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Goth an Android for You

by PoseMe

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story continues from part one

Part Two

The trip to the android store is uneventful. Vic and Tess make small talk, while Rayn sits quietly in the back. Vic does not own a car, which is one of the reasons Rayn likes him so much: he is always against the establishment. Tess, on the other hand, says she is against society, but the way she dresses and acts, you could not tell it. Rayn, of course, is the most hard core of them all, so to be trapped as society's puppet is a fate worse than... worse than... well, she thinks, I'm not sure what could be worse than that.

They pull into the parking garage that is above the store and take the elevator down to the first floor. Rayn is very self-conscious of her outfit, as it is against all of her likes: tight, bright, and latex-shiny. Her high heels click on the hard floor as her latex covered body makes squeaky noises.  They enter the store, just like her and her mom did the day before. The store is very busy, with multiple salesreps handling many customers. A corset-wearing, short-skirt, low-top, gloves-to-the-elbows and boots-to-the-knees, latex android saunters over. "Greetings, sir and madam. Welcome to the Android Store on 5th and Walnut! We are unusually busy at this time, but I can point you in the right direction." 

Vic answers while putting his hand on Rayn, "My android here needs some upgrades, and I have my confirmation number from my online order." He holds out the piece of paper. Tess is looking around the room, thinking of what she could do to humiliate Rayn now. The android takes the paper and scans it. "Very good," it says, handing the paper back to Vic, "I have placed your request in the appropriate line. The current wait time is 45 minutes. You have three options: Would you care to wait with your android, leave it here and you will be notified when it is ready for pick-up, or return at a different time?"

Vic turns to Tess, but before he can ask, she says, "Oh, Vic! We don't wanna stand around here all day. Let's go out just us, then we can come back later." Vic, being reminded why he broke up with her, seems to be taken with Tess again, so he simply nods his head. "We will leave it here. Let me know when I can come back." Rayn can only sigh to herself, as she is about to be left in public like this. She watches her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend leave while holding hands.

The android holds up a remote to Rayn's collar. Suddenly, Rayn can feel a voice of sorts in her head. 
-Accessing android control- Who said that?
-Mainframe connection established- Main who?
-Android BangMeNow placed into database and added to store inventory- I've been added to what?
-Uploading window program- Upload?

Rayn can feel her head being filled with poses for standing in the window of the store. The layout of the store is also shoved in there, along with other needed pieces of information. Rayn can hardly keep her thoughts together, as every thought gets interrupted by new information. Finally, with her head pounding, the android says to her, "BangMeNow, go to window spot #3. Assume pose #12. Enter mannequin mode." With no free will left to fight her, Rayn replies, "Compliant." And with a grace that only a computer program could give her, she walks over to one of the extremely large windows in the store. Stepping onto a low stand, she turns her palms up and bends her elbows, extending her arms out, as if she is holding a tray. She smiles slightly and stands at attention. Ugh, she starts to think, this is so hum--mannequin mode engaged--

The next hour goes by with quickness for the store workers. Weekends are always busy there. Finally, one of the salesreps gets to Rayn's stiff form. Accessing the collar through a tablet computer, the salesrep sees the upgrades that Vic is asking for. She ponders the extensive list, then sends a text to the customer: 'Victor, this is Andrea from the Android Store. Your upgrade list will take a couple of days, or I could give you the same thing in about an hour with only one change.' Tess does not appreciate her dinner being interrupted, so Vic just sends a quick 'sure' back to Andrea.

Already in the back room, Andrea is setting up a new android that has all the basic upgrades Vic was wanting. Instead of changing his android so much, she will just swap him for a new one. This will reduce their new inventory and count as a sale. The old android will sell easier than a new one. It is a win-win... for me, that is, Andrea thinks with a smile. 

The new android is loaded with the preset programs, plus the added ones for pleasure. The new android looks similar enough to Rayn, that Vic and Tess will not recognize her. The blue bob cut hair and the corset that has her chest nearly spilling out, will make the new "BangMeNow" just to his liking. The 5 inch heels and super-tight latex leggings make her a vision for any man. "Okay, BangMeNow," Andrea says to the new android, "Go to the make-up station and put on 4C. Fill window #2 with pose #8, then enter mannequin mode." Vic's new android replies, "Compliant," then makes a very sexy walk to the make-up station.

