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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Day 2.3 - Their Turn

It was not even midday, and Cassy needed a nap, maybe she would sleep for a week and this would all be over then. Maybe they would come fuck her unconscious body. She would eventually wake up as herself again, wondering why she smelled like pussy and was full of cum. What a wonderful thought.

When Cassy woke, she was sore. She looked down at her body and there were lines showing where the rough pool ladder rungs had pressed into her skin harshly. The skin was not broken, but it was puffy and red in places. She had an ointment that would clear the swelling up instantly, but for the moment she wanted to pet the sensitive skin and let the pain remind her of her first time with her husband, for the third time in her life. She wanted him to remember this the way she did. It seemed only fair. How could she go through her life as she had planned? If everything went back to normal and they forgot, how could she pretend with both of them that nothing had ever happened between them? She was sure she would slip up at some point. She had never known how some women could cheat on their lovers. How did they have something so powerfully emotional in their life and not have it seep into their conversations and thoughts? Cassy could feel Cassandra as if she were a long lost person in her mind, maybe these cheating women compartmentalized their other loves like she had compartmentalized her different selves.

She would never be able to forget all that happened this week. She was already past the point of no return. Unplanned erasures could only make someone forget about an hour of time, and only forget subtle things. Erasures had no chance to remove memories of sex, lust, or love. The only way that this entire project had worked in the first place was that Cassandra had created save points for Amy and her husband. These save points could only be re-introduced when someone was sleeping, making them feel that everything between the save and the re-introduction had been a dream. Then the mind would quickly forget the entire thing just as readily as someone forgot their dreams when they woke. As it was, Cassandra was expecting everything to change. Even if Amy and her husband were made to forget, there was a very good chance that their quickly fading “dream” of these two days would leave an imprint on their minds. She had never planned for this to last so long and be so significant and honestly had been fooling herself to think that her husband would cheat on her, forget all about it, and not having at least a small amount of it taint him. She had thought he might either have a new admiration for their real maid or might even be more inclined to cheat on Cassandra. She had been trusting him to be loyal regardless of the mental spillage. But this had gone much farther already than a quick fuck on day one. She had also fooled herself about how little effect she hoped it would have on him. Now though, she saw just how powerful newfound lust and old flames could be.

Cassy knew what must be next. She knew Amy had left the house to ensure that he could get on with fucking Cassy any way he saw fit. But she also knew that Amy was at the adult store again, and her credit limit had been renewed for a brand new day of supporting the household. Cassy could only dream of what Amy might be buying this time. Last time she had been instructed by Cassandra—through the computer—to buy sexy clothes. Cassy reached up to lovingly stroke the solid metal collar that had not left her neck once. Amy had managed to follow instructions and buy clothes, but she had also been creative and gotten bondage gear and some other mystery boxed items. This time though, there was no such thing to guide her spending. What would an unbridled Amy think to spend on next especially that this time she would be planning her purchases for a threesome?

Cassy wondered where her husband was, then knew he was in the master bedroom. She knew that he had not moved in a while, but his vitals were well within safe ranges. He was probably napping. Cassy wondered where Amy was, then knew that she was already driving home after spending some time visiting some other shops, and then visiting a book store where she probably rested in the coffee shop, giving Cassy and her husband ample time together. Was Amy reading a book, or had she used her cell phone to spy on them through the house’s security cameras? Cassy felt that it would be kind of hot to watch him fuck Amy. Now she thought hard to see if the computer could answer this question also, but the computer did not respond as it had when she had wondered where they were. It seemed that even a fake wife was provided a certain level of privacy by the computer.

Once Amy got home, Cassy hoped that the couple would do something without her, she really needed to rest. She knew that her own desire—and the computer—would not let her rest if either of them thought the couple was ready to play again. So—with the computer’s help—Cassy let herself drift back to sleep to be better prepared, just in case.

