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Maidbots are Maid to Clean

by PoseMe

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Story continues from Part 1: Saturdays were Maid for Me & Part 2: Saturdays were Maid for You

Here's a commission for tfmonkey to continue my "Saturdays were maid for me" series. You can read the first one or the second one which are pretty important to understand what is happening now. Yes, I realize there is so much more that I can do next, but I wanted to post up to this point, as it has taken me months just to get this far (with work taking 25 hours of my 24 hour days). Enjoy!

image“So, is that a yes?” the tall man said slowly, leaning onto the photocopier. Sophie could tell he really wanted to take her out, and even though the divorce has long been finalized, she is just not sure she wants to date yet. He is a nice guy and works just one floor beneath her in marketing. He has hit on her many times, but always in a fun way with nothing serious. This time though, she thinks, he wants a date.

Smiling slightly and ducking her head, she replies, “As much as I would like that, I'm not sure co-workers should date, Evan.” He must have thought she might say that, so he replies, “Ah, but that would mean we are going out multiple times with and end goal in mind. This is just,” he stands up straight and spreads out his hands, “dinner.” I will give him that, she reasons, he is persistent. “Okay, I guess one dinner would be nice.”

And so the rest of the day went rather well, and if she is being honest with herself, the rest of the week did, too. Realizing that a man might be interested in her again has really made her feel better about herself. The maid-bot hobby kept her out of drugs or worse, and maybe a relationship could help her even more. The only down side: he wants to go out Saturday night. That is my busiest day now, she recalls, as I clean a half-a-dozen homes now.

Changing her Saturday slightly, she decides to clean her house on Friday, then she could clean the other houses Saturday and be done by 4 (hopefully). Then, she can get cleaned up and be ready by 6. Running it through her mind again, it seems like so much could go wrong. She decides to take a half day on Friday, and see if she can reschedule a Saturday appointment for Friday.

While calling some of her neighbors, she goes ahead and gets dressed. With the extra money, she bought a Maidbot outfit installer, also known as a MaBOI. The machine looks like a shower stall, but has stiff tubing running throughout to press the maid's outfit onto the maidbot. It has a self cleaning feature, but it is not as nice as the washer she went through last month. Her MaBOI is a little too rough, and she cannot help but get cleaner in her eyes, so she does not use the maidbot cleaning feature often.

Having left her fourth unsuccessful voicemail to four different neighbors, the MaBOI finishes, allowing Sophie to step out in all of her maid-latex-outfit glory. Admiring herself in the mirror, she cannot help but feel good about herself. How long have I waited to actually think about myself: “I like me”? Grabbing her phone, she heads downstairs to get started. As she gets out the cleaners, she hears her doorbell ring. That is odd, she thinks, who would be coming by now?

There is a figure at the door, and though she is unsure of who it is, with it being mid-afternoon on Friday, she feels no real fear. Putting on her best robotic walk and voice, she answers the door, “Good afternoon, how may this unit assist you?” Oh no, she thinks, it's Evan... what is he doing here? She hides her surprise better than him, as he stumbles with his reply, “Oh, uh, hey, I was looking... looking for Sophie?”

Sophie pauses a moment, as if she is processing that. Good news: he does not recognize me, she breathes a sigh of relief. Bad news: how do I get rid of him without messing up my good news? She tilts her head slightly and replies, “The mistress is at an appointment and is not home at the moment.” Forgetting who he is talking to, Evan states, “She left work early today, and I thought it might be because she was getting nervous about tomorrow, you know?”

Sophie, unsure of how much to react to that, replies, “The mistress is at an appointment and is not home at the moment.” He is pretty stuck up if he thinks I left work because of him, she snickers to herself. Well, as she thinks more about it, I sort of did but not exactly. He shakes his head, “Oh right, robot, got it! So, if everything is fine here, I guess I will leave.” Sophie decides to ask something a maid-bot might ask, “I will inform the mistress you stopped by, may I have your name?”

Evan whips around quickly, “Tell her? Oh no, you can't do that... she will think I'm a total loser for checking on her before our first date.” Looking around, he snaps his fingers like he just had an idea. “Say,” he begins, “What is the WiFi password at your mistress' house?” He pulls out his phone and starts to enter the digits she states. Why does he need that? She wonders.

Holding his phone out, he runs over the back of her neck until the phone 'beeps'. “Ah,” he says, “Perfect! Time to undo this mistake.” Somewhat confused, she starts to say something, only to feel the control disk on her neck vibrate slightly, almost like a tingle. She starts repeating her words backwards, in the exact opposite order she spoke them. She then starts walking backwards, as if someone were rewinding a video. When she gets to the point just hidden from the front door in the kitchen, she stops. While standing there frozen, Evan steps outside and closes the door behind him. “And now,” he says with a grin, “I never came by,” and hits the play button.

Sophie leans out of the kitchen to look at the front door. Weird, she thinks, I thought I heard someone outside, but who would be coming by at this time of day? Shrugging her shoulders, she continues setting up to clean her own house, completely losing the last few minutes of time. Not realizing it, she grabs what she needs and starts cleaning her house like a maid-bot.

By that evening, she has talked to some of the neighbors while cleaning her own house. Two of them do not need her services anyway, so she will only have four houses tomorrow, which she can complete in time (hopefully). I can do two in the morning, break for lunch, do two more in the afternoon, be delivered home by 4:30, and be ready to go by 6. It will be tight, she calculates, but doable.

Eating a light dinner, she has her suit cleaned by the MaBOI while she takes a shower. She has purchased some glossing soap and shampoo to use on Fridays that make her artificial appearance even better on Saturdays.  The warm water feels so good, as she washes away the stresses of her day. As she gets out and puts on her soft, fuzzy bathrobe, she plugs her “intruders” into the wall so that they are ready for tomorrow. “Ok,” she whispers, “I think I'm ready for Saturday.”

Her alarm clock rouses the soon-to-be maidbot at 5:30am. She rolls out of bed and stumbles into the bathroom, grabbing the intruders as she does, yanking them out of the wall in the process. Once in the bathroom, she takes care of her business then inserts the intruders. Walking out of the bathroom with nothing on but those, the black with blue-glowing-highlights “panties” give an eery glow to the dark bedroom. She steps into the MaBOI and presses start. As she stands in the machine dozing, she mumbles, “This thing is so worth the money at times like this.”

