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Saturdays were Maid for Me

by PoseMe

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Storycodes: Solo-F; roleplay; costume; maid; heels; housework; M/f+; maid-bots; interface; control; stuck; inserts; remote; MF; request; help; pretend; F/f; commands; cleaning; inspect; cons; X

Authors note: Not sure what my deal is, but I have been in maidbot mode for months now. Here is another maidbot story...nothing fancy or amazing. Just had this idea one day and decided to write it out...hope you enjoy it!

Sophi knew this day was coming, having seen the evidence, but it was still hard to believe her marriage of 5 years was over. It just seemed it would last forever. They were so in love, or so she thought, but I guess it was lust not love, based on the type of woman he ran off with. Sitting in the lawyer's office, she signed the last of the paperwork then went home... to the house she retained in the settlement.

The money from the alimony would keep her sustained, but she wanted to keep working. As a social worker, she enjoyed being around people, and she really needed something to take her mind off what has been transpiring. Her coworkers are supportive, and the people she helps have problems much worse than hers. However, the worst days though are Saturdays: there is nothing to take her mind off her broken life.

After a couple of weeks, on a Saturday morning, she finished her half bagel and light cream cheese and began her weekly cleaning chores. As she was about to start, she had a crazy thought, and since no one was around, she figured, 'why not?'

Going upstairs to the master bedroom closet, she pulled out a drawer of costumes. Her ex-husband loved her to cosplay different things for their time in the bedroom. While she was not excited about it, he was, and as newlyweds, she was eager to please him. Today though, she was out to possibly please herself, in a different way obviously.

image From the drawer, she pulls out a black leather outfit with white trim. She pulls out matching gloves, knee-high stockings, and 'tiara'. Giggling to herself as she puts on the maid outfit, she looks at herself in the mirror. With a medium body type, she has curves in all the right places, giving her a definite figure. Her long legs are thicker than that of a model, but that makes her look more muscular (or so her ex would say). Her waist would tighten up to the built-in corset, giving her an hourglass shape. Her breasts, with an added cup size from a Valentine's Day gift from her ex, easily fill the top and more, giving her a 'perky' look. Her light copper tone skin seems smoother when wrapped in leather, or so she thinks.

Pulling on the standard high-heels and gloves, she admires how different she looks. She presses out her outfit with her hands and stands ready to try something new. “Oh,” she snaps her fingers, “I should make this complete.” Stepping to the make-up device in the bathroom, she has it apply a heavier than usual amount with an added gloss and sealer. So when she steps up from it, her face glistens in the bright bathroom lights.

Walking back downstairs, she goes to the utility closet and pulls out some cleaning supplies. “Okay,” she says with a gulp, “Here we go.” And for the next hour or two, she pretends to be a maid while she cleans. It was frivolous (she would admit it), but she enjoyed it (although, she would not admit that). It took her mind off her life, and made her focus on the task in front of her. Sometimes the task was harder due to her outfit, but that made it an even better distraction.

When complete, she cleans herself up and rubs down the outfit, placing it back in the drawer. “See you next week?” she says with a question. It was fun, but do I dare do it again? Closing the drawer, she returns to her normal Saturday of depression, which leads into a week of the same.

The following Saturday she decides to repeat what she did, but make one change. Once she is dressed and downstairs, she places her phone on the kitchen table. She pulls up an audio file, then presses play while she stands at attention. A male voice says, “Maidbot, complete you morning chores. Activate.” Sophi nods her head and replies in a somewhat monotone voice, “Yes, sir. Maidbot activated.” Well, she thinks to herself, so glad no one saw me do that... gotta work on making that better if I'm gonna keep this crazy idea. She had pulled a recording from the Internet, thinking today she could play a maid bot rather than a maid.

Her morning began like the previous week, but today there was something different. While last week was a relief, today was more like a release. She found herself enjoying the cleaning-part, as much as the pretending to be a robot-part. The submission of being controlled and told what to do was better than she thought it would be. In fact, it took her twice as long today as last week, so she worked through lunch before finishing. By the time she cleaned up and ate something, her Saturday was half over. For some, that would be a curse, but to her, it was a blessing. 