Cassy woke much later. She knew what time it was through her connection to the computer, and they had let her sleep for hours. Cassy’s mind was also significantly less burdened. Most of the chores that she should have been doing today were done and checked off of her list. She had not even realized that their incompleteness had been weighing on her mind until they weren’t. Cassy wondered if Amy had done them out of some form of habit, or because of the first playful deal they had made; where the Cuck Queen wife would help with chores while the submissive pet maid was chained to the bed. Cassy reached up instinctively to see if she was currently chained, but her collar was perfectly smooth in the back. Cassy felt much better, so she sat up. As soon as she did, she felt calm, and just wanted to rest here.

A few minutes later—though it had felt like hours, the house computer made her aware of the time—her bedroom door opened. There had been no need to knock, the couple knew that she was awake. The computer had alerted them once Cassy was up and waiting for them.

Amy was dressed in Cassy’s clothing, and they looked good on her. Cassy was slightly surprised though that Amy wasn’t wearing any makeup. Of course, if they had come down here to involve them in a 3-some, Amy probably didn’t want her makeup smeared. Cassy had always found sex-smudged make up a bit of a turn on. Sometimes girls would leave the bathroom in the club they were attending, and Cassy would notice that her makeup showed clear signs of dishevelment. She would keep an eye on the bathroom, within a few minutes a man would emerge with a grin on his face like he owned the world. Regardless if the two met back up again, or went their own ways, Cassy always got hot and bothered. Her husband had never known why, but she had dragged him out of these clubs early those nights. More than once they had not even made it home before she had had him in the back car seat, or on a dark moonless beach. Thank god for self driving cars with huge passenger areas with privacy glass. Once she had even been brave enough to drag him into the bathroom herself, though that had been the night they had been kicked out of the club. Everyone seemed to be watching them leave, knowing exactly why her makeup was disheveled.

Amy was standing in front of Cassy, watching her blank expression as she daydreamed about past risky fucks with her husband, back before this had all gone so wrong and so right. Maybe Amy was considering whether Cassy looked too exhausted, maybe wondering what her husband might have done to his maid to make her so distracted, maybe even a little jealousy. Cassy, not wanting to disappoint the couple, dragged herself out of her memories into the present. Amy seemed to be happy that Cassy had snapped out of it.

“We’d like to play a new game with you if you are up to it. Only if you want to though. We agreed that we would like to fuck you as a couple at least once a day, but only if you want too.” Amy sounded like she was talking herself out of it, Cassy though was already thinking of the possibilities. She smiled up encouragingly, and tried to look a little bit needy with a mix of sultry. Amy continued, “Well, then, we are wondering if you would like to be someone else?” Cassy was confused by this. Considering how Amy stuttered, it seemed that her confusion showed. “Well, I mean, you’ve already done a wonderful job playing the part of maid, slave, and dominant wife. You’ve had to play these parts on your own… how would you feel if you had a little help? I’ve got something planned that I think we will all enjoy very much. How would you feel about getting into the chip maintenance machine and letting me give you a set of hidden instructions? You see, I don’t have a chip, and I don’t want to have to lead us through this game, but I also think it will be fun for you if you got to experience it for yourself as it plays out. This way, you’ll be able to lead the play without actually knowing what’s going to happen. Unfortunately, I’ll know, but some of your instructions have been created in such a way that I will only know the overarching story, not what will happen moment to moment. This will be like an RPG where we all know the basics, but the DM leads us through it! The computer is the DM and the three of us are the actors.”

Cassy didn’t know how she felt about it. She didn’t want to get in the chipper. Either Amy would find out that the collar had blocked her changes earlier, or they would take her collar off and whatever the fuck Amy had done to her profile earlier would get written to her, plus whatever madness she had planned out for them right now.

Her husband cut in. “I figured we could get two birds with one stone. I could appease my wife’s strange request, and I could stop the house computer from spamming me all day that there is a house help who is unchipped.”

Cassy stood up and faced away from the couple. Amy sighed “Oh,” in a sad tone, but her husband reached up and used some device he must have had in his pocket to release the catch on Cassy’s collar. The air in the room was not cold, but her body was hot with desire, so the collar being removed cooled her neck and a shiver went down her spine. Her nipples began to stiffen. Amy’s second sigh, of “Oh,” sounded more like understanding than disappointment. Amy had just realized that the earlier modifications had been blocked by the collar.

