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Weekend Maid

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; MF+/f, transform, f2maidbot, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, collar, mind-control, program, computer, controlled, servant, voy, arousal, desire, naked, emb, fondle, interupt, caught, hum, pod, recharge, toys, mast, climax, cons/reluct, X

Weekend Maid 4: Desires Gromet F/f; MF+/f, transform, f2maidbot, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, collar, mind-control, program, computer, controlled, servant, voy, arousal, desire, naked, emb, fondle, interupt, caught, hum, pod, recharge, toys, mast, climax, cons/reluct, X

sstory continued from part three

Part 4: Desires.

Jessie spent the rest of the day following her commands, she worked tirelessly cleaning the bedrooms, making the beds and vacuuming the floors. Bruce had seen her a couple of times and didn’t understand why he found this particular maid-bot more attractive to him than the others, they all looked alike, were covered head to toe in the alluring latex, but something about this new one seemed to stand out more.

He thought better than standing there staring at the maid-bot as she worked, her body bending making the beds, the latex stretching to encase her round derriere, which seemed to entice him to want to touch, to feel and play with, but he’d been warned by his wife not to touch or else, so he cleared his lusty thoughts and proceeded to the toilet, once done he made a hasty retreat back to the safety of his study.

Lunchtime came and went, Valerie was too busy to come down so skipped lunch, she also skipped out on feeding Jessie too. Sophia was getting things done in her own little retreat so didn’t notice either. The family sort of did their own thing when home at the weekends and lunch was normally something you grabbed in passing, much like Bruce did when he had Jessie make him a sandwich, his hand accidentally touching Jessie’s breast as she served his in his study. She’d bent over to place the plate down and he’d moved back, lifting his hand which then touched Jessie as she bent down.

Jessie was embarrassed at him touching her again, though she thought that this time it was accidental and not something deliberate on his part, she couldn’t be sure. But again there was nothing she could do to stop him touching her, her body was being controlled and she had no way of moving without permission. Bruce felt embarrassed himself, he hadn’t meant for his hand to touch her breast, but was not sorry he’d done so. ‘I’d better be more careful.’ He thought.

During the afternoon Jessie was summoned by Sophia to attend her room, she wanted to speak with her privately. So she got the maid-bot Jessie to draw her bath, the sound of the water covering their conversation. She pressed the remote knowing that they would not be interrupted and watched as Jessie became herself again, no longer Jessie-bot.

“How are you Jessie?” Sophia asked her, “Everything alright?”

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie responded.

“Jessie I do wish you’d stop calling me Mistress; you’re not my maid at the moment. Please call me Sophia.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry.. Sophia.” Jessie corrected. “Sorry it just feels natural to call you Mistress.”

“Well if it makes it easier for you, then use it. But you make me feel old!” Sophia laughed.

“Sorry Mistress, Sophia, I didn’t mean to be rude.” Jessie apologised.

“So still enjoying being a maid-bot then?” Sophia asked hoping that Jessie had played enough. “And the suit?”

“Yes Mistress, I love being just another maid-bot, and the uniforms make me so anonymous, I feel powerful inside the suit, I love the feeling it gives me. My skin feels more alive, every touch is like an electric charge touching me.” Jessie replied, the happiness showing in her eyes and demeanour.

“Touch, he hasn’t touched you again?” Sophia asked, worried that he’d molested her again.

Jessie was worried that Sophia wouldn’t allow her to continue if she told her what happened earlier, even though she felt it more an accidental touch, not something deliberate like this morning.

“No, I meant the suit. Sorry Mistress.” Jessie said, hoping to sound convincing.

“If he does, then let me know!” Sophia ordered, still unsure of Jessie’s answer.

“Does that mean I can continue then Mistress?” Jessie hoped.

“Yes I just wanted a little chat to check up on you.” Sophia said, “And I wanted to ask if you’d like to stay here a bit longer, I know that your home life isn’t that good, I thought that you could stay longer than the weekend. If you wished to.”

“Oh yes Mistress, I would love to stay longer.” Jessie pleased with Sophia’s suggestion.

“Well you do seem to be better in the kitchen than the other maids!” Sophia laughed. “But I will check on you each day to see how you’re going, if at any time you want to stop then let me know. I can see that you’re loving this, so I want to give you something that you enjoy.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie squealed and hugged Sophia, the feel of the suit against her skin caused Sophia to gasp, ‘Was she feeling arousal?” she thought. From the latex or the hug she wasn’t sure but held onto Jessie anyway.

Recovering herself Sophia said, “Okay maid that’s enough for now, continue with your duties.” And pressed the switch to turn Jessie back into a maid-bot.

Jessie felt the change and continued her assigned task, which was preparing Mistress’s bath. Once the water was at the correct height and temperature she let her Mistress know that her bath was ready. Sophia entered the bathroom and saw that Jessie had everything laid out for her, she was pleased to see that Jessie still had that slight smile on her face, so she knew that she was happy.

