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Storycodes: F/F, M/f, Ff, maidbot, latex, catsuit, encased, collar, mind-control, program, controlled, servant, discovery, fondle, embrace, arousal, desire, kiss, first, lesbian, frottage, emb, voy, pod, recharge, mast, toys, climax, cons, X

Weekend Maid 5: First Kiss Gromet F/F, M/f, Ff, maidbot, latex, catsuit, encased, collar, mind-control, program, controlled, servant, discovery, fondle, embrace, arousal, desire, kiss, first, lesbian, frottage, emb, voy, pod, recharge, mast, toys, climax, cons, X

story continued from part four

Part 5: First Kiss.

Jessie was woken during the night by Sophia, she too had been having feelings for Jessie, and her dreams seemed to be of her and the maid-bot making love in the comfort of her bed. Jessie felt Sophia’s hand rubbing over her latex covered body, but Jessie’s body didn’t move, it stayed in the same sleep state as the other maid-bots, but Jessie was awake in her mind as Sophia continued to explore the little latex maid in front of her. Her other hand otherwise engaged elsewhere.

Jessie watched as Sophia continued to run her hands over Jessie’s body, still not moving from the touch, her body still in her sleep state like the other maid-bots, but her mind now active and able to watch the scene in front of her, unknown to Sophia. Jessie loved the touches of Sophia’s hand on her, the other still otherwise engaged between Sophia’s own legs, her moans of pleasure echoing around the small maids’ room.

She was distracted from the tender touching by a movement near to the entrance to the room, looking up from Sophia who was engrossed in what she was doing to Jessie and herself, Jessie spotted a figure there in the doorway, the room was dark other than the lights from the display panels on the recharging pods, but Jessie could see the outline of the figure in the doorway, she knew it had to be Bruce from the body stance and size.

Bruce had fallen asleep earlier whilst his wife Sophia was reading in bed, he had woken to find her gone, her side of the bed empty and he had gone to find her. Not finding her upstairs he ventured downstairs, he grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen and wandered into the maids’ room hoping to get a glimpse of the maid-bots as they slept, he’d crept down here several times to admire their bodies in the latex suits that they wore.

He was somewhat surprised to find Sophia in the maids’ room and even more when he found her touching the maid-bot in the pod, he watched as she ran her hand over the maid-bots body, her hand seem to caress the latex, something that he himself loved doing, he also noticed that she was only using one hand and wondered where her other hand was. He was enjoying the scene playing out in front of him, his long held fantasy made real before his eyes.

His hand soon drifted southwards and reaching inside his robe he began to play with himself whilst watching his wife playing with the maid-bot. He was too intent on watching his wife that he didn’t notice that Jessie, the maid-bot who Sophia was playing with had opened her eyes and was watching him. His thoughts on the scene in front of him, his hand working over his erect member bringing himself off, whilst Sophia seemed to be doing the same.

Sophia was unaware that Bruce had discovered her with the maid-bot, she too was too busy and distracted with her own hands to notice. Sophia was getting closer to her own climax and was more focused on her own pleasure to also notice that Jessie’s eyes were open and watching the two of them getting off on her latex clad body. Jesse herself was building up inside her rigid body, the fact that she couldn’t move seem to intensify her own sexual feelings.

The tableau of the three of them all experiencing their own pleasures soon played out to its natural conclusion, the first to orgasm was Jessie, her body unable to move showed no external clues to her current state or arousal, other than her nipples and her body flushed from the overwhelming pleasure that she had experienced from Sophia’s hand, her intensity soon reached the point where she was overloaded with sensations and blacked out from her climax. 

Sophia was next her hand working her little nubbin, rubbing her pleasure button until she felt her own knees start to give way, she felt her body start to spasm and a cry emerged from deep down in her soul, the sound giving Bruce the clue that she had cum, he too had worked himself into a frenzy and came right after he’d heard his wife climax, his hand rubbing his penis and erupting his semen onto the carpet. The whole scene had been one of great delight to him.

Bruce made a quick exit after his orgasm, he didn’t want his wife to know that he’d been watching her playing with the maid-bot. Sophia was in no condition to notice Bruce as he quietly walked away, she was too engrossed in her own pleasurable feelings to care about anything other than the overwhelming orgasm she had experienced and was still in the throes of, her mind shutting down as the waves of pleasure overtook her, she slumped down to her knees in front of Jessie, her legs feeling like jelly.

