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The SecurityBot Made Me Into A Human Gynoid

by PhoenixianSirenanna

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Storycodes: M/f; maidbot; fembot; sexbot; transform; accident; mind-control; bodymod; impregnate; reluct; nc; XX

This is my tale of how I went from a store manager to a Human Gynoid and BroodmareBot. 

Being a store manager at the Gynoids R' Us store at the age of twenty two wasn’t the worst job in the world. Free access to Cybernetic upgrades, getting two breaks and a lunch for just working seven and a half hours. The coworkers, with one exception, were easy to get along with. I had an assistant manager, and two supervisors beneath me, with seven employees below that with two store cleaning MaidBots and one store AssistantBot to assist with training, and helping me and the rest of management keep on top of sales numbers. The exception was Jimmy, my assistant salesman and stocker who had originally been a cashier when he started while I had been the assistant store manager. Who I could not fire because his sales were always so high, along with his excellent customer service reviews by our clients, and he was always on time as he was never late but early for his shifts. 

The problem was he never was organized, as he did not put things away where they were supposed to go. He was so focused on just getting things out of the way, that he never paid attention to where he was putting things. He would put the replacement supplies for the charging/flushing Pods for the Gynoids in the break room storage closet, or packages of toilet paper in the equipment closet. It was maddening, but he meant well he always said as he was just trying to make room for the new shipments and arrivals that came everyday. Today at closing as I was finishing up my tasks for the night using my Neural Dataport with Management DataPacket, doing my walk thru the store before leaving after locking up along with the help of my Store Manager DataPacket, I had pretty much finished up when I found he had stacked several boxes nearly to the ceiling in the back of the store in the warehouse part of the store. In doing so he blocked the Mall SecurityBot access door, next to the ventilation grill. Grrrrr. Idiot.

After grabbing a ladder I started to carefully bring each box down to put it where it needed to go. After climbing up and putting away three boxes, I climbed up to grab the fourth box in the stack that would have still prohibited the SecurityBot from entering. I failed to notice the third and 2nd boxes beneath were not properly balanced on each other. As I grabbed and pulled on the fourth box the other two tipped over, hitting the ladder sending me flying to the floor with one of the boxes colliding with me in mid air to send it in another direction while I went the other direction, knocking me out cold. As I lay there unconscious, unbeknownst to me the fall, collision, and landing on the ground had knocked my two DataPackets out, and flipped me around so I was laying facedown on the floor. 

An hour later the SecurityBot entered the store, found me on the floor. It assumed I was a Non-Sentient Gynoid as I still had the old Neural Dataport that before Federal regulations mandated a different appearance from the ones that Androids, Gynoids and Robots use. I had not gotten around to upgrading it to the new standard model, and most of the time no one could see it behind my long hair so I was not mistaken for some kind of Bot, and I had not been in a relationship in years. So it had not been an issue until now. It took note that I was missing my programming DataPackets, so the SecurityBot went to look for some. It found ones for a MaidBot, A SexBot, and a CookBot. It came back and after carefully inserting them, it picked me up and placed me in a charging Pod. Once it had done that it continued on its rounds before returning to its access door and left.

It would never know what it had done. Since I was unconscious, the DataPackets had started to activate, but waited until I was hooked up to the Pod. The pod synced with my Dataport and saw the DataPackets awaiting installation authorization. The Pod authorized installation mode, after it installed the baseline Gynoid programming which it had noticed I was missing as it did not occur to the limited intelligence of the Pod that I might be a human. Since I was unconscious I could not activate my safeguards in my Dataport to protect my mind from the potential risk of harm. Without my conscious activation of my safeguards security wall, the results of which no one had ever tested to see the potential risks of the programming for Artificials exposed to a human via a Dataport could result in. The programming was installed not just in my Dataport but within my brain and mind. I did not lose my memories, as they and my personality were integrated into the programming. I was assigned a model number, but it was unable to find my manufacturing data other than the program installation DataPackets creation dates. So it assigned me a placeholder date of manufacturing, which is not unheard of for some units that have been made that have been known to have corrupted data files for manufacturing dates.

