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A Wish Comes True

by Robotunit8

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© Copyright 2018 - Robotunit8 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F+/f; birthday; gift; treat; transform; bodymod; breast; mind-control; tubes; program; robot; contract; servant; transport; desire; lesbian; sex; climax; cons; X

(Having read 'Be careful what you wish for' this morning and loved the concept I decided to write along similar lines, only with a happy ending for the lady concerned. A very slight resemblance to the Cinderella storyline isnt entirely coincidental!)

Stephanie woke up and pushed the sleep from her eyes, and sitting up in her bed tried to push her mousey brown hair into a reasonable state of respectability. Putting her glasses on and peering at the mirror did little to bring a smile to her face, even though it was her 18th Birthday. A plain face looked back at her which though not ugly, would certainly never be described as pretty, let alone beautiful. Unlike her 2 older sisters, Lorna and Emily who were not only lucky enough to have long, well kept golden blonde locks, they were also absolute stunners who were magnets to the guys, and as if this wasn't enough, they both had large, full breasts while poor Stephanie could just about manage 2 'fried eggs' on her chest. She wasn't really jealous of them, but did despair of why they seemingly had everything, while she seemingly had nothing. What she didn't know about was the very special 18th birthday present that awaited her.

She heard a knock on her bedroom door, and she opened it. Her mother and 2 sisters were waiting outside for her with a mug of coffee and some presents and cards for her.

"We thought this was the one day that Stephanie deserved her coffee in bed, rather than making ours as she normally does. Happy birthday darling." her mother said planting a kiss on her cheek.

Yes, happy birthday sis." said Lorna and Emily, both giving her a big hug," The biggest day of your life so far, hope you enjoy it. At least you havent got to go to work today."

Stephanie blushed," I don't ever mind making the morning coffee for you all, I am the early bird of the family after all. Yes, it was nice of Mr Long to give me the day off work, wasn't it?"

"Aren't you going to open your presents then, Steph? There's something 'special' there for you now you are old enough!" giggled Emily.

Stephanie smiled shyly, and giggled at the shape of one of Emily's presents, she may have been shy and slightly innocent, but even she could tell what the 'special' present was from its shape! She'd seen a vibrator before, but never used one, though her friend Kate had told her the 'effect' was quite nice! Her mother had bought her a beautiful blue dress, her coming of age outfit as she called it, and Stephanie thought it was beautiful, though she did think if she had a 'little cleavage' it would have enhanced the look. It almost seemed to glisten as the sunlight shone through her window. Her sisters bought her some lovely things as well, as well as the 'fun' items including the vibrator, Stephanie giggled at the thought of using it later.

The rest of the family then said they would leave Stephanie 'in peace' until breakfast time, telling her that she was to leave it entirely up to them that day, and as Emily left the room she grinned at Stephanie and said," Don't forget to clean up if you use your 'special gift' before breakfast!" and both girls giggled at the thought. Stephanie picked the vibrator up and looked at it, it wasn't silver, metallic and smooth like the one Kate had secretly bought, this vibe was a bright blue with little ridges and bumps all along it. It was also much softer and more flexible than Kates vibe, and she wondered what it would feel like inside her. Stephanie studied it closely, she couldn't see any batteries provided, or how you put them in the vibe, nor how to switch it on, and as she giggled to herself, 'switch herself on!'.

"I guess I'll have to ask Emily how it works," she blushed and giggled," No harm in seeing what it feels like though I guess, with those funny bumps and ridges."

She attempted to lube up the vibrator with a little of her own saliva, but it seemed damp to her feel anyway. She lifted up her nightdress and placed the vibe on her pussy lips, moaning slightly as she did so as the ridges and bumps aroused her clit just with the feel of it. She knew she just had to take the next step and feel what it was like inside her, even if she couldn't get it to work. However as she began to work it inside her she felt a gentle throbbing as the vibe burst into life. To her surprise it slid quite easily all the way inside her with the intensity of the stimulation growing all the time. Within moments the vibe was deep inside her, throbbing away strongly and Stephanie began to moan and purr quite loudly with the effect.

If she had been aware of this, she may have worried about others hearing her passionate moans but within a minute or 2 she was in a world of her own, known as deepest pleasure and incapable of worrying about anything. For the next 30 minutes or so Stephanie rode wave upon wave of orgasm without actually breaking the dam holding back her juices. She certainly never saw the old lady arrive in her room, smiling at the sight of sweet young Stephanie enjoying so much pleasure. Eventually the old lady nodded in Stephanie's direction, the vibrator seemed to turn up one more notch and Stephanie exploded in a massive climax, her juices driven from her body in great quantities, and Stephanie overwhelmed by the pleasure overload she was experiencing.

Stephanie's hand let go of the vibe, exhausted by what had happened to her and it gently slid out from within her, and she fell asleep on the bed. The old lady gently cleaned Stephanie, smiled at her and said," My dear, you have begun to reap the reward for all your goodness, believe me this is one birthday you will never forget.", and she disappeared as mysteriously as she had arrived.

The next thing Stephanie knew was when Lorna came and called her for breakfast shortly afterwards. Though minutes earlier she had been totally worn out by orgasmic bliss, when Lorna called at her door she woke instantly and felt as fresh as a daisy. She vaguely remembered trying her vibe out, but she was as dry as a bone, and the vibe was where she had left it when she unwrapped it, she thought it must all have been an erotic dream. She pulled on some clothes and went downstairs for breakfast, and a treat awaited her. Normally she was first up and got breakfast for everyone, but today everything had been prepared just for her. There was even the most gorgeous birthday cake on the table in the shape of a mermaid, one of her favourite mythical creatures.