By 6am, she is downstairs in her full maidbot outfit. The squeaking she makes as she walks fills the quiet house. She eats a quick protein bar and washes it down with Powerade. She can hear the moving van in the driveway as she throws her trash away in the garbage can next to the garage door. Unlocking the back door, she stands at attention in the dark garage. As she sees the android movers coming up to the door, she ducks her head slowly, as she thinks to herself, whew... just in time.

The first house goes without a hitch, as she cleans the neighbors at the end of the street first. They have three kids in elementary school, but have already left for the day from all the sporting events of each one. She easily cleans the rooms assigned to her, as the mom does a good bit of it herself before Sophie even comes over.

Her delivery guys are a tad early to get her, which is great, she thinks. I have got to keep a tight schedule today, she says to herself, The next house is an older couple, and Sophie admits that it is hard not to laugh at the husband. Mr Banks has never touched her, but he definitely likes to stare. He even moved his recliner into the middle of the family room so he can see her from almost any room in the Banks' single story home. He will swivel in his chair and watch her very carefully clean everything, while he drinks his mug of coffee.

She now knows he is watching her butt the most. When she walked by him, she noticed him leaning a bit to catch a longer look at her latex-covered butt. Testing that theory, she drops a sock from her hand on the way to the laundry room. She then pivots on her heels on the hardwood floor and goes back to get it. Testing her limber nature, she bends nearly in half to pick it up. Her uniform stretches over her butt, and then no longer is able to stretch over her butt completely. She cannot see him, but she hears a gasp and a crash as he drops his coffee mug onto the floor.

Straightening up with sock in hand, she pivots around and states, “Allow this unit to assist you.” She could not contain her smile and grin, clearly breaking character. To her benefit, he was no longer looking at her as he was trying to pick up the shattered mug. “Uh, uh, no,” he stammers, “Uh, just ignore me... go on now, just get going.” Glad to turn around, she says, “Confirmed.” Oh, she thinks with a broad smile, that was funny!

However, the day starts to run later and later. The delivery company, even though they were early on the first one, was 30 minutes late on the second pick-up, which put her late to getting back home for lunch. Normally, she eats some lunch, relieves herself if necessary, and gets a quick sprucing-up from her MaBOI. Due to her scheduled evening event that cannot be adjusted, she opts for the cleaning and refreshing from the MaBOI only. By the time she gets up the stairs and back down again from the cleaning, the delivery androids are there for her next delivery.

The last two houses go as planned, with nobody home but her. She is able to clean at her speed, and be waiting on the porch for her pick up. Unfortunately, the company was late again, ruining her schedule further. After the last house, she waited so long in the driveway, the husband came home and asked her what she was doing out there. She replied that her services were complete and that delivery was on the way. He nodded his head, felt up her cleavage discretely, and made a remark about how real they felt. Disgusted but having to keep in character, she said 'thank you for the compliment.' She was getting a little worried about what he was going to do to her, but then, the delivery company van turned into the driveway. Breathing a sigh of relief, she feels a sharp spank on her butt, followed by the command, “Get that butt in the van, 'bot!” Whew, she thinks, and ouch... that was close.

The delivery company takes her to be cleaned at the maid-wash place again. As much as she enjoys it, they are running behind, and she really does not need it, since she plans to remove it all when she gets home. However, she is stuck with the van ride there, waiting in a waiting-type room for her turn, standing on the conveyor belt, being stripped, being washed and waxed, being redressed, and finally riding back home to be delivered. As the company van leaves, she starts walking in the garage door when she hears the front door bell. “Who is that?” she says, harried from her day and not even sure what time it is.

Oh no, she screams to herself as she walks up to the front door, it is Evan! He cannot see me like this. What would he think? She tries to sneak around the corner to the stairs, but he catches her eye, so she has to open the front door. She tries to refocus herself into her maid-bot character, then she opens the door and says, “Greetings, sir, how may this unit assist you?” He smiles at her, almost like he knows her. Uh oh, does he recognize me? “Evening, maid. Is your mistress at home?” Breathing another sigh of relief (seems like I have done that a lot today), she replies, “Yes, sir, she is preparing herself for an evening with a gentleman.” Evan smiles broadly, “Uh, I think, I am that gentleman, even though I am a little early.” Sophie tilts her head, “Please state your name, sir.” Evan stops smiling and says, “Evan. Evan Simms.” Sophie pretends to process that, allowing herself time to think her next move. I might as well have a little fun with this, she reasons, especially if it buys me some time to think. “Indeed. Yes, sir, your name is verified. You are the gentleman in question. Please, come and sit in the living room.” She waves her hand for him to enter, and points him to the left. “Thank you, maid.” Actually, she reasons, it is a good thing I went through the maid-wash today, since I had to continue my ruse in front of Evan.

As he walks in there, she starts walking to the stairs. “This unit will tell the mistress you are here. Please make yourself comfortable.” He nods his head and sits on the couch. Sophie has to tell herself to walk slowly up the stairs while she can be seen or heard. She cannot give away the fact that she is the mistress and the maid, and that she needs to hurry. The only way to make this work is to use the MaBOI to undress and redress me, she reasons. I do not have time to 'primp' for this evening and still keep my secret.

Walking into her bedroom, she closes the door softly and steps into the MaBOI. She activates it and says, “Strip the wax and hair sealer. Clean and store the uniform. Show me the other outfits stored in your system.” The MaBOI came with 4 outfits, so she hopefully has something she can wear out on her 'date'. The machine begins to clean and strip her, as it displays the outfits.

Outfit #1 is the one she has on now: standard latex maid uniform.
Outfit #2 is another maid outfit that looks like something out of the french renaissance: full length dress with multiple layers, corset, white hair wig, and elbow-length gloves. She chuckles, that will not work.
Outfit #3 is an obvious lingerie piece: soft pink teddy with thongs and garters and knee-highs. Hmmm, she thinks, I might could throw something on over top of it.
Outfit #4 is most promising. It is shiny leggings, loose top, bra, and panties. Ok, she says to herself, the cream top is a satin or silk, the black leggings are not latex by maybe a lycra or spandex, and the powder-blue bra and panties are latex, but hidden and tasteful.