Rayn blinks her eyes. Wow, she thinks, that was weird. I was like asleep, but not. Like being in a coma maybe, but not. The voice in her head starts up again, "Droid 117, report to the cleaning station." Without question, Rayn says, "Droid 117, compliant." Turning on her heel, she heads to the back of the store, like her new built-in map shows. She notices her old name is gone and has been replaced with Droid 117. Glad to not be 'BangMeNow', she reasons, but 'Droid 117' sounds kinda cheesy.

Once in the back, she straddles the flushing system. Her feet and hands lock into place. She is a little nervous as a cool hose penetrates her holes both front and back. She can feel water being pushed up into her, and then it happens, the one thing she has needed for days: to use the bathroom. She can feel her bladder loosening, and everything she had in her system flushes out. Oh my, she squeals on the inside, that feels soooo good. I thought I was going to pop. The system completes the cycle, then repeats it again two more times. While Rayn is not sure it was needed the last time, she is quite thankful to be emptied.

Being released from flushing system, she walks to the back room, where another android is waiting. Rayn is stripped of her embarrassing outfit, only to have it replaced with one that is just as sexy. The corset is purple and at least an inch tighter around her waist. Her shoulders are left bare, while her gloves are pulled up well past her elbows. The skirt is tight and jet black, matching the gloves. Her boots are also pulled past her knees, and provide not 4 but 5 inches to her height with the heels and platforms. Their purple color matches the corset. And to add insult to injury, everything she has on is latex, so it is shiny, squeaky, and sensual. Well, Rayn thinks to herself, at least my bladder isn't being squished anymore.

The android steps away from her as a salesrep walks up to her. She has a palm computer on her wrist and her nametag says: Andrea. "Well, well," Andrea begins in a cheery voice, "What else does my new piece of inventory need?" Rayn replies simply: freedom. Andrea ignore Rayn's mental plea and checks her palm computer. "Ok, Droid 117," she begins, "Go to the make-up station and put on 17G with sealer, then go to the wig dispenser and punch in code P45B." Rayn replies, "Droid 117, compliant." Then she turns around and heads for some make-up.

Within a few minutes, Rayn is completely done with purple hair matching her corset and boots. Her make-up is over done (in her opinion), but she is "showroom worthy", according to Andrea. When she walks past Andrea again, she notices that she is messing with the flushing system. Her cheery tone gone as she says, "Come on, you piece of junk." Rayn walks past her without a second glance, headed to the showroom area. She is almost there when a chime rings in the store, telling everyone that a customer has arrived. Rayn can hear Andrea messing with her palm computer and the flushing system.

"Oh dang," Andrea says, "The last couple for the night... got too much to do and too little time." Trying to untangle herself from the flushing system, she says, "Droid 117, get over here." Rayn does an immediate about face and returns to Andrea's side. Andrea stands up and holds her palm computer up to Rayn's head. Rayn can feel a flood of information coming into her head again. All kinds of programs that are made to refine her current robotic ones. As her head gets more and more information, she begins to see what it all is: how to act human. With the flood stopped, Andrea unclips her nametag off her blouse and attaches it to the top of Rayn's corset. The chip in the clip activates the software just uploaded to Rayn. "Ok, Andrea," the real Andrea says, "Better get out there."

Rayn's blank facial expression changes. She smiles broadly, slumps her shoulders slightly, and nods her head. "Oh, yes," Rayn says cheerfully, "I can't wait to help those customers." And with a too-cheery-skip in her step, Rayn (or should we say, the new Andrea) goes back to the showroom floor. The real Andrea watches her go, as she returns to the flushing system. "If only I could fix you as easily..."

Vic and Tess enter the Android Store again, looking for some help. "It is kinda creepy in here," Tess says softly, "With no humans around." Vic pats her hand and replies, "Don't worry babe, here comes a salesrep now." Rayn walks up to them smiling broadly, "Ah, Vic and his lovely friend, so good to see you back at the Android Store." Rayn, though she hates them both now, cannot stop smiling warmly at them. "Ready to pick up your ticket to the future?" Vic and Tess both nod together.

