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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Day 2.2 - His Turn

Cassy had to get the idea of what she would do at the end of the week—to get out of this mess—out of her mind. After all, she was only on day 2, and it was still morning, and she had only been fucked by one of them so far, and not fucked by the couple, and not done all of her chores.

Maybe some boring chores, led and controlled by the computer, would help her clear her mind and give her time to think.

It wasn’t easy peeling her body away from Amy’s, and she wondered what the couple might say about her when she left the room, but she didn’t care right now. The computer was not pushing her to do housework, she had made sure that there were very few priorities pressed upon her, but now that she was wondering what to do next, a flood of ideas came into her mind and she instantly prioritized them without effort. The computer was in her thoughts of course, it was an odd feeling to prioritize her day without effort, knowing that it had not been her own thoughts, but they felt like her own.

Her first task would be to get into uniform. Just as a test she tried to ignore this task and move on to the next and was surprised that the computer had no problem with the maid waltzing around the house naked to do her tasks. Slightly surprised, she went to her bedroom to get dressed anyway, wishing that she had that sexy french maid outfit that seemed to only be meant for one specific type of chore.

Cassy was soon making breakfast. She had fought the computer slightly to be dressed up in her uniform without her bra and panties. The computer hadn’t seemed to mind her in no uniform, but seemed chuffed about her being ‘out of uniform,’ when ‘in uniform.’ What a fucking odd thing, but a computer was a computer. The couple had not come down from the master bedroom yet, and she knew, from the computer’s input in her mind that the two of them had been in the bathroom for a short time, then in each of their closets long enough to get dressed, then they had moved out to the patio of the master bedroom. Cassy wondered if Amy had any voice left to talk with him after the sounds she had made in the shower.

The house computer must have alerted the couple, because, just as breakfast was served, they arrived wordlessly and sat down at the breakfast nook table, shooting each other furtive looks with occasional glances Cassy's way. Cassy plated three plates, served the couple, then picked up her plate, expecting to head down to her bedroom where she could continue to clear her head. Suddenly, without warning, she wondered to herself if she would like to eat breakfast with them, the thought felt injected, but not forced. She realized that it might be a little awkward, but she did, in fact, wish to sit with them and be a part of the family this morning. She found herself sitting down at the table with the new couple who smiled at her invitingly. Cassy realized that they must have asked the computer to invite Cassy to eat with them, but only if Cassy wanted too. This was probably to give Cassy the choice to be alone if she wanted, but the couple was very pleased that she had chosen to join them. Cassy smiled back at them, wishing that they could read her thoughts and see how glad she was to see the ‘new’ couple happy together. It was odd that she had been plotting “against” them both just 24 hours ago, but was now glad to see her own husband happily sitting with his ‘wife,’ thinking about what they might do together next. He seemed to be undressing Cassy in his mind, and maybe dressing her back up in something sexy, whereas Amy just seemed pleased to have been a part of something as beautiful as their shower sex had been.

No one said a word throughout the meal, but the smiles of approval let Cassy know that her cooking had been good, their fucking had been good, and that everyone was pleased with everything. Amy got up first, taking her empty coffee mug and other dishes with her to the sink. Cassy wondered if she was doing this as a sign of equality, or out of muscle memory from years of being their maid.

Amy kissed her husband on the forehead, then playfully flicked him hard in the ear, eliciting a sharp intake from her husband. Then she turned around and walked directly to the garage. As she got in the car, her husband looked at Cassy with a bashful expression. He hadn’t enjoyed being flicked hard in the ear, Cassy knew he didn’t like this kind of rough play done to him, but he also looked flushed with desire. The flick in the ear had been Amy’s ‘advice’ to her husband that he should get on with it, or else. It was his turn to sate himself with the help.