Out of time, she selects the fourth outfit and a base make-up and hair do. Within a few moments, she steps out of the machine. Walking over to the mirror, she looks at herself. Her jet black hair is down but brushed nicely. Her make-up is minimal but nice as well. Her satin cream top feels and fits well, and not too tight. Her leggings are a little snug, but they will work fine. As she checks them out, she faintly sees her intruders' light bleeding through slightly. Oh no, she whines, I forgot to take them out. Knowing her time is out, she decides to just leave them, as her top easily covers her butt in back and her faint, blue lights in front.

She grabs a pair of black heels with a 1 inch platform under the balls of her feet and 4 inch heels in the back. Her purse is on her dresser, already packed for the night. She slips the shoes on and slings her purse over her shoulder. Ok, she steadies herself, I can do this. Gulping back the fear that had just started to creep into her, she walks towards the stairs. I have been worried so much about getting ready, that I have not had to time to worry about what I am doing: I'm going on a date! Her knees wobble slightly as she starts down the stairs, hoping it is just the high heels doing that and not her nerves.

At the bottom of the stairs, Evan notices her and stands up. She can tell by the look on his face that he is liking what he is seeing. She now notices that he is wearing pressed khakis and a green bottom-down shirt. His shoes are brown leather and look rather worn but recently polished. His usual light brown hair is styled like a work day with a hint of spikey-ness. He is tall, so her added height from her heels still keeps her well below eye level. He starts to say something, then he stops and says, “You look amazing!”

Sophie, blushes slightly from the compliment, replies, “Thank you... you do too. Sorry I was so long getting ready.” He smiles and shrugs his shoulders, “From where I stand, it was worth it.” He walks over to her and asks, “Shall we go?” She nods and walks towards the front door. He stops short and asks, “Isn't maid going to see us out?” Knowing he knows of her, she says, “She has had a busy day, so I sent her to charge.” Accepting that response, he opens the front door for her and they leave the empty house in his two-seater sports car.

Evan takes her to a place she has been a couple of times with her ex-husband. The event was not all that memorable, so she is not bothered by being there again. They get a table in the middle of the restaurant, where there is lots of noise and activity from people eating and waiters and waitresses moving around. Looking over the menu, Evan says with a grin, “Don't worry, I got you covered tonight.” Sophie could reply with, “Really? Because I make twice what you do.” But, she decides to play the more submissive side tonight and actually replies, “Thank you, Evan, You do not have to do that, but I appreciate it.” Her smile is genuine, as is his.

As she shifts in her seat, her stomach growls. I have not eaten all day, and I am starved. I hope I don't scare him off by ordering a full meal and not just a salad. The waiter takes their order and returns with drinks and some bread and butter to munch on.

The evening really goes well. After some awkward work-related small talk, he finally settles down into talking about other things. They enjoy learning of each other outside of work, and they have plenty to talk about, leaving no awkward silences. The one topic that got her a little nervous was when he asked, “So, how long have you had a maid-bot?” She finishes chewing her chicken and takes a sip of wine before replying, giving herself time to say the right thing.

“Well, it is complicated,” she begins. “My house is much bigger than I need, but my ex-husband really wanted it for his new wife. I was not having that, so I fought to keep it. Now, I have a giant house for just me.” She takes another sip, letting Evan ask, “So, just sell it?” She shakes her head and replies, “Well, the divorce contract gives him first right of refusal, so if I sell, he gets it anyway. I could make the price outrageous, but then it would never sell period, leaving me in the house anyway.” Evan nods his head, as if he understands.

She continues, “So, I got the maid with some of the divorce settlement to keep the house looking good. Don't know what I would do without her.” Evan nods again, saying, “It does a great job, and looks amazingly like you. Your house is spotless, cleaned by your robot sister. Course, how much of a mess do you really make?” She chuckles at that, nervous from his reference of her similarities to the maid-bot, and replies, “You can get them to look like you, you know, and I guess I'm pretty clean, but for an occasional frozen pizza falling onto the carpet.” He cuts his eyes as if to check out her figure, even though it is blocked by the table, and says, “You do not look like a frozen pizza kinda girl.” They both laugh at that, giving her the opportunity to change the subject before he asks and she says too much.

After dinner, he had planned a walk through the downtown park, but since it started raining just as they got there, she asked to be taken home. “Wait, are you sure?” He says in defense, “I'm sure there is something else we could do.” She puts her hand on his, “Don't worry, I'm not mad. I'm a little tired, so this is a good way to end the evening.” He seems to accept this, so he drives them to her house.

He turns off the car when they get there and opens his door. She says quickly, “Uh, I was not inviting you in after our first date. You know, being co-workers and all.” He waves his hand and replies with a grin, “Oh, I know. Figure I would at least walk you to the door.” She smiles back and takes his hand after he opens the car door for her. Arm in arm, he walks her to the front porch.

“Thanks again,” she says while standing on the welcome mat, “I had a wonderful evening.” He smiles and moves to put his arms on her waist. She is not too sure about that, so she goes to step back. However, her high heels catch on the rug, so she tries to compensate but over does it. He sees her move and tries to back away, but then she stumbles forward and he moves back in towards her. Before either realize it, his arms are around her and her arms are around him. She tilts her head upwards to say something, just as he bends down to say something, but instead, they kiss.

She wants to pull away but cannot, as his touch feels so good. His arms around her waist, and his lips pressed against hers. She can feel her breasts being compressed from his chest, causing the latex to rub on them. She moans slightly as they pull away. He talks first, “That is the best good night kiss I think I have ever had.” She nods her head, and replies, “Your welcome.” They lightly kiss again, and then she breaks their embrace. They say a few words and then he drives away as she steps inside the dark house.

With the door closed and locked, she says out loud, “First thing tomorrow, I'm buying a real maid-bot that looks just like me.”