"Andrea", Vic starts by reading the nametag just above the mountains of exposed cleavage, "We are excited to get our droid and get home. It has been a long, but exciting day." Rayn nods, "Oh, yes sir, we do our best to please the customer. And when we can't, well, we let our droids do that." Rayn cannot believe the sappy joke she just made, or the silly little laugh she is doing right now. Walking behind the counter to the awkward silence that Vic and Tess replied with, she expertly taps a few keys. "Ok, here comes BangMeNow." And with a flourish of her hand, Vic and Tess follow her outstretched arm to their dream droid.

Vic and Tess both go wide-eyed, as they see their upgraded android come in the room. The yellow corset... the blue latex short shorts... the thick utility platform boots... the hair done up in two pigtails... the chest that would take all four of their hands to cover just one side of it... Vic can only whistle, and Tess can only grin with satisfaction. As Vic signs a couple of things on the screen, Rayn can hear Tess giggling a little too loudly, "...oh Rayn, Rayn, Rayn..." At that point, Rayn pieces it all together, and she can finally grin on the inside: Tess thinks she has played the ultimate humiliation on her, and does not realize she has a regular droid to take home. And while I am still stuck here, she reasons, it is better than being a slave to those two. Vic must also have had a few too many drinks, as he does not notice Tess' snide remarks to their android.

Once Rayn finishes the sale, Vic and Tess each take an arm of their new droid and walk out with her. As they leave, Rayn waves to them, and with genuine words, she says, "I hope you both enjoy your new android, and please come back soon."  Vic and Tess call out over their shoulders, "Thanks, Andrea!" And just like that, Rayn is rid of them. She would like to gloat, if she was not still stuck as an android. 

Her tablet blinks at her, so she looks down to read: "Andrea, close up the store by..." and the screen lists all the close outs procedures. Probably, Rayn figures, the real Andrea does not even look at this screen for the list, but the newly programmed Andrea follows it carefully. She locks the doors and closes down the sales screen behind the counter, while humming a soft tune. She looks to the two female androids standing at attention near the back wall. They are dressed just like her, except for the color. When she approaches them, they both turn to her and say in unison, "Good evening, Andrea! Do you need assistance?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." Rayn begins, following her Andrea personality program, "Droid 97, get the latex spray and shine up the androids in window 1. Put your cloth and bottle on the shelf for the housekeeping droid tomorrow morning, then go to Window 2 and assume pose 12." Droid 97 nods her head and says, "Yes, madam," as she walks away, swinging her hips more than the usual android. Turning to the other, Rayn says, "Droid 72, get the window cleaner and wipe off the nose prints from those kids in window 4. Hide your spray bottle and rag behind Droid 17's cape. Then, go to window 3 and assume pose 3." Like the other android, Droid 72 says, "yes, madam," as she walks by.

Rayn checks her screen for the last few items. It does not take her long to finish the few small issues. She can see out of the corner of her eye, the droids cleaning where she told them. You know, Rayn thinks to herself, I could get used to bossing them around. As the droids assume their poses in the window, she is compelled to go over and shut them down for the night. Technically, Rayn corrects herself, I am putting them into 'mannequin mode'.

Having checked off the last thing on her list, she heads to the breakroom. But on her way there, the screen beeps. Looking down, it says, "Unauthorized access of flushing system. Android without collar malfunctioning. Retrieve collar and place on android's neck." Rayn wonders at the screen's meaning. Unable to figure it out, her body walks over to the drawer and pulls out a white control collar. As she nears the flushing system, she sees the real Andrea straddling it again, saying some non-flattering words. Rayn realizes now that the mainframe has mistaken Andrea for a droid, and Rayn is about to enslave her. Hey, lady, she screams, you better move!

Andrea does not hear her, as the flushing system finally activates properly. Her legs and hands are locked in just like an android. She can feel the two hoses penetrating her. Yikes, she squeals outloud, I should have turned on the preheater... that's kinda cold. As required by corporate headquarters, employees have to be familiar with the hardware and software of the androids, so going through the flushing system is not uncommon. As Andrea waits for the cycle to complete, she feels something on her neck. She thinks to flinch, but then the flushing system ends and she gets a squirt of lubricant in both holes. Eww, she thinks distractedly, the only part I don't... -click- the collar snaps in place.

Rayn can only watch from the outside, as Andrea's mental thoughts are combated like a rogue android. All of her higher order thinking is suspended. All memories from the past 5 minutes are erased, and a safe mode program is installed. When the flushing system releases her, she gets off the saddle and stands at attention. Rayn walks over in front of her saying, "Designation?" Andrea has no thought of this conversation, as her mind is running the safe mode program. "Droid 117," she replies in a monotone. Rayn nods to herself, hey, that was my designation.

