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by PhoenixianSirenanna

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Storycodes: M/f; mind-control; oral; scifi; fembot; maid-bot; cons; X

Born to an upper-middle class family, Roxanne Ragges was the only child of Dr. Phillip J. Ragges, inventor of the modern version of the Cyber Collar, used by Bots, Noids, and Droids as their Neuro-Control Processor for their central core neuro-brains used by same said non-sentient mech’s. Her mother was Kristina McFey, the creator of the Neural-Interface with Data-Port and Data Packet slots for expanded functionality.

With a Neural-Interface, using the Data Packet slots you could instantly have access to knowledge from any field. You wanted to be a lawyer, data analyst, historian, etc etc; with the Data Packets you could have all information, training and knowledge in that field instantly, to boost your own knowledge and training, to be able to excel beyond what you normally could. Of course some used Data Packets for sexual things too.

With the Neural Data-Port you could wirelessly control your electronics, your car, even send commands to your Mech’s which was a much more powerful wireless tech than the simple Neural Interface Chips from preceding decades, though you still needed to update the security protocols when they were offered.

Roxanne was born with an incredible intelligence and genius far beyond her years, but like many geniuses before her she was naive and absent minded when focused on something, as such she had almost no social life or friends. She graduated from high school at the tender age of fifteen and a half years of age, and on her sixteenth birthday her parents paid for her to get a Mark iv Neural-Interface.

She wanted to start college right away but when she graduated from high school they told her that they wanted her to have a little more life experience first, and they told her she had to work a paying job for at least two years, so she would have a better grasp of her fellow Humanity and maybe make some friends. So she got a job at first for a restaurant where she worked for five months before turning sixteen, then she got a job at a hotel as a maid where she would work for the next two years.

While she worked her jobs she had Data Packets for everything related to her job. She had the waitress Data Packet and the Maid data packet, along with the company guidebook Data packets for when she was employed. With access to these, combined with her intellect, doing either job was a breeze and she quickly was able to learn just about everything she needed to do the jobs, even without the Data Packets though she usually continued to utilize them while working. It was during the seventh month of her sixteenth year that tragedy struck. Her parents died in a tragic accident. They were her only surviving relatives, as she had no first cousins, and her grandparents and great grandparents had passed away when she was young. They were taking a trip via passenger train in a sleeping car all to themselves when the train overturned killing them and many other passengers.

Grieving the loss of her parents, she threw herself into her work as a maid at the hotel where she was employed. What little progress she had made in making friends or learning more about the world was thrown to the wayside. Since she was sixteen and had no family, she was placed into the care of her foster parents. They were old friends of her parents with whom they had lost touch. They had agreed to be her sponsor parents when she was born; they were also put in charge of her parent’s finances which were placed in trust for her, with them as the executors of the estate.

However, they were no longer quite the people they once had been and now knew the ins and outs of this kind of work as foster parents and slowly siphoned half of the estate away minus the various taxes and bank fees, so when she turned eighteen only about a third of the total value of her parents assets were completely turned over to her. Thankfully her college funds had been unable to be touched even by the foster parents, so she still had some funds to help with college when she decided to attend.

She took over the residency of her childhood home which had fallen into some disrepair as her foster parents had authorized only the bare minimum of payments to maintain the home for when she turned eighteen. When she finally started to pay for additional repairs to make it more livable her finances became more dire, so she continued her job rather than attend college at first.

A rare set of converging events resulted in the head of BioBots Inc staying at her hotel, overhearing her talk with one of the other maids about her goals and her family and being impressed with the detailed work she did to take care of his room while he stayed there. At the end of his trip he offered her a job in his factory in quality control, as he felt that her attention to detail would do well there and would easily lead her into advancement in the company. He even offered to pay a third of the costs of each semester of school for her.

So at the tender age of eighteen and a half, she accepted the offer and started to work for BioBots Inc in their quality control department, which, as she started her training, opened her eyes on a whole new level of life she had never seen before. Her job was simple, all she had to do was quality check the BioBots, and check the clothing and the accessories to make sure there were no flaws or imperfections or glitches.

Her station was largely automated, as the factory machines could just grab the clothing and accessories itself, and it could run a data-check on the BioBots to make sure there were no glitches, but not imperfections and it couldn’t quality check the products for things that could be wrong. On top of that there was a thirty eight percent risk the machines grappler arms could very easily damage the clothing and accessories. On one side was a large multi-rack of clothes that was constantly restocked by automation, towards the front was a Queue for the BioBots, towards the end of the line were the accessories and the packaging for the BioBots.

On her fourth day of training, along with one other trainee and the five full time employees in their department they were all pulled aside to discuss an endemic problem with the quality control employees “borrowing” the Android’s, Gynoid’s, and Robot’s various outfits and then washing and drying them in the company outfit washers before putting them on the product or in their boxes. As they were going through the lecture, Roxanne raised her hand and asked how much the washing and drying cost the company and if the outfits had been damaged in some way either from the wearing of the outfit or from the washing and drying process itself.

