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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Day 1.2 - Evening

Cassy could only think about what had just happened to her, in her own master bedroom, with her own husband, and her housemaid. Distracted, she had not realized that she was walking. She had not noticed that she had had to turn her body sideways to proceed slowly down two flights of stairs, one slow step at a time. She hadn’t felt the pain that the insanely high heels she was wearing were causing her. She didn’t notice when she had just entered her new room in the basement, but she did notice how bare and lonely it was without Amy or her husband. She had a fleeting thought of fucking the bed again, simply to stave off her impending boredom. Her libido had not been sated even after two powerful orgasms today. First things first though, she needed to get these ballet heels off before she tore a muscle. 

Cassy felt bad for Amy, but after tonight something would change. Either Cassy would end it and turn them all back to normal, or Amy would forget about her shopping trip and hopefully lose interest in her husband. Cassy had never meant to have Amy fuck her husband. For a moment she felt dirty; like she had assisted in the rape of the girl, but she realized that Amy must have overcome some very intense programming to still want to fuck her husband. Cassy smiled a wry smile as she thought about this. Amy was still held by the restrictions of her maid_1 persona, who had strict rules not to fraternize with the others in the house, regardless of the wife_1 persona. How long had Amy harbored a desire for him, or was it new? Was Amy’s good relationship with Cassandra the only thing that had stopped her from trying to get him? Had she fucked that very same bedpost thinking of him on some lonely nights?

The door to the maid’s bedroom—Cassy’s new, lonely bedroom—opened. Cassy didn’t bother to cover herself even though she suddenly realized she was fully naked, being half-way through changing back into her maid outfit. She was a maid, she was below notice, and her maid_2 profile of maid/odalisque gave her no reason to cover herself. Cassy felt that he would have usually ignored her, as he ignored any appliance in the house—more out of respect than disinterest, but their recent activity and the fact that she didn’t cover herself up made him look at her with a deep curiosity. It was as if he was seeing her naked for the first time, and his look of discovery and longing thrilled her down to her core. It reminded her of a more innocent past.

Cassy had not been expecting his visit to her room. She was not sure if she was happy or sad that she had not chosen to fuck herself into oblivion on the bedpost again. It was easy to imagine herself fucking it facing away from the door and having been so embroiled in her passion that she could not stop herself even as he walked in to find her so depraved. She imagined him pulling his pants down quickly and pressing his cock against her pucker, letting her own raising, dropping, fucking motion take him in. 

Cassy snapped out of this brand new daydream. She had to control her libido if she had any chance to seduce him. Maybe this was her chance, but she saw nothing sexy about this outside of the fact that she was naked and he looked keen. Then her moment of opportunity seemed lost. He ripped his eyes from her to look around her room.

“I’m not sure what she’s done to your programming, I’ll have to check the tablet when I have time tomorrow. You should not have been able to do half of what you did with the maid profile settings I use. Unless she got your permission to make you do those things, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with her alterations. But, for now, I’m more concerned about what she did to my chip. To my knowledge, it has been inactive for years, but something feels out of place. I don’t mind her fucking with my chip, but it makes me uneasy not knowing if I’m going mad or if she’s activated it. Help me into the machine, if she’s altered my chip, I want you to tell me, save the configuration for later inspection, then set me back to normal. Don’t tell her that we did this.”

Cassy was horrified, she couldn’t let him discover that his chip was activated. And she didn’t want his chip deactivated while he was awake! The moment it reverted, everyone would remember! Probably? Regardless of her feelings, she had been given a direct command. She would have to do it, even ashamed and terrified as she was to be found out. As he stepped into the pod she had a moment of desire to pull him out of it and do any depraved and desperate thing to keep him distracted from his goal, but the computer wouldn’t let her ignore a direct command. She knew that she could end this at any moment on her own terms, but the result would be the same, they would know.

He turned around and pulled the door shut behind him. The light went blue, then green. Cassy looked at the screen and a calm washed over her. “Most recent activity by User_2(admin), Cassandra.” flashed on the screen. He had said to tell him if Amy had activated his chip. And if Cassy was careful to interpret him correctly, she only had to tell him and revert him if Amy had done it! This was so cut and dry in her mind, the pressure from the computer to tell him the whole truth seemed muted.

When he stepped out of the machine, he didn’t check the monitor, he trusted his direct order to be followed. The computer made one last push on Cassy to change her mind about the interpretation, but she was clear on what she had been told to do.

“I do this of my own free will, not because of Amy.” Cassy knelt down and had his pants around his ankles quicker than he could stop her. Instinctively he jerked his hips back away from her quick attack, but she had been expecting this. His ass hit the door of the pod behind him and she moved precisely forward to take his cock into her mouth and pin him to the door. It tasted wonderfully salty, still having a mix of Amy and his cum on it, and it was still moist. He had been so interested in the state of his chip that he must have come directly down to her room.

