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Winter Maid

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 5 - Brainless Sex Slave

"Are you sure about that?"

"Brian, stop worrying about me. It's just for fun."

"I don't know, Mia... What if I like it too much and decide to keep you that way forever?"

"Well, that would be hot."


"Hehe. Brian, your idea of having fun with the device is to turn me into a squirrel lover. I don't fear that you are going to lose control."

Poor Brian. We had this amazing device we could use to have tons of adult fun, but he cared so much about me that he always hesitated to use its full potential. I won't let him get away with it this time. As much as becoming the queen of the squirrels was funny, I wanted something a bit more powerful; I wouldn't let him get away with lighter stuff again this time.

I wasn't too sure what I was asking him to do exactly, but I still had my extreme solo adventure from a while ago on my mind. It had turned me into a total slut to the point where I couldn't revert to my normal self. Brian had to rescue me from my sex-doll mode. Sure, doing it that way back then had not been the most intelligent thing I had ever done, but now that Brian was in control of the SusceptGear, going too far was perfectly safe; I just wanted him to push my limits a bit more and stop worrying about my mental health.

We were sitting side by side on the couch, so I crawled on him and sat on his lap as if to add an extra argument to our conversation.

"Hi! Mia!"


I kissed him.

"Do it!"

"I don't know... It still feels wrong."

I kissed him again.

"Do it!"

"... Mmm... You sure?"

I kissed him once more.

"Do it!"

"Mmm... Alright. You win. I'll think of something."

"Yay! Then I will reward you with a gift."

"Mia! You are such a poor negotiator. You should have said that first, then we could have skipped this whole argumentation."

"Stop whining! I decide when to give you gifts or not."

"Hehe... You are the most confusing person ever. You like being in control of everything, and at the same time, you want to lose that control."

"There is a war raging inside my heart. Within me, you will find a duality that no man can understand!"

"Enough with the poetry. I have to cook dinner now. Get off me."




"If you don't, I'll throw you outside in the snow!"

"Eep! Okay, okay!"

Anything but that. I hated winter, and rolling around in the cold snow wasn't appealing to me. Instead, I would just go watch cute cat videos until my meal was ready.

The next day, Brian asked me to put on my latex maid uniform. I would have preferred to be forced to do that by the device, but I would give him a free pass on that one. I knew he had worked hard on configuring the SuspectGear until late last night, so it wouldn't be nice to criticize his plan so soon into the game; it could bite me in the ass later.

I retrieved my uniform from the closet and swapped my street clothes for it. As the smooth latex gripped my hairless tanned skin, I had to admit that playing with the maid uniform for the past few months had made me appreciate the texture more. At least I didn't dislike it as much as before; it was an improvement even though the smell still reminded me of car tires.

Maid headband in hand, I returned downstairs to Brian, who was still fiddling with his laptop and the SusceptGear connected to it.

"Oooh! Look at the cute maid. I think I should get rid of all your normal clothes and only allow you to wear sexy uniforms."

"In your dream, Brian. If you trash my nice clothes, I'll put you on the curb with them."

"Noted! Alright, put the device on your head. Everything is ready."

Instead of obeying, I went to him and let myself fall heavily on his lap.


"No... You put it on me."

"I can do that. So, do you want to know what will happen next?"

"Of course, I do. But I think I won't fight you for it. The last time I tried to get some clear answers, I ended up with a bag of peanuts in my arms, and it was super weird."

"Hehe. You are still mad at me for that?"

"No, but I just want to entertain the illusion that I'm not dating a weird person."

"Alright. Enough with the sarcasm. Don't move."

His last demand was enough for me to start swaying my head just to make his life as difficult as possible while he was trying to put the SusceptGear on it. I knew I had been successful when he had no other choices but to laugh at my childishness.

"Haha! Mia! Stop! You are going to break it."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes, I do. But I would love you more if you would stop moving!"

"How much?"

"How much do I love you? Do you mean before today? Oww!"

A pinch of the nipple through his shirt was what he deserved for that bad joke. His sudden twitch was enough for me to snatch the headgear from him and keep it out of range.

"Mine! Tell me that you love me!"

"Hehe. I love you!"

"Not good enough."

"I love you enough that I got you an early Christmas gift."

"Oh, really? Is that true?"

"Yes, it is. But you need to be wearing the device first. It's conditional."

"Mmm... Since there is a gift in it for me, then maybe I'll be more cooperative."

