of contentment at being commanded by her mistress, something that she felt deep inside herself.

Part Two: Processing

Once back at the apartment they shared, Judy gave her new maidbot orders to prepare a bath for her, whilst she would then be expected to unpack the new items and prepare a meal for Judy to enjoy, once she had emerged from her bath. Judy relished having control over Anja like this, and once she had immersed herself in the soapy bubbles of the warm bath, she began to play with herself, her fingers massaging her little nub, her arousal building and eventually, she came to a satisfactory climax. 

Once she had recovered enough and dried herself, now wearing her dressing gown, she entered the main part of the apartment to find the maidbot had taken care of things, already the place looked cleaner, and she could smell the delicious aroma of the food that the maidbot was preparing for her. She walked into the kitchen and admired the way the maidbot looked in her new uniform, the fit seemed to be perfect and showed the curves of the maidbots body, while also being functional.
The system now sensing that the mistress had entered the kitchen, it directed the maidbot to ask if the mistress required anything to drink. 

“Would madam like some wine?” the maidbot Anja asked Judy, knowing that it was her favorite drink when relaxing.

“Yes please maid, and serve it to me in the lounge,” Judy said, and went and sat down waiting for her to be served, meanwhile she began watching her favorite programs on the television, also knowing that Anja couldn’t stand them, she took great delight in turning up the volume so her flatmate, now maidbot could hear.

But Anja took no notice; she knew that Judy was tormenting her, and that there was nothing that the system controlling her would allow her to do to change the situation, so she just had to accept it and follow the commands given to her by her new mistress and the command system that now controlled her. 

Anja the maidbot served her mistress her wine, allowing her to take the glass from the tray that she carried it in with, “Is there anything else that I can get you Mistress?” she asked, but inside she was dreading the coming evening, now that Judy had complete control of her.

“No maid, please carry on,” Judy said and waived the maidbot away, enjoying the moment.

“Yes, Mistress,” Anja said, the only thing her maidbot system would allow her to say. She would have to wait her turn and then turn the tables on Judy, she thought.

Once dinner was served, she was directed by Judy to cut the meal and bring her more wine, anything that Judy could think of to make her maidbot work more, she did. She was enjoying the power she had over her friend, the control over another person was intoxicating to her, and she seemed to get more drunk on the power she had, as well as the wine that she was drinking.

Anja continued on as directed by her new Mistress, she had no say in what she had to do, and some of the tasks seemed to her to be more to humiliate her than being useful things to do. Especially cleaning things like the toilet and the messy bathroom, whilst her Mistress relaxed watching her favourite programs, constantly interrupting the maidbots work with more demand for wine and snacks.

But unknown to both Mistress and maidbot, was that the portable control pack they had been using since leaving the expo, had started to drain its battery and now was about to stop working. To Anja this would have been a blessing, to get some much-needed rest and away from her power-crazed flatmate. To Judy it would have been a disaster to her newly hatched plan, she now no longer wanted to switch places with Anja, as they initially agreed, and she liked having her maidbot serving her every need and thought that there was now no need to change places.

But Anja would be disappointed. Unfortunately, the apartment block they lived in had its own system to control maidbots in all of the apartments; it saved having a control system in each flat and the possibility of the different programs used by the maidbot companies interfering with each other. Once the portable pack’s battery had given up the apartment system detected the new maidbot and took over the control of it. Now Anja was stuck with no time limit or way out unless Judy released her.

Judy meanwhile was now too drunk to stay awake; she had drifted off into deep slumber with a glass half empty in one hand and the television remote in the other. She had no idea what had now happened to Anja, not that she may have stopped it happening anyway. Anja now felt a little unsteady, her dizziness returned as she was taken over by the new system, her mind was now flooded with more information and directions about being a maidbot. Also, a map of the entire building was placed into her memory; she wondered why she would need this and also discovered areas of the building that she knew nothing about.

Once she had completed all of her newly assigned tasks, the apartment was clean, and all of the washing up was done, she was now directed to leave the apartment and follow the command to where the other maidbots spent their night. Once out of the apartment, she saw other maidbots walking in the same direction as her, she followed them and wondered what was happening to her. The maidbots all waited by the service elevator, not a word or glance was made by any of them, which spooked Anja at first and then she thought, ‘Well maidbots don’t need to talk unless directed.’

