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"Bye, Jenna!"

"See you next week, Layla. Enjoy your weekend!"

"Will do!"

Yes, that was my name. Layla. And that was also the name on the ID card that I tossed on the passenger seat of my car, signaling that I was ready to take a moment to relax. It has been a tough week at work, and this long three-day weekend was more than welcome.

I only worked in the garden center of a renovation store, so it wasn't overly demanding because I liked plants a lot, but still, when work was over, I didn't carry that hobby with me. I didn't have any plants or trees to take care of at home, and I intended to keep it that way. I had better things to do.

Nothing. Yes. Doing nothing was better than taking care of plants.

At home, I had no boyfriend, no hobbies, no friends, really. I would watch TV and play some video games at times, but I didn't need much more other than that to be happy.

I started my little car and headed home, where I would find a way to kill some time and decompress. It was pretty rare that I got three days off in a row to enjoy myself without having someone questioning me about rhododendrons.

I only lived ten minutes away, so it was a short ride, but I saw something interesting on the way, one of those electronic display boards that random stores used to advertise stuff. This one cycled between the outside temperature, the time and date, and a special sale of dog cookies. I didn't care about the temperature or the dog cookies, but the date just brightened my day even more.

The 1st of September.

"Oooh, I totally forgot that we were already in September."

This specific month had no particular meaning to me, but the fact that it was the first day excited me.

"I hope they delivered it."

Yeah, I received a little something by mail on the first day of every month. Thousands of people did. How did I forget about that? If I were lucky, it would be waiting for me in my mailbox.

It has been five months already since I subscribed to this entertainment service, and it was the best thing I've ever done. Since day one, I was completely satisfied, and I was nowhere near considering a cancellation. It was not a magazine or a streaming service, but it was totally worth it despite being slightly expensive.

I drove just a bit faster. If it indeed arrived, I would spend a much more entertaining weekend than I had anticipated.

After this little ten minutes commute, I parked in my apartment building's lot and rushed to the front door, where a wall of steel mailboxes waited for me. My key wasn't hard to insert as it had been lubricated by my hope of having received my special package. When I pulled the tiny door open, my vocal cords vibrated just enough to make me sound like a child.

"Yes! It's here!"

Immediately, my fingers grabbed the small brown box, and I slammed the mailbox door closed before rushing to my apartment.

As I climbed the stairs to the third floor, I couldn't help but smile at the logo printed on the label, a little heart with the letters "SA" inside, standing for Sexy Adventures, the product's name. This company was selling sexy adventures to their subscribers, and they were successful at it. I knew countless people who used their service, and everybody only had good things to say about them.

Okay, it may have been a bit childish to get so excited about something so common, but hey, it was important to me, and the whole goal was to have a lot of fun, so why not appreciate the moment before, during, and after. Maximizing the experience was the right thing to do. It was my fifth month already, and I was convinced that I would have a good time again.

Good thing this new adventure wouldn't take place at my home because my apartment was small and boring, but I still had to go in because I needed to retrieve something from my closet. I was about to play a game, but the console to play it was kind of different... Kind of... Very kind of...

Once I got in my place, I tossed the bouncy small box onto the bed, not fearing to break its content, and opened the closet door to gather what I needed — Ackayla 1020. It was a mid-range model, but honestly, it had all the features necessary to have a lot of fun. The SA company's values were good. They wanted to make sure everybody could reasonably afford to enjoy their product fully.

"Come here, you! Delicious uniform!"

My beloved SA electronic maid dress!

It was a bit nerve-wracking to make this initial investment, but I quickly realized it was worth it. All my friends and co-workers were right about this, and I was glad they had pushed me a little to start this.

My normal clothes had to disappear. It seemed appropriate to turn into a wild maniac while doing this.

"Raaaaawwwrr! RAWWRR!"

In a series of energetic movements, my shirt flew off, and my pants crumbled in the corner of the room along with my socks. Then using the elastic waistband, I catapulted my panties, making them land on top of my nightstand's lamp, and I didn't even notice where my bras ended.

