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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Day 1.1 - Morning

Cassandra woke, disoriented. Was she even supposed to remember why she was waking up on the warm floor of the mansion's server room? And why was she wearing the maid's uniform? She had a splitting headache, her body was sore from laying on the hard floor, and her mind was thick with fog. The first thing to do—she felt—was to check on the maid. After all, she was wearing the maid's clothing, and it was the only clue she had to go on. Cassandra's mind just felt empty, but she had a goal. She was having difficulty remembering much more than her name at the moment; maybe her mind would clear up by the time she trekked the short distance to the maid's 'private' room. Cassandra tried to think back to her last memory, but her mind just got foggier the harder she tried.

As Cassandra walked passed the long curved stairs that led up to the first floor, she could feel a slickness between her legs. She must have been really horny before she passed out—she assumed. Either that or she had a full load of her husband's cum in her, but why wouldn't she remember that? That might explain why she was wearing the maid's outfit; had she pretended to be the maid, let him fuck her in the house's main computer room? Had she acted out some fantasy of his where he used some hard-wired jack and hacked her maid chip to get past the house rule against fraternizing with the owners? Well, she wasn't a maid, so she wouldn't have a maid chip, but she could have pretended! But why didn't she remember, and why the headache? She could at least say one thing about her husband; their fucks were mostly always memorable. She loved him dearly, he loved her, and their passions ran high whenever they got close, so she had to assume she would remember if he had recently contributed to the wetness between her legs.

By the time her black high heel maid shoes left the bumpy travertine tiles of the lowest level hallway, and she stepped into the lushly carpeted maid's room, her hand was already absent-mindedly slipping into her maid's uniform. Even though it was not a conscious thought, part of her wanted to taste her wetness to find out if it had the lingering scent of being recently fucked.

As she stood, confused, in the middle of the maid's room, she pulled her finger out of her mouth with a slight pop, sad that she only tasted herself. Though, if she had anything to do with it, she'd make sure he did fill her belly, as soon as she sorted out this maid conundrum, found him, then flirted with him relentlessly. Maybe she would pretend to be the maid (again?) After all, she was already wearing the uniform, and her body was clearly ready for him.

The maid's room was spotless, tidy, and otherwise uninhabited. Cassandra felt suddenly at home, though. She usually left the maid to her privacy down here, but something about the room seemed more familiar than usual. She didn't have any reason to suspect the maid to be in the chip maintenance closet—hidden behind a panel in this room—but she opened it just to be sure. After all, nothing was making sense anyway; it was best to check while she was here.

Cassandra wondered what it would feel like to be a maid and to have her mind controlled by a chip in the back of her neck. Dressed as she was, it was a little easier to get into the mindset. She stepped into the chip maintenance pod, turned around, and placed her feet shoulder-width apart. She stood stock-still with her arms down, just as she imagined the maid would do. Of course, she wasn't a fucking moron; she had checked to make sure the chipping cartridge had been empty. How would it look if she were to suddenly be grabbed by the machine and chipped like a common house worker! She wondered what it would feel like to be chipped; to have the house talking to you all day, letting you know what each of your next tasks were? She pulled the door shut, wondering if it was the opposite of a fridge. Would the tiny human-shaped chamber glow inside? Would it suddenly glow red, realizing that whoever was in it had no chip?

The pod door lightly snapped shut. Her eyes were momentarily blinded by blue light, then green. She had not expected green, whatever that meant, maybe it was a calming color to help the maid relax when the machine is accessing her chip to upload an updat... ... ... .. .

.-- .-. .. - .. -. --. --..-- .--. .-.. . .- ... . .-- .- .. - .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

At the exact moment that the lights had turned yellow, Cassandra's mind went blank. Well, more blank, considering that she had been running on little more than auto-drive ever since she had woken in the server room. Her headache was suddenly gone, though her body still ached a bit, but she didn't know either of these facts because her mind was blank. Then, as quick as she was blank, she could remember that yesterday she had known herself as Cassandra, owner, User_2(admin), and wife_1. She remembered creating the wife_1 temporary account a few months ago. She had assigned it to herself, sliding many of her non-admin and non-amorous privileges and activities to that account. This very moment though, she knew herself as Cassandra, Cassy, owner, User_2(admin), and maid_2. She was no longer wife_1 so had lost all the privileges and activities that came with that user account.

For just a moment, she was bothered. What a sexist thing that her husband would be User_1(admin), just because he was a man. But then, she remembered that she had not wanted to be bothered with the house system's setup and maintenance when they had bought this mansion. So, he had been the first admin user, and she had been added after he had done all the hard work setting up the computers. She was no dummy though; she knew how to work the house's systems, so she had been given full admin rights. Cassandra was happy that she and her husband got on so well since her husband retained the User_1(admin) spot and could override her at any time, but he wouldn't; she trusted him. For a moment, she felt like a hypocrite. She had messed with his account.

Cassandra also now knew herself as Cassy maid_2. Realizing this, she suddenly knew more about the house and its daily needs than she had ever known before, but she pushed this knowledge to the back of her mind. She also remembered who she was and why she was here in this pod. She could feel the partitions in her mind fucking with her thinking—or was it the plan that she had set in motion that was fucking with her thoughts. Either way, the maid_2 persona had no personality of its own. It was merely a knowledge base, ruleset, and a platform where the house could instruct her, interact with her, and—if needed—control her.

The pod's yellow lighting changed to green for just a moment, then the lights went out, and the chip maintenance pod door cracked open. Most of Cassandra's personality and memories were flooding back into her. Except, now she was no longer herself. She was now a shell that contained both Cassandra and Cassy. She felt somewhat separate from herself, yet, also more than herself.