Cassy held on tight. She could feel the swelling start and she was happy to see that the profile tinkering to subdue her gag reflex was in effect. He wasn’t quite trying to push her away, but he wasn’t quite giving in either. She just had to get him hard enough, then she could find some way to get him to the bed or the floor and mount him. Would she count it as cheating if he didn’t fuck back into her? Maybe once he was inside her, she could slow down or stop and see if he took over. Maybe she could get him so frustrated that he would flip her over and pound her down as hard as he could, maddened by the events of the day, unable to stop himself from leveraging his body weight into her.

Cassy’s head was suddenly wrenched back. Since Cassy had been holding onto her husband’s legs so tightly, this left her with his cock bobbing up and down dancing across her chin, and all she could see was the ceiling and Amy’s pissed off expression and something that surprisingly looked a little like lust.

“You little cum slut. I thought you had performed your part a little too well back there. At first, I thought that the computer had found a way past your inhibitions, then I thought that maybe you liked the idea of being a dominant mistress. I was even looking forward to coming first and enjoying it as you placed me in heavy metal bondage. Maybe you would be a little more dominant than I ever could have hoped! But, now I see that you are just a cum hungry slut. Now don’t take it wrong, I *want* to be angry, but I don’t hold it against you. I find it super hot, but I wonder... I wonder if you’d make an even better submissive. You are already on your knees.” Amy looked down at Cassy. Her look of anger changed to something more amused as his cock tap tap tapped on Cassy’s chin, probably dragging a string of spit or precum across her face.

“I can only assume from your current position, that you desperately want to fuck my husband. There is no way you could have overcome your rule profile if you didn’t. I know he wouldn’t have done anything to your chip to take advantage of you, so this must be all you.” 

Cassy was in shocked denial. How could Amy be using Cassy’s own logic about Amy against her? Cassy had assumed that Amy had overcome her profile, which was so sexually diminished and limited. Now Amy thought that Cassy had overcome a profile that Cassy didn’t even have. How much more horribly wrong could this go?! If Amy made Cassy do anything to her husband, Cassy’s game would be lost. She had thought that there was only one way to lose her game. Either her husband would cheat with her, or not. It seemed that being willingly used by the couple was another losing scenario that she never would have believed possible. Especially with her precautions. There was no way Cassy could consider her husband to be a cheater if he fucked her with consent from his wife.

“I’m going to give you a series of instructions. These are not commands to be forced upon you by the computer, and you will only do them within your own desires and under your own free will.” Amy seemed to consider for a moment, and as she thought, she slackened her grip on Cassy’s head. Her husband’s cock tip was now slipping across her lips, but she did not dare open them to take him back into her, though she wanted to. Cassy waited, amused at how much Amy understood about the computer system and control. Of course, she had lived it, but Cassy had no idea of how deep her understanding went until now. What power and leverage could this subconscious understanding provide Amy that Cassy had not prepared or planned for?

“If you choose to do so, and if you desire my husband...” Amy swallowed and looked a little surprised at herself. “or have a desire for me...” Having gotten it out of her mouth she seemed to take on a more dominant and confident tone. “You will walk naked up to the master bedroom and kneel at the foot of the chair where we just fucked. I will speak with my husband here, then we will come up and see how you feel about a little fun.”

Cassy stood up, not even thinking about it. It felt like the kind of control the computer had over her, but this was different. The computer was telling her to follow the instruction to act under “your own desires and under your own free will.” Cassy couldn’t believe that the computer was forcing her to do this, but then again, it wasn’t. She was simply being forced to do what she desired, and right now she desired only two things. Firstly, she wanted to fuck and be fucked by her husband without Amy’s express permission. This seemed unlikely now. Secondly, she wanted to end this entire thing desperately. For a moment she wondered if there was some way of knocking the two of them out with carefully placed blows so she could revert everyone back to normal without hurting anyone, but that was more ridiculous than her first desire. Thirdly—and she was surprised that there was a thirdly—she wanted to fuck and be fucked by her husband... and Amy. She knew that this is what Amy wanted, and there was no reason that Cassy shouldn’t want it also. 

Cassy’s libido was greater and stronger than it had ever been in her life—artificially enhanced as it was. Even though her original plan now seemed ruined, why not enjoy the couple? Maybe they would fuck her senseless, then she could wait for them to fall asleep and end it. It did bother her that her own plan had failed, but it didn’t bother her that a good bit of fun and pleasure could be gained as a consolation prize in the meantime. Fourthly, Cassy wanted to become a *sore loser* under the grinding heat and pressure of two friendly bodies on hers. If she woke up so sore she could not walk, that might just be the best consolation prize she could ask for at this point.