It was time to switch to something more comfortable.

I grabbed the stretchy and very glossy latex panties and slid my smooth legs into them. They molded my pussy and round butt so well and made me feel sexier. I should consider wearing those at work because I liked them much better than my normal ones.

Next was the latex bra, which was simple but efficient. It pushed my breasts up and gave me one additional star of prettiness. At twenty-seven years old, sexiness was still clearly within my grasp, but it was evident that kinky clothing couldn't hurt.

The long thigh-high black latex stockings were also very welcomed. Seriously, who didn't love stockings? It was unclear in my mind why humans created those things, but thank God they did. All my latex items were permanently glossy due to some sort of weird chemical process, and I loved it. It was worth spending the extra hundred bucks on the original purchase.

I looked very slutty in the mirror, but the maid dress should tone that down a little... or not. The Ackayla 1020 uniform was so pretty. Sure the skirt was short, just enough to hide my panties, but it had long sleeves and a high neck. The little white latex frills at the extremities made it look very classic. Sexy, but not whorish.

As usual, it was a struggle to zip up the back zipper as the black rubber dress was quite tight around my torso, but it was worth the effort. There was something about having my torso and neck compressed slightly in latex that made me feel so good.

"Mmm… Latex maid dress of my life. I love youuu!"

I was single, so I was allowed to talk to my uniform and look crazy.

But then a knock on the door pulled me out of my daydreaming. It wasn't a coincidence, though. I had a very good idea of who was on the other side of the door, so I went to open it even though I was dressed in this slightly interesting way.

As expected, it was my neighbor and friend Luna, an adorable Asian girl I met when I moved into this apartment last year.

"Hi, Luna."

"Heeey! You are already dressed up. That's not fair!"

"Almost. I still have to put the hood on. Are you coming with me tonight?"

"Of course I am! What do you think!? Can you wait for me? I got stuck in traffic."

"Yes. No problem. Go dress up. I'll wait for you in the hallway."

"Okay. I'll be quick."

The small Asian quickly trotted to her apartment door and disappeared inside. Luna was so adorable. I wished I could be small and cute like her, but hey, it was pointless to hope for a body swap as no such things existed. What counted the most was that we had the same hobby, and she had received her box from SA as well. Plus, I loved her SA suit. It was quite different from mine and even made me consider buying a second one like hers.

I returned to my room to finish my prep and grabbed the black latex hood from the bed. It was the heart and soul of the SA entertainment system. Before putting it on, I opened my package since I needed what was in it to initiate my monthly adventure.

Using my girly nails, I sliced the tape and pulled the flaps open. As usual, the content looked disappointing, but knowing what it could do, I was more than happy to grab the two small cylinders, about two inches tall, and a silver mini-disk. (because mini-disks reminds me of Cherry 2000)

I detached the small electronic black box from the back of the hood and ejected the old empty cylinders and expired disc; those were now useless. After inserting the new ones in it, I pressed the test button, and the battery gauge indicated 75%, which was more than enough to last for the next three days. That thing barely used any juice.

"Alright, let's do it."

It was not very easy to do but totally doable if I followed the instructions they had given me. I first inserted the earplugs, which were also headphones, and then the nose tubes. No matter what would come out of those two things, I would have no way to stop it from entering my skull orifices.

I then pressed my face in the O-so-soft and delicious latex and wrapped it around my head. I couldn't see a thing because of the black lenses over my eyes, but at least it had an open mouth for me to moan my joy.

"Aaaah! It always feels so good."

Making sure it was as comfortable as possible, I zipped the back of the hood and pushed its neck inside the high-neck of my cute maid dress; it looked prettier that way. I reached the small box behind my head and turned it on without any second thoughts.

After a beep or two, I regained my vision. I could now see through the lenses, and some information appeared in the corners. Nothing fancy there; it was like playing a video game in first-person.

