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Secret Desires

by ScarlettMaidBot

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© Copyright 2020 - ScarlettMaidBot - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; maid-bot; sex; oral; tease; voy; cons; X

This is the first time I've put "pen to paper" to write something like this. I hope you all enjoyed, I have more planned out in my head, and this is mostly just backstory to setup the real stories i want to tell. I hope to get it down soon. Anything feedback is always appreciated, let me know how you liked it, and if there are other things you might like to see in the future.


She gasped sharply, her shoulders hitting the wall of the room as Mark grabbed her, his lips catching hers by surprise as they stumbled into the bedroom, a mess of giggles and playful growls as they pawed at one another, dinner had been a wonderful, and now it was time for the two of them to get some dessert. Stay was in amazing shape, she was only 26, and worked as a personal trainer at the local fitness center, she stood just a little bit over five feet tall, and had amazing cleavage, her skin a soft light brown, and platinum blonde hair that was normally pulled back into a tight ponytail, a habit from working in gyms most of her life, though Mark usually found more interesting ways to use it. His hands were currently sliding down her back to squeeze a deliciously round butt, which made Stacy squeal happily. She hooked one leg behind his, and pressed herself that much closer to him.

Mark wasn't what someone would have expected to see hooked onto Stacy's arm after seeing her, he was six foot three, a little bit heavier than someone might expect for a 42 year old man, his hair was always cut short, and he was defiantly more of a "dad-bod" type guy, having given up the gym long ago in favor of his career, which supplied him with an ample budget of discretionary funds. While that was nice, he wasn't in "perfect" condition. He had an ex-wife, they were reasonably amicable towards one another, and Stacy wasn't the reason they had broken up, so she always acted cordially around one another, and a son, who technically lived with his father, but was actually at a nearby boarding school, one of the best that his father could now afford.

Stacy pulled her arms back from around Mark’s torso, and slid them up into the air, giving Mark a playful look. His own hands slid up, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her breasts bounced free of the fabric, rising sharply as the cool air made her breathe in deeply, swelling them as she pressed her chest against Mark’s, and brought her lips in for another kiss while her wrists were tangled in shirt and Mark’s own hands, she shivered, feeling that electric spark shooting down her spine and between her legs.

"Is she coming?" she whispered against his lips, her eyes half closed.

He answered, his own breathing getting harder, "she'll be here momentarily Stace."

She ground her crotch against his hip, the heat radiating out as she leaned her head back slightly, and let his head descend to feast upon one of her breasts, nipple taught as he ran his tongue over it and sealed his lips to suck gently, the door behind them opening smoothly, and with a perfectly smooth motion a light grey skinned maidbot entered the room, dressed in a short French maid outfit. It made them both pause momentarily as they eyeballed the robot. This is what had caused the end of his first marriage, as his ex-wife would put it, "an unhealthy obsession with a household robot." Of course, that was why Mark and Stacy were a perfect couple, they shared in this perverse desire to include the inanimate thing in their sexual escapades.

Stacy licked her lips, her hands sliding down, her shirt left in Marks grasp as she reached down, and grabbed his belt, unfastening it and loosening the buttons to push it down his hips along with his boxers, his member, a solid six inches of flesh popped free from its confines, and smacked into her hand, a wicked grin spreading across Stacy's lips, "oh, someone is excited to see the maid, how naughty." she purred teasingly as her fingers danced up and down along his member, her thumb swiping over the head to gather the pre-cum that was building there.

Untangling herself from him, she pushing him backwards slightly, freeing herself from between him and the wall, she stepped slowly over to the maidbot, a top of the line 3900 series, fully customized at the factory to their exact specifications, she slowly slid behind the bot, letting the silk ruffles of her outfit drag over her own breasts as she brought her hand up to the maidbot’s face, and smeared Mark’s pre-cum over those slightly darker grey lips, a failsafe they had programmed into this unit. They didn't want any embarrassing situations arising.

The maidbot parted her lips slightly, the sensors detecting the male sexual fluids, and her eyes flashed orange once. Stacy's lips leaned in, though it wasn't necessary, she locked eyes with Mark and whispered loud enough for him to hear, "engage sexbot routine, Mark is King..." she nibbled on the bot's synthetic ear and smiled as she felt it shift and approach Mark.

He stood there, drinking in the sight of his amazing topless girlfriend, groping the maidbot who stood there impassively until she "unlocked" the sexbot mode, the maids body shifted, her eyes sliding over to Marks throbbing erection, still standing out from his body, his pants around his knees, his shirt draped over himself, she ignored Stacy, and walked over, her almost real voice sounding husky on the pair of their ears, "oh Master... you shouldn't stay out in the cold like that, you'll catch ill..."

The AI wasn't perfect, they had programmed some scenes into it, but witty dialogue wasn't top of their priorities when they were customizing it. The bot dropped to her knees with a heavier than normal thud, her hands coming up to steady Mark by holding his hips, and her lips parted, hot, tight, and wet heaven wrapped itself around his member, the maidbot sinking down in one smooth steady motion that made Stacy just a tad envious as she took Mark’s entire cock between her lips, sucking softly as she buried her nose into his pubes. Mark for his part grunted, and placed his hands on the maids head, looking over to Stacy who had taken a seat on the bed, her legs spread apart and now missing her pants, she hand one hand between her thighs, her panties tugged to the side as she slid her figures up and down along her slit, wetting them before doing a circle over her clit, watching the bulge in the maids neck as she slowly drew back and then forward again, beginning to suck Mark off as Stacy watched.