I delicately placed the high-tech headband on my forehead and leaned forward to kiss him.

"See... This is how much I love you, Brian. I let you do whatever you want with me."

"Everything I want?"

"Yes... Everything."

"Alright, then. I will try not to disappoint you as I accept this generous offer."

"I'm counting on it... don't be... too nice."

While we kissed again, I heard a little beep and the good relaxing feeling induced by the device taking over my mind washed over me; it always felt so good.

Rapidly, I got an understanding of what character I was turning into. Brian's name slowly vanished, and instead, I wanted to call him master. A gentle state of confusion replaced my usual alertness; the latex maid was back.

Sitting on my master's lap, I knew that the more I would let the device do its thing and the less I would fight against it, the better and the more pleasurable my experience would be.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while smiling.


"How are you feeling, Mia?"

"Good... I'm your maid."

"Hehe. Yes, you are. Do you want your gift now?"

"A gift? For me?"

"Yes. You forgot already?"

"I don't know. I'm just happy to be with you."

"I bet you are. Here... This is your gift."

My master placed a neatly wrapped package in my hands, which confused me a great deal. I was just a maid. Why would my master give me a gift? It was so strange.

"Open it, Mia."


Clumsily, as if I were stuck inside a dream, I gently ripped the paper and tossed the pieces on the floor.

"Aaah, Mia. You are the worst maid ever. So sloppy."

"I don't know, master... Did I do something wrong?"

"Hehe. No... Keep going. You are going to have to pick up your trash later anyway."


It took a while, but I got it. I was now holding the gift that my master gave me. It was a cute box of flavored chocolate. What I was supposed to do next was not evident, but one thing I knew for certain was that I liked chocolate a lot.

"So, Mia. Do you know what this is?"

"Yes... Chocolates."

"That's right. They are good ones too, so you have to enjoy them. It's a box of thirty-three pieces. There are sixteen flavors, two of each, and then there is the big dark chocolate one in the middle."

"I... I want the big one."

"Haha! No, no. Don't touch them yet. Let me explain first."

"Yes, Master. But I still want the big one."

"You'll have it later. Listen. We are sixteen days away from Christmas. You are permitted to eat two chocolates per day until Christmas. But you can't have the big one until the 25th of December. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. Can I have one now?"

"Geez, you really love chocolate. I'm not sure if you'll understand this, but each different flavor will have a different effect on you. Every time you'll eat one, you'll fall asleep and get conditioned for a new kink or behavior. If you eat the same flavor twice, which will eventually happen, it will reinforce the effect of that specific conditioning."

"Yes, Master."

"I'll have to go to work for the next few days, but then I will be off until the 26th. So I'll be able to spend a lot of time with you. When I'm not around, you'll just be my maid, clean the house, and do everything I ask you."

"I really want this one, now... Can I eat it, Master?"

"Haha... You didn't listen at all. Okay, whatever, Mia. You can have your chocolate. Just not the big one. I guess it doesn't matter after all if you know what's going to happen or not. Just try to enjoy yourself."

I pinched the most appealing one with the tip of my fingers and placed it in my mouth. The amazing flavor triggered my pleasure center like never before; it was sooo good.

"Ma... Mashter! Itch delichious."

"The price was delicious too, believe me. I'm glad you like it... Let's see... You choose Kona Coffee. Oh, it's going to be a fun one."


As I chewed on this piece of dream, I couldn't be happier with my gift. I wrapped my arms around my master and just wanted to cuddle with him.

For a while, I rubbed my body against his, but then, my eyelids felt heavier and heavier as time passed.

"Master... I'm so... tired."

"Hehe. Good. Close your eyes, Mia. Just go to sleep."

"Mmm... Okay."

With my head resting on his chest, I drifted away.

"Aaaanh! Mmmm!"

As soon as I woke up, my hands went straight to my chest. My breast felt so good all of a sudden. Somehow, I ended up on my master's bed, and a pleasant sexual warmth enveloped me.

"Oh, you are finally awake."

"Ma... Master... My breasts... they feel so good."

My master was sitting on the corner of the bed, a sheet of paper in his hand.

"You ate Kona Coffee, which rewarded you with a good two hours of breast sensitivity conditioning. Let's test that out right away...

"Master? Aaaaanh! Mmmm!"

When he ran his hand over my left boob, an insane feeling of arousal hit me like a ton of brick. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I liked it a lot.