Cassy wondered what would happen when the computer realized that the “unchipped help” was actually Cassy, who had been tattooed with maid markings. Would the computer combine the profiles into one? That would surely fuck things up. Would the computer try to send her in for maintenance or trade her in once she was logged in correctly?

Warm hands gently grabbed Cassy’s elbows. Very little force was needed to know that someone was leading her to her downfall, and possibly to a very exciting adventure. Cassy had no idea what was coming next as she was led past her husband. She did not resist. Cassy stepped up slightly into the machine and turned around to face Amy who stepped closer. Amy hardly had to lower her face to take one of Cassy’s nipples into her mouth and roll it across her tongue while their husband watched on with interest. Once Cassy’s eyes were rolling back into her head Amy stopped, turned her face up to Cassy’s, slid a hand around to the back of Cassy’s bare neck to feel the place where the chip was. It seemed almost as if Amy was just trying to remind herself that it was really there, or maybe she was touching it to explore her jealousy that she didn’t have one (even though she obviously did). Maybe Amy was deciding if she would like to get one some day to really play some wild games. Amy pulled down and Cassy found Amy’s lips on hers again and it was as wonderful as it had been every other time. Amy pulled down a little more and slid her lips around to whisper in Cassy’s ear. “You can step out of here if you like, but I figure you won’t mind. The settings I changed for you last time I put you were too subtle for the game I have planned now, there is a whole new set of changes prepared for you now. If you reach out and close this door you’ll be changed beyond anything you’ve experienced so far.”

Cassy had no idea what Amy had planned, and she found it odd that Amy ever thought that the chip had been written too during the session where she had gotten her ass tattooed. But that didn’t matter. Amy was not going to close the door for her, she had to submit herself to further madness and there was not even a small voice in her head screaming for her to stop, as there should have been… She didn’t even have the computer to guide her, she had to want this for herself… blue light, green light … <{ nothingness }>

.-- .-. .. - .. -. --. --..-- .--. .-.. . .- .. . . .-- .- .. - .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

Cassandra booted up first, there seemed to be something slow about the Cassy profile. Cassandra felt weak. Not weak in body. She explored her own mind. She could remember that:

A year ago she had known herself as Cassandra the wife and owner, plus User_2(admin)

She remembered creating the wife_1 temporary-account a few months ago and assigned it to herself, sliding many of her non-admin privileges to that account.

Two days ago she had known herself as Cassandra, owner, User_2(admin), and wife_1

Yesterday she had started her day knowing herself as Cassandra, Cassy, owner, User_2(admin), and maid_2

By the evening she had stopped calling herself Cassandra even though she was still there, and had known herself as Cassy, owner, User_2(admin), and maid_2

She had started the morning not feeling much different, and known herself as Cassy, owner, User_2(admin), and maid_2, and for fun she thought of herself as slave, pet, concubine, and odalisque. She knew Cassandra was in there also, but hidden, silent.

Stepping out of the pod she only knew herself as Cassy, sex_slave_1(temporary), owner, and maid_2. Her admin account was gone, erased. Cassandra was still there, but she was so distant now that only the most concerted effort could possibly bring her forward, but what would it matter? Cassandra was no longer an admin! Did she even have the system privileges needed to end this anymore, could she reach up to her own neck at this very moment and tap the pattern into her chip that would stop this all? Shit! Would her 1-week automatic ending to the game still trigger without her account tied to her? Would the other two revert, but she would not? Her husband might be in for a surprise when he suddenly finds himself with no wife and two fucking hot sex slave house maids. No, she didn’t need to worry about that. As long as no one found and tinkered with the timer, or the result of it elapsing, the computer would end the experiment any time passed the 7th day where both Amy and her husband slept.

