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Switching Places

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F2maidbot; Machine/f; maid-bots; M/f; oral; mind-control; reprogram; stuck; transform; bodymod; reluct; XX

Hilary is the CFO of a large corporation; she found that placed an enormous responsibility on her, which at first she loved. But now she returns home alone each night, worn out after her long, hard days at work. Her family-owned company that she previously worked for and helped her parents manage was bought out from her parents by the corporation, leaving the family wealthy, but Hillary still wanted to continue working, so she joined the corporation and climbed up the corporate ladder to become the chief financial officer. She is very good at her job and has turned around several loss-making companies, making them profitable but in the process laying off staff, shutting down plants, and making her one of the most hated people in the corporation, but she is loved by management and the shareholders.

Returning to her empty home each night, she feels her life is hollow, she has no friends, her close family has either moved away or, as in the case of her parents died, feeling lonely and depressed some nights, Hilary begins to envy the maidbot that she has to take care of her home and the simple tasks that the maidbot does, it seems so satisfying to Hilary watching the maidbot work, carrying out the tasks without a care in the world, no stress or concerns, and she wishes that she could be like the maidbot, envious of the more simple life that it leads.

While the maidbot was being serviced one day, this being one of the rare occasions that she was at home, and after making a joke about the easier life the maidbot seemed to have, she discovered from the service technician that she could become like the maidbot. He then told her that several women had wanted to try being a maidbot, so the company had developed a little-known way for those women to live their desires and be controlled by the same system that controlled the maidbot, taking on the same role as the maidbot and the women finding that they had enjoyed the experience, their lives improved after spending time as a maidbot, found that they were less stressed and anxious and if they started to feel that way some time again as a maidbot helped them overcome those issues.

Intrigued by the idea, she asked the technician to give her a demonstration while he was here; she had her doubts that such a thing could work; after all, how could such a device control a human in such a way, it did seem far-fetched to her. Agreeing to her request, the technician retrieved from his bag one of the bio-electrical interface devices, as he called it, and explained to Hilary how this was developed for use originally in the medical field, but the company had improved the design and made it easier to use. Most of this technology stuff went over her head, she was more used to facts and figures, but she understood some of the basics.

Having explained in as much detail as he could, Mark, the technician, asked if she was still willing to try out the device. Stating that she was indeed ready to try out the device, Hilary turned and waited as the technician began placing the much easier to call 'control collar' around her neck, which to Hilary's mind was exactly what the device looked like, the coolness of the material against her skin giving her goosebumps and sending a delightful shiver down her spine. Making sure that the collar fitted tight, but no too tight, Mark adjusted it until he was satisfied with the installation; the last thing was to place a round disk under the collar against the wearer's spinal cord, this contained the special nanites that would enable the connection to be made for the collar to work.

He hadn't explained this part, as the company had found that it scared off potential customers of the system when they found that the nanites formed a permanent bond with the host body, but the control collar would not work without the nanites enabling a connection between the body and the device collar.

Happy with the fit, and while Hilary checked herself out in the mirror, he began to upload the control program required for the collar to enable Hilary to be a maidbot into the home computer system that controlled the real household maidbot. Now satisfied that the program was in place, he asked Hilary if she was ready to try, to which she nodded her head in approval, still admiring herself in the mirror. He then switched the device by entering the program and pressing the enter key; the program began to run. Almost instantly, Hilary found that she couldn't move, her limbs no longer responded to her will, and she stood there staring at herself in the mirror, and then inside her mind, she received all manner of instructions and commands that would enable her to function as a maidbot.

The nanites made quick work in connecting the device to the host body; once a charge had passed through, they established themselves in the skin of the host's neck and then entered the spinal column and adapted the nervous system to affect the control device to be able to take over the host body. All that Hilary felt was the small disk that the technician had placed in the collar heat up briefly and then the losing control of her body, now she began to function just like the maidbot; she began the task of cleaning away some used plates and glasses that she had used for lunch, walking without thought under the systems command.

Though she couldn't move her own body or limbs, she found that her mind was still her own, she would be free to experience life as a maidbot, but without the need to find things to do, the system would take care of that, she then found herself placing the items in the dishwasher, her commands then took her to her bedroom where she began to clean up clothing and taking it to the laundry. All the time her mind felt more at ease, she no longer had the responsibilities of everyday life, her focus it seemed, was directed to the tasks at hand, giving her a brief sample of life as a maidbot, she found that she loved the 30 minutes as a maidbot and wanted to try more.