The lift doors opened and the maidbots walked in, there were other maidbots from other floors already inside, and space was becoming limited. Anja felt herself being squashed between two other maidbots, if she were this close to another human, she would feel highly embarrassed, but here she just felt content to be with other maidbots. She didn’t know if these were human females like herself, under the control of the system or real mechanical maidbots, to her at the moment it was hard to tell any difference. 

Another floor and more maidbots climbed in; now she was squeezed even tighter against the other maidbots. Her own breasts are now mashing against the other maidbots in front of her, the face of it was like her own expressionless. But the motion of the elevator rubbing her now erect nipples against the breasts of the other maidbot, she began to feel her own body becoming more aroused and that certain heat and dampness start to appear between her legs.

This feeling was soon brought to an end when the elevator shuddered to a halt, the doors opened, and the maidbots began walking out, forming a line as they went, with each one following behind another. Anja was commanded by the system to follow the maidbot that she had shared her nipples with on the elevator, her own arousal now dampened by the stopping of the events in the close confines she had found herself in.

More maidbots followed behind her; she could sense them being there, though she could only see in front of her and the row of maidbots making their way down a dark corridor. It felt spooky to her, the only lighting was dim red ones, and it was difficult for her to see more than the maidbot in front of her. But then she realized with the system controlling her movements she didn’t need to see and trusted the system to take care of her. Which gave her a warm glow inside, she was being taken care of by something else, something she hadn’t experienced since childhood.

Eventually, the queue of maidbots formed, the slow pace as each maidbot moved forward step by step to be processed. Anja could see some more lights on a panel above their heads as the maidbots moved forward, into what looked like a metal tunnel or doorway. Finally, she made it to the front, the maidbot before her now moving further into the tunnel. Anja stepped in as directed and saw a green light move down from the ceiling to the floor, though she couldn’t look down to follow the light, just straight ahead. ‘I’m being scanned,’ she thought, ‘the system will find out that I’m not a real maidbot and release me.’

Indeed the system did detect that she wasn’t a real mechanical maidbot like the others, but it was used to this and programmed to act when it discovered a human female as a maidbot, there were already several in the building. But it found that this one was not registered and scanned the control collar it was wearing to see who its owner was. It found out that she was purchased today but not registered to the building, it tried to contact the apartment it had come from, but with Judy being too drunk to answer, the system decided to register the new maidbot anyway. 

Anja stood there whilst the system scanned her, tried to find her registration and then her new owner. This being a modern computer system didn’t take long, the system had decided to register the new maidbot as belonging to the building complex, and had contacted the main registration system to record the new maidbots details. Anja was unaware that she had new owners, but would find out later. The system now having registered the maidbot as its own, began the process of adapting the maidbot to fit the requirements of the building complex.

Anja felt a sharp burning sensation at the back of her neck, the collar that she had been wearing was cut from her neck, she still couldn’t move her body, even though this was now gone, something else was holding her in place. More heat and now pain as arms moved out from the wall, one used a laser to open and cut her skin on the back of her neck, the other pushed a new control chip under the surface of her skin, and there several nanobots attached the new control chip to her spinal column.

Part of her head was shaved, and another chip was implanted into the rear of her brain, several more nanobots ensured that the chip was connected to her brain stem; she would now be controlled by the new chips and had no further need for the collar. The final part of the conversion process as the system saw it was to imprint a barcode onto the rear of the new maidbots neck, which Anja felt as the final part of her torment, it was more discomfort than actual pain, the system sensing her distress had adjusted her pain tolerance levels to withstand the pain of the process.

Anja felt the new control chips come online and she was directed to move to another part of the processing station. She wondered what had happened to her, she still had her own thoughts, and at first, she felt fear, but now she felt more contented, the system controlling her had made sure that she felt safe and cared for, the system allayed her fears and she felt more relaxed and peaceful.

The next station that she came to stripped her of her uniform, she was now naked, and she tried to move her hands to cover herself up but was unable to. ‘Well, who is there to see me anyway?’ she thought to herself and relaxed again. The next station she was washed, she felt the liquid rush out at all side from the booth she was standing in. The system had closed her eyes knowing that the cleanser used would sting them. 

