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The Family Maid

by Gromet

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The Family Maid 3: Back to the Factory - the nice ending Gromet MF+/f; machines/f; latex; uniform; maid-bots; device; mind-control; program; transformed; F2maidbot; computer; controlled; recharge; tech-bots; transport; factory; pod; storage; machines; process; strip; wash; package; delivery; reprogram; mind-alter; mind-wipe; servant; tease; return; cons; X

story continued from part two

Part 3a: Back to the Factory - the nicer ending
The original darker ending for this story part 3a: Back to the Factory - the darker ending

Morning came and the usual routine started as Stacy awoke, got dressed and received orders to report to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for several of the guests. Stacy whizzed though her assigned tasks and was directed by the system to carry a tray upstairs to one of the rooms. Upon knocking and allowed entry, she found her sister Liz still in bed with Louise; they were kissing each other as she walked in the room, Liz hoping to embarrass her with what she was doing.

“Morning Mistress’s, I have the breakfast as ordered, where may I serve you?” Stacy responded impassively.

Liz annoyed that her little plan didn’t seem to be working, briskly ordered her to serve them both in bed; they sat there with their naked breasts on display trying again to humiliate Stacy. The maid just continued to serve them as if nothing was out of the ordinary, their nakedness no concern of hers, she was just here to serve them both before returning to her duties.

Louise reached out her hand as Stacy placed the breakfast tray on her lap, grabbing hold of Stacy’s wrist, “You little bitch, I’m still sore from last night!” 

“I’m sorry Mistress to hear that, would you like me to fetch you some ointment?” Stacy asked.

“No fucking way you’re getting anywhere near my pussy again!” Louise spat out.

“Leave her be,” Liz said, “Maid return to your duties.”

Stacy curtseyed and departed the room, happy that she was no longer in such a confrontational situation, ‘well if you didn’t give me concise instructions, what do you think I would do.’ thought Stacy.

Several of the guest only required a light breakfast, some wanted a ‘hair of the dog’, luckily the system caught what that meant before some poor pooch was shaved bald.

Stacy continued in her duties the rest of the day, there were several bedrooms to clean after the party last night, all the beds were stripped, sheets washed, dried and ironed. The beds remade and the floors vacuumed of all debris, window cleaned and polished. The maid-bots were kept very busy the rest of the day. Indeed several of them ran out of juice before they could get back to be recharged, causing the system to send out an S.O.S to the main computer at RobotMaids, Inc.

Technician bots were quickly dispatched from the local office, their vehicle soon reached the residence where they found a couple of the maid-bots fully discharged. Plugging them into portable packs they moved the maid-bots back to their charging stations. Checking over each one for any damages, replacing batteries that needed changing, and running several protocols through each maid-bot.

Louise made it downstairs and saw the tech-bots at work on the maids; she said to one of the tech-bots, “That Stacy-bot model is faulty, she needs to be taken back to the factory for a total reprogramming, she bit me last night, isn’t that against your directives?”

The tech-bot responded to Louise, “Yes Mistress, it is against directives to injure a human.”

He then spoke to the house main frame, “Call Stacy-bot to the Charging Station.”

Stacy was busy elsewhere, her mind on doing the laundry and making beds when she received the command to report to her station. Her body moved of its own accord as the system took control away from her, she could do nothing except follow her commands. She walked from the laundry towards the maids’ room; there she found the tech-bot looking at a tablet in its hand.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641, you have gone against a directive and injured this human female.” It said. Louise looking very smug with herself, “Yeah, you bit me bitch!”

“I cannot recall that,” Stacy said, “please check with my files on the main frame where my memories are stored.”

The Tech-bot connected to the main frame and began going through her memory files, finding the correct memory it stated, “You injured this female by biting her genitals. It seems that you were following instructions but we need you to return to the factory for more analysis.”

“Damn right, take the bitch and fry her memory!” Louise spat out.

“Please follow me out to the vehicle Stacy-bot MB-090-7641; we will escort you back to the factory for reprocessing.”

“By your command.” Was all Stacy could say, but inside she was afraid of what they would do to her. Stacy followed the Tech-bot out to the vehicle, the other tech-bots now finished joined them and they set off to the factory.