As my new programming, Gynoid Operating System, and applications had begun to be installed: when I was awoken later I knew from then on I would be a happy obedient Gynoid ready to serve her owner or owners based on the data and protocols being installed. I would remember my old life, and identity but it was no longer relevant as my new self was created. After my programming was finished being installed, I was rebooted for finalization of the installation of my OS, applications and programming. Still unconscious prior to the reboot, once the reboot completed my body was reawakened as it began the confirmation of the installation, as it removed my clothes, engaged the auto-cleaning cycle, flushed and fed me NanoPaste and water; I was then put into sleep mode till the next day. My assistant manager opened the store the next day, completely unaware of what had occurred yesterday evening. Over the course of the day many models were sold as usual, then a customer decided to buy a custom made-to-order Gynoid. My model number was selected from the anonymous inventory based on my model number, which was also a reflection of my existing height of a tall six foot two and a half, so my form was selected to be modified. As it is harder to make an existing unit taller, I was the best match for the customer order, so I was selected. 

My hair was removed and replaced with Bionic Cyber Hair that could be any color, which the customer selected to be a three tone color rainbow of pink, white and blue. With the pink being the first third of the hair transitioning to white then to blue. My skin tone was lightened to a beach body tan instead of the original exotic skin color I had from my mixed heritage. My eye color was changed from a very Green color to a very artificial metallic blue/gray color.

It enlarged my breasts, taking me from a large C cup size breasts, to double E size, and installed the latest NanoBot Nervous System. When it came time to install an artificial womb however it detected I already had one installed mistaking my womb for an artificial one, so it took note of that, and moved to my ass which it also noted was already of the requested bubblige for the client's custom order. After making these physical changes and noting what I already had, an additional Bot mode was installed into me and my DataPacket slot, for a SurrogateMommyBot With NannyBot programming. I was sent the awaken command, and for the first time since last night other than the installation confirmation for last night's recharge I was fully awake and aware, and not just awoken to be put into sleep mode after my Gynoid body's physical needs were met last night.

I was instantly aware of the time of 10am and the current date, my identity as a custom order Gynoid for my soon to be revealed owners, and that I was the human woman known as Molly Marina Wallflower. Through my programming I found this identity data irrelevant as only my owners could give me a name designation, even as I yearned to be free which confused this Unit. I had a model number of C-3785b but no manufacturing date, only my placeholder one. I was given my orders to proceed to the sales floor for review and approval by my potential owners, as I was being sold. I exited the pod, and walked onto the sales floor. No one so much as batted an eye, and as I passed a mirror on the showroom floor I did not recognize my reflection. I bore a superficial resemblance to my original appearance but no one could mistake me for myself. 

To my shock, my salesman was Jimmy. I did not realize he had swapped shifts with someone as he closed last night and now he had opened this morning. He didn't bat an eye as he did not recognize me. I introduced myself as Gynoid model Number C-3785b. I stated my purpose as a sexual and domestic servant and as a reproductive SurrogacyBot with NannyBot programming. I saw the ones who were interested in buying me were a young couple, as they examined me to make sure I met their standards. I overheard the three of them discussing how the wife could get pregnant but that she could not safely carry the babies to term without great risk to both her health and the health of the newborn. They also purchased a medical level Pod that the married couple could use to safely extract eggs from the wife that would then be inserted into me, and the husband would fertilize them by having sex with me and by cumming inside my womb with her egg inside me. They had planned to have four children in the next ten years.

Before they left with me, they had my model number designation changed to MandyNoid so they had something less cumbersome than my model number designation. Over the next eleven years I was put to a great deal of use but especially during the first year: Domestically with much cleaning, cooking, laundry, dishes, and yard work; Sexually with many blowjobs for my Master, vaginal and anal sex with him; going down on my Mistress, lots of scissoring and fisting, or my Mistress using my ass cheeks or breasts to masterbate her vagina. After much sexual use during my first year they decided to start their family. I was only meant to carry four individual children to term but in the last two pregnancies the fertilized eggs had divided into identical twins on the third pregnancy, and triplets on the fourth, as they decided to keep to the plan of four pregnancies. 