"Fuck... that is always as hot as the first time I saw her do it..." Stacy panted, her middle and index figure disappearing between her increasingly moist lips, her other hand sliding up to cup one of her own breasts. She wet her lips, watching the bots head bob up and down over Mark's cock. His eyes now closed as those expert lips and throat milked his cock, taking real time data from the house's sensor network to know exactly what would bring him the best pleasure.

"Oh Jesus... fucking... hell..." he grunted, his hand pushing the maidbots face back, his cock popping free from those sucking lips, strings of synthetic lubricant linking the tip of his cock and the bots mouth as she held there, optical inputs suddenly obscured as Mark unloaded on her face, thick ropes of white cum erupting from the tip of his cock, splattering wetly across the maids immaculate and unblemished skin, she sat there, motionless, letting it happen until he panted, and grinned, his cock still hard and throbbing, he looked over at Stacy who was all grins, and then looked down at the wet mess of the bots face, "Maidbot..." he paused a moment to let the command register that we was about to do something, "do the thing."

Stacy had a look of surprise and confusion, she didn't know this command, and grinned when Mark looked her way and said it, an electric surge ripped through her body and she shivered. She meeped, actually made a meeping sound as the Maidbot’s strong hand grabbed one ankle, and pulled her down a bit, situating her in the middle of the bed before the maidbot suddenly mounted Stacy, her face blushing dark red as her face disappeared under a petticoat of ruffled silk as the maidbot knelt over Stacy's face, the bots legs pinning her arms down, the bots arms keeping Stacy's legs spread, her pussy now quivering in excitement and need as it was no longer being stroked.

"What are you doing sexy?" she teased Mark, who reach under the maidbot to adjust her petticoat skirt, Stacy coming face to face with the artificial pussy of the maidbot, it was an expensive upgrade, with no obvious other use, but it was what turned them on the most, she shivered, and gave the artificial clit a tiny lick, which made the maidbot return the favor, she groaned out, the tongue was smooth and warm, a little awkward as it teased her aching slit. The maidbot’s skirt was adjusted again, and Mark loomed over them both, he grinned, eyes locked on Stacy's as his cock bobbed just above her nose.

"Mmmm, maidbot, I sure hope Stacy doesn't come home and find us like this..." he grinned.

The maidbot stopped licking Stacy's pussy. "Confirmed, Stacy is out of the house..." it toned back, a sweet-smelling lubricant seeping to the surface of the bot’s own slit, and Stacy gasped. How'd he find out, the thing that really got her hot, was the idea of being used as a toy, as they were using their maidbot. Her cheeks burned, but she was trapped firmly beneath almost 200 pounds of mechanical maid, she couldn't move an inch, and she had a front row seat as she watched the slick fat head of her boyfriend's cock press into those velveteen folds, and spread them wide around himself, she wanted so badly to touch herself, but she couldn't get her arms free. Inch after inch disappeared inside the robot, until with a tiny squeak, Marks balls landing on the bridge of her nose, he hilted himself into the maidbot, and stole her vision. Stacy's back arched, and she moaned out, her tongue licking over the robot's clit and Marks balls, which churned happily as he began to pull back and then thrust forward, fucking his favorite toy with his girlfriend forced to watch. It had taken him a while to build up the nerve to actually do it, they had talked about it after the very first time they had done it, Stacy probably didn't even remember telling him, they had been so drunk that night, but what a night it had been.

Marks thrusts grew longer and stronger, Stacy watching his glistening manhood pump in and out of their bot, the smell saturating her world as she slid her tongue up to reach and touch them both as she grunted, her own pussy clenching greedily, there was nothing she could do, the maidbot had been overridden by Marks ownership status, she was a "superuser", but they had to give a single admin when they got the robot, and that was Mark, he had overridden its programming when he said Stacy wasn't home, so the maidbot was ignoring her and her needy slit just beyond its lips. Stacy's own tongue danced across the maidbot’s clit and Mark’s shaft as it rammed home into the bot.

Mark's groans above her told her all she needed to know, he wouldn't last long, not after just having a blowjob, and true enough, it was only minutes until Mark grunted, pulling back, Stacy opening her mouth wide as his cock dangled in the air just above her nose, tongue out, ready and greedily anticipating his load before he suddenly thrust himself to the balls into the maidbot and howled out, pumping his cum into the synthetic slit, groaning, his balls churning on Stacy's cheeks as he emptied what he had left, and then pulled himself free and plopped down on the bed, panting heavily.

Stacy groaned, watching that cock plow back into the grey slippery lips, and watched, up close and personal, as Marks nuts squeezed and shot load after load of spunk into the maidbots slit, his slippery member sliding across her vision once more before she was alone under the maidbots skirts, the maidbot shifting slightly, Stacy's eyes adjusted to the darkness, and she went over the edge, her pussy clamping down on itself instantly as she came, the maidbot pressing her slit to Stacy's mouth, her nose nearly buried between those cheeks and squeezed, grinding back and forth a bit, the maidbot was using her mouth like napkin, and pushing all of Marks cum into it, Stacy howled wildly as her body spasmed and thrashed, firmly pinned in place as she came harder than she had in months, the maidbot staying in that position, sex planted to Stacy's lips, her nose almost buried, but allowing the human enough air so as not to suffocate, from above, she heard Mark snoring, and groaned, wondering how long she would be stuck like this.


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