Cassy loved how he suddenly looked clueless. He probably had 10,000,000 ideas of how to fuck her properly. Well, she knew for sure that he knew a lot of ways to fuck her. He had fucked her for years, even though he wasn’t aware of that right now. It was funny to see him looking at her, knowing he could have her, but not knowing how to approach it ‘politely.’ He hadn’t really courted a woman in years, and the shyness and anticipation was evident in his focused stare. Cassy knew he would get over it quickly. It was not in his nature to let an opportunity pass, and he knew how to take what he wanted when it was on offer. But, she enjoyed this moment of polite hesitation, and anticipatory glee.

Polite hesitation be damned, he suddenly looked ready to take charge. Not much changed in his expression, but deep down he suddenly looked steely and confident. “I’d like to go for a swim, and I would enjoy your company very much. I don’t know how you feel about exhibitionism, I’d enjoy seeing you sun in the nude in a lounger while I do some laps. You are a stunning woman, and the occasional site of your body would make my daily laps seem effortless.”

The computer sensed Cassy’s complete willingness to do exactly as he wished, it didn’t need to help her there, but the computer was kind enough to remind her of her maid duties in this matter. “I’d be happy to fetch your bathing suit and towel as usual if you would like.” He smiled, pleased, then nodded.

Cassy’s heart was all aflutter. This was so much like having sex with him for the first time. She could hardly remember fucking him as husband and wife so many times before, especially while also knowing that—for him—this was his first time fucking her alone. She was giddy with the kind of excitement she had not felt since they had gotten married and been intimate for the first time as husband and wife. How had they done it the first time on their honeymoon? Thoughts of what he might be about to do to her distracted her so quickly that she hadn’t bothered to answer her own question. He was not about to treat her with loving affection. He was not about to ‘go easy on his new bride on their wedding day.’ He was about to sate himself in his willing sex slave house maid. He would be kind, but he would fuck her like he meant it! Cassy wondered if it would be different, would he be rougher, more demanding, or ask her to do things he had never asked his wife before. What was his hidden secret kink he hid from his wife? Would she get to find out this week?

By the time she got to the pool, he was already in it, doing laps, his clothing strewn across the decking in a line from the door as if he had been hurriedly stripping in a rush to get into the pool naked before she could bring him his swim shorts. Maybe he hadn’t wanted to change his mind and chicken out. Maybe he simply didn’t actually want to wear his swim trunks. Maybe he didn’t want the neighbors seeing his junk, though that seemed unlikely at this point. If she had anything to do with it, they were about to get an eye full of more than just his junk. None of their filthy rich neighbors were adults with adult kids. If they wanted to watch, well that was their problem, not hers. Though, she had to wonder. In his current state of mind, he thought that they would see him fucking the maid, but maybe that’s what he wanted. To be seen as a man’s man, able to seduce the help so thoroughly that she would risk exposing herself and fucking him right out in the open. Cassy knew the neighbors would just see him with his wife, but she saw no reason to ruin his pride or his fun.

He seemed to ignore her as she moved a lounger closer to the pool, then set down on it. She took some sunscreen and lathered her body. As she smoothed it into her skin she saw his stroke stutter, distracted. He liked what he saw, and she was enjoying trying to act natural while also ‘innocently’ making a bit more of a show of it than she would in polite company. He actually stopped on the edge close to her to watch her lather her breasts. Cassy closed her eyes and arched her back slightly with her mouth a bit agape as she squeezed her breasts from base to nipple and pinched her skick nipples. She wondered how the collar looked, glinting metallically in the sun, it was the only thing she was wearing. Was he pretending she was a sex slave in his harem that was trying to get his attention? He probably didn’t even need to fool himself. His false reality that she was his housemaid recently turned sex slave was more than good enough for any man.