Cassy moved over to the bed. This was her bed now; she was the maid. Cassy heard the computer's instructions and complied. The instructions didn't come as commanding words, nor in pictures in her mind. She simply had a new plan, and the first step of the new plan was to take off her panties. As Cassy complied, Cassandra was exploring her newly returned memories. She had done this to herself, she had implanted the chip in her neck months ago, she had meant to be Cassy, and it had worked. So, from here out, she would call herself Cassy, regardless of what mind she was in now. Cassy liked the simplicity of pretending she was just one person.

Cassy recognized pressure between her legs. She looked down and was actually not surprised to see that she was lifting her ass by standing even taller than her high heels had already raised her. She had positioned her sex over the suggestively shaped bedpost that was closest to the bedroom's door. She must have pulled her maid uniform skirt up, and sort of tucked it in so that her shaved smooth sex was clearly visible as it slowly sank down, taking in the rigid wooden dowel. If anyone walked by the room now, they would surely see her struggling to keep her balance while dropping her body down on the cool wood shaft. She bit her lip, excited and terrified of being found. This was, after all, an important part of her mad maid plan! She had told the house computer that maid_2's first responsibility was to do the most sexual, depraved, and embarrassing thing she could imagine while remaining in plain view. This was partly so she could remind herself exactly how much control the house computer could have over her when given direct and precise direction. It was also to make sure that that control had actually worked. Her body felt full to the brim with the solidity and thickness of this first naughty chore. It had worked.

Cassandra could have stopped this, of course. Cassandra had left herself total control of this body—if she put her mind to it—but she was Cassy now, and neither of them wanted to stop, especially as she came closer... closer...

Someone might hear her pleasure building... what would her husband do if he found her like this? Well, that was the thing, wasn't it? The entire plan had been to find out what he would have done!? Her marriage was perfect. Her love life was thrilling, daring, and downright HOT. But what do you get the woman that has everything? Some Drama, that's what. And since her husband wouldn't give it to her, she'd get it for herself!

As Cassandra—for years now—she had had the most undeniable urge to find out if he would ever cheat on her. It was a horrible thing to want to know, and she didn't know how she would feel once she knew the truth. She was terrified that she would be jealous and end it all if he ever cheated on her. She was also horrified that she wanted to know that he was a bit of a bad boy, and needed proof that she had not made the wrong decision in marrying him. How could he be Mr. Perfect if women didn't fawn over him and throw themselves at him? (They actually did, but, as far as Cassandra knew, he had never taken any of them up on it.) So, she hatched this plan to find out if he could be broken—with seriously concerted effort—while also not needing the "break it all off" if he gave in and cheated on her... with her. The best part of this was that he would not remember a bit of it once it was over! If all went as planned.

Cassandra was now maid_2. The real maid, maid_1, had now been assigned the wife_1 persona, therefore taking on all of Cassandra's non-admin and non-amorous privileges and activities. The most crucial distinction that made this crazy plan possible was that Cassandra was still User_2(admin), but she was now maid_2 instead of wife_1. The beauty of it was that she was the only one that knew about the big old switcheroo. Her husband—bless him—had had a chip installed years ago to improve his golf game, but he never used it anymore. And thanks to his chip, he had woken up this morning holding his "wife," naked in bed. His "wife" just happened to be Amy, maid_1, having been temporarily reassigned as wife_1. She also had her memory modified, and now thought herself to be his loving wife, with a few modifications. Cassandra had never known the real name of the chipped woman they had hired years ago. She was maid_1, and they simply called her by polite pet names. Cassandra had done some questionable digging to find the woman's real name. That information was usually kept private by the hiring agency.

So, Amy had woken this morning and probably felt her "husband's" warm cock pressing softly into her back. She might have nudged her body back into his, getting a real feel for it. She would remember the false memories of all of the times they had fucked. Then she would get out of bed to go make herself sparse today. The wife_1 persona had a nice shopping day planned to get her out of the way. Amy would go to the store and buy some sexy outfits and whatever else she fancied. Being nearly the same build, these clothes would actually be for Cassy to use in her attempt to make her husband cheat with her—in case this took more than a day or so.

Cassy's body eventually stopped shaking. She still had a bed lodged in her gut, and she was starting to wonder if her other tinkering had been a bad idea. With full admin rights at her disposal and a mind/body controlling chip in her neck, she had tweaked the settings for wife_1 and maid_2. She had mostly done the opposite to one as she did to the other account. For example, the wife_1 persona had reduced libido, while the maid_2's was increased. Cassy had ensured that Amy would not be interested in sex, even if he did his absolute best to come on to her. Even Amy's sensitivity to sexual touch had been lowered. Cassy didn't need a sexy back rub resulting in her husband fucking Amy and spending his sexual energy. Cassy's increased sensitivity was probably why the wooden shaft—still pressed deep inside of her—felt so unproportionately massive. That, or it was how hard her body was still clamping down on it as she slowly came down from a pleasantly gut-wrenching orgasm.

Lastly, she had downloaded a rule preset for a maid/odalisque type profile. Amy's maid_1 account usually prevented her from tolerating any sexual relationships with anyone else in the household. The presets for Cassy's maid_2 account though, had all the makings of a live-in courtesan. Cassy was allowed to do anything she liked, and her husband—expecting a sexually lame maid—would not know what hit him when she made her move.

Every mad scheme needs an emergency exit, though. If Cassy were to reach up and press the chip on the back of her neck a certain way—or the neck of either of the other two—all of them would instantly revert to their own selves with their regular user accounts restored.

