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Too Good to Be True

by Sekker

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© Copyright 2010 - Sekker - Used by permission

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I browsed though the magazines in the rack while I waited in the queue eventually just picking one out at random, not really for the stories but the crosswords made work more bearable, I’m a customer service adviser, and yes that’s a fancy title for someone who answers the phones in one of the businesses that have gone back to the ‘human’ touch way of thinking.

The old man in front paid and shuffled out of the store so I placed the basket on the counter and waited while the robotic shop assistant efficiently packed the few items I was purchasing. ‘He’, I say he because this model had no discernible gender features which I always thought just made things harder, smiled at me and said “Hello Jenny ready meal again? I had deduced from your shopping habits that you enjoyed food preparation?”

I rolled my eyes “uh hu and how much do I owe you?”

He didn’t seem to respond to my rudeness, but then why he should these types didn’t come with simulations of emotion just some small talk interaction that was at the moment annoying the heck out of me.

“$35 please Jenny.”

I handed him the money and took my single serving delicacies home, I only lived a block and half down the street, though it was raining slightly so I hurried, well as much as my skirt and shopping allowed, I was wearing my work clothes. a just above knee length pleated skirt, blouse and jacket top all in a soft blue-gray, I pulled it off very well with my 5’10” curvy but slim figure and soft cherry blond hair, I have a really good look  but it doesn’t mean much these days. You see since about 2030 androids have been more and more active in human life and recently with lobbying from certain women’s rights groups its almost impossible for an attractive woman to land a job in entertainment, go figure it would have been exploiting me to pay me lots of money to have much more fun. Anyway that those industries, modeling, acting and pornography are almost solely the realm of female bots. I know I sound bitter but I just figure I was born 100 years too late.

I ducked into my apartment building and wiped my feet before going to the lift, I wasn’t the least bit tempted to climb the stairs, it came and I stepped inside and hit my floor, on the 8th floor it stopped again and two middle aged men got in off the monorail level, they gave me the customary look over and shuffled in standing at the back of the lift, slightly behind me. I overheard their whispered conversation and knew they were discussing me, well my body at least, I smiled when I heard something along the lines of ‘would you look at that bum, perfect.’ I admit I like to get attention, but that didn’t include what happened next as I felt a hand slip up my skirt and squash against my sex, I almost jumped high enough to bang my head on the ceiling and clocked my bag of frozen food like a club against the guys face before my feet seemed to touch the floor and screamed abuse at him.

He stood still a moment gaping at me in disbelief then his face flushed with anger and he shouted, “Hey what the hell you can’t hit people damn it, who owns you?”

I thought he had completely lost his mind and stood there trembling with my slightly ripped bag held high ready to take another swing at him or his friend. It was the other man now grabbed his friend’s shoulder and yanked him around hard, “She’s not a bot you idiot! Look at her”

He did, doing a double take then his face went from red to white in about 2 seconds and he seemed to shrink visibly. “Oh shit, I’m sorry lady I, I thought you were just an android, I uh I’ll just get off the lift ok really, really sorry” he was waving his hands frantically then the lift stopped at my floor so I backed out with the bag still held high and forgotten. I stood there a moment after the lift door shut and just tried to get my breathing under control then shook my head and tried to remember were I lived.

I was so mixed up with the fright and the sudden arousal it was scary and it took me almost a minute to get the key in the lock. You see Androids, especially female ones are pretty common, most are just sex toys that can clean, cook and go shopping with a few ones with AI mixed. Its only a minor offense to take advantage of a bot, they don’t complain about it since its part of their programming to please humans and they’d see reporting it to possibly lead to harming the human in question, besides as long as they aren’t damaged or stolen nobody gets hurt.. It wasn’t something I was quite so casual about though!

After glass of water and putting the shopping away I took a shower then came out into the apartment naked, I looked at myself in the mirror, my body was as good as a bot’s. I ran my hands up and down my sides sliding them over my ample breasts then down my tummy and into the little tangle of neatly trimmed hair that disguised my sex, on impulse I went back into the auto-groomer and had all my body hair cleared off , enjoying the silky feeling of the foam being applied and then rinsed away.