She says outloud, "Ah, the rogue android is just one that had not been registered yet. No biggie, I got this." She runs the necessary programs from her palm computer, like she was the real Andrea. She orders Droid 117 into the training outfit. Which, Rayn thinks, is nothing more than a silver two piece bathing suit, where the bottoms have two small plugs for insertion (no straps around the sides), the top has a suction cup to attach to the nipples, and the shoes are just the soles that adhere to the bottom of the feet (no straps or side panels). Droid 117, now wearing the training outfit, is sent to storage. Rayn can tell Andrea is not a droid, as her middle is a little flabby and her chest does not fill the plastic-like cups.

Stepping into the storage unit, Rayn turns it on and Andrea (now Droid 117) is safely stored for the night. Rayn whistles as she walks into the employee prep room. She removes her palm computer, then places her badge in the drawer with the others. Clocking out on the desktop screen, Rayn moves to leave the store. As she walks out of the prep room, the mainframe starts talking to her: Andrea designation is incorrect, return to storage immediately. Rayn turns around and walks straight to the storage units. She enters the one next to Andrea. She can "see" the mainframe renaming Droid 117 to Andrea, and now Andrea to Droid 117. Ok, Rayn thinks in confusion, it appears I am back to being Droid 117 and Andrea is now Andrea. Hopefully, someone will let her out in the morning, because I am done for the...-click- the storage door shuts and Rayn is turned off.

The store manager gets to the store about an hour before it is to open the next day. He has his morning cup of coffee in one hand and his key card in the other. He steps into the showroom front door, taking a quick look around. Everything looks good, he thinks, except for the cleaning supplies being left out. Andrea always makes the housekeeping robot do that, he thinks with a smirk. Walking to the back of the store, he sets his coffee down and checks the notifications on his computer screen.  "hmmm," he mumbles, "That is strange..."

Looking at the screen, it shows that Andrea was the last one here. She clocked out but never left the store. That's weird, he thinks. As he starts to search through the saved videos, he hears a droid walking in the hallway. Judging from the sound of the shoes, it is a trainer droid. "Trainer?" He says out loud. Stepping into the hallway, he sees Andrea walking towards him mechanically. He can see the white control collar on her neck, and the flashing activation lights. He holds up his hand, and she stops. "What trick is this?" He asks.

"Good morning, store manager," Andrea answers, "This unit has been assigned as the housekeeping android today. Do you need prior assistance?" He has no idea what is going on, but he knows something is not right. His first thought is: lawsuit. This must have been an accident, and she will sue us into bankruptcy. Trying to remain calm, he uses his administrative privileges to unlock the collar from her neck. Andrea immediately slumps slightly saying, "Wow, thank you, sir. It feels good to be free again!" He puts on the air of disappointment as he says, "Do you mind telling me what happened?"

She nods her head slowly, but then starts to shake it side to side. "Well, sir," she starts, "It is like this...I am not sure how I got in the storage container with a collar on my neck." He opens his mouth to say something, when she continues on, "I was working on the flushing system, and then bang, I woke up this morning at 7:36 in the storage container being assigned cleaning duty." He believes her, as Andrea is one of his most trusted employees. However, how could this have happened? "Well, are you alright?" He asks genuinely. "Yes, best night sleep I have ever had," she begins, "I was worried about having to close the store last night then have to get up early today for my road trip. It is not that I don't want to go to the family reunion, but handling my family is tough enough when I have not had lots of sleep." Right, he recalls, Andrea has the day off today.

He had heard rumors of the control collars being accidentally placed on a person. The control collar seems to do just that, and it does not matter if you are human or android. After some conversing, mostly so he feels better knowing she will not sue, she feels that she needs to change out of this ridiculous outfit. Saying their goodbyes, she slowly and awkwardly walks towards the back of the store, leaving the store manager little time to get the store ready to open. He would like to investigate what happened, but for now, he has to finish the store start-up. 

He gets the sales droids out of the window and onto to prepping the store. The store activates another droid to be the housekeeping droid for the day. As he checks his email, he sees the latest housekeeping droid walk by. Her height is well over 6 feet, as she is tall for an android, 5 inch platform heels, ultra restrictive corset and a chest that nearly falls out with every step. The former manager of this store, Pris, started this trend, and it has been a winner in boosting sales and increasing foot traffic.