If she tapped any of their chips while they were awake, all three would remember everything that had been done to them. There was no way around this; she had looked for one. The only way to end her little experiment without the other two remembering was to do it while both of the other two were sleeping. Whether or not Cassy was awake when it ended though, she would remember. The system also had a 1 week expiration on the project where it would wait for the first time Amy and her husband were asleep at the same time, and end it. This way, if something in her plan went truly horribly wrong, she knew that she would not be stuck as a maid for the rest of her life watching her husband trying to fuck his hot new frigid wife.

Cassy had a week to get her husband to fuck her. She doubted it would take more than a few hours, though, she felt she knew him well enough. Plus, this maid_2 persona had an immense list of chores to complete, but no order or urgency in which to complete them. She could use any one of them to get close to him. Well, first she had to extract this tree stump from her body. Tired, but determined, she managed to lift her body off of the bed's shaft, pull her skirt back down, hide her panties in the hamper, and sit down for a rest. This gave her a chance to go over her plan of attack in her head. She probably could have thought while she stood on her tippy toes full of smooth lumber, but it seemed that her mind was highly dimmed by the pleasure it was bringing even after her orgasm had passed. Tinkering with her settings had provided her with quite an excellent introduction to this game. Still, it seemed that it came with some unforeseen consequences and challenges.

Cassy walked around the house, carrying a feather duster. She had half a mind to take it around shoved up between her legs, hanging out behind her like some ridiculous hen's feathery tail, just so see how he would react. She had to keep her heightened libido in check, though.

She was looking for her husband and found him right where she expected. If the neighbors saw her walking out onto the patio dressed like this, they would think she was playing a dirty sexual game. They wouldn't be wrong, but they wouldn't know the half of it. She knew they might be inclined to watch, but she didn't care right now. Her heightened everything was having a very significant effect on her inhibitions. The result was about as arousing and freeing as 2 or three glasses of good wine, without the calories.

Cassy saw him notice her. His eyes followed her while she walked around needlessly dusted the metal railing that lined the top of the clear, clean glass panes of the patio railing. Below she saw the pool and wondered what chore she could use as an excuse to go skinny dipping when he took his afternoon swim. Maybe she could pretend she thought he was drowning, jump in naked, pull him to the edge, drag him out of the water. Then she could make sure to accidentally pull his shorts off, give him something like mouth-to-mouth, all while she sunk her hips down on his hard...

Cassy got midway along the railing. He seemed to lose interest or decide that he had taken advantage of the view longer than appropriate and looked back down at his tablet. Cassy wished he would lift it up and "sneak" a video of her being sexy, then she would know she had caught his eye. Cassy saw a leaf resting on the edge of the patio about ready to fall off. The house, detecting a deviation in her chore that she might miss, instructed her to remove the leaf, but it didn't tell her how. Cassandra would have simply kicked it off the patio to the pool below, but Cassy wanted to pick it up and make a show of it. She bent at the waist, holding the rail with one hand for balance, picked up the leaf, and stuck it in her breast pocket. She had meant to stick it between her breasts, but the house must have interjected, and she was happy for it. She must reign in her libido as not to give up the game too soon!

Cassy stood back up, and, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him look up. He had missed her bent over, exposed ass by only a fraction of a second. Cassy was disappointed...

"Excuse me," Cassy jumped at the sound of his voice. Was it how badly she wanted him? His voice sounded more resonant and more commanding. No, it was Cassy, maid_2, who was willing and ready to do anything he commanded, even bend over the rail and let him fuck her stupid right here out in full view of the neighbors. "There is another one over there," he indicated by pointing. There was another leaf near the planter further down the rail. Cassy smiled. He probably thought she was smiling as a sign that she had heard him. But, Cassy was smiling because she was no fool, he wanted to see what he had missed, and he couldn't wait for her to find it on her own. He wanted to see now! It took every ounce of willpower she had to turn her body while bending over at the waist again. This way, he would see her luscious ass cheeks as a profile, but not get to see between to see if she was wearing panties. She was working under the assumption that he had noticed her lack of panties too late and not been sure of it, and she was not going to make it easy for him to find out. Stage 1 complete, she had him curious, and she had formed in his mind a sense of mystery.

To test her theory, she finished dusting the railing then moved into the living room to complete some of her actual dusting chores. She had hoped that he would follow her inside, but he didn't. Saddened, she thought about her next attack and how long she should let the fading memory of her glistening sex consume his thoughts. She couldn't just go back on the patio... except maybe to offer him a drink. She surreptitiously looked his way to see if he already had a drink. She was happy to see that his tablet was off, but he was looking intently at the screen anyway. He wasn't zoning out, thinking about what he had seen; he was trying to surreptitiously look at her in its reflection. She had him! He'd be pounding her into the couch or something similar within the hour!

Once the living room was dusted, she mentally checked her list of chores and was surprised to see—or rather feel—a growing desire to "check on the well being and mental state of the residents." Since Amy was not home, it would only be her husband that needed attending. Had she never noticed the maid checking in with her by offering drinks and conversation as part of her programming? She had just assumed that the maid had been particularly caring and just the right amount of chatty.

