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The New Housemaid

by Robotunit8 | Forum Feedback

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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; job; maid; cybernetics; lab; mind transfer; bodymod; enhanced; maidbot; merge; controlled; program; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

The New Housemaid Robotunit8 Solo-F; MF/f; job; maid; cybernetics; lab; mind transfer; bodymod; enhanced; maidbot; merge; controlled; program; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Well, she wasn't sure about her domestic skills being good enough for the position, and certainly couldn't understand why it was a long term commitment job, as surely domestic workers weren't that hard to come by. But with the lease running out on her flat, and the landlord not willing to extend it, she had to find somewhere new to live, and her current office job was a bit dull. And besides, the advert did say that previous experience and good domestic skills weren't as vital as the willingness to try something exciting and different, and being happy to sign a 5 year contract. The 5 year contract she could live without, but something exciting and different in the role of a maid, well she just had to find out all about this. And she wouldnt have to worry about somewhere to live for 5 years which sounded a good idea at present.

‘Housemaid required for large house in ..........., duties will be in all household roles assisting the ‘Lord and Lady’ of the house in their daily lives. As both are highly positioned workers within the Scientific field discretion and reliability rank above current domestic skills in importance. Commitment is vital as we don't have time to hunt for new staff, so the contract for the position is for a 5 year fixed term, so unless you are willing to agree to this long term situation please do not apply. Applicants need only to have basic domestic skills as full in house training will be given. Due to the nature of this position the salary is graded accordingly, higher than the normal rate for this position. Staff interested in helping in the field of technical developments in the Cybernetic industry would be appreciated. Applications by post, email or by calling ........................’

And Stephanie had to admit the salary was good for a housemaid, far more than normal, especially as it was for a live in role. So despite her wondering why a humble housemaid needed interest in Cybernetics, and wondering if it was wise for a twenty five year old to be giving up 5 of the best years of her life, she applied, sending off her CV by email. She assumed there would be better candidates than herself, so she began flat hunting all the same.

* * *

Karen Johnston was doing some research on her computer at Futura Development Industries when her computer ‘chimed’ to tell her that she had mail. The complex system there even told her which account it was on, so she knew even before she looked that it was a job application for the Housemaid position that she and her partner Gavin had advertised for. They had suspected the 5 year contract might put off many applicants, but even so the replies so far had been minimal. Alright, there had been 2, both far older in years than they really wanted, whom they suspected, probably quite rightly wouldn't go along with the ‘nature’ of the position. But this 1 sounded promising, OK her domestic skills sounded pretty limited, but on the other hand with the training she would be given that barely mattered. The minimum 5 year term didn't worry her, and due to the nature of her housing situation she was readily available. Whether she understood how she would be involved in Cybernetic Technology was another matter, though she claimed to have some interest in this field.

She picked up the phone and rang Gavin’s extension, “Have you read the email from Stephanie Bell yet, sounds quite good for the position, even if at this stage she doesn't know what she’s letting herself in for? And certainly young enough to appeal to us both as a companion.”

Gavin laughed, “Just reading her CV now, yes she seems ideal, and the fact there is seemingly no family to concern themselves about her only makes it more perfect. Of course we don't know her looks, but yes with a little ‘convincing’ she may well be perfect as a companion for us both, as well as her normal maid duties. And I’m sure we can always ‘enhance’ her looks a little if we need to with the aid of something from work! Will you drop her a line and make an appointment for us to see her?”

Karen replied, “Yes I’ll do that. Just 1 thing, are we going to give her a choice in becoming our live in maid, or are we just going to consider the position filled?”

He laughed, “Let me think on that one............... I think we will offer her the job of her own accord, but if she says no I might decide to change her mind. But it's easier if she ties up her personal life on her own, rather than having to get the ‘higher ups’ to do it for us.”

“Agreed. And do we let her see, or even try on her er......... new uniform at the interview?”

“We will see about that one. It might come as a bit of a shock to her though!”

Karen giggled, “Or give her a shock, one or the other!” and she put down the phone.

* * *

Stephanie was stunned, but delighted when she logged onto her email a couple of hours later to find a reply inviting her to an interview for the position. They asked her if the following evening would be OK, 8pm at their house, they knew it was short notice, but given they were keen to find a maid, and Stephanie had ‘housing problems’ it seemed the perfect way to do it if she was free. She was, and sent an email back confirming she would be there. In truth she lacked a boyfriend at present, was quite shy in nature so her social life was very limited currently. And to find a new job so quickly that provided her with somewhere to stay was almost too good to be true. She quickly made a call to the hairdressers to get her unruly blonde locks tidied up for her big moment, and managed to get an appointment for later that day.

