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Goth an Android for You

by PoseMe

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Rayn did not want to be there. In fact, the only person that really wanted her there was her mother. Lorraine (but she prefers Rayn) and her mom are at the android store downtown looking at getting some help around the house. Rayn is moving out this week to the other side of town, so her mom would like someone to keep her company and help clean up. Rayn is against technology and all things that society finds important, but if it will help her get out of the house faster, she will at least pretend to help.

Standing by the counter, she watches her mom get some help from the male sales clerk. He seems like a used car salesman, which is exactly what this business is. Rayn's black fitted trenchcoat makes a bold dark statement in the well-lit showroom of the android store. It is like all light runs away from her.  Her jet black (yes, its dyed) hair, cut short above her ears, black finger nail polish, and black eye liner seem to fit her Goth appearance. Wearing black utility boots, she paces back and forth, nodding at her mom's inquiries about what to pick. Her clothes are functional and black: long sleeve shirt and cargo-type pants. The only color on her is her very deep maroon lipstick and a deep purple leather belt. 

As she fingers her cheap black choker (her nice ones are packed up...thanks, mom), she notices the various types of control collars behind the counter. They look silver and shiny and perfect and annoying (she thinks), but then she notices a black one. It is smaller than the others, thinner might be a better word. Looking around at the other people in the room, no one notices her, or maybe they are trying not to. She picks up two collars, one of them being the black one.

Walking over to a display that has a shiny surface, she holds the black one near her pale skin.  Hmm, she ponders, this day might not be a total loss.  Walking back to the counter, she makes a point of exaggerating her movements to return the silver collar while pocketing the black one. Not gonna put it on now, she reasons, the store security might notice it being powered on or something.

Eventually, her mom and Rayn leave empty handed.  She wants to think about it over lunch and come back. Rayn reminds her that she has to be at the music shop by 1 to get her custom-made guitar gloves. “Don't worry, Lorraine,” her mother replies, making sure she uses her given name, “We will grab a quick bite, then like promised, you can go your way and I will go mine. We will meet at home after a short bus ride.” Rayn wants to smile but does not. She simply says, “Whatever.”

As they walk down the street, she careful removes her choker and slips it into her other coat pocket. She then pulls out the heavier but more expensive looking “choker.” With one motion, she brings it up to her neck and it snaps in place.  The cool metal feels good against her neck.  It feels like it belongs there, she thinks to herself.  Her mom, noticing something Rayn's direction, says, “Hey, is that your nice choker? I thought you said it was packed up.” Rayn recovers from the questions and says, “It was in my trench pocket.” Her mom makes a heavy sigh, “So that entire tyraid you put me through this morning about packing up all your good stuff was a waste. The yelling, the hand gestures, the...” Rayn tunes her out like usual. She remembers this mornings argument. As it is one of the last, since she is moving out, she wanted to make it was!

The restaurant is a small but busy place.  They have a wide selection of overly-processed food, which Rayn has boycotted most of them at some point in her life. Her mother never seems to remember, or maybe she does it on purpose.  Either way, they get a table near the back and sit down to lunch.  The waitress is an android, so her perfect figure and smile are sickening to Rayn. Her mother remarks how cute the android looks in her retro-style uniform. It is made of spandex so it is very functional, but it has some other features on the cuffs and the bottom of the skirt to “dress it up.” The shoes are plain yet they look comfortable. It even has a notepad and pen to write down the order, even though it probably has more than enough processing power to do everyone's order at once in this dump, Rayn reasons.

As they settle in to awkward silence that is broken by even more awkward small talk, Rayn will stroke her new collar with excitement.  She cannot believe how good it feels on her, and the best part: it was free. She cannot wait to show it off to her friends at the music store.  