Surprised at the intelligent question the supervisor and the HR representative asked what she meant. Embarrassed, she said well if the outfits aren’t damaged from people “borrowing them” but are damaged in the washing and drying process maybe the question to be asked is if the quality of the product is worth the cost, or if the washing and drying equipment is damaging the clothing then perhaps new and more efficient equipment is needed as the outfits are washed and dried before coming to quality control? So why is the equipment damaging the clothes after having been worn? Wouldn’t people pay for better quality clothing that lasts and that can survive the average washing and drying equipment available today?

Astounded at the reasonable and well thought out questions, they decided to end the lecture for now while they did some research. They came back four weeks later and informed them all that they could “borrow” the costumes, but they had to log it, to charge a two dollar fee for the cost of the water, steam and drying involved in cleaning the better quality clothes in the new cleaning equipment. They also gave a personal commendation to Roxanne on the points she brought up as it ultimately made the company more money for the clothes while also allowing them to break even on employee outfit usage. Roxanne made two friends that day, the supervisor Derrick and one of her co-workers Alyssa.

Under her friend's encouragement she started using the outfits from time to time for either some costume party in town, of which there was always at least one a month, to dance parties or a night on the town at the theater, or opera, or a concert. Usually though she chose simple and elegant outfits and costumes, but her friends could only get her to come to one party or event every three to five months and even then she took it slow.

This went on for almost three years until her twenty-first birthday, when a company-sponsored costume party was to be held at the studio-condo apartment of an executive of the board (and second largest stock holder). His name is Darrian Mitchell Russell, it was the first time he had held a party in his home in years and everyone was expecting it to be a huge blow out of a party. In previous costume parties Roxanne had been a baseball player, a maid or a female butler, a girl from the nineteen twenties, a ballerina, an airline attendant, etc etc, but always something basic, elegant and generic.

Roxanne had been saying she might go if her friends did, so the time for the party came and she paused her production line. She decided to be brave and go a little risque for her and selected the MaidBot, but not a regular human maid style outfit, logging it in the system.

She went home and on her way she stopped to get a hair coloring kit. She didn’t pay attention to which kind of hair coloring kit she got because she was in a hurry, if she had she would have noticed it was a long term hair color product designed for ten years instead of ten days. She paid for her purchase then went home and started following the directions, swallowing the hair color bio-metabolizer, then soaking her hair and scalp in the coloring solution for two hours. When it was completed her hair was a metallic neon blue color which is the color it would stay for ten years.

She put on the MaidBot outfit which consisted of the MaidBot clothing, gloves and shoes, and one of the unactivated Control collars she had also ‘borrowed' with the rest of the outfit, as it completed the look for the costume and she had no time to buy a faux collar. She decided to make a game of it in the hopes that no one would realize she was a real person, which might make it easier for her to enjoy the party.

Even better she thought if she could fool her friends into thinking she was a MaidBot she would have something that she could tease them about in the manner all friends do from time to time. With a click the collar closed around her neck, she checked once more to make sure the collar was still off, then she left for the party. She chose to leave her purse at home as she would be walking anyway. The studio condo apartments were just five blocks away, not far she reasoned so she didn’t need her car and the walk would be good for her especially if she got drunk.

Looking all around her as she closed her door, she used her hidden spare key to lock up, then rehid her key. In a hurry as she walked away she failed to hear her cell phone ringing in the house, where she had left it plugged in to charge. The call went to voicemail. It was her friends calling to tell her that they couldn’t make the party as they had gone on an impromptu date as they realized they loved each other but they encouraged her to still go to the party. They had their doubts about whether she would actually go and thought if she got the message she probably wouldn’t go.

As she walked to the party she noticed people going to the Cosplay club in full costume. She recognized her colleagues from quality control Phillip and Lorraine who were dressed to the nines in dress uniform Trek Wars uniforms entering the club. Their backs had been to her but she saw their faces reflected back from the mirrored doorway, clueless she was across the street from them as they entered. She wished them the best of luck as the club was crazy loud. People had to shout to hear each other, as she knew from the one time her friends had dragged her there, she ended that night with such a headache, she thought to herself while smiling ruefully.

Other than that her walk was quiet and uneventful with practically no one on the streets. With only the occasional car or bus driving by she felt alone, especially after the clouds hid the Moon in the evening sky. She started to feel very isolated and alone when she finally came upon the complex. It was huge, she knew as she had driven by it, but walking up to it she felt dwarfed by its size. Spotting a doorman she got herself as best as possible into character.

“Greetings, I am RoxyBot 337, here to assist Darrian Mitchell Russell with his party.”

The doorman to her amazement bought her story and let her in, telling her to proceed to floor five, rear elevator exit, with the entry code for the night’s party of five five three.

She got off the elevator and was greeted by Mr. Russell himself. Before he could say anything she said, “I am RoxyBot 337, property of Roxanne Ragges. Roxanne offers her sincerest apologies for being unable to attend the party but offers the services of her MaidBot to assist with the party.”

Darrian blinked in surprise, looked at RoxyBot in acceptance of her statement as true and said that, “He was sorry he wouldn’t get to meet Roxanne as she had the CEO always singing her praises, and he had looked forward to meeting her. I didn’t know she had a MaidBot, is she one of ours?”