The next evening after work she made herself presentable and made her way to the interview, she looked in amazement at the house where she was meant to be going, it was huge! How could one maid possibly cope with all that work? She hit the buzzer on the security gate, and when a voice answered she said who she was, and why she was there, a man’s voice replied,

“Well enter my dear.” and the gates swang open for her, and she walked up the driveway wondering how she could possibly cope with the job, given her limited talents. Still, it was up to her to impress. She could see someone open the door, and stand waiting for her, she wasn't quite sure if it was her ‘Master’ to be or another servant, she half hoped it was another servant, as that would mean she didn't have to look after the house all on her own! However when she got closer she could see he was dressed in fine clothes, which suggested he was probably her potential employer.

Gavin Johnston could see the concerned look on the young girl’s face as she walked towards him, he guessed she’d seen the size of the house and was wondering what she had let herself in for. Of course at this stage she didn't know what assistance she would be receiving! As she approached more he eyed her over, medium height, blonde hair, plain looking, but at the same time quite fetching to the eye. As she went to shake his hand he saw she had big blue eyes.

“Hi there Stephanie, I’m Gavin, so called ‘Lord of the Manor’ here, you will meet my wife Karen shortly, she’s looking forward to meeting you.”

Stephanie smiled back at him, “Thank you Sir, I’m Stephanie, as you know I’ve applied for the position of housemaid here.” then added nervously, “Am I going to be the only servant here, because err... the house is rather large!”

He laughed, “No Stephanie, we have a small team of servants here to help us, ladies from nearby who come in and help during the day. But we’ve got some important work coming up, and indeed 1 or 2 interesting experiments to run, and we’ve decided we need a full time live in housemaid to basically run the house for us, and to cover our requirements outside of normal working hours, and that's why we placed the advert. And the reason its a 5 year contract is quite simply because we will be too busy to go through regular bouts of interviews. But it seems a home for 5 years will suit you perfectly?”

Stephanie nodded, sighing inwardly with relief that she didn't have to look after the whole household single handed. But could she run a large house like this, she hoped so. The ‘standard’ side of the Interview went fine, Stephanie was relieved to hear that most of the day to day management would be computer based, for which she would be more than suited. There would be more domesticated duties for her as well, but most of the more complex ones were handled by the other staff. Then the interview took a strange twist,

“Stephanie, our field of work involves the top secret development of human cybernetic enhancement, and we do carry out experimental work at home. How would you feel about being closely involved with this kind of work?” Karen asked her.

Stephanie thought for a few moments, trying to come up with the right ‘diplomatic’ answer, “Well I can't claim to understand what's involved in this work, or know anything much about it, but I guess as long as the experiments are all voluntary, then it's fine. It sounds fascinating.”

“So for example, we came up with some sort of enhancement that would help you run the household better, would you be prepared to use it? Say something that helped you do the household accounts in a fraction of the time it would take your human mind alone to do it. And might be the reason why we were able to advertise this position as suitable for someone with less than perfect credentials?”

OK, Stephanie had admitted to herself that she’d been pleasantly surprised that someone of her less than complete talents was being considered for such a role, and she did need somewhere to live, but being cybernetically enhanced? Was that wise? And what would it involve, it wasn't hard to assume that if it was going to help with the job it probably meant some form of control over her body... and maybe her mind, was that too big a price just to have somewhere nice to live? She decided to play cool, and try and find out more.

“Well yes, I guess something that helps me run the household would be nice, if it gives me a better chance of getting the position then its OK I guess. As long... as long as its safe of course.” then adding as an afterthought, “And of course assuming that it's nothing permanent that will assist, or I guess in a sense control me having used it while I work here.”

Gavin could see that maybe resistance would be limited, but how much was it safe to tell, or even more critically show her at this stage. It would be alright if she accepted the new lifestyle as ‘Robot Maid’ but if she didn't, then they either had to at least erase all memory of it from her mind before letting her go. They had the facility to do just that at the house, but then there would be the time gap in her memories to explain. He decided to let her know the basics at least.

“The one thing I can safely promise you Stephanie is that the uniform you would wear while working would not have long term permanent effects on your mind or body. Short term while wearing it, then yes it would interface with your mind and body, controlling you to a great degree, but we would like to think of it more as assisting you to carry out your duties. But at the end of your contract, within a matter of days your body would return totally to normal, and its special effects would no longer function, well not unless you wore it again. This is of course one reason why the salary for the position has been increased so much, to reflect the nature of the assistance that the person will be giving us. Your mind and body will be cybernetically enhanced and controlled, but only for the length of your service here. So the choice is now yours as we would like to offer you the position, if you don't want to go forward with this ‘project’ then feel free at this point to walk away, I haven't as yet told you, or shown you anything top secret. But if we go any further, there would be papers you would need to sign, as once we talk about or show you more, then memory erasure of this interview would be necessary. Just saying yes doesn't mean you have to take the position once you see what will happen to you, it just means you accept a visit to the Memory Eraser machine to remove all details of this evening from your mind would be compulsory before you left here.”