Cassy seemed to spring into being out of nowhere, as if she had been rebooted, but been slow. Had Amy done something to the Cassy persona to make her dumber and slower? Or had all of the instructions Amy had planted, hidden in her mind for this night’s fun, caused the system to boot the persona up with a delay? She didn’t feel dumb right now, but how could someone know if they were dumb? Surely dumb people didn’t wonder if they were dumb, or did they? It had been very weird to think in bullet points before Cassy had booted up. But the list of how she had known herself each day had made much more sense in that format. Like a fresh dream though, the simplicity of the bullet list was slipping from her mind, and the confusion of life was returning. Everything seemed more confusing. To simplify things though, the two people standing in her bedroom were beautiful. Stunning. Magnificent. Heavenly flesh with one purpose. One of them was a… what would you call that… The other had a cock for her.

Cassy suddenly thought of something fun to do and perked right up. “Oh, let’s go to the bedroom, that’s where we keep all the toys.” And Cassy bounded out of the room, so light on her feet that they didn’t even seem to touch the floor. Amy called out behind her. “Yippie!” Cassy could hear Amy’s less delicate feet plodding on the ground behind her and it seemed as though Amy was bounding after Cassy, just as excitedly.

Cassy went straight to the closet and grabbed up a stack of heavy boxes. These boxes were new and were not the ones she had carried up a lifetime ago. She brought them out and laid them down on the bedroom floor, spread them out, and threw the lid off each haphazardly.

Amy came into the room carrying Cassy’s collar. She set it on the bed, then knelt down on the floor with her head held low, not looking as excited as she had seemed just seconds ago. This deeply submissive attitude looked really sexy on her. Cassy wanted to just eat her up.

Cassy reached into the first box and pulled out a collar that was identical to her own. She didn’t waste any time placing it on Amy and locking it shut. By the time that hot guy with a cock for her came up the stairs the collar was just snapping shut seamlessly. One piece of metal after metal was removed from the boxes, and one after another each one snapped to Amy’s body seamlessly. There had been two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs. There had also been a belt with heavy sections of metal in the front, back, and sides, but the rest of it was flexible. It had been too tight to close until Amy had sucked in her stomach slightly. It pulled in on her skin just above the tips of her hip bone making her look a little slimmer. All of the metal had been heavy individually, Cassy could only imagine, as Amy stood up, that together they weighed down on her considerably. Cassy wanted her own set.

Amy went into the closet and returned with one less box than Cassy had next to her, then went back to the bed to get Cassy’s collar. This went directly on to Cassy without the pomp and circumstance of the first time it went on her. Amy worked quickly to open the other boxes and close each thick metal cuff to Cassy’s extremities. Amy kissed Cassy’s shoulder lovingly as she reached around Cassy to snap her belt shut while Cassy sucked in her stomach. Amy stood up, and Cassy copied her. The weight of all the metal was extreme but manageable. If she wore all of these for even a week she’d probably end up buff as fuck. There was no way she was going anywhere near the pool either, not even within 15 feet of it, not even the shallow jacuzzi, just in case.

Amy knelt down at the foot of the chair where this all seemed to have begun. Cassy almost expected her body to walk over to the bed, spread her legs wide and masturbate watching Amy fuck her husband first the first time again. Instead, Cassy knelt down next to Amy. Both girls sat back on their heels with their toes curled under them pointing forward. Their hands dropped to their thighs with their palms facing up. Their heads went down submissively, as far as they could go with the collars on. Cassy wondered what was going on, and the computer explained to her that they were expressing their ultimate submission in the Nadu pose. Cassy knew the computer would make her endure, but she felt as though Amy would have a difficult time staying in this position for long.

“Master, I have gone to market as you commanded and purchased the mystical device you told me of. I know of this device and its devious ways. But I couldn’t see how you could fully enjoy it with only me in your harem. So, I found you a new pet. A slave like no other. She is a willing and able creature of good stock. She happily came home with me, and she is trained in every pleasure of man. What will you have us do to test her new loyalty? Will you use the device on us? Shall I explain to her what it does or would you like to try it out on her and see how she fares with the unknown?”