Cassy stepped out to the patio and stood a little closer than she should have. The house told her to back up, but she ignored it, feeling that it would seem rude to suddenly back up, but she would be careful next time. "Sir, would a drink please you?" The words had felt all wrong, but she had wanted to add in a bit of sexual innuendo, and it seemed to work. She saw his cock pulse slightly. He was already semi-hard! Cassy had to fight the house computer so that she could even look at his cock, let alone stare at it well past what would be appropriate. It was like trying to force herself to look directly into the sun, but she held it in her gaze, empowered by deep longing. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him smirking. His eyes stuttered between looking at the hem of her uniform, her cleavage, and her face. He was probably wondering what was—or wasn't—hidden under her uniform, still wondering if he had been mistaken. He checked out her cleavage because she was standing very close. Years ago, Amy had chosen this sexy low cut outfit when she had taken the job, meaning that she didn't mind if her employers looked now and then. He, of course, didn't mind looking if she didn't mind showing. Cassandra had never minded him looking, and it was working out in her favor now since he was checking her out.

"I'm going to have to check you out. But, for now, I'll settle for a gin and tonic, strong." He tore his eyes away and looked back to his tablet, turning the screen back on. Cassy was thrilled. Confident and amazed that her plan was already giving results. "Checking her out," would be only one small step from a good solid fuck.

When Cassy brought back the drink, she was disappointed to see him looking at his tablet's app that controlled the house computer. He was looking at the maid_1 profile, trying to discern if there was a problem. Luckily, he hadn't noticed the maid_2 profile, or the game might already be up. Satisfied, he didn't mention "checking her out" again. She knew he had playfully made it sound more sexual, but she was worried that what he really meant was that he would ask her to step into the chip maintenance pod. There he would run a diagnostic on her; this would be another great way to ruin her game.

"Do you know when Amy is due home?"

"Sir, Amy is due in about 2 hours. She is shopping, and is currently at, well, I guess she can tell you when she gets home." The computer had made her speak this way. She had been about to tell him that Amy was at the adult store, but the computer made her drop this information since it had been deemed personal. Also, Amy had been shocked to find this out herself. Amy had been sent to buy some sexy clothing, mostly to get her out of the house, but also for Cassy's use if needed. Also, once this experiment was over, she would have some sexy clothing to try out that she might not have bought for herself. A bit of an adventure. She had never meant for Amy to go to an adult store. Images of slutty stripper outfits, giant cocks, and nipple jewelry flittered through her mind as she wondered what Amy was buying.

Cassy's heart skipped another beat when he spoke again.

"As soon as Amy is home, send her to me. I'm going for a swim."

Cassy didn't like the sound of that! He meant to fuck Amy—his "wife"—as soon as she got home, and if he was going for a swim, he was going to be out of Cassy's reach very soon. Plus, he was probably expecting the cold water to cool him off, which meant that he didn't want her even though he had enjoyed the view. She thought of dropping the gin and tonic on his lap and sucking it off of... or moping it up with her uniform that she could unceremoniously rip off. But the house computer had other plans for her, so, wouldn't allow it.

At "I'm going for a swim," the house computer had realized a few problems with his decision to swim early. His suit was not laid out, and his towel was not on its warming rack. She immediately turned and left him there with his tablet. She hoped that he was watching her go, but she had no way of knowing. Then she realized that he knew she would have to go to the master bedroom to set out his suit and prepare his shower. Excitement filled her as her mind tried to guess if he was coming up here to take advantage of her. Images of him molesting her in the shower or of her helping him out of his clothes and into his swim trunks flowed through her mind. Had he thought of this and planned to come to her in the master bedroom?

Cassy was setting out his bathing suit and was about to go warm his shower when he entered the room. He looked a little surprised to see her there but moved into the room as if she was not present. She wanted to watch him get changed, but the computer had her moving on to her next task. She quickly turned on the shower, then she grabbed a spare towel from the bathroom cupboard and carried it out. She stopped dead in her tracks and gawked, even though she knew she should ignore him. He was stark-ass naked, and his cock was bobbing in front of him fully erect. She knew that his erection was for her. She wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees so that his cock would pass near her mouth on his way to the steaming shower. Cassy pushed against the computer, telling herself that it would be rude to just ignore him. She was supposed to "check on the well being and mental state of the residents," so why not now? What better way to check than to wrap her lips around...

Cassy moved toward him slowly. She looked directly into his eyes as she walked. He looked at her curiously, as if he was trying to see what was making her malfunction. He didn't seem to have a plan for this inevitability. His cock bobbed invitingly, like a finger beckoning her forward. She had always liked how it hung a bit to the side when hard, less lewd that way.

Cassy slid her hand over his cock, her lips barely parted, begging to be kissed. For a moment, his eyes rolled back in his head. He leaned forward, then slid past her. She had to let his cock go so that she didn't hurt him. He hurried to the shower. Well, at least she knew she would be able to break him eventually, there was no question now. Maybe something Amy brought back from the adult store would do the trick?

Cassy slipped silently out of the master bedroom, elated that things were going so well. She was not at all bothered by his rejection. If he had been that easy to fuck, she might have been quite bothered. She managed to remain near the pool, cleaning, so that she could watch him wade into the pool. She was not disappointed. He looked amazing, and as he stepped into the pool water, she could see that he was still reasonably erect. So, he hadn't taken care of it for himself in the shower, which would improve her chances later.

Cassy was made to put out some new clothes for him on the master bed. She imagined herself there—as if for the first time—helping him relieve his frustration directly into her body. Her imagination was helped by the many memories of actually fucking and being fucked by him in this very bed, but something felt new about it. The Cassy persona had never fucked him after all. Even though her maid_2 persona borrowed her personality from Cassandra, Cassy still felt a bit like a virgin.

As her husband was toweling off, the house computer told her to start preparing food. Amy had sent along a set of instructions to the house computer that Cassy would start, then Amy planned to finish. Just as Cassandra would have done, Cassy would take full credit for making the meal. "Fair enough," Cassy thought; she had done it to Amy many times. After all, starting a pot of boiling water and skinning some veggies was not really worth taking credit for.