Cassy didn’t remember walking upstairs. She would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see what the couple was discussing without her. She had a vague idea that they were getting each other’s consent to involve their trusted maid in their sexy-time. Then they would talk in guilty whispers, assuring each other that it was not immoral and that they were not taking advantage. Their maid wouldn’t go against her rule profile unless she wanted to... right? Cassy knew there was no such rule profile in effect on her, but they didn’t. Cassy also knew that Amy did have such a rule profile and was continuing further and further down this very sexual road regardless.

Cassy wondered about something. She knew that the wife_1 profile contained nothing that would make sexual relations a priority for Amy. Cassy had ensured that. Amy’s maid_1 profile, with its huge sexual reductions, should be subduing Amy’s urges, but something much stronger was spurring her on. Not only was Amy playing along, but she was also taking charge. Then there was the fact that the most recent scene in the master bedroom had been “a maid being dominated by a cuck queen to fuck her husband.” Was it possible that through the years Amy had grown fond of the couple, but also enjoyed the domination of the computer so much that she had had a growing secret fetish to be dominated by the couple sexually? Her original profile had been perfect when they had hired her. She had a guilty pleasure in showing her body, but a strong desire to always be decent and respectful. She enjoyed doing housework, the security of the lifestyle, and the computer’s constant assistance to be her best. Cassandra and her husband had picked her for these traits. Now that Cassy thought about it, it was highly likely that her personality profile had changed over time, and it was highly likely that she liked the couple more each day, and possibly thought of them sexually, even just subconsciously. 

They had hired her because she would be an eye-catching beautiful addition to their house but would be perfectly happy not being a maid/odalisque like so many others in her profession. Many other households had rejected her for this. Wives had scorned her for her mild exhibitionism. And, in houses where the wife would tolerate her exhibitionism, the husbands had refused to bring in a non-odalisque employee. Her profile had listed maid/odalisque as an acceptable option, but her heart had not been in it. There were some who would love knowing that their maid/odalisque fuck toy maid was not willing, but most didn’t want the complications, and she would probably have rejected any of these cruel employers. So Cassandra had agreed to bring her into the household. Why had she never asked Amy to do any follow up mental assessments, especially before embarking on this fucking insane quest to make her husband cheat on/with her? Cassy was now paying for her lack of attention to the changing feelings and needs of a real person in their house. Amy was an employee, but she was also sudo-family, and someone the couple cared about. How easy it is to forget and take others for granted, then pay for it.

As Cassy’s knees became accustomed to kneeling on the soft rug in the master bedroom she had to wonder. Amy had possibly been dreaming for years about a domineering housewife who would make her maid submit to her deep desires of becoming a Cuck Queen. Did this mean that Amy would want to be dominated still? Was Amy’s desire to be dominated? Would her desire carry over to her new persona as the wife? Or would Amy expect to be doing the domination? Was the fantasy—that may or may not have been growing in her gut for years—be more about a Cuck Queen wife, regardless of who held that title at the time? Cassy had a sneaking suspicion—kneeling on the bedroom floor as she was—that Amy’s desire had been turned on its head when her rolls had been artificially altered. Cassy—for the first time in her life—was not only enjoying, but looking forward to being dominated. How strange it felt.

The couple walked into the room holding hands as if they had always been a happy couple. What an odd sight for Cassy to behold, but also a frightening thing. Standing together unified, the man she wanted to fuck, and the woman that wanted to dominate. Towering over Cassy as if she were already their plaything, confident, and united against her. Cassy’s eyes watered under their intense, powerful gaze.

Amy broke away from the 3-way stare first. She pulled the two thick, soft yoga mats from the corner of the room, unrolled each, and piled them up at the foot of the bed. Cassy looked on, interested. Did they mean to pound her body down into the mats? Well, she didn’t mind, she didn’t care how or where they fucked, so long as she got some cock... or at least some pussy... or both... she was caring less and less, naked and willing as she was. The computer’s control over her actions—using her own desires against her—was having a cyclical and growing effect. The more she wanted to fuck them, the more the computer made her want to be fucked by them, and so on.

Amy grabbed up the soft cuddling rug that lay below the fireplace and brought it over to add it to the yoga mat stack. The rug was the softest most luxurious cream white textile she could find, and it was glorious to lay on it. Cassy remembered laying on it with the master bedroom french doors open, cool night air would caress their entwined bodies while a raging fire warmed her front and her husband warmed her back. Though it would be a little warm to be fucked on at the moment, Cassy would happily let the couple fuck her into oblivion, soaked in sweat and tears of pleasure... Cassy snapped out of it in time to see Amy beaconing her to move to the yoga-mat-softened luxuriously silky rug at the foot of the master bed. Cassy obligingly crawled up onto the center of the bedding Amy had provided.