Thinking on the fly Roxanne replied, ”Mistress Roxanne bought me second hand from a robotics consignment store. I am one of the newer models of BioBot, unfortunately I am unaware of who my previous owners were or why they sold me for resale.”

“That’s unfortunate indeed. I am in charge of the customer satisfaction division, and I would have liked to know why they didn’t just return you. Oh well, when you go back to your owner Roxanne, please be sure to thank her for letting me borrow you for the night. If you could start by picking up and carrying around some of the food and drink trays to offer to my guests that would be great.”

Seeing no one else immediately nearby, as she walked by him she allowed herself the briefest of smiles then got back into character, “Orders Confirmed. RoxyBot proceeding with orders from temporary designated owner Darrian Mitchell Russell.”

As she continued walking away, he asked that for tonight she just call him Master to make things easier, rather than continuously saying his full name.

Roxanne responded, “Yes Master.” Seeing the food and drink platters she proceeded

to pick them up and started going around the room serving drinks, and offering food.

She was glad she had put in her server and maid data packets tonight before she left. It had been a while since she had done this kind of work but as the night went on she was relying on them less and less, as her own experience and memories enabled her to do the work herself for the most part. After four hours the party was really kicking, and no one, to her relief, had recognized her, not even the CEO who hired her.

As the party continued she noticed someone who hadn’t come to get anything from her in the far back corner. He was typing on his phone intently. She wondered if he was trying to work while at the party and was about to go approach him to try and strike up a conversation to learn more about him and why he was working, when Darrian asked for her assistance with setting the table for the dinner buffet.

What neither she nor anyone else realized was that he was a professional corporate spy hired by the rival company RoboUnits Inc., who had infiltrated the party to try to gain access to Mr. Russell’s House Control Computer to capture any company secrets he had.

He never saw Roxanne but he had been looking for a way to hack into the House Control Computer which had direct access to the BioBots Inc headquarters networks.

He noticed a nonactive ‘Collar ready’ signal which usually meant a collar that was either deactivated awaiting an activation signal or an active collar was nearby but that it wasn’t owned by Mr. Russell and as such the House Control Computer wasn’t authorized to directly control said unit, save to communicate with it via the ready signal.

Acting quickly he hacked into the non-active ready signal, trying to activate the collar to full registration mode, while trying to get the House Control Computer to acknowledge the registration signal. Fate would deliver an indelicate hand to this spy’s goals.

A beautiful exotic young woman was busy talking to her friend, while intoxicated. As she was heading for the patio door next to the spy, failing to see him, she bumped into him, tripped over his foot and as she tumbled spectacularly to the floor she reached to grab ahold of something to prevent her fall, grabbing his hands.

His phone went flying across the room landing in the punch bowl on the breakfast nook table and shorted out sending a random scramble of data out as it died.

The spy also lost his footing, falling to the floor and getting entangled with the beautiful woman. As they slowly disentangled themselves from each other, he looked mournfully towards his phone. The woman was distraught and insisted on trying to console him. They would spend the rest of the night together. Little did the spy or the woman know at that time but they had just met their soulmate and would within a year be happily married.

Darrian put the spy’s phone in a bowl of uncooked rice to try to save it, but it was toast.

In the commotion no one noticed the MaidBot, that had introduced herself as RoxyBot, freeze up as she was about to grab a knife to start cutting. She had headed into the kitchen as per Darrian’s request to help prepare the buffet dinner; by mashing the potatoes, which she had just finished, and to cut more vegetables for the veggie platters.

As the spy had been hacking his way into her collar’s signal, he tripped and crossed some data as he was activating the collar, which was made worse when the random data-burst from the short-circuit hit.

Her collar fully activated but glitched in the activation sequence. It had no data on an owner. It tried to link up with the MaidBot it had been attached to but it found nothing it would normally link to. It tried other frequencies. It found an unusual frequency that it normally wouldn’t even try to connect to, but with the glitch affecting it’s safety recognition software, it failed to recognize it as a Neural-Interface, only detecting that it was a linkage technology almost five years out of date, so it proceeded to uplink with the Neural-Interface rather forcefully breaking through the antiquated security of the NI like it wasn’t there.

If she had been able to know, this was why she froze as the collar took control of her body, she would have regretted not updating the security protocols on her Neural-Interface. As it was, she was confused as to what was happening at first.

When she realized that the collar had activated and was somehow taking control of her, she became terrified, but her mind continued to think on how this might have happened. Suddenly the collar, in search of answers, accessed her short term memory of the last several hours, copying it into its own database, causing her to lose her train of thought, as all her memories were copied at an incredibly fast rate.

Roxanne passed out from the memory download.

Scanning the memories it downloaded as a sample it focused on keywords like ‘Owner, Master, MaidBot, Bot and numbers’ and other such key phrases to focus on learning who its owner is and what its designation is. The collar saw that the MaidBot had referred to itself as RoxyBot 337, the property of a Roxanne Ragges, and that this unit was on loan to her temporary owner Darrian Mitchell Russell per her actual owner Roxanne.