Partway through peeling the last potato, Cassy received a notice that Amy was pulling into the driveway and would need some assistance with her purchases. How much had she bought? Good thing she had put a spending limit on the maid's card! Cassy finished peeling the potato, washed her hands, and made it to the garage in time to greet Amy as she entered the house. No words needed to be exchanged; Cassy already knew what Amy needed thanks to the house computer. Still, Cassy did notice how Amy had checked out her cleavage when she didn't think Cassy had been looking. Had Cassandra subconsciously been checking out Amy's body for years, had Amy noticed? Cassandra felt that women were hot and worth looking at, but Cassy felt a shock of pride about her own looks and wondered if Amy had ever felt the same way? Cassy's maid/odalisque rule profile didn't seem to mind her momentary sexual thoughts about Amy. She wryly thought to herself that if all else failed with her husband, maybe she would get Amy to fuck her before she set their lives back to normal.

Cassy 'heard' the instructions in her mind as if she had actually heard Amy speaking to the house computer as she had pulled into the driveway. Cassy didn't hear actual words, but the essence was there. Put away the new clothes, hang them in the back of Amy's closet so her husband wouldn't see it if he happened in there. Also, place the purchased boxes on the shelf above.

Cassy was dying to find out what clothing Amy had bought for her. Of course, Amy had thought she was buying the clothes for herself. But thanks to some careful tinkering, Amy would pay no attention to the clothing after she fell asleep tonight. Cassy took up the boxes first. She decided to make two trips for the boxes alone since they were surprisingly heavy, especially for their size. As she carried them, she admired their carefully crafted velvet coverings. These were not cheap skanky adult store products. These had cost a pretty penny. She was very curious about what was in them, but she lifted them up onto the shelf and left them there. She had meant to stop at the dresser and open each one, but the house computer had forbidden her to look, as these were Amy's private secrets. Cassy wasn't in the mood to fight the compulsion. She could have called upon her Cassandra persona to override her desire to leave them alone. Still, once the computer wiped Amy's mind of them tonight, they would be fair game tomorrow. Once the boxes were stored, she brought up the clothes.

Each outfit was individually wrapped in paper, not cellophane, as she would have expected. Cassy could not think of any adult store she had ever seen that treated each item with such care. She had expected trashy plastic and itchy fabric, but these were all quality. She had assumed that Amy had been to some sleazy adult store that smelled like spilled lube, and fresh rubber cocks, with a hint of fake leather and that dusty smell that tingles in the nose from those cheap purple fuzzy handcuffs. Instead, each shared an unrecognizable but classy smell that reminded her of expensive shopping trips in Vegas. Cassy wondered where one might find a store in town that supplied such exquisite and expensive-looking adornments.

There was a silk gown that looked hardly more substantial than thinly flowing water. She could see the hanger through its negligible fabric as she hung it. She wanted nothing more than to slip it's smooth, cool texture over her nipples. There was a full nylon bodysuit. At first, she had thought it to be nothing more than a very finely crafted skin-colored material, but, as it was revealed, she found an intricately crafted, colorful, floral ivy woven into the nylon. The color matched her skin so closely that she could imagine it being almost invisible on her. It would look as though the ivy was a colorful green tattoo running up from her ankle, around her thigh, right up under her crotch, out the back end, up around her waist, then splitting to send delicate tendrils down each arm. She knew—just from looking at this exquisite lingerie—that spirals of green vine and leaf would rest attractively, cupping and accentuating her breasts. Two pink flowers would rest directly on top of her nipples, and one on her clit. The crotch of the nylon had a slit opening, but there was no apparent stitching. It was flawless, and probably indiscernible unless the wearer spread their legs wide.

She hung each piece of clothing lovingly. She had never seen lingerie like this—every single piece was a work of art. Surely Amy had pushed her credit limit to the max buying these. Cassy could only wonder how she had had room in her budget for whatever was in the beautiful velvet boxes.

The final piece of clothing was a mystery, having been carefully gift wrapped. The card on it said, "Maid just for you." Cassy tore at the wrappings. The computer tried to prevent her, but her instructions had been to hang all of the clothes. She focused hard on interpreting the "Maid just for you" as meaning that it was for Cassy. She tried not to think about the fact that Amy had probably meant to give the package to her husband, but Cassy was having none of that.

Inside the "Maid just for you" package was a stunningly crafted adult version of a maid outfit with a frilly white ruffle at the bottom like a proper sexy french maid. The black thigh high stockings that came with it were of equal quality, and she couldn't wait to feel them slide slowly up her legs, or slide slowly back down if he wanted them off of her. She could see that there were partings in the cloth in places—hidden as stitched seams. The wearer could pull the fabric apart to expose each nipple.

The waist was somewhat corseted, and there were slits under some of the bonings that Cassy initially had no idea what they could be used for. The boning was extra sturdy as if it was designed to handle some force. She imagined herself wearing the outfit and where the slitted boning would land. She saw in her mind's eye her husband fucking her from behind, either standing or doggy. She watched him slip his fingers into the boning at her sides, getting a firm grip, and shoving his cock into her with incredibly leveraged force. Comically, she imagined her nipples popping suddenly and unexpectedly out of their slits. Her heart did a little flutter as she envisioned another use for the boning. What if he wrapped a thick rope around her wrists and under the boning about 20 times. Her arms would be trapped rigidly at her sides. Her elbows would be back, and her tits would be forced to stand out wonderfully. Cassy was sure that this would make her nipples push their way out of the hidden slits. Once Amy fell asleep tonight and forgot about this purchase, Cassy would be the first to put it on. The uniform was just short enough that if she settled it on her hips correctly, her pussy lips would be only barely out of sight, but only if she was standing still, and only if there wasn't a slight breeze.