By the time the little ones were no longer breastfeeding it had been fifteen years since I had been robotized into a Gynoid. My breasts had grown another size and a half from the pregnancies. My hips had gotten a little wider from multiple child births though I had not gained much of a belly you could but there were the slightest of stretch marks on me with only the tiniest marginal pudge, but thanks to the NanoBot Nervous System, and the cleaning solution used to clean me and flush me out that had slowed my physical aging according to the databank memory of the Charging Pod, so I had only aged maybe three years. I thought that meant my owners would not get rid of me once the kids were not breastfeeding from me. Unfortunately my owners were superficial, and wanted the latest model that didn't have the "baby mom" look. Even though I had no really noticeable pudge from the pregnancies; the slight stretch marks, the slight aging I had undergone, combined with my wider hips and post childbirth/breastfeeding breasts meant they no longer found me desirable. They brought me with them back to the Gynoid Store to trade me in for a younger more up to date model of Gynoid.

I was distraught and hurt inside, though I did not understand why. As I entered the store with my owners I recognized some of the people there. Names sprung into my head that I had not thought of for years. I saw Tammy was now the store manager, and she had been just a cashier just fresh out of high school when last I saw her so long ago as she rang me up for my owners after the sales rep brought me to be paid for. How did I know her name and history? I wondered as I walked to the front desk. I saw the chief sales manager for the store named Jimmy, according to his name badge, standing next to the front desk, talking to one of the employees there. I remembered him too, and that I was frustrated and angry at him about something he did or regularly did when he was an assistant salesman and backroom stocker. I was so confused as everything seemed so familiar yet so not.

Then I started to remember that I used to manage this store. After all I was Human, as I had not forgotten that, but I was also a Gynoid which I could never ever forget as it was programmed into my deepest core self from when I was first activated to all my additional software updates for my Operating System, and programs. I had not thought of my human name of Molly in years. My Gynoid self had thought it irrelevant identity data to be ignored, and it still did. I watched and heard as my owners traded me in for a discount on a newer model. I received the ownership transference command, which I acknowledged. In an instant, I no longer thought of the couple as my owners, but as the property of the store. I stood there numbly as they completed their transaction and a new Model Gynoid came out. She looked very nearly identical to me, but with less wear and tear I suppose. I felt a surge of jealousy and anger until my programming rejected it. Making it flit away like it never was. After Jimmy had finished with the sale, and came back from escorting them to the cashier he looked me over.

He started to quietly talk to himself saying they were idiots to trade in a beautiful unit like me. He mumbled to himself saying I was easily fixable.... Saying he was sorely tempted to buy me himself, as he had never indulged himself with a Gynoid just for himself. Which, in the end he couldn't resist doing just that, after tapping me on the lips with his left pointer finger. He smiled with a look of sexual lust, and ordered me to follow him to the back. Once at a charging pod, he grabbed a package of Liquid SynthFlesh within a NanoBot solution. He plugged it into the repairs and upgrades dispersal slot. He commanded me to enter the Pod to prepare to be repaired and upgraded. I entered the pod, and was commanded by the pod to enter sleep mode. The pod started up the sequence. 

While in sleep mode the Liquid SynthFlesh within a NanoBot solution was pumped into both the pod and into me. All the signs of aging and stretch marks started to disappear as parts of me started to take on a SynthFlesh appearance instead of my human flesh, but only the parts that showed the "damaged" sections of me, as the SynthFlesh replaced the "damaged" flesh via the programmed assistance of the Nanobots that flowed with the SynthFlesh throughout my body. I already had a slightly artificial look thanks to my first visit to the store pod years ago when it changed my skin’s tone, now I am becoming more Gynoid in appearance than Human. As I would find out from the Store Control Computer after being awoken, that 37.5 percent of my skin and muscles had been replaced by the SynthFlesh equivalent along with a small percentage of the outer wall of my womb. 