She gulped loudly, the idea of being the ‘perfect housemaid’ did appeal to her, and she had to admit it was a nice place to live, and they seemed like a nice couple to work for. But having her mind and body controlled by some machine for 5 years was a pretty dramatic step to take. OK, she could go further without committing herself to the job, but it meant agreeing to put her mind through this ‘Memory Eraser machine’ they were talking about, and though they promised to only erase her memories of this evening, who was to say they wouldn't erase more... and she’d end up as a Robot Maid anyway, maybe for longer than 5 years! They seemed nice, but if she was so perfect for the job, would they really give her a choice?

Plucking up all her courage, and trusting to the honesty of the Johnston’s she nodded her agreement to go on. Karen hastily found the necessary forms, and Stephanie signed them hoping she was doing the right thing. They then signalled her to stand up and follow them, which she naturally did. Out in the main passageway Gavin stopped by what appeared to Stephanie to just be part of the wall and flicked open a panel. He tapped a series of buttons, and a door sized panel slid open, and all 3 entered, the panel sliding shut behind them afterwards.

Stephanie gasped at all this, but Karen just laughed, “Don't worry my dear, its just that we don't want visitors to know what goes on down here in the labs. Once you are employed here you will be given a code just in case you need to contact us while we are down here.", then added laughing, “Mind when you are in Robot-Maid mode which will be most of the time you are working here your interface system will automatically operate it anyway, you just won't be too aware of it.”

Finally after about 5 minutes walking, and 2 more sets of entry panels they stopped and turned to her,

“Hope you are ready for this?” Gavin said to her. Stephanie nodded, hoping she was!

As Karen punched in the code on the door panel she said, "Now you don't have to go through with this if you don't want to, but we are hoping you will agree to it. But if you don't like the idea for any reason all you need to do is undergo a short session in the Memory Eraser and walk away, OK?”

As Stephanie said “Yes” she punched the final number and the door slid open, Stephanie let out a squeal, partly of panic, partly of stunned amazement at the sight that greeted her. It wasn't just the sight of the actual robot maid that shocked her, it was all the wires that were currently linked up to her body from banks of computers. And all the various electrical gadgetry crackling away as well with sparks and electrical waveforms working within them. And given that the room wasn't that huge she guessed most of them related to her being interfaced with the Maid body. The only other thing she could see were 2 lay down table/beds that had headband/headphone combination straps where she assumed her head would go on one table, and lots of electrodes laid on the table as well, presumably to be attached to her body. What the second table was for wasn't clear, but she assumed that the maids body would be laid there in time. For a moment she had a temptation to turn and run, but being practical she knew that the first entry panel would stop her in her tracks, so she didn't. Instead she let out a gulp.

So she gave the ‘Metal Suit’ a more full consideration. It looked about 5' 8" tall, an incredibly slim waist compared to her own, with quite large breasts. Currently she was wearing quite a sexy maid’s outfit, showing quite a lot of her metal cleavage, and even more of her metal legs. The maid already appeared to be wearing high heeled shoes, about 4 inches high if she wasn't mistaken, which she couldn't see how they made the job easier. Then she noticed the feet of the maid were so designed as to be comfortable wearing these heels. She had silvery blonde hair tucked under her cap, and quite realistic looking eyes, and a pretty little mouth. She’d assumed it was some sort of suit she would enter for her days work, but clearly there was no way she, or most other women would squeeze into that. So presumably she interfaced in another way, presumably using all that electricity and the computers, were they really going to play with her mind like that?

Karen and Gavin gave her a minute or 2 to take it all in before speaking again,

“So what do you think, she’s quite a piece of work isn't she?” Gavin asked her.

Stephanie nodded, that much she couldn't deny, then decided to speak, “Err, how do I enter her, she’s a couple of inches shorter than me, and that waist is about 4 inches narrower than mine! Or do I err... interface with her in some other way?". Somehow she knew the answer to this, but felt she had to ask.

Karen was the one who actually told her, “You don't actually enter her as much as she enters you my dear, well bodily wise anyway. let me give you a brief explanation of the process. You see the 2 tables over there?” and Stephanie nodded, “Well firstly you lay on the table with all the straps and electrodes, and we strap you down and wire you up to the interfacing units. Then we cybernetically download your mind into the Robot Maid unit using a specially designed electro-pulsar thought induction and transfer system. Its quite safe, though you won't be aware of the transfer till it's all over. Once your mind is securely linked within the processors of the robot maid it will be enhanced by the programming of the Maid unit to make you the perfect maid to run the whole household. Then to put it quite simply the Robot Maid will be laid on the second table, the chamber over the 2 tables will be pulled down tight and a powerful electro magnetic field will simply meld the 2 bodies into 1. Full interface is then completed and you will become a Robot Maid in both mind and body, and will stay that way for 5 years.”

“So why do you need someone to interface with her, surely she could run the household anyway?”

“If modern technology was capable of that much AI then we wouldn't! But basically modern limitations would only give her very basic functions unless a human mind was linked into her systems to cope with most details of her life. Also she will be so much more realistic looking like this, which is of course the aim.”