“Thank you maid.” Sophia said. Jessie walked out of the bathroom leaving Sophia to get undressed. Once she’d dropped the last of her clothing on the floor and placed herself in the water Sophia laid back to enjoy the feeling of the warm water on her body. Just as she relaxed Jessie returned she had a fresh dressing gown for Sophia, which she placed close to Sophia to use.

Sophia was startled when Jessie came back in, she wasn’t used to anyone seeing her naked, especially one of her daughter’s friends. But looking at Jessie as she gathered up Sophia’s dirty clothing from the floor she realised that Jessie wasn’t concerned about finding her naked, so why should she be, after all Jessie was just another maid-bot now.

Jessie was also startled when she’d picked up the robe and her body walked her back into the bathroom, she spotted Sophia naked in the bath, she tried her best not to look but she caught glimpses of her naked body as she was instructed to pick up the clothing from the floor. She thought to herself that Sophia had a good body on her, her breasts were still firm and her tummy flat from working out she assumed. ‘I hope I look that good when I’m her age.’ Jessie thought, then noticed her nipples pressing against the latex suit. ‘Oh not again.’ She laughed to herself. ‘I really am a lesbian turned on by other women.’

Jessie was instructed to remain in the bedroom by the control system; it had picked up on Sophia’s bio-rhythms and noticed that she was happiest with Jessie-bot nearby, so changed Jessie’s tasks to accommodate the Mistress of the house. Once Sophia began to emerge from her bath Jessie was there waiting with her robe, she helped her on with the garment and then started to clean up after her. Sophia was surprised, she’d gotten over her initial shock at Jessie being there, it still nagged her that this was her daughter’s friend but she wanted Jessie to be happy and if that meant serving her as a maid then so be it.

Sophia walked out of the bathroom leaving Jessie cleaning up after her, she felt tired from the soak in the hot water and laid herself down on the bed for a little nap. Once Jessie had completed the cleaning of the bathroom, she walked out to see if Mistress required any other service of her. The thought of ‘service’ sending minor ripples through Jessie’s body; she didn’t know where that thought had come from.

She found her Mistress asleep on the bed, her gown had fallen open slightly revealing her shaved sex between her legs. Jesse was directed to remain in attendance to Sophia until otherwise needed elsewhere. And the family at this moment were quite content; Bruce was in his study watching porn on his computer, the latex clad maidens performing enticing feats for his eyes. Valerie was holed away in her bedroom, playing video games, something that she and Jessie were meant to be doing together this weekend.

So all Jessie could do was stand there and wait, her body standing at attention near to the bedroom door but in direct view of the bed where Sophia was laying half naked asleep. Jessie couldn’t move her eyes off of her Mistress, just stand there and look, her eyelids wouldn’t close so she was presented with this vision of female nakedness and could not look away.

When Sophia woke up from her sleep she saw Jessie standing there, she was staring at her it seemed, and then she looked down and saw that she was revealing all her feminine charms to the young girl. She quickly covered herself up. Jessie didn’t move in the meantime, just stood there waiting for her next command. Sophia, though embarrassed was slightly pleased that someone was admiring her body. Her husband didn’t seem too interested these days, unless she wore something he liked.

“Jessie?” Sophia asked.

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie responded.

“Have you been there the whole time I was asleep?”

“Yes Mistress, the system told me to wait here and serve you.” Jessie said.

“Serve me?” Sophia asked. “In what way?”

“In whatever way Mistress desires.” Jessie said automatically, but made emphasis of the last word.

Sophia thought better of going any further with this, she was feeling a little frisky now after her nap and bath, but she fought down thoughts of using Jessie to ‘serve her’. She knew that Jessie was still herself inside, so she didn’t want to use her in a way that would compromise them, much though the thought did cross her mind, especially seeing Jessie standing there in those damn latex catsuits.

“Return to the kitchen and prepare dinner Jessie.” Sophia dismissed the maid.

Jessie was relived; she’d been standing there watching Sophia as she slept, unable to take her eyes off of her naked form. Though she did have feelings that seem to come from somewhere that she didn’t know she had about other women. ‘Strange that I’ve never thought like this before’, she thought, ‘I’d never have guessed that I would find another woman attractive, especially Valerie’s mum.’

When the maid was gone Sophia brought out one of her favourite battery operated toys and began to play with herself, she had thoughts in her mind of the maid-bots holding her down whilst one of them, Jessie it seemed, played with her sex; her tongue running over the outer flesh and seeking out her inner pearl as she called it. She had a wonderful climax with that fantasy running through her mind.

Later the family came together to eat the meal that Jessie had cooked and served, she and another maid-bot in attendance should anyone require anything. Once the meal was over they left the maid-bots to clean, no one taking any notice of Jessie, she felt thrilled by this, ‘finally they don’t notice me, to them I’m now just another maid-bot.’ She thought, happy with herself. Jessie got on with cleaning and had just finished when she was called to Valerie’s bedroom, she brought with her some food and drink as ordered.

