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Another Beautiful Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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story continued from Willingly Transformed into Fembot & A box from Fembot Inc

Monday at 1pm

I had just finished grading papers and was walking out of the building when I ran into an old colleague and close friend of mine named Bree. Bree and I had started working here at the same time and were both transwoman, though I was post-op. We were on friendly terms and often had lunch together, discussing various different manners at hand.

“Good afternoon Bree”

“Good afternoon to you as well Amy, heading to lunch?”

“Yes, would you like to join me?”


As we walked across the campus to our favorite lunch spot, I couldn’t help but notice how happy she seemed to be. I assumed it was because she had just finished her book and was getting ready to submit it. As we arrived at our lunch spot we ordered and continued to chat. 

“You seem awfully happy today, new book finished?”

Sara smiled, “No, but my girlfriend did surprise me with something”

She looked around first to make sure that nobody was listening in. Intrigued I moved closer, interested in hearing what she had to say.

“Have you ever heard of Fembot Inc?” She asked

I shook my head no, though I had heard about Fembots. You see I always had a fascination with them, and always wanted to one day temporarily become one, just so I could feel the metal covering my skin while radiating mechanical perfection. 

She continued, “My girlfriend surprised me with a Fembot suit made by them, while also wearing one herself. You can only imagine the weekend we had.” She said while raising her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

“O wow that sounds amazing! Out of curiosity how much did they cost?”

She smiled again while looking at me, “Why? You interested?”

I subtly shook my head yes, a tad bit embarrassed about my interest.

“You should order one! In fact, my girlfriend Sarah and I don’t have anything going on this weekend, you should have it delivered there!”

I thought long and hard about it and realized that I had some cash saved up for just such an eventuality. I said yes and together pulled out my laptop and placed an order for a beautiful chrome fembot suit, to be delivered to their house. We split ways afterwards and agreed to have me come over that weekend to put it on. 

Saturday at 11am

I showed up after I had gotten a call that my suit had arrived and that they were very excited to have me come over. I arrived at 11am, grabbed my purse, and headed up to the front door. I rang the doorbell and was shocked when it opened. Before me stood two beautiful fembots. The taller one, which I presumed to be Bree on account of her height, was clad in a black, latex catsuit with a leather harness running along the entire body on top of her silver fembot suit. Even with the catsuit on, it was clear that this was a happy woman in her fembot suit. The smaller one, Sarah, was completely naked, and her chrome body looked marvelous against the light of the morning. They got me inside and welcomed me.

“Welcome to our house, do you like what you see?” Sarah said, gesturing to her body. 

“I love it, does this mean I’ll get to look like that too?”

Bree shook her head yes, “Of course, powerful women forever!” She said smiling.

“Are you ready to be transformed?” They said together

“O yes, I can’t wait!” I said, very excited about what was to come

They ushered me into their spare bedroom, where three stands stood on one side of the room. On the bed lay my fembot suit. It’s dulled chrome look was colored pink, as I had ordered, and I couldn’t help but touch the metal. It felt cool to the touch, while the inside was padded to give me the correct fit. Bree told me to undress myself while Sarah and her got the pieces ready. I took off all of my clothing and stood in the middle of the room, shaking with excitement at the idea of becoming a beautiful fembot. Sarah and Bree both picked up boot halves and brought them over. 

‘We are going to have to have you sit down for this first part, as the feet need to be off the ground to be properly put on.”

They then lowered me down onto the ground and together put on my new boots. They glistened in the light and I could feel them get closed and then clamp down onto my legs firmly. Bree explained that while the heels were up right now, they could be adjusted if the user desired. She also mentioned how these were electromagnets, which added an extra safety feature.

“Say you are in the suit and the power source dies. Instead of trapping you in the suit, the magnets simply become depowered and the suit falls off, leaving you free and clear.”

They then lifted me up and I had the chance to feel firsthand how these new boots felt. Surprisingly I found I didn’t have any mobility in the ankle joints, which I asked Sarah about.

“The suit hasn’t been set up yet, so you’ll be stuck at first, once it hooks up it’ll give you back normal motions.”

They continued to work their way up my legs, cladding my legs with sleek, pink leg pieces. Finally, we came to the private areas, and I saw immediately that both pieces had items that would stick up into my body. Bree stopped and asked if it would be ok to install these. I replied yes and braced myself. The combination of both pieces coming in at once felt cold but also exhilarating. I could only imagine how I would feel once the suit powered up.

Next came the corset, which started off loose but I was told it would tighten up a little later. Bree then lifted up my boob plate and carefully slotted my breasts into them while Sarah attached the back piece. I was shaking inside of my suit, this was really happening! Sarah and Bree then began to work their way up my arms, attaching the gloves and arm pieces. This stiffened them up and I could only stand there and watch as the attached the shoulder covers and armpit joint.

Bree then brought over the neck covering and asked me to lift my head up. I did so and felt it fit itself around. I knew that I only had my helmet to go, yet I was so curious how I looked. What I didn’t see was that Sarah was already rolling a mirror over in front of me. As I came into view I was shocked. From the neck down was by far one of the most beautiful Fembot bodies I had ever seen. And the best part about it? It was mine!

Bree and Sarah came up after moving the mirror away, Sarah holding the helmet while Bree held onto my faceplate. As Sarah installed my head, she explained that my hearing would increase due to the earbuds and the brain portion contained a vast library of pleasure knowledge, which I could access easily while in the suit. She also explained that if I chose, I could adjust my own settings to fit the mood of the night. I could even chose to give up control over the suit so as long as I had given consent prior to the setting being put in. As Sarah finished I could feel the suit just waiting to go.

Bree smiled as she came up to me, explaining how my eyes would look blue but all of the facial features would still work, which explained why I could see her mouth moving. She carefully lowered into onto my face as I saw the world disappear. She felt it click and them moved away, telling me to say the phrase, “Activate Fembot Amy.” As my two friends stood there, I activated the suit.

I instantly felt the suit conform to my body, constricting it in a way that didn’t affect my breathing but made me feel the inside of the suit as well as the outside. My view came back in high definition, and my hair was expelled out of the suit. I could feel my metal hands as I ran them up my body, the feeling of metal on metal never not exciting. Before I could say anything though, every pleasure sensor went off as a result. I simply fell to the ground in eternal bliss, feeling orgasm after orgasm rush through my body.

When I finally was able to stand up and the sensors slowed down, my two fellow fembots were not there. I checked the clock, 1pm. I had been on the floor for around an hour and a half simply enjoying the suit. I carefully walked to the living room and found them both on the couch. By this point Sarah had changed into a black catsuit with a matching latex corset and smiled as I entered. 

‘Amybot come sit between us, we are just watching Metropolis” she said, motioning to the middle spot on the couch.

I sat down and I could feel the two bodies on either side of me, feeling so happy about everything that was happening.

“After this do you want try on some of our clothing, I think you are the same fembot size as Bree. Then we can have a little fun tonight” Sarah said, with Bree nodding in agreement.

I shook my head yes and got comfortable, knowing that tonight would only get better now that I felt more feminine than ever before.


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