Amy walked toward the bathroom leaving Cassy to look longingly at her husband’s crotch, glancing up occasionally to see his eyes hungry with lust. He wanted to fuck her, he wanted to fuck his maid, but he had only been willing to do it with his “wife’s” permission. Cassy felt defeated in more than one way, and it was wonderful. 

Amy walked back into the room almost immediately, distracting Cassy. She was carrying one of the boxes she had purchased today. Amy moved behind Cassy, out of view, and knelt behind her. Cassy could hear the box being opened and could see looks of shock, confusion, and desire flitter across her husband’s face. The boxes had been heavy, but she had not lifted them each individually, it was quite possible that this box had contained a huge strap-on cock. Cassy half expected to get bent over at any moment, instead she felt a sudden cold on her shoulders and a heavy weight. Then, as the collar was closed around her neck, she explored it through the only sensations she had of it. The collar was thick and tall, solid and heavy, cold and stiff. It was not a posture collar, but it must have been 2-3 inches tall. It was now resting on her shoulders, clasped and closed around her throat. The metal felt sturdy, as though it were at least 1/2 an inch thick, probably more. Amy had not fussed with latches or buckles, but there was a finality about the way it had closed, as if it was locked onto her throat. The metal was clearly unbendable and unyielding. This was no simple toy collar. This was serious, expensive, high-end metal bondage gear, and Cassy imagined there would be no way of taking it off without help.

“Touch it,” Amy said. 

Cassy reached up gingerly, as if checking a new wound for damage as if being too harsh with it might hurt. But, she soon found that there was no need to be delicate. She felt around it and found it to be about 3/4 inches thick and seamless. She could not tell where the hinge was on the outer surface or the inner. The hinge must have been complicated to allow it to close while pulling the two halves together so precisely. Then the lock on it must have been magnetic because there was no keyhole. That or it was meant only to be cut off, but she doubted it. There was only one thing on it that detracted from its perfectly smooth and circular tube shape. In the back was a soft spot in the metal. At least, it had felt soft at first. It was more of a button that could be depressed, and when she did, a D-ring popped out. She pushed down on the D-ring to push it back into the collar, but it didn’t budge. She tried turning the collar, to bring it to the front and get a better feel for it, but the collar would not turn. It was just tight enough that she could not reach a finger in to check, but she could tell that some inner ring was lined with something that was not sticky, but gripped her skin. It was as if the collar was now a part of her. It would be safe, it would not slip around her neck, threatening to smash into her jaw or break her collarbone if she moved too quickly or was fucked too hard. 

“Here, let me help,” Amy offered. She pushed on the button, gave the D-ring a little push, and Cassy felt it snap back into place. She felt around the area again and was amazed at how the seams were impossible to make out. Only the slightly soft feeling of the small button betrayed it. “That, we will use if you play our little game. Well, Only if you lose your first test. I want to know just how much you want this. But first, I owe you something.” Amy reached one arm around and pinched Cassy’s nipple hard. The pain in her nipple was dulled by shock, but the pain caused a conflagration of pleasure to break across her sex, then it was gone. 

Cassy felt Amy’s hand press between her shoulder blades and knew a command to bend over. She got down on her hands. Already on her knees, she knew her ass would be wonderfully presented to Amy. Cassy watched her husband’s face for a moment, enjoying him watching Amy for her expression and approval. Then Cassy improved the view by getting down on her elbows and knees, then slowly, like a cat, slinking her arms out straight in front of her until her breast and face were pressed pleasantly into the soft squishy silky rug below. The material felt at once cool to the touch and warming, in the way it was designed to insulate naked lovers.

Cassy jumped slightly when two fingers slipped into her sex. Not because she hadn’t expected it—she had expected it—but because these fingers hooked slightly and pulled right on her G-spot, pulling to adjust her position slightly to make her ass even more presentable. Like a cat in heat Cassy rotated her hips as far as she could, arched her stomach to the floor, closed her eyes and waited for what was next. 

“Well, there is no doubt that she’s ready for you. I don’t know that I’ve ever even been this wet in my life. Come look at her pussy lips. They are so puffy with desire that you'd think she’d been waiting for this all day!”

Cassy felt the air around her move as her husband came around her back to also enjoy the view. 

“Oh, and you are ready also I see, you horny fucker. I should be angry at you, but I’ve always wondered why a perfect man like you didn’t fuck all the women he wanted. I’ve always known you to be the most loyal man I’ve ever known, and I respect that about you. Now, to business, your cock and I agree on what needs doing here.”