As soon as she was back to her normal self, she didn't hesitate to purchase the system from the technician; she had thoroughly enjoyed her experience and wanted more. Mark was used to this; that's why he always made sure to carry around one of the control devices with him on these service calls; he was always amazed that these women were so willing to want to become a maidbot, and he could tell the moment that he walked in the type of person that wanted to try this, usually lonely, unfulfilled and desperate to try to ease their lives, though he didn't judge them, in fact, he sympathized with them, they needed to be helped in some way, and it was better than being medicated up to the eyeballs as some of these people were.

After showing Hilary how to run the system, he left knowing that he had another satisfied customer and that he would be getting a bonus from the company for signing up another 'maidbot'. As soon as the technician had left, Hilary returned to again try out the control collar on herself; initially, she set the timer for just an hour to give herself time to get used to it, pressing the enter key started her time, and she again found herself unable to move as the system took control of her body. She was given more tasks to do around the home, and she loved it when she found herself working alongside her own maidbot; though she felt out of place dressed as she was in her usual clothing, she would have to wear one of the maidbot's outfits next time.

Hilary continues to play at being a maidbot when home alone at the weekends; she had found that wearing the same maid outfit as her household counterpart made her feel more of a maidbot and less of a human female; she felt happy inside and less depressed when alone in her home. Gradually she went further and started to apply the control collar to herself during the week, mainly in those lonely evenings and some days where she would work from home; she found that she began to spend most of her spare time now as a maidbot. But she still felt that something was missing, she started to feel dissatisfied and wanted more, as each time she returned to her normal self she felt empty, there must be something else that she could try.

Hilary contacted Mark, the technician who installed the system, and he offered her a solution that she would like, which was to switch places with the maidbot: let the former maidbot take her place and allow the maidbot to treat her like a maidbot. “Instead of getting instructions from the system, you'll follow the orders from the android replacing you, just like the maidbot follows your orders right now, and you can change the settings as to how the android treats you, from polite and friendly to downright mean & nasty, if you wish.”

So, after an upgrade to the control system and some reprogramming of the maidbot, Mark explained to Hilary how to run the system. He explained the controls and found that she was already wearing her collar, which she hardly ever takes off now when at home; he advised that she should try a demonstration while he was here to see if she liked the changes. She agreed with him, but first, she had to get herself into her outfit, returning in full maid’s dress with frilly apron and even the bonnet on her head, she told him that she was now ready for him to run the program.

Hilary found herself back in her comfort zone of being the house maid, but instead of carrying out tasks assigned to her by the computer system, she was told by her maidbot to start cleaning the kitchen floor; this wasn't one of her favorite tasks, it involved being down on her knees and cleaning each tile by hand, the tiles were expensive imports and needed care in cleaning, hence the need to hand clean them. Meanwhile, the maidbot, now Mistress of the house, had left the maid to her task and shortly returned now dressed in the clothing that Hilary had worn previously.

She felt more like the maidbot now, with her android replacement standing there dressed in regular clothing; this was what she had been missing, Hilary was now nothing more than a servant to her new Mistress, and she felt deep down inside that this was what she had always wanted, to be controlled and to be less than human. She loved the fact that she was now the maidbot in the home and wanted nothing more than to please her owner, the thought that the former maidbot was now her owner sending wonderfully pleasurable sensations through her body.

Happy with the outcome, she again readily agreed to purchase the new system, and again as soon as the technician left, she switched herself with the maidbot and started to get on with her new Mistress's orders, reveling in the fact that she no longer controlled her life. While in the role, she feels much more content in her mind that she is nothing more than a domestic servant, her inner submissive nature, long-hidden due to her place in the corporation, begins to emerge from its dormant state.

The role switching eventually extends from just a few hours to the entire day, then one weekend from Friday to Sunday night, where she remains the maidbot, even placing herself in the charging pod at the end of the evening while the android sleeps in the comfortable bed, her charge lead plugged into the wall socket. She has adjusted the settings for her Mistress to be more dominant of her when they switch places, each time making her Mistress more controlling and demanding, until she found herself being degraded for her performance and made to do tasks several times, she found herself loving these moments, she found some form of arousal at being treated this way.