Her Saturday routine turned her whole week around. She found new purpose in her day-to-day that was missing before. She found some hope in herself that she could give to others that needed it. I don't know how long it will last, she thinks to herself, but for now, this feels great.

A couple of months pass without incident, until a bright colored van pulls into her neighborhood and parks across the street. She is busy vacuuming the living room floor, when it pulls up. Huh, she wonders, I wonder what the Keefe's ordered? A young man in a store uniform gets out of the can and opens the back of the van. Two maid bots march out of the van and follow him up to the Keefe's front door. Curious, Sophie watches the three invaders to her routine stand on the front porch across the street. Realizing something, she says outloud softly, “They are out of town today, so you're out of luck.”

Returning to her chores, she continues with the vacuuming. Losing track of time, she nearly jumps up when the doorbell rings. I'm not expecting anyone, she protests as she turns to face the front door. Unfortunately for her, the glass panes in the door were already cleaned that day, so the man had no trouble seeing her doing her work. Crap, she curses, there is no way of hiding now.

As she is frozen with indecisiveness, she thinks about her options. I can say I'm practicing for a role in a movie... I'm a hired worker from across town... I'm a maid bot doing my chores while the owners are gone... hey, that might work.

Turning the vacuum cleaner off, she walks stiffly to the door. Opening it, she says in a flat tone, “Good afternoon, sir.” The man seems a little worried and hurried, but the maid bots seem oblivious to what is going on. Oh right, she observes, I should be showing less emotion, too.

“Is the master or mistress of the house at home?” the man asks her. Well, he has bought the first part so far, she thinks. “Neither are here at this time and will not return until after lunch.” The man nods his head and says something she did not expect, “Perfect... you are just what I need.” He then proceeds to describe how the neighbors had requested a demo of two maid bots today but are not home to receive them. However, he had to pull these maid bots off their regular duties, causing the company to lose money which will come out of his paycheck, unless they clean a house. So, he wants Sophi to allow his two maid bots to help her clean the house for about an hour, as that will show they worked in a potential customer's house today, saving him lots of money.

Sophi is just happy to be fooling the guy, but having them come in would be too much. I'm sure they are great and all, she reasons, but cleaning the house as a maid bot is my job. Trying to think of a way of protesting, he adds, “Just tell me if you have a 'dom-sub' routine... if not, I can download one now and install it through the WiFi. Should not take long and your owners will not even know I have been hacking your system.” His mention of 'install' and 'hack', Sophie quickly replies with, “Yes, sir, this unit is equipped with all standard routines.” He nods, “Great! Run 'dom-sub' and accept these two maids as your Beta and Gamma. One hour time stamp. Initiate.” He does not even wait for her reply as he steps back and the maid bots step in the house. “This unit will comply,” she finally thinks of saying as he steps off the porch to wait in the van.

As she closes the door, she breathes a sigh of relief. She was so worried he would find out about her, but now that he has left, she feels all tingly over her body. It is almost like I enjoyed that, she questions. Shaking her head, she looks at the two maid bots in front of her. They are about her height, but they are much thinner than her. They have a rather pale complexion with blonde hair (of course, she thinks rolling her eyes), a chest that extends far out and a waist that is quite tiny. She notes their outfit is made of latex or plastic or something like that: it is very shiny and extra tight.

“OK, then,” Sophi begins, “Beta, go into the bathrooms and clean the toilets. There are two upstairs and one on this level.” One of the maid bots nods her head and curtsies slightly, “Yes, Alpha, I comply.” Her high-heel shoes (which look just like mine) click on the tile floor as she walks away. Turning back to the other, she commands, “Gamma, get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum all of the carpet floors in the house: upstairs and down.” The other maid bot nods her head in the same way and curtsies with the reply, “Yes, Alpha, I comply.” With the two of them on their way, Sophie grabs the toothbrush and gets down on her hands and knees to scrub the grout inbetween the tiles all along the downstairs foyer and hallways.