I reached in the closet to pull out my shiny lolita ankle boots. Maid or not, I LOVED those little boots because they were to die for. I liked the high-heel ones, but those were far more comfortable and made me look very girly, even if their purpose was to, ultimately, match my maid dress. They might stay on for the next three days, and I didn't mind one bit.

Once laced snuggly around my feet and ankles, I didn't think about it twice and headed to the front door of my apartment. It didn't matter if I went to the washroom first or not or if I ate food or not; there was no ready state required to begin this sexy adventure. The earlier, the better. All I had to do now was to wait for Luna. She was usually quick, so I didn't expect to wait for too long.

That said, if anybody were to walk in this hallway, they would see me fully dressed up as a maid. It was a bit strange. The first time I did this, I was terrified that people would find out what I was doing. But this was my fifth run already, and I didn't care one bit anymore. I would be okay with it if someone were to see me as a sexy maid and even try to benefit from the situation by grabbing a boob or two. Playing this little game opened my mind quite a bit. Sometimes all people needed was a little push to get out of their shells and understand that life was not as dramatic as it seemed.

Sadly, I stood there for five minutes with no foreign contacts, and Luna came out of her apartment.

"Awww! Luna! You are always so cute."

"Hehe. You should get a suit like mine one day. They are a lot of fun."

"I want one! Maybe next month."

Luna's suit was not a maid uniform. It was a full latex cat girl, and I wanted to eat her alive. I pulled on her cute cat ears and did my best to feel this jealousy coursing through my veins. If she had been my size, I would have traded with my suit for hers, but she was way too small for that to happen. Anyway, it was unlikely that she would have accepted.

"Alright. Are you ready?"

"Yes. See you latex… I mean… later."

"Haha. Nice lapsus, kittycat."

We both reached behind our necks and engaged the story system on our device.


Right away, the suit shot a puff of sweet smelling chemical down our lungs through the nose tubes. From that point on, we were at the mercy of SA. We were still conscious as this was just the primer dose, but we were so much more relaxed and felt just a bit more sexual...

A bit…

My arms immediately wrapped around Luna, which was the reason why we usually waited for each other before starting our adventures, and I began kissing her.



Oh yes, that spray was efficient. It had turned us into sex bombs right away. My pussy and breasts got extremely warm, and I wanted to fuck her right here right now in the hallway. It didn't matter anymore if she was a girl or not. She obviously felt the same way. It would take about five minutes for the primer dose to fully sink in and prepare our body for what would come next.

Our monthly make-out noise probably attracted the neighbors' attention because another woman dressed in the same maid uniform as mine, but hers was pink, exited her apartment and walked toward us.

"Heeey! I want this too. I didn't know you guys were playing SA as well."

She quickly reached behind her neck and turned on her game to join us. Right away, because Luna and I were on such a high, there was something sexy about that new maid, and we let her join our fun. We were now three fetishist women making out in public shamelessly. How many people played this game? It seemed to be getting more and more popular every month.

For the next few minutes, we exchanged a large and uncontrollable amount of saliva, coating ourselves in warm drool, letting the primer spray do its work. Inside our lenses, we could see a timer indicating that our adventure would begin in a few seconds.

3… 2… 1… Psshht!

And then it started. Luna and I stopped kissing, to the great despair of the unknown pink maid who had started her device a few minutes late. Our minds went blank.

This feeling was very special. We were still conscious of what we were doing, yet, we didn't have a say in what was happening to us. Would we stay together? Would we part ways right away? It was impossible to tell.

SA was a connected game. My neck boxes contained all the technology it needed to entertain us, including a GPS. The system knew that there were other players around me and could very well decide to make us play a scenario together or simply send us in two different directions. That little disc I had inserted in the box was a fresh set of code that would ensure I had a different experience every month. The only thing I knew was that all the other players had received the same disc.

All there was left to do, really, was to let the SA device and my body do something, hoping it would turn this event into a very entertaining weekend.