For a little while, he massaged my chest, and I couldn't get enough of it. He asked me to turn around to unzip my dress and helped me take my arms off the sleeves, which allowed my uniform to flop down over my apron.

"My... My uniform... I want to wear it."

"I know. You will, but I want to have some fun with you first."

"Mmm... I like it when you have fun with me."

He unfastened his belt and took off his pants and boxers in front of me. As a maid, I was looking forward to performing my duty; pleasing my master was my ultimate goal. He entered my mouth with his hardening cock while my hand reached my sensitive boobs. Massaging them was one thing, but pinching my nipples sent me to such a happy place.

For a little while, I sucked him off as well as I could, but once he was fired up, he asked me to lay down on my back. He then climbed on top of me and landed his cock right in my boob crack.

"It's time for a nice boobjob, Mia."

"Yes, master."

Because of my state of permanent confusion, I had not seen him reaching for the nightstand, from where he had retrieved a small bottle of lube. He put a dab on my chest, and he showed me how he wanted me to press my boobs around his shaft. Sliding his slippery cock and and out of my crack was great; it was a very different way to use my body for his pleasure. Because of my breast sensitivity conditioning, it was probably as fun for me as it was for him.

It felt incredible. Not only I made my master happy, but the sensations he was giving me were off the chart. Boobjobs was my favorite thing in the world at the moment, and to make the activity even better, my master took as much time as he needed, alternating between my boobs and mouth. I was so happy to be played with like this for a while.

After several edges, he grunted in a very bestial manner, and he shot his semen all over my neck and face.

"Mmmm... Mia! It felt so wrong and so right at the same time. We are going to have a lot of fun until Christmas, I think."

"Yes, master. Can I hug you now?"

"Aaah! No! You are all sticky. Go take a good shower and then clean the house. I'm going outside to cut some wood for the fireplace. I'll be back after."

"Awww. Yes, master."

The day dragged slowly, but I kept my focus on cleaning the house as inefficiently as I always did. I spent so much time in the living room trying to chase the dust bunnies from under the couch while my master enjoyed caressing my butt when it was sticking out. I tried to cook for him too, but he didn't seem to feel well after he ate my food, I wasn't too sure why. I hoped that I hadn't made a mistake in my recipe, but when he told me it was not my fault, I felt happy again.

Later in the evening, as my master started a fire, I came to him with an important request.

"What is it, Mia? I said that I don't want you to touch the fireplace when you are a maid. You are going to burn down our house."

"Oh, I know, master. I would never do that. I just wanted to know if I could have another chocolate."

"Oh, hehe. Yes. I said you could have two per day. You don't need to ask me. But since I'm here, bring the box over. I want to see which one you'll choose."

"Yes, master."

I fetched my precious chocolate box, pressing it against my chest, and knelt next to him on the comfy fur rug.

"Don't get too close to the fire. They will melt."

"I want the big one."

"I said no. You can't have it until the 25th."

"Aww... Okay. Can I have this one, then?"

"Yes... This one is Candied Orange Peel... Oh, my... That's going to be interesting."

Using my fingers, I pinched the pretty chocolate and placed it on my tongue.

"Mashter! Itsh so good!"

"Glad you like it. But don't talk with your mouth full. It's gross."

"But... itsh sho good! Itsh tashte like oranshe."

"With a name like that, it's not like it's a surprise. Come on, close your mouth. I don't need to see that."

"Oshay, mashter!"

It was delicious. I may have been hypnotized, but I could still appreciate good chocolate. The sweet sugar made my mouth water and my brain happy. But of course, as I was swallowing it, my eyelids were getting heavier.

"Master... I'm tired."

"Hehe... Lay down here on the rug. I like looking at you when you fall asleep. It's adorable."

"Yes, Master..."

After my profound nap, I slowly woke up, feeling rested, but felt quite confused. It was so comfortable to lie down on this thick fur rug that had been warmed up by the crackling fire. My master was reading a book on the couch, keeping an eye on me; I felt safe.


"Oh? My little maid came back to life. How are you feeling, Mia?"

"Good... I love you."

"Ah, thanks. But I need to check something."

"Yes, master. Can I sit on your lap?"

"Sure... Come here, cutie."

Crawling on my four, I reached him and climbed on top of his legs. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. That was what maids were supposed to do, after all; take care of their master.

"Mmm. That's nice, Mia, but can you tell me what twelve times ten is?"