“I guess so. Err, isnt she going to be a bit ‘metal looking’ for the other servants to work under her?” Stephanie asked unsure she wanted to do this.

Karen laughed, and smiled at her, “No my dear, when the Maid Unit interfaces with your body its as an endo skeleton, not as your outer shell. You will look like flesh and blood, but only your outer layer of skin will be so, underneath you will be perfect robot machinery. So the servants will see you no different to them, though obviously your mind and being will be very different to them.”

“So if only my top layer of skin is human, how will I change back at the end of 5 years?” Stephanie asked.

“Because all your vital organs will be encased within the robot unit in perfect condition, they just won't be functioning while you are in there, well other than your controlled mind anyway. And at the end of the 5 years when we reverse the process they will all reactivate and you can go on to live a perfectly normal life. Well assuming you want us to do so at that stage.” Gavin told her.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie asked him.

“Well shortly before the end of the 5 year contract we will disconnect the interface temporarily and ask you about your desires for the future. You will be free to carry on with your duties, return to a normal human life, or indeed keep your new enhanced robot body while having your mind freed from control. But that's all a long way into the future. I hate to have to press you for an instant decision my dear, but unless you are able to say yes tonight I’m going to need to do a little mind erasing on you before you leave, the whole evenings events if you want to say no, or just the vital details if you wish to think more about it. We can give you 15 minutes or so to think it over, but beyond that I will need you to join me in the mind eraser room before leaving here.”

“But if I say yes?”

“Then ideally I would still like to clear your mind of the top secret details until the day you begin work here, just for the sake of security. We would need you to give notice immediately at work so that you could start as soon as possible. How do you feel about that?” he told her.

She thought about her dull office job, the thought about flat hunting, and weighed it up against being interfaced with a cybernetic robot unit for 5 years of her life. The latter prospect was exciting, and supposedly safe, and they seemed nice people...

“I’ll do it.” she said, hoping this was the right answer, “I need to give a weeks notice at work, and they can have the flat back a week early anyway. But after that I’ll start my new life. So lets get on and erase what you need to remove from my mind for now.”

Karen hugged her tightly, “Thank you, you won't regret this decision.”

“I do hope not!” Stephanie said quietly under her breath.

They led her into a nearby room, Stephanie lay on a table, they strapped her down and then raised her into a standing position. A metal helmet with lots of wires, and a thick metal central unit was strapped onto her head, and they carefully removed just the thoughts concerning the design of the Robot Maid. They didn't tell Stephanie that this machine could erase every thought in her head if they wanted it to! And might have done so if she’d said no to her new life!

She walked out the house contentedly, and the next morning dropped in her notice at work. The next week couldn't pass quickly enough for her. At the end of the week the storage people called in by the Johnston’s employers came to take away her belongings and put them in safe storage for 5 years.

Stephanie headed to the Johnston’s house and her new job.

Part Two

Karen was watching out for Stephanie’s arrival, this was one experiment she was definitely looking forward to enjoying the benefits of, as well as all the useful data it would generate over the next five years. And she knew Gavin felt the same way about it! She couldn't deny the sexual thing would be interesting, she’d always been bi-curious, and now was her chance to find out. Whether Stephanie was straight, bi or lesbian would soon be irrelevant for the length of her stay with them. She wondered how she would react to Gavin having sex with her as well, but she’d convinced herself it would be a necessary part of the experiment, and also it would mean she knew who he would be ‘fucking’ when she was away on business at least.

She caught a glimpse of Stephanie arriving, but resisted the temptation to open the gates before she buzzed, in case Stephanie wondered why she was being spyed upon. But immediately she buzzed and said ‘Hi’ Karen quickly let her in. Gavin was already ‘down below’ in the lab area preparing things, they wanted to get straight down to business before Stephanie might change her mind. The fact Stephanie had no plans to do so didn't matter!

She showed Stephanie to her new bedroom, explaining to her that she would sleep there at night, even though technically the new cyber enhanced Stephanie could operate 24/7/365 without harming herself if they needed her to. But as she would need to keep her ‘strength’ up, it made sense for her to ‘sleep’ as a normal human would. She giggled at the sight of a charger unit beside her bed, she assumed she would be connecting up to that at night. But beyond putting down the one small bag she brought with her Karen wasn't keen for her to hang about there. And in all honesty she didn't want to either, she didn't know quite what she was letting herself in for, but she might as well find out. Karen did briefly show her where her ‘day rooms’ would be once she was activated, from which she would run the house, and indeed in any permitted ‘free time’ be allowed to relax with her own personal computer and TV.

But after a very brief look round she hastily shepherded Stephanie towards the lab area. She punched in all the entry codes en route and Stephanie followed, now past the point of no return, and hoping it would all go fine. Finally they reached the main research room, and as the door slid open they were greeted by Gavin’s smiling face, and at least for Stephanie,... Her!

