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A Weird Way to be Maid

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Maid-bot TF

“Really? You need me for this?” the beautiful woman asked, raising an eyebrow at the boy she was standing with in a living area. 

“Yes I’m serious Clara. I was drunk with some of my coworkers last week and let it slip that I had a really sexy maid-bot back home. They believed me, and that alone wouldn’t be anything to worry about, but then they mentioned it when the boss was talking about renting one for the office. He came to me and offered me a crazy amount of money. I couldn’t say no!” 

The girl, now identified as Clara, stared back at him. Hand lowering to position on her curvy hip. 

“And instead of using some of the money to rent one yourself, you decide to call up your girlfriend and ask her to do it? Kinda lame Greg.” 

Greg smiled at her. 

“I know babe, but think of it like this. We get to keep the money we would have spent on the actual bot for ourselves, come on, I already bought the outfit…” he finished with a sheepish smile as he held the hangar up, making his girlfriend blush like a tomato. 

“What is that! That isn’t even a maid outfit! It’s more like a bikini.”

She wasn’t wrong, as the hangar held a frilly hair piece with black bows to tie into her hair, a top that could barely be considered more than a bra with frilly white fringes and arm covers, a black, miniskirt that barely reached her midthigh with what looked like a frilly white apron running across her crotch, a pair of wrist bands with the same fringe as the rest of the outfit and a nice pair of black high heels on the floor next to it. 

“Apparently it is what all of the newer models of maid-bots are wearing. I went in with one of your dresses and had them use that to get them in your size. They also threw in this,” he reached over and placed a single shiny, metallic earing in her ear. 

“Apparently the new models don’t have those old control collars anymore. They gave me this and said all I had to do was have the app installed on my phone and synced to it to control the robot. You need to wear it to pass as one. So, are you in?”

The busty woman ran a hand through her long auburn hair. The money would really be nice… and it would only be for a weekend to clean the office up…

“Fine, give me the stupid outfit and get whatever else you need ready while I get changed.” She blushed and grabbed the flimsy clothes before storming out and into the bathroom. 

Not ten minutes later, she returned with the red face still present. Her breasts would bounce each time she took a step, the tight skirt forced her hips to sashay more than she was typically comfortable with and they were both lucky she frequently wore heels to work. 

Her long auburn hair tickled the middle of her back as she walked back into the room, smirking to her boyfriend who looked at her with an open mouth.

“Unit reporting for duty master. Is there anything I can do for you~” the last bit was said in a very sultry tone as she pulled him into a very teasing kiss, her lips just barely touching his own. 

“Uh…” his only answer was the clear sign his brain was shutting down. She ignored his plight, giggling at a job well done and turned to what he had been working on before she walked in. 

In front of her was a large metal case. It was propped open, exposing a foam interior with a body cutout that looked ready to fit her at a moment’s notice. It had wheels on the bottom for easy transport and the logo for the popular robotics company ‘Make It Easy’ right on the front. 

“So I assume I am getting into this thing and you are going to deliver me to your work?”

The man in the room nodded dumbly, just watching her move around and inspect her transport. She picked up a small metal tube and poked it. 

“What is this?” 

That was the cue for her boyfriend to stop drooling over her and get back to their job at hand. 

“Oh, that’s just the tool most people use to open the panels on the standard units. I am keeping it here so no one can try it.”

She nodded and stretched her body out. 

“Well okay then. Let’s get this show on the road. I wanna start serving your company and get it over with. Any rules I should know before you pack me up and rent me out sweetie,” the last point was said with a teasing glare at him. 

“Ah… I suppose you should refer to me as your owner or master or something like that. Be polite… I don’t know babe, just act like that robot your mom has back at home. That is what they are looking for.” 

Oh yeah, she forgot that her mom’s maid was a robot. Should be easy enough to copy the woman who cleaned up after her since high school. 

“Understood master. Shall I shut down and prepare my cleaning protocols?” she asked, mimicking her family’s personal maid-bot, Fiona, as best she can. 

He grinned and poked her nose. “Yes Clara. I will not be there once you turn back on, you are to obey Mr. Ferguson and work for our company until further notice.” 

“Affirmative master.” 

With that said, she made an exaggerated motion of slackening her shoulders, closing her eyes and leaning her head forward slightly while still standing upright.

She could hear her boyfriend chuckle and felt his hands attach to her body as he lifted her up and placed her into the warm embrace of the foam. He didn’t leave her there without copping a playful handful of both her ass and breasts. 

She wanted to pull him into one last kiss, but after his little tease he shut her inside of the oddly comfortable container and locked it up, leaving her to just think about how surreal this whole thing was. 

She must have actually dozed off after Greg pushed her container into their van, because when she awoke next it was to a very different voice outside of her pod, that was no longer warm.