The day is nearly half over before Rayn gets to join it. Her eyes snap open and she is fed the android paste. Yuck, she thinks, that stuff tastes horrible. She is sent out of the storage pod to be cleaned, flushed, and dressed. Her outfit is very plain, just a trainer suit like Andrea wore last night. She walks out to the front of the store, feeling awkward in the outfit but clean on the outside and inside. The sales rep is talking to a younger couple as she steps up, " it is just a new upgrade for any android. Ah, here it is: a standard android." The couple's eyes get large, as they have obviously never owned an android before.

"Now," the sale rep says while holding up his hand, "Before you get too close, let's make a quick change, shall we?" The man makes a change on his palm computer. Rayn feels the main system ordering her back to the Alteration Room. Alteration Room? she thinks, I have not been in there. Her trip is short and her time in the room is just as short. She steps into a type of cylinder that encloses her completely. She is ordered to close her eyes while a cool mist is sprayed on her. The mist seems to have a life of its own, as it works all over her body, even under the trainer suit. Before she leaves, she feels her face warm slightly, with a slight discomfort around her eyes.

Once complete, she walks back out front to the couple. This time, the salesrep says, "Ta-da," and the couple 'ooo' and 'ah' at Rayn's change. They touch gently on her arms and cheeks. While the lady asks the sales rep a question, the man reaches behind Rayn and takes a full handful of her butt cheek. "Woah," he whispers, "That feels so perfect... so real." They continue their conversing then the salesrep says, "So changing her race or ethnicity is a simple change. As you can see, she is clearly Asian now." Rayn thinks to herself, Asian? I guess that mist was a toner of some type, and do you think my face is different?

"Now, to show you the latest upgrade, Droid 117, canine protocol demo: engage." Rayn nods and replies, "Compliant." She turns on her heel and walks to the Alteration Room. She feels the store downloading information into her head: how to walk on all fours, how to bark, how to pant, how to shake her tail, how to eat from a bowl on the floor, etc. She was having trouble keeping her own thoughts straight, as she was being trained on how to be a dog. It almost feels like her intelligence is being suppressed.

While she fights back the pain, the housekeeping android walks up to her and starts dressing Rayn. Rayn's arms are folded in half and placed in a light brown latex sleeve. Her legs are done the same way. Within moments, she is standing on all fours, except only her elbows and knees are touching the floor. The hood comes tightly over her head, forcing her hair into two pigtails. The housekeeping android braids them quickly to look like flopping ears. It then places "paws" on Rayn's elbows and knees, to help cushion the blows from walking. A link is added to her collar and then a small snap can be heard behind her. Rayn can see from the reflection in the glass door, that the housekeeping android attached a leash to her now-Asian neck. Oh no, Rayn thinks in disgust, I look like some freaky bondage dog.

The housekeeping android steps slowly out of the room, allowing Rayn to keep up slowly. It is not easy walking on your elbows and knees, but the canine protocol is working perfectly. Rayn sees the world from the floor's view, as people look down at her. They smile, they pet her head, and they change their voice slightly when they say, "Oh, isn't she a cute girl?" Rayn would roll her eyes right out of her head, if she could. 

They finally reach the couple and both of them bend down to pet Rayn. Rayn can feel tingles all over her body each time they pet her. Oooo, she squeals to herself, that feels sooooo good. The man strokes her head and down her back, while the lady just pets her on the top of the head, standing up. "So, any android can be like this?" She asks. The sales rep nods, "Oh, yes, all you have to do is buy the suit then you can just turn her into a dog whenever you like." As the couple nods, the sales rep adds, "And we offer a cat program, and our newest is a cow program." The couple say in disbelief and in unison, "Cow?" The sales rep shrugs, "Yeah, I thought it weird too, but there was a need (he puts his fingers up to air quote the word 'need') for an android to be able to produce or store milk for animals." The awkwardness of that statement stops their conversing, where they can only hear Rayn wagging her latex tail and panting softly, her tongue out slightly.

They converse some more before buying a new android from the back. The sales rep orders Rayn to heel, and she does just that. Everywhere he goes to finish the sale, she walks behind him, wagging her tail and panting slightly with her tongue out. She gets lots of looks and pets during this process. Eventually, the couple leave with their new android and two new suits: one cat and one dog. The weird part, Rayn thought, is that they got the cat suit to fit the lady and not the android. 