Jessie was now blissfully back in her sleep state and didn’t wake again until the system required her again in the morning. Bruce made his way back to the bedroom having enjoyed himself and the scene he’d witnessed. He cleaned himself up in the bathroom before making his way back into bed, he didn’t want Sophia to find out he’d been downstairs. 

Sophia had recovered her senses and looked up at the maid-bot of her recent desires, Jessie looked peaceful and serene, she hoped that Jessie had remained asleep the whole time; she didn’t know how she would explain her actions to the girl otherwise. Now that she had found the use of her own legs again Sophia helped herself upright, her hand again on Jesse inside the pod, she made a final farewell caress of Jessie’s latex clad form and bade her goodnight.

She didn’t notice in the darkness the semen that Bruce had deposited on the carpet as he climaxed, the room too dark and her brain now sleepy did not see it. Sophia made her way upstairs, she silently checked on Valerie, who had slept the whole time. She then made her way into the bedroom, she quietly entered so as not to wake Bruce her husband, though he’d only just fallen asleep again after his own recent exertions. Sophia made her way to the bathroom to clean up and then slipped her body between the sheets.

Sophia could not get the vision of Jessie out of her mind, she looked so delightfully sexy inside that latex suit, the way it clung to her curves and the way the light reflected off of the latex made her look very arousing to Sophia, she hadn’t had these feelings about another female  since her time in college, her hand again drifting between her legs as she imagined her and Jessie in bed together, the latex squeaking as she rubbed her hands over her encased body, her night ended with another wonderful orgasm and then sweet dreams of Jessie.


In the morning Jessie awoke, she’d had a great night’s sleep after her own orgasm and remembered the events of the previous night vividly, she’d greatly enjoyed the way Sophia had played with her body, and then the sight of Bruce as he had played with himself as he watched them gave her another tingle through her body, she felt her own arousal rising again and looked down to see her nipples grow, the suit attempting to contain the hard nubs of flesh. ‘Oh great,’ she thought, ‘another morning with nipples like organ stops!’ she laughed.

But she didn’t have too much time to reflect on last night’s events as she had work that needed doing and the system was an impatient master, she exited her pod and walked over to the cleaning station, this would make sure that she was clean inside and out, the suit had a port at the rear that once connected allowed the cleaning system to flush the inside of the suit clean. The system would allow the cleaning solution to flood the interior and then suck the same fluid out through the hole. This also created a bit of a vacuum inside the suit, so much that the suit clung even more so to her body.

Once cleaned Jessie the maid-bot then began her duties, she followed the directions of the system, first thing for Jessie to do was prepare breakfast for the family. ‘This should be fun!’ she thought, ‘I wonder what their reactions will be this morning after last night?’ She silently giggled inside as she thought back to the wonderful events of last night. Her body again showing the first stages of arousal. ‘Okay girls, poke out all you want, rub that latex.’ She told her nipples and reveled in the feelings that they caused.

Jessie was busy making coffee when Bruce came into the kitchen, knowing that Sophia was safely asleep upstairs worn out from last night, he felt more brazen and walked over to the maid-bot, his hand making contact with her glossy rear, the globes of her bottom standing out in the light. Jessie felt the hand immediately but could nothing again to stop it, but now she was not sure that she would want to stop the hands caress of her soft, round posterior.

She stood there motionless, the system taking charge of her body after noticing that Bruce’s biorhythms where higher when Jessie-bot was near to him, his increased endorphin levels interpreted by the system as one of enjoyment, something the system was programmed to enable for the owners. If that meant Jessie-bot was interrupted from her duties then that was fine with the system.

Bruce rubbed his hand over the latex suit, he loved the look of the suit and the way it enhanced the maids’ bodies, but he loved the feel of it more, his hand stroking over the soft, warm flesh underneath, still not realising that this maid-bot was indeed flesh & blood, he thinking that all maid-bots were warm to the touch, something about their internal mechanisms, not that he much cared at this point, he was loving the moment.

Jessie was stuck on the spot; she too was loving the feel of the hand over the outside of the suit, her body again becoming flush with arousal at the hands of this man. She knew that she shouldn’t but she couldn’t stop the situation so why not go along with it and enjoy the moment. Bruce stopped what he was doing; he thought that he’d heard someone on the stairs. Once the hand stopped touching her Jessie continued preparing the coffee as nothing had happened.