Closing the door behind them Louise said, “That’ll teach the bitch!”

*** New Part Starts here ***

Stacy was very afraid by the time she reached the factory, she’s was unsure as to what was going to happen to her. The vehicle pulled up to a loading dock and the tech-bots all disembarked, Stacy followed behind, reluctant to be here but still under their control she could do nothing but follow the tech-bots. She was taken into a workshop and one of the tech-bots began to scan her systems, checking her thoroughly they discovered that she was not like the other androids made here, her system didn’t configure to the current maid-bot programming.

The main computer told the tech-bot to put Stacy-bot into storage until one of the human technicians could further evaluate what was required before Stacy-bot could be rebooted and reformatted. Stacy was led over to a large charging pod in one corner of the workshop, the tech-bot instructed Stacy to step inside, this wasn’t like any she’d seen at home, and this had more lights, buttons and looked way more intense & scary, she didn’t want to step inside but had no control.

Stacy stepped inside, her mind automatically went into shutdown mode, and several connections were made to her body, each one sending small amounts of electricity trying to recharge her systems, luckily for her she was switched off, her mind blank and the amount of electricity would only have tickled her anyway. The door closed sealing her inside, just another maid-bot here to be reprogrammed, her mind to be wiped and all original functions restored. The Tech-bots left her and went about their other duties.


Meanwhile back at her home, Liz had finally deemed to come down from her bedroom; she joined Jill & Louise by the pool. “Great night hey?” she asked.

“Yes I had a great time.” said Jill.

“Me too, except that bitch bitting me!” said Louise, holding her still slightly sore pussy, playing for the sympathy of her friends.

Jill looked at her, “Who bit you?”

“That fucking maid-bot Stacy!” she replied.

“What was she doing down there?” Jill exclaimed.

“I was trying to get the little bitch to blow me off!” Louise said, “but instead she bit me!”

Jill fell about laughing, “You’ve never had a maid-bot before have you?”

“No my parents didn’t believe in them, they had real maids.”

“Well if you’d have; you would have known that they only follow commands. You have to give them the correct command to go down on you, lick you out and bring you to orgasm.” Jill said.

“I told her that too!” said Liz. “but I eased her tension afterwards anyway!”

“Yes you soothed my little button nicely,” said Louise. “Thanks”

“My pleasure.” Said Liz.

“Hers’ too by the sound of things.” Jill laughed.

They settled in and sat around the pool, taking the occasional swim. The events of last night now long over, they just enjoyed the sunshine and the refreshing drinks brought out by the maid-bots.


“Where is the Stacy-bot?” Liz asked when she realised that she hadn’t seen her in a while.

“Where the bitch belongs!” spat Louise, “back at the factory for reprogramming.”

“What! When did this happen?” Liz asked.

“When those Tech-bots turned up here this morning, to repair the maid-bots that had broken down.” Louise replied.

“What?” Liz exclaimed, “and they’ve taken Stacy back to their factory!”

“Well you did say she was just another maid-bot after all.” Louise said. “She needed to be fixed.”

“Oh my god! What have you done?” Liz screamed, jumping up and running inside.

“Looks like you fucked up again!” Jill said.

“How was I supposed to know…” Louise said.

“We best get out of here…” Jill said, with Louise agreeing, they made for Jill’s car and drove away.

Meanwhile Liz had finally found the maid-bot Andrea, “My sister, where is she?”

Andrea had been pre-programmed to respond to this question by answering that Stacy was still away at college.

“Where is Stacy-bot?” Liz frustrated by the response.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 has been taken back to the factory this morning for reprocessing.” Andrea stated.

“Reprocessing, what is that?”

“The maid-bot unit Stacy was found to be faulty, it has been taken back to the factory to be restored back to its original maid-bot programming as specified by RobotMaids, Inc.”

“But she’s my sister!” Liz wailed.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 is the property of RobotMaids, Inc. and also the Master & Mistress of the house.” Andrea stated.

“Property…” Liz’s voice trailed off.

“All maid-bots in this house are property of RobotMaids, Inc.”

“And Master & Mistress…” replied Liz.

“Yes Mistress Liz, now you understand.” Andrea said.

The penny finally sank in, “I’d better call Mum.” Liz responded.