Encouraged by her luck, Cassy happily went to her room to eat the plate of food that Amy had so kindly brought down for her. It was the little thoughtful things that Cassandra was always proud of herself for, like bringing food to the maid instead of making her come get it. She often brought food down to the maid's room when she wanted to have a private talk with her husband. Or a private fuck, otherwise they usually invited the maid to have dinner with them, almost like a family.

Suddenly Cassy was worried. Was this food here to get Cassy out of Amy's way? She started to scarf her food down. It would have been one thing if it had been her husband bringing the food down, planning on fucking his wife to release the sexual tension of the day. Amy would have rejected him. This would have left him in a right-state for Cassy to take him as hers. But, Amy had brought the food down to keep Cassy out of the way. Was it possible that all of the day's shopping, thinking about sex, picking out each outfit, and appraising each for her husband's taste, had pushed her past the dulled libido and her "headache?" Was she—even now—planning what outfit to wear for him? Cassy loved irony—usually—but not right now. What if Amy wore the maid outfit. She had had it gift-wrapped after all. What a fucked up irony it would be if Cassy had primed her husband to fuck the maid, by dressing as a maid, and making the maid go out and buy a sexy maid outfit! The only bright side Cassy could find as she finished the last bite of her food was, if Amy did fuck him as the maid tonight, maybe he would be more prone to fall for the maid outfit on Cassy tomorrow.

Once Cassy's food was down, she busied herself with cleaning up after dinner. She couldn't help herself. The couple was not at the dinner table as she had hoped they would be, and their food and drinks had barely been touched. Cassy was still looking down at the table—disappointed—when she got a summons from the house computer to go to her own room. This was an awful sign. Amy or her husband had instructed Cassy to go there, probably to get her out of the way so the new couple could fuck in peace. But, when she got to the room, she found some everyday clothing on the bed. Instinctively, she stripped down and pulled on the pair of her own underwear that had been set out for her. These were not her sexy panties. These were underwear.

The computer made sure that she continued to dress. It seemed that her confusion was making the computer's control over her that much easier while she was distracted with what this might mean. She pulled on her pressed business pants and a button-down blouse. She buttoned it right to the top. She usually wore this blouse to show off her cleavage, but the computer made her close every button. Next, she pulled on her black sports jacket.

Once she was dressed, she sat on the small plush chair in the room and reached beside it. Cassy was a little surprised to find herself holding a pair of extremely high, strappy, black stiletto heels. This pair had bright-red lacquered soles and were stunning and terrifying. Amy must have bought them today. Cassy began the laborious process of putting them on, even though there was no chance in hell she would be able to walk in these. They were what she knew as "ballerina style," so tall that she would be on her tippy toes if she stood in them. But, she pulled them on anyway. The straps got woven and wrapped around her ankles then up her calves. She had to pull up her dress pants to accomplish this. She felt very sexy in these heels. It was too bad she would never get up the stairs and out of the basement so that anyone could see them on her.

Cassy felt very strange wearing her own regular clothes, especially since she was supposed to be the maid. Then there were these obviously-fuck-me-I’m-a-cum-slut heels that didn't even match her outfit. She was supposed to be a maid, damn it, not a businesswoman in fetish shoes. The computer gave her her next assignment. She stood up as easily as if her feet were bare. Her calves and shins burned, but the strain was well within her physical limits, but hardly within her comfort limit. Gracefully and more confidently than usual, she walked out of her room and up the stairs two flights toward the master bedroom. The computer told her to play a particular role and enabled her to walk in these heels. Her body lacked the practice though, so her muscles burned with every step. Her confidence was exacerbated as she strut into the master bedroom to find her husband sitting in a chair, pretending to read a book. She knew he was pretending; she was the only one in the house that still read paperbacks. She enjoyed their touch and smell.

Amy was making the bed, Cassy wanted to look at her to see what she was wearing, but the computer made Cassy have eyes only for the man in the chair. Cassy walked to the chair and violently slapped the book out of his hand. With enormous contrast to her attack on his book, she slid gracefully down onto his lap—side saddle—and asked him how his day was. He didn't say anything. Years of experience had taught him that he was a shitty roleplayer and that it was best to let others manage the scene. Cassy stared into his eyes. She could feel the hardness of his cock on the side of her thigh and it was the only thing in the world that she wanted at this very moment. The computer though, had other plans for her.

Amy coughed. Her husband looked sheepishly at her and couldn't seem to break his eye contact. Cassy felt computer-driven fake outrage boil up inside of her. As she looked over at Amy, real outrage tried to simmer to the surface but was washed away by the computer's roleplaying plan for her.

Amy looked like a piece of heaven! The bedroom lights had been dimmed just right and Amy was dressed up in the adult version of a maid outfit that Cassy so coveted. Amy was only bent very slightly, but that was all that was needed to get a full view of her sex. It was as cleanly hairless as Cassy's. It was as beautifully glistening, pink, and puffy with desire as any man or maid could hope for. As they looked toward the bed, Amy bent further over the mattress to fluff a pillow, and Cassy saw how her nipples almost magically slipped out and brushed lightly on the silk duvet. Amy closed her eyes trying to maintain her composure as she fluffed, probably distracted by the cloth tickling her nipples. Her ass undulated in and out of the shadow, accentuating the movement and providing a teasing view. Cassy could only imagine standing behind her with a strap-on, holding still, and letting this delectably soft pussy slide effortlessly along its shaft. Then she realized that her husband must be thinking somewhat along the same lines. Again real outrage tried to simmer to the surface but was washed away by the computer.