"Twelve times ten? It's a multiplication."

"Hahaha. That's not what I'm asking. What is the result?"

"I don't know. Fourteen?"

"You didn't even try."

"No. It seems too difficult."

"Okay, and do you know where Germany is?"

"It's a country."

"That's right, but where is it?"

"Near Mexico?"

"Haha... Close. So, do you want to know what the chocolate you ate was?"

"Oh! I know what it was! It was delicious."

"You are not even listening! It was intelligence reduction. I think it's going to make the rest of this adventure quite interesting. I didn't expect you to eat it so early in the game, though."

"I don't know."

"Of course, you don't. Come, I cooked dinner for us while you were sleeping. Then we will watch a movie together and go to bed."

"Yes, master."

"Aaaah! Ma... Master! It... it feels so good! I'm... I'm going to cum."

"Oh my God, you are incredible, Mia!"

For the past week and a half, my Master made me so happy. For some reason, I wanted sex all the time, and even if he helped me a lot to satisfy this desire, it never seemed to be enough.

I didn't know why my arousal was so uncontrollable. I was wet all the time and could barely focus on cleaning the house. Thinking was difficult, and the only thing I yearned for was to please my master.

At first, when he was not around, I secretly played with myself to keep my sex drive in check, but recently, I stopped being able to cum that way. It was not too bad at first because when my master fucked me hard enough, I could still cum. I had no problem relying on him to get my orgasms. But recently, I had reached a point where I couldn't even cum anymore, even when my master penetrated me, no matter how hard he was going at it or how much he came inside me. This new situation made me even more desperate for sex. Not being able to achieve orgasms drove me nuts, and I spent countless hours on the kitchen floor, masturbating with the various toys my master gave me to play with. That was the way he had found to keep me off his back.

That said, during the past few days, something had changed. After I had this delicious mint chocolate, I began craving anal sex, which I never had before. I was confused and nervous about this, but my master took very good care of me when I told him what I wanted. Strangely, I also had magically learned how to clean myself before asking for it. Everything was so foggy in my mind.

I felt so dumb. It got even worse when I ate the second candied orange peel chocolate. Like the first one, it was very delicious, but now I could barely remember how to do basic tasks, like having a conversation with my master or doing my chores.

After begging for a while, I had finally convinced him to take me the way I wanted. The way he had cared for me the first time he entered my ass made me feel so loved. The pleasure level I got out of this experience was way higher than anything else I had tried before. Feeling him inside of me that way was beyond incredible, and it didn't take me long to have the orgasm of my lifetime. After being denied for many days despite all the hot sex we had, it was a great relief to know I had a way to cum again.

I wasn't the only one who liked it; my master said it was terrific too and wanted more of this new sex. With fresh semen still leaking out from my ass, he forced me to eat the second chocolate that had triggered my strong desire for anal sex in the first place. It was as tasty as the first one, but it made me lose control of this newer urge. Every day, I cleaned myself perfectly for my master, hoping that he would take me from behind, and I made sure to remind him that it was the only way I wanted to make love.

And that was why he was on my back right now, pumping his hard cock in and out of me, giving me that third anal orgasm of the day.

"Aaah! Mia! I'll have to keep you like this forever if you keep being this hot."

"I don't know, master. Can you keep doing this to me all day?"

"Haha. I'm having sex with you as much as I can. I'm not sure I'll survive the remaining three days."

"Ma... Master... I'm close again..."

"Again? Oh dear, I turned into such a nymphomaniac. When I reset you, you'll so murder me for having done this."

"I... I don't know... Aaah! AAaaanh! I'm... I'm cummiiing again!"

It was so amazing. His slippery cock effortlessly glided in and out of me as I was cumming, causing my anus spasm around it. That must have been good for him as well, because he came inside of me not long after. Knowing that I made this happen again made me feel very proud of myself; I was such a good maid.

"Okay! Okay, Mia! Calm down before you give me a heart attack. Come lay down next to me for a bit. I need a break."


I was a maid. I was supposed to clean up the house. As I turned around to lay down on top of my master's chest, I saw his erect cock, nicely coated with fresh semen and lubricant, so as a good maid, I decided to take care of that task first.

"Mia? What are you..."

"I will clean your dick, master."

"MIA, NO!"

Before he could stop me, I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it clean. I didn't know why he had screamed at me, but he didn't ask me to stop. I was so confused.