“Hi there Stephanie, good to see you again. Everything is just about ready for the transformation to begin. As I erased all the details about the process from your mind before you left last week I can either explain it all again to you, or we can just get down to work?” he asked her.

She thought to herself for a moment, it might be wiser to know what you are undergoing, but on the other hand would she be happier laying down and being transformed if she didn't know? And getting it over slightly sooner! Maybe better she seemed keen.

“A few brief details will be fine, I know I wouldn't have agreed to this if I didn't like the sound of it.” she replied.

He smiled, her nervousness was obvious, and he guessed seeing the maid stood there ready to receive her mental download wasn't making it any easier for her,

“OK Stephanie, I’ll make it brief. Basically we need you to lay down on the bed that has the headband and electrodes all laid out on it. I’ll then slip the headband over you, placing the ‘earpieces’ over your ears and then place the electrodes on all the designated parts of your body. I’ll then attach the conductor unit to the ‘mind’ of the Robot Maid and switch everything on. Initially the power level will be low, you might feel a gentle throbbing in your head, but nothing more. But as the power level grows your own awareness will disappear as her cybernetic neural unit begins to link up with your mind. Shortly after that you should fall asleep. After that download will commence, and your memories, combined with her pre-programming will become as one. When in fact you next awaken your mind will be within her body.

In the meanwhile the electrodes will enhance and adapt your body so that its ready for when she becomes part of you as your new endo skeleton. That way none of your antibodies will reject the implantation. Then when that has all been done the Maid unit will be placed on the table beside your body, a chamber created around the 2 bodies and by the use of an incredibly specialised electro-magnetic field the two bodies will literally be melded into one. As I say you will look human, but one layer of flesh down you will be pure metal. Your vital organs will be stored within this metal unit and kept functional for when you return to being human again, of course assuming you decide to do so. Mind control levels are optional, normally you would be set somewhere in the range of 50/50 or 60/40 robot depending on your duty at the time, but technically we can set you to 100% human or 100% robot neurally if we need to. We’re not planning to do that, other than near the end of your time as a cyber unit to make your decision on your future, but the option is there. Now if that's all OK?” he asked her.

She nodded, the fact that they could override her own mind completely sounded strange, but she guessed it was just a natural setting for the unit. And they weren't planning to use it anyway, or so they told her!

“I’m ready, lets get on with it.” she said, trying to sound confident.

Karen asked her to strip down to bra and panties so they could attach the electrodes to her body, and Stephanie did so, it didnt really matter anyway, she’d be wearing her various ‘uniforms’ while on duty anyway, rather than her own clothing. Also the slight reshaping that the endoskeleton would cause to her body meant they probably wouldn't fit anyway! Neither in truth would her bra, but she suspected she was being allowed a trace of modesty for now. She was currently a 36B cup, but would be nearer 38C very shortly, mind that was one enhancement she was planning on keeping if possible! She laid down on the table, Karen strapped her down in place, attached the numerous electrodes to her body, then finally slipped the headband complete with two large earpieces over her head and made it tight fitting. Now, she decided was definitely too late to escape!

She saw Gavin attach the other end of the headband over the robot, and attach a conductor rod to it. She heard a voice say ‘switching on now’, and a gentle pulsing sensation began to throb in her head. It grew steadily stronger as the minutes passed, and then just before she fell asleep she felt a sensation like someone doing things within her mind. She heard a soft female voice tell her to just relax, and that she wouldn't harm her before falling into a deep trancelike state. It was strange in this trance, she wasn't aware of the world around her, but it was like there was a woman talking to her, while studying her mind and thoughts, and repackaging them for her. In fact this was just what was happening. The Robot Maid programming was sifting through her mind, designating what thoughts she needed while linked to her, and including them in their joint program, and simply storing away the others in the recesses of her mind as unnecessary for now. All Stephanie heard was the voice telling her to relax and let the Robot Maid take control.

It felt like no time at all to her, but was in fact 2-3 hours later when she again heard a human voice talk to her. It was Karen’s.

“Stephanie, are you OK? If so, open your eyes and look around, you might get a shock though!”

She did as requested and did get a shock. She saw her body laying on the table breathing quietly in and out.

“You mean, you mean I’m in the robot body?” she asked.

“Yes my dear, you are. The transfer worked perfectly I’m glad to say. And at the moment you are on full awareness setting so you are thinking quite naturally. But not for much longer! We are just about to raise the Maid unit onto the transfer table, seal the chamber, and meld the two bodies into one. And as we have no idea how painful that might be we are going to remove all awareness during the process. Hopefully by the next time I talk to you, two bodies, and indeed two minds, though only one human one will have become as one. We will then very briefly give you the freedom to talk to check you are OK before resetting you to working levels of control, and that way you will then stay for the next five years. So if you are ready?” Karen replied.

“Most definitely!” Stephanie said, and instantly her awareness of the world disappeared.