Controlled, I walked away from Luna and headed straight to the staircase to go down the three flights of stairs. On the way, I crossed someone who told me, "Have fun!", probably a random person who was aware of what I was doing and was just happy for me.

The front exit of the building was my next destination, and sooner than I expected, I ended up standing on the walkway, facing the street and waiting for something to happen. It had done the same thing during my first run of the game. I had stayed there until a controlled man joined me and brought me to a park for an intense fuck. Neither he nor I had control over our bodies, but we had a lot of fun; I would never know who he was. So I wondered if I would get to experience something as fun or even more twisted today.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Luna walking hand in hand with the pink maid, who was also our neighbor. Apparently, the system had decided to pair them together, which was a bit disappointing to me. After five runs, the system had never paired me with Luna. I would have to check if there was a way to force the system to pair us one day. Spending a weekend with a cute catgirl could be quite entertaining. We were too shy to do it while not under the influence, so it would be nice if the system could assist us with this.

After what seemed like an eternity, a black van stopped in front of me. The big SA logo on its side was impossible to miss, so even if I didn't know the driver who stepped out of it, I knew I would be in good hands. Occasionally they would do that, send someone to pick me up to facilitate a scenario. But I had never seen this van before, so it was interesting. Maybe it was a new service.

He walked me to the back of the van and opened the back doors. I was not in control of my body, so whatever he would decide to do would be de facto fine by me, but those six large coffins at the back were definitely intriguing. I had no idea what was going to happen next and what those were for.

The system controlling me made me step in the back of the van and lay down in one of the open coffins.

Oh, nice. It was odd, but the whole interior of the box was lined with thick and delicious rubber. For some reason, I was really turned on by the thought and reality that I was getting stored inside a fancy rubber box. The man ensured that I was lying comfortably in it, and without ceremony, he closed the lid. There were small glass windows at my face level, so I wasn't completely isolated from the world for now. It was very likely that SA wanted us to enjoy our predicament as much as possible, so allowing us to see ourselves being encased was a nice touch.

I heard the latches closing, and something totally unexpected happened. The rubber lining inside the coffin started to inflate, pressing against my body and securing me in place. It was another perfect idea to keep me safe during transport.

Shortly after that, one of my hood cylinders sprayed a chemical mist straight into my lungs, and I peacefully passed out as I felt the rubber increasingly immobilizing my body.

Who knew how long I was out for, but what I knew was that I was no longer in the van and was still firmly encased in my rubber pod, relaxing and enjoying my life as a controlled maid. It was only an hour later that the tight pressure around my body eased and that my coffin's latches sprang open.

Like a zombie, I raised my upper body, and then I pushed myself up on my feet.

Where was I?

It looked like a fancy mansion of some sort, which was extremely cool. I had never been in a house that looked this luxurious. There were big paintings on the walls, and the doorways leading from room to room were giant. A big carpeted spiral staircase led to the upper floor, which gave an even better sense of luxury.

It would undoubtedly be very entertaining if I were to spend my weekend here as a sexy maid. But one thing I wondered was that SA had a very specific rule. Outside their own staff, who were not allowed to touch us inappropriately in any way, shape, or form, all the other interactions would be with other players who were also unable to control their actions. Would it be possible that SA could assign a master role to a player and force him to put his hypnotized maids to good use? That would be cool. It never happened to me before.

Oddly enough, my body seemed to know where to go as soon as it stepped out of the rubber box. My first destination, God only knows how I managed to find it, was the big kitchen.

Okay, it was not because I was under the influence of some chemicals, but I really wanted to move here now. That kitchen was to die for; super nice oak cabinets, long marble countertops, huge island, massive fridge, and other stainless steel appliances. I was so jealous. I was so ready to cook for whoever was the owner of this place, no matter if it was as a player or not… because that was what a sexy maid in a kitchen loved to do, right?