Once the "repairs", updates and upgrades were completed I was given the awaken command, and I learned what had changed inside me internally. I now also have all the updated software for my Operating System, and my programs. I was commanded to exit the Pod, and accompanied Jimmy to the Front desk where he completed the paperwork, then escorted me to the front registers to check out. He purchased a charging Pod, and arranged for me to be delivered with the Pod when he got off for the day. I was loaded along with the Pod into the delivery and installation van by the Delivery Service TechBots. I was put into sleep mode as I was delivered to my new owner Jimmy's home. When I awoke I was in my charging Pod that had been installed in my owners Laundry room. Which I noticed was quite spacious even after my Pod was hooked up to the electrical, water, and sewage lines. As he had a washing machine and dryer, with a sink and a countertop with cabinets, and a hang-to-dry rack.

I saw my owner Jimmy enter the room a few minutes after I was awoken. He came over to the Pod and began reading some diagnostic data. I saw him smirk in satisfied surprise, and through the Pods speaker system that what he suspected was correct. He mumbled to himself that I must still have some of my former Mistress’s eggs in me, so he intended to start a family of his own using me to bear his children so he didn't have to struggle with the dating scene. That first night was the first of many, though I would feel a great deal of disgust at servicing Jimmy sexually. In time the disgust I felt from his sexual use of me lessened, as I became resigned to it. I was put through regular use by my owner during those first few months; oral, vaginal, and anal sex with at least two out of those three used at least twice that day. After three months my Pod confirmed that I was pregnant. My owner was ecstatic, but he had new concerns as he wanted to make sure that I was not working unduly that could risk the child I carried within my womb. 

So he purchased two additional Gynoid SexBot RoboMaids that looked identical to me, except for a different hair color to mine and a slightly different physical appearance to me. One had a full rainbow color from red thru purple for both the hair on her head and for her vaginal hair. The other one had a three color blend like mine but with metallic purple, metallic pink, and metallic blue in that order. I was amused to see that they had my original figures' modified dimensions when I became a Gynoid after my modifications for my first owners. One day during my pregnancy, I overheard him talking to one of his friends during a get-together he was having at his home, saying that while he enjoyed me, he thought my original customized form was just as beautiful as I am now after my previous pregnancies, and even while I was currently pregnant he thought I was still very sexy and beautiful little BroodmareBot. At that off handed compliment I was surprised, and if I had been able I would have blushed. After that I started to take a more active interest in Jimmy's interests, even though I couldn't act nor could I behave any differently than my programming would allow. I found that within my programming I was able to be more enthusiastic in my pleasing and servicing of him but that was all, and it was barely noticeable, so much so that even Jimmy didn't notice. I could hear it in my Gynoid voice though. 

The day came where I went into labor, and a MediBot was there. I gave birth to a daughter. Over the next forty years I would be impregnated, bearing his children, for a total of ten. Once again thanks to the NanoBot Nervous System, and the cleaning solution used to clean me and flush me out that had slowed my physical aging according to the database memory of the Charging Pod, so I had only aged maybe seven more years. Another factor that contributed to my still youthful figure was that my owner at the twenty year mark of that forty years of his ownership of me was he had me go thru another "repair cycle" using another package of Liquid SynthFlesh within a NanoBot solution, which he plugged it into the repairs and upgrades dispersal slot in my pod. Once again it removed any stretch marks or signs of aging, replacing more of my biological flesh for SynthFlesh. I had a slightly more noticeable pudge than when he first acquired me, but I was still slim and trim and sexy looking otherwise according to my owner, and when I saw myself in a mirror later that night I agreed. I was currently at 55.4 percent of my skin, muscles and now some of my organs had been replaced by the SynthFlesh equivalent along with some more of the outer wall of my womb with the entirety of my fallopian tubes.