* * *

With her flex schedule at work, Sophie took the afternoon off to go to the Maids-R-Maidbots store. It is downtown on the corner of Broadway and 4th. The store is rather large, but the showroom floor is not much bigger than what you might find at a car dealer. The floor has an indoor/outdoor type of carpet with various maidbots around the outside.

As she walks in, she can smell the main material that all maidbots wear: latex with a hint of rubber. Mmm, she thinks, I did not realize how much I have come to enjoy that smell. She knows what she needs, so she heads straight for the customer service counter. A young man sitting behind the near circular desk greets her. “I would like to purchase a maidbot that looks just like me.” The man nods his head and replies, “Yes, madam. We can do that right now, if you could just wait a moment.” Smiling and nodding, Sophie walks around the showroom floor.

She sees maidbots of all shapes and colors. They are all “female” in this store, since they only sell maidbots. They all have perfect features and tight latex clothes. Some have the more historical outfits for those that are into that sort of thing. As she looks at a colonial style uniform, complete with a antique white bonnet, she is reminded of that French Revolution outfit that she could put her maidbot into.

As she wanders around, she does not notice a sales rep walking up behind her with a remote. As he gets close he presses a button, Sophie feels all consciousness leave her as she slumps where she stands. “See,” he says to the customer service guy, “It's an android.” He walks back to the desk, leaving Sophie motionless there. “When it walked in, our sensors picked up the control chip in the neck and the intruders under its skirt.” The customer service man replies, “Wow, I'm shocked. I was sure she, uh I mean, it was real.”

The sales rep walks around and grabs a shiny, silver handcart. “Some people like to have personalities loaded into their android for this reason. They can send them on errands or whatever. Look, they even had the gloss finish removed to make it look more human. So, since they look and act human, they don't have to worry about someone taking advantage of them.” A couple that were looking at a maidbot nearby stops to say something, when he adds with a grin, “Well, less likely to take advantage of them.”

Loading Sophie up, he rolls her towards the back. “You got the owner's address from her check-in, right?” The customer service man nods. “Fine, then we can scan this one, make a copy, and send one home and ship the other one tonight,” the sales rep states. The customer service man gives him a thumbs up and starts processing the order. Other customers take note of their process and services, and start thinking they might like the purchase a maidbot from this store.

A few minutes later, Sophie is placed in the scanner, which promptly removes her clothes and starts scanning her body with a blue light. The sales rep takes a good look at her, then walks away, as the scanning process takes several minutes. Once complete, the second-floor factory will make a custom maidbot from their existing parts. Then, the outer covering will be fashioned to look just like Sophie. The entire process takes about two hours, but as expected, there is a pretty high price tag.

The sales rep comes back and loads her onto the handcart. She is rolled to a closet where they plug into her control chip. For the next hour, her entire personality and memories are downloaded into their database. This will be the primary personality of the new maidbot. Each will be given the bonus programs for all maidbots from this store, but that is during the final step. Hopefully, Sophie will not mind being able to change the oil on a car (Servicebot mode), perform CPR (Nursebot), and sexually please males or females (Sexbot mode).

Once she is done being copied, she is rolled into another room where her new android clone joins her. Both are slumped in the same way, waiting to be activated. They are both connected to a computer, where the new maidbot is given all that Sophie knows. They are both then given the three new programs that come standard with all maidbots. Once complete, Sophie is sent to the glossing machine and outfit machine. The new maidbot is dressed in Sophie's outfit.

They roll her to the sales rep's office and activate her. The just-made-today android raises its head and says with a confused look on her face, “I'm sorry, did you say something?” The sales rep grins like he knows something she doesn't and replies, “Uh, yes, Mrs Sophie. Will you be wanting the 5 year warranty extension on your new maidbot?” The maidbot-who-thinks-she-is-Sophie replies, “Well, I am hoping to keep her for quite some time, so yes, let's do that.”

The sales rep and “Sophie” chat a few more minutes before “she” leaves. Checking “her” phone, “she” sees that “she” missed a couple of calls from work, which seems odd. Looking at the time, “she” is surprised by how late it is. Rushing to “her” car, “she” drives back to work to finish what is left of the day.

The real Sophie has been glossed to a high sheen and placed in a Servicebot uniform: it is an olive green latex catsuit with small loops down her thighs for tools. The rubber boots are plain black and come up to her knees. She is wearing black, latex gloves that just covers her wrists. Her hair is in a pony tail which sticks through the back hole in her latex, olive-green cap. She is loaded into a padded box and closed up.

Within an hour, she is loaded into a delivery truck and driven out onto the road. While her maidbot sends some emails for her, Sophie rides along the interstate around town. As the deliverybot makes his next to last delivery, Sophie's maidbot says 'goodnight' to the security guard at work and walks to her car. The deliverybot turns into Sophie's neighborhood at the same time that her garage door opens. The maidbot walks into the house from the garage as the deliverybot rings the front door bell with a package for Sophie (even though Sophie is actually on the inside of the package).

Answering the door, “Sophie” says, “Oh goodie, my maidbot is here. Bring her on in.” The deliverybot does just that. Opening the crate, he sets Sophie onto the area rug by the front door. The maidbot walks around her, “Amazing! She looks just like me.” The deliverybot has her sign the screen on his wrist, then he leaves with the crate. With the door now closed, she reaches out and touches her face. “Simply amazing! She looks and feels real.”

Walking towards her house system interface on the hallway wall, the maidbot-who-thinks-she-is-Sophie says, “House system register the new maidbot and have her address me as 'mistress'.” The computer system that runs Sophie's security and maidbot systems complies and begins searching. It finds two maidbots in the house, but one is the owner and the other is an unidentified android. To fix the situation, the house system links to the new maidbot, shutting it off. The maidbot slumps in the hallway, while still standing.

Sophie straightens up and stretches, “Oh, my muscles are so sore. What happened?” The house system finishes the registration, and turns the maidbot back on. The actual maidbot says, “Greetings, Mistress, how may this unit serve you?” Blinking and rubbing her eyes, Sophie says, “Wait, I'm at home with a new maidbot.” Looking down at her outfit, she confusedly asks, “How did all this happen?”