Amy crawled around to be on her own hands and knees next to Cassy. Cassy could feel her body warmth on her nude arms and thighs, she was very close. Then there was a trickle of warm air on her ear, and Cassy knew and understood exactly how Amy had felt when Cassy had been made to dominate her earlier. The feeling of a woman’s warmth dancing through the folds of her ears, and behind, then cascading into nothingness along the sensitive hairs on her neck was amazing and unexpected. Cassy immediately regretted the collar though, the warm air was buffeted aside by it, blocked by it, and there would be no soft kiss landing there. There would be no nibble that became fiercer than expected due to a moment of unbridled passion. There would be no unintended painful nip that would turn playful as the two women giggled about the awkward bite.

Cassy’s eyes were shut, enjoying the warmth of the rug, and the knowledge that she was now finally about to get what she had wanted all day, or at least one of the things she had wanted.

Amy whispered so quietly that Cassy almost missed it, “Look at me, I want to watch it go in.” Cassy didn’t know what she meant. If she wanted to see it go in, she should be behind with her husband as he pressed the tip to her. Cassy felt a tickle of pressure on her pussy lips and saw a look of lust alter Amy’s curious expression. “There it is,” Amy purred. She continued to inspect Cassy’s every change of expression with greedy delight.

Cassy looked deep into Amy’s eyes for meaning, but she understood only a second later when her husband pushed forward. At first, it went in easily, the tip having been slightly moistened by running it up and down her lips. Then his cock dragged against her pussy lips, threatening to turn her inside out. He kept up a constant pressure and Cassy saw Amy’s face falling away. Determined to look Amy in the eyes, Cassy pushed her ass back into her husband’s unwavering thrust and felt it push in almost painfully until his thighs were tickling the back of hers. She continued to press back into him though to maintain her posture and the view of the exquisite expressions and emotions flitting across Amy’s face. It was almost as if Amy’s face was mirroring Cassy’s own experience. They were both biting their lips, and Amy’s eyes had shot open in surprise and clenched partly shut with concentration as each of these things happened to Cassy. Amy had watched it go in, by experiencing it through Cassy, and it had been a beautiful thing. 

Cassy dropped her head back to the floor, pressing her nose into the rug to muffle a moan of encouragement. She could not look at Amy any longer; it was too intense, as it was, with her heightened sexual sensitivity—and a full day of a desperate need for cock—only now being sated. He still had not started thrusting into her but she could feel every pulse of his heart through it, and her pleasure climbed almost imperceptibly. 

Amy’s soft breath came close again, dribbling pure sexual pleasure into Cassy’s confused and sex addled mind. “He doesn’t know this, but remember the deal we had earlier. If the maid comes first, she’ll be put into a week of heavy bondage and be the fuck toy of the couple? Well, even though you’re not dressed as a maid, you are still the maid, and the deal still stands. Come first and you’ll be our pet. I’ll chain you to the bed like an animal, and you’ll sleep right here on the bed I’ve made you. Maybe if you please us enough—in a few days—you might be allowed to join us in bed, but just remember, this is my husband, and I am the Queen. You are the maid, and—if you are into it enough to come on my husband’s cock before he can cum—you’ll be my pawn. If you don’t want that, make sure he cums before you, and we’ll let you go. Truth is, you don’t want that, or you wouldn’t be here looking like an animal in heat stuffed full of cock, quivering at my every word, curling your toes in anticipation of your week as my pet.”

Cassy wanted nothing more than to play this game, and the computer knew it. She would be their pet but it would not be any sort of challenge to come first. She could already feel an orgasm rising, even without much movement from her husband behind her... yet. She didn’t even need to put in an effort, but she knew that she should, to make a good show of it. She would thrust herself back into him with abandon as if his cock was her tether to life itself. 

“Well, how bad do you want it? You better work for it!” Amy had still been whispering, but Cassy felt it in her ear and in her mind as if Amy and the computer had both shouted it at her as a command. 

The ferocity at which Cassy fucked back into her husband was such that Amy gave up on kneeling next to her. She felt the warmth faid as Amy moved behind her husband. Cassy looked back behind her, trying to look wanton and sultry for her husband, but also to get a look at Amy. Amy had settled herself on her knees behind her husband, pressing her body into his, mostly to help stabilize him against the blows of Cassy’s ass slamming against his thighs. Both of them looked impressed, then confused when Cassy almost immediately fell limp as an orgasm racked her body. 

“Hey,” Amy cried, partly exacerbated, partly unbelieving. “No cheating, faking your orgasm doesn’t count. You’ve got to give him a fighting chance.”

“Sh... She... She’s not faking. God, the feeling of her right now. If only you could feel this, the way her body is moving... from the inside. This is a real orgasm... but why should that matter honey?”