"Mia, you are sucking my dick after I gave you a nice ass pounding... Do you realize that?"

"I don't know..."

"Oh, boy. It's very hot, but when you remember this later, I'm a dead man."

"I don't know, Master. Aren't you happy? I just want to make you happy and be a good maid."

"Don't worry about that, Mia. Just... Don't worry about that. I love it and it's worth dying for."


I returned to my task and kept cleaning my master for the next little while as he petted my hair as an approbation sign.

The next couple of days were the best in my life. I couldn't do my chores anymore, as all my body parts were way too sensitively distracting. Thinking straight was impossible and constantly begging my master for anal sex was my only desire. I needed him more than ever since none of the new sex toys he gave me provided a similar pleasure level .

Today I ate the last small chocolate and fell deeply asleep as usual. I couldn't tell what had changed this time around, but when I woke up, I found my master fucking my ass again while tugging on my hair. Being his maid, this realization that I could now please my master even when I was asleep was very rewarding.

"Aaaah! Ma... master! It's so good! Don't... Don't stop!"

"Oh... you are already awake? Time flies when we have fun."

"... Aaaanh! Aaaah! Mmmm!"

After he finished using me, and while I was cleaning him with my mouth, he started talking about strange things.

"It's Christmas today, Mia. Do you know what it means?"

"I don't know, Master... Can you fuck me again? I'm turned on like crazy right now."

"Hehe. No, listen."

"Please, fuck me."

"Mia! Stop asking! We will have more fun a bit later, if I'm still alive. Anyway, since today is Christmas, it means you ate all your chocolates."

"No... I still want the big one. That's the one I crave since the beginning."

"Haha. That's right. At least you never forgot that part. You'll have it today. But it is a special day, and I have a big surprise for you."

"I don't want a surprise. Can we have sex instead?"

"You are super cutely dumb, Mia. But you'll do as I say, okay?"

"Yes, master."

After we rested for a little bit, my master made me strip naked, which didn't agree with what I desired.

"Master... I love latex. Please, I need to wear it."

"I said, wait. Put your uniform back on the bed. I have something new for you to wear."

"No, I need my latex uniform... It's very important."

"Stop it, Mia, or else I'll spank you again."

"Mmm, I love being spanked."

"I created a monster... Oh, here it is. There, it's one of your Christmas gifts."

My master stole my uniform from my hands and placed a heavy plastic package in my arms, puzzling me.

"Master, I cannot wear this, it's a package, and it is not made of latex."

"Well, genius. You have to open it first."

"I do?"

"Yes... your gift is inside."

"Oh... okay."

For a moment, I looked down at the package, but I couldn't find a good solution to open it, so I started chewing on the corner, which made my master react negatively.

"MIA! Don't do that! It's not food."

"But, my hands are busy holding the package. I don't know how to open it. It's too complicated."

"Remind me not to reduce your intelligence that much in the future. Put it on the bed, then use your hands."

"Oooh. Okay. That might work."

My master was so smart. I did what he said, and it was much easier. I managed to rip the package open and pull out its content. I almost came on the spot when a strong whiff of latex reached my nose.

"Ma... Master... this is latex! I love it so much! Thank you!"

"Mia, you didn't even look at what it was. Unfold it at least!"

"It's latex. I love it."

"Oh my God, Mia. You are going to drive me nuts. I can't wait for you to be back to normal."

My master patted me on the head and picked up my latex gift from the bed. When he unfolded it, I then understood what it was; a full-body catsuit made of shiny white latex. It had feet, hands, and hood attached.

"Do you like it? It's your special Christmas suit."

"Yes! It's latex, master. I really want it."

"Good! Glad to hear. Let's get you dressed up, and then we will do something special."

"Will we have special sex too?"

"Mia, your brain is so fried. It's very cute."

"I don't know, master. I just want to have sex."

When my legs entered the latex suit, it felt so amazing that I started playing with myself. Master had to continually fight me, saying that I had to wait, which was impossible.

The tight latex gripping my skin was even better than wearing my maid uniform; it was like being hugged by a thousand arms simultaneously. My fingers entered the gloves, and my master zipped up the suit after pulling it over my shoulders. Following that, he cuffed my hands behind my back; I loved it when my master tied me up, even if it didn't make sense right now.

But then, he said something very strange.

"Okay, I don't know if you'll understand this, but I need to remove your headband so I can pull the hood over your head. It will confuse you a little, but you have to let me put the headband back on your head, okay?"