Recent activities of RoxyBot 337 included serving the guests of the party with trays of food and drink, and helping prepare the dinner table. The collar thought that it had glitched and shut down, as it could not remember what it was doing a few minutes ago, nor remember anything prior to the collar’s (as it thought of itself) reboot.

That was when Darrian came in asking how the vegetables were coming along.

“This MaidBot has suffered a glitch in its memory, what was this unit doing again?” RoxyBot said.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that. You just finished mashing the potatoes and were cutting vegetables to put on the dinner table for tonight's meal,” Darrian replied.

“Acknowledged Master.”

She proceeded to start chopping the vegetables for dinner. Before Darrian walked out with tonight's main meal, he turned and said, “Again, I want to state that I want you to thank your owner when you return to her.” Then he left before RoxyBot could respond.

As RoxyBot continued to chop vegetables, the collar sent a status update out, trying to find a House Control Computer and found the one for her temporary owner of the night. It reported the glitch and asked for guidance. The House Control Computer acknowledged the collars status request and it helpfully sent a registration request for RoxyBot 337 as the property of Roxanne Ragges with a temporary owner status of Darrian Mitchell Russell, and sent a notice of the collar glitch.

The response from the Bot registry was that Roxanne’s Bot had been successfully registered as her property, with the temporary ownership for Mr. Russell, and to have the MaidBot hook into a charging pod for updates to help correct the glitch.

Unfortunately Mr. Russell didn’t have a charging pod as he had no Bots of any kind.

Trying to rectify this, his House Control Computer made a priority request for a BioBot charging pod to be delivered so that the RoxyBot could get the software it needed to repair said glitch. Within thirty minutes a DeliveryBot came with the charging pod,

RoxyBot was informed of the delivery before the DeliveryBot was even in the driveway. The collar, per the request of the House Control Computer, proceeded to have Roxanne go to the front of the house to open the door for the delivery. While Roxanne was just coming back to awareness after having passed out from the memory download, she found herself opening the door for a DeliveryBot with a rather large package.

She found herself escorting the DeliveryBot to Mr. Russell’s utility room, where the pod was hooked up to the water, sewer, and power lines with a direct link to the House Control Computer.

Realizing she still had no control of herself she began to panic, but her body gave no outward sign of it as she walked the DeliveryBot back out of the house now that the delivery and installation was complete. Roxanne found herself walking back to the party, where for the next three hours she continued to serve the guests and Mr. Russell, whom she kept addressing as Master.

Whereas before it was part of her play acting, a part with the occasional support from her data packets, now she was serving as the MaidBot she had become.

As the night wound down she would escort the guests out handing them their coats or purses if they had brought anything with them. After the last guests left Roxanne, as RoxyBot, went in search of her temporary owner, only to find him laying down for the night and promptly falling asleep from a combination of over-eating and drinking.

Without any further orders, she was commanded to the pod for the night by the HCC for her collar to recharge, for cleaning, and for re-programming to attempt to correct the earlier unexplained glitch. Roxanne was terrified of what would happen to her as she stripped naked, put her MaidBot outfit into the Pod clothing cleaner, then climbed in herself.

She felt something connect to her collar as two ‘somethings’ inserted themselves into her and at her collar's command she was flushed out, given some water and NanoPaste which tasted horrible. Then she was commanded into sleep mode and she fell asleep. As she slept all she could see in her dreams were green ones and zeros floating by.

As she slept the House Control Computer was searching for what caused the glitch in the collar and it found traces of an access attempt by a cell phone, but it couldn’t identify the phone so the house computer concluded that someone was trying to steal the MaidBot, by suborning her ownership protocols to be to someone else. It installed new security software to prevent this in the future.

It also noticed outdated Maid and Server programming installed but not MaidBot or ServerBot software, so it updated the software to the correct protocols, permanently altering the data packet software and databases. It then installed additional programming into both the collar and unbeknownst to the HCC it installed it directly into Roxanne’s brain through her Neural-Interface, to bring them both back in line and into synchronous connectivity to help eliminate future glitches.

As it did this it tried to find a purchase record for RoxyBot 337, but could find nothing. A search of her memories using keywords found a statement by RoxyBot, stating she had been purchased at a consignment store that sold previously used mech’s. Searching the local area it found seven hundred & thirty five stores, of which only one hundred & fifty had security cameras and digital records, none of which matched RoxyBot 337. It therefore assigned a purchase at an unknown consignment reseller to her identification records in her collar and sent an update to the Bot Registry for the official record, thus Roxanne is now even more officially a MaidBot.

When Roxanne awoke in the morning, she felt different. She remembered being a human named Roxanne Ragges, but she also knew she was RoxyBot 337 the property of Roxanne Ragges which left her slightly confused as the pod flushed her out again, while it finished cleaning and buffing her to an artificial shine, then once again fed her NanoPaste and water. That completed, the pod released her and the House Control Computer ordered her to clean up the mess from the party.