The hour goes by quickly, as Sophi spends all her time scrubbing the floors, her favorite chore. It seems the most menial, but it takes so long to complete and it allows her mind to completely turn off as she works. It is very relaxing, she thinks dreamily. During this time, the man across the street gets a phone call from the office. 

“...just tell them I will be back in an hour or so... again, that is not my fault... fine, fine, I'll come back in... yeah, just send him to the address I'll text you... about 30 minutes... yeah, yeah, I'm hurrying.” The man hangs up the phone then texts Sophie's address to the store's operator. Turning on the van, he grumbles, “Not my fault they did not read the instructions.” He turns around and heads out of the neighborhood, “Why I hate dealing with the public.”

Gamma is vacuuming the floor close to Sophi, so she does not hear the doorbell. The Beta does and walks towards the front door when she detects the “Alpha” still engaged in cleaning the floors. Answering the door, she says, “Greetings, sir, do you...” The maidbot does not finish her greeting as he immediately pauses her. “Hey, there gorgeous,” he says getting up close to her, “you look so hot you do not even need to say anything.” The robot just stands there without speaking, making him smile and he slaps her playfully on the latex-covered butt cheek.

He steps in the house and sees the other two maid bots working. He knows one is not theirs, but he decides to pause them both so he can get out without having to explain himself. The maid bot vacuuming pauses at the push of his remote, leaving the vacuum cleaning running but not moving. He is surprised the other one keeps working. Hmmm, he reasons, it must be the owner's. As he moves closer, he notices this one is more curvy and thicker, making him wish they made them like that at his workplace.

He sees her without an interface spot on her neck. Huh, he thinks, that is odd., even the generic models have one of those. Shrugging his shoulders, ah well, he says to himself, good thing I have a temporary one in my pocket. With the vacuum cleaner near her ear, Sophie does not hear the man come up behind her, pulling a device out of his jumpsuit pocket. Holding it a few feet behind the back of her neck, he projects a small disk onto her exposed skin.

Sophi is on both knees, bent over the floor. Her cleaning “tooth” brush is in her right hand a she carefully cleans the grout. For a brief instant, she feels a charge in her body, causing her to pull her arms up and straighten up on her knees. Her mouth starts to say 'oooh' but then she freezes in place, still on her knees on the tile floor. The man steps over to the vacuum cleaner and turns it off.

“I'm pretty sure I know the two that are ours, but just in case,” he walks up to one of the maid bots and peels up her tight skirt. Underneath, he sees special type of black thongs, that have a glowing logo right over their vagina. Nodding with satisfaction, he peels her skirt back down and checks the other. Seeing the same thing, he says, “Well, that answers that, but just to be sure...” He walks over to Sophie's frozen form and bends her over to where her hands can rest on the floor and her butt is somewhat up in the air.

Checking her, he says with a nod, “Right, no intruder protection... but we can fix that.” Pulling a pair of strange looking thongs out of a different pocket in his jumpsuit, he inserts one end into Sophi's butt. Although she is frozen, she can feel pressure down there. What is going on, she wonders, and why is he STICKING ow ow, something in my butt. 

Before she can get used to the discomfort, she feels another item being pushed up in her other hole. OH MY, she screams on the inside, how big is this thing. Seeing both sides inserted, he pushes the logo on the front and it begins to glow. Sophi can feel the ends being pulled closer together as they move up even further into her. She could almost cry, if they weren't vibrating slightly giving her a bit of pleasure.

Completed, he stands and says, “There you go... no one is getting through that. A $1000 value for free, since your owner is a valued customer for letting our maid bots stay here for the afternoon.” Sophi can hear something being placed on the table, “and a remote to turn it off and my business card next to it.” Ordering the maid bots to the van, he leaves with them, closing the door behind him, not even bothering to pull Sophie's skirt back down. From outside, he presses a button, reactivating Sophie. Wow, she says as her body tingles all over, that was pretty amazing!