Fake outrage filled places in her mind where there should have been real outrage. She stood up and walked over to Amy and gave her such a slap on the ass that her husband let slip a tiny gasp of surprise from his lips. Amy—seemingly expecting it—bit back the scream of pain that Cassy would have been unable to withhold. Cassy leaned her stomach into Amy's ass and reached forward, grabbing up a thick fist full of hair. She pulled Amy roughly back and felt her body arch in pain. Cassy—unable to control herself—looked over Amy's shoulder to get a top-down view of Amy's nipples being shoved unceremoniously out of the uniform thanks to the harsh curve of her back. This placed Cassy's nose against Amy's ear, where she drew a full breath of the sweet smell of Amy's hair. As she breathed out, she felt Amy's body go slightly limp. A spike of pride that had nothing to do with the computer slid into Cassy's mind as she took another deep breath and let its warmth trickle down the woman's ear and neck. Amy couldn't seem to control her body's reaction as she relaxed further. Cassy pulled back on Amy's hair sharply, bringing her back to reality. The computer told her to be exceedingly rough with Amy and that it was Amy who had requested it.

Cassy found herself whispering so softly that surely only Amy could hear her. The computer directed her speech. "It seems my husband has taken a liking to you." Cassey hissed, then slowly pushed Amy's head toward the bed until she was bent over again. She slipped two fingers from her free hand into Amy's sex, testing it for wetness. Cassy pushed these fingers into Amy's mouth to clean them off before pulling Amy back up by her hair.

"Looks like you want him also. Any other wife would strip you of your uniform, fire you, then kick you to the curb buck-ass naked, but I like to dominate." Suddenly Cassy understood what was happening, and the intense irony and ridiculousness of it was not lost on her. She was Cassy, the computer-controlled maid, pretending to be the wife of her real-life husband. And she was about to force the real maid, who was pretending to be the wife, and pretending to be the maid, to fuck her husband. And, to top it all off, this was the result of her own fucking stupid ass plan to see if her husband would cheat on her, which he hadn't, even though she had tried! The entire thing was ridiculous, but the computer would not let her break character. Cassy could see no way out of her complete humiliation—at her own hands. The only consolation prize was knowing that if she ended this game on her own terms—while Amy and her husband slept—Cassy would be the only one who would ever know of this bizarre turn of events.

Cassy led Amy by the hair to her husband and forced Amy to kneel at his feet. Cassy's calves and shins were starting to hurt now, but she still had a role to play. The computer would not let her injure herself, but that didn't mean she would be able to walk easily tomorrow. Amy took it upon herself to start undoing her husband's pants. Cassy would have objected as a dominatrix, but the computer seemed to think this mistake in character could be ignored without ruining the scene's continuity. Cassy watched his cock pop into view and was curiously horrified to find herself using her control over Amy's hair to tease her husband's cock with Amy's reaching, searching lips. Then Cassy pushed Amy's head down and watched her entire body wretch and gag, scrabbling for freedom and a breath. Cassy wanted to stop. It was heart-wrenching to watch Amy's intense discomfort. Still, the computer told Cassy that these instructions had been made by Amy and had been very specific, so she could not deviate. After only a moment of this harsh treatment though, Cassy pulled Amy up, then pushed her down more gently, fucking her head up and down on his cock.

It was so bizarre to be in this place, doing this thing, controlled by a computer, all because of the stupid plan she had enacted. She had half a mind to end it right now; her finger was already so close to Amy's chip. But, how traumatizing would it be for Amy to wake up from a dream to find your employer practically trying to suffocate you on her husband's cock. By the look on her husband's face, this had been Amy's idea. It didn't fit his personality, but he was letting it happen. He was not protesting because he must have heard her give these detailed instructions to the computer. Plus, some part of him was fascinated to see the maid, dressed as a dominatrix wife, forcing his wife's head to take his cock, while dressed as a sexy french maid.

Cassy reached around and grabbed a nipple, pinching it hard through the slit in the maid outfit. It seemed like Amy was not expecting this. At first, she tried to shake it off like an irksome biting-fly, but once the pain settled in, she seemed spurred on by it. Cassy would have thought that Amy, who typically spent her life controlled by a computer, and was made to do uncomfortable things, would be fed up with control and pain. Still, she had clearly asked for this and seemed oddly driven by it.

Cassy let up on her nipple attack, then let go of Amy's hair.

"You liked that? Well, you didn't know, but we hired you because your profile showed a latent desire to be dominated. No darling, not to be dominated by a man, but dominated by a woman. So, you will get up, and sit back down on his cock, you will take it into you then nothing more."

Cassy moved toward the bed and pulled her pants off over her ballet high heels. Then she leaned her ass back against the bedside table, spread her legs—exposing her underwear—and lifted one leg to rest on the bed for some additional spread.

"You will watch what I do, and you will do the same. You will mirror my movements while we will have a little competition." Cassy pulled the loose material that hid her sex aside and started massaging her pussy lips, alternatively pushing a finger in to rub her clit. It felt amazing! Why hadn't she chipped herself years ago and increased her sensitivity before? Amy copied her, pulling up her ruffled uniform and massaging her sex. "You've got an unfair advantage over me with my husband's cock buried in your cunt. He can choose to thrust up into you if he wants to help your case, or he could hold your hands behind your back if he wants to help mine. His choice. But you must not lift your hips to fuck him. Whoever comes first wins. If I come first, you are fired, and you'll find yourself naked on our curb, waiting for your agency to come pick you up. If you come first, you will earn a week as my husband's fuck toy. I'll put you in irons, chain you to his bed, and you won't leave the bedroom unless he means to fuck you somewhere else in the house. I'll even do all your chores and dress as a maid myself—if you can come first. If he comes first, we are both his, you'll still end up in bondage, and I'll still dress as a maid, but we'll both be his to command."