Gavin and Karen lifted the robot body onto the table, positioned it correctly, and sealed the chamber tight. They switched on the electro-magnetic field and the powerful force moved the bodies closer and closer together until they were almost touching. He then pressed a button and a massive power surge shot through the chamber. Suddenly where there had been two bodies... now there was one! They checked all the vital signs, both the few remaining human ones, and far more importantly the cybernetic unit ones, and all seemed fine. They waited a few nervous minutes, and still everything seemed OK, Stephanie’s now unneeded vital organs were ticking over in what was virtually stand by mode, and all her cyber units seemed to be activating perfectly. The endoskeleton had simply sealed itself within her flesh, and would only be removed in five years time... assuming she wanted them to. So it was time to awaken the new Stephanie.

They raised the lid of the chamber, and sent the activation signal to the new enhanced body from the computer. To their total delight she sat up and spoke,

“Robot Maid Unit 1 fully functional, all neural and physical units linked and aligned to the human carrier shell. She is ready to commence duties as commanded.”

Karen laughed, “We’d better ‘wake up’ Stephanie first, let her know its worked, and check she’s OK before we let her commence duties.", and then noticing that the enhancement of the breasts mean't they were barely contained in her old bra added, “And we’d better get her dressed first as well!”

Gavin smiled back, “Yes, there will be time later for the duties that require her to be less than fully dressed. Like tonight maybe!”

“That would be nice!” grinned Karen.

Changing the setting to give Stephanie full awareness it was soon clear when her thoughts had all returned. The little cheer she gave as she looked her new self over was enough clue for that.

“How does it feel?” Gavin asked her.

“Fine.” she replied, though when she sat up and looked at her breasts bursting out of her bra she added, “Did I only go up 1 cup, they seem much larger?”

He laughed, “Well I haven't measured them!” which caused her to giggle, “But as far as I can tell yes, that is the case, but don't worry we have some 38D bras available if needed!” and she giggled again.

She tried to stand up and found it difficult to balance, before Karen realised the Maid had been set in high heels mode at the time of transfer. And as Stephanie had no shoes on, balance was a little tricky. She soon adjusted that, Stephanie gasping as she did.

“It's a neat little trick.” she explained, “As Maids normally wear heeled shoes in the ‘fantasy image’ she was designed accordingly. But as you won't be wearing shoes at bedtime etc she can be adjusted to have ‘flat feet’ for walking and standing then. But during the day while at work it will enable you to wear shoes with a 4" heel all day without any discomfort.” and preceded to show Stephanie how to change the setting accordingly. She didnt tell her about the 6" heel setting though, or why, or when they might use it!

“So if everything is OK with you we will put you in Full Housemaid mode now, its a 60/40 robot setting, it will make your days duties a stroll at that level of control, but at the same time you will be aware of your surroundings, and what's happening to you, you just won't be able to control them thats all. So if you are ready?”

Stephanie nodded, Gavin initiated the programming and her thoughts washed away. What replaced them was the knowledge of what duties she needed to do, and how to do them. The first ‘formal test’ was to get the housekeeping books up to date so she dressed in a very formal maids outfit, slipped on her shoes and went about her duties. As she hadn't changed bra her fuller cleavage was almost bursting out of the outfit, but they’d worry about that later, they weren't expecting any visitors that day anyway.

Karen and Gavin kept a fairly close eye on Stephanie that day, mainly to check that there wasn't any bad reactions to the changes her body had undergone, but also to study her work rate, to see if it was superior to the human mind and eye, and if so, by how much. Also to see how she inter-related with the other staff when they introduced her to them later that day. To their delight everything worked well. Stephanie balanced the books, ordered what was necessary to keep the house running and everything else in about 25% less time than a ‘normal human’ would have done. And her first contact with her staff went well also, all afterwards saying how nice she seemed, and working under her would be a pleasure.

That evening however was the first big test, cooking a full meal by herself. They guessed Stephanie’s cookery skills weren't that great, and indeed they were right, she could do the basics and that was about it! But that was the old Stephanie! Karen downloaded remotely to her circuits the details of the meal, nothing too complex, but something that would have been beyond the human version. And it all worked! Karen watched secretly from the kitchen doorway as Stephanie skillfully whizzed her way round the kitchen, finding the items she needed, preparing them and indeed cooking them as if she’d been a professional cook for years. And when the meal arrived, neatly served up for them by her in a wondrous lacy maid’s dress, the food was excellent.

After the meal Gavin relaxed at the table and smiled at Karen, “All seems to have worked perfectly. I know its only the first day, and there may be technical hitches to come, but that was impressive. So are we going to test the other side of her programming out later tonight?”

Karen laughed, “No, I think we will leave that for another night, but maybe as soon as tomorrow. I don't know how fully charged she is to be honest, I suspect that at least some of her activity today has been down to her human energy, rather than electrical, and we certainly don't want to burn her out. Just let her relax tonight, the staff can do the washing up in the morning, and then after a full charge we can test her out in other ways!”

Both smiled at that thought.