They finish their lunch and as her mom tries to pay, the afternoon begins to take a turn for the weird. The android stops in mid-sentence, like it was frozen. Rayn's mom tries to get it to do something, but it just stares off at the far wall.  She calls over a human staff member who looks at the android and remarks, “Yeah, we have had trouble lately with this one. We think it is the battery not recharging properly. Give me your check and I will cash you out in the front.”  As her mom stands, Rayn says, “I want to finish my drink and I was thinking of spending the night at my new place so the movers can get started early tomorrow.” Her mom frowns, realizing that Lorraine could have said that an hour ago so they could talk about it, but now she is standing and the guy is expecting payment at the front desk.  With a heavy sigh, she replies, “Ok, that's fine. Be safe. Have fun,” and walks away.

As her mother leaves, the tech crew walk up to the android waitress.  They mumble to each other as they try to reset the android, their backs to the table.  Rayn waits a few more seconds to make sure her mom is gone, then she stands to leave. “Maybe we should just power to collar off then on.” The other guy hits the remote button 'off.' Rayn is bending down to get her purse from around her chair when he hits the 'on' button.

Without any control, she stands up straight and puts her arms by her side, in unison with the android waitress.  Whats going on? She wonders. “Ok, hold up your right hand.” Rayn and the android waitress extend their right hand together. What am I doing? “Ok, put it down.” Rayn and the android waitress do so. “Alright, state your designation.” My what? Rayn cannot hear what the android waitress says, but in a monotone voice she states, “Lorraine Bethel Patterson.” In the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, they do not hear her. “Works for me,” the tech crew says, “Now, bust this table and return to your previous program.”

Rayn and the android waitress work together and clear the table. What am I doing? She thinks. Why can I not stop doing what they said? I don't understand. As soon as she places the last dish in the return bin, she feels control coming back to her. Flexing her fingers and turning her head, she says, “I'm back!”  Not wanting to stay any longer, she grabs her purse and hurries out the door.

On the sidewalk, she begins to piece it together. The collar was off the whole time, until the tech crew turned it on. It makes me obey a command, but when told to go back to my last command, that would have been mom with “have fun.” Woah, she thinks to herself, this is some weird stuff here. As she ponders that, she walks in front of a department store and hears an argument over the noise of the street.

“...not me.”
“But, you said you would.”
Rayn sees a woman talking to a man in the department store window. There are mannequins in the window with them. The man is trying to get the woman to do something.  As she steps down, he says loudly, “Come stand in this window!” Rayn feels the control over her body leave. Oh no, not again! She turns sharply and enters the department store. It is well lit, clean, bright, and quite obnoxious to Rayn's eyes.  As commanded, she steps into the window display next to the man. He does a double take then says, “See, she will do it, right?” The collar must have very basic commands in it, since she did not reply to him, but wanted to say something like, “Hell, no, I would not be caught dead in here.” Her silence was taken for affirmation, so he tells the other lady to leave.  Turning to Rayn, he says, “Hurry, go back into the back dressing room and put on the pink nighty then come back and stand in the window.” Rayn turns and walks stiffly to the back of the store, but she has no way of knowing where to go. Hopefully, she will get control back once she gets to the back and has no way of knowing what to do.

As she gets to the back, a sales lady sees her coming and points to the dressing room, “Step in here, miss.”  Handing her a travel make-up kit, she adds, “Once you have your old clothes off and the new ones on, change your make-up to a pink base.” Pink? Rayn screams on the inside, I don't think so.

But as ordered, she steps into the changing room. She begins to take off her clothes. The trenchcoat, pants, boots, and shirt all come off easily. The strange looking bra she wears will not be as easy. Without as much care as she usually uses, she unclasps the front, back and sides of it. The controlling-bra releases and her cup size increases dramatically.  Ah, she moans to herself, that feels really good. While fighting against society, it is the ultimate irony that her genes give her a very large chest. Since her views against society would be against women having fake ones added or the real ones enhanced, she looks like she might have had work done on them. To save face, she uses a special bra that pulls them in tight, so she looks “normal-sized” and less appealing to the male dominated world.