Sophia walked into the kitchen just as the coffee had brewed, so didn’t see what Bruce had been up to, he was sitting at the table reading something on a tablet in his hand, he looking up when he noticed her enter. “Hello dear, did you have a good night last night?”

She blushed when he asked her, remembering again what she’d done last night with Jessie, she noticed the maid-bot working making breakfast and thought again about her dreams. She wondered if Bruce knew about the events last night, he had a strange look on his face, like the cat that had got the cream. “Yes dear, I had a wonderful night.” She purred at him. 

Jessie-bot served her some coffee, “Here you are Mistress, just the way you like it.” She said. ‘Black and strong, like the maid-bots you seem to like playing with.’ She thought.

Sophia blushed catching on the double meaning, ‘Does she know?’ she thought, ‘no surely not, she was asleep the whole time, unless…’ Her thoughts interrupted by her husband.

“Well I had an excellent night, just what I needed!” he smirked. 

Sophia knew from the inane smile that he must have been aware of last night, and wondered if he’d seen her with Jessie. ‘Well I hope that you enjoyed it, I certainly did!’ she thought and began drinking her coffee with an air of satisfaction.

Bruce went back to what he was reading leaving Sophia to her own thoughts, she watched as Jessie worked around the kitchen, she marvelled at the way the suit looked even more alluring during the day, the gloss shine showing off her curves even more. She didn’t notice Bruce watching her as she eyed the maid-bot, devouring her with her eyes, savouring every movement of the maid-bot. His fantasy of the two of them together running through his mind.

Jessie worked all through this but in her mind she too was enjoying the display of her body to these two, as they both watched her moving, she tried to move a little more sexily but was unable to until the system picked up the biorhythms of the two owners and allowed her to please them with more of a sway to her walk. Jessie was having wonderful tingling sensations run through her body, her sex felt hot and inflamed and she wished that she could extinguish the fire down below, or allow one or both of them to help with her desires.

The sexual tension was high in the room, all three enjoying the moment, Sophia engrossed in her thoughts of Jessie, the suit and remembering last night. Bruce was surreptitiously watching both Sophia and the maid-bot, his eyes going from one to the other, his own arousal more noticeable than the two females, his on the outside and theirs’ internally, though if he would have looked harder, well harder than his own cock at the moment he would have seen the flushed skin, the nipples aroused and enlarged as well as other bodily areas south of the belly button.

All three were lost in their own little fantasies to notice Valerie enter the room, and when she spoke the spell was broken between the three of them. “Morning all!” she announced, surprised to find them staring at the maid-bot. She looked and realised that this maid-bot was Jessie and she at first thought that her father had found out about their little game, but was relieved when they both again ignore the little maid, who continued working.

“Morning Valerie.” Said Sophia, “Sleep well?”

“Yes mum, I feel great.” Valerie responded. “How about you Father?”

“Yes, I had an interesting night!” Bruce smirked again, looking at Sophia, who blushed.

After breakfast was over and her parents were safely out of the way Valerie summoned Jessie-bot to her bedroom, when she arrived carrying food and drink for herself Valerie switched off her controls. Once Jessie had disconnected from the systems control, she had her sit down on the bed, this time ensuring that the bedroom door was locked to stop anyone from entering.

“How do you feel Jessie?” Valerie asked.

“I’m just fine.” Jessie answered; recovering her body functions and feeling her own control come back to her. Not sure what to say to her friend.

“You sure?” Valerie asked, “you seem to be different this morning.”

“Oh no, I’m fine.” Jessie said, ‘more than fine if you’d known what your parent did to me last night.’ She thought, a delightful shiver going through her body, she was still aroused from this morning in the kitchen, her body again showing signs.

“You’re either cold or pleased to see me!” Valerie teased, noticing Jessie’s nipple engorge.

“I’m always pleased to see you,” Jessie purred, moving closer to Valerie.

Valerie noticed her friend move closer, she could feel the warmth of Jessie’s body against hers, she could smell the latex, the polish and something else, she felt herself blush when she realised that Jessie was turned on, the smell of sexual attraction was strong, her pupils looked dilated and she could feel her own physical responses start to happen with Jessie this close.