Cassy knew that he was too shocked to answer, didn’t know what the fuck was going on, and had no clue how to roleplay, so she just assumed he wanted an explanation. Cassy stood up, turned around, and went back to her closet. She took the last and smallest box into her hands and stipped away the container. In her hand was a device that looked like a large kidney bean made of a seamless silver metal. One side of the bean was thicker than the other. She tried to imagine its uses, but the only thing that came to her mind was shoving up her cooch, and she could perceive no pleasure from this unless this thing was some kind of vibrator, though she doubted it. Should she bring it to him shoved up inside of her and make one of them dig it out of her? No, she had other plans and knew that she was seconds from finding out what those plans were.

Cassy moved to Amy and forced her to stand up, careful to guide her back up onto her feet that had been uncomfortable under her in the Nadu pose. Cassy handed her husband the bean, and he looked at it with as much understanding as Cassy had of it.

Cassy lifted one of Amy’s wrists toward her husband, “So, little slave. It’s time to see the magic that this little device has in it.” Then Cassy reached down and guided his hand and the short end of the device to Amy’s wrist cuff. The cuff jerked suddenly as something metal inside of it was repositioned by the magnet inside of the bean. Cassy guided his hand to Amy’s waist to one of the thick metal pieces that squeezed into her side. The device caused a similar strong jerk and metal clink sound. Cassy then moved Amy’s wrist to her waist and Cassy and her husband watched in amazement as Amy’s wrist snapped almost violently to her side, stuck there. Amy didn’t try really hard, but she pulled at her bondage to find that she could not pull her wrist away from her side. Cassy had a bet that a very powerful effort on Amy’s part might have been able to separate the two, but Amy didn’t have the right leverage. Then, if more of Amy’s body was snapped to other parts of her, her options would quickly become limited. This was definitely a man’s toy. As any strong man could probably separate the metals and reposition the woman as he saw fit, snapping her wrists and ankles to each other, her belt, or her collar any way he desired.

Cassy guided his hand again, indicating that he should help pull Amy’s arm from her side. He carefully pulled on the wrist cuff, and with great effort they came apart. Amy quickly pulled her wrist protectively to her breasts, keeping it away from her other metal bindings.

Cassy guided him again. This time turning the bean around in his hand so that the fat side was facing out. Then they moved toward Amy’s belt and pushed hard. There was an enormous amount of resistance to get the bean to touch the surface of the metal, but as soon as it did, something inside the belt snapped back into position. Cassy took Amy’s wrist and moved it back to her belt. The metal did seem to attract slightly, but the belt seemed to have been disabled. Cassy pointed at the bean in his hand, then at the metal that rested on her stomach almost hiding her belly button. He caught on, turned the bean in this hand, and placed the small side of the bean on her belt, watching for the snap. Cassy reached out and pulled Amy’s wrist from her side and let it snap violently to the belt on her stomach.

No one moved. Cassy seemed to be under instruction to wait for something, and Amy already knew not to move, this was her plan. Lights of understanding were popping off behind his eyes. He was already thinking of all the wonderfully horrible things he could do with his new power over their bodies and bondage. Thinking fast, he leaned back in his chair absentmindedly. This let Cassy know it was time to keep the story moving. Amy also knew. He watched as Cassy stood at attention, but Amy got naughty. She was reaching her hand down, sliding her slender arm deeper into her wrist cuff until she could just barely reach Cassy’s clit with her middle finger. Cassy was helpless to do anything to stop—or help—Amy as pleasure blossomed there. He could not tear his eyes away from the show. It seemed as though Amy was waiting for something to change in his demeanor again, and Cassy was in a holding pattern waiting for something unknown to her to happen before she could move the story on. He seemed to have caught on and was enjoying teasing Amy by not doing anything but watch.