The next day passed smoothly, beyond one or two basic checks to make sure everything was OK they simply left Stephanie to get on with running the household... which she did superbly! They were due to report back to HQ the next day, but by the afternoon knew they had nothing to worry about, and so they made plans for that evening.

“We’ll let her have her meal as per normal, then drop her awareness levels steadily, so that she doesn't notice the gradual change. We’ll ‘advise’ her to watch something simple on TV tonight so that she doesn't spot her personal awareness levels dropping away. Then at bedtime..............” Gavin said.

“...........We will have lots of fun!” grinned Karen.

Stephanie meanwhile was going about her duties happily, she found it fascinating how she could be so aware of what she was doing, while equally feeling like a passenger within her own body. Still work seemed to be going well, it seemed a nice place to live and work, so why should she worry, especially when she considered things like the meal she had cooked the night before. She was ‘informed’ by her bodily system that she wasn't required to cook that night, just to relax, enjoy herself and get settled in before the real ‘business’ started tomorrow when she would truly be in charge of the house. So she did as commanded! She spent the evening watching TV, nothing heavy, but it seemed OK. She didn't realise the reason why the viewing got more difficult as the evening got on was controlled by someone else!

Not too late in the evening she headed for bed, plugged herself in as instructed and settled down for a good nights ‘sleep’. But an hour or so later a very unaware Stephanie unplugged herself, let herself out of her room and walked towards Karen and Gavin’s room. She didn't knock, simply entering the room as her programming commanded her to. Karen smiled,

“Ah, Stephanie, so good to see you. Why don't you remove that nightdress and join us in the bed.” she said, Stephanie obediently, but blankly obeyed.

Gavin waved a hand in front of her face to no reaction whatsoever, “Seems to have worked nicely.” he said to his wife.

“Wonderful.” she purred in delight, “So who’s first to try her out?”

Gavin laughed, “Ladies first my dear, besides the sight of you two making a meal of each other should ensure my pleasure stick is ready for her.”

“Sounds good to me!” said Karen grinning, “Enter sexy lesbian mode my sweet robot Stephanie, and lets see what sweet nectar we can raise together.”

It was like a switch going on in Stephanie’s mind, and suddenly her lips moved towards Karen and a series of passionate kisses followed. Hands then moved towards naked bodies as both women softly aroused each other. No sensuous zone seemed to be missed, as breasts, nipples, clits, thighs, and most importantly mouths got caressed by the other. Karen slid Stephanie into a 69 position and told her to pleasure Mistress to orgasm, and naturally she obeyed, Karen having told Stephanie not to cum until she did, started to lap at her delicate slit as well. There was a slight metallic smell, but nothing that concerned her. Karen had never had attention quite like this before, and suspected she wouldn't be able to resist that tongue forever, she was right! Ten to fifteen minutes later she felt an incredible shudder pass through her, and moments later a huge orgasm raced through her whole body. Of course that was Stephanie's key to cum, and she did, shooting her own sticky juices over Karen’s face. The ‘lovers’ met in a fond embrace, a sticky kiss that emabled them to taste their intermingled juices.

“Oh wow!” said Karen as the afterglow started to subside, “That was incredible, and something I do want to repeat sometime. Might only be one man in my life, but one woman as well is nice!", then looking at Gavin’s hard cock she laughed and added, “Seem's I wasn't the only one that enjoyed that!”

“Too right it wasn't!” he answered with a huge grin, “My turn now though. Stephanie, enter horny sex kitten mode and satisfy me.”

A few moments later she was clearly changed, and the eager mouth wrapped itself around his cock. it didn't need much bringing to ‘boiling point’ but she did it effortlessly. Soon he was plunging himself deep inside her, her vagina sucking him off with deep powerful strokes. Ten minutes or so later he felt his ‘wall’ breaking and he shot a large amount of his hot sticky cum inside of her. She continued to milk his cock till it was dry and flaccid.

“Oh my, I see what you mean, the sexual programming on this machine is amazing. And a robot body can't get pregnant either!” he said.

“And we’ve got five years of this delight!” said Karen with a grin.

“I know!” smiled Gavin back at her.

They cleaned Stephanie off, so she would never know, sent her back to her room, and at a safe period returned her awareness levels to their standard setting. She woke in the morning, not knowing about the events of the night before, and simply began her days duties.

Later that day they simply set Stephanie to ‘total command’ setting, and left for HQ knowing their luxurious house was in safe hands. She smoothly and efficiently ran the house for the next 3 days while they were away, barely blinking an eyelid as she did so. She heard some of the others saying how nice it was to have someone calm, friendly and efficient in charge, even if she did seem a bit dull and mechanical in her methods at time. if only Stephanie’s sense of humour had been switched on she would surely have laughed at that!

The next 5 years or so passed easily in the Johnston household, as enhancements were developed at Futura little ‘upgrades’ were given to Stephanie to improve both her physical and neural developments. She of course never noticed any of these.