As the children I bore grew up, at first it was not noticeable. The first two children did look like a blend of my previous Mistress and Jimmy. The others I bore, however, looked a little like me and Jimmy. As I hit year forty of his ownership of me, he had me go through another repair cycle. I was now at 71.4 percent SynthFlesh as a result. As year forty four came up my two youngest started to show signs of just how identical to my younger human self that they were, while the others had a passing resemblance to me minus my first two I bore him. I noticed during my regular maid and child care duties that my owner had started muttering to himself that the kids bore a striking resemblance to his old boss who disappeared without a word almost sixty years ago. He started to wonder if she was me, or if I had donated my eggs to a Gynoid unit for extra funds or income. He started researching to find out, if he could, what had happened to me, the human me.

All his searches come up empty. I had never gotten along with anyone in my family I recalled, except for my Great Grandmother who had passed away when I had become the assistant manager. My brother, my parents and I had stopped speaking to each other shortly after she died, and my grandparents were long gone from the picture since I was little. I had already moved out before then though so I was not surprised that he could not find out what happened to me. He finally had the thought to test my DNA against the children but by now I was more artificial SynthFlesh than human flesh, so he struggled to find something that the Pod could locate to test. It never occurred to him to ask me directly as I do not think my programming would prevent it. 

After several weeks, he was finally able to get some specialty scanner to scan what remains of my original genetic flesh still within my body as I had no original flesh on the outside for my skin or even my eyes. As I had started to go blind fifteen years ago as a result of the Nanobots with the SynthFlesh repair packets trying to fix my eyes. If I had still been living a human life I probably would have been fitted for glasses, but the "repair cycle" system kept trying to repair them via the SynthFlesh with Nanobots solution. So by the time I had lost fifty percent of my sight my Pod decided to replace my eyes with new Cybernetic ones. My vision has been crystal clear and digital since then. You couldn't tell they were artificial except for the color of my eyes had an artificial tone to them compared to before, a less natural one than for a human and more synthetic color tone.

The results from what was left of me, and all of my alterations showed an eighty seven point five percent match for my genetic profile. A scared look came upon his face, as he finally decided to ask this Unit if I was his old boss Molly Wallflower. After 1.7 seconds of internal analysis, I answered that this unit possesses a previous designation of Molly Marina Wallflower, one that has always been a part of this Unit. His face paled, and he almost soundlessly said that he was so screwed. For almost twenty minutes I watched as my owner had a pacing panic attack. He envisioned all sorts of criminal penalties for himself. When he finally wound himself down, I asked him how this unit could be of assistance. With a stressed out, but exhausted look upon his face he asked me how this was possible. Tilting my head to the side as I began a self analysis, took considerably longer than the last self analysis, after two minutes I asked my Master to please wait as I processed all memory data to arrive at the answer. I asked if I could hook up to my Pod as I found I still had security access codes to the store that I might still be able to use. Reluctantly he gave me the authorization saying he was screwed anyway so what did it matter if it was traced back to him.

I headed to my Pod. Once I was inside and hooked up, I sent an access request to the Gynoid Store Control Computer. I found most of my access had been removed after all this time. However, my access to the mall's security records were not. It took two hours of digging through more than fifty years of security footage, and then finally the visuals from the SecurityBots before I found what I was looking for. I saw my human self fall to the floor, and the footage with descriptive data along the side of the SecurityBot installing my programming DataPackets, then put me into this Unit's first charging Pod. With this new data, per my Master’s directive I downloaded a copy of the footage to both my Pod and to my internal memory files. I exited the Pod, and strode towards my owner back into the living room, but he was not there. After submitting an inquiry to the HCC as to my owner's current location, for which I almost never have to check in with the HCC for anything, as I know my duties and purpose, as it was what I was programmed for. I found him lying face down in bed. I asked my Master if he was still awake, and he said to go away and he would speak with her about it tomorrow. 

The rest of my day was spent tidying up around the house with the assistance of my fellow Gynoids, while waiting for the two youngest to return from high school for the day. Once they were home our joint time was taken up with helping them with homework, dinner and cleaning up afterwards. They went to bed, and after checking on Master who was sound asleep, we went to our charging Pods for the night.

I was awoken in the middle of the night by an alert from my Pod. I saw my owner outside staring at me. I then noticed he was playing the footage from the SecurityBot on the heads up video player on the outside of my Pod. I sent a text inquiry to the text display if he needed my assistance, and he dismissed it without looking at it. My programming bade me to await further instructions. After a while he walked away back to his bedroom, and I re-entered charging mode.