Cassy laid back on the lounger, she knew what he looked like swimming naked. She didn’t need to watch him, and she was rather enjoying the sun on her skin. She would have to remember how good it felt to have heightened sensitivity when nude sunbathing, once everything was back to normal, if everything ever got back to normal. Waves of heat and sun seemed to wash over her every time the breeze stopped lapping at her skin long enough to stop chilling her skin into goosebumps. The sensation was very pleasant, like being in an ocean. The chill would freeze her skin pleasantly, driving her skin to contract, then the breeze would stop long enough to let the sun melt her skin back to a happy relaxed mush. These sensations washed and washed over her, distracting her from much else. Then the next breeze would travel across her body the other way and the waves of her ocean would crash on her feet. Occasionally the breeze would seem to run right up her breasts from all sides so that the waves of freezing and melting would crash on her nipples. She couldn’t even hear the splashing of her husband over the rushing blood in her own ears. If he didn’t lay his body on hers soon she would have to go take what she needed from him whether he was still in the water or not.

A little worried by the total silence around her, Cassy looked up and saw him holding the edge of the pool, staring at her in awe. The computer had been tracking his laps and his safety. She knew—through the computer—that he was safe, but curiosity had made her look up anyway. She must have been writhing under the pleasure provided by her heightened sensitivity and nature itself. She might have even been moaning. How ridiculous she must have looked. She had not even been touching herself, and probably looked and sounded like she was about to come. He looked half concerned and half enthralled. When he saw that she had noticed him looking though, he quickly turned away and started on his laps again. Cassy laid her head back to enjoy the waves of lightly tickling pleasure, her desire for cock could wait, though not for much longer.

He still had six laps to go, if he was planning to go through with his usual routine.

Five laps to go and she wanted to touch herself so badly, but just like a virgin she felt the need to ‘save herself for him.’

Four laps to go and she thought she could not wait any longer. Only the computer’s calming effect let her enjoy the anticipation of delayed gratification.

Two laps to go and the world seemed to stop moving entirely, what had even happened to lap three? The world seemed to only exist as waves of hot and cold, and a light splashing sound coming from somewhere past her feet. Through the computer’s sensors she could feel the house, she could feel him in the water as if she were not an ocean, but the pool and his swimming motion was causing the waves that crashed through her senses and her mind relentlessly. He didn’t know about her increased sensitivity, and he didn’t need to either, so she tried her best to calm herself and keep at least a little quiet.

One lap to go and he stopped at the spot in the pool that faced her lounger, only to find it empty.

He turned his head to look for her, but he didn’t see her anywhere. Then he felt the hairs on his stomach and legs tingle with terror as something moved through the water silently. It grappled his legs and waist with its arms and legs. Even though he had instinctively pulled his hips back to protect his ‘business’ from whatever was in the water, her mouth enveloped him easily.

He looked down in the water and could only see the undulating, broken image of flesh and freely flowing hair beneath the surface. Cassy was a little surprised at how long she held her breath this first time. She had been resting on the lounger for a while, breathing hard from the pleasure. Then she had silently, slowly padded over to the stairs that lead into the pool. She had slipped under the water effortlessly and slowly, and had approached him from the bottom of the pool. Moving along the bottom of the pool had been easy with her heavy metal collar on her neck, but she had tested to see if she could keep her head above water before she had sunk under the surface to stalk him into water too deep for her to stand in. She had moved silent and smooth, not exerting herself much, until she had wrapped her body around his lower half and drawn his rock hard warm cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head on it with gusto. She started to feel her own body tense as she felt his body relax. She would need air soon, but she was holding on until the last moment. She could feel his tension melting right into her mouth as he came to terms with what was happening. Had it been difficult to swim with a hard cock? Had it been like a rudder for him, a keel like their boat? Had he gotten pleasure from the water pressure slipping across his cock head while it dragged through the liquid? Or had the water been cold water, leaving him with a desire for something equally wet, but warmer?

Cassy let his cock out of her mouth, a bit sad to have to let it leave her, but she would have it back soon, she knew it. As she slowly surfaced she dribbled the remainder of her breath out of her lips and allowed it to tickle up his stomach to his chest, where the bubbles split around his neck. She was happy to see that he was looking down at her, enjoying the unique view. She imagined what it might be like to see a mermaid surfacing for a kiss. Would the mermaid in this story be an evil wretched hungry thing that took men to the depths after stealing their seed? No, this mermaid was a lover. Hungry, yes, but hungry to give and receive.