But because of SA unpredictability, I had no idea why, instead of grabbing a pan and cooking an egg, I lifted my short skirt and took off my latex panties. It was weird, but at the same time, it turned me on so much that I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. After tossing the wet panties in the sink, I leaned over the cold island countertop and spread my legs open. It didn't take a genius to know that I was in a very vulnerable position.

After a minute or so, I heard someone walking behind me. Because of my submissive position and my inability to control my body, I couldn't see who that was. But when two manly hands firmly grabbed my hips and began caressing my soft butt under my wobbly rubber skirt, I knew I was in trouble… or the absolute opposite.

It didn't take long before something warm and properly sized pushed against my pussy lips. I had no shame to admit it; I was playing SA because I could get a lot of hot sex despite the scenarios being forceful at times. It was a piece of mind to know that this guy behind me, whoever he was, was also not in control of his actions. It was hard to explain, but knowing he had no ill intentions and was as much of an observer as I was made this experience so much more fun. Not only I wanted him to fuck me right here right now based on consent I had already given to SA, but on top of it, I wanted to be part of HIS experience as well. Hey, I was a cute girl wearing an incredibly sexy maid uniform. He was lucky to get to fuck me today. I wanted to give him a run for his money as much as possible.

But it was not up to us.

He penetrated me, and I got a new whiff of chemicals from my hood cylinders. This time, my arousal spiked like crazy, and I almost came on the spot when his cock head hit my cervix.

"Aaaaah! Aaaah!"

Oh yes. That was precisely why I had subscribed to this sexual game service. To be fucked hard and as often as possible until I couldn't walk anymore. It felt as if I had a volcano between my legs. His cock was so hot and big that my body reacted strongly to this. He rammed his thing inside me for a long time until I felt a healthy amount of sperm filling me up to the ears.

Ah, too bad. I didn't cum this time, but there was no room for complaining because this dominating fuck had felt so darn good. My body was panting. Too much of this, and I would have to call in sick the day I would return to work. Fortunately, SA would probably give me a break and make me clean something since it usually tried to match my adventures to the uniform I had selected.

I was a maid, so SA often made me do maid things, like cleaning and serving. When I talked to Luna, who had a pet girl suit, she said that in her case, she was experiencing scenarios more based on that, like sleeping in a cage and eating from bowls, which fueled my interest in acquiring different suits that I could use depending on my mood.

Damn Sexy Adventure company. That was how they made their money, which was fine by me. I didn't mind paying if it was worth it.

But what now? I was still leaning over the kitchen island, and the guy had walked away… Am I going to clean something? Make a bed? Bath my master?


I heard someone else walking in the kitchen… And I still couldn't move. Similar to what had just happened a minute ago, two manly hands grabbed my hips, and I got used like a fleshlight once more, to my great delight. What a nice surprise. Could it be that I would be treated as a sexual object all weekend? That would be so awesome.

This penis was a different one, bigger, stronger. That experience was definitely more bestial. I felt little and abused in the right way. He was definitely reaching my maximum depth, and if he could have pushed even harder, I wouldn't have minded if he had forced entry into my uterus to impregnate me better. Okay, things didn't work like that, but hey… fantasy.

"Aaaanh! MMmmh!"

My body loved it. This weekend, being fucked like this was my calling, and I hoped these men felt privileged. I was a premium meat cut for them to devour, which would have never happened outside this game. I hoped that SA was recording our sex so they could review how lucky they were once they would regain control of their body. One time in the past, when I got fucked hard in a park by a stranger, SA had sent me a recording afterward saying that this specific scene had been recorded and that they were happy to share it with me.


This time I came really hard, and another spray numbed my mind as soon as I did. I wasn't too sure what chemicals they used, but they were supposedly all safe and approved by the industry. They said they were not causing addiction, which I was keen to believe because I never felt the need to restart an adventure right away when one ended. Luna said the same thing. She never had ill effects from it, even though she was a subscriber for more than a year.