Her mother smiled as she saw Stephanies eyes light up at the sight," You do so much around the house that you deserved this today. Mrs Knowles and Mrs Harris provided the birthday cake for all you do for them as well, but we will save that for teatime. There are a lot of people around here who appreciate what you do Stephanie, though you may never realise it."

Stephanie blushed at the thought, she was simply a good hearted girl who liked to help whenever she could, regardless of any reward for herself. She only wished for happiness in peoples life, and hoped one day she would have the same. After breakfast her 2 sisters departed for work, while her mother bustled round the house for Stephanie's party that evening. Stephanie wasn't really worried about a celebration, but her mother insisted that her coming of age was important and should be celebrated. Stephanie was shooed off to her room for a few hours, so she switched on her computer and enjoyed herself looking at sites that interested her. She particularly enjoyed the mind control stories site, and more than once had brought herself off imagining herself being a mind controlled being of some kind.

She found herself engrossed in a story where the heroine was turned into a robot, living happily as a controlled machine, and she wished that that could be her. She never noticed a presence in her room until she had finished reading, then she looked round nervously in case her mother had found her reading such 'strange' stories. It wasn't her mother, it was the old lady who had been in the room earlier that was standing behind her smiling.

"Who are you?" she asked nervously.

The old lady laughed," If I told you, you wouldn't believe me!"

Stephanie giggled nervously," Did Mum send you up because you need me to run an errand for you, if so you only have to ask and I will happily do it."

"No Stephanie, in fact I've been sent to reward you for all the errands and duties you've done over your teenage years.", the old lady said," Call me your fairy godmother if you like!"

"Thats only in stories!" Stephanie said back to her," Not in real life, and certainly not for someone like me."

"Oh its true Stephanie, its just that very few people are rewarded with a visit from us because only exceptional behaviour warrants this happening. You know that special moment earlier with that," and she pointed at the vibrator and Stephanie nodded," that was a reward for you, the climaxes you experienced would normally kill a human, they were so powerful and numerous, but you coped easily. Why, because we prepared your body to do so as a reward."

"I did wonder if that was a dream!", blushed Stephanie," Because there was no sign of release when I woke."

"They were real Stephanie, and I cleaned you myself afterwards to leave no trace.", the old lady said," And that was only for starters!"

"Starters, so what happens now?" Stephanie asked amazed.

"We have been studying your thoughts for some months now, in preparation for today to see what your rewards could be. We know you would like to be as pretty and as full figured as your sisters, and that we can understand. We can also understand your desire to find a loving boyfriend." and at this moment Stephanie blushed quite red."The one desire we find harder to understand is your desire to be a controlled being, especially a robot!"

Stephanie looked shyly at her," Yes I'd love to be a robot, obedient to my Master in all ways possible. I just love being helpful to people, and following requests, so to me being transformed into a robot would simply be the ultimate step. I wouldn't mind being a controlled human being, but a robot is just such an exciting concept. It would be nice to be a well looked after and loved robot though!"

The old lady smiled," Naturally my dear we would ensure that was the case whoever we let control you. There is no problem with transforming your looks and figure, and ensuring that people don't notice the differences in you. But to turn you into a robot. . . . . . . . . !"

Stephanie looked at her and asked," Why, what are the problems?"

The old lady kissed her tenderly on the cheek," The main one is that a robot needs to be kept charged at regular intervals, and therefore we would have to provide you with a power base, that's not impossible however. The challenge is the levels of control we set for you, that you will be obedient enough to obey commands, but at the same time give you enough free will so that you will not be used by the wrong people. I think I need a little time to work on that one."

She looked at Stephanie and asked," Does it have to be a Master, would a Mistress suit you?"

Stephanie smiled," I don't see why it shouldn't be," then added blushing," I've never understood my sexuality, I've fancied both boys and girls anyway, but just tried to fit the image given for women."

"I wouldn't worry Stephanie, it simply means you are bisexual, the best of both worlds." the old lady said and Stephanie grinned," Have you ever. . . . . . . . . ?"

"With a girl? No." said Stephanie," well not as yet! Though I do like Kate I must admit. But she likes boys only."

"Then maybe you should try!" the lady said gently to her," And enjoy a little mind control at the same time."

"That sounds fun."said Stephanie happily.

"Look deep into my eyes Stephanie, and relax then."

Stephanie looked deep into her eyes, and suddenly the ladies eyes transformed into silver and black swirls moving gently in front of Stephanie's eyes. She felt her eyelids growing heavier and heavier and begin to close tight. The next thing Stephanie knew was hearing her voice talking to her inside her head telling her to remove all her clothes and lay on the bed, Stephanie obediently did so and lay on the bed naked, her chest barely moving, just the smallest of movements as she breathed peacefully in and out.

The old lady smiled and said to herself," Now to make a few adjustments to enhance the moment for her", and placed her hands on Stephanie's tiny breasts, and sunk her fingernails into her nipples. Stephanie gasped with pleasure, but no blood poured out even though her nails had gone in a good 2 inches. She seemed to move her nails within the nipples before taking them out again. She then did the same with her clit, pussy lips and her perfectly formed mouth before standing back to admire her work.

Stephanie's nipples and clit stood proudly awaiting some attention, and they soon received it. The lady looked at herself, smiled and then in a sudden transformation, a naked vision of Kate stood in front of Stephanie licking her lips.

"Stephanie, look who is here to see you." she said, and Stephanie opened her entranced eyes to see Kate's naked form about to attack her open and very willing body. Stephanie gasped with pleasure, and the old lady was delighted to see her pussy dampening with anticipation. Kate attacked Stephanie's throat with vigour, long passionate kisses having the young girl gasping with delight, and at the same time teasing her nipples to stand firmer by the moment. She then worked her way down her body planting kisses all the way down till she reached that warm and damp hole. For the next 10 minutes or so (though to Stephanie it felt like an eternity) Kate made a meal of that damp slit while kneading her clit and tiny breasts to an ever higher state of arousal. Eventually the dam began to break and the lady could feel Stephanie's hips bucking in preparation for the big moment, she took one big nip on Stephanie's clit, and was rewarded by a big gasp of pleasure and a faceful of Stephanie's juices. She didn't stop however and moments later Stephanie erupted in a second and third powerful orgasm, after which she stopped and licked her clean. Stephanie just lay panting on the bed in delighted exhaustion.