Enjoying the moment, she does not notice the hot pink teddy and panty set she puts on. The panties are very soft and frilly and cover all her parts. The teddy covers her chest (barely) and has a sheer part that extends down to her panties. Oh, she groans, this has got to be the worst thing ever. Without any notice, she grabs a wipe out of the make-up kit. With two quick swipes, it removes all her make-up.  She does not wear much, but it is all very dark and now it is all very gone. Her face now looks even more pale than before and all the same, washed-out color. Oh no, she squeals to herself, not that, not that. With expert precision, she applies hot pink lipstick and eye shadow. Rayn can only cringe as the young woman looking at her in the mirror looks nothing like her.

Done with her commands, she exits the room thinking she might could leave now, but she moves towards the window again. Oh yeah, she recalls, he said to return to the window. She feels every set of eyes on her as she steps towards the window and into it. She stands stiff and at attention. Once she does that, she finds her movement returning. “yes,” she whispers, turning around to step down, “I'm out of here.”

The man that put her up to this sees her moving and yells, “freeze!” And just like that, Rayn is frozen in place. “Oh my, my,” he says walking up to her, “you are a mannequin's dream come true.” As he walks around her, he says, “Okay, lets go with hands behind your head, tilt your head to the left and raise it up some, arch your back just a little, bend that leg forward, and perfect!” Rayn followed everything he said, putting herself into the pose he described. “Hmm,” he starts, “that choker of yours seems out of place, maybe we should take it off?” 

Rayn screams inside, yes yes yes do that. He looks at it and tries to find the catch or knot to release it. “Uh, I'm not sure where it is, maybe you should do it, or...” he snaps his fingers, “no, wait, stay just like that.” Crap, Rayn thinks, so close. He runs off and comes back with a hot pink satin or maybe silk scarf. “It's our latest thing: lingerie scarves.” Draping it over her and around her neck, the shortened scarf covers her control collar easily. Stepping back, he says, “Perfect!” If by perfect you mean horrible, she thinks sarcastically, I agree.

“Stay just like that until I come back and get you.” And that is just what she did. She held that pose for the next 4 hours. She watched people stare at her, mostly men. I'm pretty sure I have had more guys look at me and notice me today more than my entire life, she pauses to take a mental breath then finishes with, combined. She saw wives or older women look at her outfit and wonder about its price. She felt the eyes of sales people pointing customers to her as they looked at the merchandise. To make matters worse, she saw some of her friends walk by. Fortunately, none of them even looked her way. Of course, she thinks, they might not recognize me. The last lady that walked by me wanted to complain to the manager about them having such busty mannequins and the outfits they are in.  Do I look that fake, she asks herself. I mean, I'm a human woman that is just standing still?

To her surprise, the four hours goes by quickly. She would think her muscles would be sore, but at the moment, she feels fine. She can hear a man's footsteps behind her and then the familiar voice of the manager, “Well, you are all done for the day. Go get dressed then find me again. I got something for you.” Without a word, she drops her pose then heads for the dressing room. The entire way back is just like the way to the window: every eye on her. She wants to find a place to hide, but she can do nothing unless ordered to do so.

In the dressing room, she begins to get dressed. He did not tell her to strip, so she starts putting her clothes on top of the nightie. Since her panties and controlling-bra will not fit now, the collar deems them unnecessary. No wait, she screams to herself, you gotta put them on and not leave them here. But her body slips into the pants and boots easily before moving to the tank top. Due to her increased chest size, the top stretches over her noticeably. She can see a little bit of cleavage that she had never shown in public. Well, she thinks dejectedly, until today.

Once dressed, she leaves her undergarments there and walks out. She scans the large department store and locates the manager. He sees her coming and walks to meet her halfway. Holding out his hand, he says, “Here's some credits for helping me today. I really appreciate it.” She remains standing at attention in front of him. He looks at her oddly, then adds, “Uh, take the money, miss. You are free to go.” 

With that final command, Rayn feels her body return to her control. At that moment, every muscle in her body screams from being locked into place. She cannot help but groan loudly. His expression is one of surprise, but then she adds, “Oh, thank you thank you, sir.” She grabs the money and hugs him (which is out of character for her). “You have made me so happy, bye!” She starts to run out of the store before he might say anything to lock her into 4 more hours. His confused look turns to a big smile as he waves at her, “what a strange young lady.”