I stepped back out into the main room and looked at my body again, now I really did look like a bot hairless except for my curly brown hair that hung to my shoulders I blushed a little as I looked at the little cleft of my sex and wondered why I hadn’t gone hairless before.

The next day I went shopping for a couple of things at lunch time, I hadn’t consciously decided on what I was going to do but I had this fantasy of pretending to be a bot, just walking down the street. So I picked out the sort of clothes men tend to dress their bots in, a slinky little skirt that shimmered slightly and showed off the shape of my hips and backside and a low cut blouse that would leave my cleavage on show. The afternoon seemed to drag on and on and the little bag under my desk seemed to be teasing me.

I finally got home and shut the door behind me I had a quick meal then jumped into the shower, then I got out and made myself calm down and take my time selecting and applying a makeup style before trying on my new clothes. Hell! I had to check to see if I was a real girl with the make up giving my face a slightly glossed perfect look and these clothes! I looked exactly like half of those bots look for weeks after they are bought when their owners are thrilled and eager to show them off. It wasn’t indecent but left little to the imagination. I bit my lip and looked at the door, did I really have the nerve to do this? The idea of walking around looking and acting the part of a bot was sexy as hell to me but what would I do if someone tried it on.

I thought about it for a while then sat down at my computer and scanned though the catalogues eventually picking out a model that looked a bit like me then threw a disposable coat around my lightly dressed body and went out, taking the stairs this time (I didn’t want to meet my elevator friend right now). I jumped on a monorail car and let it take me to another district of the city.

Happily there was no one standing around at the stop in near Fenchurch Street so I slipped out of the jacket when the mono pulled away and got a lift down to street level. Taking a deep breath I stepped out into the street, it was early evening so most of the crowds had cleared and few were yet going out for lunch or shopping, nevertheless it was busy enough to make me have to constantly remind myself that ‘it’s ok for them to ogle you you're pretending to be a bot’ over and over as the men and some of the women I passed openly looked me over. The illusion seemed to be completely accepted, I even heard snips of conversation from people who’d glanced me over, about how much I would cost.

I didn’t have a plan, not exactly, just the idea of being mistaken for a walking talking sex toy was thrilling. And all these people looking at me the way they did was certainly having an effect on me. I decided to pop into a market and get some shopping, which is the sort of chore lots of bots get sent out on. It was a generic sort of place and I took my time browsing and reading labels. Twice I felt a passerby’s hand run over my backside, I startled the first time but managed to act well unnaturally the next time. I was almost done and feeling so overexcited I decided to see just what I dared do, their was a handsome man further up the aisle and he’d been looking at me on and off as he shopped, I loitered for a moment then as he began to walk towards me I bent at the waist and reached down to pick up something from the bottom shelf, I felt the skirt and my blush riding up together and he must have had a glimpse of my perfect looking fuzz free sex just peeking below the hemline. I saw him stop and pretended I hadn’t, moving some vacuum sealed things around aimlessly as though searching for something.

His hand rested on my hip and after gulping down my fear, embarrassment and honest arousal I glanced up and smiled at him and said in my best friendly and casual bot impression, “Hello I’m not in your way am I sir?”

He glanced up from his study of my backside to look at me face and shook his head, “No honey you continue.” Then he glanced around before lifting my skirt further with his thumb, thankfully at this angle my thighs and bum probably would have stopped anyone else getting a full view but I imagine nothing was hidden from him. I trembled and struggled to go back to moving things around aimlessly like a good bot. His fingers roamed over me, I was waiting for him to push inside but apparently that wasn’t on the cards but he did examine me and pinch things that you shouldn’t pinch unless you mean to finish. He slaped my backside softly and I straightened up holding something, I didn’t even know much less care by then what I was pretending to be looking for. He lifted his credit chit to my chin and swiped it across then had a disappointed look for a moment and muttered “shame” as he walked off with his pants obviously feeling a bit tight.

It's pretty common for privately owned bots to be available for rent and most come with a little credit reader that lets ‘customers’ hire them there and then. I obviously didn’t come with this feature which right then I was pretty pissed off about. I got my shopping and a new disposable coat and headed for the monorail, It was getting hard to concentrate and I felt that everyone must be able to see the slickness on my thighs but I just got the usual looks and another man stopped me and swiped my chin before I got the station and onto the car.