 Cassy was lost for what to do next, and the computer seemed to be useless in this matter. Either there was very little one could do in the deep end of a pool, or it simply didn’t have a program for this. Her husband had had some kind of plan at the breakfast table, so she would let him lead her through this watery adventure.

He broke away from her embrace and swam quickly to the other end of the pool. She tread slowly after him, making sure that he could see the look of desire and lust on her face as she stalked him hungrily. It was not easy to do, even with the computer’s assistance. The collar was very heavy, but especially so in water.

When she got to the deep end, he took her hands in his. Both of them kicked with their feet to keep their heads above water, he stared into her eyes for a moment, taking in the fact that he was about to fuck his first new pussy in years. When he was ready he reached out and turned Cassy away from him and nudged her toward the deep-end ladder. She grabbed on to it, not sure if she was supposed to climb out or hold on for the hard wattery fucking of her life.

Cassy stuck her ass out and let him position himself behind her. He hesitated, only for a moment. Once he had hold of the rail himself and had placed both of his feet on the rung of the ladder below her own feet, he spoke softly and confidently in her ear. “I want you. I want you so badly.” Cassy’s heart simultaneously sank and sored. These were exactly the words he had told her the very first time they had had sex. He had also whispered this to her right before entering her for the first time as her husband. For a moment Cassy wondered if he knew, if he was on to her game, but the computer would have made her aware if that was true, wouldn’t it have? The second time he had told her these words years ago she had seen it as thoughtful. The fact that he had remembered and repeated it had been endearing. Now she was wondering if he had said this to every girl he had ever fucked. It felt dirty to think of herself as just another conquest, but wasn’t that exactly what she had been gaming for in the first place? This was not a win for her game, but the dirty feeling it gave her thrilled her, and hurt her, and was just the kind of dirty talk she was into at this moment of ‘virgin’ anticipation. A moment later though, all was forgotten and all was forgiven as she felt the tip of his cock find her sex. It was not well-aimed, but she was happy to help. On his next exploratory thrust, she had them aligned and she let him know so by pushing her hips down. It didn’t go in.

Cassy felt him pressing into her joltingly as he tried to manage this difficult position. Only his cock head was in, and there was no way he would even be able to work it in if one of them didn’t help it along. She moved forward and rested her breasts on the top rung of the ladder. The concrete there was treated to be grippy and it was painful on her very sensitive breasts and especially her nipples. It was wonderful. She reached behind her with one hand and pulled her ass cheek. He would have to do the rest. It was actually painful and uncomfortable, in a very non-sexy way as he thrust into her body, only making headway ever so slightly each thrust. Water sex was so difficult, even when she was this well lubricated. She knew from experience that his urethra would be paining him in the morning, but he was determined to bury himself in her regardless, and she was happy to let him.

Once he was in, Cassy quickly removed her hand from pulling her cheek and grappled onto the ladder rails where they entered the pool deck. She was desperate to take the painful pressure off of her tits. The painful pleasure had only been nice for a little bit. Cassy found his hands wrapped around hers, pinning her hands to the rail, but also pulling his body into hers. This pulled her stomach and thighs into the ladder contoured into the pool’s edge. The rough ladder rungs were digging striations of discomfort into her skin right below her breasts, across her stomach, and across her thighs. Her feet instinctively curled back behind her as his body began thrusting into hers. Now she was feeling pleasure again. The rungs were not nearly as painful spread out on her body as they had been when she was using her breasts to keep her balance. And now she was getting dicked up good!

Cassy was elated when his body tightened against hers, crushing the air out of her body as his warm cum spurt into her. All pain was gone, there was only ‘virgin’ pride. She had just had this man for the first time, or at least, it felt that way. And as far as he was concerned, he had just conquered a new woman. His time fucking her with his wife didn’t seem to count as much as his time fucking her all by himself, right now. Somehow it did feel like this was their first time together, again.


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