Standing there naked, unable to see with the liquid cleaner running over her body, Anja felt a bit concerned when the cleaner started to tingle, and she felt the same burning sensation when she had used a depilatory cream once before on herself. She suddenly realised that maidbots don’t require hair and then she thought about her own head of hair, it too would soon be gone. She would be bald totally from her head down to her toes, not that she had much hair on her body anyway, but she would miss her beautiful hair.

After the final rinse she was then moved forward, here she felt more fluid being sprayed on her, and then soft pads started to spin all over her body. ‘I’m being polished! I’m not an appliance…’ she thought to herself, but then realized, ‘Oh, yes that’s what I really am, nothing more than a domestic appliance, after all, that’s just what a maidbot is.’

Now finally cleaned and polished, she was then directed to a room to her right, where she found several pods, some were already occupied by other maidbots, all like her naked and polished. She then found herself climbing into one of the pods and laying back; the system would be taking care of her it told her so that she could relax and sleep. What she hadn’t realized was that the other maidbots in the room where like her, once human females now registered permanently as maidbots.

Whilst she slept, the pod that she was in spread her legs slightly and connected to her lower regions, one pipe found her anal opening and entered, it then started the process of several enema flushes until she was clean. Her other wastes were taken away as well, plus another tube found its way inside her vagina and cleaned out the insides, several other maidbots usually needed this service after being with male owners all day.

Another tube entered her throat, passing deep enough inside her the feed her the nutrients that she would need to sustain her for her daily tasks, she would only need to be fed once a day with this stuff inside her. The system would be monitoring her health throughout the day, and if needed, she could be directed to return to a feeding and watering station located on each floor of the building.

All the while Anja was blissfully sleeping; she didn’t know anything about what was happening to her, not that she could have done anything to stop the entire process anyway, she was now just another maidbot after all. Her mind meanwhile was being reprogrammed, all of the essential information that she would need to be an effective maidbot was being downloaded into her whilst she slept. At the same time, all of her own memories were being backed up in the computer database; it was here that the system detected which apartment she had come from and would assign her to duties there first thing in the morning.

Part Three: The Next Day

Judy awoke early, she had slept on the sofa overnight, and her head was now sore from too much wine the night before. She got up and stumbled into the kitchen looking for the pain relief, her mind a bit foggy this morning. Once the quick acting drugs had taken effect, and she had re-hydrated herself, she began to wonder what had happened to her flatmate Anja. Then she remembered that she had bought the control collar that made her into a maidbot, and went looking to see where she was. She searched the apartment but couldn’t find her; she began to wonder what had happened to her.

Meanwhile, deep in the basement of the building, the maidbots were being prepared for their day, each maidbot was awakened by the system, and they all filed through the same machines that processed them last night, only this time when they emerged at the other end they were dressed and ready for the new day. Anja was awoken in her pod when the last of the tubes were removed from her body; she felt invigorated, clean inside and out and ready for whatever the day had in store for her. Her reprogrammed mind, though still with her own thoughts, was more positive about being a maidbot and she felt that run throughout her very soul, she liked being a maidbot, she wanted to be a maidbot, she thought to herself.

She moved out of her pod and joined the queue for the machines to process her for the day, ‘Just like the queue for the ladies at the club!’ she thought, and laughed inside at the idea, ‘Though I don’t think that they’d all stand around like this, naked as the day they were born!’

Anja made it to the front of the queue; the entrance to the machinery was waiting for her to enter, ‘I wonder what it will do to me this time?’ She thought. The machine scanned her as she entered, then began the process of polishing her again, buffing her to a shine like the other maidbots. Once done it was on to dressing, the maid's outfit was quickly applied by mechanical hands, the black dress and white apron seemed to be one piece, the back was sealed and the apron tied. She then felt herself lifted from the floor and something running up her legs, it settled around her waist, and she pleased that they had remembered to put underwear on her.

‘It would be very chilly going commando bald as I am!’ she laughed.

The machine then placed footwear on her, and she was lowered to the ground. Another arm reached out from above and she felt some sort of liquid applied, then another arm pressed a wig down onto her head. ‘Yeah, I have hair again!’ she thought, ‘I wonder what I look like?’

