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A box from Fembot Inc

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; suit; strip; naked; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; fpov; cons; X

story continued from Willingly Transformed into Fembot

It had been a long day at work, designs for the new airplane were going well and we were on track to complete it ahead of schedule, which would certainly both give us time to handle any potential issues as well as making our bosses happy. However, as I arrived home I noticed a box sitting on the porch, with a label that said from it was from Fembot Inc. I knew exactly what it was, as a coworker had shown me the website and mentioned how she knew that I had been looking for something to change up my life a bit and knew I would like it.

I ended up saving a part of my paycheck each month and soon had enough to buy two of the latest models, one for my transgender wife and one for me. Hers was a special version built for transwoman but mine was the typical fembot suit, meant to enhance the body I already had and chromify it. I unlocked the door and carried the box into the bedroom, managing to sneak past my girlfriend who was too engrossed in her new book to notice much else. Life of a college professor/curator I guess. 

Anyway once I go into the room I closed the door and locked it, as a way of making sure the surprise would stay that way. Grabbing a pair of scissors out of bedside table, I cut open the box and laid it down onto the bed. In it were two complete fembot suits, both put together in the box yet unpowered, so they seemed like metallic statues. The only thing that make it clear which was mine and which was hers was the fact that one was somewhat shorter, which meant that was the one I was supposed to put on.

I pushed aside the other suit and ran my hands over the cool metal surface. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and I couldn’t wait to put it on. In the box came a book as well, which explained the various features as well as an instruction manual of how to put on the suit. Reading through the features first, I could only imagine the amount of fun this would end up providing me. Hours of pure enjoyment were ahead of me and I was ready to take it on.

It mentioned that due to the nature of the suit, I would have to strip bare to ready my body for it. As I took off my work clothing and then my undergarments, I began to get giddy with excitement. I threw them carelessly into the corner and stood in front of what was to become my new body in my naked, Venus like form. I sat down on the bed and lifted up the boot. Due to the fact that it would fit tightly around my foot, it came in two pieces that would magnetically clamp around my leg. It also came with a wicked heel, raising my height up three inches or more depending on the setting. I brought them around and groaned when they connected and locked around my foot.

I put the other one on and was amazed at how natural it already felt, like this new skin was already adjusting to being on my body. I stood up and repeated the process with the lower legs, and the knees. The joints provided an amazing amount of dexterity, while also staying in keeping with the pure chrome look of my fembot body. The thigh pieces came on next and I could feel that my legs were already trembling in their new metal cocoons. I wanted to run my hands along them so badly but knew I needed to wait and complete the suit. Besides one of the most exciting parts was coming up.

I lifted up what could only be described as the private parts piece. It was clear what some of the intention of this suit was because in specific sections of both pieces lay an interestingly shaped piece that would enter my body. The front also had a robotic female part that would, according to the brochure, enhancing the already wonderful experience of becoming a female robot. I closed my eyes and felt the two pieces enter and then the whole thing clamp and partially seal around my body. I was already in heaven but there was still more to go.

The corset came on next, and while it did fit it didn’t exactly give the pure expression of a thin waist I was hoping for. However, the book said this was intentional, and I would soon see how things would change. Next came the all-important upper chest piece. The back helped contain an artificial spinal cord, which would help prevent injury even in the most entertaining of sessions. The front was exactly how one would expect, two globes that would make my already pretty good sized B-cups into beautiful C-cups. The back was held on momentarily by the corset as I lifted up the front and brought it forward. I managed to make my girls fit and immediately noticed the presence of more sensors within.

The gloves came next and despite looking chrome, they allowed for an amazing amount of dexterity. The arms were put on and a joint was placed under my armpit, which helped to ensure that my body would be sealed into the suit, as I wanted. Looking in the mirror, I could visually see that my transformation was almost completed. I looked so wonderful in my grey chrome look, and I wanted to get the final pieces on.

I lifted up the neck corset and fitted it into place. It was a bit tight but open enough that breathing would not be an issue. I then picked up the helmet. It came it two parts. One would cover up all of the hair, upper head, and underside of the head while the other one served to only cover my face. Within the helmet there was a way to make it so that my natural hair could come out or one could leave it as a more techno look. I lowered the helmet onto my head and felt it connect with the neck, proving that it was on tight.

I was only one step away from transformation, and I picked up the faceplate. It had special technology that allowed the metal lips to move as mine did, keeping the ability to use the mouth as intended. The eyes showed no emotion, and would turn a teal color once the suit was powered up. Taking both hands I carefully placed it onto my face and felt it connect. Suddenly all of the air was expelled out of my body and the suit began to power up, triggering the various sensors as it went along.

I moved to the floor as it overtook me, I had never felt this good. I also knew my partner would eventually get to feel the same things I was now, and I was so excited for her. After what seemed like a long time they stopped and I stood back up in front of the mirror. What I saw there amazed me. The eyes were glowing as I checked myself out. This suit was so perfect and as a result it made me look perfect as well. I accepted it and prepared myself to walk out of the room and surprise my girlfriend, I could only imagine what she would think of me now.


story continues in Another Beautiful Fembot
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