Having thought this through already, she has her earbuds out before she reaches the busy sidewalk. Searching on her phone, she finds a classical Internet channel. Within a few seconds, the most irritating music is pumping into her ears. The music has no lyrics and cannot interfere with her freedom. While it is not her favorite, it drowns out all noise, and more importantly, all voices. She can now try to find a solution to her problem without being forced into another awkward situation.

Watching the world pass by her as she listens to “noise,” she tries to think of her next move, while massaging her muscles back into shape. Ah, she says to herself, Victor can help me. He lives in a downtown apartment over the music store I was going to anyway. Walking to the next corner, she turns left and heads to her boyfriend's place. While walking, she texts her friends and mom, covering her last 4 hours of silence communicating over her phone. In between that, she pieces herself back together, reapplying some darker lipstick and wiping off the pink eyeshadow. The rest will need more attention, but for now, she looks normal...except for her chest stretching her t-shirt. Her robot brain did not reattach her bra correctly, but she does not want to take the time to fix it right.

Several blocks later, the music store is on her right, with the entrance to the apartments above just past it. Having been walking briskly, she slow down to glance inside to see if Victor is down here. Not seeing him amongst the music posers that darken this store regularly, she continues slowly onto the stairs and up to the third floor. So far, so good, she thinks, almost there.

Pulling her key out of her purse, she opens the apartment door. Walking into the small apartment, Rayn pulls her earbuds out and calls out, “Hey, Vic, you here?”  She walks down the narrow hallway and rounds the corner to face the kitchen. Looking around the rather messy apartment, she sees movement from the bathroom door.

Turning to face the motion, she sees a tall lanky person walking out. The all black from head to toe fits his lifestyle, but something does not seem right. Oh no, she wails to herself, what is she doing here? Tess is Vic's ex-girlfriend who still manages to spend time with him. Her goth lifestyle is similar to Rayn's, but Tess truly hates the world and all who are in it, while Rayn and her friends are against the world. In Rayn's mind, hating the world and people is not the same thing as hating the system in which everyone must live. “Well, well, well,” Tess starts, “Look what fell out of the garbage can.”

Rayn shoots back, while walking past her, “I don't have time to fight today, Tess. Have you seen, Vic?” Tess, thinking it odd that Rayn does not want to fight, steps into Rayn's way.  Even though she is egging her on, Rayn side steps her without a word and looks in the kitchen. Tess is confused now, but also more determined to get a rise out of Rayn. “You and Vic fighting again?” Tess knew that Rayn and Vic never fought, at least not as much as Tess and him did. “No, no,” Rayn replies frustrated walking towards the bedroom and past Tess again, “I really need his help.” Tess, more confused than ever, makes a final lame cut at Rayn, “Need? I need you to shut up and suck my big toe.” 

Rayn feels her body being highjacked again. No, she screams, not now, not her. She stops in her tracks, turns around, and walks straight towards Tess.  Tess was not expecting such a change, so she goes to step back but trips over the edge of the couch. She falls softly into the plush couch. Before she can protest, Rayn has gotten on her knees in front of Tess. Taking Tess foot in her hands, she opens her mouth and takes Tess' right toe and starts sucking on it. Yuck, Rayn recoils, her toe tastes like dirt. 

Tess' eyes just go wide as she lets Rayn suck and suck on her toe. “Rayn?” Tess starts, “What do you think you are doing?” Rayn says in reply, I'm sucking your big, crap-tasting toe. But in reality, she replies, “This unit is complying with its orders.” Tess looks puzzled at Rayn, who continues to suck her toe. “Unit?” Tess is trying to piece it together, but nothing could prepare her for her enemy kneeling at her feet and sucking them.