Amy’s voice was shaky as she tried to grasp something. “I promised her that if she really wanted it, and could prove it... by coming before you came, that I’d keep her in bondage as our pet. Remember the game earlier? If the maid comes first, she becomes our pet. I told her that the old game stood. Except I lost that bet when I was the maid, and she won it with inappropriate ease, and she’s our maid, even if she is naked.” Amy sounded impressed and almost as if she were jealous that their new toy had had such an easy time of it. “I’m going to go get something, you enjoy her a bit more while I’m away, but try not to cum. I want to be here for that—if I can.” And with that, Amy stood and walked out of the master bedroom into the greater house. As her husband started pistoning slowly, almost teasingly, Cassy could hear Amy’s heels clicking down the stairs to the main floor. As his pace increased though, she lost track of Amy’s heels through the sound of her own moans. 

Within ten minutes, or maybe it had been four hours later, Amy could be heard tinkling up the stairs, carrying a box that sounded like it was full of large nails or screws. She set the box down next to Cassy, and when she tried to look in the box, Amy politely, but dominantly, pressed Cassy’s face down to the rug. Cassy could feel her husband leaning in to get a look for himself and was pleased with the sudden increase of pressure on her body, and depth of penetration. It was slight, but it was wonderful. The sound of her ear sliding across the rug in a rhythm deafened her lower ear, but her other ear could hear the clink, clink, clinking of something metal and heavy. It sounded like the chain that they used to lock up their boat’s steering wheel when they left it docked for a day. It sounded like Amy had been manipulating it around the leg of the four-poster bed. Then there was a sharp CLICK, and the tinkling stopped. Suddenly afraid, Cassy reached up and dug her fingers under the collar on her neck. She didn’t really want to end this, but she was just now realizing that she might not be able to reach her chip to do it if she wanted to. The loss of that option thrilled her almost as much as the piston raming in and out of her. She saw no reason though that she could not sit up and tap on the chip of one of the other two, she had no desire to do such a thing, nor the desire to find herself suddenly empty as pandemonium reigned. But, the knowledge that she could reach their chips encouraged her to continue playing along.

“Here, I want you to lock this to her. I locked the chain to the bed, and you lock the other end to her collar, that way we do it together as a couple. All things equal in our marriage. She’s as much yours as mine. If you fancy a fuck, come fuck her... or come find me, of course, but I won’t blame you if you choose her. Then—if you don’t mind—I might come play with her on my own also, but let’s agree to fuck her together at least as often as we fuck her apart. I don’t want this to turn into jealousy, I want us to do this as a couple. Maybe, once a day, if we are up to it... Maybe before bed each night, we’ll do her together?” And as an afterthought, Amy continued, “Oh, and, I don’t want you peeking in my closet, the timing of it is just too perfect. I happened to go shopping today for a bunch of sexy-time clothes and toys before this wonderful gift was bestowed on us. Us ladies can both wear them for you... oh... I can’t wait to try some of it on her, I mean, you were supposed to use it on me for a week. Then, when she ended up as part of our game, I was supposed to come earlier, and be your pet for a week. I was going to make her set me up in all kinds of fun scenarios for you to find, but now we can do them with her, and too her... Oh, just you wait.” Amy finished, excited, almost as if they were having a heated conversation at the dinner table, and not as though her husband’s cock was thrusting into their maid as deep as it could go.

Cassy had listened with increasing excitement. She saw no reason at this point to end the little game for now. She would let them keep her, at least for another day, then she might set things right. Then she felt the warmth of his thighs pressing harder into her ass as he leaned forward over her. Then the cold of a very thick metal chain slithering along her side, making her giggle, and shrink away. The chill made her stomach lurch, and her pussy clamp down on his cock. Just before realization wandered into her mind amongst the visions of sexy fun they would have, the lock snapped shut, locking her to the bed. The bed that was way too heavy to lift, even if there weren’t two warm bodies sleeping peacefully in it. The bed that was supposed to be for her and her husband, but would soon be hosting her husband and their maid instead. Maby she’d get to enjoy listening to them fuck softly as they fell asleep holding each other, thinking of the same sexy fun Cassy was thinking of. But one thing was certain. Chained and collared as she was, she would not be able to reach her own chip, nor reach the couple to touch theirs. If she wanted to end it, it would have to be now or be subject to whatever the couple had planned for her until she could get away. Bound, she could not reach the computer server room as planned, and all of her exit plans rested on this moment. She could sit up, reach back, and touch her husband’s chip. Or... she could remain on her elbows and knees... it only took the next incoming hard trust of his cock to make her mind up for her. She felt as though there was nothing in this world she wanted more than to feel him cum inside of her now. The computer knew it also, but at this point, its pressure on her mind to fuck back into the cock she so wanted was nothing compared to her own desire, and she came again, this time her body didn’t go limp, but her sex did clench and squeeze. She fucked back, ready to feel his warmth flooding into her, ready to be his, ready to be hers, ready to see what would come next (or who would come next).