What happened now? He pulled out of me and turned me around. For the first time, I saw who had put his dick inside of me, and of course, it was not helping. As I expected, he was a taller man, which explained the size of his dick, but outside that, he wore that typical SA rubber dog mask, preventing me from identifying him. He was indeed a controlled player, which was reassuring, even though I never had any doubt about it.

I went down on my knees, and yes, fulfilling what I had dreamed about since my last adventure, he pushed his large dick inside my mouth.


Aaaah! So silky and warm. I was SO happy that SA had decided to use my body to please this guy this way, and following the criteria I had entered in my SA profile, he wasn't shy to throatfuck me deeply.

Here was the thing… To me, deepthroating a guy was a fantasy. Not something I really enjoyed doing. So if I were to date a man without being controlled by SA, it wouldn't be something I would seek to do. But since SA WAS controlling me, it was a way to fulfill that fantasy without having to think about it. With SA, it didn't matter if I liked doing it or not, I was doing it regardless of any hesitation I might have had. It was hard to explain, but it was just not the same as doing it consciously.


Okay, that was my dinner. He came a lot and filled my belly quite a bit. Why did cum always taste better when SA controlled me? Odd. I would like to swallow more of it.

The man left, and I got back to my feet. In the top corner of my lenses, I noticed the time for the first time. It was 1:12 am. Okay, wherever SA had delivered me, it didn't seem to be nearby. After I passed out in my rubber box, I must have missed a few hours of action. It didn't mean that they had driven me around for five hours, maybe I just stayed asleep in my box in the hallway, but it was disorienting for sure.

Pantiless with cum dripping from my cunt and mouth, I left the kitchen and headed to the fancy staircase. It was probably time to sleep, so it made sense for the system to send me to bed. The bedrooms were probably all upstairs. I quietly climbed each step until I reached the top floor. SA had the good habit of throwing curveballs at me, so I was a bit curious about what I would have to do next.

I arrived at a door, knocked on it twice with my delicate fingers, and opened it.


Uh? Housekeeping at 1 am? Okay, that sounded like fun. Why was I under the impression that I wouldn't sleep a lot tonight?

I stepped into the room and went directly to the bed. It was dark, so all I could see was someone lying down on it. Once I pulled the blanket off him, I took his not-yet-hard dick in my mouth and corrected the situation rapidly.

Housekeeping my ass. I got hired to keep the guests happy at night. Of all the scenarios SA made me try so far, this might have been my favorite. Somehow, I was in the mood for this. It felt good to be a submissive maid servicing everybody at night. When I finished working today, I kind of wished for something a bit more hardcore like this, and I got exactly what I wanted.

The rest of the night was history. SA didn't let me sleep at all. I got fucked hard in the mouth, pussy, and ass. Sometimes I was on my back, sometimes on my belly, sometimes on my knees, but overall, it was great therapy. It felt amazing to experience this. I must have serviced a dozen men overnight, and feeling all my holes leaking gave me this feeling of accomplishment. I made them all cum hard, yay!

After my last fuck around 7am, my body headed to the mansion's basement, where I discovered a bunch of BDSM devices. The little maid I was laid down on a leather-covered table, and an SA employee, a girl wearing a company cap and a ponytail, respectfully attached my ankle and wrists to each corner with leather cuffs.

I stayed there for a bit until the hood shot another dose of chemicals down my lungs and forced me to sleep.


The next time I woke up, it was great. The bigger controlled man was fucking me already. Did SA allow them to have fun with me even though I was unconscious? Now I really wanted to see those recordings. If that was what happened, I needed to see it. It was such a hot fantasy to fulfill.

After he came inside of me, I wondered what would happen next. I was given a premium treatment this time around and couldn't wait to proceed with the remainder of the scenario. Would they leave me here in the basement as a toy to play with, or maybe they would make me do some useful things like cooking and cleaning?

One thing that I knew was that so far in this house, I had seen a dozen males, and I seemed to be the only woman. It appeared that they wanted to put me to good use.

Oh? Another male coming… Come on, body. Make sure you give him a good time.




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