When Stephanie finally recovered and opened her eyes, she saw only the lady standing in front of her again, and gasped in amazement," You mean. . . . . . . . . . ?"

"Yes Stephanie it was me all the time, I simply took control of your mind so that you saw Kate making love to you. She was never here, other than in your subconcious mind." she replied.

"And you could. . . . . . . . . ?"

"Appear as a man and make love to you as well, yes I could Stephanie. I haven't disconnected the thought link between us, you don't truly need to speak unless you want to.", and after a few moments added," And I have the power to make both permanent, if you wished me to." and Stephanie gasped at the thought.

"So you could make me be your robot slave then?" Stephanie asked her.

"I could turn you into an obedient robot properly if I placed you in our transformation chamber," she smiled," but here I can only do physical changes, and take you under my control temporarily. To complete the journey requires you travelling with me to my world, though you could return afterwards. . . . . . . . . . if you wished to!"

Stephanie giggled," Surely if you turn me into your obedient robot, I wouldn't be able to choose whether to return."

The old lady smiled," You would be free to choose Stephanie, though of course you would have to decide before full transformation took place as we would need to programme you according to where you would be living. If you were to return here you would need the 'interactive thought system' so that humans wouldn't notice your change for your time on Earth, but if you remain in our world then free thought would be unnecessary as you say."

"For my time on Earth?" Stephanie enquired.

"Yes my dear, a well maintained robot will last for many hundreds of years, if not longer, and at the end of your natural life on Earth, you would come to our world, be made young again and serve us for as long as you functioned. And believe me Stephanie, if you do decide to become a robot you will be very well cared for and maintained by us. Of course you could simply decide to have the physical changes made permanent and not even become a robot!"

"Unlikely, but possible I guess." said Stephanie grinning at the thought. "Physical changes?"

"Yes, we know you would love to be as pretty as your sisters," and Stephanie blushed again," and we are able to 'customise' your look as you wish. Let me show you.", and Stephanie nodded.

"I will delve into your thoughts, and see what you desire."

Stephanie felt a pleasurable tingling deep in her mind as the lady again took control of her thoughts and recreated the image Stephanie wanted for herself. She gasped as her scalp tingled greatly, and her short mousey brown hair was replaced by beautiful golden blonde tresses which rested on her back, just below her shoulders. She then felt a weight growing in her chest, and she looked down in amazement as with every breath she took, her breasts expanded gently but steadily until they sat proudly on her chest, her nipples growing in size to keep them in perfect proportion. By the time they stopped growing her previously 34A chest was a full 38D, but ripe and firm.

"There, how is that for starters?" the lady asked her.

"Wonderful," smiled Stephanie," I think I need some new bras though!", and added giggling, "didn't know I wanted to be quite that big, but I guess I must have done!"

"You asked for C cups Stephanie, but I decided to give you a little extra! I can always reduce them a little if you prefer, until full transformation is finalised I can change things, but after that you will stay that way. And if you look in your drawer you will find that you don't need to go shopping for new bras. . . . . . . . !"

Stephanie peered into the drawer where she kept all her bras to find a collection now suitable for her new, much fuller figure and gasped.

"As I said my dear, everything in life is adjusted to suit the new you, your clothing, your image and everyone that knows you will not remember the old Stephanie, only the new improved you. Even your passport picture will change at the time of transformation, if you have it carried out of course.", the old lady added smiling," And now for a few final touches before you decide whether you want your new image, or the old one back, now let me see. . . . . . ," and again she delved into Stephanie's mind.

Stephanie could now see herself in the mirror, and gasped as her complexion lightened to fit in with her now natural blonde tresses, and her dull brown eyes suddenly became twinkling blue jewels. She saw her jawline soften, and her face change to a point where she would certainly describe herself as pretty, which suited her fine to be honest. She could even feel her rear tightening until her 2 buttocks were of a very sexy form and tightness. She laughed as her pubic hair first disappeared completely, then returned neatly trimmed and blonde.

"Of course," the lady smiled and said," a robot shouldn't have hair down there, it should be shiny and smooth, but that's what you seemed to wish for."

"You're right of course.", said Stephanie blushing, "But I couldn't help thinking it was nice to show I was a natural blonde I suppose. If it should be removed though. . . . . . . . ?"

"That's your choice my dear," the lady said, Stephanie nodded, and lo and behold she was smooth and hairless down below again. "What do you think of your new image by the way?"

"I'm lost for words," said Stephanie, slightly stunned by the new vision in the mirror," I can't believe I look this beautiful at present."

"My dear, I could have made you far more beautiful than this, but I carried out your wishes. I could have made you look like this. . . . . . . . . . . ," and Stephanie gasped as she saw herself become the most beautiful woman she'd seen in her life, . . . . "if you'd asked me to, and can still do so if you wish it."

Stephanie thought and said, "No, as I was is nicer, at least then anybody who claims to love me won't just necessarily be doing it for my looks, though this is amazing I must admit. Me, this stunning I just can't believe what you have done for me." and she ran across and gave the lady a big hug and kiss in gratitude. When she broke free of Stephanie's huge embrace she changed her back as she was before.