“God, look at her; sweaty, matted hair, she looks exhausted. I think she’s had enough. I’d love to watch you cum in her, but, I haven’t had enough of you today, and I think it’s my turn. Chances are she won’t come again anyway.” Amy reached around on both sides and slapped Cassy on the ass cheeks. It seemed as though Amy liked a good smack, as it had been the maid in both scenarios today that had received hard slaps. These slapping hands didn’t move away, they just pushed forward slightly, letting Cassy know that it was Amy’s turn on his cock. Cassy flopped forward, more tired than she had realized. The computer had a way of pushing her to her physical limits without making her aware of it. She would be sore all over tomorrow, but there was a good chance she might not be able to walk. Not just because of this fucking, but because of the effect of wearing ballet high heels earlier, and sleeping on the rug covered yoga mats tonight. There was always the chance the couple might want her on her knees or on her back most of the day tomorrow anyway, so there was that, at least.

Cassy felt a body fall down onto her back. At first she had assumed it was her husband, tired. She half wished his cock would slip back into her again, but the warmth on her back definitely had breasts. And the warmth was moving to get closer to her ear again. Cassy didn’t know if she could take any more desire blown directly into her ears via Amy’s breath. “Would you mind turning over, please?” Amy was whispering again, and Cassy didn’t know why. She had been sure that Amy wanted nothing more than the Cuck Queen fantasy; housewife dominating maid. But, this was a soft request, as of one caring lover to another. It was a request and not a demand or command. Amy lifted her body just slightly enough to allow Cassy to roll over one small turn at a time. The feeling of Amy’s breasts sliding over her body as she turned was very nice. 

Amy moved her mouth down to Cassy, and Cassy suddenly knew why she had asked so nicely. She did think of Cassy as a lover and wanted to test her own latent lesbian desires. The kiss was so soft, yet it was wrought with passion and unsaid desire. There was love. There was almost a sense that this was the real Amy, kissing the real Cassandra, and just for a moment it seemed as though none of their chips had been altered, and that this was real. It must have been lurking, hidden by Amy out of respect. Hidden, but desired, for years. Then Cassy was reminded that their chips had been messed with. Her libido—that had already been stretched passed any normal human limit by her chip—flared up. Passion for Amy boiled just below the surface, but Amy was not ready for it yet. She was still exploring this very real woman below her, so Cassy hid her lust. She wouldn’t need to hide it for long, she expected. Cassy was also reminded that her chip had been messed with, as the computer strongly reminded her that she was to play her part as their lover. This was probably why Cassy was finding it so easy to hide her lust at the moment, the computer was helping. But it would also empower her to rock this woman’s world as soon as this life-altering kiss evolved into what it surely must.

Before Cassy had the chance to nibble Amy’s lip or bring her breasts up to suckle on them, Amy seemed to snap out of it and the passionate kiss stopped almost instantly. Amy pulled her head back, then gave Cassy a quick peck on the lips, seeming to indicate that she had made her mind up about what to do next, and was excited to get to it. Amy moved gracefully and with surprising speed. Where they had been lip to lip a moment ago, a moment later there were lip to lip again, but the lips had been exchanged. Cassy was a bit shocked that Amy made the first move. Not a moment after Amy had flipped around she had already dropped her head to Cassy’s sex and was gently licking her pussy lips. Cassy, of course, was also curious about what a woman would taste like, but being on the bottom it had taken her a moment longer to get her tongue to Amy’s sex. Then the sudden pleasure had distracted her, causing her head to drop back to the rug. It took some doing—tired and distracted as she was—but she eventually managed to lift her head up and take her first taste of Amy, who obliged by lowering her sex down to Cassy’s face so she didn’t have to lift her head so much. 

Cassy felt bad for Amy, she knew that she was getting an unfair first taste of lesbian sex. Amy should have been feeling the full pleasure of what a woman’s tongue could bring her, but Cassy knew that Amy’s sensitivity had been reduced... by her, and she felt personally responsible. This made Cassy try even harder to make sure Amy could feel as much pleasure as possible. Cassy didn’t start slow, she dove right into Amy’s clit, knowing that it would not be overwhelming for the girl, with her reduced sensations. Amy seemed to think that this meant that Cassy also wanted her clit licked. A few moments after Amy’s tongue found its mark, Cassy came again. She could feel the little body wiggle of Amy above, tickled pink, impressed at her own skills, happy that she had made Cassy come again. 

Amy seemed to feel that a good hard cocking would be the only thing that could get her off. Cassy just hoped that she didn’t take her lack of enjoyment of lesbian pleasure as a sign that it was no good. Hopefully Amy just felt that she’d need to make a better stab at it tomorrow. Maybe Cassy would have time to sneak off to the computer to alter Amy’s settings back to normal, or a bit above normal, now that Cassy didn’t mind Amy fucking her husband anymore.