Jessie moved her body closer still, their thighs now touching, the body heat exchanging between them, Valerie remained motionless, her eyes focused on her friend. Valerie felt her emotions overwhelm her, here she was with this latex clad female, her body felt wonderful next to hers, even though she knew that this was Jessie inside the suit she had an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her. Her hand connecting with the soft, warm feel of the latex and the body underneath.

Valerie was too distracted by looking at her hand to notice Jessie move her face closer to hers, only when they were close enough for Jessie to kiss her did she realise. Valerie turned her face towards Jessie’s and her soft lips were soon placed against Jessie’s own lips, the kiss her first time with a female, she wondered at the softness, the sweet taste and the warmth of those lips that she was kissing. Jessie responded to Valerie’s kiss moving closer and reciprocating with her own lips.

Valerie felt hot & flushed, her heart seemed to beating rapidly and her body reacted to the sexuality of the situation naturally, she felt her sex tingle, her body redden and her own nipples joined Jessie’s in coming out to play. Jessie felt all these same feelings as Valerie, but her feelings were intensified by the suit, everywhere that Valerie’s hand touched sent electric tingles through her, which all seem to head straight for her now moist, warm sex.

Jessie felt Valerie push her back onto the bed, the softness of it a welcome feeling, she hadn’t been in a bed in days. The kiss continued between the two of them, each began exploring the others tongue and mouth, the soft lips pressing harder against each other as their arousal grew. Laying on her back Jessie felt Valerie move on top of her, she was enjoying the feelings and hoped that Valerie was too. Valerie’s leg parted Jessie’s, her thigh now brushing up against Jessie’ sex; her muscular thigh now rubbing against her pussy, their breasts mashing against each other.

Valerie was also rubbing herself against Jessie’s thigh, they locked in an embrace of mutual enjoyment, their bodies caressing each other, the wonderful feel of the latex suit both turning them on. For Valerie the touch of the latex, the sounds that it made as she rubbed against it and the smell, all combined with the warm body it contained to drive her senses wild with excitement. For Jessie the feeling were overwhelming, her whole body felt alive, she felt as one with the suit, this was her own skin now, she would wear nothing else from this point on.

Both girls climaxed together the stimulation of their bodies in their frenzied rubbing against each other took them over the top, their orgasms intense and prolonged, both of them feeling their muscles contract, their vagina’s spasming and a feeling of wetness down there too. The pleasure overwhelming them as they lay there in the afterglow, coming down to earth from their intense lovemaking.

They continued to kiss each other, the feelings began to ease within them, the intense need that had consumed them now sated, they both just happy with the orgasm. Valerie was the first to move and laid beside Jessie on the bed, her hands running over the latex softly now. Jessie lay there enjoying the final embers of her own climax, not wanting to move and enjoyed the soft caress of Valerie’s hand over her body. Both girls didn’t speak for some time after, now that the intense feelings had gone they both felt the first flush of embarrassment at their actions.

Jessie was the first to say something to break the air between them. “That was wonderful!”

“Mmm,” Valerie replied overcoming her initial guilt as using her friend. “It did feel good.”

“Oh no better than good!” Jessie giggled, “Incredible.”

“It did feel that way didn’t it.” Valerie said, “I don’t know what came over me.” 

“You did it seems!” Jessie laughed, “Judging by the noise.”

“Oh my god! I wonder if my parents heard us.” Valerie now embarrassed again. “I don’t know what I’d say.”

“Don’t worry; they were out by the pool the last I saw of them, you don’t need to worry about them.” Jessie said to reassure Valerie, and knowing that they enjoyed using Jessie too.

“I’ve never done that before…” Valerie said, “Not with a girl anyway.”

“Me neither.” Jessie lied; she’d done it several times, but didn’t want to spoil it for her friend.

The girls continued to lay there and caress each other for a while, laying there cuddling and talking small talk until Jessie reminded Valerie that she needed to get back to her duties otherwise no one will be eating lunch.

“Though I’d rather stay and eat you!” Jessie teased. “Best turn me on again.”

“I thought I’d already done that!” Valerie winked and reached for the remote, “Here goes, see you again soon.”