I spent the rest of that evening imagining what would have happened if I had been rentable then after that and recovering I looked on the net again, just out of curiosity you understand… A small parcel arrived the next morning but I didn’t have time to open it before going to work….

* * * *

Work seemed to drag on and on endlessly, I sat trying to concentrate on call’s and constantly lost track of what was being discussed until eventually Sam my supervisor pulled me aside and lectured me on my performance. My mind continually wondered back to the little brown plastic package waiting in the flat. I’m not sure if I really could go through with it, it was a wild idea. Last night I’d browsed some information on private android rental, how to upgrade your bot with a card reader and how to register it with your bank account. It was pretty simple, just a skin patch that adhered to the underside of the androids chin less than 3 millimeters wide and 20 long. I ordered a setup pack and the idea that it was sitting at home waiting for me was driving me crazy.

Slowly the clock turned and I felt like a sprinter on the line, I had to stop myself rushing out of the building and through the masses of people on my way home. In a blur I entered my apartment and couldn’t take my clothes off fast enough. I grinned like a little kid and grabbed the pack setting it down on my desk by my computer and pulling it open. The information was very dry and businesslike detailing how to attach the strip to the bot, which I skipped through, and how to register and link the reader to your bank account. I bit my lip, this posed a slight problem in that I’d have to register myself and my bot, I looked up the bookmark for the android that looked a bit like me from before and copied down her details, software version and so on then registered myself and my bot self, apparently the strip doubled as a form of identification.

After registering my setup pack I took the strip out and went to the bathroom, it looked like a strip of translucent skin but as soon as I peeled back the wrapping and pressed it against my skin it began to fade, their was a slight tingling sensation and I suddenly thought I should have read the dull instructions more carefully but the sensation passed and within a few minutes the reader was invisible, I positively skipped back to my computer and ran the interface program which linked it up and gave me a little menu for setting prices and so on. It’s a very odd sensation to list how much you cost, it allowed only a half hourly fee with this verion of the system, apparently bots don’t charge based on the activity. I was blushing and very aroused after thinking of all this but steadied myself and stood up. I walked over to my discarged bag, to test the system I got my own credit chip and passed it under my chin, the screen lit up and showed the price and maximum rental period, It didn’t thankfully list who owned the me and who’s account the money would go into.

I went into the shower, I had checked that the strip was waterproof, the hot water did nothing to settle me though and as it caressed my softly curved body I couldn’t help doing the same, quickly bringing myself to orgasm while my mind filled with fantasies. Finally I stepped out of the bathroom and made myself a meal, wolfing it down without even caring then went to pick out my makeup and clothes. This took longer than I’d have thought considering the minimalistic nature of them, in the end I settled for a latex feeling mini skirt and matching tube top both in a sky blue, with my hair culling lightly down to brush my shoulders I looked like a doll, I had to tug the skirt down a little to stop my pantie-less sex peeking out though in reality it was poor covering, but this thought only made me more aroused. I looked at the clock, almost 9pm nodded to myself then after quickly checking on the calendar to make sure my contraception and immunisations were still in date before stepping out. Turning I quickly hid my key under the plant pot by my door and headed out.

I’d completely forgotten the coat and just had to hope that any neighbors who saw me wouldn’t link the sex toy in blue with the office worker they saw now and then. I needn’t have worried though as I slipped down to the mono-station without bumping into anyone I’d seen before. I had to keep pushing myself on, I don’t even know why I was doing this, it just felt so right, so sexy and the idea that anyone could walk up and ‘rent’ me and I’d be obliged to go along with the role, was terrifying but so very hot.

The mono train came and went with me onboard, I got the now usual looks from the men and some of the women as I sat with my legs tightly closed which was the only way to avoid giving everyone an eyeful. I wasn’t yet sure where to go but felt oddly safer the more distance I put between myself and my flat. Right then my heart skipped stopped, or felt like it. My supervisor was standing further up the carriage. His eyes fixed on my legs, I looked away trying to seem interested in a sign but I felt more than saw him move up and take the seat next to me. His hand rested possessively on my knee and I felt his breath on my hair as he spoke, “What model are you?”.