"Now my dear, you have to make the decision, if you wish this to become permanent then you must trust me and take my hand, and travel to my home world and have the transformation made permanent. You must also decide if you wish your new body to be of a human design, or something more 'exciting'! Or I can simply change you back to the old you, and you remain safely on Earth if you prefer. Just realise one thing, if you travel to my planet your weak, by our standards, human mind will be able to be controlled by everyone on our planet if they so wished, so you have to trust us. What is your decision?"

"But I have a party this evening, will I be back in time, especially if I need to be transformed into a robot?"

"My dear, though to you this may have seemed like hours we have been talking, in human times mere moments have passed. It would be possible to fully transform and robotise you on our planet, a process that takes 72 hours of our time, but will be less than 2 hours of yours. Even with the full robotising and neural reprogramming you will easily return in time for the party you deserve. Your decision then my dear?"

Stephanie looked at herself, smiled at the old lady and said, "I am ready to place my mind and body in your tender hands, I feel so safe with you."

The old lady held out her hands and Stephanie took hold of them, she felt everything grow dark and distant, and her thoughts gently washed away to nothingness. A mysterious hand turned off her computer, and sealed the door so no one would find her gone. Downstairs her mother decided that Stephanie should be left in peace till the time of the party, though whether the thoughts were truly her own. . . . . . . . . ?!

Chapter 2

Steadily Stephanie's thoughts returned to her head, and just for a moment she wondered if it had all been a lovely dream. The instant she opened her eyes however, she knew it was all real. She was stood in the most beautiful scenery she had seen in her life, acres of greenery with wondrous mountains in the far distance. Within these lush acres stood a handful of buildings, the like of which she had never seen before, and there in front of her stood the old lady smiling. Stephanie cast a quick glance at herself, concerned she may still have been as naked as when she left home, but she was dressed in a silver hooded track suit type outfit which while 'covering her modesty' was of a soft and sexy material that still showed off her new figure beautifully. Stephanie giggled inwardly at the thought it was the perfect outfit for a robot.

"Yes my dear, it would be perfect for a robot, that's why I dressed you in it.", the old lady said, "It would soon become more than just clothing if you wished it to be."

"You mean. . . . . . . . . . ?" asked Stephanie.

"It's a very special metal fabric, soft to the touch, but at the same time very strong, and when melded into your flesh it would form the endo skeleton for your new robotic body. The face mask which I have here," and she showed Stephanie a hood made of the same material, "would complete the outfit, but I thought it was best to leave that off until we arrived here and I explained things to you."

"May I try it without. . . . . . . . ?"

". . . . . . . . Being turned into a robot, of course my dear, Indeed until you give us permission to do so nothing permanent will happen to your human body in the slightest. Though as you will find out shortly the bodysuit is already recording and transmitting data about you to our main transformation units.", and she handed Stephanie the hood, "Just put it on over the hood of the suit and be ready for a fascinating sight."

Stephanie took off her glasses and pulled the hood over her head, and gasped at the results. Previously without her glasses she could barely have seen 6 feet in front of her in clear focus, and now she could literally see for miles. She noticed her breathing getting softer and slower until she was barely breathing at all, she began to panic at this but the old lady took control and stopped her worrying.

"Don't worry Stephanie, all that's simply happening is its initialising to your body, and as a robot has perfect vision and high thought rates, its adjusting them accordingly while you are wearing it. And of course a robot has no need to breathe, though of course should you return to Earth as a robot we will give you the illusion of normal breathing patterns for your safety. The complete suit you are now wearing lets you know what life as a robot would be like, before you decide whether to make it permanent or not."

"Without the mind being controlled!" giggled Stephanie.

The lady laughed, "Well the suit could do that as well, but I left that switched off so that you knew it was your decision. However if you wish me to, temporarily of course?" and Stephanie nodded happily.

At first Stephanie noticed nothing, but this was only because of the telepathic delay in switching the mind control unit on. Then Stephanie felt all her thoughts floating away and replaced by commands she could easily carry out. She saw her body walking around, her arms and legs moving while she was unable to control them in any way. Then Stephanie gasped hungrily as she walked across to the old lady, lowered her trousers and panties and began softly lapping at the damp clit directly in her vision. The lady groaned happily as Stephanie worked effortlessly at her clit and slit, her long tongue plunging deep into that willing hole. She slid her hands inside her top and worked on her breasts and nipples, and combined with Stephanie's other efforts she soon found herself ready to explode in orgasm. She let out a moan of pleasure and her juices slid over Stephanie's face. At this moment Stephanie stopped, stood up and took 2 steps back.

As the lady recovered from her pleasurable experience, and Stephanie stood blankly to attention, 2 other women walked over from the direction of the buildings and joined them, "Sorry Sue, but we couldn't resist overriding her programming slightly to give you a little surprise!", they said laughing, "I would have to say the new mind control units work perfectly judging by that little show. Maybe we should 'release' her now, though judging by the smile on her face she's enjoying every moment of it!"

Sue turned to them and grinned, "Emma, Lucy, I knew I hadn't programmed her for that, but thought it was more likely a thought override than a fault with the system somehow. Does the body suit assimilation programme work as well?"

"Like a dream!", grinned Emma, "All the necessary human data to make her identical to the original Stephanie has been downloaded. All it simply needs is for the robotic enhancements to be finalised, and of course the neural re-programming."

"I'll release her now." said Lucy, and pressed a button on a box she carried with her, Stephanie's blue eyes blinked and a grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat crossed her face.

"Wow!", she said, "That was absolutely fantastic, I knew everything that was happening but had no control over it, absolutely divine."

"So that's how you would like to be as a robot then Stephanie, aware of everything but totally under someone's control?" asked Emma.

"Oh yes please, but I'm told by this lady that that can't happen if I wish to return to Earth for my own safety." said Stephanie.

"I'm afraid that's right Stephanie as Sue has told you, total obedience there to all commands would be far too dangerous for a sweet thing like you. However for your time here it's a state of control you could easily be kept under. If you would like to come with us we will explain everything and then you can decide what happens to you." Emma said.