“Unless you need me for anything else I’ll return to my duties.” Andrea said.

Liz by now was franticly trying to call her Mother, she tried several times but each time she could only leave a message, the phone must still be out of reach Liz assumed. 

“What can I do?” Liz said to herself, “I’ll call the factory.”

She managed to find the number for the 24 hour service line, this was an automated system that asked her if she wanted to report a fault with her bots, if she wanted to purchase or rent extra bots. The questions never seem to give her an answer that she could speak with someone at the factory, just automated questions with a number to press should she require that service.

“Damn, bloody voice systems,” Liz slammed down the phone in disgust. “I’d better drive over there and see if I can get someone there.” And she headed off to find Jill, who was the only one who had bothered to learn to drive, and also had the only car.

“Jill? Where are you? Jill.” Liz called out and searched the house.

Andrea walked past, “Mistress, she has left the building.”

“Damn you Jill, why couldn’t you wait.” Liz cursed.

“Andrea is there anyone at the factory that I can speak to about Stacy-bot?” Liz asked.

“No Mistress, the factory is totally automated and only run by tech-bots until Monday.”

Liz didn’t know what to do, so she sat by the pool she at least knew how to do that, her upbringing and her education had not prepared her for handling such difficult situations, she was just another spoilt rich kid as far as everyone else was concerned, so no one bothered her with any sort of life skills other than partying and playing, that all she ever needed.


Unknown to Liz was that as soon as Stacy had been taken by the Tech-bots back to the factory an alert had been sent to Stacy’s parents mobile phones by maid-bot Andrea, but due to their being in an area of the Islands that had no cell coverage the message was not received.

In the meantime the moment Stacy was scanned and the anomaly discovered a security system was activated and a message was sent to the Owner & CEO of RobotMaids, Inc. He’d set up the system and helped Stacy’s Mother with her little surprise, he’d also set up a fail-safe system should Stacy make her way to the factory for any reason. He hadn’t let anyone else in on the planning other than the technicians who helped program the human to maid-bot scheme.

He was hoping that this experimental stage with Stacy as the test subject, with her Mother’s consent, would become a money making venture for the company, indeed Stacy’s Mother had become a major shareholder in RobotMaids, Inc. So she too had a vested interest in making this all work. There were several ideas for turning humans into robot servants, convicts and other non-desirables, plus there were also a growing number of people wishing to experience this for themselves.

So Stacy was picked, mainly by her Mother to become the first test subject of the new mind control system that would take over the functions of the host body and turn them into a maid-bot, and then they would be controlled and run from the mainframe computer currently inside each dwelling that had a RobotMaid, Inc system needed to run their android maids.

Now that the alarm had been activated to let Robert, the CEO, that Stacy had been entered into the stock currently at the factory, he put a plan into place. He’d tried to contact Denise, but was unable to get through, so he did the next best thing. Sitting down at his computer he sent orders through to the factory to have Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 removed from storage, put through the reconditioning production line and packaged for delivery to his address.

Stacy was meanwhile still blissfully unaware what was happening to her, she was still ‘turned off’ in shut down mode whilst the factory took care of her and followed instructions. First the Tech-bots removed her from the pod but keeping her shut down, they then moved her to the reconditioning area where maid-bots that have either been out on hire or have been returned to the factory by their owners are cleaned and processed before going out to a new client.

Placed on the conveyor along with other maid-bots, Stacy moved down the line and entered into the first machine that stripped the bots of their clothing, then cleaned their outer surfaces and finally polished them, buffing them give the maids a shine to their skin. Stacy went through the whole process, stripped, washed and polished until she gleamed like a fresh new maid. The wash process also took all of the hair from her body including her head.

Next machine she entered was to dress the maid-bots in the standard uniform, black latex stockings and the black maids’ uniform, plus frilly white apron were all applied to her body just like all of the other maid-bots being processed in front of Stacy. You couldn’t tell the difference between the maid-bots and Stacy at this point, all bald with the same standard uniform on. The last machine gave the maid-bots individual faces or makeup plus applied a wig, which was glued in place. Stacy was then moved onto shipping; here she was placed into a crate and moved to the loading dock to await delivery.