I shivered and turned to face him trying to put on a day dreamy pleasure bot expression, how could he fail to recognize me? Or was he interested in my because this ‘bot’ looked so much like the girl he’d just told off earlier that day? I changed my voice as best I could making it sing song and artificial while I told him the make and model of the android I’d researched. He didn’t seem very interested and I watched with horror as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit chip. I felt it brush my chin and he glanced at it making a little tuting sound as he looked at my price, I had priced myself at the high end of the recommended range, why not? I crossed the fingers of my right hand out of his sight hoping he was broke. Apparently he was better paid than me though because the next moment he swiped my chin again and I heard the audible beep and then a wispy voice from the strip confirming that 2 hours had been paid for.

I was stunned, in fact too stunned to think of anything as he took my hand and stood, we got off the train in a slightly more up market area and he lead me along by the hand as if guiding a blind person. His eyes constantly on me. I still silent since he hired me just walked along in a daze trying to think of how I was going to get out of this with my job and dignity intact, his voice jarred me out of my thoughts, “I want you to pretend you're human, hmm and you’ll answer to the name Jenny, confirm?”

I just nodded and said, “Yes sir, I’m Jenny” in my sing song voice while wanting to say ‘you dirty minded sod using a bot to fantasize about having your way with me!’ of course the bot was me but he didn’t know that so I felt suitably scandalized.

He lead me onto a lift, we stepped and and the doors closed trapping us together, after her pressed a button he turned to me, “Now Jenny I’m not happy with your performance recently I think you need some intensive training in servicing people” a smile played across his face and he stepped closer his right hand sliding under my skirt and casually fondling the soft uncovered folds he found there, “and your manner of dressing recently Jenny, quite disgusting” his slid a finger up into me and I had to fight the panic. I tried to compose myself and think of this like a fantasy, what does the meek office girl do when her boss comes on to her. I resisted the urge to sigh and using my sing song voice said, “I’m so, so sorry sir I promise I’ll do whatever you tell me to from now on.”

He was wiggling his finger now and it was getting harder to concentrate on impulse I put my hands on the bottom edge of my tube top and tugged it gently, “If you don’t like my clothes should I take this off?” I added hoping to distract him into leaving my sex alone. It backfired though when he just nodded and continued to finger me, I gulped and pulled the top off while he pushed my skirt up until it was nothing but a blue shiny belt.

Just then the lift stopped and the door opened, Sam spun around and put himself between me and the door, I was grateful for the cover though I knew he was only afraid it might be a woman or kids. He give a chuckle, “Damn caught me with my hand in the cookie jar again Frank,” he said gruffly and stepped aside to let the other man see me as he entered. The other man was about the same age as Sam somewhere in his early thirties, he gave a startled ‘Oh’ before steping closer and drinking me in with his eyes, “Wow man this ones nice, would you look at the detail work on its nipples”

He said leaning down to stare at one of them before glancing back to Sam   “Mind if I…?”

Sam smiled and nodded, “Help yourself, for the elevator trip anyway,” he give a grin, “but you owe me the same next time you rent one.”

Frank laughed and wasted no time I felt his hands cup my breasts, he began massaging them squeasing them together then lifting. His strong fingers pressed into them testing the firmness and I couldn’t stop myself giving a little sigh, he smiled at this and started looking at my face and eyes. One hand stayed clasping one of my breasts while the other dropped and started to fondle my now quite moist sex, he pinched my clit firmly, way too firmly and I started wiggling and gasping but he didn’t stop, “Really nice its reactions are so real!”

He continued to pinch my clit then moved his hand and forced two fingers suddenly into me, I heard Sam say vaguely, “Yeah I told it to act human.” But I barely registered it as the fingers pumped away, I felt so ashamed but utterly aroused. Then the door opened again this time apparently at the right floor. Sam interrupted his friend, “Ok funs over, well for you anyway,” he grinned and grabbed my wrist leading my out of the elevator before the doors closed Frank yelled, “Hey if you don’t use all the time up send it my way OK?”

Sam didn’t answer and just grinned as he led me along until we stopped before his door.

More to come?


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