"Can I be. . . . . . . . . controlled again till we get there please?" Stephanie asked blushing slightly.

"Of course." said Lucy smiling at her and pressed a button on the control unit. Stephanie's bright blue eyes dulled slightly again as the control unit overwhelmed her mind and she obediently followed the 3 ladies over to, and then inside one of the buildings. They even 'commanded' her to sit before 'switching Stephanie on' again. Again a big smile crossed her face as her thoughts came rushing back into her head.

They explained to Stephanie all the processes she could choose to undergo, both if she chose to stay human, and the additional ones if she selected a new robot body. First she would be permitted to select how she would look in the future, but that she had to be happy with that image because it would then become permanent once she had been through the transformation chamber. They explained also to her that all records of her life would be transferred to fit in with her new image, and that all her clothing would be refitted automatically as well.

"I noticed that with my bras at home!" she interrupted with a giggle.

They continued by explaining that it was possible to adjust her nature in nice ways, to give her more confidence in herself if she so desired, or to change her sexuality if she wished, though as they pointed out as Stephanie was clearly bisexual already she had the best of both worlds on that front now! She was told that her current image was nothing more than an image, and if she didn't make it permanent she would return to her old form either within 24 human hours, or on return to Earth whichever was first to occur. She was told this work would be carried out first, and then she could decide whether to remain in human form, or become as one with her special robot skin, and have the 'internal adjustments' carried out as well.

"Internal adjustments?" she asked getting excited at the thought of becoming a robot.

Sue spoke out, "Yes Stephanie, obviously internally a robot wouldn't be flesh and blood, but circuitry, wiring and chips to help her function, and that is how you would be recreated. Apart from the illusion of breathing on Earth, you wouldn't need heart, lungs or anything else like that. We would give you a feeding and drinking system though again it would only be an 'image thing', once robotised you would technically never need to eat or drink again, but that's hardly practical for a normal human lifestyle. Your mind would also be 'circuitised', you would be the same Stephanie as before, only with a memory and thought capacity way beyond human comprehension, and any programmes could simply be upgraded by us as and when necessary. If you return to Earth you will have to be able to 'think' for yourself to some degree without total obedience to all, but if you stayed here the level of free thought you could have would be as much, or indeed as little as you wished, right down to the nil you experienced earlier."

"And it was lovely." smiled Stephanie remembering, "How would my robotisation be carried out?"

Sue smiled, "Yes Stephanie, we are reading your thoughts! The 'normal' process would be to seal you into the suit you are currently wearing, stand you in the transformation chamber and then your flesh and the suit would become as one. From there over 2 or 3 days the suit would internally mutate your body into that of a robot. At the same time the hood would adapt your mind in the same manner. At the end of 72 hours or so of our time you would be a fully functional robot and ready to return home for your party. However we are currently working on something that will fully carry out the process, while allowing you to live out your fantasy. But in the meanwhile, we need to select your new human shape and look and transform both you and all details about you."

Stephanie blushed, she'd always dreamed that her robotisation would be like in the stories she read, heavily restrained, probes, pads and electrodes all over her body and a helmet pulsing away over her head wiping away all previous thoughts and replacing them with total obedience to her new controllers, then clearing away her dreams she said, "To be honest I think my current look is just perfect, very pretty in my eyes without being a stunner and a nice curvy figure with a beautiful pair of breasts. I don't think I'd want to change a thing! I think I'm ready."

Sue smiled, she had read Stephanie's thoughts well and given her the body she had so desired, "In that case my dear, you need to remove that silver body suit and hood and I will prepare you for transformation to make this look your new one forever."

Stephanie reluctantly removed her silver body suit, she did so like the effect it had on her, but obediently did as she was told. She looked down at her big beautiful breasts that now sat proudly on her chest, and felt her golden blonde locks resting gently on her shoulders and smiled. She followed Sue through to the next room where a number of clear chambers stood around the wall, and Sue directed her to go and stand in one, and she did so eagerly. Instantly she was in there the panel she had entered through vanished leaving her sealed tightly inside. After a few moments she felt something trickling down her body, and then the trickle grew more intense, Stephanie thought she had been put in the shower by mistake! The fluid was wonderfully warm and Stephanie felt the need to wash herself in it, only to realise that her whole body was being covered in this fluid anyway, the effect was that of a new clear skin forming over the top of her flesh. Then to her surprise a thick pink mist seemed to rise from the floor slowly, and as it rose up her body so each part of her seemed to tingle deliciously, when it reached her pussy she felt like slipping her fingers inside but stood as still as a statue as she had been requested to. It curved over her tummy, and she thought, 'whats it going to be like on my breasts then?' just as the mist reached that point she gasped and moaned in pleasure. She then started breathing it in, and her mind gently lost focus. By the time it reached her eyes and her vision faded she was no longer concerned about anything.

Sue stood and smiled as the last of Stephanie's blonde tresses disappeared from view, and she left the room knowing she was safe for the next 2 hours or so. Stephanie stood frozen in position in this warm soothing pink mist, the thick fluid mingling with her body cells and changing them to her new form on a permanent basis. All this time Stephanie felt nothing, though her thoughts were being gently changed so that after this day she would no longer remember ever looking any different to how she would leave the tube. Meanwhile Sue sat down at a computer, and back on Earth mysteriously all data stored on Stephanie was changed to match her new image, and all her clothes reshaped, to fit her new far more curvy form. Of course this included the memories of all that knew Stephanie as well, especially her family! When this work was completed she went to check on Stephanie, and she saw the mist had completed its work and was starting to clear, she could already see Stephanie's feet and ankles and within a short time more and more of her began to appear. Eventually her head began to appear out of the mist, and Sue could tell the moment it had cleared her lungs, as her new breasts positively heaved at first as she began to breathe in air again. Within moments her bright crystal-blue eyes were twinkling again as she saw Sue smiling at her, and then she felt a much softer fluid run over her body, and then rinse away, though she was amazed to be bone dry instantly afterwards. Finally the panel opened and Stephanie stepped out, and Sue offered her a mirror to look at herself and Stephanie gasped in delight.