The crate containing Stacy was rushed by the Tech-bots to her new location, Stacy still unaware of what had happened to her, her last memory was being placed inside the pod at the factory. The Tech-bots soon had Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 unpacked and with her new owner Robert, the CEO of RobotMaids, Inc. Stacy was then placed inside a charging pod just like her own back at her parents’ home, this had been delivered and installed that morning whilst Stacy was being processed.

Stacy was aware of the main frame computer connecting to her mind; she was receiving new information and instructions, the stream of new input was overwriting her old programming, she was becoming aware that things had changed for her, she was slightly confused but the program soon took over. Stacy was placed online by the new main frame, she opened her eyes not sure of where she was but she had detailed plans of the layout of her new home in her memory.

Stacy took her first look at her new surroundings, the room looked similar to the maid’s room back home, plain walls and several charging pods, she was still slightly dazed by the overwhelming stream of information she’d just been reprogrammed with but then another maid-bot appeared through the doorway into the room. She looked the same as Stacy and all of the other maid-bots she’d seen, but this one was more like Andrea back home.

“Maid-bot state your designation.” The Maid-bot commanded.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641” Stacy replied automatically.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641, this is your new home.” The Maid-bot stated. “I am Flora-bot, in charge of all of the maid-bots of the house, the home of Robert Mason, owner of RobotMaids, Inc.”

“Thank you Flora-bot.” Stacy responded, but still confused as to why she was here.

“Now go about your duties Stacy-bot.”

Stacy walked off as instructed by the main frame computer to attend to cleaning duties in the main living areas of the house. Stacy tried to recall what had happened to her to end up here, she still seemed to retain her memories of her previous Master & Mistress, she seemed to recall that they were her parents but she wasn’t too sure, something had changed her memory of them being her parents. Her mind was still a bit blury from the overload of infomation she'd received.

Picking up a duster and some other cleaning materials Stacy-bot set off and began cleaning, following directions on what to clean and polish. All the while she was trying to recall her memories, or what she perceived as her memories, what she could recall was that she was part of a family, but she’d also always been a maid in her mind, maybe she was the family’s maid-bot and they had sent her to the factory as she was no longer needed by them, she felt sadness at this point. But the more she got on with the cleaning the less distressed she felt, it seemed that doing the simple tasks without any thought eased her mind.

Stacy continued until instructed by the main frame that the Master required her to bring him a drink and prepare a meal for him, all to be served in the main dining room. Stacy entered the kitchen, it looked very unfamiliar to Stacy but the computer aided her and soon she was busy cooking the dishes as ordered, soon the food was ready and placed onto plates, displayed for the best presentation and then onto trays for the maid-bots to carry. 

Stacy picked up the main tray with the food as prepared and another maid-bot carried the drinks, plus an ice bucket to chill the wine. Stacy entered the dining room as directed by the main frame, there sitting at the head of the table was her new owner or Master, and Stacy presented the tray and set the food down on the table, making sure everything was perfect. Stacy was sure that she’d seen her new owner before; she tried to scan her memories but was blocked by the main computer from accessing that part of her memory.

Robert took a good look at Stacy as she entered the room, this was his first time seeing her since she’d been delivered to his house, Stacy looked just the same as any other maid-bot in his house, her skin even had that shine to it that made her look more android and less human. She seemed to be working well under the command of the system; her functioning seemed to be within parameters set out in the coding required for her to function as a maid-bot. All seemed to be working out well.

Stacy was dismissed and sent back to the kitchen to begin cleaning all of the utensils that she’d used to prepare the food; this was soon followed by the dishes. It wasn’t long before everything was cleaned away and she headed back to her charging pod, plugging herself in as instructed by the system and then shutting down for the night. Her food that was required for her to function was fed in through the tube in her mouth, her waste products were transported away from the tubes entered into her down below, she was just a machine functioning as programmed.

Stacy continued her duties the next day, her thoughts less troubled today as the memories of her past were put to the back of her mind, her focus on the tasks that she was given taking preference over everything else.