And the sexual activities... well I haven't got long enough to describe all these! But lets just say some interesting couplings, and indeed threesomes happened over the years. They both enjoyed the ability to turn Stephanie from dull little ‘ice maiden’ into rampant sex kitten with freedom, and indeed on nights when their partner was away were known to use her as a sleeping companion as well as lover. And her enhanced body was so flexible that she got in positions that... well lets just say humans might have found tricky!

Then one day Karen looked at the calendar and realised a terrible thought, Stephanie only had 10 days left on her contract! And might leave! And she was not looking forward to that day at all.

She rang Gavin in his office, “I’ve just noticed one thing, the end of Stephanie’s contract is drawing near, and I’m not looking forward to that, I’d hate to lose her now, she’s a tremendous worker, and quite some lover too! Can't we just err.... leave her that way?”

Gavin laughed, " I only wish we could, but apart from the moral issue there is the grounds that Futura know the date as well, and will expect release to be completed. We can only hope she decides to stay on with us, but that can only be her choice I’m afraid. But yes, I will miss her terribly as well if she goes, apart from anything else we know the house is in very capable hands when we do have to leave home and travel abroad.", then adding as a thought, “I suppose we could ‘suggest’ to her that we’d like her to stay, I know its technically a free choice, but we could always tweak things a little?”

Karen replied, “Would be nice, but the consequences of being found out really make it too risky, but it would be better if she did stay. I suppose we’d better release her mind tomorrow and find out her decision, just in case we need a replacement?”

When they got home that night, the ‘Super-Maid’ had everything prepared for dinner, and served it in her usual calm efficient manner. She cleared away afterwards, and then was relieved from duties for the night. Karen excused herself, saying she had a little work to do in the lab from a project at work, and she would see him at bedtime, suggesting if he wanted a ‘little companionship’ for the evening to call in Stephanie to snuggle up to him, and maybe more! So he did! Stephanie’s cyber systems did make one or two bleeps during the evening, but that wasn't anything so out of the ordinary that he worried about it.

They took the afternoon off work the next day, telling their bosses the reason why, so they were excused duty. Taking Stephanie down into the lab with them, they laid her on the table, placed the headphones over her ears, the headband around her forehead, and switched on the temporary mind release device, ten minutes or so later they removed them and waited for Stephanie to wake up again. A few minutes later she did so, her big blue eyes opening wide, and a wide smile across her face.

“How do you feel?” Gavin asked her, adding with a laugh, “Feeling human again!”

Stephanie giggled, “Sort of weird I guess, having all my thoughts whirring around after all this time. Does this mean my time here is nearly over?”

“If you mean the five years, then yes it is, there are about nine days left on your contract which is why we’ve woken up our ‘sleeping beauty’ today. We’ve taken your cyber units offline while you make your decision as to your future. Your choices are the same as when we started this, we can remove the endo skeleton from your body, and you will return to normal within days. You can retain your current endo skeleton with the controlling cyber units removed, and live a long and healthy life in your new enhanced body. Or you can go back to being the controlling, or should that be controlled influence running the household for as long as you wish with all the cyber units assistance.” he told her.

She looked down at her full, tight breasts, larger than before, her rounded form and cute bottom, and wondered about going back to her dull old self. She’d enjoyed her time here incredibly, well as much as she could remember of it anyway! Did she really want to leave, find somewhere else to live, and go back to a dull old office job again. OK, the money she’d made would find her a nice place to live, but her few friends would have moved on by now, and she’d never had much social life anyway.

“How long have I got to decide before I need to start going back to work mode again?” she asked.

Karen looked at her watch, "Two hours from now before we need you available again, so about fifteen minutes less than that so we can ready you. But you needn't make your final decision until the day before your contract ends, but we were hoping you might decide today in case... we have to find someone else.” Then added, probably wishing she hadn't, “We don't want you to go, we’d love you to stay forever, but can understand if you don't want to be a robot the rest of your life.”

This struck home at Stephanie’s heart, for once in her life, for whatever reason she was truly loved and wanted. The outside world could go on without her she decided, smiling broadly she said,

“That lovely comment settles it, I’m staying, but I’m not sure about forever though. But another five years would be wonderful. So if you can arrange that....”

The papers would have appeared immediately, but this time there had to be witnesses from Futura to her agreement, so it would have to wait. Both hugged her fondly, and Karen whispered in her ear,

“You won't regret this, thank you.”

She laid back down on the table, and was returned to work mode. Nine days later the ‘human’ Stephanie was again ‘woken up’ for the official process of contract extension being confirmed. A Futura medical expert confirmed her mind was free enough for this to be her own free choice, the papers were signed and witnessed and Stephanie began her second ‘term of service’ to the Johnston’s. For some reason she was really looking forward to becoming a cyber unit again.

Over the course of the next five years they continued to upgrade and enhance Stephanie at regular intervals, she enjoying every minute of her role, well as much as she was allowed to remember of it! And of course the regular sexual activities as well! But of course eventually even those five years came to an end, and it was decision time again....................

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