Cassy’s pleasure was building, but it was strange, she had been surprised at first that her sense of pending orgasm was growing disproportionately with the pleasure, but then the pleasure continued to grow while the orgasm seemed to stay at arms reach. Amy’s arm was starting to slow, she seemed to be straining to continue, while Cassy wanted nothing more than to help, or to make Amy kneel down, then shove her clit in Amy’s mouth.

Amy, seeming half excited, and half exasperated, with a tinge of defeat, said “Come, slave.” Cassy’s eyes blacked out from pleasure. All of the pleasure that should have been pushing her over the edge had been dammed up by something broken in her mind, but the sound of Amy’s voice had cured her of it, freeing the orgasm to flow through her. By the time her vision was back, Cassy was kneeling on the floor on her hands and knees trying to catch her breath. Amy was on her knees, but her face was pushed into the carpet by the strange angle that her arm was being forced into and she looked uncomfortable. Their husband was trying to get enough leverage under Cassy’s stomach to pull Amy’s wrist off of Cassy’s belt, but failed to do so. Cassy, now aware of what was happening, gingerly sat up, letting Amy move carefully with her, looking relieved. Her husband quickly moved to free Amy’s wrist, then he disabled the magnet there and on Cassy’s belt. When he was done he didn’t even bother getting up. He continued kneeling right in front of them, looking at both of them in turn, wondering where to start with this wonderful new adventure.

He moved toward Amy first, he reached out his hand, she took it, and he helped her to stand. Then he did the same for Cassy, but didn’t stop there. He moved her to the middle of the floor where he kicked the yoga-mat-bed out of the way. He stepped behind Cassy and she felt him click the magnet on the back of her belt. He helped her to the floor and then helped her to lay down on her back. He gave her a strange kind of look, partly apologetic, partly embarrassed, but mostly he was excited. He stood at her feet, lifted them up, and dragged her across the floor. She didn’t know what the fuck he was trying to do, then her heart shot into her throat as her belt was pulled violently toward her ass, her waist was cinched tighter, and her belt dug into her hip bones. He continued to pull her across the floor though until her belt was around her waist normally again. Something in the flooring was metal and she was now stuck to it. She was strong, she assumed that she could probably pull herself off of the floor, but was stuck down fairly strongly.

He wasted no time pulling up each of her ankles in turn, clicking the back of them then setting them down. He stepped over her, and she presented her wrists to him instinctively. All four cuffs, and her belt, were now engaged. He had manipulated both of her legs into position before she was sure what he was doing. He had kept her legs straight, but then spread her legs out one at a time to about where her legs made a 90-degree angle, where her ankles were drawn harshly down to the floor. Her arms were next, and he was done with her quickly. Cassy could not move an inch. Strong or not she now had no leverage and was truly stuck with the vulnerability of her spread body on display. Cassy realized that their mansion was not stick-built. He had insisted on the main structure being reinforced by steel beams. Cassy might as well be part of the house for as much as she could move now.

He bent low to engage the tops of all four of her cuffs, then he moved to Amy. She had not turned to watch, though Cassy would have taken bets that she had searched every reflective surface within her view to see if she could discern what had been happening. So, Amy probably didn’t know that Cassy’s body was rigidly pinned down. She would find out soon. He was activating the front of all of her wrist and ankle cuffs, and she seemed to know what he wanted from her, but she didn’t have the full scope of it just yet. It seemed like he had put his hand on her back and pushed her toward Cassy because Amy lurched forward-looking expectant. She knelt down with her knees around Cassy’s head, momentarily giving Cassy access to her sex, which Cassy unashamedly took advantage of. Amy almost fell forward from the sensation of the sudden lick that blazed a pleasure trail from clit to taint. Amy obediently snapped her ankles to Cassy’s wrists, then laid herself forward, resting all of her body weight on Cassy and snapped her wrists to Cassy’s ankles. It was a hell of a stretch for Cassy, and her collar fought her every lick, but she was just able to keep licking Amy a few times before she was forced to stop. Amy had the advantage again though and started working on Cassy with renewed vigor.