A few days later Stacy’s parents had finally got the messages from Liz, Andrea and Robert about Stacy, the yacht that they were on had finally made it somewhere with cell coverage, At first Denise, Stacy’s Mother was concerned for Stacy’s well being, the frantic calls from Liz at first had Denise very worried about what had happened to her daughter, but then the calls from Robert, her co-conspirator on the project had sent her a message saying Stacy was safe and was currently working in his home where he could keep a safe eye on her. 

Liz had been frantic, although she had teased her sister on many occasions, and tormented her as well, she still didn’t want anything to happen to Stacy to cause her harm, more out of fear of what her parents would do to her, she didn’t want to lose her allowance and actually have to find work, that would be fearful for her, she had lived a pampered lifestyle for many years and to have that all taken away because of her stupid sister playing her maid games again would be too much.

A spot of retail therapy with her friends soon allayed her fears, her credit card still worked, Daddy had not cut if off to punish her, soon she and her friends had spent the rest of the day shopping and chatting, mostly chatting.

Denise took off from the dockside as soon as the yacht moored, the limo took her to Robert’s mansion where her daughter Stacy was currently running as a maid-bot. Greeting her at the door was Robert, they kissed passionately, “I’ve missed you?” she said.

“I’ve missed you too.” said Robert.

“Where is she?” Denise asked.

“Cleaning upstairs, let’s check.”  And holding hands they walked upstairs to find Stacy.

Denise & Robert had become romantically attached whilst spending many hours over several days in the factory, mainly Robert’s office, working out the details of Stacy’s conversion into a maid-bot. Denise’s husband was always away working somewhere, Denise felt ignored and felt an attraction between herself & Robert. Robert had used this relationship to convince Denise to invest in RobotMaids, Inc, which Denise had by using her own families wealth to buy shares in the company, she could also see this project making her even richer. Denise had come from a long line of family wealth, ruthless and tireless in pursuit of money.

Stacy was blissfully unaware of all of the drama, the last few days had cemented in her memory that she was now owned by her new Master, Robert, and that her previous owners no longer needed her. She carried on with her duties as instructed and her mind now felt eased, the first painful memories had sunk back into the recesses of her memory. The reprogramming she’d undergone whilst recharging at night also helped change her outlook and memories, something that her new owner had carefully implanted into her programming.

“Ah there she is.” Said Robert, pleased with himself upon finding Stacy still busy working in one of the bedrooms.

Denise looked into the room at her daughter working as a maid-bot, carrying out her duties without fault or need for correction, initially her Mothering instincts just pleased to see her safe, but then her business mind took over as they stood watching her working.

“So she seems to be functioning as normal, her maid-bot capabilities don’t seem to have been affected by the previous events.” Denise said, still watching her working.

“No the programming seems to be working well, there were a few minor glitches that needed to be rectified but that was soon dealt with.” Robert stated.

“Minor glitches, what were they?” Denise asked.

“She seemed to retain memories of you and Dan as her parents, though she was conflicted with also being a maid as a young girl.” Robert replied. “So I’ve had those memories removed to help her be less conflicted.”

“Memories of me as her Mother, you removed them all!” Denise said shocked.

“Removed yes, stored away in a memory bank.” Robert replied.

“So she no longer knows me as her Mother.” Denise asked shocked, concern showing on her face.

“Possibly…” Robert said, “She may still have memories that are hidden, but I don’t know for sure.”

“Can it be reversed?” Denise asked, worried about losing her daughter.

“Yes…” Robert replied hesitantly, “but she is our first test subject, so some things may not go back, we just don’t know.”

“Stacy”, Denise called out.

Stacy turned upon hearing her name, “Yes Madam?”

“Stacy, it’s me your Mother.” 

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 at your service Madam.” Stacy automatically replied.

“Stacy, don’t you recall me?” Denise asked.

“Yes Madam, you were my previous owner and Mistress.” Stacy answered. “I now belong to Master Robert here.” 

Stacy wanted to say something else, but she feared the computer programming would punish her like before, or even worse eradicate the small memories she seemed to retain of her former self. She was happy inside to see her Mother, but also sad that she couldn’t rush over and give her Mother a hug or let her know what she felt inside.

“Stacy-bot please continue with your duties.” Her Mother said, turning to Robert. “Well it seems like the programming works, she does retain some memory but not much it seems. But can we remove all of her memories of her past life, I’m thinking of future uses here.”