The rest of the afternoon is just one humiliating thing after another. She is ordered to roll over by one customer, to sit up and beg by another, and she even bites one boy because his sister told her to. The good news is that she did not bite hard, and the boy ran off to find his mom, who did not believe him anyway. She thought she was going to pee all over the floor at one point, as one guy had her hike her leg to relieve herself. Again, the sales rep saved her from that, which prompted the sales rep to send Rayn to storage.

Oh good, she thinks, I never thought I would have looked so forward to that storage unit until now. She is petted by all in the store, which it feels really really good, but she is ready to be out of this suit. When she gets to the back, the housekeeping android meets her and starts undressing her. Rayn can feel the pain in her muscles now, as she is unfolded by the android. I have never been in such pain, Rayn grimaces. Her body feels better once cleaned and flushed again. She figures they will redress her, but they do not. She is ordered to the storage unit naked. Unable to complain, she enters the storage pod, sets herself as programmed, and then -click- she is turned off for the night.

The next time her pod is opened (3 days later), Rayn is activated just before lunch. She has paste applied to her mouth (yuck, still tastes horrible), she is cleaned and polished, and finally flushed. Once complete, she is sent to the back of the store. The store manager and Andrea are standing there with their palm computers on. "I think Droid 117 would be the best fit, since she is an older model." The store manager does not acknowledge that, and says, "I don't want to send out our best droid, but definitely not our worst. Is this the right one?" Andrea nods, her name tag looks so familiar to Rayn at the moment, "Yep, this one has all the necessary updates to run the new software, barely, but she is no longer in the 'slightly 'used' category, making her a perfect fit for this rental."

Rental? Rayn says to herself tentatively. Oh no, I do not want to leave the store. I hate being a droid, but I sure don't want to be like I was last time. Rayn tries to will herself (for the thousandth time) to move, but she stays at attention as her mind gets updates of software. She gets pictures of how to pleasure men and women, each filed carefully in their own folders in her mind. She also gets added files in her dancing folder. Based on that, she can only imagine how this rental is not going to be fun for her.

The daily housekeeping android comes up to her and starts to dress her for rental. The usual latex stockings just past the knee, the 5 inch heels in a short boot, the skin-tight micro skirt, the corset of unbelievable smallness, and the gloves just past her elbows, all provide the perfect android rental outfit. The base color is gray with each item trimmed in a green. Her eyes and lips are turned green, and finally she is sent to the make-up station. The only thing about her outfit she has not worn before are the underpanties (she calls them). They were put on her first, forcefully placed in both of her holes beneath her waist. While not comfortable, it did force her hips out slightly, which made walking like a robot easier.

She is placed in mannequin mode for window #2 until her "owner" shows up. The man is nearly 300 pounds and looks like he does not bathe often. His thinning hair is combed over from the back to the front. His clothes are loose and ill-fitting. Rayn would make a face if she was allowed to do so. Instead, she maintains her perfect pose and smile while adorning the window. While she hates people looking at her, being an object of lust in a store window seems much better than going with him.

The sale is short and the man is quick to order her out of the window. Within moments, they are in an old, beat-up car headed who knows where. During the trip, he keeps cutting his eyes at her. She can feel him undressing her with each glance. He tries to move his hand over to her knee, but when he nearly runs off the road, he stops. It takes nearly an hour to get across town to the apartment complex from the android store. As they get closer, she starts to recognize many of the places around her. Hmm, she thinks, we are really close to where I used to live. After another turn by him, she says to herself, wow, this is the same street.

When he stops at the apartment building where her and her mom used to live, she gets freaked out. He orders her out and she stands at attention facing the same building that she used to live in earlier this week. In fact, she reasons, some of my stuff is probably still on the 4th floor. As if the universe heard her, she sees her mom step out of the apartment building. Like usual, she is rushed to get somewhere and hardly notices Rayn. In her desperation, Rayn screams in her head, MOM! But it is no use, her mom avoids eye contact with the guy and rushes to the bus stop. Of course, Rayn reasons, she might not recognize me with my mods. Also, with her mom's reaction, Rayn realizes where she knows this guy: our landlord.