"You like what you see?", she asked Stephanie.

"Oh yes!" gasped Stephanie, "Its truly amazing. I just can't believe I look like . . . . . . . . this! I feel like a princess," and then added giggling, "a naked princess at present mind!"

"It's for real Stephanie, a special reward for all you have done in your life.", and at that moment Stephanie rushed across and hugged her, Sue managing to resist the sweet aroma that Stephanie's aroused body was sending out in her excitement. "Would you like to put this dress on for now, we are doing something with your special body suit, 'just in case' we need it later for something!"

Stephanie gasped, the dress was beautiful, almost ballgown like and showed off her new cleavage superbly, she felt like a million dollars when she was wearing it. She slipped on a pair of panties underneath and then walked proudly alongside Sue to rejoin the others, just loving the feeling of her new breasts sitting proudly on her chest, moving gently as she walked. Emma and Lucy smiled as she walked in, they could see how thrilled Stephanie was, and they were just so pleased for her.

Emma was the first to speak, "Now Stephanie, you have a very big decision to make, and one we cannot influence you in. You can return to Earth like this, with your human body or you can become fully robotised and stay here as our obedient and well cared for robot slave for several centuries."

"I thought there was a third choice?" asked Stephanie slightly nervously, "I do want to become a robot, but I would like my party too, if that is possible."

Lucy laughed and smiled at her, "Yes Stephanie, we are teasing, that option is definitely open to you. Let me explain the conditions to you though. Your body will be fully robotised, but you will be given what is known as the 'Human Awareness Programming' which will give you enough free thought not to be abused in any way, but still generally controlled by your programming system at all other times. You will be provided with a charging unit which you must use at least every 48 Earth hours, though ideally it should be daily. This will keep you fully operational at all times. You will be permitted a 'normal human lifespan' of about 70 years before you will 'die' though of course all that will happen is that your systems will go into a temporary shutdown mode. After that happens, you will be returned here and you will serve us for 250 years as our robot slave, fully obedient to our needs, with no free will whatsoever. At the end of that time a decision will be made as to what will happen to you, this is something we are not allowed to discuss beyond to say you may simply be 'retired', you may continue in service, or a more 'exciting role' may be selected for you. The choice my dear, is entirely yours."

Stephanie shone a big smile at that news, "Then I would love my dream to become true, and become a robot. I don't think I would forgive myself if I said no to this opportunity!"

"I'm so pleased for you Stephanie." said Sue smiling back at her, "We just need you to sign a contract agreeing to your service here after your time on Earth, and then we will explain things further for you."

Stephanie happily signed the contract after reading it, just to make sure, as she put it, and Lucy and Sue witnessed her signature stating that she was willing to be a robot slave 'lacking in free will' at the time designated for her. Lucy then explained to her that the suit had been enhanced in some special way so that it would not only form her new shell or skin, but interlink with her nervous system, for as she put it, totally robotic form but with some human emotions left behind so she seemed 'normal' on Earth, though she was promised all emotion would be removed on her return to duty here. She was willing to explain the process to Stephanie, but she said grinning 'let it be a nice surprise for me!' and Lucy accepted her decision.

When all was done and Emma informed them everything was ready to begin Stephanie's transformation she took off her 'wonderful dress' and put on the body suit and hood. She felt little sensors touching her skin when she put it on, and the same on her head when she pulled the hood on. Emma then placed something over her tongue made of the same texture which depressed her tongue and she found herself unable to speak. She made some funny noises and Sue read her thoughts, "Don't worry Stephanie, you won't need to speak, or indeed think for the next 48 hours or so while the transformation is carried out, and its just a safety factor really, for when the electrical charge reawakens you."

Stephanie nodded, and made a funny muffled noise to show she understood, and relaxed herself accordingly. Lucy led Stephanie over to a narrow horizontal tube with a padded bottom, and signalled her to climb in. Stephanie just about squeezed herself in and laid down, her full cleavage almost touching the top of the tube. She felt Lucy sealing the tube, then it all went dark as a helmet came down over her head, Stephanie grinning happily as this was just how her robotisation fantasy portrayed it. Moments later she gasped as the whole tube seemed to tighten around her body, and the helmet became almost skin-tight, though still allowing her to breathe.

Emma and Sue smiled at each other at the controls, "Lets hope this is what she wanted?", said Emma.

"Her neural signals suggest it is," said Sue, "her last thoughts as a human will be happy ones, and we can ensure her first robot ones are the same when we reactivate her. Shall we begin?"

"Yes, lets. It's something new, even for us, to turn a human into an obedient robot, so it should be fun!", said Emma, "Transformation will commence in 30 seconds from now."

Stephanie lay in the tube unable to see anything, wondering what would happen, and when. Then suddenly her whole body felt like a pin cushion as hundreds of tiny needles appeared from the sensors touching her body and pierced into her flesh. She began to feel something moving inside her, and she guessed the first stage of her transformation was beginning.

"All needles activated, her nervous system is now being wired up in preparation for wiring/circuitisation to commence. Full process will take 3 hours, I have set the heart and lungs to be adapted last, that way her breathing function will only be in between processes for a safe period. I'm leaving her thought processes activated for this as signals suggest she will enjoy experiencing this.", reported Lucy.