“We can replace all of her memories at any time, I just thought that her being your daughter that you’d like her to retain her previous memories, am I wrong?” Robert asked.

“No, you’re right I’d have an awful lot of explain to do to Dan if I damaged his precious daughter.” Denise said, “Besides she always liked playing at being a maid, so she can continue for a while longer. How much longer do you think we need to complete the evaluation?”

“Now that I have her here I can easily run more tests and get the tech boffins to run the results, I shouldn’t think another month or two should be enough.” Robert said.

“A month or two, no she has to be back in college soon, you can have her for another week and then I want her returned to my home.” Denise stated. “You can find another test subject for longer term evaluation testing.”

“Maybe, your other daughter then?” Robert smiled as he rubbed his chin.

“It’s very tempting, she can be a complete pain sometimes but I don’t think she has the mental capacity to carry out the duties required of a maid-bot.” Denise replied.

“Okay, well do you have to rush off or can we sit down and have Stacy serve us some drinks in the lounge?” Robert asked.

“Drinks would be lovely, and no I don’t have to rush off, Dan is currently on his way to our factory back east to check out some problems.” Denise said, “Maybe I could stay here to be near my daughter…” she laughed and winked suggestively to Robert.

As Robert & Denise headed back downstairs, Stacy-bot received orders to serve drinks in the lounge to Master and his guest. Stacy headed downstairs to the kitchen to prepare things for service. Once Stacy had arranged everything requested on the tray she carried it to the lounge, there she found her Mother sitting talking to her Master, “Your drinks Master.”

“Thank you Stacy-bot, please serve my guest first.” Robert commanded.

Stacy took hold of the ordered drink and carried it over to where her Mother sat, “Here Madam, your drink as requested.” Stacy said and curtseyed. 

Stacy wanted more than ever to sit with her Mother and just be with her, talk about her experiences and just wanted for the maid-bot part of her to end. But the main frame computer picked up on her emotions and began punishing her with mild pain to her head from the controlling device attached there. Stacy felt the pain and quickly stopped her thoughts, she knew to continue would result in further punishment; it was part of the program to control her.

Robert picked up on Stacy being punished for her thoughts, “Thank you Stacy-bot, that will be all, you can return to your other duties.” 

As Stacy curtseyed and left the room she heard Robert say, “Seems like our little Stacy-bot does still retain her memories of you.” Stacy didn’t hear any more of the conversation after that, she headed back upstairs to continue her assigned tasks. Later after cooking dinner for two but not being allowed to serve the meal, she cleaned up the kitchen and was directed back to her charging pod early by the main frame computer. Stacy connected herself as she always did and the turned herself off.


The next morning Stacy awoke, prepared herself as usual and set out to start her day. She received orders to prepare breakfast for two and to serve it in the Master’s bedroom. Breakfast prepared as per instructions she carried the tray upstairs, knocking on the door to the Master’s bedroom she waited for a response, “Come in.” She heard.

Stacy entered the bedroom to find the Master sitting one side of the bed and her Mother Denise on the other side, they both appeared to be naked but Denise covered herself up when she spotted Stacy walk in the room, Denise turned to Robert, “Did you have to use her for breakfast?”

“I thought that you’d find it amusing!” Robert smirked.

“Amusing! My own daughter finding me in bed with another man, is there no shame in you?”

“Don’t worry, she was reprogrammed again last night after the episode with the drinks, she doesn’t know who you are.” Robert replied.

“She doesn’t know who I am, what have you done to her?” Denise concerned for Stacy.

“Nothing that the program doesn’t allow for, her memories have been removed, it is better for her stability and will result in less conflict, look for yourself does she seem troubled to you?”

Denise looked at her daughter standing there with the tray of food in her hands, her face blank and her eyes showed no emotion. Stacy-bot stood passively waiting further instructions, she knew who was in the bed in front of her but knew the moment that she acknowledge the fact that the main frame would punish her again.

“Stacy-bot please serve breakfast, first to my guest.” Master Robert commanded.

Stacy-bot moved forwards and presented the tray with the prepared breakfast to her Mother, Stacy tried not to make any eye contact as she didn’t want to give herself away. “Here Madam, your breakfast as ordered.” Stacy-bot said as she curtseyed.