She heard the voice say something and a click, signifying the latch on her container being unlocked. Closing her eyes and leaving her head bent slightly, she felt the cool air hit her body and forced herself not to shiver. 

“Damn. I honestly didn’t expect him to have a C7 model, she looks great. Hmm… figures that girl in all of his pictures that he claimed was his girlfriend was just a robot though… or he has a weird fetish, but who am I to judge. Unit on.”

She wanted to hit the man for his comment about her being made up, but just allowed herself to sigh as she ‘activated’. 

“Unit online. Scanning.”

She locked eyes with the man and glanced over him. 

“Identification confirmed. Hello Mr. Ferguson. I am Clara-C7. My master has designated that you will provide commands for my latest assignment?” the question was punctuated that with a cute head-tilt that she saw some of the younger designed models pull off on TV. 

The man nodded, taking in her body once more. 

“Yes. I have rented you out to help clean up our office building. I have left suitable cleaning supplies within the closet designated for cleaning. I would like you to take out all of the garbage, dust, vacuum and all other basic protocols over the entire building. You will be left here and running overnight and into the next day as no one will be coming in tomorrow. If you have any issues please contact your owner. Understood?”

‘So just clean the place with no one around? Sounds like home,’ the fake maid thought. 

“Understood Mr. Ferguson. Have a wonderful evening.” She watched with a smile as the man left the building. Locking her inside by herself. 

“Sooooo~ Time to clean!” she strutted towards the closet he mentioned earlier. 

Once near it, she opened it up and grabbed a duster from the shelf. Smiling as she started fantasizing a little. 

“Cleaning protocols activated,” she spoke robotically and began cleaning, dusting every service across the office, often bending more than necessary and walking slightly stiffer as she thought about nothing more than how sexy of a robot she was and how well she was doing her job. 

She was so absorbed within her fantasies that she didn’t notice the elevator open and, Julian, a coworker and friend of Greg’s enter the office. He was a scrawny man with black hair and was looking at a tablet as he walked in. 

“Stupid developers not telling me the software needed to be updated from the company internet connection…” he walked into the office that Clara was cleaning and stopped, staring at the cleaning woman who had yet to notice him.

“Oh, I forgot Nate rented Greg’s bot… now where did I put that app…” he mumbled, scrolling through the tablet. 

None the wiser, Clara kept cleaning, enjoying the relaxing activity and mental games she was playing with herself. Here she was, a human pretending to be a robot, it turned her on in a massive way. 

She was so busy in her own head that she didn’t even gasp when a small jolt of power laced through her body, starting from the metallic chip in her earring. She stood up straight and turned around, now seeing Julian with his tablet standing there. 

“Okay… basic protocols, check… advanced hardware review for the computers, turned on… oh? You’re one of those models… check. Unit when you are finished cleaning I have given you orders. Please leave this room for last so I may work in peace.”

She had no choice but to obey his orders, he had somehow tapped into the chip that Greg put in her ear and hacked her body. She bowed to him, giving him a very generous view of her cleavage before walking off to clean the lower levels. 

‘I can barely control my own body!’ she screamed as she was only able to blink and slightly move her fingers, nothing helpful.  She was forced into a much more humdrum routine of cleaning. 

She realized nearly three hours after being hacked that she was getting much more done, so with begrudging thoughts, she slowly decided to pretend as if she was never anything more than a robot, to try and enjoy this a little bit. 

As her body continued to clean things so efficiently, she began to enjoy it. Her body not under her own control, being nothing more than a metal husk and even more so, being an object was turning her on enough to enjoy the task at hand. 

She heard the elevator activate, meaning Julian had left, and left her alone again, but this time she was not controlling herself. This would be interesting. 

She cleaned for at least another five hours, running updates on computers and other things while she went, her programming making her job much easier and making her even hornier. 

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon the next day when her mind blanked and her programming was finished, allowing her to move on her own accord and breathe deeply. 

“What a rush…” she said before her body locked up again and she lost control, screaming internally at the tease of her control chip. 

“Installing C7 model updates. Please stand by. Unit will shut down upon installation completion.”

Shutdown? As in turn off? And how were these updates being installed in her!?

Her questions were never answered, but so much information was being thrusted into her brain that she couldn’t think straight and by the time it was finished, she was too tired to protest her brain turning into a sleep mode as she ‘shut down’.

When she next awoke, Greg was standing over her with a worried look. 

“Clara are you okay? I turned off the chip and removed it as soon as you got home. Did something happen?” his concern was clear, but she wasn’t thinking about that. 

Now her mind was full of thousands of mechanical uses, phrases to say, things that she could do now with her ‘upgrades’. This was amazing. 

So instead of being worried, she just gave him a deep kiss, one that she found happened naturally when she thought of the type. 

“Of course, master. Now… how may I please you~?”


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