* * *

Jessie returned to her maid-bot self and walked down to the kitchen, she passed Bruce on the way, he watching her every move and she delighting in him watching her, she was loving the attention that she was getting from the family, her own sexuality rising with each encounter. After lunch was prepared and served to the family in various locations by the other maid-bots, Jessie resumed her normal duties.

The system sent her back upstairs to make the beds, one of the other maid-bots had stripped them and was currently washing the sheets, one of the others kept busy with Sophia and the other having downtime in its charging pod, which only left her to carry out the duties.  Upon entering one of the spare bedrooms she began making the bed as normal, the system showing her again how to make a bed correctly, not that she needed showing each time, but she could switch herself off and leave the system to control her body leaving her to her own wonderful thoughts.

She was remembering being in bed with Valerie, the wonderful smell of her, the softness of her skin and the warm caresses that they’d both enjoyed, lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear someone walk in behind her. Bruce had been walking past the bedroom when he saw the maid-bot working, her bending over the bed whilst smoothing the sheets and he watched the movement of her latex clad body, the feelings of arousal starting to overwhelm his control.

He entered the room and closed the door to ensure privacy, the maid-bot continued her work not concerned with one of her owners entering, her task was to make the bed. Jessie was aware that Bruce was there, she was wondering what he was going to do, she knew that he’d closed the door so this looked like he was going to do something to her, Jessie started to feel aroused in anticipation.

Bruce walked over to the maid-bot, her rear enticing him with its movements as she made the bed, the light reflecting off of the suit made it all the more erotic in his mind. Jessie first felt his hand as it touched her on the rear, ‘Again! He seems to like touching my bottom’, she thought. The hand first caressed the soft globe and then moved in a circular motion to rub around, the finger pressing into the soft flesh underneath. The touch was electric to both of them, he finding the touch both wicked and playfully delightful, like a forbidden fruit.

Jessie was initially shocked again to find the wandering hands of Bruce on her rear, but the erotic appeal soon overcame her first thoughts, here she was just a ‘helpless maid’ she thought, ‘being taken advantage of by her wicked master.’ The thoughts of which brought out the mischievous side of her, she would have pushed back against the hand if she had control of her body, but as she didn’t she could only stay there as she was positioned and enjoy the feelings.

Bruce watched as the maid-bot remained still, her body bent over the bed and her rear delightfully presented to him for his pleasure. Her not moving he took to mean that he could continue abusing the maid. Both hands now playing with the maid-bots body, running over the delightful latex that he was so enamoured with, taking time to savour the sensations that he was feeling, his arousal now becoming more evident by the bulge in his trousers.

Jessie felt him move closer to her, the hardness of his erect penis now pressing against her rear, he began rubbing himself against her, she now began using her hands to steady her body against the bed to stop from falling. Bruce had felt the maid-bot beneath him still not move, again taking this as consent he moved his own body forwards, his penis still encased inside his pants was now throbbing and required attention, he began to rub himself against the rear of the maid-bot. His excitement was building, he’d been teased often by these maid-bots and now it was time he relieved some of that tension. 

He didn’t last too long, much to Jessie's delight or disappointment, she was enjoying having him rub against her, she could feel her own body rousing to the stimulation it was receiving, but she was frustrated that she hadn’t cum herself and was left without an ending herself to relive her own sexual needs. But then had the wonderful feelings to fall back on at being used as a sextoy, a plaything for him to use and discard.

Once Bruce had recovered from his climax, he felt both relieved and guilty, though the wicked side of had revelled in deflowering this maid-bot, something he had wanted to do for so long, but denied the pleasure due to the condemnation that he would receive form his wife should she find out. Bruce left the room to go clean up, Jessie continued making the bed as if nothing had happened, though on the inside she thought about what she had just experienced and replayed the scene over again in her mind, her arousal still not sated.

* * * 

After dinner Jessie found herself alone with Sophia in the maids’ room, she had some food for Jessie and released her from the systems control. Jessie drank the cold drink and ate whilst Sophia began talking with her.

“How’s my little maid-bot?” Sophia asked, “Still enjoying it?”

“Yes Mistress, Sophia…” Jessie answered, ‘You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed today and others have enjoyed me.’ She thought.

“I’m pleased,” Sophia said, “so what do you recall of events whilst being a maid-bot?”

“Oh, everything!” Jessie said, “only my body is under control, my mind is free to experience everything else.” She continued looking at Sophia.