The hair piece was already tied in a bun, so she couldn’t see for herself what she looked like. The hairpiece also already contained the maid’s white cap. She was directed forwards and the next process covered her entire face, where her makeup was applied in a matter of seconds.

‘Wow, I need one of these when I get ready to go out!’ she laughed.

Now totally prepared for the day as a maidbot, the system directed her back to the service elevator, which then dropped her off at her assigned floor. She recognized where she was and found herself outside of her own apartment, the door opened when she took hold of the handle, and she walked inside where she would be spending her day as a maidbot.

Judy saw the maidbot as it entered the apartment, a bit shocked that Anja had ventured outside. “Where have you been?” she asked.

“Madam, this maidbot required processing and recharging.” The maidbot Anja replied.

Then Judy noticed the difference in the appearance of the maidbot. She was shiny now, the uniform was different, and she was now sporting a head of blonde hair, where Anja had always been a brunette. She now looked more like a maidbot and less like her flatmate Anja. She was stunned at what changes had happened to her; she asked that the maidbot to spin around so she could see all of her.

“What do you mean, processing and recharging?” Judy said, astounded by the new look Anja.

It was then that Anja, now the maidbot, began to explain the whole process that she had undergone overnight, telling her about the system registering her as a maidbot, planting the new chips and bar-coding her as another maidbot of the building. Then she described the process of cleaning, polishing and recharging and then the task of getting ready this morning for duty.

Judy sat stunned by what she heard, from what was simply a game to get her flatmate to look after the place and her, had turned into something more permanent. She didn’t realize that the portable pack had gone flat and that the building had its very own system. She never knew the stuff even existed in the basement; she doubted whether anyone other than the maidbots did.

The maidbot meanwhile, having explained to her Mistress what had happened in the last 12 hours, had now taken the stunned silence as the chance to get on with its assigned tasks and walked into the kitchen to clean up. Judy eventually took all of the information in that she had been told by Anja, and stood up to look for the new maidbot, who she found busily working in the kitchen. To Judy, her flatmate seemed to be content as a maidbot and left her to contemplate what she had done to her friend.

Later, once Anja had completed her assigned tasks in the apartment, she received instructions to report to another apartment to assist another maidbot with cleaning. As she headed for the door, Judy said, “Where are you going?”

“I’m required in another apartment; the system has directed me to go there,” Anja replied.

“But you’re my maidbot; I didn’t say that you could go anywhere else!” Judy said.

“No, I belong, and I am owned and registered to the building management system. I, therefore, am their property to do with as they require.” The maidbot replied in an automated voice.

Any further discussion was cut off as the maidbot Anja headed to her new location to help with the tasks required. 

Judy complained to the building management, who told her that I had willingly given myself over to them as one of their maidbots by presenting to the processing and recharging station. Other human females who are maidbots in their own apartment have their own charging and control systems. It’s not the managements fault if you don’t read the agreement when you first signed for the apartment, you should have fully understood the terms beforehand.

Even after asking for some legal advice it turned out that the building management now owned Anja as one of their maidbots, and there was nothing that Judy could do to change things. It was all legal and above board, and Judy was advised that she needed to move on and find another flatmate to share living expenses, as she couldn’t afford to live there on her own.

As Anja was now part of the buildings team of maidbots, the servicing of her former apartment was now part of the agreement, though it wasn’t always Anja that showed up to clean in the mornings, other maidbots took her place. It was only once in a while that Judy got to see her old flatmate, she always felt guilty in placing her in this position, but she could see that Anja looked healthy and contented with her new role.

Indeed, Anja was in high demand with some of the single male residents of the building; she knew each morning that she would be servicing yet another male occupant by the uniform she was required to wear. Usually, they opted for the classic French maid look, with short skirt and stockings, her frilly knickers, if she was wearing any, would be on display as she bent down to pick up the seemingly endless things strewn on the floors of their apartments. 

Then, of course, there were the more ‘personal’ services that she was required to perform, even though at the end of her session inside of the apartment, her mind was supposed to be wiped of the events that happened inside. But she still retained the memory of them, for she had also enjoyed being used by the dirty old men, as she called them in jest, but they had brightened up her day, and she felt much more useful than merely cleaning endless toilets.


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