Standing up carefully, she walks around, feeling the “anti-intruders”. Weird, she thinks. She notices she has to walk differently, forcing her hips to swing out more. “I'm sure some guy planned that one,” she mumbles under her breath as she walks around the downstairs area. With some practice, she gets better then moves towards the dining room table. On it, she finds the business card and remote.

Looking at the remote, it looks like any you would see for a TV. It has an 'on/off', 'volume', 'pause', 'lights', 'vibrate', and a bunch of others. Not really caring about the others, since she is not an actual bot, she pushes the 'on/off' button. She can feel the pressure between the two rods in her relax, and the pulsating blue light that was coming out from under her skirt has stopped. Spreading her legs somewhat, she can feel the 'anti-intruders' sliding out of her. Grabbing it gently, she pulls it the rest of the way out, and holds it in her hand. Would I want to wear this every Saturday? She wonders to herself.

She shakes her head uncertain at this time, knowing she is behind schedule now, she returns to the floor and finishes scrubbing it. She will be late today in her chores, so eating lunch in her uniform will be required. However, she finds it more comfortable now than ever before, but she still does not want anyone she knows to see her in it.

On Sunday afternoon, the very next day, Scott from across the street comes over while she was getting out of her car from a quick errand in town. He's a friendly fellow, while his wife, Cindy, not so much. They are probably a few years older than her, but it is hard to tell. He quickly dismisses the small talk and gets to the point, “So I hear you rent a maid bot every Saturday?” She tries to hide her surprise, and simply replies, “Sometimes.” He smiles slightly and continues, “Well, I set-up a free rental for this coming Saturday for Cindy's birthday, but they came yesterday instead.” Sophi just nods her head, wondering where he is headed with this. “And now, they are booked solid for the next several months.” Again, Sophi nods her head, thinking, and your point is? “So, I was wondering,” he pauses then continues, “Could we borrow your maid bot on Saturday? I really want to surprise Cindy with one for our anniversary.” 

Sophi was not prepared for this. I don't rent a maid bot, she think to herself, I am the maid bot. As she ponders his request, she tries to buy herself some time, “Well, I do not know if the company would allow it, you know?” He waves his hands at her, “Not a problem, he says there are many neighbors who go in together to rent one for multiple places. Usually, it is at an apartment complex... or so” he said. Well, that didn't work, she curses. She tries to think of another excuse, but then he adds, “I really want her to have some help on our anniversary. We have both been working so much, the house is a wreck. It does not bother me like it bothers her.” I did take their free rental on accident, she recalls.

Sophi, not sure how she will pull it off, says finally, “I guess I could, uh I mean, it could walk over for a couple of hours, say around 10 to noon?” Scott claps his hands and says excitedly, “Yes, yes, two hours would be great... thank you, thank you so much!” Sophie smiles awkwardly as they work out some details to make sure she can be a maid at their house and not present as herself there (or anywhere else). Scott walks back home, leaving Sophi to think about her coming Saturday.

In fact, she spends parts of every day that week thinking about it. She knows she can do some things to disguise herself and how she can be at two places at one time, but this is very scary. Yes, exciting too, she admits, but what if this doesn't work? How would I ever explain this away?

Saturday comes quickly with her distractions about thinking about it. Setting her alarm, she plans to dress herself in her maid outfit, apply a double dose of make-up, and put her hair into a curly perm (I can finally use that Christmas from several years ago). She reasons that if she looks and acts different enough from her usual self, they will not make the connection. Her last accessory are the “anti-intruders” she got for free. If she is gonna pull this off, she reasons, I gotta look and act the part.

At almost ten in the morning, she calls her neighbors. Scott, expecting the call, answers it expectantly. He replies that Cindy is ready and very excited about her anniversary gift. Sophi chuckles uncomfortably and tells him that she is sending the maid bot over to them. She reminds him that she really needs it back by noon. He agrees hastily and hangs up. Taking a deep breath, she sets the phone down and walks out the back door. All the house doors are locked but the back one, so that is as secure as I can make it.