With some prompting, Sophie was able to piece together her afternoon. Fortunately, the maidbot did just as she would have done, even done to the commas in the emails. Wow, she thinks to herself, this thing could be me. As she ponders that thought, the front door bell rings. She turns around to see the deliverybot at the door again. Uh oh, she thinks, it cannot see me as me. Talking softly, she tells the house system, “Activate maidbot in Sophie personality mode and me as,” looking down at herself, she says, “Servicebot.”

Sophie can feel a tingling in her neck, as a flood of information comes into her head: how a car engine works, air conditioning systems on houses, plumbing systems for landscaping, and so much more. “Sophie” relaxes and says, “Get the door, Servicebot.” Sophie waits a moment, thinking her body might try and walk for her, but it does not. Whew, she thinks, I'm still in control of myself. She nods her head as replies, “Yes, Mistress,” and walks to the front door.

Opening it, she says in a monotone like she has before, “Greetings, how may this unit assist you?” The deliverybot replies in a similar montone, “This unit found the warranty papers between the seats of the van along with the instructions and remote.” Sophie holds out her hand and takes the papers and the plastic bag. The deliverybot says, “Delivery to the home owner and have a pleasant day.” He then turns on his heel and leaves.

Sophie closes the door and looks down at what she got. She can see her maidbot coming into her view, “Uh, excuse me, but he said to give it to me.” Sophie was not sure what to do, so she did just that. The maidbot begins reading the warranty, just like she would have done. Nodding her head, she absently removes the remote. “So, let's see what other mode you have,” the maidbot looks down at the remote. Uh oh, Sophie thinks, this is not good, I better stop her.

Before she can, the maidbot presses the Sexbot button. Sophie notices the maidbot stop and shutter slightly then start again. “Hello, mistress,” the maidbot says in a sultry tone, “Is there something I can rub for you?” Sophie is confused, fearing the remote would work on her, but then she realized it was designed for the actual maidbot. Reaching for the remote, as the maidbot reaches out to embrace her, Sophie begin looking over it while the maidbot starts fondling her gently. Embarrassed, she sees the screen on the remote that says, “Select frozen pose.” Hoping that is what she thinks it is, she selects that and presses 1. The maidbot stops pressing herself into Sophie and puts her hands on her hips, with one foot in front of the other, legs bent slightly. Her head tilts slightly and she makes a kissing face with her lips puckered out.

“Whew,” Sophie says out loud, “That was close.” With her maidbot frozen she asks the house system, “What programs are being run at the moment.” The house system replies, “Sophie Maidbot is now is Sexbot mode as changed by the remote. Sophie Owner is now in Sophie Personality mode as changed by house system when remote was activated.” Ok, she thinks, the house system has to have an owner and a maidbot of sorts. So, it has to keep us separate to make it work. Just to prove her point, “House, could you put me in Sexbot Mode?” The house system pauses, “Negative, the remote has locked Sophie Sexbot and there would be no defined owner.” Sophie breathes a sigh of relief, ok that works good for me.

Over the next few days, Sophie works out a few kinks in their “relationship”. The Sophie Maidbot keeps her house clean while she is away, but once she gets home, a timer starts that gives Sophie time to do whatever she needs before the house system switches their roles for the rest of the night. So far, it has worked well. The only problem was that Evan called tonight, so Sophie was busy washing dishes when Sophie Personality answered it. The good news though, she seemed to say exactly what she would have said. Which is good, as she has another date with Evan on tomorrow night.

As it turns out, he got tickets to the football game and asked Sophie if she would like to go. She is not a huge football fan, but she has been to plenty with her ex-husband, so this could be fun. She will at least get to see whether Evan will treat her better than her husband in a similar setting. And one other bonus, she will now get to showoff her maidbot, so that he can see both of them separate.

The next afternoon, she comes home and heads to take a shower. Her maidbot has already laid out her clothes for the evening: football jersey she had from a birthday years ago, tight but not too tight leggings, and tennis shoes. I hope this goes well, she thinks to herself as she showers off the day. Stepping out, the maidbot is there with a towel and robe. “Thank you, maidbot.” She moves past her to the closet and reaches for her underwear but then freezes. Confused, she hears the house system state, “Programs switch.” Oh no, she thinks, I forgot to turn off the timer.

She can hear noises outside the closet, as if the MaBOI was turned on. Oh no, she dreads, the maidbot is cleaning off her wax to look more human. Which means when she is done, I will get the opposite command. Maybe I can override that, otherwise I will have to undo all of this before Evan gets here. The MaBOI beeps when done, then she feels a tingling in her neck. Ok, it is about to send me there. I gotta tell it 'no'. Her body begins moving without a word, walking stiffly to the MaBOI. Wait, she protests, you are supposed to tell me what to do.

As she leaves the closet, she can see her maidbot is dressed in her outfit. Wow, she takes note, that looks really good on me. “Good thing I turned on auto-wax, I almost forgot you needed it before Evan gets here.” What? Shaking Sophie back to reality, she did what? Without a verbal command, Sophie steps into the MaBOI, gets hyper-glossed, and then dressed in the French-Revolution uniform... her least favorite. And to make matters worse, she thinks with a frown, it takes the longest to get on and off.

After what seems like forever, Sophie steps out of the MaBOI. Knowing her time is short, she draws in a breath (not easy with the corset) to undo all this, when the doorbell rings. Stopping her self from talking, she walks over to the window to see Evan's out front. Oh no, she screams to herself, he is here. “Maidbot,” Sophie Personality says loudly, “Answer the door. Evan and I have to hurry if we are going to make the game on time.” Oh no, you don't, Sophie says with a firm look on her face, I gotta stop this.

Walking down the stairs, she starts thinking of how she can put him off. I mean, how long can I keep him stalled so that I can change places with the maidbot. While she contemplates that, she opens the front door, “Greetings, how may this unit assist you?” Evan, dressed in his own jersey and jeans, is standing there looking quite handsome. He replies with a grin, “That's a lot of shiny layers you got there, Sophie.” Before she can reply, Sophie Personality steps out of the doorway and says, “Surprise! It's me!” Evan does a double take, then laughs. “Wow,” he says walking past the real Sophie, “You had me going there.”