RoxyBot complied and cleaned the Studio Condo Apartment up from top to bottom, without encountering her temporary owner, as he had left earlier in the morning to run some errands. As she cleaned she tried to determine the truth regarding her conflicting thoughts and memories. Having completed her duties, she was ordered back to her pod for flushing and refueling with water and NanoPaste, then was put back into sleep mode exactly eleven hours after being activated that day, without a successful resolution to her identity crisis.

If Roxanne could have been shocked anymore, she would be surprised at the fact that over the next ten days she did not encounter her temporary owner in the completing of her duties. Unbeknownst to her he had returned to pack and then left for a business trip on the evening of her second day as a MaidBot, while she was charging that night, having completely forgotten about her.

Each day started the same with her trying to make sense of her conflicting thoughts and memories. It would end the same, having cleaned the studio condo apartment and retrieved the day's mail she would return to her pod with no resolution. As the ten days neared their end she was contemplating her dilemma less and less, she just carried out her duties with increasing efficiency.

Roxanne was likewise not missed at the plant as there was an intense storm the night he left, and while there were no power outages at his place, there were power flickers at the BioBots Inc factory floor where she worked. The power never went fully out but would flicker off then back on for one to two second intervals, which would lead to many glitches and errors that would cost the company thousands of dollars to correct over the next week, including the randomization of her logs at work which would go unnoticed.

The computer started auto-completing her logs for working her schedule while it started completing the orders without a quality check. Amazingly enough it would be months before this lack of quality checks would be discovered, much less before the first complaints would come in as the first poor quality products that would be reported wouldn’t be for almost a year.

Mr. Russell would return late on the eleventh day; as his flight was delayed twice that day he returned home and went to bed. He awoke the next morning to see a MaidBot unpacking his suitcase, sorting them into clean clothes to put away, and clothes to wash. To say he was surprised and shocked was an understatement, as he had forgotten about the MaidBot who helped him at the party.

Thinking he had cleaned up in a drunken stupor before going to bed, as he had rushed out of the house early the next morning for his errands he hadn’t noticed the cleaned up state of his place until he got home that night. Now he wondered if he had drunkenly ordered a MaidBot from the company, so he decided to ask the MaidBot how she got here.

“MaidBot, stop what you're doing for a minute and tell me what you're doing here and how you got here.”

“I am RoxyBot 337, I am the property of Roxanne Ragges, who has loaned this MaidBot for your use. I arrived for the party, and you, my temporary owner, have not released me to my owner yet,” RoxyBot replied.

Darrian started to remember that as she described her arrival, and subsequent duties that night including her glitch, and learned how the house control computer ordered a BioBot charging pod to help fix her and charge her for the time she served her temporary owner.

He asked if Roxanne had ever called to try and get his MaidBot back, to which she replied, via information provided by the house control computer, that she had not. He ordered the house control computer to try to contact her so he could make sure she was home for her MaidBot to be able to return home, as RoxyBot had informed him that a key was needed to gain entry and that she lacked a key to her Mistress’ home.

All the calls went to voicemail and the text messages were returned saying she was at work, so Darrian decided she could stay until he was able to get a hold of Roxanne.

RoxyBot continued to serve her temporary owner Darian Mitchell Russell and in time he got very used to her working in his home, though he never used her sexually as he felt that she was Roxanne’s property and it wouldn’t be right for him to do that.

Over the next eleven months the House Control Computer would continue to try to contact Roxanne, even extending attempts to contact her via her work email. This also replied either she was away from the office or in a meeting, due to the glitches and malfunctions going on at her station. Her cell phone worked until her voicemail was full and could take no more messages, but her phone was still able to receive text messages that never got returned beyond automated messages about being at work.

During the seventh month he decided to order a MaidBot of his very own and he wanted her to look just like RoxyBot 337, as he found her beautiful and sexy but still wanted to honor the fact that this wasn’t his MaidBot to use like that. So the next time she went to charge in her pod, the pod did a full scan of her nude flesh, and an order for an identical BioBot went out.

The next day an identical MaidBot was delivered to her temporary owner. This unit was designated RoxyBot 338 and was marched to RoxyBot 337’s charging pod where all the memories of RoxyBot 337 had been copied the previous night from both the collar and thus from her brain via the Neural-Interface but there was no mind behind this copy, it was only memory data. Afterwards a new identical charging pod was set up next to RoxyBot 337’s pod.

RoxyBot 337 was active during the day while Mr. Russell was at work, while RoxyBot 338 was active during the evening and early morning. 338 served her owner sexually almost every night, while RoxyBot continued to go unused in this way, until an update was required for 338 that required her to be plugged in for the night, as RoxyBot 337 had received it during the previous night and early morning, which had delayed her awakening.

When it was time for 338’s update, after the late awakening of 337, it was determined by the HCC that 338’s updates would mean that it wasn’t available for her owners' needs. It made the decision to assign RoxyBot 337 to this duty as, while Darrian thought one way about how to use his Bots he never told the HCC, the HCC just saw them as interchangeable BioBots, thinking one was just as good as the other, considering they were identical in its electronic non-sentient eyes.