She grows to desire switching places more and more, and it takes up her entire life when home, her Mistress treating her the way that she had so longed for, though not cruel but strict, and she finds herself getting pleasure when belittled by her, she looks forward to each time that they switch places and finds that her performance at work has improved too. The computer control makes sure that she is well hydrated during her time as a maidbot and takes care of her other needs. But she remains under the control of the system and her Mistress until the set time is achieved; though she wants to continue every time they switch back, she would like to become the maidbot more often, even much longer than she had previously experienced and wondered to herself many times if she could do this permanently.

But her life outside of the home and her role in the corporation makes that impossible, so she has to satisfy herself with the time that she has, but always plans to extend her time as the maidbot as much as she can.

So finally, she sets herself up to play for an entire long holiday weekend, with no work until Tuesday that gives her over 72 hours to play, even longer as she planned to leave work early on Friday. And as soon as she gets home, she quickly dresses herself in her maid's outfit, placing the control collar around her neck, she sets the system in motion, and soon she is back in her own world, her Mistress again giving her orders and she complies with each and everyone willingly, though in reality she had no longer had any choice in the matter until the timer she had set had run out.

Unknown to her, while she's now stuck until the program switches her back as she continues enjoying her time as the maidbot, her boss had arrived in town and called by her home unexpectedly, he had always had an eye for her, and also for her money as the shares that she now held in the corporation were worth a small fortune. He felt that she could have retired and lived off of her income, what with all the money from the family company sale and the inheritance from her parents, but she loved living the way she was now, her work with the corporation seemed to him to be her life. He, on the other hand, desired not only her body but also her wealth; though he had plenty of his own, he could always add more to his collection.

When the door to her home was opened, he found that the maidbot had answered the door, stating that he had come to see Hilary; he then walked in without taking too much notice of the maid; after all, he was here to see the Mistress of the house, not the servant. Hilary wondered to herself what he was doing here, he wasn't expected, and she certainly didn't want her boss seeing her like this, though again, while under the control of the system, she found that she had to invite him in and directed him to where her Mistress was currently sitting in the lounge.

Walking ahead of the maidbot as it directed him to find where her Mistress was, again not taking any notice of the maidbot, he walked into the lounge to find his desire sitting reading, and it was only when she looked up did he notice that the woman that he so wanted to visit looked odd. Only then did he spot the android looking version of her, looking at the maidbot that had now joined them in the room and noticed straight away that something was amiss here, which then made him discover her little game. It seemed that Hilary had a secret, something no one knew about; he decided to stay quiet for the moment to see what was happening here.

Her android Mistress began to explain to her boss that Hilary was currently unavailable but that the maidbot could provide refreshments should he so wish. The former maidbot was trying to distract him, but by now, he had guessed that they had traded places and that Hilary was indeed the maidbot. He decided to take advantage of the situation, playing along, getting the maidbot to bring drinks, make food, etc, while being entertained by the android replacement. Watching the two women in the room, keeping an eye on the maidbot should she decide to break character, he began to realize that the collar that the maidbot was wearing was controlling her; she was not pretending; she actually was the maidbot. He had heard of some people wanting to become a maidbot or other robotic servant.

Making an excuse to use the restroom, he made his way to find the location of the computer that controlled both the android and Hilary, now the maidbot. After finding it, he made some changes to the program, including extending Hilary's time as the maidbot making it days, not hours; she would now be stuck as the maidbot of the house. And he also changed the Mistress program as well; she would now be compliant to his desires; in fact, both would become his servants until he desired otherwise. Delighted with his discovery, he used the bathroom and then returned.

Entering back into the lounge, he found the android had now changed her clothing to something much sexier; the maidbot stood by watching the scene in front of her, unable to change the outcome. Hilary wondered to herself what had happened, why did she feel different to her boss, whom she hated, but now felt a desire to please him. She watched transfixed as the android walked over to her boss and stripped off her clothing in front of him, getting to her knees and teasing his now erect member out from its hiding place.

Hilary felt a desire to replicate what she was witnessing, but the system controlling her and her new Master hadn't yet ordered her to do so, though she felt repulsed by the idea, and never in a million years would she lower herself to do this, she felt that she had to serve her Master in whatever he desired. She continued to watch as her former maidbot, now Mistress, pleasured her boss, embarrassed but also slightly jealous that this was happening in her home. After that, she found that she now had two owners, as she referred to them as, she was nothing more than a maidbot to the two of them now, and they treated her as nothing more.