The jerk that rented her is the same jerk that has tried to evict them this year... twice. He is a sleazeball and worthless, Rayn thinks. A week ago, she would not have acknowledged a 'hello' from him, but today, she is doing everything he says. Once inside, they travel up to the penthouse apartment. Originally, this was for high-paying customers, but when he took over the building, he made it his (and kept all the stuff the rich guy left when he went to prison for tax evasion).

Entering the penthouse, Rayn can smell the stink of a room not cleaned often. She can see clothes and food just laying on the tables, couches, and chairs. While the furniture looks expensive, the dirtiness of the apartment makes it look dumpy or trashy. The door is barely closed on the apartment before he begins to grope her and kiss her and grind her. Rayn can barely keep her balance as he pushes against her. Her latex attire is her safety net, as he cannot seem to get it off of her, so he can only feel on the outside of her. 

He gets frustrated and orders her to his bedroom. He works harder to remove her clothes, but he cannot. He pushes her down on the bed face first and tries removing her panties. Again, the latex and anti-penetration device are working perfectly. He begins to tear at her clothes, thinking he might get around them. Rayn's body is jostled all over the bed as he clumsily tries to get some satisfaction from her. Rayn would smile if she could, knowing he is quite upset. Eventually, he pushes her onto the floor with a grunt. He says some cuss words and leaves the room, Rayn lays in a heap next to the bed.

She has no idea how long she laid like that, but it was nighttime before he came back in. He ordered her up and to clean every room in the apartment. "And I want it done before the sun comes up, Asian slave!" He yells over his shoulder as he leaves the penthouse, wearing nicer clothes than before, yet still looking like a slob. 

As ordered, Rayn begins to clean. She throws away a bag of trash from every room. She vacuums each room, then dusts each room, then vacuums each room again. She wipes down the furniture and the blinds and the windows and the walls and the floors and... the dirt never seems to end. Rayn never liked cleaning before, but she finds she enjoys it now. Her programming has a deep purpose to serve and please, and Rayn is finally starting to take the programming on as herself. She does not want to be a robot, but she is getting tired of fighting herself all day and night.

The landlord does not come home that night. Rayn works all the way into the morning on the penthouse. Other than the many bags of garbage by the front door, the penthouse is starting to look like it should. About mid morning, the doorbell rings. Accessing her maid protocols, she answers the door. "Greetings, Miss," Rayn states, "The master is not home at this time."

It was not until she finished her statement that she noticed who it was: her mom. She was wearing her usual second hand clothes, yet she looks gorgeous in them. She had little to no make-up on, but then she really did not need it. She stood there unsure and meek, unlike how Rayn remembered her from earlier in the week. Her small voice seems out of place, "Uh, yes, I know," she starts. "Uh, I'm supposed to ask you to come to my apartment when you are finished here." Rayn replies, "I will be happy to assist you, Miss. I have completed all of the tasks of cleaning, except for garbage disposal. Do you know where these bags of trash go?" Her mom nods her head, seeming a little more comfortable now. "Oh, yes," she says pointing down the hallway, "There is a trash chute at the end of each hall. Here," she says bending down, "I can grab one if you can get the others." Rayn thinks, don't worry about it, I got it. But instead, she says, "Thank you, Miss, this unit appreciates the help."

It takes no time at all to drop the trash down the chute. So within minutes, Rayn is back in her old apartment with her mom. The place she has despised for so long and could not wait to get away from, is now the most beautiful place she has ever seen. Every part of the small apartment holds a memory that used to cause hate, but now, Rayn says to herself sadly, now I would give anything to be back here as me.

"Well," her mom says, "The landlord has been meaning to fix our, er I mean, my faucet, but he hasn't. He said you might have a program to do that for him. Can you fix the faucet?" Rayn walks over to the kitchen sink, which is dry and dusty from having not been used in a really long time. "Accessing, plumbing program," Rayn states. She then gets down on all fours and crawls halfway under the sink. I'm sure this looks ridiculous, Rayn says. I look like some kinda latex fetish model, and now I'm crawling under a sink to fix it.

Rayn's new program helps her find and fix the problem in just a few minutes. Her new control systems had her remove the pipes, flush them out, and then reattach them. Within moments of standing up, the water is running again from the faucet down the drain. Huh, Rayn states sarcastically, it has been so long since we had running water in here, I forgot we had a kitchen sink. Her mom squeals with delight and hugs her. Again, a hug from her would have made her stiffen up before, but today, she could not be any stiffer, yet would like to hug her back.