“Thank you Stacy… bot.” said her Mother, still unsure if she was doing the right thing.

Stacy moved over to the other side of the bed and presented her Master with his breakfast, “Here Master, your breakfast as ordered.” Stacy-bot said as she again curtseyed. “Will that be all Master?”

“Yes thank you Stacy, please return to your duties.” Master Robert said. 

Stacy-bot again curtseyed and then turned and walked out of the room, in her mind she wanted to stay but she knew that she couldn’t, her programming wouldn’t allow it. Even more so would be any thoughts as to why her Mother was in bed with her new owner, it didn’t seem right to Stacy but she quickly dispelled those thoughts for fear of any punishment.

“She didn’t recognize me!” Denise said. “My own daughter.”

“See the programming works, we can delete all previous memories and the maid-bot still functions as required.” Robert said pleased with events.


Time seemed to stand still for Stacy, her daily routine seem to keep her busy, her mother had left her here with her new owner, so she assumed that she was now just his property, just another maid-bot to service the house and his needs. Several other people came to the house and inspect Stacy, they ran several tests on her to check her reactions, more reprogramming occurred not only at night when she recharged but now also during the day, they were minor changes but Stacy was aware of them and preciously guarded her remaining small memories of her parents.

The week had stretched into ten days by the time it was for Stacy to be returned home with her mother. Denise had arrived the night before and again Stacy served them both breakfast in bed before being commanded to return to her charging pod. ‘Strange for me to be going back for recharging, I’ve only been out for a couple of hours’, Stacy thought, but returned as commanded and connected herself up, then turning herself off she drifted off, her mind blank. 

Stacy was sure that she felt her programming being changed, even when she was ‘turned off’ she sensed that things were happening to her memories, usually more reprogramming whilst she slept, but this time it was different, her thoughts started to become clearer, memories that she had vague recollections of were becoming stronger in her mind, indeed all of her memories were in the process of being restored. Though she still had a doubt in her mind about some of those memories. And some of her memories of her stay at her new owners house were seemingly removed but Stacy still retained some parts of them.

Denise was there when Stacy awoke in her charging pod; her Mother’s face the first thing she saw as she awoke. She felt confused at first, and then conflicted, should she acknowledge her as her Mother or would the main frame again punish her. Stacy’s mind seemed to be free of the main frame, she couldn’t feel it inside her head anymore, she was unsure as to what had happened.

“Stacy, it’s me your Mother.” Denise said, seemingly worried about her daughters mind.

“Hal.. hallo… Mother.” Stacy said, confused her voice didn’t sound like a maid-bot before and not being used to using her own mind to allow her to speak.

“Yes Stacy, It’s me, your maid-bot program has been turned off.” Denise said.

“I’m no longer a maid-bot?” Stacy still confused, “What about my new owner, Master Robert?”

“Robert no longer owns you, you’re back to beng Stacy, my daughter.”

“So I now belong to you again?” Stacy still a little confused replied.

“In a way yes," Denise laughed, "but you’re my daughter not a maid any longer, you can come home.”

“Home, yes that would be good Mistr… sorry Mother,” Stacy corrected herself.

Stacy stepped out of the pod, she had been naked as always when recharging, now she started dressing in her maid’s uniform.

“No you’re no longer a maid Stacy…” Denise interrupted, but then realised that she had not brought any clothing for Stacy to wear. “Oh, I forgot sorry, you’d better wear that uniform until we get home.”

Once Stacy was fully dressed in her maids uniform, including latex stockings and apron, Stacy placed the hat band on her head, the one that had been used to control her via the main frame.

“You don’t have to wear that.” Her Mother said.

“Sorry, old habits and I feel comfortable wearing it, plus I think I’d feel naked without the full uniform on.” Stacy said, her memories becoming clearer now.

Denise & Stacy exited the maids room and were met by Robert in the hallway, Robert was shocked to see Stacy wearing her maid uniform until Denise explained that it was the only thing Stacy had to wear for the trip home. Still Robert wondered if the programming had affected Stacy and was still in some way influencing Stacy.

“Thank you for taking care of me; it seems I owe you a big favour for rescuing me from the factory and the tech-bots.” Stacy said.