Sophie Personality puts her arms out and they hug. That is supposed to be my hug, maidbot, Sophie thinks. “Well, that was the plan,” Sophie Personality goes on, “I wanted to clean my own house, so I bought myself to do it.” They both laugh at that. Sophie stands next to them, her gloved hands gently resting on the layers of her latex dress. Looking at Sophie, “She looks great,” then turning to Sophie Personality, “Just like you.” There is a moment of awkwardness, and Sophie worries it might go further than she wanted, but then Evan clears his throat, “But, we really gotta go now to make kickoff.” Sophie Personality nods her head and grabs her purse. No, no, no, Sophie screams to herself, I must stop this but how. What excuse could I give that makes sense why I am dressed like a maidbot?

As they walk out, Sophie Personality says, “House, follow the nightly schedule. Maidbot, shutdown.” Her direct command is met with some resistance, but Sophie finds herself “shutdown”, almost in a dream-like state, as she slumps in the middle of the large foyer.

The house is quiet for nearly thirty minutes until Sophie is reactivated, “Sophie Maidbot, proceed to the garage for pick-up.” Sophie, now in control of herself, asks, “Pick-up? Why?” The house replies, “Sophie Maidbot has been rented out for the evening to the McMasters.” Sophie is confused, thinking, I do not even clean their house. Realizing it is a distraction from the train wreck this evening has turned out to be, she reluctantly but somewhat expectantly walks to the garage. Never cleaned in this uniform before, she recalls, guess we will see if I can even get in the bathroom door with this get-up. As she enters the garage, she willingly shuts down, being in full control of herself.

The deliverybots load her up and deliver her to the McMasters. She was quite surprised by the way they were dressed: like they were going to the football game. “Wow,” Mr McMasters remarks, “She looks better in her uniform than our Erika-bot does.” Then, Sophie is turned on and hears from Mrs McMasters, “Thank goodness Sophie let me borrow you for the night, I don't know what I would do without the help. House, please add the new maidbot to the system as Erika. Same protocols.” Sophie can feel that tingling sensation, as she sees a full floor plan of the house and where all furniture and flatware and clothing items go. She then feels a new program added: French Accent.

“Ok, Erika,” Mrs McMasters begins, “Let's get the appetizers out of the second and third fridges and put them on this table.” Sophie, who now recognizes Erika as her name, replies in a thick French accent, “Yes, madam.” She knows exactly where each fridge is and begins to transport the appetizers.

The evening goes well, as she is a simple waitress tonight. The McMasters are having a big football party, and they needed help pulling it off. Sophie easily handles delivering food to hungry guests, drinks to thirsty guests, and directing guests to the bathrooms (or any other room). She finds her french accent matches her french-revolution uniform perfectly. She gets several compliments on her look and sound. She is surprised by how easily she can move around in this cumbersome, latex-layered dress. Maybe I should wear it more often, she wonders.

The evening winds down, and she has been relegated to the kitchen to clean dishes and take out the trash. Other than a groping here and there, she really came through the evening without much trouble. As she finishes the last dish, Mr McMaster comes in the kitchen. “Erika, you can go for the night. Please give this payment to your owner.” As Sophie turns around, she can see some cash in his hand, which he promptly stuffs down into her cleavage. He takes a moment to feel around, making sure it is secure. Chuckling to himself, he mumbles, “Would like to see if you are as good as Erika in pleasing me?” Sophie wants to protest, but she maintains her neutral gaze. I knew this could happen, she moans to herself, which is why I choose my customers carefully. He adds, “But, you gotta go, so maybe next time.”

At that moment, Mrs McMasters walks in. “Got her ready to go?” He nods and steps away, letting his wife through. “Ok, Erika,” she orders, “Store this program away for future use, and house, switch maidbot back to its default personality.” The McMasters' house system restores Sophie to maidbot, as that was the way she came tonight. Wanting to save a few bucks, Mr McMasters takes her home and drops her off in the driveway of her home. He mumbled something about coming in, but then he saw a light on inside, and decided to just go home.

Sophie walks mechanically into the house, letting her own system give her instructions. Feels good to be home, but I am so tired. She is cleaned and redressed in the MaBOI in her usual maid outfit. I am so ready for bed, she groans. As she comes down the stairs, Sophie Personality comes in the door. Perking up, Sophie says, “Greetings, mistress. Did you have a pleasant evening?” Sophie Personality replies, “Oh yes, maid, I did. It was amazing. I had not been to a football game in years, and it has been even longer since I had spent time with a man.”

Sophie can feel the jealousy rising up in her. Usual the emergency protocol, she says, “House, rapid switch.” She can feel the tingling in her and notices a change in her maidbot. Within seconds, she can feel that she is herself again. “Now, maid,” Sophie begins as she reaches around her neck, “Let's see what happened tonight.” She opens the port in her neck and goes to retrieve a USB cable. Plugging one end into the maidbot's neck and the other into her neck, a flood of information comes in from the night.

She can see them driving and talking in the car. The way he holds the doors for her. The way he treats her to food and drink. The game is fun, just the two of them yelling and screaming and, woah woah woah... kissing? Yes, in the fourth quarter after a touchdown the maidbot and Evan kissed, and now Sophie can feel how she would have reacted to it. She feels all tingly, but in a different way than the maidbot control system, and all hot on the inside. As the memory nearly finishes playing out, she can feel her nipples hardening and pressing up against her uniform. “Oh my,” she says out loud, “He can kiss!”

The rest of the evening is uneventful, as he seems to feel unsure about the kiss, and her maidbot does not seem to press the subject. He drops her off, they hug, say they had a good time, and separate. Hmmm, she wonders, did maidbot do me a favor or hurt my chances? He might have wanted more, and if I were there, I might have let him. But now, he just thinks I playing hard to get, or that I am not so easy. She grins mischievously, “Well done, maidbot, well done.” Her maidbot nods her head and replies, “Thank you, mistress.”