"Master? I don't understand."

"Aaah, let's do this. Just don't move, Mia. Okay?"

His fingers reached my forehead, and he pulled a silver band off it. Immediately, a barrage of memories flooded my brain. Meanwhile, he hurried and pulled the latex hood over my head and began aligning the eye and mouth holes. As my intelligence gradually came back, I understood what was happening; he was encasing me in a white latex suit, something we had never discussed before.

"Brian? Hey! Wait, wait! What are you..."

"Oh, shoot. You are already back. Just give me a few more seconds here."

"No! Wait! Let's talk about this first! What are you doing to me?"

I tried to get free, but those cuffs wouldn't cooperate. As my confusing memories kept coming back, Brian saw that I was panicking a little. Usually, when he turned off the device, he gave me all the time I needed to regain my senses, but this time I was cuffed, and he was forcing me inside this new catsuit. Not wanting this to degenerate, Brian stopped what he was doing and gently grabbed my shoulders to look at me straight in the eyes.

"MIA! Mia! Calm down. You are safe. Okay? I'm doing this for you because I love you. This wasn't supposed to happen, but I forgot that I had to remove your headband so you can wear the new suit. Stay still, and trust me. We will have a good time this afternoon, and then I'll give you back your freedom. I promise."

He loved me? Well, I loved him too. The manly tone he had employed just now got to me. I was still confused, but I knew one thing; I trusted Brian.

"O... okay... master?"

"Hehe. Here, kiss me, then we can continue your little adventure."

After gently pressing his lips on mine, I stayed still for him so he could finish whatever he was doing to me. Now that my memories were back, I had a very good idea of how whorish I had been acting during the past two weeks, and very aware of all the perverted things I had asked him to do to me. My face burned with embarrassment when I remembered this little ass to mouth habit that I had recently acquired, but thankfully, my new latex hood hid my humiliation.

"Alright, done. You look so hot, Mia."

"You... you think so?"

"Absolutely. Now let me put that back on your head. I'll see you a bit later today, okay?"

"S... sure. I love you."

"I love you too."

He placed the SusceptGear back over my smooth latex head, and a fantastic feeling of relaxation calmed me down immediately. Quickly enough, I turned into this horny maid again.

"M... Master?"

"Yes? Are you dumb again?"

"I don't know... But... Can we have sex? It's been so long."

"Oof! My maid is back. And no, we had sex a mere thirty minutes ago. You'll have to wait a little longer. Alright, let me uncuff you, then we will go do something fun."

"Yes, master."

When he spun me around to reach my cuffs, I ended up facing a full-length mirror and saw what I had become. I had turned into this shiny white doll that didn't look like me. I was so used to seeing my tanned Latina skin and my maid uniform that this new white form felt like a major transformation.

"Aaah, you are looking at yourself, don't you? Do you like being a little rubber doll? I think you are super sexy. I'm honest here. It looks way more attractive than I expected."

"It's latex... I love it so much."

"Good. Now, follow me. We are going for a walk, and I have one last gift for you."

"Yes, master."

"Come on, Mia."

"But... it's snowing a lot."

"Yes, there is a good snowfall right now, but it's okay. It won't hurt you. Look, it's beautiful out here in the forest."

"All the trees are dead."

"Haha. No, they are just sleeping, like your brain."

"Are we on a different planet? It's so white everywhere."

"No, we are still on Earth, Mia. And yes, snow tends to be white."


Only wearing my winter boots and my full latex catsuit outside was a strange feeling. It was like being naked, but without suffering from the cold temperature. My master had asked me to follow him as he wanted to go for a walk in the snow. Something inside me kept warning me that I shouldn't do this, but I would follow him anywhere; I obeyed even if it felt a bit weird.

For a few minutes, we stayed on a path zigzagging between the trees, and I was already lost. I clung to my master's arm, not to lose him; I knew I was not smart enough to find my way back home if we were to get separated. With this heavy snow falling, we couldn't see very far either.

"Mia, your white catsuit in the snow looks super amazing. Are you sure you aren't cold? I brought your coat just in case I had been misinformed. I was told latex should keep you warm enough."

"If I stay with you, I'm always warm."

"Awww. Look at you, saying nice things by accident."

"I don't know, master. I'm just happy to be with you."

"You know that you gave me a run for my money during the past two weeks. I mean, our sex had never been this hot and dirty, but your low IQ and nymphomaniac habits were taxing."