The HCC sent the command to RoxyBot to stay in her pod so it could download new data and programming. It accessed the memory files of 338 from the last month since its arrival and copied them into 337, then uploaded SexBot programming all of which took only an hour, then it released RoxyBot 337 while it started the updates for 338. By this time it was noon, so RoxyBot started to attend to her duties, after dressing in her new MaidBot outfit that normally 338 wore to be sexy for her master.

By now eight and a half months had gone by and Roxanne hadn’t thought about her old life, nor of her confusion regarding her earlier conflict of thoughts and memories, in a very long time. Now with the additional memories, she felt a spark of self awareness that she had forgotten, since she seldom experienced anything worthy of sparking any feelings.

Now she had all these sexual memories of serving her temporary owner almost nightly, which caused arousal within her though she gives no outward sign, as through the collar’s control, she continues her duties.

Following her set routine, from her new memories and programming, she awaited her temporary owner’s return when he walked in through the door.

No sooner had she closed and locked the door after he had entered than he ordered her to give him a blowjob, which she did, swallowing his load down with relish, as this was the first thing other than NanoPaste that she had tasted in months.

Afterwards they went through to the living room where she proceeded to give him a neck and shoulder massage until dinner finished cooking. She proceeded to feed him his dinner, cutting his meat and veggies, and placing every bite of his meal carefully into his mouth. The smell of the food made her mouth water, but she gave no sign of this.

Once dinner was complete he directed her to the bedroom, where he ordered her onto her hands and knees on the bed and he mounted her, riding her to his climax. With her newly awakened feelings and the SexBot programming she had multiple orgasms but was unable to pass out from the pleasure thanks to the collar and just kept going till he came inside her. He ordered her to lay down and snuggle with him, so she did.

She could tell he had fallen asleep ten minutes later but she herself was unable to sleep as she was used to being shut down, so her mind wandered dwelling on the sensations she had just experienced tonight. The Bot she thought she was, knew she could experience pleasure just like humans did, but she was confused about why she enjoyed the taste of her masters climax, or why the smells of food had so enticed her.

She contemplated this as she remembered her earlier conflict and she wondered again if she was Human or BioBot. Somewhere inside her subconscious she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being a servant or slave who was so happy and content at being owned. Her conscious mind arrived at the conclusion that she couldn’t be human, but perhaps was a special model of BioBot designed to experience more to better please their owners.

The earlier conflict now satisfactorily resolved in her mind's-eye she became excited for her future service to her temporary owner, and wondered if her actual owner Roxanne would use her the same way if she ever came to claim her.

Darrian awakened to the voice of a MaidBot speaking, groggily he sat up and asked what was just said. He opened his eyes to see a MaidBot standing before him saying, “RoxyBot 338 now fully updated and ready to serve Master.” With dawning horror, he looked to his left to see an identical MaidBot, and he asked which BioBot she was. To which she replied, “I am RoxyBot 337 Master.”

Shocked into action for the first time in months, as he previously had taken the laid back approach, he ordered RoxyBot 337 to get dressed and go to his car. He got himself dressed, then went to his car to find RoxyBot waiting for him, so he ordered her to get in. He asked his RoxyBot for the address of Roxanne, to which she replied, and he drove to her “Owners Place”. Once there he knocked on the door, and spent the next several hours there peering into the house. He tried calling her phone, texting her to no avail, all while Roxanne as RoxyBot stood next to his car, while he tried desperately to get hold of her.

When that didn’t work he asked her where her owner might have gone.

Accessing her memories at the first direct question he had asked her regarding Roxanne, she informed him that she might be out with her only friends from work, or at the movies, or possibly visiting her parents at the cemetery.

At the last set of information he stopped and looked at her in shock, saying doesn’t she have any surviving family. She replied in the negative and said the closest thing she has to a family are her friends.

At this he asked her to give him directions to the various cemeteries her family was buried at and upon finding out they were all buried in the same family plot at a single cemetery, he asked about Roxanne’s family history.

As RoxyBot told him of Roxanne’s life without concern, as she was trying to help him find her owner, whom she had decided was not herself, he got a sad look upon his face as he learned of Roxanne’s history and the tragedy that had struck her life. It never occurred to him how she could know so much about an owner she had not seen in so long.

They arrived at the cemetery just minutes after she finished telling Roxanne’s family history but not her recent history as he hadn’t asked for it. Once there they got out and as he looked at each headstone he failed to notice the single tear that fell from RoxyBot’s left eye. Telling Roxanne’s story and then seeing the graves triggered a profound sadness in RoxyBot that she didn’t understand.

Ordering her back into the car once he was done, they drove back to his place, where he said that he would take care of her until Roxanne was able to or when she was ready to. 338 opened the door for them and once the door was closed he ordered them both to the bedroom. He ordered them to make love to him, but placed a special emphasis on 338 to also make love to 337 as well as himself.

This started a new pattern of life for RoxyBot’s 337 and 338, a life that made 337 truly happy.

Darrian ordered two more BioBots identical to 337 and 338, that were designated 341 and 344, as the other model RoxyBots from the plant were already taken by the ones who had ordered various BioBots named RoxyBot with different appearances.