Swinging her hips due to her full outfit, Sophi walks slowly across the street, her extra curly black hair bouncing up and down like springs. Even though most people are gone or asleep, she feels like every eye in the neighborhood is on her. Trying to suppress the urge to turn around, she focuses on the front door of the neighbor's house across the street and walks straight towards it.

It is a warm day, but not too warm, so the sun feels good on her skin. If I stay out too long, I will start glistening, she giggles to herself, but not in a good way. Just as she gets to the door, it opens with both Scott and Cindy standing there. “See?” he says to Cindy, “Just like I promised.” Cindy nods her head in awe, as she just stares at Sophi. Trying to play the part, Sophi says in monotone voice, “Greetings, master and mistress. This maid bot has been ordered to your residence for two hours to assist you.” Cindy steps aside as Scott ushers the “maid bot” in the door. 

Sophi has been in their house before, and while it is not as big as hers, it is still very nice. It's a single story on the outside, but they have a very large basement for entertaining. Without turning her head, she can see that the house needs a good cleaning up. There are clothes scattered and plates and cups laying around everywhere. As she is looking around, the couple are looking her over. They feel her outfit, lift her skirt carefully, and even touch her very curly hair. “It looks so real,” Cindy says in disbelief. Scott agrees, “I know, right?!” 

Realizing they are on the clock, Scott says, “Well, honey, it's yours for the rest of the morning. Enjoy!” He kisses her on the cheek and heads out the door. Cindy waves good bye and turns back to Sophie. “Ok, maid, let's get to work.” And that is just what she did...

Over the next two hours, Sophi cleans the kitchen (sink filled high with dirty plates, floor needing mopping, cleaned counters, threw out old food, etc.), the dining room (looks like they had a party and left all the trash from it out), the living room (clothes and trash scattered throughout), the bathrooms (ugh, have they ever heard of a paper towel and Windex?), and finally the laundry (I have never seen so many dirty clothes). And through it all, Cindy watched her every move, commanding her to do each task well and fast. Sophie had never worked so hard in her life, nor had she been so forcefully commanded. While the time when by fast, she was completely exhausted by its end, but she could see that she has transformed this dirty but nice house into a clean, nice house.

When noon rolled around, Cindy said, “Ok, maid bot, take that stack of towels to the master bathroom, then you are done.” Sophi does as she is instructed, as she turns to leave the bathroom, Cindy blocks her way. “Tell me,” she asks standing nearly face to face, “Are you programmed for other services?” Sophi was not sure what she meant, so she replies, “Yes, mistress, maid bots have many service programs.” Cindy nods and puts her index finger at the top of Sophi's exposed breasts, “So if my husband orders a certain intimate service, you could and would perform it.” Now Sophi figures out what she meant by “services,” and does not like where this is going. Yes, they can do that, but who would want to get it on with a robot, and why is she touching my breasts?

Keeping her monotone, she replies, “Maid bots are programmed to serve their masters and mistresses in any capacity that does not damage itself or other humans.” Satisfied with that, Cindy steps to the side and removes her finger from Sophi, “Then you better get home before Scott comes back, besides Sophi is waiting for you to clean her house.” Sophi nods a sigh of relief and walks to the door. Before she can leave, she can feel her skirt being lifted again, and Cindy asking, “Are those things full proof?” Turning to face Cindy, as she knows a real maid bot would have done that, she replies flatly, “Yes, they will keep any male from entering this maid bot without authorization.”

Satisfied again with her response, Cindy opens the door and says genuinely, “Please tell Sophi thank you for letting us borrow you today.” Sophi says she will and begins the embarrassing walk back home. Again, no one is probably watching but she feels that they are.

As she walks in her slow, hip-swinging pace, she thinks of her day. You know, that was not that bad. In fact, I might be willing to do that again. Hmmm, she ponders, I wonder if other people in the neighborhood would hire me as maid bot. Saturdays were made for me, but I would be willing to be maid for the weekend. And with a smile on her face, she continues home, thinking of a warm bath and a pleasant future.

story continues in part two

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