"I don't know... Can we have sex now?"

"Haha. You really did turn into a needy sex doll. I'm starting to like this a bit too much."

"I just want to please you. Where are we going?"

"You'll see. It's not too far. It's something that I put a lot of effort into because I love you, and I hope you'll like it."

"It's getting dark. I'm scared of the lions."

"Hahaha! The lions? Mia, where does that even come from? There are no lions in North America... maybe some wolves, but no lions."

"Wolves then... they are like grey lions, right?"

"Exactly. Haha. They are Canadian grey lions."

"Yes master."

My master was so much more intelligent than me, and I wanted to stay with him forever, so he could keep teaching me useful things like this.

After a few more minutes of shuffling in the snow, we came to a small clearing where there was a structure entirely made of snow. I didn't know what it was, but my master seemed extremely excited to show it to me.

"Look, Mia! I built you a little snow palace. It's your Christmas gift."


"Don't sound so over-excited. I just spent the past two weeks building this ice hotel for you."

"I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong, master?"

"Haaa... At least tell me what you think of it."

"It's big... and it looks cold. And... OH! MASTER!"

"... Uh? Why are you screaming all of a sudden?"

"OVER THERE! THE SQUIRRELS! I must feed them!"

"... Ah... I forgot about her Queen of the squirrel mode. She won't listen to anything I say now. Ah well... It's part of the game, I guess. Here Mia. I brought the peanut bag for you. Go have fun with your friends. Might be a good time for some cute pictures of you anyway."

"HURRY! They will starve! I must feed my children."

"Yeah, yeah. Calm down."

I snatched the peanuts bag from his hand and ran toward where I saw the squirrels last. I dropped to my knees in the deep snow, which buried me up to my waist, and I tossed a few peanuts towards the trees and waited patiently.

Like last time, nothing else mattered. My lingering arousal, my desire to be with my master; they had faded. I had to fulfill my role and save the squirrels.

After a little while, they finally came back and began eating the peanuts. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. They were so cute and fuzzy. There were only two at first, but three more joined them shortly after. They gradually came closer and closer until they were comfortable enough to pick the delicious treats directly from my rubber-covered fingers.

It was very comfortable to sit in the snow like this while only wearing this suit, but I started shivering a little; that was when my master came back to check on me.

"Come on, Mia, that's enough for now. You are getting cold. If you feed them too much, they will all suffer from high blood pressure. I took some videos of you feeding them that I will show you later. Your white latex body in the snow looks so amazing."

"But, the small one wants more."

"Are you kidding me!? He is having a seizure right now because he overate. Come on, follow your master. I want to show you something nice and give you one last present."

"Yes, master."

He grabbed my arm and helped me up. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around his warm body. We headed toward the snow house as the sun disappeared through the ocean of trees. When we crawled inside, it was almost pitch back as there were no windows

"One sec Mia, don't move. I'm going to light the candles."

One after the other, my master lit a few candle clusters here and there in the big room, revealing the mysterious environment. It was very pretty. A big bed made of snow was in the middle of the place, and some think furs covered it. He gently held my hand and guided me to it.

"Can we have sex now?"

"Mia, your maid character is the most unromantic person I know. Alright, let's break your curse so we can enjoy this moment a bit more. Look at what I brought for you."

"Ooooh. My chocolate box! The big chocolate is still in there."

"That right, Mia. Do you still want it?"

"Can... can I?"

"Yes, you can. This one is pure dark chocolate. You'll love it."

"I love you, master. But I like chocolate more."

"Oh, that's nice. Hehe. I'll remember that for next year."

I pinched the big piece of chocolate, and I bit one of the corners. Right away, it melted inside my mouth, releasing an incredible flavor.

"Mmmm! Itsh sho good!"

"I'm sure it is... close your mouth when you eat."

"Can hi heat more of hit?"

"Yes, yes... Eat all of it. I hope it's going to work because I don't want to see you masticating like that anymore. Close your mouth, I said."

"Oshay... but hafter thish, can we hage shex?"

"Mia! Stop talking! I don't need to see this!"

"Oshay, mashter."

Master placed his hand in front of my mouth as I was enjoying my big chocolate. Little by little, I finished it all, but toward the end, something different happened. Something much different.