He didn’t like Amy’s free frivolity though, he wanted to play the Master, he wanted to be in command, and he made sure Amy knew it by smacking her soundly on the ass, then watched as her body jiggled pleasantly. Amy’s squeak of pained surprise had been muffled into Cassy’s sex, but something else had come to Amy’s attention when she had jerked in pain. Her wrists had not moved as she had expected. Testing her bonds, almost in a panic, not having foreseen this use of the situation any more than Cassy had, Amy jerked her wrists one at a time, then her ankles. Realization of their predicament dawned on Amy, who did not have the benefit of the computer to keep her in character, or so she thought. Amy didn’t have much time to think over it though before she was stuffed full of cock again. Maybe he had pushed her head down, maybe she had been willing to risk the punishment again, or maybe Cassy’s tinkering with Amy’s libido had won her over, but Amy was already licking and lapping away at Cassy’s sex again.

Honestly, Cassy didn’t blame her husband. Even though he had already cum today, and yesterday, he had two beautiful women practically bolted to his floor at his disposal, so he didn’t last long. But it seemed as though he had finished fast on purpose. “I’m going to free both of you from the floor, but not from each other. You’ll flip over, and Cassy will make Amy come for my enjoyment. If you can pique my interest to fuck again, you both get to sleep in bed with me, if you disappoint me, if either of you come before I’m ready to fuck again, I’ll snap random body parts together and make you sleep as a mess on the floor where you lay.

He did as he said. He pried each of their conjoined limbs off the floor one by one and disengaged the magnets that had held Cassy down. The girls giggled and laughed at their ridiculous attempt to flip over, and even he couldn’t hold back a bit of mirth. Eventually, though, they were flipped and Cassy started her work on Amy. She knew that this was not about getting Amy off, but putting on such a sexy show that he could get hard again. Cassy assumed that he would fuck her since she was on top, so she had an added interest, but she ultimately didn’t want to win. She didn’t want the temptation of being able to reach his chip while Amy and her husband slept. She much preferred the idea of being bound to Amy, forced to try to sleep, but not being able to end this. One more day, forced to be their slave by her own fucking stupid ass game going awry seemed like a perfectly wonderful exchange for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Amy struggled to stop Cassy when Cassy went to town with gusto on Amy’s sex. To their surprise though, they were not left to their own devices as he watched from the chair or the bed. He moved around them, touching, feeling, helping Amy toward her orgasm. Eventually, he pulled Cassy’s wrist from Amy’s ankle and used his tool to pin Cassy’s wrist to Amy’s side. A few minutes later Amy found one of her wrists clipped to her own collar, and Cassy’s ankle was snapped to her other Ankle, pinning her legs together. Cassy’s wrist that was still attached to Amy’s ankle was separated. Cassy, being on top, was easier to position and soon found her arm pulled behind her back and her ankles pulled so that all three snapped together. He unsnapped Amy’s remaining wrist from Cassy’s side, then he carefully picked Cassy up and carried her to turn her around. Cassy could feel his cock bobbing to life as if it wanted to stab her in the side. Once she was on the floor he took her remaining limb and attached it to her ankles and other wrist, completing her frog tie. It was uncomfortable, but at least he had placed her with her face in Amy’s crotch so she could keep up her noble work.

He didn’t stop messing with their bodies to sit back and watch. He forced both of Amy’s ankles to snap to the sides of Cassy’s collar. Cassy felt for sure that Amy would use this to try to pull Cassy off of her so that he could have a chance to fuck them one more time tonight, but Amy was too lost in pleasure to care now and was pulling her ankles toward her own sex to pull Cassy’s invading tongue deeper. Only now that she could see his cock hardening did Cassy realize that something else was driving her to push Amy over the edge first. A tiny bit of logic, almost like a computer program, was assessing the situation and had decided that there was a scenario in her list of outcomes that was preferable. And to accomplish it, she would need to get Amy off first, then… well she didn’t know what came next.