She was right! Stephanie was loving every minute of it, as she felt the wiring slowly work its way through every corner of her nervous system, junctioning out into every muscle in her body and slowly transforming her. Over the hours that she lay there in the darkness there were several special moments for her. When she felt the wiring reach her nipples, and seal themselves into position, and even more so with her clit she gasped silently as a strong sensation of pleasure shot through her. She felt her tummy and thighs tighten as the wiring strengthened all her muscles there, as they became as one. She giggled to herself at the thought of having 'super human' strength, even though she didn't know if that would actually happen. Then after what seemed liked hours of pleasure she gasped for air as she felt wires sliding down her throat into her lungs, not realising that only they and her heart were by this time left un-wired.

Almost by signal at this stage the 3 ladies returned to watch over her, Lucy reported, "All physical absorption now carried out apart from delayed items perfectly. Now commencing linkage to lungs and heart. Breathing override system operational in case of necessity."

Stephanie felt her breathing get softer and slower at this stage, not showing any concern, after all a robot wouldn't breathe, and more importantly she was in safe hands. Within 15 minutes she was barely breathing at all, though she felt fine in herself.

"Heart and lungs now connected into cybernetic life system and functioning satisfactorily. Now to connect her to the cybernetic thought system, do I now switch her awareness off, or leave her to enjoy it?", asked Lucy.

"I say leave her," , said Sue, "if we track her signals and she shows any distress or pain then we can switch her mind off, but somehow I think she would enjoy this moment. We have to switch her off to programme her, but other than that I think we let her enjoy every moment."

All of a sudden it was Stephanie's head that felt like a pin cushion, as again hundreds of tiny needles pierced her skull, most of them directing the wiring directly into her brain, though others entered her ears, nose and eyes to adapt all her senses. she felt a strong, but not unpleasant pulsing through her head as the wires melded into every synapse in her brain, slowly working their way through the task of recording all the data stored there. At first all her senses almost seemed to shutdown, before being returned to her cybernetically enhanced. She thought she could hear voices in her head, but it was simply her mind giving up every thought and memory stored there, so that they could be placed in her new robotic mind. Her thoughts literally began to float away from her control, she was still aware of everything around her, but at the same time she wasn't thinking for herself, which in a way she wasn't, the computer was controlling her, but by means of her own thoughts downloaded into it. With the removal of her thoughts, and the steady electrical pulsing in her head Stephanie drifted away into a dream like state of conciousness, awake but not truly aware.

After what seemed like moments to her, but were in fact several hours she heard a voice in her head that she did recognise, it was Lucy calling to her, "Stephanie, everything has gone well so far you will be pleased to hear. The next step is to microchip and circuitise everything, and to implant your endo skeleton body shell which is currently the suit you are wearing. We have no idea how painful this process may be for you, and it will take many hours to be carried out. Do you wish to be awake or asleep for this process, just think your answer for us."

Stephanie thought, 'awake please' and hoped she wasn't being just too brave in doing so! Moments later the process began, and she felt her whole body slowly seem to stop functioning for a minute or so, and then it would start up again, only no longer in organic form. She had found it 'funny' when her knees had frozen up, and 'tingly' when their new circuitry was in place, but nothing had prepared her for the moment it reached her pussy. The sensation was so great as her genitals began to change that she let out a muffled moan, and released her last 'human' orgasm, so strong she fell asleep for a few minutes. By the time she recovered the sensation was totally different, and Stephanie knew she had changed forever. She was ready for it hours later as her breast tissue was transformed, and smiled when she set off an 'electrical orgasm' which did register on the 3 ladies computer!

By the time it reached her mind Stephanie couldn't wait for that moment to happen, her mind 'shut down' and when reawakened she understood the data there in a different manner. She knew then that her wish had come true. Shortly after that her whole body shuddered strongly as her suit melted into her body and sunk just below the surface of her flesh. Then the whole suit transformed into her new endo skeleton, made of a very strong metal, but undectable back on Earth, before bonding itself onto the fleshy skin that would make Stephanie look normal while back there.

The next voice she heard which was Sue's gave her the news she had been waiting for, "Well Stephanie, or should I now say Stephaniebot, you are now truly a robot. All thats left is to programme in all your memories, vital data and of course all your necessary programming. Now as this is rather a large download we feel it would be better if you were asleep for this, as the large amount of data flowing through you will link in better that way."

Stephanie sighed, she had hoped to be awake for the whole experience, but accepted their decision. The next thing Stephanie knew was feeling very sleepy, and drifting away as masses of data entered her new circuitised mind.

* * *

Stephanie woke up to a knocking on her bedroom door,

"Stephanie dear, its time you started getting ready for your party. I hope you are going to wear your new dress?", called out her Mother.

"Of course I am!", she called back, "I'll just have a soak in the bath, get ready and come down."

She giggled at the thought that she had decided to undress, take a quick nap, and must have fallen soundly asleep. Still it had been a nice dream, one in which some nice ladies had transformed her into a robot, if only it could have been true! She shook her long golden blonde hair out of her eyes where it had flopped while she was sleeping, and looked at the beautiful dress she would soon be wearing and smiled, it would show off her lovely cleavage beautifully, and she hoped her best friend Kate liked it as well. Her sharp vision caught the sight of a medium sized black box in the corner of her room which she didn't remember being there before, and she went over to cast a glance at it. There only seemed to be 4 items to this box, an on/off switch, a timer setting unit and 2 cables, one with a small circular plug jack, much like those on headphones, and one slightly larger circular one much the size of a human navel. The only words on the box were 'Charging unit for FRU'. She looked puzzled, 'FRU?' she thought, what does that stand for? Then suddenly it dawned on her, it could stand for Female Robot Unit, could it possibly have been real after all?