Valerie pressed the remote button as soon as Jessie entered her bedroom, she closed the door behind her friend who was now reverting back from being a maid to just Jessie, her friend. She sat her down and made her eat the food that Jessie had brought.

“So still liking it?” Valerie asked. “Not bored yet!” Knowing that she was bored with Jessie being a maid-bot and now having to take care of her.

“No not bored, how can I be with three people to serve.” Jessie said.

“Still it’ll be over soon, the weekend will be over and you can go back home.”

“Sorry you’re Mother asked me to stay on.” Jessie responded, disappointed that Valerie was displeased with her it seems.

“What!” Valerie said, “No way, I’m not looking after you after this weekend.”

“Sorry that I’m a burden to you Valerie, I don’t mean to be…” she started to sob. “I don’t know what came over me, I just want to…”

Valerie felt sorry for her friend, she reached out to hug her.  Holding her tight against herself, she was beginning to regret the whole thing, something that she started out as fun had turned into this. She ran her hands over her latex covered friend trying to calm her feelings; she had enjoyed wearing the suit herself and knew what it felt like to be touched inside the suit. Jessie had started to calm down; the hug and the hand rubbing over her latex suited body seem to ease her mind. She was beginning to enjoy the touch of her friend, something that would never have occurred to her in the past. Her whole skin seemed to become alive under her gentle touch, she never knew that she had these feeling before, she was feeling arousal from the touching.

‘Something was wrong here’ Jessie thought, though she still loved the feeling of Valerie touching her, she responded likewise. ‘I’ve never thought of having sex with a woman before, why do I feel this way to Valerie and her mother?’

Valerie was also experiencing arousal from touching the latex suit and Jessie inside it, she too didn’t know that she felt this way for her friend, they’d never been this way in the past, but she was liking how it felt now, she’d never felt this close to someone before, sure there had been boyfriends, her first kiss but that paled in comparison to the feeling she was now experiencing. She felt like kissing Jessie, she didn’t know where that had come from but she knew she wanted to.

Jessie was feeling the same, her nipples were hard again, her body blushed with her sexual arousal, her chest flushed and her breasts felt like they’d swollen, they were tender, she loved being this close to Valerie, loved her touching her body through the latex suit, she felt the heat from between her legs and knew that her sex was in the first stages of her sexual response. They edged closer to each other, they could feel the others breath on their lips.

“Valerie!” She heard her Father call as he walked into her bedroom, “What are you doing?”

“N… no.. nothing..” Valerie now aware of what her Father had walked in on her in a compromising position with Jessie.

“What are you doing to that maid-bot?” he asked, thinking he’d caught his daughter kissing one of the maids. And then secretly wishing that he’d caught his wife like this.

“I wasn’t doing anything Father.” Valerie blushed.

Jessie stayed still, she didn’t move from her position, even though she wasn’t under the systems control, she thought it best to pretend to be.

“It didn’t look like from here!” He smirked, “Hey Sophia, come and check out your daughter kissing a maid.”

“I didn’t…” Valerie spat back, “It’s not fair, you can’t just walk into my bedroom like that, I could have been undressed.”

“You may have been if I hadn’t interrupted you!” he said laughing.

Sophia had by now joined them, “What’s going on?”

“I caught Valerie kissing the maid-bot.” He proudly said.

“I doubt that, there’s only one person here who gets turned on touching maids!” Sophia turned on him, “And what are you doing in her bedroom?”

“I thought I heard talking and then crying, I wanted to check…” he said, now realising that he’d better make a fast retreat, his wife and daughter now not looking too favourably at him. “Sorry Valerie, my mistake.” And quickly left.

“What’s going on?” Sophia asked.

“Sorry Mum, we were just talking after she’d eaten and it got a bit emotional, that’s all.” Valerie said. Jessie stayed silent not knowing if the father was still there, her back turned to the door.

“You should know better, the pair of you!” Sophia scolded, “Your Father too. You best send Jessie down to her pod for the night and you can stay in your room.”

“Yes Mother.” Valerie replied. “Best go Jessie, sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Jessie said, “I’m sorry too Mistress Sophia, I don’t know what came over me.”

Valerie pressed the remote to send Jessie back to being a maid-bot, Jessie then got up as instructed and carried the dirty plates to the kitchen, after cleaning she then headed back to her charging pod, she connected herself to the pod and promptly ‘switched-off’. Valerie stayed in her bedroom wondering about the feelings that she had for Jessie, whist Sophia went off to give Bruce another lesson in female superiority and a good tongue lashing as well.

Jessie was woken during the night by Sophia, she too had been having feelings for Jessie, and her dreams seemed to be of her and the maid-bot making love in the comfort of her bed. Jessie felt Sophia’s hand rubbing over her latex covered body, but Jessie’s body didn’t move, it stayed in the same sleep state as the other maid-bots, but Jessie was awake in her mind as Sophia continued to explore the little latex maid in front of her. Her other hand otherwise engaged elsewhere.

* * *

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Continued in Part Five


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