“No I'm just pleased that you were okay.” Robert said.

“Well anytime you need an extra maid, please call me.”  Stacy laughed.

“Oh, I may take you up on that offer next time I throw a party here.” Robert smiled, thoughts of Stacy becoming more permanent staff in his mind.

“Come on Stacy, time to get back home.” Denise grabbed Stacy’s hand before she turned herself back into one of Robert’s maids again.

The journey back home was uneventful, Denise filled her in on some of the events that had happened, how sorry her sister was for being so mean to her and getting her sent back to the factory, also filing in more details of what was happening family-wise. 

Soon they arrived at their home, Denise stepped out of the limo first followed by Stacy, and she greeted Andrea like a fellow maid-bot “Hello Andrea, Stacy-bot returning home.”

As Stacy entered the main foyer she was met by her sister Liz, who seemed to be shocked to still see Stacy wearing the complete maid-bots outfit. “Stacy?” she asked, unsure.

“Stacy-bot MB-090-7641 at your service Madam.” Stacy said trying to suppress her laughter.

Liz looked shocked, her face white at seeing her sister still as a maid-bot.

“Stop messing around Stacy, stop teasing your sister like that!” her mother said.

Stacy just burst out laughing, “You should see the look on your face.” Pointing at Liz.

“You bitch! I’ll get you for that!” Liz fumed, but hugged her sister glad that she wasn’t damaged by the factory. She was unaware of her stay over at Robert’s place; she thought that she had been kept at the factory the whole time.

Stacy spent the next few days relaxing by the pool or reading; she needed to get her mind straight for college next term. But any time that she wanted something, she made sure that she got it herself and not request one of the maid-bots get it for her. Everything returned to normal for Stacy, she had even managed to spend some time with her Father before he left, this time overseas.

Stacy seemed to be missing something, her mind seemed some days to be lost, and other times her mind seemed to be overly busy. She knew she needed to get her mind set for college and all of the studying coming up, but she couldn’t allow herself to clear her mind. She sought out her Mother; she would be able to help.

“Mother,” Stacy said, “I’ve only a few days before I leave for college, I was wondering if you knew the activation codes for my maid-bot programming?” 

“Why yes of course dear, do you want to spend some time back as a maid-bot again?” her Mother asked her.

“I think I need some down time to prepare myself mentally for the coming term, it’ll clear my mind to have nothing to think about whilst performing chores.” Stacy said.

“Okay, if you’re sure, you’d better go ask Andrea to prepare you.”

Stacy walked off happier that she’d ever been, the prospect of becoming a maid-bot again making her feel more alive and free in herself. Stacy spent the next couple of days in blissful mindless duties as just another one of the maid-bots in the house, she did this time retain her memories and the main frame didn’t punish her for interacting with her Mother like it had in the past, though she still called her Mother 'Mistress', that part of the program switched off for now. Even serving her sister Liz and her horrible friends brought great joy to Stacy; she seemed to love to serve.


A couple of weeks after returning to college Stacy rang her Mother, “Mum, I need to get my placed cleaned up, it’s a mess and I can never seem to find the time or inclination to do it. I wondered if you could send the activation code to me so I can be a maid-bot to get my place cleaned.”

“Will it work there?” her Mother asked.

“Yes Master Robert has sent me a mini control system that can run off my laptop computer that I can run here in my apartment to control my maid-bot functions.” Stacy said.

“You shouldn’t call him that; he’s not your 'Master' Stacy.”

“I know that Mother, but it just seems natural to call him that.”

“I’ll send the code; give me the computer access so I can send the code to it.” Denise said.

Stacy passed on the details and soon the code was sent, Stacy was already dressed in her maid uniform by the time the code was sent and she felt it activate her maid-bot protocols. Soon she was functioning just as she had as a maid-bot before; cleaning up her apartment seemed much easier now. The system sent by Master Robert had a timer limit to it as Stacy had no recharging pod in her apartment, so needed to 're-charge' herself manually, eating and drinking as a noral functioning human.

And that’s how her flatmate found her later that day, still functioning as a maid-bot, just as the system was about to disconnect Stacy-bot and return her back to Stacy, college student.


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