Her phone buzzes, so she looks to see that it's Vic. “Hey,” she says to Rayn, “Stop it while I take this call.” Obedient as ever, Rayn stops. Pushing the button, Tess says, “Hey, Vic, whassup?” Vic? Rayn screams inside. Hey, I need your help. “Huh? No, I have not seen Rayn...nope, nothing...yeah, weird...coming up soon? hurry...bye.” Tess could feel hatred being sent towards her, even though Rayn maintained a neutral facial expression. 

However, Tess finally figured it out.  As soon as she pressed the off button, Rayn immediately went back to sucking her toe, just like she had said.  I mean, Tess wonders, she is almost acting like one of those collared robots. Snapping her fingers, Tess says, “Yeah, a robot...a very obedient robot.” Rayn does not like the look she is getting from Tess. I am in so much trouble, she thinks fearfully.

The next few minutes go by quickly for Rayn. As ordered, she has cleaned the main room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom faster than she thought she could move.  Seriously, she pants, I have never moved this fast in my life. While the collar cannot add super speed, it can add great control under a faster-than-normal speed. Therefore, Rayn can do things faster now by moving more precisely.

Tess, sitting on the couch with a drink in hand and feet propped up, enjoys the best day of her life. “Oh, Rayn,” she starts, “You just don't know how long I have dreamed of a moment like this. I mean,” sipping her drink again, “This is everything I want from you and, soon to be, more.” A knock at the door could not have come at a better time. “Bot, door,” Tess orders.

With mop in hand, Rayn rushes to the door. Stopping suddenly, she opens the door to let Creel in. Ugh, she recalls, what a creep! Creel looks past her, having eyes only for Tess. He is just want Tess wants in a man: do whatever she wants in hopes of getting something that they never will. “Here it is, T!” He hands her the box gently. Tess sits up and replies, “Oh, Creel, you got here so fast.” She opens the box to see just what she asked for, then stands to give him a kiss. Just as their lips touch, she pulls back and asks, “You did close the account, right?” Creel, with lips still puckered, opens his eyes up and wide, “Oh, uh, well, I figured...”

Rayn has seen this a hundred times, and she would roll her eyes if she could. Tess reminds him of what she had asked for and what needs to be done. He nods, agreeing with her. He steps closer to her, hoping to make amends, but she is already sitting on the couch with box in lap. If he wants forgiveness and something more from her, he has to do the job right. Like a scared puppy, he rushes out of the room. If he had looked up, he might have recognized Rayn still holding the door open for him, but he does not.

“Bot, close the door and come to me.” Rayn obeys and stands at attention in front of her. She can see Tess pulling out shiny clothes from the box. “Ah,” she says, “Just what a sexbot would wear, yes?” Crap, Rayn swears, this looks worse and worse by the minute. “Put this on...right now, in front of me.” Nodding her compliance and screaming 'hell, no' in her head, Rayn begins to strip her clothes off.

Rayn strips nude in front of Tess. Tess looks admiringly at her, taking in every curve that she has to offer. Reaching into the box, Rayn starts to dress herself in the latex outfit. The dark green catsuit goes on first, with holes to show plenty of cleavage, easy access to holes in front and back below her waist, and of course a place for her head to stick out. Once the shiny suit is on, she puts on the corset. And while she cannot tighten it, she does slip it over the catsuit and smooths out the wrinkles. She adds the cream colored gloves just past her wrists and boots to match up to her knees. Her control choker rests just above the suit.

“Wow, you look good in that. So feminine, so sexy, so menial...” Tess laughs at her. Stepping behind her, she begins to tighten the corset. Rayn can feel every pull and tug. Her back straightens more and she can see her chest climbing up and out as well. Within a few seconds, Tess finishes it off and steps in front of her. With a look of shock, she says, “Oh my God, Rayn, you are a bombshell. I mean, seriously.” Take your compliment and shove it, Tess.

Gathering herself, Tess returns to normal. “Yep, perfect slutbot for Vic,” she says slapping her on the latex butt. “That should feel good to you, bot.” With those words, Rayn feels tingles up her spine. Woah, she squeals, that does feel good...mmm.