He gave orders that RoxyBot 337 was the MistressBot in charge of the other Bots and that she was to always join him in his bed at night, with at least one of the other RoxyBots. This didn’t really change her behavior to her fellow BioBots, nor theirs to her and they followed their orders to pleasure her from time to time.

The charging and cleaning schedules were tripled for all four Bots so they were always cleaned out and always fueled.

The cleaning solution used was a blend of the stuff that, if used by human women, was nontoxic but one hundred percent flushed things out, so that it would prevent pregnancy; which it did on several occasions for RoxyBot 337 over the next two and a half months.

RoxyBot knew only happiness and pleasure in serving her temporary owner whether it was as his MaidBot, ServerBot, or especially as his SexBot seeing to his needs.

As with all things, everything in time comes to an end or changes.

After almost twelve months the automation errors at her workstation started to show as multiple defective or malformed outfits and some BioBots that had escaped quality control that were either defective or flawed.

It was tracked down to her station, where they discovered it had been doing everything without Roxanne for months.

The police were called and an investigation was launched. They found her purse and phone and they even found her hidden spare key outside her front door, almost missing it in their investigations.

After a couple of months the case was abandoned as a cold case where they assumed something had happened to her and the matter of her last will and testament came before her friends and the board of directors of the company.

During the reading of the will it was obvious the CEO was especially hard hit as he had expected great things from her, likewise her only two friends, but Darrian surprised everyone by saying that her clause about her estate taking care of any pets she had for the rest of their lives still applied.

They pointed out she didn’t have any pets, so he told them about RoxyBot 337 and how he had been taking care of her thinking that Roxanne wasn’t ready to own 337, and he made the argument that she was Roxanne’s pet in need of continued care per her will.

After discussing it with the lawyers, it was agreed that Darrian would become RoxyBot’s permanent guardian and thus owner-in-proxy for the Estate of Roxanne Ragges.

RoxyBot 337‘s ownership details were updated to reflect she was in the care of Darrian with him as her owner for her continued existence as part of Roxanne Ragges Estate. She went from seeing him as her temporary owner to her new permanent owner and to help maintain the estate Darrian moved into Roxanne’s place, with the charging pods and all his possessions with the RoxyBots.

For the next eight and a half years she would happily serve her new owner, seeing to his needs. The only thing she got to eat other than NanoPaste and water was his cum, and she was okay with that as it was a tasty treat.

She cleaned for him, waited on him and served him, got the mail, helped him with home repairs, cooked for him with the other BioBots assistance, and engaged in sexual activities with him and the other RoxyBots.

As the various RoxyBots got used, the memories of the BioBots were copied into each other, back and forth from time to time, so they were aware of anything that they needed to know about the others activities. While it was just memory data to the BioBots, it added to RoxyBot 337’s database of memories, so she sometimes forgot which RoxyBot she was, though the collar never forgot, she did.

On what would’ve been the thirtieth birthday of Roxanne Ragges, RoxyBots 337 and 344 were busy cleaning and dusting the walls and windows of the living room and kitchen when the wall holding up the outermost kitchen cabinet broke away and fell on RoxyBot 337.

The other RoxyBot’s rescued 337 from beneath the cabinet and while RoxyBot 337 had no broken bones, she had spectacular bruises, and her one leg wouldn’t support her.

Seeing that the very BioBot who was to be protected and cared for was damaged, and was the one in care of Darrian via the Estate, the HCC sent out an emergency call to the BioBot Repair technicians, who sent repairBots to the house to retrieve her and bring her back to the factory.

Mr. Russell was notified of the incident and he rushed to the repair room, but with where he was positioned he couldn’t see her through the repair room glass observation window. The BioBot diagnostics machine examined her with a full array of scanners, finding many anomalies that it was not programmed to recognize. It saw the bruises as a standard possible injury of BioBots, though they were significantly more spectacular than a BioBot could achieve, but the other readings it was getting didn’t make sense either and it wasn’t sure why her leg couldn’t support her.

Reaching an impasse, it had a simple 50/50 binary choice to make as to whether to report these anomalies for a human to look over, or to proceed with the standard repair and inject her with NanoBots to make any repairs automatically that it couldn’t understand and to integrate fully with her systems to help prevent future issues.


Luckily it decided to request a human technician to look her over, who upon seeing the readings and the spectacular bruising that was too great to be sustained by a BioBot, reached the most reasonable and human response. He called for doctors and an ambulance.

RoxyBot 337 was taken to the hospital were it was confirmed that she was a human being with a Neural-Interface somehow controlled by a collar. They discovered that while she had suffered no broken bones nor damage to any internal organs or arteries her muscles in her lower leg had detached from the bones. Using her collar they commanded her into a sleep state, and proceeded to take her into surgery where they reattached the muscle.

Upon being instructed by her collar to awaken, she was experiencing pain like nothing she had felt before, though her leg felt more normal then it did before the surgery. Her collar had been given instructions not to let her get up without medical orders.