She touched her navel, yes it felt different now, and she thought so where does the other socket go? Almost as if commanded she lifted up her long blonde hair, and felt at the back of her skull, just above her neck there was a small hole which must be just about the right size! She gasped in delight, so it was real, she truly now was a robot! Instinctively she thought, "If I'm a robot, is it safe for me to have a bath?" and the answer formed in her head, 'Yes, it is perfectly safe for you to have a bath, your endo skeleton is safely sealed and would in fact protect all your electrical parts to a depth of 100 feet. '

She almost danced to the bathroom in delight, and then dressed herself, everyone said how stunning she looked in it at the party. Her hands almost shook as she plugged herself into her charger that night, she was so excited at being able to do so. Her life continued as normal for the next few weeks, helping out anyone who asked her to, and studying hard, though she would admit she found studying a lot easier now than before.

One afternoon, she and Kate went off to do a little 'clothes shopping expedition' down town and as they started the journey home Kate turned to Stephanie and asked her, "If I tell you something I've been hiding from you, will you promise not to be shocked by it, however strange it may sound?"

"Of course I won't," said Stephanie smiling at her, "You're my best friend and that's what I'm here for."

"Well you know I've only been out romantically with boys before?"

"Yes, well isn't that natural?", Stephanie replied.

"Yes I guess it is," said Kate wondering whether it was wise to continue, "but you see Stephanie, the one I really love is. . . . . . . . . . you! But I was nervous about asking you if you were a . . . . . . . ?"

"Lesbian.", grinned Stephanie, "Well I certainly have wondered about that sort of lifestyle, and it does seem nice." not admitting to what had happened before, "And funnily enough I think I love you too!"

Kate gave her a big hug and a kiss there and then in the middle of the street, and both girls giggled at what had happened. Kate grinned at her, and giggled, "Well my parents aren't home if you want to try taking this a little further!", and Stephanie didn't take much convincing that it was a nice idea.

They arrived at Kate's home, and went to her bedroom and gently and lovingly stripped each other naked, teasing each others breasts while doing so and planting loving kisses on each other. It wasn't long before they were snuggled up tightly on Kates bed, working themselves into a state of passion with her vibrators before attacking each other passionately. It wasn't long before gasps and moans were coming out of both girls, (Stephanie giggling to herself that her sex simulation programme worked very well!), and both girls orgamsed heavily, both licking up both their intermingled juices.

Within a short period both girls openly admitted to their parents about their relationship, and to their delight everyone was just so pleased that both girls were so happy, and eventually they set up home together. Kate may have thought it was strange that her lover had to 'plug herself in' every night, but somehow her thoughts were 'convinced' that this was an entirely natural process! Again, when Stephanie went off for her 'maintenance check' for a night every 3 months or so, Kate would show no concern whatsoever. At this stage Stephanie's body was checked over, and her neural programmes upgraded whenever necessary.

Both girls had successful careers, progressing up the management scale and they stayed together all their lives. Eventually after nearly 50 years as a couple, Kate became ill and died and Stephanie was very sorry to see her gone. Shortly after that Stephanie noticed that her 'power charging' sessions didn't seem to be having quite as much effect as before and she started to slow down herself. Then one morning, her caring maid found she had died in her sleep, though of course this wasn't the truth.

When Stephanie woke up, she knew where she was, and the 3 ladies who greeted her. She looked at herself and she was 20 again. She smiled at them and said, "So this is the moment I've been waiting for, to become a mindless obedient robot slave."

Sue and the others smiled back at her, and Sue said, "Yes Stephanie, it is indeed. And you will be pleased to hear that you will be aware of everything that is happening, though with no free will or control whatsoever. Have you enjoyed your life so far?"

"I have indeed.", said Stephanie, "Thank you for everything, but this will be so special."

"So if you will follow us Stephanie, we will prepare you for duty." said Lucy.

Stephanie went and stood in a tube, and a helmet lowered over her head and clicked shut around her chin. The next thing Stephanie knew was all her thoughts disappearing out of her head, and replaced with blankness, the only words now pulsing through her mind was to obey all commands given to her. Eventually the helmet released itself, leaving only a tight fitting skull cap with a stream of flashing green lights around the rim to show the unit was functioning. The previously quiet helpful and friendly Stephanie had been transformed into an obedient machine with no thoughts of its own.

For the next 250 years or so, the unit known as Stephaniebot carried out all her requested duties without fail, until one day. . . . . . . . . .

Stephanie gasped as thoughts rushed back into her head at a rapid rate, and her big blue eyes lit up again and opened, she didn't recognise any of the ladies stood in front of her but assumed something had malfunctioned with her, "Whats gone wrong?" she asked nervously and respectfully, "I seem to be able to think for myself again. And if I can ask what's happened to Sue, Emily and Lucy please?"

The ladies in front of her smiled back, "Nothing has gone wrong Stephanie, your duty as robot slave is completed. The 3 ladies you mention 'retired' recently after 1000 years of service, and are now sleeping peacefully. They like you were formerly Earth people, dating from the 13th century your time, though their 'image' changed regularly so they always looked modern. The time has come to create 3 new 'fairy godmothers' for your home planet, and you have been selected to be 1 of them. You seem ideal for the role, you always helped everyone in your time on Earth, so now you will just be taking that role to a more important stage. If you wish to, of course or you could continue as a robot slave if you wished?"

"I'll still be a robot though?" enquired Stephanie.

"Yes my dear, that will never change."

"In that case I will be very honoured to take up that role for you.", Stephanie replied.

"We are so glad, ladies take her off for preparation."

I will say no more than that Stephanie made an excellent fairy godmother for the last 680 years of her life, before being permitted a peaceful and restful sleep.

(Alright, its a 'very sloppy' story but I do enjoy writing them as much as the 'darker' ones and this seems the ideal time to write one. Guess the 'Cinders' connection didn't come out as much as planned but thats often the way with my stories!Comments, criticisms etc to the usual address thanks in advance. )

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