But, Tess was not done. “Ok, bot, who's your owner?” Rayn replies in a monotone, “This unit has no current owner.” Tess grins. “Bot, your owner is Victor Rozzardi. Confirm.” Rayn figures there is no way this will work, but she replies, “Confirmed. All company-owned robots must have a private owner upon purchase...this unit is now owned by Victor Rozzardi.” Tess smiles again. “I will be secondary owner and robot purchaser: Tess. You will call me: Mistress.” Oh, Rayn thinks, there is no way I will... “Confirmed. Tess is secondary owner of unit.” Tess can only laugh as she says the final words, “Bot designation is: BangMeNow.” Please, stop, I don't want... “Confirmed. This unit is called BangMeNow.”

Tess puts a black, hard plastic mask on Rayn. The mask has no moving parts, feminine features, two slits for eyes, and one round hole for her lips to stick out. “This should keep him from recognizing you until we get you modified.” Wait, you are going to change my looks, too, Rayn thinks dejectedly. And with that thought, the apartment door opens and Vic walks in. The look on his face is priceless: shock and desire.

“Oh, Vic,” Tess says dripping with lust, “Look what I got for you.” Vic puts his musical instrument down and walks over to this crazy scene in his living room. “Uh, hey Tess,” he mumbles, “You did what?” Tess replies, “Please state designation.” Rayn replies behind the plastic mask, “This unit is called BangMeNow and is owned by Victor Rozzardi.” Vic whistles loudly and replies, “Really?” Tess puts her arm around him lovingly, “Really.” 

Vic is my man now, Tess, Rayn screams in her head, get your hands off him! Vic and Tess move closer to Rayn, making a quick circle all around her. Vic whistles loudly, “Wow, she is hot!” He reaches out his hand to stroke her latex covered butt cheek. “I know, right?” Tess replies, moving to the front of Rayn, facing them both now. She reaches her arms around but past Rayn to pull Vic closer to them both. “So, you like?” Tess asks with a sultry hint. Vic nods as he extends his arms around Rayn to grab hold of Tess. Rayn is now in the middle of a group hug. Or more like a sandwich, Rayn complains, with the way they are squeezing.

Rayn maintains her neutral pose as Vic leans over her left shoulder so that Tess can do the same. Rayn cannot see what they are doing, but she can hear them kissing. As they move slightly in their kissing, their bodies squeak against her latex-covered one. Each kiss and movement gets a squeak and a moan. Rayn is thoroughly disgusted from all this, but she cannot do anything about it.

At this point, she feels some pressure behind her and under her butt. She then hears the auto-feature in Vic's pants kick in. Oh no, she complains, his hormones have activated the...zzzzzip. With that sound, Rayn gets a familiar poke from Vic's unit. Within a few seconds, he has penetrated her, still kissing Tess passionately. No, no, no, Rayn screams again, you know how much I hate this position.

It does not take Vic long to unload. I mean, Tess thinks, who can resist a hot woman kissing you around a latex sex bot. She knows he is done by his heavy moan, almost grunt, sound. “Satisfied?” Tess asks in her sultry way. “Oh yeah!” Vic replies with more enthusiasm than anyone has seen from him all day. At this point, Rayn knows she has lost him. “You have made me the happiest guy in town!”

Tess and Vic separate then flop down on the couch to watch Rayn. He orders her around, doing menial tasks for him. He seems to enjoy the absolute obedience she offers him. She never second guesses...never questions. She only obeys.

Getting hungry, they decide to eat out. Ordering Rayn to deep clean the entire apartment, they leave in each other's arms. Rayn would sigh if she could, but she can't.  She sets to her duties, trying to resist or break free of the choker's control the whole time. She does not know how long they are gone, but she was able to make the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedroom spotless before they return. 

When they do come inside, Vic holds up a piece of paper while calling for her, “BangMeNow, I have a surprise for you.” As Rayn enters the room to stand in front of him, she can see the paper is some type of ad or coupon for androids like her. He says in a positive way, a most ominous word, “Upgrades!” Rayn can only reply outwardly, “Yes, master” while inwardly screaming, 'nooooooo.'

story continues in part two


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