* * *

Work gets busy over the next few days, which turn into weeks, so Evan and Sophie very little of each other. She enjoys her time each day as a maidbot, and they take turns on the weekend cleaning houses. So far, the arrangement is working well, and hopefully Evan will call again soon. I think he wants to, but I'm not sure. Maybe I should call him?

Sophie is having those thoughts, as she has just got off from work. She is in the lobby signing out for the day. Saying good night to the security guard, she turns and moves to the front door, distracted by her thoughts of Evan. At the same time, a delivery man from the coffee store was coming through with the next day's supply. Trying to text while walking, he does not see her, and they collide. The collision causes some of the refillable bags to open, dowsing Sophie in coffee flavors.

Sophie screams as she feels and sees the multi-colored goo go down her top and dress. The guy looks surprised that she is wearing his delivery products, but then he half-heartedly says, “Sorry.” Sophie, does a poor job of containing her anger, yelling, “What kind of idiot doesn't watch where he is going when he is carrying heavy-staining coffee?!” The guard immediately calls for a cleaning bot to wipe up the floor, apologizing for the delivery guy, “Usually it's a robot that drops off the supply,” the guard adds. After a few minutes of chewing out the delivery guy, Sophie turns on her heel and says to the guard, “I'm headed to the bathroom to clean up. I'll go out the other door.” He nods and adds, “I have not locked it yet, but I will when you leave.”

Leaving the delivery guy feeling like a pre-schooler who has been scolded by his mother, she storms into the bathroom. She already knows her clothes are ruined, and there is no way she is wearing them home, especially with it possibly staining her car seats. The good news is: she carries a small bag in her purse now, just in case she needs it. Inside, it has a maid-approved outfit and a can of rubbing wax. The wax can be applied by hand to her exposed skin areas, and the outfit is a simple black corset (folds flat with the underwiring collapsing in on itself) with a black skirt, trimmed in silver. Her leggings are silver, with a black-lined pattern to look like fishnet hose. Her gloves are short and her choker is wider than most others. Since it is all plastic and latex, it folds completely flat and fits easily in her purse. So glad I wore black shoes today, she thinks.

This is not her favorite way to get home, but there is no other choice. She cannot wear the clothes she has on, and she still does not like venturing out of her neighborhood as a maidbot. She just has to get to her car, and then she is safe. It will be like an owner sending their maidbot out on an errand. Throwing her ruined clothes away, she steps out of the bathroom in her maidbot uniform, face and arms and cleavage all shined up. She notes that the delivery guy and security guard are still talking, as the cleaning bot mops the floor.

She slowly steps out of the bathroom and walks out the side entrance door. Walking to her car, she sets her purse down next to it to adjust her corset for the ride home (hard to sit in it for long periods of time). After adjusting, she just happens to look across the street, there she sees someone she has not seen in a long time: her ex-husband. He is walking across the street with his new girlfriend. She looks really young for him.

To make matters worse, he sees her, or at least, she thinks so, as he does a double-take. Oh great, Sophie curses to herself, he cannot see me like this and I don't really want to see him ever. Turning to the side, she crosses the street, mimicking a maidbot in her walk. As she gets across the street, she can see that he is definitely walking towards her, with his girlfriend questioning him all the way. Ok, ok, she thinks, this is not good.

As she gets around the corner and just out of his vision, she notices BJ's sign on the building just one store down on the right. Ah, she reasons, I might could find a hiding spot in there, as BJ's is a special android store for men who want what the store's name suggests. She walks up to the large window of the store and sees about a dozen humanoid, female androids. Each one is standing on a rotating disk in some kind of provocative pose wearing next to nothing.

Stepping inside the door, she takes a quick look behind her. Good, she thinks, he has not rounded the corner yet. Continuing on inside, she sees an empty disc between two posed androids in the large, mostly empty showroom floor. Stepping up on the empty disc, she puts her left hand on her hip and bends her right leg slightly. She bends her right elbow, bringing her hand up towards her down-turned face, as if she is checking her nails. Holding her pose, she waits. Her disc is not rotating like the others, but she has no idea how to turn it on or what it might do to her maidbot programming.

In a few moments, she can see out of the corner of her eye, her ex-husband looking through the window inside the store. She cannot see him clearly, but he walks in alone. Maybe his girlfriend is still coming and walking more slowly, Sophie wonders. She keeps still, as all the other rotating discs go round and round. He walks up to her, taking his time, looking over his shoulder twice.

“Huh,” he says softly, “You look just like Sophie, minus the shiny clothes and skin.” She wants to say something, but she pretends to be turned off. She can feel his hand come up and squeeze her left butt cheek. “Could be her?” he questions. He then moves his hand up higher and takes her right breast in his hand. What a sleaze, she thinks. “Well, maybe not, much bigger than her, if I recall.” She chuckles on the inside, thinking, how would you know... you never touched them hardly.

As he holds her chest, Sophie nearly jump when a woman screams, “Hey! What do you think you are doing?” He quickly removes his hand, stammering, “Uh, nothing... uh, I thought I recognized her.” Sophie can hear his girlfriend stomping her feet as she walks up to him. “What do you mean from before? Like this week?” she is not doing a very good job of not making a scene. The good news is that these stores are run automatically, with minimal human servicing, so no one “living” is around. He replies, even more uncertain, “Wait, no, I mean, I thought she looked like Sophie.”

She did not like that answer, replying, “So, you find a slut bot, who looks like your ex-wife, to come fondle in front of your girlfriend?” He says softly, “When you say it like that...” She comes up and slaps Sophie on the butt playfully yet forcefully, “Would you like me to rent her? SLAP  Take her home? SLAP let you watch me punish her?” Sophie cannot tell if he believes her or not, but then he asks, “You mean, you would do that?” The hopeful tone of his voice makes Sophie think with a groan, wrong thing to say idiot.

Sophie hears the slap, as his girlfriend unloads on his face. He yelps from the blow, as she hurls one curse word at him after another. “You say she left you, and now I know why.” He mumbles and stumbles trying to cover it up. She brushes him off and pulls out her credit card. Sophie can hear the disc she is on 'beep.' “There,” she says, “I just rented me a date for the night. You can go take care of yourself.” Sophie is not sure what to think, what do I do?

