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A Submissive Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; machine; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; sealed; program; mindcontrol; sexbot; F/f; D/s; arousal; strapon; sex; climax; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; slave; cons; X

It had been a long day at work. As I stepped up to my brownstone and unlocked the door, the only thing on my mind was a shower and a nice nap before dinner. However, as I walked into my living room I saw a strange box sitting there with a note attached to the front. It was about the size of a phone booth, just a little bit larger towards the back. Stripping off my jacket and backpack, I pulled the note off the front and quickly recognized the handwriting of my girlfriend Echo. I had bumped into her as I was cruising around downtown, taking a break from operating my coffee shop.

One thing lead to another and after a few rounds of expresso, I found myself lying in bed with her. She later told me that she was a fembot fetishist, and the first time she put it on I fell in love all over again. This lead to many fun nights and made me want one so badly. I was saving up for one, and I knew that I’d get one one day. In the note, Echo said that she had decided to surprise me with one, that way we could be lovers in metal. She also noted that she had the machine set to program a submissive to start and that I could change it if I wanted. However, I thought it would be fun for her to come home to a primed fembot waiting for commands from her mistress and thus decided to leave the settings as they were. 

I removed all of my clothing and stood stark naked in front of the machine. Taking a deep breath, I said, “Designation Kira ready for transformation” just like I had seen Echo do so many times before. With a hiss the command was acknowledged, the doors opened, and I was pulled into the booth with haste. The doors closed, leaving me in the dark booth as I could hear the machine begin its operation. I was held tightly, and couldn’t move to matter what I tried. I soon felt construction begin, and I surrendered myself to the machine, just like a good submissive would. 

The machine first covered me in a latex catsuit, with various attachment points. This would serve as a base, and would be covered up entirely by the fembot suit. As I felt the latex caress my body and cover every inch, I felt my body begin to pulse from the pleasure. The suit extended all the way up to my head, leaving only my face exposed. As a result, I was now smooth and covered in that thick pleasuring material from head to toe. Next, the boots were put on. They were ballet boots, similar to the fetish heels I had previously purchased. However, these were made of metal, and were meant to keep me comfortable but still very sexy. As they closed around and locked in place, I could feel my body becoming that of a metal goddess, a feeling that only got better as the rest of the leg components were put into place. 

I prepared myself as my vagina and butt pieces were locked into place. Both had long poles that entered deep into me, the cold metal pleasuring every inch as it locked into place. With a click, it was in place and the machine moved onto my corset, locking into place around my waist. Next, the arm components were put into place, placing the arms to my side once they had completed. My fingers couldn’t move, but I could feel the metal all around them. I lurched forward a bit as the upper back was locked into place, and was pushed back by the boob plate. The plate turned my c cups into beautiful d’s. This, combined with my extended butt and tight waist, gave me the figure of a supermodel. As the neck component was put into place, I prepared myself for the programming I knew would be coming. 

The machine placed to earbuds into my ears, and then quickly covered the rest of my head in a smooth metal exterior. Suddenly the faceplate rose in front of me. I could see little cameras for my eyes and a large rod positioned where my mouth is. Opening wide I felt it enter me and then the faceplate locked into place. As the last component was put into place, a new robotic hairdo, I prepared for the final stage of my transformation. 

I felt the air fully expel from the suit as it got tighter, every part of the suit suddenly becoming very tight. The corset got tighter, and everything else fit more snug against my body. As it did that various systems started up, giving me pleasure as it tested the more unmentionable components. It soon settled into a soft vibration, just enough to keep me ready. A message popped up in front of me, asking if I was ready and willing to give up control for the weekend, and serve my mistress. Replying yes, the message was replaced by a mantra, “I am a submissive fembot. My purpose is to serve my mistress Echo. I am simply a fembot. I will obey commands. I am a sexbot.”

As I found myself reading and repeating this over and over, a soft sound was played through my ears. In addition, the vibration ramped up, as the suit programmed me. In the background, I could hear various noises, including one that said, “User control at Zero, Sexbot programming activated.” I was soon lost in the programming, as my humanity was replaced by a duty to serve. 

A few hours later I was released. Taking my first steps out, I was not Kira anymore. Facing the machine, I or rather my suit said, “User designation Kirabot. Title Sexbot. Owner Echobot. User Control at 0%. Bot will now enter waiting mode.” I stepped in front of the door, plugged myself in, and stood there at attention, waiting for my mistress to arrive.

About an hour later Echo arrived home and was thrilled to see me. I didn’t feel joy though, only a duty. She came up to me, kissed me, and lead me to our bedroom. Ordering me to wait, I stood there as she transformed into a sexy bot, and took command over me. She ordered me to lay on the bed and doing so engaged my senses. Our metal lips touched as we went hard onto one another. Soon she put a double ended strap on onto me and ordered me to really push. I focused on her pleasure, kissing her, penetrating her, and massaging her tits. Her moans made me happy, and I knew that I was doing my duty well. She began to spew liquid onto the bed, and soon I joined her. We were reaching levels of orgasm like nobody had before.

At one point we took a break, only for her to tell me she had a new plan for her toy. After feeding me, she began to dress me in some special clothing. Another black thick rubber catsuit was applied to my supple body. New boots covered my fembot exterior, soon followed by a tight corset. Sticking a double penetration harness onto me, I was ordered to kneel. As I did steel cuffs were attached to my legs and arms. Quickly activating my human brain, I gave consent for what was to occur. Switching back to submissive fembot mode, she stuck a hood over my head, locking away sights, smells, and sounds for the next while. Kneeling on the floor, I felt her lock my hands behind me and a lock placed between the four cuffs, locking me in a kneeled position on the floor. She began to move around me, and she rubbed her body over every inch of my restrained self. I could only feel her working, and she would activate various components. I was left like this for the next day, the gag only being removed to feed me and double check consent at various points.

On Saturday night I felt her remove my restraints and various latex pieces. As I stood up, she checked me to ensure that all was still working. Removing her faceplate and mine, she gazed longingly into my eyes, which looked straight ahead as I was still under the control of the suit. She soon said, “Deactivate programming, User Control 100%”

In a moment I regained my personality and was left standing there with only my face exposed. She looked at me.

“How did your first fembot experience go?”

I embraced her, kissing her on the lips, “An absolute rush of pleasure, thank you so much for the wonderful gift.”

Running her hand down my face, she said, “Only the best for the best girl in the whole world.”

We grabbed one another and fell into bed. We fell asleep right there, contained in our suits and oblivious to the world around us, caring only for one another. It was a match made in the wires and circuit boards of Fembot Inc.


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