Cassy felt his rough hands pushing between her ankles then down to her sex. He pushed two fingers into her sex. They didn’t go deep, but they were enough for him to lift her ass slightly, further pushing her face into Amy’s sex. He seemed to be helping, but she had a sneaking suspicion that this was also getting him hot, and that Cassy’s chance to get Amy off was limited. Amy though was still helping, now bucking her hips up into Cassy’s face, then it was done, and Amy was coming again. How many times had it been now? Weren't they all ridiculously tired at this point? How was it possible that any of them could still fuck? But she was about to find out. He pulled his hand out from her sex, yanked her ankles and wrists apart breaking their bonds. Then he lay down into her and she felt his cock slip in without effort. Her arms and legs had each been almost tossed as he had separated them, ending up with her left ankle and her right arm snapping down to the floor, unintentionally pinning her down. She didn’t mind of course. The next thing that she was supposed to do was to sate him again, and he was managing that part all on his own with or without her help. Cassy didn’t even try to gain pleasure, nor did she ignore the building pleasure. He didn’t care about her orgasm right now, not that he didn’t care, but he had his own pleasure to worry about, and her moaning would not help, so she relaxed into the rug and accepted the pleasure as it came, as he came, and as she came, incidentally. All while Amy watched on in amazement, ankles still attached to Cassy’s collar.

Once he was done thrusting his surging cock into Cassy’s limp, exhausted, and very pleased body, he got up, dropped the magnet tool on Cassy’s back, then walked to the bathroom. Cassy didn’t know if he was too tired to care about their release, if he was playing the part of Master the way that pleased him best, or if he was enjoying his little joke of letting the girls sort themselves out.

Cassy wiggled her ass until the bean fell to her side then she used her free hand to grab it. She didn’t know where to start first, as pinned down as she was. Did he mean her not to be able to get free alone, was he teasing her? Or had he already calculated a way for them to free themselves and expected them to enjoy the struggle to get free? If she wasn’t careful she might end up with her other leg, or other arm stuck to the floor. How far apart were these steel beams anyway? She couldn’t remember. Tired as she was, could she use her strong leg to pull that ankle free?

Eventually, Cassy had both of her ankles under her, and with effort was able to disable both magnets. Once her legs were free she had the leverage to slide her bound wrists across the floor and away from the beam. Then all of her limbs were disabled. She used her newfound freedom to abuse Amy’s sex a little more with some kisses, some nibbles, and then a raspberry. By the time Amy was done giggling she was realizing that her legs were no longer snapped to Cassy’s collar and that the magnets had been disabled. From there they were able to disable every remaining magnet. Cassy raspberried Amy’s stomach mercilessly while she wrestled with Amy’s ankles to engage the magnets that would hold them together. Amy, already knowing the plan, had not put up much of a fight. Cassy helped Amy stand up on her hobbled legs. She then snapped Amy’s wrists behind her back, but not to the belt… yet

“Master, can you help me. This slave is resisting being returned to her room, she wants to sleep here with you, but she lost your game, fair and square.” He came into the room, saw the pair, then threw Amy over his shoulder like she and her bondage weighed little more than a postage stamp. He carried her down the stairs to the maid’s quarters. Once in the room, he flopped her down on the bed, then left the room, having little interest in any more games for the evening. Cassy helped Amy to get under the bedding. The housemaid, who thought she was the wife, pretending to be a slave, who had to sleep in bondage in the dungeon where she belonged.

Cassy went back to the master bedroom, freshened up in the bathroom, then settled herself down in the master bed. She nuzzled her body against his, feeling his flaccid cock against her warmth, but it did not stir. She pressed herself up against it a few times, hoping that he would understand that her sex was fair game any time, even as she slept. She didn’t want to be in the bed. She didn’t want the temptation that it brought for her. She wished Amy had not thought to give her this kindness at the end of their game, then she saw where the kindness ended. The computer had one more task for her to perform. Cassy reached up and around the post of the bed and let her wrists snap loudly together there. She would also be sleeping like a common sex slave, and her pussy would be ready if he desired it in the middle of the night, and, as a small bonus, she would not be tempted to touch his chip and end it all while he slept.


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