The weekend continued with her as the maidbot, and her android replacement continued to treat her the way that she had herself programmed, and desired, each time she felt a surge of sexual delight when her Mistress was displeased with her and told her so in no uncertain terms. Now she also had her boss, Riley, who she despised treating her the same way, and again she found some pleasure in serving him; she wondered why she felt this way, especially to him, but for the moment, all she could do was comply with any instructions given to her, she was nothing more than the maidbot after all.

All of this played into her innermost desires, she had loved it when her Mistress was ordering her, but now she found herself beginning to enjoy serving her new Master as well, though she didn't know that he had altered several programs to make her more compliant. He was enjoying having the two women at his disposal, and finding them both this way was more than he could have dreamed about in his wildest fantasies.

Later he made more changes to the program that controlled her as the maidbot and added a sexbot program to enable him to enjoy the maidbot, making her use some of the techniques that the new program showed her, to get sexual pleasure from her, and as much as she tries to refuse, she's compelled by the program to comply, with the android replacement encouraging him to use the maidbot while degrading her verbally, she found that she has no choice but to comply and to satisfy his desires. She found that though humiliating at first, she began to feel a warm inner submissive glow inside her as she continued to pleasure him in whatever way he desired of her.

The weekend continued with him using both the android and the maidbot for sex, even making them pleasure each other for his entertainment. Before he left for the office on Tuesday morning, after letting the company know that Hilary has decided to take some well-deserved time off, he changes the maidbot programming to make her continue as the maidbot with no time limit to return back to herself. Now she was truly nothing more than the maidbot, something that she had so longed for but felt unable to do to herself, the decision was now no longer hers to make; she was now owned by him.

He then moved himself permanently into her home, taking over the main bedroom that was once hers and changing how things were run in the household. He informed the board that Hilary has decided to spend more time at home and become his, though not in the way that they had thought of as his wife, but rather more like Master, owner, and with her as maidbot. Now in charge of not only the home, he also started to make plans to get hold of her fortune as well; she would be nothing more than his servant from now on.

He continued to play with both the android and maidbot; Hilary found that as time went on, she came to like being his maidbot, having no responsibilities as she had before; even the part where she had to service him sexually becomes less of a chore and something that she looks forward to. She had found her true calling in life now, and she had discovered what had been missing in her life; her desire to serve others without any thought of her own gave her the satisfaction that she had so long sought after.

After a few months, her master ordered a new replacement model for the original maidbot, making changes that he wanted to the new android, her more human in appearance and less robotic, exactly resembling Hilary in her appearance, her skin more flesh-like, and her new programming making her behave as more human, less mechanical. Even more human now than Hilary, who now acts more like a maidbot with each passing day. Now no longer looking like an android, the replacement bot accompanies Riley to Hilary's former office, where she takes over the role with even greater efficiency. Meanwhile, Hilary stays at home, spending her days as the maidbot, enjoying her new life.

Also, during this time, there had been some changes made to Hilary's appearance; she now looked as well as acted more like a robot than a human being, her life was now dedicated to serving her Master & Mistress, and now she closely resembled the maidbot that she had replaced, her skin had a silver-tone just like other maidbots thanks to nanite technology, her eyes were now permanently fitted with silver lens covering them completely, she would eventually have skin markings to make her joints look more android in appearance, and she looked forward to each ‘upgrade’, as she now called them, her desire to be more maidbot like taking control, her former self now a distant memory.

Eventually, Riley, her former boss and now owner decided to make it permanent, Hilary after so long as the maidbot had no desire to return to her former life, she is content now to serve them both. The plan that her Master has is to marry her to gain access to her wealth; she agrees that they should marry, unaware of his plans as her overwhelming desire to remain as the maidbot overcoming any thoughts that she would have had concerning her former life. But on the day it is the new android replacement is the one that he marries, dressed as the bride, with Hilary as her bridesmaid dressed as usual as the maidservant at the wedding. No one was any the wiser to the switch, and family members accepted her replacement. Hilary, now known as maidbot MB-70138-H, stays back at her former home, now the property of her Master, while the two newlyweds jet off for their honeymoon.


Life for the maidbot remains the same, she continues to clean the home and prepare meals, and when her two owners return, she now considers them as nothing more, as she is nothing more than their maidbot, her former life now a distant painful memory. They continue to use her as the maidbot but mixed in with some of the sexbot programming, the man makes use of both the android and the maidbot for his pleasure, she has come to love being treated like this and wants nothing more than to be of service to him. Her life now complete; she had never felt happier in her entire life, delighted to serve, without any thoughts and desires of her own.


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