The next day was like any other, Master left for work before the kids did, with me and my sister Gynoids seeing the youngest off to the school bus, and tidying up the house. Master came home earlier than usual, Midday at 1:37pm exactly. He told me he had figured out a solution so he would not go to jail for life, while still getting to keep me in his life, and that of our kids. Confused, my sister Gynoids and I asked almost simultaneously what he was referring to. He said he had done some research, and that the human I had been before I was Robotized, had never been declared missing or presumed deceased in any official records. As no one had tried to look for me in all these years of being his Gynoid. 

He then spoke about how he had discovered a cache of old paper document forms that he could use to show I had donated my eggs to a Gynoid, and said that over the years he had been exposed to higher ups in corporate, and on the IT side of things, as such he knew some log in credentials at work that would allow him to create some false digital records to go with the paperwork. He did admit that it took him a while to find some ink pens that dated from that time, that would match the paperwork. Over the next few weeks he enacted his plan, but he was missing one key ingredient that he meticulously waited for. He needed a trade in Gynoid that he could mark as defective to destroy, when in fact he would customize it to look identical to my old self but make her look older to show that I had been living somewhere off the grid. 

Finally one month later he came home late at night, with a Gynoid that looked how I used to look, but aged just enough to show I had been living life off the grid. He had me enter my pod to scan my memories to build a personality simulation that could fool most people. He only copied my memories from when I was human, before I became a Human Gynoid. After I exited my pod, he had my older doppelganger enter it. He downloaded her memories which in turn generated a simulated personality of the old me, to which he then inserted a modified extract of donated memories from someone who had lived off the grid for more than two decades. He spent hours modifying the memories to fit with my original memories and personality. 

Finally around midnight that night he finished, and since he had asked me to stay while he worked on his creation I was still there awaiting further orders. Finally though she was ready. She exited the pod, and she started acting like me. Though different. She was hanging on my Master, and interacting with him like a devoted girlfriend or wife, calling him her beloved. Amazingly everyone bought his cover story, thru her. She talked about going on a series of spiritual retreats to find herself after she had donated several of her eggs. Even my children. My eldest understood he was from an egg left from my previous owner, whereas the rest knew they were of me and their father. He proposed to her and of course she agreed. I was at the wedding as my doppelgangers MaidBot of Honor.

As the years went by she continued to masquerade as my old human self with no one the wiser. By now I was all SynthFlesh now, as his many repair cycles had completely replaced all my organic flesh, including my brain. It really was quite strange, having a synthetic brain of SynthFlesh. There was never an interruption of my thought processes in my SynthFlesh Gynoid brain, other than an increase in processing power. My owner still checked on me, saying my brain wave pattern didn't change or degrade, nor had my Neural energy signature dissipate or fade. I was still there, the same human Gynoid I had been for a long time. Yet despite all that, I felt a distance now in my interactions that I had not had before. My senses were not detached, and I still felt a great deal of pleasure and contentment in service of my Master for either sexual or domestic usage, yet something felt different compared to how I once was. Perhaps this is what it truly means to be an artificial lifeform.

As the years went by as he and my doppelganger aged, as he did not take any anti aging medications, nor did he have her look rejuvenated. The day finally came when he had himself uploaded into an Android body, as the technology to upload into an artificial Cybernetic brain had caught up with the human desire for a practical immortality, so my Master began his life anew. For my doppelganger he decided that she would be "Uploaded" into her own Gynoid body to spend eternity with him. At least that was what he told everyone. 

In actuality he transferred all her programming, memories and personality emulation/simulation into me, to my surprise. I guess I should have realized that this was his end game. Now my doppelganger's personality emulation/simulation runs on an overlay on me. I still am serving my Beloved Master, but now I do so through my doppelganger. Through her my Master has a wife, and me…. Well I suppose it is something approximating a human life like I used to live. No matter, as long as I am of service to my Master I am content with my new existence. 

The End.


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