Sophia blushed, ”OH sorry I didn’t realise…” her face blushed.

“It’s okay, I have enjoyed the feelings too.” Jessie reassured her, “the suit feels wonderful from both sides. When someone touches me it feels like jolts of electric energy inside me, the feeling is wonderful.”

“So you knew…” Sophia gasped.

“That you were playing with me last night,” Jessie answered, “Yes I did, though I couldn’t move even if I wanted to, which I would have.” She winked.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have…” Sophia broke down in tears.

“I think that we both enjoyed it, didn’t we, I seem to recall someone collapsing onto the floor.” She laughed. “I would have too if the pod didn’t hold me up!”

“Oh, so you too…” Sophia asked.

“Yes I came too, though I don’t recall much after that,” Jessie said, “It must have been intense.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have used you like that.” Sophia said, her tears no longer flowing.

“But I enjoyed it. You did too.” Jessie replied, “And so did your husband too.”

“What?” she asked. “How?”

“He was standing in the doorway last night, he seemed to be playing with himself too whilst watching you play with me.” Jessie said. “And there was a mess to clean up this morning too.”

“Oh the dirty…” Sophia said, “wait til I get…”

“Why, you both seem to love it last night, I did too, and the fact that he was watching only made it more intense for me.” Jessie said. “Again I didn’t mind either of you playing with me, I love serving you! Emphasis on ‘serving you’ by the way.” She laughed.

“It was always one of his favourite fantasies to have me in bed with another woman.” Sophia said. “So I suppose that he got his ‘jollies’ last night.”

“And today,” Jessie said. “Whilst I was bent over making the bed.”

“What!” I told him not to touch you like that…” Sophia then realised what she’d done to Jessie, “Oh, I’m just as much to blame for what I did to you last night.”

“I don’t know how many times that I have to tell you, I ENJOYED last night! I even liked today even though I didn’t finish like he did, it was still enjoyable.” Jessie said.

“You like that we have played with you against your will?” Sophia asked, “I’d feel enraged if it were me.”

“No I have enjoyed every minute, every touch and you did feel wonderful last night, I hope that you’ll visit me again…” Jessie hinted, “I’d get back in my pod now if that were so.”

“Maybe…” Sophia said coyly, “maybe I’ll get in the pod for you to play with me.” 

“Don’t tempt me.” Jessie laughed. “I could see you in one of these suits.”

“So could my husband!” Sophia laughed.

“So, why don’t you!” Jessie asked.

“Me, in one of those suits, no I couldn’t possibly…” Sophia mused, her thoughts of her inside the suit beginning to make her feel hot inside.

“We could get back at your husband, tease him with the two of us inside the suits, maybe tie him to a chair to torment him!” Jessie laughed.

“You’re wicked!” Sophia said, “but I like it.”

“So?” she asked. “Punish me for being wicked.”

“I’ll make you scrub the floors by hand if you’re not careful.” Sophia replied.

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie giggled, “I’m yours to command.”

“Be careful what you wish for!” Sophia said.

“I may just get it.” Jessie said laughing.

“You’re a naughty girl!” Sophia said, “didn’t anyone spank you as a child? It’s not too late to start you know.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie responded, “What ever Mistress desires.” Winking at Sophia. “But I’d think it’ll be fun to tease him with our latex suited bodies writhing on the bed…”

“Back to being a maid-bot before you get me into trouble.” Sophia said and pressed the button on the remote. Her own thoughts of the two of them in bed, dressed in latex now cemented in her head. She left Jessie to her work and went to relieve some of the pent up feeling she was experiencing with a nice long bath.

Later that night Sophia did come down to see Jessie in her pod, she again played with the latex clad body, her hands running over Jessie contained inside the pod, Jessie awake but unable to move. This time she brought down a couple of her sextoys, using one on herself and the other on Jessie, they both came several times. Bruce stood and watched them, masturbating himself in the darkness; Sophia knowing he was there gave her a more intense orgasm than she’d had before, her legs giving way from under her during her climax. Jessie also blacking out from the over excitement and arousal she’d experienced during the day, her climax overwhelmed her and she drifted off into delightfully wicked dreams of her and Sophia and her and Valerie.

* * *

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Continued in Part 6: Re-programming which ends the story,
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