My arousal level had diminished, my foggy mind slowly returned to normal, and my memories of the past two weeks gradually came back. After some time, I realized that I was no longer under the control of the SusceptGear, and I was inside some sort of small romantic room entirely made of snow. A layer of glossy white latex covered me from head to toe, and Brian was sitting next to me on the fur-covered bed, more than likely wondering if I had recovered all my senses.

"... Brian?"


"... RAWR!"

My first reaction was to attack him like a wild creature. I pushed him to his back and sat on his hips, my two hands pushing on his chest.

"I remember EVERYTHING!"

"I knew it... You are going to murder me! Goodbye, cruel world."

"Nonsense! What is this place?"

"Your real Christmas gift. A little ice hotel just for the two of us in the middle of the forest."

I looked around me, and a billion tiny ice crystals reflected the light of the dancing flames, making them shine like a clear night sky. The bed we were sitting on felt warm and cozy when I ran my fingers through the long fur. It was beautiful. I couldn't believe that he went through all the trouble to build this just for me.

"I love it!"

"You... you do?"

"Yes. You told me about those ice hotels before, and I thought it was insane, but this is beautiful."

"I thought it was worth a try. And... did you... have fun?"

"Brian... It was amazing!"


"Yes. And I don't want to talk about it right now. Instead, I want you to make me happy."

Now that I remembered everything and that he made me go through some intense experiences, I also remembered that he had to endure how stupid and annoying I had been for the past two weeks. He had his share of fun, for sure, but more than ever, he deserved a nice reward for finally giving me what I had asked for so long.

I laid down on my back and slowly unzipped my crotch zipper while staring at him in a way to communicate my lust.

"Don't you want to play with me, Brian?"

"Always. Do you want to play with me, Mia?"

"Yes, master."

"Hehe. Silly."

After taking his clothes off, he climbed on top of me, pinning me down on the soft fur, and we started to make out. Even if made of snow, this room was warm enough, or perhaps it was because I wore this nice and tight latex outfit.

When his cock entered me, it was a very healthy level of pleasure compared to what Mia the maid had endured. As hot as it had been, it wasn't real; this was. For a long while, and making sure to take it slow to extend our fun, Brian moved in and out of me as I tightly wrapped my rubber legs and arms around him to get more of his presence, of his love. To avoid cumming, he took a break and slid down to lick me for a while.

It was fun and romantic to alternate between those different positions, but I grew suspicious after a while because I wasn't getting anywhere near the edge.

"Brian... Are you sure the last chocolate reset everything? It is enjoyable, but..."

"Hehe... You finally noticed?"


"Most of your conditioning was temporary, but there are some permanent ones that will stay until we fully reset you."

"Are you saying that... I can't cum?"

"Oh, no. I wouldn't do that to you. There is a way for you to cum..."

"What way? What have you done to me?"

I punched him in the chest playfully. What kind of twisted boyfriend was this?

"Ow... Haha! Well, It's something Mia the maid loved. I'm sure you remember."


Once more, my latex hood hid my extreme embarrassment. Now that Brian had said that, I knew exactly what he had referred to. I had been an anal whore for the past few days. As much as I wanted to murder him for what he was doing to me, all the memories related to this adventurous sex were still very present in my mind.

Anal sex had this little degrading side to it, at least that was how I perceived it, but I had to admit that I didn't dislike this feeling. Brian had added this extra twist to our evening because he loved me and wanted me to have a good time. He was doing this for me as much as he was doing it for himself, but I knew that if I were to tell him no, he would not be offended and would do what was necessary to lift this anal sex curse. It was up to me to decide how comfortable I was with this opportunity.

"Alright, mister. I hope you brought the lube because I will give you the night of your life."

"I brought a lot more than that. I have a bottle of champagne, a nice meal for two, and all my love for my new rubber sex doll."

"Sex doll, uh? You are aware that sex dolls never get satisfied, right?"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Yes. You have a golden opportunity to make me like winter some more."

We kissed each other tenderly, confirming that we were on the same page; those were perfect Christmas kisses. This night will be magnificent. This night will be our winter night.

"I love you, Mia."

"I love you, Brian."

"Oh... And you know what, Mia?"


"Let's never make you THIS dumb ever again! I swear, I won't be able to take it!"

"Hahaha! Well, maybe I can act like a dumb sex doll just for you tonight."

"Aaaah! Noooo! Don't do it, or else I'll leave you behind to be eaten by your grey lions!"

"Hahaha! Rawr! Grey lions!"


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