He hadn’t needed to be told, he probably couldn’t have resisted the tempting allure of his “wife’s” pussy waggling pleasurably. Cassy had felt him move around them, probably to get a better view, as it was much easier to get an eye full of pussy licking when looking at the ass of the woman on top. He had moved up silently though. From the excited, expectant tensing of Amy’s body, Cassy could tell that neither of them had missed his approach. Cassy watched, wonderfully horrified to see her husband’s cock sinking deeply into their maid’s pussy for the second time today, from close up. The first time, Cassy had been shocked that Amy had let him fuck her. This time, Cassy was shocked at herself for wanting it to happen just as much as the other two obviously did.

“Tell you what,” his voice seemed shaky. Cassy knew he was no good at role-playing, and she could tell he was doing his best. “Babe, if you come before me, I’ll let,” he emphasized the ‘let.’ He had to force himself to continue, seeming to be a little shocked at his own audacity. “I’ll let you sleep in my bed with me tonight. I want to feel you, please. But, if you don’t please me, I’ll chain you up with the maid here on the floor and you can sleep together tonight. But look, you two will just have to keep it down tonight; I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.”

Cassy felt Amy’s body tense up slightly as if she were excited about the prospect of being forced to be his second toy on the floor. Cassy knew that Amy wanted that, deep down, the real Amy wanted to be dominated, but on the other hand, it seemed as though Amy wanted to come so badly that she felt that she must come first, or she might lose her chance again. Cassy agreed; Amy deserved to come, and the combined thrusting and licking might be able to overcome her temporary handicap. Plus, Cassy could feel her desire to reach up and touch Amy’s chip right now. There was still a part of her that was upset that her game had failed so miserably. Her hands were already so close to Amy’s chip and it would take nothing to reach it. If the temptation was strong now, what if Amy was tied up with Cassy on the floor tonight, Cassy would have no restraint left about ending it as soon as the two of them were asleep. Cassy felt a strong need—a computer-driven need—to make sure that Amy won this round so that Cassy could fulfill her own desire, and the new couple’s desire to wake up with a fuck toy maid sleeping soundly tied to the foot of their bed. And by god, it was Amy’s turn to come, no matter what it took.

Cassy did her best, but she felt the battle being lost. She could see her husband’s thrusting becoming more uneven, she could see his balls tightening as she had never been able to see before. Amy had only recently started to moan, and her body had started writhing only slightly. She had been concentrating on Cassy’s sex so much. Cassy closed her legs, realization hitting her. Amy stopped immediately and laid her tired head down on Cassy’s warm thighs. Now Amy was concentrating on her own pleasure, but it seemed too late. 

His legs quivered, he was fighting his own body. He had already cum once today, that had helped for sure, but he was moments from coming. Cassy was moments from losing her last chance to be their pet, as she knew she would not have the self-control to allow this to continue if she had access to anyone’s chips tonight. “No!,” he cried. It was over...

Amy’s head shot up. Where a moment earlier she had seemed to have finally given up; her body had gone completely limp and she was not even moaning anymore. Now her hips were thrusting back into his with an uneven rhythm. Amy didn’t even have the control over her own muscles to help her own orgasm along.

“Oh, God, Yes!” Amy and her husband cried in unison. He seemed so happy that Amy had just barely come first, and she seemed so satisfied that she had even been able to achieve it. His fucking didn’t stop for a while, but Amy’s renewed moans were squelched as she used her hands to pry open Cassy’s legs and buried her face in Cassy’s sex. Amy was licking and kissing and nibbling with mad abandon between moans and attempts to catch her breath, but it was all Cassy needed. She came. Sweety and way too hot, exhausted, and entirely too sensitive. Her nerves had been pushed to their limit, but an orgasm was not only in the flesh but in the mind. Cassy’s orgasm slid through her the way her normal orgasms did, and she realized that this orgasm had been her first true orgasm of the day. The others had been real, but this one was true. And now, she was truly their pet. She had passed her own test, and Amy’s. As a reward to herself, she reached her tongue up between Amy’s pouty pussy lips to where her husband still plugged his cum in Amy. Cassy started cleaning his cum from there as each drip dribbled out. If he kept himself in her for a while Cassy would be happy to enjoy this treat until he became soft and slipped out. 

Cassy was proud of herself, she no longer had any desire to reach up and touch their chips to end it, she was theirs to command now. Cassandra seemed so very far away now that it was difficult to remember who she was. She knew, of course, Cassandra was at her core, and Cassy was borrowing most of her personality from Cassandra, but it was as if Cassandra had stood up and walked out of the room. Cassy even felt as though she could have laid next to Amy all night, bodies entwined, and not once would she have been tempted to end it now. But, Cassy smiled, she would not have such temptations tonight. Not unless one of them could not resist giving her a midnight snack, and a midnight fuck.


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