The rest of the day goes smoothly, with Rayn cleaning her old room and the rest of the apartment. Eventually, her mom sends her back to the penthouse. She does not wave goodbye or anything, but rather, she states, "Thank you, Miss, for allowing me to serve you today." With her orders fulfilled, she returns to the penthouse. The landlord is waiting on her, and like before, he tries to have his way with her. He has bought some type of oil or cream to help him remove the latex outfits. Again, he only ends of making a mess, spilling the stuff all over her. He then tries to mount and ride her on the bed. She bounces up and down in the pooled oil on the bed, with this mountain of a man on her.

He eventually gives up and once again, she finds herself on the floor, but this time, in an oily heap. She can hear more cussing and stomping from him. He thrashes around for awhile then walks by her to the bathroom. He takes a shower (which surprised her that he even knew where it was or how to use it), changes into some wrinkled clothes, and then leaves. Again, she has no idea how long she laid in that uncomfortable position.

Sometime that next morning, her mom rings the doorbell. Rayn pulls herself up off the floor and answers the door. Her mom looks just as pretty as she did yesterday, Rayn thinks. Her plain clothes and make-up suit her perfectly. In her hands are some rags and cleaner, as she says, "He was right... you are a mess." The rest of the day, Rayn's mom cleans her up from all of the oil that got on her. Rayn feels strangely awkward, as her mom cleans her. It is like she is a baby again, but not really. And why, she questions, is mom coming over here all the time?

Later that night, the landlord comes home and has Rayn make him dinner. Since he had not bought any supplies, she had nothing to really work with, so she ended up making a box of expired macaroni and cheese for him. He complains and complains about it, and Rayn could only reply, "This unit had no other supplies to complete the meal." And again, Rayn grinned devilishly on the inside, feeling some sense of satisfaction. What a loser!

He does not attempt to makeout with her or have his way with her at all. Instead, he leaves her alone and lets her charge all night in the storage pod that was shipped over this afternoon. I would rather sleep on a bed, she complains, but I feel so safe in here from him, that I could get used to this...maybe.

The pod activates her the next day, applies the paste to her mouth, and attaches some type of hose to her underpanties then completes an abbreviated flush. I'm gonna forget how to use the toilet here pretty soon, she jokes with herself. She exits the pod to find her mom waiting for her. "Good morning, Droid 117," she starts, "I'm your new master, uh mistress." Rayn questions that instantly, and her programming does the same. "Error: the lady speaking does not have administrative rights nor ownership of Droid 117." Her mom looks down at the paper in her hand, "Uh, yes, I know, but you see," she says quickly, "Your current owner accidentally bought you, then tried to use you but couldn't evidently, then could not return you, so he sold you to me." Rayn cannot believe what she is hearing, has mom gone crazy? Rayn replies, "Error: the lady speaking does not have administrative rights nor ownership of Droid 117."

Her mom looks down at the paper and back up again. "Ok," she says with a deep breath, "Here we go. Droid 117: order 7 command 9 change 3 ownership 5 speaker 1 initiate." Rayn could immediately feel a change taking over her. She could see male-specific programs being deleted in her head. Her recent memories of today were being filed away and deleted. She can feel her total devotion being switched over to her mistress. With a final internal 'click', Droid 117 says, "Confirmed, Mistress."

"I said I would never own one of these, but here I am taking one home. Lorraine will never let me forget it." She turns around and Droid 117 follows her out the door. I know I have a real name besides Droid 117, Rayn thinks, but I can't seem to remember it. And whatever happened today has been wiped clean, too. Rayn ponders her recent memory changes as she enters her old apartment.

"Well," her Mistress and mom says with a sigh, "I only have one daughter, but if I had two, I would have named her Skye. I think your skin color will match that name well; so, Droid 117," pausing to take a quick glance at the paper in her hand, "Designation change to Skye." Droid 117, who was still trying to remember her real name, does an internal, global name change. "Designation confirmed: Skye," Skye replies. Ah, Skye thinks, now I remember my name... it is Skye, whew. "And now, let me show you the rest of your new home," and Skye follows obediently, feeling more satisfied and filled with joy than ever before. She replies with a genuine and robotic smile, "Yes, Mistress."


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