The disc was not connected to her, so she guesses that maybe she should say something. She stands to attention and says, “Greeting, Abigail Matthews. You have rented this unit for...” Sophie stops, wondering how long she should say. Abigail steps up to the platform and says, “Call me Abby and you are my date until I return you. The store can charge this dirt bag's account later.” Sophie steps off the disc and replies, “Yes, Abby.”

Her ex-husband makes a move towards them in protest, but when Abby moves to hit him again, he turns and walks quickly out of the store. She chuckles to herself, but Sophie can see her shaking. As much as she hates this lady, she also feels like she owes her something for doing the one thing she wanted to do her whole time she was married: tell her husband where to stick his sleazy attitude.

Regaining her composure, Abby says, “Well, slut. Guess we can go get some dinner? You can eat right?” Sophie nods her head, “Yes, Abby. This unit can consume human food.” “Great,” Abby says more cheerful now, “I will call you Sophie, okay, since he thinks you look like her.” Sophie figures anything is better than 'slut', so she replies, “Confirmed. This unit is designated: Sophie.”

The evening goes well, as Abby must have needed someone to talk to. Sophie did not get to say much of anything all night, which is a good thing, because she has not practiced what a robot would say as part of small-talk. They went to a nice steakhouse, and Abby ordered two of the combination meals, where the customers share. Sophie feels like she is in some weird dream, as she is sharing a salad, a steak, and a dessert with the woman who stole her husband from her. However, she did learn quite a bit about her and her ex-husband and many other things that are happening in the world. Sophie wondered if Abby had not talked to anybody all week, as she talked all through their 2 hour dinner.

Sophie was exhausted by this time, and the day just would not end. Abby drove them around to a club a few minutes away. However, she found out that androids were not allowed inside, so she flicked off the bouncer and went back to the car. Sophie could tell she wanted to do something else, but Sophie was really in no mood for anything else. Abby drove around aimlessly for another hour, still talking the whole time about how hurt she was. Finally, Abby stopped in front of BJ's, one of the only places on the block still open this late at night. As Sophie got out, she heard Abby say, “Uh, I don't know if you can understand me, but thank you... for tonight. I mean, I know I paid for you, but well, I needed someone to listen and you did.” Sophie could see the first genuine smile on Abby's face all night. Sophie returned the smile and said, “You are most welcome, Abby.” Closing the car door, she entered the store, waiting for Abby to leave.

As she walks in, she can see there are a couple of customers walking around the store. They are looking and groping the merchandise. When they press a button on the rotating disc's base, the android comes to life and interacts in a demonstration mode. Sophie ignores them and continues to her empty disc. As soon as they leave, she reasons, I will, too. She assumes the same pose as before as she steps up onto the disc. Again, the disc does not interface with her, which she is very thankful for.

The man and woman continue to press buttons and talk to the androids. It appears they need a third for their threesome, but she cannot make up her mind. He is ready to go from the bulge in his pants, Sophie notes. They walk over to her and press the button. At this point, the disc starts rotating and she can feel it trying to access her programs. Oh snap, she thinks, they just turned the thing on. She can feel the disc updating some of her software and other programs, also adding a floorplan of the store and a detailed map of downtown. She can feel it ask her if permission is given to override her base commands. She thinks 'no' and feels it leave her in control of herself.

The couple, confused by her silence, press the button again. The disc rotates her to face them, then she turns and says, “Good morning, this tree is over updating. Thank you and sign loudly.” The two look at each other, even more confused now. Sophie is hoping her 'broken bot' routine will work. They move to press the button again, but then the guy says, “Look, let's not waste our time on a broken one, pick the amazon and let's go.” She agrees and they rent the near 7 foot tall one from the end, dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. Sophie breathes a sigh of relief as they leave, allowing her to walk out the door not long after them. The only problem, she notices, is that I now know how to open his zipper and and suck him dry without ever touching him with my hands. Yuck, she cringes, wish I could delete that file out of my head. And I don't even want to think about what I could have done to her, she nearly throws up her delicious dinner when thinking those thoughts and seeing those images in her head.

She finally gets back to her car and home within 30 minutes. Stumbling in the door, she sees her maidbot coming up to her, wearing normal clothes. I got about 5 minutes before I get switched over, but I am so tired. “House, delay maidbot switch until 8am.” You know, she thinks with a grin, I'm gonna stay home tomorrow and send my maidbot into work as me. I need a day off, and she can be set to be ready tonight, so I can sleep until 8. She moans a sigh of relief as she slumps into bed, not even changing her outfit. Within 30 seconds, she is asleep, dreaming of being blissfully asleep.

The next morning starts at 8am with Sophie being turned on and sent to the MaBOI. Mmmm, she thinks as the machine cleans her up, that was the best night sleep I have had in a long time. As she moans from the warm, foamy cleanser being rubbed over her body, she says aloud softly, “This sleeping in and getting cleaned without doing anything could become a habit.” She hears the garage door close as the MaBOI finishes her.

She steps out of the machine wearing her French-Revolution uniform. The house system says out loud, “Mistress Sophie has left for work and will not return until this evening. Your tasks are as follows: vacuum all carpeted floors, mop all hardwoods with cleanser then polisher, and clean all first floor windows.” Sophie remembers setting up the daily routines for her maidbot, so this makes sense to her. “Confirmed, maidbot will begin tasks.”

As she vacuums the floors, Sophie begins to wonder why she even goes into work anymore. I mean, she reasons, I don't even enjoy it anymore and other than Evan, why bother? As she continues to vacuum the stairs, she thinks, in fact, since I am seeing Evan on my personal time, I do not even need my job to see him. Working carefully down each step, she continues her conversation with herself, so I could easily quit and take up cleaning houses with my maidbot.

She thinks through the ins and outs of this idea, while moving onto the hardwood floors. Within an hour, the floors look like they are made of glass, and as she admires her work, she also makes up her mind. “I'm quitting my job and going into the maid service business,” she says as a statement of victory. With that settled, she moves stiffly to start cleaning the windows, and her fake smile she wears whenever she is in uniform, now looks much more genuine and natural.

story continues in part 4: Sophie Maid to be a Maidbot


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