At first, Cassy was confused by this game. Ok, easy enough; if Amy won, she would get to be a fuck slave to her "husband" for a week, while pretending to be a shy maid—confusing enough as it was. On the other hand, it was evident that Cassy was not supposed to win. Even now, the computer was demanding that she slow down. The computer was forbidding her to come first.

What confused Cassy was what would happen if her husband won. Why would Amy even give him the chance? Amy believed herself to be his wife and would not want him fucking the maid that was pretending to be his wife. It was all confusing as fuck. Then it hit her. This was Amy's own game. She probably didn't mean to follow through with it if he came first, but it gave her a real sense of risk. She would try as hard as she could to come before he did. Then she could still have her week as a bondage toy, but her fake story about both of them being his would not be a thing. If anything, the idea of having two women might make him try to cum first, making her game even more difficult. Amy did seem to like it very rough, and maybe even liked a difficult challenge and a bit of unfair sport.

Cassy could feel the computer making her slow down further. It didn't matter though. The site of her husband's cock cleaving the maid's pussy lips was more than she could handle. She was practically not even touching herself anymore, just enough to make it look real so that Amy could win. It even seemed as though her husband understood the game. He was thrusting up into Amy ever so slightly. Enough to help her along, and play his part as the desperate-for-two-fuck-slaves husband, but not enough to get himself off, also comprehending that he was not really supposed to win this competition. Amy, on the other hand, looked desperate. She was massaging herself expertly and vigorously. She was even grinding her hips down into his thrusts hard. She seemed out of control of her own body. Watching the HOT scene play out in front of her, Cassy was so close, she was trying so hard not to come first. She looked into her husband's eyes and begged him to come first so that at least it wouldn't be her who ruined Amy's game.

Then Cassy came. Trying to hold it back had pushed her into a mind wracking orgasm when it finally washed over her. At first, she tried to hide it, but the computer felt that this would be a lie, and she was too weak to fight the computer. She ground her hips down into the bedside table and dug her fingernails into her sex, trying to make it stop, but the pleasure was more pronounced than the pain, so her orgasm rolled, unrelenting. Amy and her husband even seemed to forget the game themselves. They stared avidly at Cassy's clenching body. They watched her breath catch, slipping through her teeth, occasionally interrupted by her tongue catching on the roof of her mouth.

Amy was still absentmindedly massaging her sex. She probably didn't intend it, but it was hard enough to make her husband burst, even though he had been trying not to. Cassy and her husband locked eyes as they both came. She thought that she saw her husband seeing her as his real wife for just a moment, but then the moment was gone, and he looked ashamed of watching Cassy come while his dick was surging cum into his "wife." He also looked a little ashamed that he wasn't able to help his "wife" come first in this little game. Through all this, he couldn't seem to pry his eyes away from Cassy's moment of pure pleasure. Amy couldn't look away either.

Cassy didn't know what to do. The computer didn't seem to have a plan for this. She wondered what she was supposed to have done if Amy came first. But it didn't matter. She knew she was about to be dismissed, but she needed to wait until one of them told her to leave—to be polite.

Amy recovered soon enough. She looked disappointed. Disappointed that she had not ended up in bondage as her "husband's" fuck toy for a week. Disappointed that she had not come, and noticing that it was well past any chance that she still might come. Cassy felt bad; she knew that it had been her fault that Amy had not come, having tweaked her pleasure. She should have been upset that her husband's cock was buried in Amy in the first place, but instead, she empathized with Amy. Cassy's plan had failed miserably so far, more than once. Still, pitty for Amy made Cassy happy that she had at least given the girl this little fun game, even though it hadn't worked out for either of them. Maybe she would get another chance to please the new couple tomorrow.

Amy beckoned Cassy over with a pull of her finger in the air. Cassy didn't know what she wanted but was pleasantly surprised when Amy reached up lovingly and pulled Cassy's mouth down to hers. This was not a perfunctory kiss. This was a kiss that contained a lot of raw emotion. Most significantly, it had a little bit of each of their remorse over Amy's lost orgasm. Today had been full of odd scenes and feelings, and this was by far the strangest and most wonderful. Cassy knew that the tongue delicately sliding across her lips—threatening to enter but not—was attached to a throat that had just gagged on her husband's cock. And that the lips belonged to a woman who had her husband still inside of her, though he was surely softening. Soon, if not already, cum would be spilling out onto the floor. She hoped that Amy would clean it up, or Cassy would be scrubbing it in the morning. Even if Cassy ended this entire game tonight, her husband would go to bed holding Amy close. If Amy was lucky, he'd stuff his cock in her before falling asleep, buried in her sex as he had occasionally liked to do to Cassandra over the years.

Amy broke the kiss and smiled up at Cassy. She could accept this as a dismissal, so stood. Cassy watched Amy stand up carefully with one hand scooped under her sex then shuffle in a very un-sexy manner to the bathroom, not spilling a drop. Cassy smiled sadly at her husband, then left the room enjoying the lingering taste of Amy's lip gloss mixed with a single salty tear. This would be enough to take with her... to remind her of the passionate kiss she had just shared with the maid that would sleep with her husband tonight.


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