As she tried to figure out what had happened , she saw her owner enter with some unknown doctors and police officers. The doctors explained to her that she was the missing Roxanne Ragges and not a BioBot. This didn’t sound right she thought, and said something to that effect. The doctors explained to her the injury she suffered and why her leg still hurt, which to the logical side of her from before the collar made sense, and that until they could figure out a way to separate the collar from her Neural-Interface it was best to handle her recovery under the collar’s control.

Her master told her that he and the company would take care of everything at no cost to her or her estate, and he apologized for the last eight plus years.

She didn’t understand why he would apologize as she was his RoxyBot and said so, even telling him how she loved her owner as she was designed to for that was her purpose. This brought tears to his eyes as he said she had no idea of what she was saying and to wait until she was better, but that he would be there for every day of her recovery.

He was too, which was to her amazement not surprising as she was Master’s to care for per her previous owners estate. It took months of careful physical therapy before she could walk without issue. It took several months more before they finished their analysis of her memories, both from the collar and through access to her mind via her Neural-Interface, and from a detailed analysis of the records of Mr. Russell’s HCC datacore from around that time of her en-collaring.

Once complete they commanded her to sleep mode, then slowly and carefully disconnected the signals between her collar and Neural-Interface, then turned off the collar and removed it. Next they removed her corrupted data packets. They placed them all into a sterile bag to be taken for further analysis and study to determine what could be done to prevent this in the future.

When RoxyBot next awoke she felt somehow hollow, like something was missing, and she realized she could move without orders from her collar. She started to hyperventilate and panic as she sat up seeing her own reflection in a mirror without her collar. Monitors started to beep frantically and medical staff came in and promptly sedated her.

Therapists and doctors tried to work with her but she still felt incomplete as the months went by. They insisted on calling her Roxanne Ragges and that she answered to that name, but she knew in her heart of hearts that she was RoxyBot 337.

More than that, once her therapy started they insisted her Beloved Master not be present in her life for the time being. She stayed at a therapeutic care facility, while her master stayed at their home with her fellow Bots.

She continued to get depressed and unhappy as time went on though she realized she would only be allowed to leave if she behaved as if she recovered, so she enacted a plan utilizing all her Botself still inside her, she commanded herself to act like a recovered human being, and so she did.

After a year they believed she had recovered and her hair color had resumed its normal hues after ten years, just like the box said it would, and they scheduled her for release.

As she was acting like a human named Roxanne as she was walking down one of the hallways, she overheard some of the medical staff say they were done with the analysis of her data packets and collars saying it was time to dispose of them. RoxyBot knew she couldn’t let them do that so she successfully distracted them and when they thought that they had been placed back in their sterile bags and into the trash for the incinerators, she quietly retrieved them and hid them in her bag of clothes that she had already packed.

Once she was released she took a robo-cab to her home, where she was greeted by her fellow RoxyBot who had been helping the others pack up their masters belongings for the move to a new place in the next few days.

Seeing her beloved master in the living room as he packed his art and photos, she walked into the house leaving her bag at the front door with her fellow RoxyBot.

She walked up to him with a happy beautiful smile and said, “RoxyBot 337 reporting for duty Master.”

Shocked and happy to see her, he told her he wasn’t her master and that he thought that she had made a full recovery and was fully herself.

She told him that there was nothing to recover from as she was his RoxyBot, as being his gave her life meaning. She then told him of how she had commanded herself to act human so she could be her true Botself again. She convinced him to let her serve him as RoxyBot for the next few days, which rushed by for her in a haze of service and sex.

That few days turned into a week, and eventually they started going out in public as a couple, she was given a permanent paycheck by BioBots Inc even though she never worked a day in her life again for a career, though she would use her genius to tinker.

Roxanne and Darrian were married by the end of the year, and over the next fourteen years had four kids. Their kids grew up seeing four women who looked identical, even down to their hair, who helped their father raise them, and they called all four women Mom, even though they had no idea who was really their biological mom and the others BioBots.

What no one but RoxyBot 337 and her husband knew was that RoxyBot had used her intelligence and genius to modify the collar into four chips. One was inserted into her and her three fellow RoxyBots. That allowed her to exist as one entity across all four RoxyBots and the data packets were likewise modified so that she could be a MommyBot to her children without them knowing she was their father's SexBot MaidBot by choice.

While she had to obey her beloved owner, she could order herself to act human when others were around. She had her hair permanently removed, as did her fellow RoxyBots, and replaced by her latest creation that she dubbed Bionic hair that could be any color she wanted it to be, something that both BioBots and Humans could have installed without difficulty. This made the company and thus Darrian and his family more money.

Her inventions ultimately allowed for her to undergo bionic organ replacement (Think Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams) and eventually as she got older and looked less and less like her fellow RoxyBots she underwent skin replacement with BioBot flesh so she could be even more like the BioBot she saw herself as.

Eventually her mind was transferred into a CyberBrain which replaced her organic brain in her now fully transitioned-to BioBot body while still linked to her fellow RoxyBot’s.

Her husband however was transferred into an Android body with CyberBrain, and he would continue per her request to be her owner. They lived for the most part Happily Ever After for tens of thousands of years.


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